LeeAnn Rimes vs. Shania Twain by Rich (Celebrity Sexfights and Catfights Forum) 1-18-00

With the arrival of the new year, LeeAnn Rimes was feeling restless. For quite some time, she had been searching for a way to increase her notoriety and boost her visibility in the country music world. Even though she was still young, she felt that she had reached a boring plateau in her career.

LeeAnn feared that her big moment would never come as she constantly perceived herself as being lost and hidden in the shadows of the likes of Reba McEntyre, Shania Twain, Trisha Yearwood, Martina McBride..... the list of "higher ups" went on and on in LeeAnn's mind.

That evening, while watching TV, LeeAnn happened across the airing of one of Shania Twain's popular music videos. As LeeAnn viewed Shania on the TV screen, she silently thought to herself: "Now there's one chick I'd like to see brought down off her high horse!"

LeeAnn had long despised Shania, but she had never let her feelings be known to anyone. Still viewing Shania's music video, LeeAnn jokingly pondered what it might be like to meet up with Shania in a catfight. As LeeAnn giggled to herself over this improbable prospect, a more serious mood swept over her....

Suddenly, LeeAnn thought: "HEY! WHY NOT!? If only I could lure Shania into a fight... why, I'd have nothing to lose, whereas a defeat for her could prove to be disastrous!" LeeAnn's heart and mind began racing as she considered the implications and possibilities!

"I'LL DO IT!", LeeAnn screamed out loud!

The wheels began to turn in her head... she turned off her TV so as to better concentrate on her ideas...
LeeAnn realized that Shania and her had never met, and although she despised Shania, she recognized the fact that Shania most likely held no animosities toward her in return. Therefore, LeeAnn deduced that it would be unlikely that Shania would show any interest in agreeing to a catfight.

LeeAnn resigned herself to the fact that she would have to "bait" Shania, thereby giving Shania a reason to come after her! It was late, so LeeAnn decided to sleep on this.

By noon of the next day, LeeAnn had come up with a devious plan! LeeAnn was scheduled to appear as a guest on a live country music TV talk show the next day. She decided she would be sure to "steer" her interview so as to bring up the subject of Shania in her conversation. Her plan included making mention of Shania winning the coveted "Entertainer of the Year" award at the 1999 CMA awards show. Then, from that point, LeeAnn boldly planned to state that it was her personal opinion that the ONLY reason Shania won the award was that Shania was successful in corrupting the male judges by promising them personal "favors" in exchange for their votes!!! (Yikes!)

The evening of the talk show came... and went... End result??... LeeAnn was wildly successful in her bid to get her "story" out on the show! The nationwide TV audience and the live studio audience were aghast at LeeAnn's bold accusation! People everywhere were talking, and the next day's papers were filled with stories of LeeAnn's claim.

At LeeAnn's record label, the phones were ringing off the hook. Her label company didn't know what to say or think of their recording artist's claim...

(secretly, they wanted to strangle LeeAnn. they didn't need or want this type of publicity for their star. heh-heh.)

LeeAnn didn't care, however. All she hoped for was that Shania would surface to defend herself, thereby taking the bait...
LeeAnn knew that Shania was good at ignoring criticisms and letting lesser jabs at her integrity roll right off her back... but LeeAnn was confident that she would be hearing from Shania on this one... the ultimate accusation!

LeeAnn stuck close to her phone in hopes that Shania would soon be calling!

Sure enough, once word of this reached Shania, it didn't take long for her to contact LeeAnn! A heated phone conversation ensued.

Shania got right to the point: "Listen, you little slut! How dare you say something like that about me?"

LeeAnn replied: "Oh screw you bitch! can't you take a little joke?"

"SOME JOKE!", Shania replied. "If I were there right now I'd teach you a lesson you'd NEVER, EVER, FORGET!"

LeeAnn thought: "Great, she's taking the bait!" "OH REALLY!" LeeAnn said. "And just what would you have in mind?"

Shania replied: "I'd turn you over my knee and spank your fat ass full of red welts! You wouldn't be able to sit for weeks!"

LeeAnn replied: "Well bitch, if you think you're woman enough to do that why don't you just try it!"

LeeAnn said it in such a provocative way that it would leave Shania no choice in the matter!

Shania said: "I'll kick your teeny-bopper ass with one arm tied behind me, so go ahead you little air head- name your time and place!"

LeeAnn was ecstatic! She already had a date and place in mind- her own spacious home! It had a huge rec room which would be perfect for accommodating a large invited audience! ...An audience which LeeAnn would "conveniently forget" to mention to Shania... which would include the music industry's most powerful and influential executives! LeeAnn hoped that these execs would be coming to witness first hand her "coming of age!" ...and to also witness Shania's defeat...

LeeAnn gave Shania the date, time, and address. Shania accepted the invitation, realizing all along that this would indeed turn out to be a full scale catfight- (blindly and tragically assuming that this would be a private matter, just between her and LeeAnn!!!)

Shania said: "Little girl, you have no idea what you're getting into! You're going to be way in over your head!"

LeeAnn said: "Oh shut up and just be sure to show up!"

Shania said: "Don't worry, I'll be there! I can't wait to put you in your place, you pudgy little twit!"

With that, the two singers hung up, and LeeAnn hurried out her front door, smiling EVILY!

"Oh if only you knew what's in store for you, my sweet little Shania... IF-ONLY-YOU-KNEW!!!...," LeeAnn said as she laughed out loud.

She proceeded to hop in her car and sped off to the local gym... where she had been religiously working out for the past 6 months... following a rigorous and regimented weight training program... transforming her previous baby fat into beautiful and rippling muscles... her endurance and stamina now second to none... (uh oh-h-hhh... heh-heh) The catfight was set for one week away... LeeAnn breezed through her workout at the gym with more resolve than ever before!

Fast forward to the big night!...

LeeAnn had all in readiness! Her invited guests had all arrived, every single one of them! None dared miss the spectacle which was about to unfold...

LeeAnn had instructed Shania to arrive one hour after her invited guests so as to enable parking valets to remove all vehicles from the front of her house to maintain her element of surprise... LeeAnn wanted the guests to be an unexpected surprise for Shania! Shania arrived at her appointed time.

LeeAnn, dressed in a baggy robe, answered the door herself, saying: "well, Well, WELL!!! Welcome to my parlor, said the spider to the fly!"

Shania replied: "Shut the hell up and let's get this over with!"

She swiftly shoved the door fully open, knocking LeeAnn back out of the way in the process.

"I've got better things to do tonight once I'm finished with you!" Shania confidently snarled....

"Oh? We'll see!", LeeAnn hissed back...

LeeAnn led Shania to a bedroom where she would allow Shania to change and prepare for what was to come.

"Meet me down that hallway in my rec room when you're ready.", instructed LeeAnn.

"With Pleasure!", said Shania, as LeeAnn exited, closing the door as she left.

Shania proceeded to change into her outfit of choice for the event at hand... something which she had selected in hopes of intimidating her young foe... a black lace over satin bra and matching panties, with matching stocking hose, garter belt, and high heels. Shania admired herself briefly in a mirror, brimming with confidence that she would easily and quickly dispose of her opponent, making LeeAnn agree to an eventual public retraction and apology for her false accusation towards Shania. Twain, pronouncing herself ready, put on a robe and made her way to the rec room where her foe awaited. The house was dead quiet.

Shania briefly mused to herself: "Too bad there's no one here to see me destroy this little snot!... We should have invited guests..."

Shania reached the guest room, its doors were closed. She slowly opened the door, the room was dark.

She closed the door behind her, saying: "Alright, you immature twit, hit the lights- I'm not doing this in the dark. I'm here to teach you a lesson, plain and simple!"

From out of the darkness, LeeAnn said: "Oh OK, spoilsport."

With that, the lights snapped on... Shania's jaw dropped wide open-

"SURPRISE!!!", LeeAnn yelled. "I thought I'd surprise you. I didn't think you'd want to let tonight slip by without an audience to witness our little confrontation...!"

"You little bitch...", Shania hissed...

The assembled audience, many of whom Shania immediately recognized, could remain quiet no longer... they exploded with cheers as they suddenly began showing their support and appreciation for Shania!

Calls of "Go get 'er Shania", "Teach the little bimbo a lesson!", "We're with you Shania!", were filling the room, much to LeeAnn's dismay but to Shania's pleasure!

Shania, suddenly glad to have such a show of support in her foe's own home, gained additional confidence now, and she chose this moment to undo the belt on her robe, throw the robe back off her shoulders, and let it fall slowly to the floor, revealing her in all her splendor, all the while smiling and staring confidently straight into LeeAnn's eyes. The audience was stunned by Shania's regal beauty, and once again they erupted into cheers of approval! Shania was getting pumped!

"OK-OK, my turn!" LeeAnn interjected, as she slowly began to remove her somewhat baggy robe...

As she did so, Shania involuntarily gasped, and her eyes widened in surprise... Likewise, the audience gasped, ooo-ooed, and ahh-h-hhed... They could not believe their eyes... There stood LeeAnn, in a red bra and panty ensemble with heels and hose, looking extremely awesome, intimidating, and womanly beyond her young years! Shania appeared to be in shock as LeeAnn stared back at her with an evil smile...

Shania's heart felt as though it had jumped into her throat as she sized up her foe from head to toe, every inch of LeeAnn appearing to be a lean, mean, catfighting machine! Shania suddenly felt weak in the knees as she tried to shake off this initial and unexpected shock... LeeAnn's body appeared to be finely tuned and shaped muscle... Gone was the pudgy baby fat teenager which Shania had expected to see! Instead, LeeAnn loomed before Shania as a lethal threat, for all practical purposes a woman of equal or perhaps greater strength, stamina, and endurance than Shania had ever dreamed of going up against on this night! LeeAnn could see and sense the fear in Shania's eyes! She now had Shania squirming in her hands even before the fight had started!

Finally, LeeAnn spoke up: "That's right honey- This is the NEW me! Deal with it!"

Shania was busy silently cursing herself for taking this fight for granted and not taking time to research her foe during the week preceding the fight...

And with that- the action started!!!

LeeAnn initiated the action by rushing at Shania and knocking her to the floor. Shania bounced right back up and then delivered a swift kick to LeeAnn's crotch. Rimes bent over in pain, and Shania pushed LeeAnn to the carpet, grabbing LeeAnn's bra and ripping it from the teen's body! The assembled audience gasped and cheered, as LeeAnn's firm, voluptuous breasts were exposed!

However, LeeAnn did not stay grounded for long! She bounced back up and sent a punch into Shania's stomach. With Shania temporarily stunned, LeeAnn grabbed one of Twain's legs and lifted her up off the floor, rendering the Canadian singer momentarily helpless. When Shania recovered her senses, she grabbed LeeAnn's hair and started to pull it. Instead of succumbing to the pain, LeeAnn ignored Twain's hair pulling! She still had Shania in the air, but she suddenly dropped her. Shania fell to the floor in a heap! LeeAnn straddled Shania's prone body and ripped off Shania's lacy bra, exposing Shania's luscious tits for all to see!

LeeAnn grabbed Shania's ample breasts in her hands and slowly started to pull, twist, and squeeze them, eliciting whimpers of pain from Shania. ....Or- were they squeals of pleasure??? LeeAnn couldn't help but notice that her actions were causing Shania's nipples to become hard and erect.... With Shania laying pinned and passive for the moment beneath her, LeeAnn slyly elected to further explore the situation... Gently now, she proceeded to roll, pinch and squeeze Shania's aroused nipples between her thumbs and forefingers... Shania offered no resistance...

Shania, seemingly hypnotized by LeeAnn's titty attack, simply whimpered: "Please LeeAnn, no-o-ooo... don't..."

Shania, realizing the audience was intently staring, had to make a move before it was too late. She stiffened her body and then threw herself up against LeeAnn as if she were a whip, taking Rimes by surprise and throwing LeeAnn off. Both beauties were now back on their feet, circling each other, appearing to size each other up... Once again LeeAnn rushed at Shania, crashing into her and knocking her to the floor. Then, LeeAnn ripped off Shania's panties, rendering Shania naked, except for her hose stockings, heels, and garter belt...

Shania's delicious crotch was now exposed for all to see and enjoy! LeeAnn held Shania's panties high in the air for all to see, laughing in delight at having been successful in exposing Shania's womanhood first, before Shania had the chance to do the same to her! It was at this moment that LeeAnn made a startling discovery.... With Shania's panties clutched in her hand, LeeAnn couldn't help but notice that the panty crotch was soaking wet with cum!!! LeeAnn suddenly realized with glee that Shania was "becumming" sexually aroused by this encounter!!!

LeeAnn quickly took stock of her situation... She would cunningly allow the fight to continue, and calculatingly wear Shania down without brutally beating her up, instead choosing to play Shania's body like a fiddle until Shania succumbed to defeat by orgasm!!!! As LeeAnn allowed her thoughts to wonder, Shania suddenly struck! She leaped up and grabbed LeeAnn by the waist with one hand. With her other hand she tore off LeeAnn's panties! LeeAnn tried to struggle free, but Shania had her in a tight hold.

The two magnificent bodies were pressing together, muscles tensed until there seemed to be no movement by either woman. The audience was highly aroused by what they were witnessing! Soon, now, the difference between the two beauties would become shockingly evident! Though neither woman seemed to be moving quickly, LeeAnn was slowly gaining an advantage! Her months of intensive training were beginning to pay off and because Shania had done nothing to prepare for this fight, her endurance was slowly wearing down!

LeeAnn broke free from Shania's clutches and punched Shania in the stomach once again, knocking the wind from Shania's lungs! LeeAnn leapt at Shania and the two toppled to the carpet! The two country singers clung at each other with breasts crushed against breasts! However, LeeAnn's control of the situation was clear. Every time she moved up, she took Shania's body with her. Every time she went down, Shania was directly underneath her! Shania was becoming desperate! It was clear to her that she must do something quickly or else she would lose to LeeAnn, and there would be no living that down!!!!

In a wild, desperate move, Shania shot her entire body at LeeAnn, hoping the force of impact would stun her. Her plan seemed to work! For a moment, LeeAnn was rendered helpless and Shania freed herself. With all her remaining strength, Shania reversed herself with LeeAnn, and tried to pin Rimes to the carpet! But, Shania's strength was fading! And LeeAnn was too powerful to be held down! Instead LeeAnn jumped up and once again reversed positions! Now LeeAnn was in total control!

With all of Shania's strength sapped, it was no problem for LeeAnn to manipulate Shania in any way she wished!! LeeAnn climbed on top of the now whimpering Shania's prone body, sitting on Shania's tummy and lower chest, crushing precious air from Shania's lungs! Shania was now harmless, but LeeAnn wanted to make Shania totally helpless now as well! LeeAnn decided to begin the humiliation....

Gazing down on her badly weakened victim, LeeAnn was amused to discover the secretion of numerous droplets slowly leaking from Shania's still erect and obviously aroused nipples! LeeAnn, seeing this as an opportunity almost too good to be true, decide to exploit Shania's "problem" to its fullest! Shania, all too aware of her hopeless predicament, now pleaded with LeeAnn to stop!

"Please, oh God- PUH-LEEZE LeeAnn! Don't do this to me, not now, not in front of all these guests!! N0-o-oooo, oh-h-hhh..."

LeeAnn was ignoring Shania, instead busily caressing prodding, stroking and pulling on Shania's engorged tits, eliciting sighs of pleasure from Shania!

LeeAnn said: "I'm going to milk you like a cow, and then I'm going to finish you off by causing you to orgasm until you pass out!!!"

Shania, even though armed with this advance warning of LeeAnn's intentions, was by now too weak and feeble to take any action to prevent LeeAnn from having her way with her! Shania made one last pitiful attempt to buck LeeAnn from on top of her, but this only caused LeeAnn to laugh out loud, and she began to intensify her milking action to Shania's vulnerable tits and nipples! Swiftly now, Shania's heavenly and bountiful breasts were beginning to surrender their precious contents!

As LeeAnn toyed with Shania's breasts, Shania's eyes turned glassy as she could no longer resist her most innermost carnal sensual desires! With LeeAnn rapidly squeezing and pulling on Shania's hapless breasts, Shania's sweet, warm, succulent nectar began flowing copiously in erotic spurts, streams, and squirts from her aroused nipples! LeeAnn now leaned down to attach her mouth to Shania's streaming nipples, sucking each tit alternately, driving Shania wild with pleasure! Shania was now screaming uncontrollably beneath LeeAnn's unrelenting sex attack! As if she were a milk vampire, LeeAnn stayed latched on to Shania until she had sucked her dry...

Shania could barely whisper, but she was begging for mercy!

LeeAnn said, "Sorry about your luck honey, but I'm just getting started!!"

Displaying wisdom and expertise well beyond her years, LeeAnn now turned her attentions towards Shania's already sopping wet pussy! Shania lay motionless and paralyzed... unable to get her muscles to do her mind's bidding... She could not stop LeeAnn from what she was about to do next! LeeAnn expertly inserted two of her fingers into Shania's womanhood, the mere touch causing Shania to shudder...

Then, the inevitable...

LeeAnn searched out and easily found Shania's swollen clit and began to play it for all it was worth! Shania could take no more! LeeAnn continued working her magic on Shania as she watched Shania's eyes roll back into her head! She could feel Shania weakening even further beneath her, as Shania's breathing became even more labored, quickened, and shallowed!

The end was near... Shania's entire body began to QUIVER, QUAKE, CONVULSE, and SHUDDER with GREAT INTENSITY!

"YES-S-SSSS!" LeeAnn Screamed! "Let yourself go, Shania!!! Let your dam burst right here, right now, for all to see!!!"

LeeAnn was ecstatic at the thought of so thoroughly controlling, defeating, and humiliating her opponent! LeeAnn triumphantly announced to her shocked audience...

"Lookie who we have here... the lovely Shania, suddenly reduced to being so powerless, defenseless, desperate, and helpless!! YES-S-SSS!"

And with that, Shania let out a loud gasp and cry as she exploded into the MOST INTENSE, MIND-BLOWING, LONGEST-LASTING ORGASM of her entire life!!!

Shania's overtaxed womanhood was then racked by still several more EARTH SHATTERING orgasm's before she ultimately and quite understandably lapsed into unconsciousness!!!!

LeeAnn stood over her vanquished prey, satisfied that she would finally get the attention that she felt she deserved, but to this point had never received! LeeAnn went to mingle with her new found admirers in the audience... It would be several hours before Shania would reawaken to the memory of her shocking defeat at the hands of LeeAnn... Poor Shania- she'll never be the same... tsk-tsk...