Gym Queen: Brande Roderick & Christi Shake by kit

Christi ran the bar of soap over her round, solid breasts. Her nipples were tight and erect, partly because of the shower, but mostly because her biggest rival was showering just a few feet away. Christi bit her bottom lip with jealousy as she eyed the soap suds draining out of her rival's long, blond hair and running down the crack of her chiseled buttocks. She wondered if this would be the day that Brande challenged her to a catfight. She tugged a nipple in hope.

Brande turned around and noticing the blonde checking her out grinned, "Like what you see?"

"Not really!" said Christi, soaping up her tight belly. "You got nothin' on me."

After nearly six months those were their first words to each other!

About six months ago Brande was the hottest, sexiest blond-hardbody at the gym. No other female rivaled Brande's beauty, nor stood up to her when confronted. And then Christi, a blond brickhouse in her own right showed up and made her presence felt. Not only did she rival Brande in beauty, but she also didn't back down from her silent challenges, making it clear that she wasn't to be intimidated or run off without a catfight.

From across the gym, Brande had first noticed Christi. A lump formed in her throat and her stomach turned sour as she walked over to get a better look at this new, blond intruder. Christi never broke eye contact as they sized each other up and exchange menacing stares. After circling Christi, Brande walked back across the gym and inquired about the new blonde.

"Oh, that's Christi," said Steve, the manager. "She's new in town...from Baltimore."

Christi was just as curious as she asked Jeff, a personal trainer, who the blonde was at the desk.

"That's Brande," he said. "She's a real regular in here."

"Hmmm, Christi you say," said Brande, as the two looked at each other from across the gym.

"Yep," said Steve. "Isn't she a fox?"

"Looks more like a slut to me," said Brande.

"You're just jealous," he teased. "Looks like you've got some new competition."

"Hardly," said Brande, but realizing that she did.

It took a few weeks, but once the girls figured out each other's schedule, they began showing up almost daily at the gym. At first they pretended to ingore each other, but after that they started getting more and more catty with each other as they spoke with their eyes and bodies. Sometimes they'd workout next to each other, and/or run the treadmill together as each always tried to out-do the other. Steve and his staff, along with most of the regular patrons could see it too. There was much debate over which was better looking, and which would win a catfight. Those that had been fortunate enough to date either of them discussed first-hand knowledge of which was better in bed. Trouble was in the air, and everyone knew that it was just a matter of time before they locked horns and fought.

"You think you're pretty tough don't you, bitch?" asked Brande, taking a step towards Christi.

"Yeah, bitch, I do," replied Christi, stepping forward. "Tough enough for you."

"I'd like to see, bitch," said Brande, extending out her hands.

"Bitch, I'd like to show you," Christi answered, extending out her hands as well.

Slipping their fingers together, Christi and Brande braced their feet on the shower floor as best they could.

"Bitch," huffed Brande, straining to break Christi's wrists over.

Christi grunted, struggling to do the same. "Slut."

With their arms moving in all directions, traction was difficult as neither could gain control. Throwing their arms down at their sides, the two blondes stepped into each other with their breasts.

"Uuummm," moaned Brande, pressing with her 35d's.

"Uummph," Christi groaned, pushing with her 34d's.

Their firm, sudsy tits slipped and rolled while their nipples slashed and cut across each other.

"How do you like my tits, bitch?" asked Brande, rolling her large, dark pink areolas with Christi's smaller, but pinker areolas.

"How's my nipples feel, slut?" fired Christi.

"Fuck you."

"Fuck you too."

Unlocking their hands, Brande and Christi hugged up as they really put their tits into it. Squeezing each other around the lower backside, the blondes lay their heads on the other's shoulder while sliding a thigh firmly against a soft, blond snatch.

"Oh, I fuckin' hate you," growled Brande, squeezing hard.

"Uuunnggg," moaned Christi. "Bitch...gonna squeeze your guts out."

"Uuunnnngghh," Brande grunted. "Crush...your...ribs," she added, moving her arms higher around Christi's torso.

"Aaaahhh...shit." huffed Christi. "I fuckin' hate you."

Wavering back and forth, the two blondes had trouble keeping their toes gripped to the wet floor as they moved from shower head to shower head bear hugging and tit battling. Both girls were built for fighting, and they were even more built for fighting each other. Each stood 5-7, but Christi weighed 122 to Brande's 117. Still the five pounds didn't matter as Brande measure 35d-24-34 and Christi 34d-24-34. The two girls continued exchanging nasty, vulgar barbs and name-calling as each started to feel the wear on her body. Brande's waist was aching and Christi's ribs were about to crack. Both reached for a fist of long hair and yanked back.

"Ooouuch! Le' go."

"Oooowww! Le' go."

"Le' go, bitch. I'll rip it out."

"I'll rip yours out, bitch. Le' go."

Letting go, Brande and Christi staggered apart just as three other ladies entered the locker room.

"Fuckin' bitch," puffed Brande.

"Eat shit and die," Christi huffed.

"Fuck you," said Brande, throwing her wet hair from her face. "It ain't over."

"Fuckin'-A it ain't over," snapped Christi.

"Not here. I wanna really catfight. No interruptions," breathed Brande.

"When? Where? I want you bad."

Brande suggested they go to her apartment.

"I'm gonna scratch your eyes out, bitch," agreed Christi.

"Bullshit!" spat Brande. "I'm gonna whip the shit out of you, you fuckin' slut."

With their juices flowing, the two sexy blondes quickly dried off, changed into their clothes and headed out of the gym together. Jeff and Steve watched them leave, and then they looked at each other with a raised brow.

"I hope it's not far, bitch. I'm dying to tear into you," said Christi as they walked to their cars.

"Bitch, you're gonna be sorry you ever wanted to fight me," said Brande.

"The only thing I'm sorry about is that I haven't whipped your ass sooner."

"Just shut up, slut, and follow me," replied Brande.

Luckily the girls didn't have far to go as they made a beeline directly to Brande's apartment with Christi following bumper to bumper.

"I wanna do this nude," said Brande as they marched to her door.

"I do too," nodded Christi. "You're gonna end up that way anyway, bitch."

"Fuck you!" spat Brande.

"Fuck YOU!"

They swore some more as Brande unlocked the door and muttered as she jerked her thumb toward the opening, "Inside, slut."

"Where to cunt?" asked Christi, stepping inside.

"The bedroom, bitch," said Brande, showing the way and removing her top as she walked. Christi peeled off her top and followed Brande into her bedroom. Calling each other a few choice names, the blondes instantly stepped out of their shoes and stripped down their shorts and thongs. Stepping out of their shorts at the same time, Christi and Brande immediately went for each other.

"Slut!" Brande shouted, taking a swing with her left fist and going for hair with the other.

"Whore!" Christi yelled, leading with a knee and reaching for Brande's tits with both hands but Brande's fist just clipped Christi across the chin while Christi's knee caught most of Brande's left inner thigh instead of her crotch.

"Oouuch! My tits!" barked Brande as her boobs were latched onto by Christiís claws.

"Ooowww!" Christi yelped, yanked sideways by a big fistful of her hair.

Christi put ten fingernails into Brande's tits, making her stand on her toes in pain. Brande yanked Christ upward by the hair and landed a left fist on the side of her neck. Christi gasped, but sent shockwaves thru Brande's chest as she ripped her nails over her tits.

"Fuuuuuck!" cried Brandi, reeling back into the wall with Christi on the attack.

"Uuuugghhh!" Christi suddenly grunted, her crotch nailed by a defending foot.

It was a good, solid blow, but it landed more towards Christi's asshole than her pussy hole. Still it slowed her down and made her step back. After about a five second pause, both girls then sprang at each other with vengence in mind. Each slapped the other across the cheek as they took duel fists of hair and yanked. Christi plowed forward and slammed Brande's backside up against the wall. Brande groaned as her tailbone made the first contact and then the back of her skull.

"Fuckin' bitch!" shouted Christi. "I'm gonna kill you!''

Brande's head bounced off the wall four or five times before she was able to get a knee in Christi's gut and push her off. And although she succeeded, she also lost a big clump of hair in the process. Throwing down the handful of hair, Christi swore and pounced back. Both girls reached for hair and threw a knee at the same time. Christi's knee made the best contact as she caught most of Brande's crotch, while Brande's knee merely bounced off Christi's right thigh.

"Uuuggghhh!" grunted Brande, doubling over, barely holding on to the two fists of Christi's bleached platinium hair.

"You fuckin' slut!" Christi yelled, hair hauling Brande to her feet and giving her cheek a healthy dose of her palm.


Brandi dropped her hands around Christi's tits, but before she could get off a good squeeze, Christi pumped a right uppercut into her left tit that sent it shaking across her chest. With her tit nearly knocked off, Brande's arms fell around Christi's hips as her knees went out from under her.

"Get up, you bitch," said Christi, throwing an arm around her neck and getting her in a headlock. Balling up her right fist, she dotted Brande's left eye and as Brande's legs noodled outward, she went to the floor on her elbows. Stepping around behind Brande, Christi grabbed two fists of her long, blond tresses and violently yanked her to her feet.

"Aaaaaahhhhhh!!" cried Brande, her head almost removed.

"I'll teach you to tangle with me, bitch," Christi promised, lowing her right hand down Brande's belly until she found her crotch.

"Fuuuuuuuuck! Mmmy ppppuuuuusssssyyyy!!" bawled Brande as Christi stabbed five sharp talons in her womanhood.

With a snarl on her face, Christi delighted in running her nails upward over Brande's box. With her cunt clawed, Brande jolted backwards, and hard. Throwing back her head, she butted against Christi's nose as she stumbled back, driving Christi's backside hard against the wall. The stinging pain in her nose, coupled with her back and skull slamming against the wall caused Christi to lose her hold on Brande and allow her to fall free.

From her knees, Brandi massaged her pussy with both hands while staring painfully at Christi, "I'm gonna get you for that, bitch."

On her feet, but with her head tilted back, Christi pinched her nose in an attempt to stop the trickle of blood dribbling out. From the corner of her eye, she kept a teary watch. "Like hell. I'm gonna get that pussy AGAIN, bitch."

It was nearly a minute before Brande rose to her feet. Christi, her nose bleed almost stopped, prepared to fight again.

"Oh, bitch, I'm gonna rip you apart," said Brande, reaching out.

"C'mon, slut!" challenged Christi, as they went for each other.

Christi went for a slap, but Brande blocked it and grabbed her by the hair. Christi winced, but got her hands embedded in Brande's hair. The two blondes cursed in pain and anger as they yanked each other back and forth.

"You bitch," Brande said, sending a slap.


Christi slapped, but missed.

"Bitch!" shouted Brande, slapping her again.


Spinning in a circle, Brande and Christi threw each other down on the queen-size bed. Scrambling to their knees, hands still in hair, they toppled over and brought their legs into the fray. Rolling back and forth in one spot on the bed, the two foxy blondes kept pulling hair as their legs slithered together in combat. Even though both girls were in excellent shape and strong throughout, it was their legs that was the cornerstone of their strength. Both had highly toned thighs and shapely calves that made their legs deadly weapons if scissored between. But all that sexy power had to come from somewhere, and that somewhere was in their hips and buttocks. As their taunt abs flexed and rippled, their hips and buttocks churned and sent that power it in waves down their legs as those sexy limbs battled to break and snap each other in half. Twisting their hands high and deep inside of the other's long, lucious locks, Brande and Christi pulled like hell as their bodies fought from head to toe. Their tits and nipples took turns pushing and pressing while their hips gyrated in a hard, grinding circle, making their trim, blond pussy lips chew and suck on each other.

"Ooooohhh sssshhhhit! Mmmyyy hair!" cried Christi, her neck bowed as Brande painfully extracted a large, blond chunk.

"You fuckin' bitch...I'm gonna bald you!" Brande threatned, trying to get her legs locked around Christi's bucking hips.

Christi knotted her legs with Brande's legs and forced a roll as she tore out a big fist of hair from the back of Brande's head. Brande screamed in agoney as Christi now rolled on top and rubbed her tits fully against Brande's tits. Brande broke her legs free and quickly wrapped them around Christi's hips.

"Uuuunnnggg!" grunted Christi, her pussy now locking with Brande's pussy as she felt the power of Brande's ultra-sexy thighs clamp around her foxy ass.

Although neither woman was sexually aroused, they both were damp and growing very moist as their pussy lips parted and lapped around each other.

"Fuckin' bitch," Brande huffed, working her legs higher around Christi's body and getting her whole waist scissored between them.

"Oooohhh gggggawd!" Christi groaned, falling off to the side.

"I'm gonna crush out your guts," Brande puffed, pumping her thighs rapidly along the blonde's belly.

Christi tried to ease the tension by running her fingernails thru Brande's thigh, but Brande grabbed her by the wrist and continued squeezing the shit out of her.

"Uuuunnnnggg!'re killin' me," moaned Christi.

"Good!" said Brande, going for Christi's left nipple.


Brande pinched and twisted Christi's pink nipple, causing her to see stars. Letting go, Brande slugged the tit with an uppercut, and Christi hoarsely screamed. Breaking her left arm free, Christi balled up her fist and treated Brande to fat, bleeding lip. The blow not only stunned Brande, but also enraged her as she returned fire with a fist to the nose that re-opened the bleeding. The two blondes then screamed as they both tore out another fist of hair and scratched each other across the tit. Feeling the pressure ease around her waist, Christi twisted, turning her back towards Brande as she tried to escape from between her blond rival's legs.

"No you don't, bitch," grunted Brande, grabbing a big wad of her hair and readjusting her legs around Christi's waist.

"Oooowwww! Uuummmmpphh!" cried Christi as her bangs were stretched from her scalpe and her belly scissored again.

Christi clawed at Brande's thighs, but Brande's legs stiffened and she gave Christi's cheek a good ripping with her fingernails.

"Give it up, you blond fuck," Brande demanded, wrapping her forearm around Christi's neck and almost breaking her ribs with her thighs.

"Oooohhh...gggawd...I...can't...breath," coughed Christi, desperately reaching over her head and pulling on two handfuls of Brande's hair.

"Leggo, bitch!" shouted Brande, sinking a handful of fingernails in Christi's plump, right tittie.

Christi gagged and wheezed, slapping and scratching at Brande's legs as they squeezed her guts out and crushed her lungs. Brande scratched Christi across the tit and then went for her face as she ripped her nails up her cheek and over her left eye. Christi bawled and started to beg, but still refused to submit as Brande put her nails back into her right tit and drew blood.

"Don't ever go back to the gym, bitch!" Brande said in her ear just before taking it in her teeth and biting.

"Aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrggggggggg!!!" Christi's lovely body erupted with pain, but Brande's strong legs remained locked and squeezing as she gathered more tit flesh under her nails and chewed on the ear.

Unlocking her legs, Brande rolled Christi over on her back and then sat down across her chest, trapping her arms between her legs. She was in complete and total control and free to do whatever she wanted as Christi lay pinned and weeping and begging for mercy.

"You should've thought about that first, you fuckin' slut," said Brande, looking at Christi's bloody face. "Now you're gonna pay."

" I'll never...never go back," begged Christi, her blond hair now bleached red by her own blood.

"Bitch, you're not gonna go anywhere...for a looooong time," said Brande, balling up her right fist and smashing it across Christi's lips!

For the next several minutes Brande had her way with Christi as she did everything she could to permenately scar the foxy blonde. She scratched up her face. Knocked out her two front teeth. Broke her nose. Bit her nipples until they were black. Scratched out her pussy. And with a pair of scissors, cut her hair to the roots.

The next day Brande showed up to the gym in an outfit barely covering her body. Proudly she displayed her bruises and scratches. Her black eye and busted lip. When asked what happened, she told Steve that Christi would never ever be returning to the gym. To this day, Brande's statement still holds true. Never again did another woman ever dare to challenge her, and as for Christi, her whereabouts are completely unknown.