LeeAnn Rimes vs. Shania Twain (II) by Michael J. 02-02-00 (Inspired by a story by Rich)

It had been a month since Shania had taken the beating at the hands of the younger superstar, LeeAnn Rimes. It wasn't really the fact that she lost that upset her as much as it was the fact that she'd totally underestimated her. She had thought that LeeAnn would be a push-over, in fact it was just the opposite. In the past month, Shania had been steadily working out so as to get into better shape for her " retaliation" match w/ LeeAnn.

Finally, the time had come.

LeeAnn had been gloating over her victory against a known competitor like Shania, telling everyone how she'd kicked her ass all over the floor. In the back of her mind though, she knew that she'd have to fight her again, she just didn't know when. She continued her daily workout routine, figuring it would take a little longer for Shania to get up the nerve, and to get into better shape to challenge her again. LeeAnn was at her home, in Nashville, when the phone rang. She casually strolled over, w/o a care in the world, to answer it.

When she picked up the phone, the first thing she heard was, " The time has come for payback."

She knew exactly who it was without a doubt.

She responded, " Well, I thought an old hag like you would be smarter and take some more time to lick your wounds before you would fight again."

Shania replied, " Look Bitch, I'm in town, I want YOU, right now, just me and you, no one else."

Leanne said, "Well, if you think you can handle another ass kicking, come on over. Here are the directions."

No more than 15 minutes went by then LeeAnn heard her doorbell ring. As she opened the door, Shania was dressed very casually, wearing only a pair of blue jeans and a button up blouse w/ a pair of slightly dirt cowboy boots. LeeAnn was still dressed in a pair of shorts, tank top and no shoes, just her casual day around the house. Leanne motioned for Shania to come in and to follow her.

They walked, without saying a word, Shania was checking her out, to try to see if she'd possibly underestimated her again, much to her liking, she hadn't. They finally reached LeeAnn's work out room. it was located in the back corner of the house, away from everything else. They walked into this room, which was approx. 30' x 30' square. Shania was impressed w/the size of the room and the fact that it was filled w/exercise equipment, everything from free weights to full-fledged weight machines.

LeeAnn turned around to Shania and said rather sarcastically, "This is where I trained to kick your old ass, and this is where I'm going to do it again."

She then told Shania to take her boots off so that she wouldn't have any extra weapons to use.

Shania replied, "Fuck you bitch, get out of your clothes. We're going to do this woman to woman, I don't want you having any excuses for getting your ass kicked today."

Leanne then replied, " If you wanted to see my awesome body, all you had to do was ask, but make sure you don't feel to bad, when this gorgeous figure puts your old, outta shape body to shame."

Shania just smirked and began undressing.

This time, it was LeeAnn that had underestimated Shania. She was amazed at the difference of Shania's body and muscle tone from only a month ago. Not that Shania was "big", but now she was cut, like a fitness queen.

Both ladies now stood there, about 10' apart, naked as the day they were born. Shania looked as confident as ever, while LeeAnn had a confident, however, worried look.

Shania said, " Are you ready little girl?"

Leanne replied, "Anytime bitch!" and lunged straight at Shania.

Shania kind of expected something like that and was ready for it. She easily dodged her by stepping to the side, and sending a punch straight into LeeAnn's left cheek, knocking LeeAnn to the floor as she went by. Shania moved to follow up, but as she got to LeeAnn and grabbed her by the hair, she was struck by an upper cut from LeeAnn as she was being pulled up. The punch sent Shania backwards a good 4-5 feet, almost lifting her off the floor. Shania was totally shocked, she'd never been punched that hard in any previous fight she'd been in.

Leanne was quick to follow up, she ran over towards Shania and dove right for her, catching her w/her shoulder right in the gut knocking Shania completely down, and dazed. Leanne straddled Shania by sitting on her stomach. She just looked down and laughed at her as she began to slap her tits from side to side. Shania let out a yell w/every slap.

Leanne looked straight at Shania and said, "I can see that you've worked on your body some, but it obviously hasn't helped your fighting ability. I thought you were a lot tougher than this. I thought our last fight was kind of easy because you were drunk, but it looks like your just a little, worthless piece of shit when it comes to a fight!"

Shania just replied a simple, " Fuck you!".

She lifted her legs up to attempt to trap them under LeeAnn's shoulders and pull her off, but Leanne grabbed Shania's legs and leaned forward. This is when Shania totally surprised and shocked LeeAnn. As LeeAnn leaned forward, Shania somehow pulled her and rolled right over on top of LeeAnn. LeeAnn screamed at this move, she'd never seen anything like it before, not even on TV. Shania was now sitting atop LeeAnn's chest, w/ her ass firmly planted on her ample breasts.

Shania gleamed down at Leanne and said rather sarcastically, " Who's gonna get her ass kicked now?"

With that, Shania began to rain punch after punch down on LeeAnn's face. LeeAnn was kicking and screaming doing her best to block as many punches as she could. Finally, LeeAnn was able to catch Shania off balance and was able to buck her off. LeeAnn, as quickly as she could after the beating shed just taken, rolled away from Shania.

Shania, accept for a little pain on her tits from where Leanne had slapped her, was unscathed. Leanne, however, had a bloody lip and her nose was beginning to trickle blood. Shania was quick to follow up on LeeAnn, being a bit more cautious this time around.

She walked over to her, LeeAnn had her back turned, grabbed her by the hair at the back of her head and yanked her off the floor to a standing position and spun her around.

As LeeAnn was turned around, she jumped at Shania, grabbing her by the hair. Shania did likewise and they were swinging each other around the room by their hair. Shania, being the bigger of the two, easily overpowered LeeAnn and shoved her up against the wall. Leanne let out a kick towards Shania's crotch, but missed, hitting her in the upper thigh.

Shania yelled, " YOU BITCH, THAT HURT!" as she fell backwards to the floor holding her thigh.

LeeAnn took this brief moment to catch a breath and then dove on top of Shania. Again, they wrapped their hands in each other's hair, this time they began rolling around on the floor sending curses at each other. Each one of them, trying to gain the upper hand while their legs were engaged in their own sort of war. As they both realized they were getting nowhere w/this, Shania was the first to change tactics. She figured she'd use some of her gained strength to her advantage.

She removed her hands from LeeAnn's hair, and wrapped them around her in a massive bear hug. LeeAnn just simply let out a loud moan from the pain, and began struggling to free herself. Her only problem was that she had one of her arms caught in Shania's massive bear hug. Since she had one free hand, there wasn't much she could do, except maybe try punching at her. LeeAnn began throwing punches w/her left hand, the free one, at the side of Shania's head. These were easily avoided by Shania moving and turning her head away and allowing LeeAnn to hit the back of her head which did no damage. After 5 or 6 punches, LeeAnn realized she was getting nowhere and was starting to run out of steam, so she decided to try something else.

LeeAnn reached as far around Shania as she could and covered her mouth w/her hand. She knew that Shania could still breath out of her nose, but hoped that since they were both breathing heavily from all the exertion she wouldn't be able to breath like that for long and would have to release her bear hug. She just hoped that it would happen soon.

She clamped her hand around Shania's mouth like she'd thought about, as she did this Shania rolled over, putting herself on top of LeeAnn, forcing all of her weight to be added to the pressure of her tight bear hug. She started breathing heavily through her nose. She was definitely not getting the air she needed, but she could tell LeeAnn was in much worse shape than she was. She figured if she could manage to hold on for another minute or so, LeeAnn would pass out. Just about the time Shania couldn't stand it anymore, breathing only w/her nose, LeeAnn's grip started to loosen. Shania could feel LeeAnn's body starting to go limp. Shania then rolled to her side, which allowed her to release the bear hug momentarily. LeeAnn was almost unconscious and she just lay there, kinda relaxed and sucking in some much-needed oxygen.

Shania removed LeeAnn's hand from her mouth, and then moved up on Leanne so she could wrap her strong legs around her in a classic scissors hold. As soon as she synched down on LeeAnn, LeeAnn let out another loud moan. She started punching at Shania, doing everything she could think of to get her to release the scissors hold on her so she could breath again...

As Shania held LeeAnn in a tight scissors hold, LeeAnn was punching steadily at Shania's midsection. At first, these punches didn't seem to bother her so much, but now Shania was starting to feel them more and more. She had worked out a lot during the last month, but the punches were starting to take their toll on her.

Shania screamed, " Try this on Bitch!", as she grabbed hold of LeeAnn's tits and squeezed w/all her might.

LeeAnn could do nothing more than let out a blood curling scream and reach for Shania's hands to try to pull them lose from her chest, all the while cursing her for everything she was worth.

LeeAnn was getting nowhere trying to remove Shania's hands so she took a deep breath, and screamed.


She grabbed hold of Shania's massive breasts and squeezed as hard as she could, making the flesh bulge out from between her fingers as she did. Shania, who had been mostly in control of the fight, was now feeling a major amount of pain, so much so that she released her tit hold that she'd had on LeeAnn and was trying to pull LeeAnn's' hands from her own chest while maintaining the scissors hold. LeeAnn brought a brief smirk across her face when she saw her foe "back peddling" and on the defensive again.

Shania finally had enough of this. She released her grip on LeeAnn's wrists and threw the hardest punch she could muster right into LeeAnn's jaw, knocking her head back and causing her to release her tit lock on Shania. Shania followed that punch w/another, this time, busting her lip wide open and splattering blood across both of their chests.

Shania let go of her scissors hold and dragged the woozy LeeAnn to her feet by her hair. She then preceded to ram LeeAnn's head into the wall a couple of times, finally releasing her and letting her fall straight down to the ground in a lump at her feet. Shania took time to catch her breath and massage her aching tits. She was definitely surprised at the powerful grip LeeAnn had.

Meanwhile, LeeAnn lay on the floor, half dazed not knowing what was going on.

Shania said, " You see Bitch, I'm not such a push over am I? Next time you decide to pick a fight w/me, you'll think twice!"

With that said, she reached down, picked LeeAnn up by her hair and dragged her to the center of the room. LeeAnn was barely able to make any sounds other than a few audible moans. Upon reaching the center of the room, Shania threw her to the floor, walked around and picked up LeeAnn's feet, spread them and stomped right in her cunt. LeeAnn sat straight up, clutching her crotch trying to ease the pain and let out the deepest moan you've ever heard.

About the time LeeAnn stopped moaning, Shania let loose w/a nicely placed uppercut to LeeAnn's chin, knocking her totally out before her head even bounced off the floor. With LeeAnn out cold on the floor, spread-eagle, Shania slowly got up and circled her, admiring the work she'd done.

LeeAnn finally came to but when she tried to move, to her surprise, she awoke to find her hands tied together around her sides, with Shania, now fully dressed, sitting on her breasts.

Shania looked down at her helpless foe and said, " Did you really think that you'd get away w/ doing what you did to me? I mean, embarrassing me like you did in front of all of those people like that!"

LeeAnn just looked straight up, knowing the predicament she was in. Tears started to form in her eyes.

Shania laughed and said, "AW, is the little girl going to cry now? I want an apology and I want it NOW!"

LeeAnn just looked up and slowly started to talk. She apologized and began to cry.

Shania looked down and said, "You know, that didn't sound just the way I wanted to hear it. I think I want to hear it again."

LeeAnn began to cry even more. She began spilling her apology through her tears.

Shania looked down, thought for a moment, and said, "I think that'll do."

After she said that, she looked up, straight ahead, with an evil grin. A crowd was gathered in front of her just out of the line of sight of LeeAnn. LeeAnn strained to look back to where Shania was looking, but just couldn't.

Shania said, " OH, I didn't tell you we had guests did I?"

She slowly turned LeeAnn around to her side so she could see who it was. As the crowd came into view, LeeAnn turned 3 shades of red when she recognized them from the night she'd tricked Shania into fighting. LeeAnn blushed as Shania stood up, exposing LeeAnn's entire naked body to everyone. LeeAnn closed her eyes in shame, trying her best to turn away from everyone, but couldn't move being tied up as she was.

Then, she heard someone call her name. She opened her eyes to a flash from a camera aimed at her. Shania told her if she ever tried anything like this again, those pictures would find their way to one or more of the tabloids. LeeAnn nodded that she understood as she began to cry harder. With that, Shania left her laying tied up in the center of the room to get free on her own.

The end.