Rebecca Romijn vs. Beth Ostrosky by Black Mamba (Leggy models in an apartment wrestling blondage battle)

NOTE: Rebecca Romijn is still married to John Stamos at the time of this story.

It's Summer time the year "2002"...... and the living is easy" or at least for a few on a sultry warm weekend evening in an apartment penthouse belonging to Stern and his girlfriend Beth as they settle back and knock a few down with the Rebecca and John Stamos both couples on the verge of letting lose the inhibitions and mankind with a little help from the whiskey man or woman.

Both Howard and John entertained the thought of mate swapping. Howard had long envisioned laying pipe to Rebecca in his dreams, meanwhile John was looking hard wishing for carnal knowledge of the Beth. As we pick up and question the lucidity of the conversations ....Rebecca's snuggling up next to Howard and says, "Do my clothes offend you Howard?"

"Why, yes they do Rebecca ..what are you gonna do about it?"

"I could remove them for you if you like Howard?"

"Hey, I'm not stopping you...mind if I get my camera Rebecca?"

"I was hoping you’d say that Howard."

As the inebriations takes hold of the thought of seeing, in the flesh Rebecca nude hot body John and Beth look on with interest....Rebecca starts to remove her black cotton tube top....

Snap....Snap....Snap..... goes the shutter of the camera as Howard snaps away watching yet another dream come true, lucky guy, as Rebecca exposes her bountiful breast as the California Blonde does an impromptu strip tease un buttoning her jeans...down to her thong .

" 35C-24-35 Howard; can you handle it baby? Rebecca said smiling.

"I’d love to handle you Rebecca!"

Meanwhile...Beth takes a little sip of liquor and huddles next to John and whispers in Stamos' ear...

" I can do better…"

"Well Beth, lets have us a little competition shall we?"

"You're on John ...let me show you what I've got" said Beth as she slowly stands up and slips out of her red tank top bearing her delicious D's to the delight of John as Howard roars...a "YEAH!"

"Now we got us some competition!"

As Beth takes over some of the spotlight that had been shining solely on Rebecca to the "ahh..ohhs" of John as Beth shakes her thang, bumping and grinding away!

"Well, Rebecca can you dig this baby…36D-24-36!"

Beth zips down her white cotton shorts and begins to slowly wiggle out of them.

"Not bad Beth ..not bad," said Rebecca holding back on the praise, eyeing Beth's insane body and comparing it to her own world class torso.

"Oh this is too good!" gushed Howard as he continues to snap away with the girls getting into all sorts of sensual poses; each woman trying to out do the other going at it full speed as both girls begin to grab and grope each others very fine assets. Beth pinching and tweaking Rebecca nipples as Rebecca throws back her head with sensual delight.

Meanwhile, Rebecca tugs at her blonde rival boob pulling her closer and whispers, “C’mere bitch!" as she slowly pulls back Beth's white panties slides her hand down Beth crotch and rubs sensually, the blondes womanhood exciting the blonde as Beth turns her head to the side closes her eyes moaning from the experience as she slowly melts, resting on Rebecca's shoulder as the blonde free hand supports and strokes the back of Beth's head.

"I've got to have you," said Rebecca.

Beth spanks her blonde competitor Rebecca on her tight butt and says, "You’re a bad girl Rebecca, needed that smack, you little bitch and there is more where that came from if you can take like a woman baby" as the smiling blonde gets more than a little rough and takes liberties with Rebecca, her blonde rival.

"Think your woman enough to handle me bitch." As Rebecca laughed, and she returned the favor on Beth hard back side and licks her neck slowly for good measure, which drives Beth wild.

"Oh yessss, I'm more than enough woman for you bitch. The real question is, can you handle what I got?" Beth sensually stated with a smile on her face as she squeezes Rebecca taught nipples harder, rolling them between her long slender fingers as Rebecca trembles and sighs with bliss.

"I'd like to see you try Beth c'mon show me what you got slut!" Rebecca purred as she reached down and pull at Beth's "G" String back and forth as Beth moans, while answering Rebecca challenge by mimicking the same technique.

"John, take this camera quick... I've got to get this on video," as Howard goes in the next room and quickly pull out the Sony DV cam, and starts to film.

"With the girls going at in an all-out g-string/thong war," John whispers to Howard......

"Man, I'd like to do Beth, just one time!"

"Vice versa John, vice versa, these are two of the hottest chicks on the planet"

"Yeah, but I wonder which one is the best?"

"I don't know but I'd wouldn't mind finding out!"

The girls, overhearing the conversation, speak up in unison, "The BEST?"

"Hmm.. maybe I'll wrestle Rebecca and prove it to both her and you guys when I beat her," Beth kidded.

"Wrestle, yeah that's it! Now, that'll give you boys something to think about...and me some body to pound on," Rebecca coyly said.

John and Howard ecstatic with what could be, laid down some terms and place their bets.

"Ok I got $5,000 on Beth to win!"

"HOWARD???" Beth initially was shocked by that statement.

"Well, then "$10,000 on Rebecca to win Howard, and I get to make out with Beth in the process.

"Ok, I'll match that $10,000 on Beth and I get your wife for the night!" Howard licking his chops, stated.


"JOHN!!" Rebecca shouted.

"What!!!? Just win Rebecca and everything will be fine sweetheart." He thought to himself, “Man I love you honey, but please lose this one!"

"OK, well if I win, then I get Howard," said Rebecca nodding her head looking at John and Beth in the process.

"Well, then If I win I get John FOR the DAY!" said Beth smiling looking a Howard then Rebecca.

"You girls drive a hard bargain," grinned Howard.

"We drive a hard bargain? Well, look at whose talking" said Rebecca, those are the terms take'em or leave them'em.?"

John and Howard look at each other pause for a moment just for show...Howard, secretly wanted Rebecca to win just to sample some of that Romijn pussy meanwhile, John wanted Beth to win so he could pound that Ostrosky fine ass.....

"Ok, Deal!!" as both guys looked at each other trying to disguise their true feelings shouted in unison.....

Both Beth and Rebecca a little shocked but they really shouldn't be as they both realized after they thought of it.

As John and Howard cleared away some furniture and breakables out of the spacious apartment as the girls talk amongst themselves. "

"Can you believe these guys betting on us like that Rebecca?"

"Yeah, but I think it could be fun. Hey Beth lets give these guy's something really talk about follow my lead ok?" ....

Putting the girls plan in action...the conversation was getting a little heated....

"Beth, you have no chance against me I'll kick you ass all over this room, you know that.. However, it's not to late for you to back out if want?"

Beth displays shock at Rebecca's comment's replied as she plays along...

"Back out!???...Hell NO BITCH! I'm gonna take you down tonight and then I'll straighten Howard out afterwards and if you don't watch out I'll straighten John out in the process baby bring it on bitch...bring it on!!!!!" Beth hugs herself and rubs her groin sensually. Obviously, liquor makes you say and do things you normally wouldn't case in point.

"Oh now, we got us an issue don't we Beth. Well not only will I beat you tonight I'll show your Howard the time of his life and see if he lives up to that reputation of his, that'll be fun. Oh yessss, I've been thinking about that for along time anyway" Rebecca smiled and shoved Beth.

"Oh bitch I don't' think so!" Beth push Rebecca backwards.

"Hey Howard their starting with out us" as both Howard and John scramble for their respective cameras.

The topless match was on.

Beth in a white thong, Rebecca sporting a black "G" string as Rebecca springs into action at Beth who catches her in mid flight with both girls CRASH, to the floor and the two Hollywood blonde models began to tussle about the apartment.

"Damn you're playing rough Rebecca" whispered Beth no so hard. As both kicking and flailing their arms and legs about as Rebecca's knee hits home right into Beth's stomach, doubling the blonde up as Rebecca a little roughly, grabs Beth by the hair and gives a tug.

"OUCH that hurts Rebecca geesh" whispered.

"Oh tough it out Beth please",..............

"OWE not so much REBECCA lets see how you like it!".

As Beth, pulls back on Rebecca's hair and gives her a little stiff slap across the face stunning Rebecca.

"You mean like that" Beth said smiles.

As Rebecca shoots her a little dirty look and slaps Beth's hand away in anger as Beth sneers.

"Oh, did I strike a nerve?" Beth Asked.

"I'll give you some nerve. Now, your gonna get a beatin bitch'" exclaimed Rebecca.

"Yeah ha, from who you Rebecca don't make me laugh"

Rebecca lunges for Beth who was ready for the sudden out burst catches the sexy blonde and puts her down hard on the floor causing Howard and John to cringe, as Beth mounts Rebecca pinning her arms to the floor.

"Uggh...Now...ahh.. who's playing rough now, Rebecca" said a confident Beth as she slapped Rebecca with more force this time.

"Ahhh" as Rebecca face draws up in a stinging fashion from Beth's forehand.

"Ha ha Shut up,... watch this...Hey boys.." Beth drawing their attention as she breast smoothers Rebecca who now is gasping for air from Beth huge perfect boobs.

"Mmmhph...stop..mmmph b." Rebecca struggling under Beth's busty mounds cries out.

"How do you like that Rebecca hmm?" as Beth panders to the camera smiling.

Rebecca leers "Don't do it again"

"Or what, bitch, I love a good challenge, oh hurt me, baby please ha ha. Rebecca you know maybe you need to suckle one or two since your such a baby, huh would you like that?...

Here let me help you out with that mouth of yours" as Beth entices, teasing Rebecca with offer for Rebecca to suck on her perfect boobs, an offer that any man and a lot of women would jump at as she sensually rubs Rebecca's beautiful face into her supple breast and pulls away laughing.

"Suck them now Rebecca c'mon I mean it!" Beth demands as Rebecca is forced to do what she is told, cursing Beth as she does.

"Oh that mouth I've got just the thing for that this will teach you" Beth exclaimed.

Beth then goes to work, working her shoulders and upper torso as she pistol whips Rebecca model face with her firms boobs as Rebecca's head does an impersonation of a boxers' speed bag.

Rebecca feeling that Beth is trying to humiliate her!

"Do that again and I'll bit you bitch!"

"Oh threats, I like threats, I've got something for your big mouth, now why don't you suck on this!" as Beth goes for a third breast smoother forcing a reluctant Rebecca to submit to her will.

"Ahhh OWE...BITCH WHAT's WRONG WITH YOU, F'N SLUT?. You bit me!" Beth cried as she attended to her sore boob.

"Get off cunt" as Rebecca throws the willowy blonde off with a THUD!

Both Girls rise, weary of each other prowess:

"Hey, look Rebecca maybe this getting out of hand lets S......" SMACK!!! But before Beth could finish her statement of reprieve, Rebecca levels a vicious back hand and slapping the living SHIT of her fellow blonde knocking her to the couch, Beth groaned a little in shock, rubbing her jaw jumps back up immediately with face buzzing from Rebecca's hard hand.

"GET UP BETH NOW" Rebecca yelled.

"Hey girls take it e...."SHUT UP!!!" both girls shout at John. "We're Fighting here" said Rebecca.

"That'll teach ya" said Howard. "Man you can't stop this action, let it play out Beth can take care of herself and so can Rebecca"

"Like I have a choice at this point" John stated. "lets increase the bet!"UH

As both girls rushed and grabbed each other and trying to force one another like two blonde five foot ten inch (5'10") blue eyed lioness struggling for survival, for what's theirs, as well as each other's possessions.

Beth manages to wrestles Rebecca to the floor in a tight head lock, throwing her weight against the statuesque blonde trying to grind out an early submission to Rebecca's "ahhh" response and protest.

Rebecca, reached up and grabbed, then squeezed one of Beth's ample boobs, forcing a release then grabbed her opponent by the hair while maintaining her Beth's boob in her clutches as Rebecca rides Beth's lovely torso down to the carpet in the process.

"Now I got you, here take this!" Rebecca taunts as she digs her finger nails deeper into Beth's awesome boob leaving their mark

"AHHHHHgghgghhhh Bitch Damn you stop Ahhh…" Beth cried.

As Rebecca smacking the back of golden blonde head in an insulting manner, now assumes full control of Beth with a hammerlock, causing the busty blonde to squirm trying to free her self from Rebecca's strong grasp.

"Oh you wanta get nasty that how it gonna be, nasty?" Struggled Beth.

"Yeah, down and dirty this is for keeps Beth babe"

As Rebecca twist unmercifully Beth's arm even harder as blonde raises her head and let's out a cry, "AHHHhhhhhhh" before collapsing back down to the ground.

Beth could only take so much more of this before she reaches back and claws Rebecca's crotch, raking her fingernails in just the right spot between the thin piece of black cotton covering her private area.

"OW..OUCH...BITCH AHHHH...that hurts ohhh…" groaned Rebecca holding her woman hood.

"Tell it to my boob bitch, which you tried to damage....Nasty is as Nasty does" said Beth with wry smile rubbing her breast from the mauling she received earlier at the hands of the strong and beautiful ash blonde Rebecca.

As both combatants meet kneeling head on fingers to knuckles each trying overpower each other as grunting and groaning in animalistic fashion neither girl will to give an inch as the two topple to the side and tumble to the carpet.

After a brief tumbling and struggle session Beth mounts Rebecca's belly trying to force her blonde antagonists arms to the carpet. Rebecca resisting for all she is worth until Beth sits hard on Rebecca's mid section with her fine but hard buns, as Beth pins Rebecca's arms to the ground

"Get.....pant... your boney ass....pant.....offa me," moaned and groaned Rebecca with the wind knock out of her.

"Make me!" Beth replied in a brat tone.

As Beth sat harder on the blonde model as she inched up on Rebecca's upper torso Rebecca bridged up slightly causing Beth to slide further down her amazing body as Beth's inner thighs came to grips with Rebecca's lovely gapping mouth and she bit down on Beth's inner thigh of her lean leg.

" fuckin’.. bitch. I'm goanna beat the SHIT out of you!" Beth bellowed as she is thrown clear off of Rebecca, by Romijn bucking motion that followed the biting incident as Beth tumbles to the carpet.

Try to rubbing her pain away from her bite wound, Beth looks up, and to her surprise, Rebecca catches Beth with a foot kick to the jaw knocking Beth back as Rebecca is on the attack once again aggressively.

"You bitch too much Beth that's your problem!" exclaimed Rebecca.

Rebecca, now rough housing Beth as she pulls the hurting blonde by the hair, scoops the willowy blonde up like a sack of potatoes, and slams her back down to the floor WHAM!!

"Whoa" shouted the Boy's holding the camera's.

Beth groaning, squirming and arching her back in pain from the impact., as Rebecca jams a knee into Beth's throat choking the blonde in the process as Rebecca poses and flexes her arms in mocking fashion.

"You thought you had me huh.. Beth?" Rebecca said as Beth lay gagging!

"'re hurting, cough me...I'll get you... Cough…"

"Yes aren't I?. Save your breath bitch, you ain't doin' nothing, but as for me, well..."

As Rebecca lets her actions speak volumes in words as the gorgeous Rebecca hooks Beth's long legs securing the beautiful blonde and tugs hard on Beth's thong grinding and sawing it into her hair free woman hood as Beth squirms and whimpers her protest.

"Howard, you’re mine now!" said Rebecca in a sultry tone looking in Howard's direction. causing Beth's blood to boil as she reached up and raked Rebecca's crotch and toppled the sexy blonde Rebecca in the process.

"Bitch!" Beth yelled as she jumped on Rebecca as they grapple around wildly in a fierce struggle for a few seconds. Beth comes out on top, securing the top fashion model as Beth grinds her hard body into the firm super fine frame of Rebecca's crushing her breast with her own supple jugs.

Although Beth, with the advantage of being on top with leverage, Beth's huge boob's were not immune to feeling Rebecca's hard nipples press against her skin as the pert hard pleasure bumps grind in like a diamond scratching steel, against Beth's beautiful breast as both girls moan getting off on the experience of woman to woman struggle.

"You're tits ahh...ain't nothing.. damn..ahh…" Said Beth trying to reassure herself of her dominate position on top and over Rebecca grinds and Beth press even harder against her foe.

"Well, see... oooohh... whose got the tougher boob's... bring'em on bitch we'll see how much you can stand."

With their legs tightly encased together, their upper torsos became fused as using all her strength Beth using all of her strength pried Rebecca's arm and raised them and pinned them above her head as Beth pressed down hard on Rebecca's tits, as both girls grind, twist and rotated her shoulders back and forth rubbing vigorously starting a fire embroiled in the passion of battle. Both Rebecca and Beth could each feel the other's hot breath on their neck as their tits grinded and rubbed together. They whispered nasty insults back and forth and taunted each other.

"Howard is ahh.. is mine cunt," said Rebecca.

" ...ooooo shit ahh.. Howard mine but I'm gonna rock John's world aggg too slut!"

After awhile Beth's naked tits started to turned cherry red made so by Rebecca's smaller but firm boob's with harder nipples that were diggin' into Beth's supple mounds of flesh and began to ache and over take the blonde.

"Oooo ... SHIT aghh oooooo," Beth moaned as Rebecca was winning the war on boobs and weakening Beth's hold in the process.

"Bitch!" Beth grunted as Rebecca begins to turn the tables, wiggles her way out from under Beth and reversed the hold to now Rebecca is back on top mocking and laughing.

"Ahhh Ha you boobs maybe...ahhh.. bigger, but mine are tougher, WHORE!"

Beth lean muscles flexing rippling as she tries to resist being pinned as she rises slightly but Rebecca slams her sexy hard torso into Beth hot body knocking back any resistance Beth could muster.

"You are strong Beth ...uhghh I got the leverage" As Rebecca hold firm pressing the advantage.

Beth knew that Rebecca out matched her with the upper body as the leggy blonde used her other pair of limbs to bridges out upending another leggy blonde named Rebecca.

Beth grabbing Rebecca by the hair pulls her back into a perfect leg scissor hold as Beth slams and rubs a heavy forearm across Rebecca's face and then starts to squeeze away at the Rebecca sexy body with those long supple legs of hers pumping for all they are worth.

"Ahhhhnnnn damn ahh…" cries Rebecca.

"Got you now bitch, time for a little payback. Lets see how tough those tits of yours really are!" said Beth.

As Beth compounds Rebecca's dilemma with a dual breast squeeze as she uses the hot blondes pert and ample boobs as stress balls working out her frustration and contempt.

"Ahh nooo...” moans Rebecca as she throws back her head in agony on Beth's shoulder.

The blonde sadist, looking to get further inside Rebecca's head, said, "Maybe after I finish kicking your ass bitch! I'll tie you up and make you watch us as I suck your husband off and you get nothing!"

The enraged Rebecca, with tears starting to trickle from the pain, rolled her head towards Beth neck and face and bit the blonde beauty causing Beth to scream "BITCH!" at the top of her lungs forcing an immediate release. Beth shoves Rebecca off of her violently, Beth breathing holding the side of her neck near her face. Rebecca hugging herself where Beth's legs made their fine impression breathing hard panting in pain.

Both girls looked at each other as they whispered to themselves ..."Bitch you're mine!"

The two blondes thinking alike after a brief respite got back to their feet. Rebecca lunges at Beth who sidesteps Rebecca as Beth catches her with a glancing knee in the process.

"That was stupid!” said Beth as the golden blonde prepares to punish her ash blonde adversary.

Unexpectedly, Rebecca down but not out, drives a solid punch directly between the legs Beth's face as her lovely features turns ashen with cheeks flushed pale as the lithe blonde drops to her knees as Rebecca kneads out more punishment with Beth taking a couple of stiff hard slaps from Rebecca WHACKING Beth further as the mean spirited Rebecca continues the assault by following up, with great spite, a hard knee to Beth jaw knocking the reeling and glazed over blonde model back against the couch with a dull THUD as Beth's slumped, haggard but beautiful body, lay moaning from the torrid encounter.

"Now your gonna pay bitch" said a stern Rebecca, as she pulls the mistreated Beth roughly by the hair throwing her on the couch face down with her eyes closed. RAMS a knee to the middle of Beth's back causing Beth to groan even more as Rebecca grinds her knee even deeper into Beth's back and shoulder blades, bone to flesh, quickly grabbing Beth's arms by the wrist pulls them back and straight up.

"Let see how much you can't take of this little bitch"

Beth wailing in agony legs failing with no escape from the torture!

"Oh god no please" Beth moaned in agony, as her back now coursing and throbbing in searing in crunching pain and her arms being wrenched from their sockets, she whispered out her surrender, "Okay Rebecca, please. I give...I give sob....sob. I'm sorry Howard...I'm sorry" Beth was crying like a baby.

"What, bitch? LOUDER!" asked Rebecca tugging on Beth's arms digging her knee deeper, harder. Rebecca made Beth scream and repeat herself several more times, "PLEASE, I GIVE, PLEASE STOP I GIVE, I give...I give sob....sob. I'm sorry.”

"Say, Rebecca is better than me and now I know my place which is second to her...Say it Beth or I'll hurt you some more". Romijn demanded and received the following statement from Beth

"Ok, ahh…Rebecca is better than me...sob... and now I know my place...sob... which is second to her choke..." Beth tearfully said until the blonde went limp from the pain.

Rebecca leaned down whispered in Beth's ear while looking over in the direction of the boys "You suck Beth. I won, you lose"

Rebecca picking Beth's head up by her long blonde hair forcing her to look in Howard's direction as Rebecca smiled chillingly.

"Look Howard I beat your blonde BITCH Beth, and judging by your shorts you liked it, both of you that is!" Rebecca gleefully stated over Beth sobs.

As Howard, cowers a bit and tries to conceal his secret joy over the recent turn of events.

"Howard, don't worry I'll take care of you in moment, John just wait till we get home but now as for you Beth..." as Rebecca smiles evilly, confident in her abilities

"There, there Beth I'll treat Howard real good I promise he be wanting more. Now, If your nice I'll let you clean up or lick up ha ha depending how you look at it. I guess I owe you a debt of thanks for letting little ole' me bed your boyfriend down while getting to beat the SHIT out of you double treat". as Rebecca laughs.

As Rebecca slams Beth's head back down in to the sofa...dismounts and flips her newly beaten, disciplined and defeated and teary eyed beautiful blonde rival over on her back........

"Hey Beth," Rebecca sneered, "remember when you forced me to suck those beautiful boobs of yours....well now I have something for you to suck on" As Rebecca sits hard on top of Beth's chest straddling the beaten blonde babe with a dull THUD of butt to boob, flesh to flesh as Rebecca sensually pulls back and to the side her black panties revealing most intimate of areas with Beth shaking her no and pleads with Rebecca "please Rebecca, don't make me... no don't I'm sorry....mmmmph" Rebecca turned a deaf ear as she grabs the busty blonde by the hair and forces Beth to take a well deserved beaver break beaten her long legs.

"Work it, babe you know what to do Beth, with that mouth and tongue of yours...ahhh yeah that is it Beth mmmmm yeah" Rebecca gleefully admitted, as a sobbing and beaten Beth stimulates the victorious blonde much to the delight of the small but hard crowd to the rhythm of moans of pleasure.

Rebecca, still controlling Beth by the hair, leans her sexy body back grabbing Beth by her disheveled cotton white thong panties and pulls them tight like a horses reins, as the soft cotton rides up splitting Beth's pussy in two sawing deep into the conquered blonde's womanhood.

"Ah.. Beth, you do like that don't you a girl can tell" purred Rebecca as Beth could not ignore the fact that it felt good as Rebecca tugged and released over and over again at the beaten blonde's "G" as Beth's body squirmed with passion giving into her sexual desires as the hot n' sexy Rebecca continue to grind away with her own crotch covering Beth's face, smiling at the camera's and said....

"I hope, ahhhhh, you boys are getting all this.. yeah oh yeah oh FUCK... yeah!" Rebecca moaned.

"This is Great!" Howard whispered, "I'm fuckin' rockhard!"

"I'm far from limp myself Man, we could make a fortune with this!" John said

"Are you crazy John, I'm not gonna let this tape or pictures out of my sight," stated Howard.

"I gotta admit your good Beth very good oh yeah I should make you come home with me. Now ...I see what Howard sees in you you're a good lay!" Rebecca complementing Beth stated as both girls pleasure each other to no end.

With Rebecca on the verge..."Ooo I got stop there Beth..ohhh I have to let Howard get his fifteen minutes of fame with me and I can't waste that on you just yet!” As Rebecca claws at Beth crotch stopping the action, then dismounts the golden blonde bombshell as Beth gasping for air, spits at Rebecca.

"Oh no, you did just spit at me Beth...oh no you did not" Rebecca haughtily stated as she grabs Beth violently by the hair as the beaten blonde laying on her back moving her head back and forth trying to avoid the inevitable punishment as Rebecca slaps Beth's face hard SMACK as she shouted with the echo of flesh sounds bounding in the room once more.


Rebecca drew her hand back, looking to dole out another pop across the Beth's jaw.

"No…" Beth meekly cried shaking her head, as the defeated blonde resumes her tears of humiliation in the face as superior asfh blonde named Rebecca.

"I'm glad you did that Beth, It gave me an excuse to hit you again," said Rebecca said with a satisfied grin on her face

"Come here Howard!"

As Howard answers Rebecca's call as lovely model blonde "its time to see how much man you are" as Rebecca takes Howard by the arm and leads him to his bedroom for after battle treat. Just before Rebecca and Howard disappear into the bed chambers Rebecca turns around, looking back in Beth's direction and said.....

"Be good now Beth and let you have what is left over. I know you're pretty good as sucking right?," Beth looking up from her tear stained face. "And well, you did lose the fight right.. ha, ha, ha?

Beth shooting angry lasers with her redden eyes at the grinning Rebecca continued and yelled "F... YOU! Beth, picks up a pillow and flings at Rebecca just missing her as the Supermodel shakes her butt with a pats her ass with her hands and blows a kiss in Beth's direction as Romijn removes the last vestiges of clothing in the form of black panties and flings them in Beth's direction.

"Well, I won't be needing those for a while and neither will Howard for that matter!" as Rebecca rubs her crotch and points at Howard then her laughing and leading Howard by the hand in the direction of the bedroom as Beth sinks in despair with head in hands back into the sofa knowing she was powerless to stop Rebecca unless she wants another butt kicking from the superstar blonde leaving John, Rebecca's then husband, to console the loser in this case Beth but do you really believe that there was a loser this night as Beth got what was coming to her in more ways than one!?

Epilogue: Howard's wish had come true, and it only cost $10 large and Beth getting a beat down from Rebecca as the golden blonde model gets the short end of the stick. As the next day dawned, Beth with her head hung low after taking a dip in the pool still aching over the recent turn of events as she contemplates what took place recently with, Rebecca and the humiliation she suffered at Romijn's hands, and reflect on past beatings and a fight with Dana Arties girlfriend who kick her ass but and Angie Everhart who did a number on her as well (as pictured below) what or who else is next?

Notes: If anyone ever wanted to know what caused the Stamos' to divorce, could this be it? Pictures of this DO exist, but they're locked in the Stern Library and won't be available until 2052 - if ever!