Mimi Rogers vs. Nicole Kidman (by unknown - fr Jeff's Celebrity Catfight Tourn. on WRDWVR's site)

Life for Nicole couldn't have been better. Her career as an actress was hot, and she was happily married to the envy of everyone one of the best actors in Hollywood, Tom Cruise. However, their was one matter in her life which upset her whenever she thought about it, and that was the bitter hurt Tom felt over the experiences of his first marriage to Mimi Rogers. Mimi had almost destroyed his career before their divorce and even after he dismissed her, Mimi never felled to take credit for the success Tom enjoyed today. And secretly, she would hint that one day they would get back together, once he realized that Ms. Kidman couldn't satisfy him like she could.

Nicole invited Mimi to once and for all settle their dispute in the ring. If she won, Mimi would have to agree never to mention Tom's name ever again. If she lost, she promised to become Mimi's slave for one week. They would meet in an anything goes catfight. Of course, Nicole knew Tom would never agree to allow her to participate in such a match, so she waited until the day of the match to leave him a note telling him of the time and place of the match, sealing the note with a kiss, and leaving it in a place she was sure he would discover it only after she had left to face her enemy.

Nicole entered the first, wearing a gold halter top and black pants. As she stretched her long legs in the ring, Mimi entered, wearing a shiny one piece silver mini dress. As Mimi strutted around the ring, Nicole's anger reached the boiling point, and she attacked, grabbing Mimi by the hair from behind and flipping her to the mat. For a few minutes, she dominated Mimi, using her long legs as weapons, kicking Mimi repeatedly in the head, stomach, and back. But Mimi was older and more experienced. This was not her first fight, and she knew eventually Nicole would tire. As she did, Mimi feigned being hurt and when Nicole came near, drove a vicious right into Nicole's bear belly. The blow caught Nicole by surprise, as did Mimi's next move, which was to grab Nicole arms, sling her into the ropes, and clothesline her to the ground.

"Now I'll show you what fighting is all about!" taunted Mimi as she dropped both her knees into her stomach.

Nicole grunted as she felt the air rush from her lungs, placing both her hands on her tummy.

"Ohhhh! Poor Nicole have a tummy ache? Let's see if Aunt Mimi can make it feel any better."

Mimi reached down and lifted Nicole up by her long read hair. Again, she flung Nicole into the ropes, only this time instead of using a clothesline, she meet the rebounding Kidman with another knee to the stomach. Mimi leaped in the air, driving her fists into the small of Nicole's back, collapsing her facefirst to the mat. Just then, Tom burst into the arena and ran up to the ring, but was stopped form entering by security. Mimi noticed this and positioned Nicole around so that she could see Tom as well, while sitting on her back and placing her in a Camel Clutch.

"Looks like your husband showed up just in time, doesn't it. Well, now, let's not disappoint him, okay."

Letting go of her hold around Nicole's neck, she picked up the actress and held her upside down in the air. Nicole looked over and Tom, tears in her eyes, and mouthed "I'm sorry" just as Mimi powered her down over her outstretched knee in a backbreaker. Her spirit and body broken, Nicole surrendered and agreed to be Mimi's slave for a week.

Mimi allowed Nicole to slump to the mat, but added another kneedrop to the groin just for good measure, and then smiled and winked at Tom.