Kimber West vs. Mimi Rogers by Southgate

The two strong women stand in opposite corners waiting for the match to begin. Rogers is quiet, sizing up her foe. Kimber is a good bit younger than the big brunette-she assumes that she will have greater endurance in a long fight but Mimi has a weight advantage. Rogers is plenty strong, an experienced brawler, and a good technician; she doubts that the young playmate can match her fighting experience.

As the bell rings, West charges in at Rogers. She lands a flurry of punches to Rogers' chin, chest and arms, but the older woman sweeps an overhand right off the top of Kimber's head and slams a kick into her side as the playmate dances off. Again, Kimber advances; with precision, she stays in a crouch, picks her shots and rocks Rogers with hard punches to her tits and belly. Mimi is getting hammered and frustrated. She does manage to land a few kicks to West's legs and belly, and the force of these kicks drives West back and keeps the wary playmate from launching an all out assault.

As Kimber advances again, Mimi changes tactics. She takes another round of punches to her belly, but secures a hold on West's hair, yanks her head forward and lets fly three staggering kicks to West's chin. Mimi, still holding Kimber's hair, drops backwards to the mat, intending to jam her legs into the playmate's belly and flip her to the mat. But West anticipates Mimi's move, twists herself off to the side as she falls forward and avoids Mimi's legs. Kimber drops an elbow across Mimi's tits, then scrambles on top of Rogers. Mimi tries to wrap her long legs around West's waist, but the faster, younger woman again twists away, then drives forward on top of Rogers. West grabs onto the actress's hair and pins one of Mimi's arms down under her knee. She slams an elbow across Rogers' chest. West is caught by surprise when the very tough Rogers, still holding onto Kimber's hair, arches up, and bucking violently, unseats her.

Kimber lands beside Mimi, who slams her leg down across Kimber's throat. Mimi is first on her feet. As Kimber rises, Mimi fires a knee into her head. As Kimber falls, Mimi catches her head between her thighs. West is trapped in a standing head scissors, Mimi's locks her thighs tight and quickly strangles any resistance from West. Mimi reaches forward and yanks up on Kimber's bikini brief, sawing the material into Kimber's crotch. Mimi uses the time to clear her head, then slams a series of ax handles into Kimber's back. Mimi drops to her knees, driving Kimber's head into the mat. Mimi decides it payback time, rolling Kimber onto her back, Rogers stands over West to rip off her bikini top. But as she does, Kimber reaches up, grabs two hands full of Mimi's long hair and pulls her face first into the mat. Kimber slams her elbow across Mimi's throat.

Straddling the older woman, Kimber slams the brunette's head into the mat, and follows it with a ear-clap that rings Mimi's chimes. West pulls Mimi to her feet, kicks her in the belly and throws her into the corner. Before Mimi can bounce forward, West runs full force into her, driving her shoulder in Mimi's chest.

Wrapping her left arm tightly around Rogers' neck, Kimber rapid fires her right fist repeatedly into Rogers' belly. As the air rushes from Mimi's open mouth, the big brunette pounds her fist in Kimber's pubic bone. Shooting pain immobilizes the younger woman. Mimi hip tosses Kimber to the mat. West lands hard and kneels for a moment. Mimi leaps onto West's back, her weight driving West flat on the mat. On her side, Rogers once more wraps her meaty thighs around Kimber's neck, while yanking up on the playmate's hair. West struggles but her neck is too damaged. After almost two minutes of torture, West is spent.

Mimi snaps open her legs, rolls Kimber onto her back and straddles her waist. Grabbing two hands full of hair, Mimi drives Kimber's head in the mat ten times. Ten times, Rogers slaps her right hand back and forth against Kimber's face.

Mimi, still straddling West, pulls her to side, wrapping her legs around the young playmate's waist and pulling her head forward into her huge tits. Mimi's legs are remarkably strong. West thrashes but cannot free herself. After several minutes of torture, Mimi rises up to her feet, traps West in a wrist lock.

As Kimber lays unprotected, flat on her back Rogers kicks her repeatedly in her side, belly and boobs. Twisting Kimber's arm and wrist, Mimi forces young playmate onto her back. Holding her twisted arm out to the side, Rogers lands knees first on the extended arm. She repeats the move four times in rapid succession. Finally, Rogers straddle's West's back, twists her arm backwards into a hammer lock and forces West to concede.