Victoria Rowell's Rousing Victory (over Beyonce Knowles+Gloria Reuben) by TNT

"Uhhhhhhh, let me uhh go, you're squeezing me to death," the tall, leggy busty captive said as she frantically dug her fingernails into the tight hard muscled legs of her captor and three sharp nails snagged the sheer fabric, sending runs the lenght of the pantyhose.

"No way in hell you’re gettin' outta this! After all it was your big mouth that started this!" Victoria Rowell said as she grabbed a handful of Beyonce Knowles beautiful hair and snapped the singers head back. Victoria leaned over, looked down at the two bulging breasts that seemed about to pop out of the strapless lace bra. Beyonce screamed and bucked as she felt her dress rip. "Such silky smooth creamy skin, you're as delicious as chocolate puddin'," Victoria taunted, her beautiful eyes sparkling mischievously as she slid her hand under her rivals short dress and over her silky thighs, then ripped another hole in the pantyhose before shifting her weight, reaching around into the front of the dress, diving into the bra cup and pulling a lovely pleasure mound free! She pinched the long nipple hard and laughed at Beyonce's pained, embarrassed squeal.

"Nooooo, uhhhhh, my ribs, oucchhhhh," Beyonce gasped as Victoria once again tightened her leg scissors.

"Sorry for the smart-ass comment now sweetie?" Victoria coaxed as she pinched and pulled the captured nipple hard.

"Yesss! Ouch, I'm very sorry, please... no more," Beyonce pleaded, tears filling her beautiful dreamboat eyes.

"I think you'd best let her go, NOW!" the husky voice said, switching from a gentle request to a stern demand in the same sentence.

"Whatever you say!" Victoria chirped as she reluctantly released Beyonce's sore breast, slowly relaxed her perfectly muscled legs and wiggled off her gasping whimpering victim.

Victoria slowly stood up, straightened her tight short dress and brushed her hair out of her eyes. She looked at the beautiful boutique managers face, noting her hungry lustful eyes that were totally focused on the lovely humiliated Beyonce. Victoria knew that Beyonce was in for another round of ‘fun.’ The elegant boutique manager was a tall gorgeous black woman who lived for a good catfight and the fun that inevitably came afterwards. Victoria glanced at Beyonce who was fiddling with her torn dress and damaged bra trying to find a way to cover her escaped ‘pride and joy.’

"Don't worry about that, Miss Knowles, come back to my office, I'll fix you up good," the manager said winking at Victoria. Victoria returned the wink and watched as the older woman put her hand on Beyonce's shoulder firmly pulled her to her. She smiled as she watched Beyonce follow the woman away, totally unaware of what awaited her. "Hmmmm, that lady reminds me of a combination of Pam Grier, Diahann Carroll and Diana Ross all rolled up in one hot, feisty babe," she mused.

"Oh, by the way, that lovely little negligee you want so badly? It’s yours if you can work it out with the gal who's about to come through the door, understand sugar?" the manager turned and said with a most deliciously wicked smile.

"But you promised! You ordered it just for me," Victoria huffed angrily. "And who's the bitch who wants to try and take it from me?"

She heard the manager snicker as she disappeared, "Get in there Beyonce, you hot bitch; you're gonna sing a song just for me!"

"Ouchhh! Aieeeeee!" The sound of one hot and horny lovely demanding boutique owner, giving a gorgeous unsuspecting singer an evening to remember filled Victoria's ears and imagination with happy, sensuous thoughts.

Ding, ding. The signaling ring that someone had just entered the exclusive boutique caught Victoria's attention.She looked over to see Gloria Reuben enter the shop. The beautiful actress made a beeline to the lingerie section.

"Hey, what are you doing looking and touching my outfit? Put that down right now, Miss Rowell, you little bitch."

"This is mine, all mine! Special order, high class; you know, that kind of thing," Victoria snapped as she held the beautiful sexy lingerie up, admiring it, feeling its softness, delicateness.

"Trash is still trash, even its dressed up pretty!" Gloria said as she slipped past clothes displays and came within several feet of an irritated Victoria.

"Don't tempt me, Reuben! I'd love an excuse to pull your hair out," Victoria warned as she stared at Gloria who as balling her fists and sticking our her chest, snarling. She looked hard and steadily at the beautiful woman standing before her. She had always admired Gloria as an actress, but with admiration came a jealousy, rivalry. Both incredibly beautiful, in tip top shape, successful, women of beauty, class and yes attitude. Like herself, Gloria wore a short skirt, tight blouse, and heels. A beautiful necklace graced Victoria's neck.

"If you really want to fight me, you might want to take those sunglasses off, or I could knock 'em off," Victoria said, hoping to intimidate her rival. "I'd love to scratch her eyes out," she thought, as she took one last look and a long feel of the lingerie in her hands before putting it aside.

"You aren't gonna lay a hand on me, bitch-I'll take you down the first second," Gloria replied taking her sunglasses off, placing them in her purse. She laid the bag aside, flashed her beautiful steely eyes and slipped out of her heels.

"Winner gets the goods; what's the loser get?" Victoria said, as she leaned forward, bent slightly down and took off her heels.

"Why honey, you're gonna get stripped," Gloria said as she took a quick glance at her rivals full breasts bulging out of the top of her tight low-cut blouse.

"They'll be contacting me to replace you on that hot little soap," Gloria continued, her eyes flashing daggers at the lovely woman she planned to humiliate. "You know, 'The Young and the Chestless," Gloria taunted, imagining herself mauling her opponents lovely breasts after tearing off her clothes piece by piece.

"Grrrrr...argggggh!" The savage growl erupted from both womens throats simulteneously, morphing into an erotic grunt as their palms slapped together, their fingers interlocking in a test of strength. "Uhhhhhhhh...ohhhhhhhh..." Erotic moans and groans filled the elegant boutique as both beauties pushed, shoved and maneuvered to bring the other to her knees. The squeaky sound of sheer nylon stocking feet on carpet mixed with snarling taunting threats and promises of total destruction added to the erotic sight.

"That's it, go down slut," Gloria snarled as she slowly gained control forcing Victoria to her knees. She squeezed Victoria's fingers tenaciously as she felt her rival's strength begin to waver.

"Uhhhhhhh...Nooooooo....Uhhhhhh... Yeowwww!” Victoria groaned then gasped as her wrists gave way and her knees buckled.

"Now for the fun…uuhh…Uhhhmmpfhhh." Gloria's attempt at "fun" stopped as her stomach melted into agony, as a hard and fast fist smashed into her. Victoria upon dropping to her knees had seized the split second between the fingerlock release and an attempt to grab her hair. The punch sucked Gloria's wind and left her gasping, dropping to her knees face to face with her opponent.

"Argggggh!" both women groaned as they buried their fingers in each others hair; vicious hair-pulling, jerking and twisting of two lovely heads followed. "Awwwwwwck!" Gloria groaned as Victoria finally got her off balance and wrestled her down. "Bitch!" "Cunt!" "Whore!" "Slut!" They called each other names as they rolled around pulling hair, slapping, clawing, punching, kicking and ripping at each others clothes.

"Gonna strip you naked," Gloria promised, as she tore off the last tatters of Victoria's blouse. Her fingers began to yank at the dainty lace black bra.

"You bitch! That blouse was beautiful, you're gonna pay dearly, get your hands offa me; OUCH! My boob, let go of my boob!" Victoria shouted as Gloria sunk her nails into a firm breast, digging in through the bra. "Take this sweetie," Victoria snarled as she fired a punch to Gloria's cheekbone. She grabbed her attackers offending wrist and dug her sharp nails into the tender flesh.

"AIEEEEEEE!" Gloria screamed, instantly releasing the captured pleasure mound. She gasped as she felt Victoria's strong legs, grapevining hers. In desperation she reached down, snagged her nails in Victoria’s sheer nylon and ripped hard.

"Bitch! You stupid bitch, my leg….OUCH! My leg."

"So you like to fight dirty, huh, lets see how you like THIS," Victoria snipped as she grabbed Gloria's blouse. As her legs continued to win the southern struggle she ripped the sheer blouse to shreds scattering buttons everywhere. She worked her fingers under the lace beige colored bra, captured an erect nipple and began to pinch. "Catfights are fun, huh?" she whispered in Gloria's ear as she finished shredding a good section of her captives pantyhose and dug her fingers into a tight firm cheek.

"Argggggh, please, you're killing me," Gloria groaned as she frantically clawed at her attackers hands to no avail; desperate she began to buck, twist and squirm wildly and flail her fists.

WHOMP! Victoria yelped as Gloria’s hard knuckles smacked her in the nose, tears filling her eyes. "YIEEEEEEEEE!" Victoria's thigh burst into fire as Gloria's sharp nails launched a new assault digging into the firm but tender flesh. A lucky elbow followed the lucky punch this time slamming into an unlucky breast. A hard full body twist, Gloria was free; she scrambled to her hands and knees and stood up a bit shaky, quite sore and winded.

"Now, (gasp) its my turn (gasp) to kick your pretty ass!" Gloria snarled as she watched Victoria sit up and rub her sore thigh and tender breast. She raised her leg, cocked it and let go.

"Umppppfh!" Victoria groaned as the ball of Gloria's foot caught her in the chest sending her sprawling backwards.

"Here's another, bitch," Gloria snarled as her leg flashed out again. "Awwwwck!" Gloria's confidence shattered as angry hands caught her ankle, twisted her foot viciously and sent her tumbling to the carpet. Victoria pounced on her attacked her with a flurry of stinging slaps to her face and punches to her stomach, ribs and braclad breasts. "Uhhhhhhh...Ohhhhhhhh...Umppppfh!"

The moaning and groaning was mutual as Gloria fought back valiantly landing a few counter attack blows.

"Nooooooo....s...stop that," Victoria screamed, as she suddenly felt fingers grab her bra and pull. "OK bitch, two can play that game," Victoria shouted as she grabbed for Gloria's bra. "Gotcha!"

"Ditto!" Both angry beauties screamed a contented yell as they held the others bra, waving the sexy garments like a victory flags.

"Take this smartass!" Gloria said as she lunged forward and swung the bra as hard as she could. Victoria screamed as the bra connected with her beautiful full breasts, delivering sting pain to her rock hard sensitive nipples.

WHAM! "Uhhhhhh...Aaaaaaack!" Gloria sucked air as Victoria's angry blazing fist plowed into her belly button. In a flash she was groaning, gasping as her own bra wrapped around her throat.

"Always wanted to choke a smartass bitch like you with her own bra," Victoria laughed as she jerked Gloria's head back. She pulled her over to a full length mirror and looked at the exciting erotic image. Gloria's beautiful full breasts pointed skyward as her upper body arched backward. Victoria admired her own beauty, her proud confident feisty look in her eyes, her smile as she held her lovely topless captive under control. Suddenly she released the devastating hold in exchange for some more excitement. A handful of hair, a vicious pull and spin, a devastating bitch slap sent Gloria flying into a clothes rack. Victoria danced in, flipped Gloria to the floor, fired two kicks to her crotch and disappeared.

"Uhhhhhh...Oucccch!" Gloria gasped and groaned, gingerly rubbed her crotch, then slowly got up on shaky feet. "Where the hell, did she go? I'm gonna strangle her," she promised herself, trying to clear her foggy mind.

"I'm baaaaaack!" WHOMP! "Uhhhhmphhh..." The angry words were followed by a flurry of action. Punch after punch weakened Gloria, smacking into her back, neck, stomach, ribs and breasts.

"Like MY outfit, honey?" Victoria laughed as she finally flipped her exhausted, sore, breathless, whimpering rival to the carpet. "Sorry, but you can't have this lovely dainty; but I will give you something else."

"Noooooo, arggggh, uhhhhhh..." A vicious hairpull brought Gloria to her feet where beautiful, angry arms wrapped around her and pulled her tight. Four luscious breasts slammed together; locked in a bearhug, their nipples doing their own battle dance. Soon, Victoria had Gloria gasping for air, pleading for mercy.

"I love this outfit; bare boobs, and bare, well, you know where it counts," Victoria cooed as she released her whimpering rival and let her slip to the floor. "And now my dear little Gloria, have a taste of sweetness; lets celebrate My Victory…Victory as in Victoria."

"Nooooooo...Umpppppfh! a wide-eyed Gloria mumbled.

"Ahhhhhh, ohhhhh….Yes, (gasp)... Victory is sooooo, soooooo sweeet!"