Keri Russell vs. Britney Spears by Al 13-Jun-00

In an interview of Keri Russell about her days on the Mickey Mouse Club, she bragged about how she was the hottest girl on the show. All the guys went after her and the other girls, especially Britney Spears were jealous. Keri stated that back then, Britney was jealous that she was flat and couldn't get any guys and that a few years later she would get implants to get back at me.

After hearing about this, Britney denied everything and was furious at Keri. She now so badly wanted to kick her ass. After easily getting Keri to agree to this fight, they decided to make this a pay-per-view event. A no-holds barred match, anything goes inside a ring.

On fight night, Britney was first introduced, she was wearing a white thong. Her top barely containing her large tits. She walked around the ring and received much cheer from the sold out crowd. Keri confidentially came out in a see through pink bikini. Both girls wanted to just humiliate the other.

Before the fight started both girls had some words to say:

"You call those tits? I'm gonna rip those little cones right off your chest, cunt," lashed out Britney.

Keri replied, "We'll see if those tits of yours are real after I'm done with you."

As the fight started Britney attacked first with a hard slap across Keri's lovely face. Then quickly with more punches to the body and knocked Keri back against the ropes. Britney got both her hands around Keri's neck and had her in a strangle hold. Keri not wanting to lose already sends a hard kick into Britney's cunt forcing Britney to let go of the strangle hold and take a few steps back.

Keri then reached out and ripped off Britney's top to reveal her large melons. Keri eagerly grabbed both tits and squeezed them hard with her finger nails. Britney yelped out and pain. This brought and eager crowd anxious to see what's next. Britney then ripped off Keri's top to reveal her much smaller grapes. Britney did as Keri was doing and squeezed her tits as well.

After a minute Keri was starting to get the worst of it and couldn't take it anymore. She cocked her fist back to strike Britney with punch, but quickly reacting to it, Britney pushed Keri back into the ropes. Keri bounced back off the ropes right back to Britney. This gave Britney the opportunity to grab Keri's grapes again, then pick her up in the air and slam her on the mat. This made the crowd and millions of viewers go nuts.

Britney sat right on Keri's stomach and began torturing Keri. She pinched, pulled, and squeezed Keri's tiny tits. Keri was almost out of it and couldn't defend herself. Britney started slapping at the tiny grapes and pinched her nipples with her fingers.

"What your little tits can't take a beating, so you ready to give up." yells out Britney.

Keri not completely out doesn't want to feel the humiliation of already losing to Britney after all that trash talk she made earlier yells back, "Never, I'm not done yet!"

"Fine then replies Britney."

Britney then gives a couple of hard slaps across Keri's face. She then lifts Keri up by her tits and throws her against a post. Keri can barely stand up and is leaning against the post to keep balance. Britney slowing removes Keri's bikini bottom to reveal her pussy. The crowd is enjoying this as the camera man zooms in to broadcast it on the jumbo-tron. Britney starts tugging on Keri's pubes and balding her there.

Britney yells out, "Now I'm gonna bald your pussy like you almost did with your head."

Keri is in tears, with her tears dripping on her tits. After completely balding Keri's pubes, Britney attacks with some cunt kicks. After about 4 of them, Keri's legs finally give out and her butt slides to the floor with her back still rested against the post. Britney now shows off the crowd, posing her pictures.

Then Britney approaches Keri and turns around. She starts slapping her face with her butt cheeks, which brings some laughter in the crowd. Then Britney slowly removes her thong, getting more pictures from the crowd. She puts two fingers in her own cunt and after awhile, some juices start to flow out of her. Seeing that Keri is coming back around, Britney goes back to the fight. Britney shoves her pussy in Keri's face, suffocating her. Britney wants to really humiliate Keri badly even more.

"Lick my cunt you bitch!" demands Britney.

After no response, Britney gives a couple knee shots at Keri's face. Then Britney asks again.

"Lick it, damn it!"

Keri had no choice but to be humiliated in front of the world. Billions of people around the world witnessing this. After awhile, Britney decides to finish Keri off. She picks her up again and throws her lifeless body in the middle of the ring. She sits on Keri again and pins her hands over her shoulders.

Keri cries out in agony, "Please stop, you win!"

Britney then says, "You must do something for me first OK."

Keri screams, "Anyyyyyythiiiing, just please stop!"

Britney demands, "Now admit it, I have the better tits and body then you."

Keri agrees, "You have better tits than me and a better looking body."

"Good" says Britney happily.

To finish Keri off, she plants her large melons over Keri's face. After a few minutes she removes her tits off her face and makes sure she's out cold. She raises her arms in victory to a loud standing ovation from the crowd.