Winona Ryder (36 y/o, 5'2", 105#) vs. Hilary Duff (20 y/o, 5'1", 115#) by vulcannightbird

Part One: Fight on the Beach

Hilary and Winona are both cast for the comedy Stay Cool and tensions are already flying high. Winona has not been very friendly talking about Hilary's acting abilities and more than once called her an "wannabe actress". Hilary was furious and proposed to fight it out and is now eager to teach that old skinny bitch the lesson of her lifetime. Winona has readily accepted Hilary's challenge sure to win the fight and show that little rich girl her place.

The sun is slowly setting as Winona and Hilary enter the wide beach of South Beach in Miami, the temperature has cooled down to a comfortable 24 degrees centigrade. Winona wears a black Speedo swimming-bra and dress that clings marvelous to her petite yet curvy figure and reveals wonderfully her big soft boobs on her thin frame. Hilary's wearing a red sports-bra and pants. While Winona comes slowly onto the beach, walking slowly with the grace of a panther, Hilary comes in agile, making saltos and loops showing off how fit she is.

Winona looks with a smirk on her lips, "This will not win her anything." She waits with her hands on her small hips and finally the two hot petite cuties face each other. The ref states this is a no-rules, no-holds-banned fight for supremacy. Win by either physical or sexual submission or knock-out. The girls agree and shake hands, Hilary squeezing Winona's little bony hand so hard Winona winches.

Then the fight begins. Both girls are circling each other like wildcats. Hilary tries some quite lukewarm and foreseeable attacks and Winona easily avoids and ramming her elbow once hard into Hilary's shoulder. Hilary rubs her shoulder and realizes that this wouldn't be as easy as she thought it would. Hilary now has enough of this circling and testing and runs into Winona, grabbing her short black hair, dragging hard on it. Winona screams with pain, but grits her teeth and rams her knee hard into Hilary's belly. Hilary's abs mostly absorb this blow but Hilary is more surprised than hurt. Hilary now has both hands in Winona's hair and is able to rip a bushel of Winona's hair off with her right hand. Winona yelps and cries, her head burning so much. Winona forces her left forearm under Hilary's chin and presses it hard against Hilary's neck.

Hilary chokes and fights for air and finally has to let Winona's hair go and grabs Winona's hands. The girls engage into a fingerlock mercy contest of strength. Hilary easily bends Winona's wrists hard, Winona's thin arms trembling, clearly no match for Hilary's clearly thicker arms. Winona winces as she feels Hilary's much to powerful arms, her wrists and arms throbbing with pain. Before she's forced to go down under Hilary, Winona kicks her feet hard into Hilary's knees. Hilary yelps and lets the power go from her arms. Winona smiles and rapidly wraps Hilary's arms around her neck and chokes Hilary with her own arms from behind. Hilary tries to free her arms, but at this angle she has no chance to overpower Winona, who now forced her sharp knee into Hilary's spine. Hilary cries out in pain as her spine burns, fighting for air as her arms are forced tightly around her neck. Winona huffs and puffs with effort but clearly as the upper hand at this moment. Hilary's face gets red and she drops down to her knees. Winona already quite exhausted lets the pressure down a little.

Hilary senses that and with a sudden move flings Winona flying over her head. Winona yelps in surprise and crashes with her back hard into the sand. Winona moans but jumps up fast, but Hilary is already flying at her, forcing her down again. Feeling her opponent on top of her, Winona screams and rams her knees into Hilary's sides, who grabs Winona's wrists. Both girls now roll around in the sand. Winona kicking and bucking wildly, trying to free her arms. Hilary trying to get Winona under control and clinging to Winona's wrists. Suddenly while still rolling around in the sand Winona spits into Hilary's face. Hilary yelps and lets Winona's right wrist go to wipe Winona's spit from her eyes. Winona now rams her pointy elbow into Hilary's chin. Hilary feels groggy, not realizing what's happening to her. Winona swiftly mounts Hilary, immediately forcing her knees onto Hilary's forearms, smiling down on Hilary. Hilary's vision finally clears and she finds herself lying pinned under Winona.

"You can give now!" hisses Winona.

"Only in your dreams," exclaims Hilary as she starts bucking. Winona is barely able to keep her position and feels Hilary's hard biceps swelling under her knees. Winona slaps Hilary hard and rubs her pointy knees hard over Hilary's biceps.

"Stay calm, bitch!!!"

But Hilary isn't staying calm, gritting her teeth as she felt her burning cheek and the numb throbbing pain from her arms, she bucks again and finally Winona falls of to her left side. Winona tries to get away fast, but Hilary firmly grasps Winona's sleek ankle and drags hard. Winona is dragged back and crashes with her chin and upper body into the sand. Winona moans shortly and as she's just pressing herself up, Hilary jumps onto Winona's back. the air is forced out of Winona’s lungs and Hilary grabs Winona's wrists and easily twists her arms hard into her small back. Winona tries to move, ignoring the pain from her arms and shoulders.

Hilary twists Winona's thin arms harder into a terribly painful double hammerlock and Winona yells in pain, her feet kicking the sand, breathing hard. Hilary giggles and grabs Winona's ankles gain, securing Winona's arms under her knees. Hilary easily bends Winona's feet way up next to Winona's face, badly bending Winona's into a human pretzel. Winona moans in pain as Hilary now has one ankle and wrist of Winona in each of her hands.

"Who's giving up now???" teases Hilary.

"Never!!!" screams Winona. Ignoring the pain, she flexes her arms and legs in a frantic effort to break free. The combined force of Winona's arms and legs is too much for Hilary's arms to control and Winona breaks free. Still in pain Winona turns around and before Hilary could react she wraps her lean but quite hard thighs around Hilary's neck and starts to scissor. Hilary yelps and grabs Winona's thighs, feeling lean hard muscles. Winona grits her teeth and watches with satisfaction when Hilary's face turns red. Winona now reaches with her arms up and grabs Hilary's hair and drags hard.

Hilary unwilling to give grabs Winona's bony forearms and easily forces Winona's hands from her hair, then she uses her legs to push herself up. As Hilary gets up with Winona's thighs still firmly around her aching neck Winona's legs are forced up more and more, bending her neck more and more as her head still lies in the sand. Hilary now nearly stands up and Winona has to give up her scissor as her neck burns and if Hilary forces on might snap. As Winona lets her scissor go Hilary tries to pin Winona again, but as Hilary is coming down on her, Winona uses her legs and kicks Hilary gruesomely into her belly with both feet.

The double-foot kick easily goes thru Hilary's abs and deep into her belly. Hilary moans and coughs and jackknives over Winona's legs. Winona lets her opponent fall into the sand and kicks her feet hard again and again into Hilary's midsection. Hilary moans and curls up in agonizing pain and to protect her throbbing organs from further onslaught.

Winona jumps up and gets behind Hilary's back, wrapping her thighs around Hilary's neck again and starting to scissor. With her hands Winona claws into Hilary's face. Hilary yelps and grabs Winona's wrists again as her face is on fire. Hilary tries uselessly to pry Winona's bony hands from her face, wondering how such skinny forearms can produce such a hard grip, next to that breathing gets harder and harder as she feels Winona's thin hard thighs around her neck again. Hilary moves her hands up Winona's forearm and then, as a last resort, forces her fingers hard into Winona's bony elbow.

Winona shrieks as Hilary painfully moves the bones inside her elbows and lets Hilary's face go and frees her arms. Hilary's relieved but her face is already badly bruised, but she feels that due to surprise Winona's scissor has weakened, but before Hilary could use this advantage she feels Winona's hands fumbling on her bra.

"Nooooo.....," yelps Hilary and claws into Winona's knees hard.

Winona yelps and opens up her scissor but opens Hilary's bra in time and lets her young firm boobs free. Hilary jumps up, her boobs bobbing freely, and rubs her sore throat. Winona also comes slowly up, breathing hard and then runs into Hilary, ramming her right bony shoulder into Hilary's chest, forcing it deep into Hilary's left breast. Hilary moans as her boob explodes with pain, staggering surprised and finally falling on her back. Winona jumps onto her opponent like a cat and tries to pin Hilary. Hilary smiles and easily holds Winona's thin trembling arms, moving them as she likes.

"You should go to the gym more," observes Hilary coolly. "I admit you're a good fighter - but you're also a weak wimp!"

Winona's head red with effort but has no chance to pin Hilary's thick arms down, seeing Hilary's well-defined biceps and shoulder-muscles. Hilary giggles and easily toys with Winona's thin trembling beanpole arms, but finally Hilary bucks hard and skillfully turns Winona under her. Winona squirms and bucks but is still a little to exhausted to free herself this time.

Hilary easily forces Winona's beanpole arms down and pins Winona under her. Winona squirms and moves violently and uselessly flexes her small cute biceps, but Hilary just giggles. Hilary then moves Winona's arms behind her head and grabs both of Winona's skinny wrists in one hand. Hilary pins Winona now with one hand only and Winona seizes her resistance - for some time. Hilary smiles down at the petite figure under her and soothes Winona's angelic face.

"You're still a true beauty...."

"You can submit and have me every day," Winona suggests smiling wickedly. "Or I make you submit to be my slave!"

Hilary moves her hand down Winona's swans neck and finally arrives at Winona's big heaving boobs, starting to fumble at Winona bra and finally rips it apart, setting Winona's big juicy jugs free. Winona now suddenly bucks violently and flexes her arms and upper body as hard as she could and Hilary is no longer able to control Winona's arm with only one arm. As Winona gets her arms free she immediately claws her hands hard into Hilary's boobs. Hilary does the same and both fighters start into a terrible tit-torture. Winona grits her teeth as Hilary's fingers sink into her big soft boobies, but Winona also claws her bony hard fingers into Hilary's firm tits.

Winona grip again proves far more lethal as tears are flowing down Hilary's face. After a few seconds more, she cries out in pain and jumps up to save her badly bruised boobs. Hilary gently soothes her throbbing tits while Winona struggles up, breathing hard. Hilary looks disgusted at her petite bony opponent, not believing she couldn’t overpower the wimp.

"Wanna give up?" Winona asks, offering her hands for another fingerlock.

"Never," hisses Hilary and grabs Winona's hands hard.

Hilary easily twists Winona's arms hard, ignoring Winona's thin trembling arms. The boobs of both fighters swinging back and forth. Before Winona could ram her knee again into Hilary, Hilary does it, burying her knee deep into Winona's soft belly. Winona coughed hard as her organs convulsed and drops to her knees. Hilary, not willing to risk anything anymore, rams her knee now hard into Winona's face. Winona moans, her vision spinning, her head tingling, she feels blood trickling from her nose down her face. Hilary gets behind Winona and twists her spaghetti arms into a painful pretzel, to increase the pain she forces her left knee into Winona's bony left shoulder, forcing her left arm over her thigh. Winona screams in pain as her shoulders and left elbow creak.

"Yes scream for me, little bitch!" hisses Hilary and bends Winona's arm further.

Winona screams and cries as her poor arm is on fire. Hilary lets Winona's right arm go and uses all her might on Winona's left arm, now also fiercely bending Winona's wrists, feeling that Winona's left arms joints are all near snapping point.

Winona can just scream, but then Hilary lets Winona's poor arm go and Winona crumbles into the sand, soothing her throbbing arm gently. Hilary smiles down on her poor opponent and grabs Winona's short black hair and yanks her head back, sliding her thighs firmly around Winona's neck and applies a standing neck scissors. Winona moans weakly, her hands lying on Hilary's thick firm thighs. Hilary applies all pressure she got and enjoys the coughs of Winona between her thighs and as Hilary brushes over her own boobs her nipples stiffen immediately. Winona is fighting for air as her face reddens with effort and then finally claws the back of Hilary's knees. Hilary yelps and lets the scissor go. Winona immediately crawls a meter or two away, breathing hard, lying on her side.

"You little bitch, not knowing when you're done!"

"I'll never submit to you!" hisses Winona and tries to struggle up but fails, her legs bending at her knees and her left arm burns far too much when she tries to push herself up.

Hilary comes up to Winona, looking down and shaking her head. Winona looks pissed and suddenly rams her feet hard into Hilary's knees and badly dislocates her kneecaps. Hilary howls in pain and drops to her knees, which sends another wave of agony thru her body and finally crumbles into the sand, gently holding her throbbing knees. Winona grabs Hilary's wrists and tries to pin Hilary under her, but Hilary, ignoring the pain, won't let this happen. She easily fights Winona's thin arms, who grits her teeth and tries desperately to pin her opponent.

"You arms are sooooo pathetic," hisses Hilary and wraps her thighs around Winona's waist and scissors on.

Winona yelps and Hilary turns and puts Winona under her, easily pinning Winona's little weak arms again. Hilary sends waves of pain thru Winona's body using her thighs and she hears Winona moaning and sees Winona's big bouncy jelly-pudding boobs jigging. Then Hilary lets her scissor go and forces her knees into Winona's biceps, sitting down on Winona's chest. Winona moans as pain mingles with lust as she feels her soft biceps under Hilary's knees. Hilary feels Winona's small biceps squirming under he knees and rubs her knees hard over them. Winona arches her head joyfully back and Hilary feels Winona's nipples stiffen under her. Hilary giggles and rubs her knees hard over Winona little girlish upper arms till she feels Winona's tiny biceps squashed under he knees. Winona squirms and moans with joy under her, her short dark wet hair clinging to her head, looking hornily up at Hilary.

"You really like this, don't you?" giggles Hilary and moves her knees again over Winona's throbbing arms.

Winona squirms under Hilary with joy, who feels Winona nipples now hard and stiff under her. This turns Hilary on, her own nipples coming up, Winona smiling wickedly up at her. From the side of the fighting area Hayden Panettiere yells at Hilary to look out for Winona's dirty tricks, but Hilary isn't hearing the words, she's already to horny, gently soothing Winona’s beautiful angelic face. Hilary lets Winona's bruised arms go and both women mingle, wrapping their arms and legs around each other, kissing and hugging eagerly.

Winona turns on top, putting her big soft jugs on Hilary's firm tits, rubbing their erect nipples over each other. Hilary moans and arches her head joyfully back. Winona soothes with one hand Hilary's face gently, her other gliding slowly down Hilary's body and finally reaching Hilary's sex. From the side Hayden screams and gesticulates but Hilary is engulfed in a cloud of joy, her eyes locked to Winona's deep brown eyes. Winona starts to gently stroke Hilary's already wet clit and after two or three strokes Hilary starts cumming hard, moaning with joy. Winona's smile turns into a devilish grin.

"Yes, cum for me you little slut!" hisses Winona.

Hilary’s eyes widen, realizing to late what Winona is doing to her. Winona rubs Hilary's clit hard, who squirts hard into the sand unable to control her juices. When Hilary finally finishes she lies crying under Winona. Winona slides up, sitting on Hilary's chest, slapping Hilary's face.

"Hey, little slut," teases Winona. “You're not finished! You'll please me now!" Tears of humiliation are flowing down Hilary's cheeks as she starts licking Winona. Winona finally cums and forces poor Hilary to drink her juices. When Winona finally stands up satisfied, she looks down on the sobbing Hilary. "These youngsters never can control their juices," giggles Winona and returns to her hotel smiling widely.

* * * *


Winona is relaxing on her private balcony at her hotel when someone knocks at her rooms door. Winona opens and sees the battered Hilary. "Hey, little slut! What do you want?" Hilary hesitates so Winona decides to be nice so she invites Hilary in and gives her a drink.

"I're sooooo cute," says Hilary blushing.

Winona smiles and hugs her gently, "Maybe you can come over soon and we armwrestle or have a nice bedfight!"
Part Two: The Revenge of Hilary Duff

Late in the evening. The deserted studio is flooded with golden light from the setting sun. The posts of the huge cinema floodlights sparkle in the light. Hilary slowly steps from her trailer and looks carefully around, satisfied that everyone was already gone. Wearing a light-blue summer dress she slowly went over to Winona's trailer on the now deserted set of their new movie Stay Cool. Hilary has lured everyone to a party at the other side of town, the drinks and buffet cost her quite a lot but it was worth it, there was an unfinished business she had to settle with her wimpy costar. Winona had made her cum and humiliated her last time they met, now was payback time for Hilary. Hilary knocked on the door of Winona's trailer and stepped one or two steps back, hands on her hips, waiting for Winona to emerge. Winona opened the door, wearing a simple black t-shirt and blue jeans. Winona looked around, having suspected her assistant but only saw Hilary who glared icily at her. Winona smiled, not realizing the danger she's in.

"What do you want, you little cum-slut?" asked Winona overconfident.

"Wanna make you suffer!" stated Hilary coolly.

"You don't dare to attack me here," said Winona giggling. ‘You'll be dropped from the movie!"

"Really? Look around! There's no one here," said Hilary who now smiled devilish at Winona.

Winona looked hesitating from side to side as Hilary started to move, flexing her muscled arms and bullied Winona into a dead end. Winona trembled and staggered back, not seeing the dead end behind her, slowly lifting her shaking hands.

"We may can talk about it...." Winona whispered as Hilary advanced.

Winona was finally stopped by the wall in her back. Hilary stretched her arms and came closer till she stood only inches from Winona, glaring at her.

"I see you've slimmed down since we last met, most likely for the role. How much easier for me," hissed Hilary and suddenly grabbed Winona wrists hard.

Winona tried uselessly to free her hands. Hilary smiled and moved Winona's thin girlish arms over her head and started twisting them, ignoring Winona's weak resistance. Winona felt incredible pressure on her beanpole arms as Hilary twisted them easily into a pretzel. Winona whined but finally rammed her pointy knee into Hilary's belly. Hilary winced, but knowing that Winona would react this way, she had flexed her abs and it hurt only a little. Winona rammed her knee into Hilary's tight abs again, not believing her opponent can ignore this.

"Not this time honey," hissed Hilary and buried her thick knee deep into Winona's guts.

Winona coughed hard and wailed as her belly was in searing pain and doubled over, her chin leaning on Hilary's firm tits. Hilary giggled and easily moved Winona's already badly twisted arms behind Winona's back. Winona moaned in pain as her joints creaked dangerously. Hilary forced Winona's arms into a double hammerlock. Winona was defenseless in Hilary's vicious grip and winced and moaned.

"Go down, little weak sissy or I'll break your little skinny arms to pieces!" hissed Hilary and put more pressure on Winona's poor arms.

Winona finally gave in and at first got down to her knees and then lied down, with Hilary sitting on Winona's back and still painfully working her thin arms. Hilary at first thought about breaking this skank to pieces now but then decided better to humiliate little Winona for while, then she can always break her. Winona squirmed weakly under Hilary, kicking her feet uselessly into the dusty ground. Hilary giggled and wrapped her thick thighs around Winona's midsection and turned Winona on top of her; scissoring Winona's soft mid-section hard, holding her twisted arms with one hand at her wrists and wrapping the other arm tightly around Winona's long frail neck. Winona couldn't move in Hilary's hard grip and only moaned in pain as Hilary flexed her arms and legs to torture her. Hilary enjoyed having little Winona weak and defenseless in her grip, really enjoying the frail moans Winona let out every time she inflicted force on her opponents waifish body. Winona was unable to move as she felt Hilary hard thighs and arms crushing her, but she also felt Hilary's erect nipples in her back.

"When did you last visit a gym?" asked Hilary giggling and flexed again. “No, don't answer; I guess ‘never’ as soft and weak as you are!"

Finally Hilary let go Winona's arms, they sprawled uselessly on Hilary's hard pumped thighs, feeling numb. Winona tried to control her spasming arms as her hands brushed over Hilary's muscled thighs. Winona now felt Hilary's nipples really piercing into her small bony back. Hilary moaned silently and she felt Winona's skinny hands on her thighs. Hilary used her free hand, grabbed Winona's shirt by the neck and ripped it apart. Winona screamed and kicked her legs into the ground and as Hilary now grabbed Winona's bra Winona rammed her sharp fingernails into the back of Hilary's knees. Hilary yelped in pain as she felt her knees on fire and let her scissor go. Winona immediately scratched Hilary forearm around her neck hard.

Hilary, totally surprised of Winona's sudden resistance, let go and Winona jumped, ignoring her aching body. Hilary still lied down soothing her forearm, from which one or two drops of blood were dripping. Winona turned, her face red with anger, the shreds of her t-shirt falling down and her bra was barely able to contain her big soft jugs. Hilary looked up rooted to the ground as Winona kicked Hilary right in the face. Hilary's face snapped back and the back of her head knocked hard on the floor. Now finally, with her vision partly clouded, Hilary reacted and as Winona tried to land a second kick, she grabbed Winona's bony ankle with both hands and stopped Winona's leg. Hilary's thick arms trembled but Winona was clearly unable to overpower them with her thin leg.

Fearing losing her balance, Winona stomped her feet down on Hilary's neck. Hilary was able to soften the impact a little, but she still coughed and fought for air. Winona smiled icily down and let herself fall on Hilary, ramming her small firm ass hard into Hilary's belly, wrapping her lean but hard thighs around Hilary's neck and grabbing Hilary's wrists. Hilary coughed hard and was forced to exhale as Winona rammed her weight into Hilary's belly.

Winona tried to pin Hilary's arms down but was far too weak for that. Hilary easily twisted Winona's bony wrists badly but was unable to get Winona of her. Winona yelped in pain as her wrists creaked dangerously, her thin beanpole arms trembling uselessly. Hilary lifted her legs and locked them from behind around Winona's neck and jerked her upper body down while holding her arms. Winona was forced brutally onto her back and felt Hilary's thighs moving around her frail neck like twin pythons.

Hilary smiled and applied a terrible neck and head scissor on Winona while twisting Winona's thin weak arms over her thick thighs. Winona was fighting for air as she felt Hilary's hard muscular thighs around her neck, also unable to move her badly twisted and aching arms. Winona uselessly kicked the ground while Hilary had her, bending Winona's arms further.

"Give up, little weak thing! Or I'll suffocate you or break your little arms!" giggled Hilary.

Hilary smiled as she pumped her thighs again and again, not really wanting to knock Winona out. Suddenly Hilary let Winona go only to turn the little thing on her back and pinning Winona under her. Winona squirmed weakly being really horny at how easily Hilary handled her. Hilary wrapped her thick curvy legs around Winona's thin girlish legs and stretched them painfully apart. Winona moaned in pain, unable to move or defend herself. Hilary giggled and moved Winona's little arms behind her opponents head and grabbed them with one hand. Winona struggled and Hilary's arm trembled but in the end the combined strength of Winona's arms was unable to overpower one arm of Hilary. With her free hand Hilary now dragged on Winona's bra and set Winona's big soft boobs free, exposing her erect nipples.

"So you like being dominated?" asked Hilary brushing her hand over Winona's little hard nipples.

"Noooooo.......let me gooooooo," whined Winona, trembling and wincing every time Hilary touched her breasts.

"Make me stop then. I mean if you still can!" Hilary teased Winona, beginning to pull on Winona's left nipple gently.

Winona squirmed under Hilary moaning with pure bliss as Hilary fingered her erect nipple. Hilary smiled and suddenly pulled Winona's left nipple, stretching the supple flesh out. Winona screamed out in pain, uselessly trying to move her arms. Hilary let Winona's throbbing nipple go and grabbed Winona's wrists in her hands and playfully toyed with Winona's little skinny arms. Winona winced and flexed her muscles, but she was far too weak. Finally Hilary criss-crossed Winona's arms over Winona's neck and dragged on Winona's wrists hard, suffocating her little victim with her own arms.

Winona fought for air and trembled weakly while Hilary choked her with her own flabby arms. Hilary dragged on Winona's wrists with all she got, making Winona's shoulders and joints creak. Winona's arms were on fire; close to breaking, but Hilary felt Winona's harder-than-ever nipples poking her firm ass. She smiled icily as, holding the cross-armed choke, she rolled Winona onto her belly, dragging her arms from behind, forcing and rubbing her knees hard on Winona's bony, skinny, shoulders as Winona kicked uselessly in the air while her arms and shoulders were burning with pain.

After holding the moaning Winona like that for about a minute, Hilary let Winona's arms go and slid her thighs down around Winona's body. Winona's sprawled uselessly, unable to move her arms without pain. Hilary stood up and opened her backpack, removing something that Winona couldn't see since her vision was cloudy and spinning. As Hilary returned, she grabbed Winona's head by her short black hair and slapped her hard.

"I bet you think you've had enough, eh?" giggled Hilary as she saw Winona's dim eyes. “Well, it'll be over soon, wimp!"

She let Winona’s head slump back hard onto the ground. Winona moaning and squirming weakly. Hilary sat again on Winona's small back and clawed Winona's bony back, moving Winona's bones painfully. Winona screamed and cried. Hilary giggled and stopped only to insert a running vibrator into Winona's sex. Winona moaned as pain mingled with lust. Hilary grabbed Winona's arms again, forcing them back while wrapping her thighs tightly around Winona's neck. Hilary arched back to apply all she had on the scissor and bending Winona's arms with full force over her thighs, bending Winona's elbow's against the natural way.

Winona winced but couldn’t scream as Hilary's legs were forcing themselves into Winona's thin swan's neck, Winona fighting for air. Hilary scissored on and bend Winona's elbows harder over her thighs, wanting to break them if necessary. Winona trembled under Hilary, with red face and unable to move, convulsing with suffocation, burning pain from her waifish arms and so wonderful warmth from her sex. Hilary waited a few seconds and as nothing happened she bend Winona's arms with all might over her thighs…


Winona screamed at the piercing pain shooting from her arms thru her frail body even as she climaxed hard on the buzzing vibrator! Hilary giggled and released poor Winona, who was still cumming, letting her drop in the puddle of her own cream.

"Hope that was a lesson for you, little slut!" hissed Hilary as she left for home.

Winona lay crying with humiliation all night. The vibrator ran until the batteries died an hour later…with Winona still unable to control herself after cumming more than a dozen times! The night was warm and - happily - the paramedic found her elbows weren't broken, only dislocated.

Hilary, back to work, toasted Winona with a mug of coffee while Winona screamed as the paramedic relocated her elbows...