Winona Ryder's Fights by vulcannightbird
Winona Ryder (36 y/o 5'2", 105#) vs. Holly Hunter (49 y/o, 5'2", 120#) ARMWRESTLING by vulcannightbird

Holly sits at the table wearing simple bluejeans and a sleeveless white muscleshirt. Even as she moves at ease you see her well-trained arms and shoulders. Winona sits also down, wearing a thight arms-, shoulderfree and very deep cut black evening gown. Her soft 34 B breasts swing with gravity. Her bony shoulder and thin flabby arms are clearly no match for Holly who flexes her impressive biceps - bulging, big and hard.

"OK, Noni. Show me whatcha got!" Holly flexes her whole arm and shoulders. Winona looks doe-eyed at Holly's lean but hard muscled arm and shoulder. Then Winona put her thin weak arm up, she tries to flex, but the tiny tiny bicep-bulge is nearly invisible. Holly grabs Winona bony hand and gives it a good hard squeeze. Winona whinces as Holly easily moves the bones inside her skinny hand.

"Should we start?" asks Holly smiling. Winona nods and starts to press, but on her barely visible bicep there's no trace of muscle on her forearm and shoulders, her shoulders are clearly only skin and bone. Holly feels Winona's light pressure and holds it easily. So easy, that Holly's thick bicep didn't even pop up. "C'mon, Noni. You can't be that wimpy!"

Winona whinces and gives all her beanpole arm can, her skinny forearm starts to shake and Winona's cheeks slowly color with effort. Holly smiles at Winona's wimpy efforts. She starts to put just a little more pressure on Winona's frial arm. Now Holly's well-formed biceps pops up. Winona's skinny forearm shakes like a twig, she can barely hold the pressure.

"Oh, my gawd...," whines poor Winona.

Holly decides to hold Winona's weak arm for a while like this.

"Noni, how are your muscles? I can't see any? You're 13 years younger. Where is your power? Gawd, my forearm is clearly bigger than your upper arm...." Holly mocks Winona as she easily holds her quivering toothpick arm.

"If you're so strong why didn't you beat me?" screams poor Winona. Holly grins and gives a little more. Winona's beanpole arm is going down fast. Then, a few inches off the table Holly stops. Winona's poor inferior arm trembles like a twig. Winona leans her head on the table and moans and whinces; her skinny weak, arm burns from the strain of Holly's superior force until her little bicep starts to cramp. "Stop it!" moans poor Winona.

Holly smiles and soothes Winona's poor aching arm with her free hand. "You're such a wimp, your arm is skin and bone covered with jelly." Holly gave Winona's cramping bicep a terrible hard squeeze. Winona screamed out and Holly squashed Winona's poor bicep immediatly. Winona skinny arm trembled and burnt more than ever.

"Please stop it!" Winona moaned again.

"You want me to beat you?"


"To ram your tiny toothpick arm down?"


Holly smiles at Winona's total hummilation and rams Winona's poor arm finally down. Winona's wristbone knocks loud on the wooden table. Holly flexes her arms in a double bicep pose to celebrate her victory over wimpy weak Winona who moans and soothes her poor aching arm and shoulder. Holly flexes her arms in a victory pose. Winona is a bad loser and mumbles insults at Holly.

"Anything to say, wimp?"

Angry and humilated Winona's emotions take over. "Never come over my way again or I'll break you!"

"You and what army?" laughs Holly.

Winona slaps Holly with everything she's got. Holly rubs her cheek, it didn't really hurt but that little wimp is slowly going on her nerves.

"You wanna fight me? You could have this right now, wimp!"

Winona lets her evening gown drop...wearing a sleeveless shirt and panties. Holly shakes her head in disbelief but readies herself. Winona, still angry, rams her shoulder into Holly's hard belly but it's Winona who moans in pain.

"Frack!" Winona hisses and rubs her aching skinny shoulder.

"You should do better than that, Noni-Wimp. That'll be my new name for you now. Noni-Wimp!" Still steaming, Winona angrily grabs Holly's shoulders and rams her knee into her belly. Winona gasps as her knee hits Holly's hard, flat, abs. Holly also grunts, but she grabs Winona's upper arms and squashes them in her grip. Winona moans as her flabby arms are squashed. She tries to flex her soft weak muscles but it is no use. Holly holds Winona's yelly-pudding arms firmly and glares at her weak opponent. "Now what, Noni-Wimp?"

Winona uselessly tries to get away. Holly suddenly lets Winona's upperarms go and grabs her skinny wrists and starts to put some pressure on it. Winona felt the pressure on her frail aching arms and saw Holly's flexed thick muscled arms. Winona had to resist with all her weak arms could give. Holly saw Winona tiny flabby biceps and realized that little Winona couldn't give any more. Holly then suddenly janked hard on Winona's poor arms and twisted them easily into Winona's back. Winona whinced in pain as Holly easily twisted her weak arms. Winona resisted weakly but Holly smiled and grabbed both Winona's wrists with one hand. "Now what, Noni-Wimp?" Holly whispers into Winona's ear.

"Let me go, I give," whines Winona softly.

"No, now you'll be me tiny punching-bag for a while," Holly growled and increased the pressure on Winona's badly twisted arms. Poor Winona moaned and Holly forced Winona down easily. Holly sat on Winona's back and for short moments dragged hard on winona's frail arms, she enjoyed Winona's creaking elbows and her little grunts as she is tortured. Then Holly trapped Winona's arms over her thighs and grabbed Winona's chin.

"No, please....." winona whined weakly.

"Oh, yes. You skinny wimp. But you could always fight back."

Holly drags Winona's head up in a painful camelclutch. Winona moaned weakly and squirmed uselessly. After about one minute Holly let Winona go and stood up. Winona curled up in pain and soothed her aching body. Holly came down on Winona and grabbed her wrists and dragged winona's arms apart. Winona weakly flexed her tiny arms, watching Holly's hard arms. Holly ignored Winona's weak arms.

"You're so pathetically weak," Holly hissed as she rammed her knees into Winona's biceps and squashed them. Winona moaned and grunted weakly as her soft muscles are squashed. Holly rubbed her knees hard over winona's upper arms, ripping Winona's biceps totally apart. Winona felt throbbing pain in her poor weak arms. Holly folds both of her hands to finally smash poor Winona. "Ready to say goodnight?" Holly asked meanly.

But then Holly trembles. Winona looked doe-eyed up to the tough strong mature woman who had so terribly taken her apart. Holly looked into Winona's beautiful brown eyes, her anger suddenly subsides, she starts to caress Winona's angelic face. "Just never mess with me again," she said trembling. "You're beautiful, but you're weak as a teenager." She gets up and leaves, letting Winona curl up to soothe her aching body before she slowly starts to get dressed.
Winona: 5'2" 105#, 36, C-cup v Katie Leung: 5'5" 105#, 18, B-cup & Keira Knightley: 5'7" 100#, 22, B-cup

It was the most terrible heatwave in California for the last 20 years. Winona came to her favorite club after a terrible day, her air-conditioning at home as well as in her car have failed. She drove her car sweating onto the parking lot, wearing only a sweaty sleeveless shirt and a short sports pants with sport slippers. Her big tits were clearly visible under he wet clinging shirt. Her thin flabby arms and frail skinny legs were a great contrast to her busty chest. As she came to the door the doorman looked grave.

"Sorry, Ms. Ryder, but we've failed to see that the last table was already reserved."

Winona looked pissed and glared with her dark brown eyes at the poor man and shook her head in disbelief. "WHO has my table?" she snapped angrily.

"Errrr….Ms. Leung and…um…Ms. Knightley," he stammered, already anticipating trouble.

Winona tossed her head, her short black hair flinging away from her reddening ears. She dug into her purse and took out a $100 Dollar bill, gave it to the doorman and pushed her way inside.

He staggered behind her, mumbling, "But…Ms. Ryder… please don’t make..."

"Enough! If those C-list starlets have a problem, send them to see me!"

The clerk bowed and left Winona, who sat down. The air-conditioning was running at max but it was still warm. She’d just started relaxing and took a first sip from her ice-water and was turning her attention to the 30-year old single malt the waitress had set down when she heard some hissing and yelling. She turned her head and saw Katie and Keira storming through the door; Katie first followed seconds later by Keira.

Katie came straight over and stood in front of Winona. "Get off here, you kleptomaniac asshole!" she yelled, her body trembling with anger.

Winona smiled amused and looked at her agitated visitors; Katie in a white strapless summer gown and Keira a simple tee-shirt and blue jeans.

"You better step back before you wet yourself," Winona hissed, sipping on her drink, her eyes twinkling mischievously.

Katie's face grew red with anger and in a sudden outburst she slapped Winona as hard as she could. Winona was surprised and as she soothed her burning cheek with her hand, she measured the frail young actress. Keira stood a little behind and to one side of Katie, watching, apparently unsure what to do. Winona slowly stood up and advanced on Katie, glaring into her eyes. Katie suddenly hesitated and when she saw it, Winona let out a growl and WHACK slapped Katie once...twice... and then a third time! The young teenage actress grabbed her burning cheek and looked surprised at Winona.

"C'mon wimp, defend yourself," hissed Winona as she bullied Katie back into a dark corner.

Keira stood rooted to the floor, unsure what to do. Winona completely ignored Keira and grabbed Katie's skinny wrists and tried to pin her arms into the wall. Winona and Katie struggled, their bony, thin, arms trembling. Katie may have given Winona a tough fight if she’d been more experienced, but she resisted like the teenager she was. She’d never had a real fight before but Winona quickly realized her own arms were too weak to overpower the arms of this frail 18-year old. Still, Winona had a bunch of fights behind her and she rammed a bony knee up into Katie's soft belly. Katie moaned as the organs in her belly convulsed and as her body jackknifed forward, Winona easily levered Katie's trembling arms apart and pinned them to the wall. Then she gave Katie's churning belly a second knee and Katie's legs trembled.

"Now, little girl, wanna run along home?" Winona hissed.

Katie trembled weakly, a tear rolled down her cheek - even if her body was only lightly aching she’d been completely intimidated by Winona's hard, brutal attack. Winona smiled as she saw the tears on Katie’s face and rammed her knee a third time into Katie's soft belly, then released her arms and Katie crumbled to the floor, whining and moaning aloud. Winona grabbed Katie's left wrist and twisted her girlish arm easily into a devastating Hammerlock. Katie moaned and squirmed weakly while Winona tortured Katie's twisted arm while her free hand tore off Katie's dress. After Winona tossed it aside, she attacked Katie's bra.

"You don't really need this, you flat-chested wimp," Winona hissed. Each time Katie tried to resist Winona increased the pressure on her twisted arm until her shoulder creaked. "I'll break your arm if you don't give up!"

Katie started crying, completely humiliated. Winona smiled, aroused by her easy victory. She pushed her knee between Katie's shoulderblades.

Finally, Keira came closer and grabbed Winona's shoulder. "Let...let her go!" she said in a trembling voice. Winona turned and glared fiercely at Keira who quickly removed her hand once she saw Winona's menacing look. Winona smiled as she saw the fear in Keira's eyes. She rammed her knee hard into Katie's spine and Katie passed out from the pain.

Winona checked her and once she was sure Katie was sleeping, she got up and advanced on Keira, hands on her hips. "Are you still here, beanpole?" Winona hissed.

As Winona advanced on the taller but lighter woman, Keira trembled. When Winona got close, Keira lifted her ‘skin-and-bone’ arms and tried to push her away.

"Gawd, you were such a great woman a few years ago," Winona said, grabbing Keira’s bony wrists. "But now look at you; you're just fucking skinny."

Keira felt Winona's firm grip on her feeble wrists and flexed her skinny arms but could do nothing. Keira trembled more and more, her weak skinny arms were completely useless. She realized that, despite her height advantage, she was no match for Winona who easily played with her beanpole arms. Winona had never thought any woman could be that weak and frail!

Winona grabbed both of Keira's wrists in one hand and handled them quite easily. Keira gave all her skinny useless arms could give and Winona's arm trembled for a second, but then Keira's weak struggles stopped. Holding Keira’s arms in her left hand, Winona grabbed Keira's shirt at the neck and RIPPPP tore it open. Winona looked at Keira’s piteously pathetic skinny body; the shoulders and ribs poking out like a starving waif.

Winona leg swept the skinny girl who fell hard on the wooden floor, then Winona sat on Keira's flat belly and rocked back and forth, smiling as Keira moaned and groaned as Winona’s weight mashed her unprotected organs.

"Let me go....please," whined Keira, weakly pawing at Winona's wrists.

Winona smiled devilishly as she toyed with Keira's toothpick arms. She was aroused and kind of drunk with a feeling she never had before…for the first time she’d been able to domme another woman without effort. Winona moistened her lips as she moved Keira's violently shaking and overmatched arms and finally folded Keira's left arm across her frail neck - then bent her right arm over Keira's left.

Winona dragged hard on Keira's wrists, choking her with her own arms! Keira was coughing and gasping for air as her own skinny upper arms cut into her throat. Winona smiled down.

"Ohhhhhhh.....stoppit....." begged Keira, her face coloring in humiliation. Winona suffocated the weakie under her til poor Keira's legs kicked and spasmed uncontrollably. She let Keira's wrists go and the poor thin girl coughed and sputtered while Winona sat triumphantly on her belly with her hands on hips.

"There're two things I always wanted to do," Winona hissed smiling and looked down fiendishly at her weak, beaten, opponent. She grabbed Keira's wrists and lifted them, then pinned them on the floor above Keira's head. She crossed her wrists and held them in one hand; using the other to smoothed Keira's skin-and-bone shoulders and arms, squeezing and squashing her mini-muscles. Keira moaned as her arms are demolished; she felt Winona soft hands squeezing terribly hard. Then Winona let Keira's arms go and sat up on her belly again.

"No more.....please Winona.....stop......"

Winona shook her head, "It's gonna be over soon, my little weakling."

Winona grabbed her shirt at her waist and slowly lifted, baring her belly - then her big, soft, wonderful 34C boobies swung free. Keira looked up terrified at Winona's truly amazing and womanly chest, no doubt mentally comparing it to her own pathetic little ‘mosquito bites.’ Winona slowly lay down on top of Keira who - surely knowing what was coming - gathered all the power left in her frail body and bucked and kicked violently.

"Stay calm, you weak little bitch," commanded Winona who then rammed her knee into Keira's belly. She coughed hard but continued to buck and kick so Winona rammed her knee again into Keira's body, this time full force. Keira moaned and coughed her guts out. All resistance ended!

When Keira finally stopped coughing she looked mutely up to Winona and moved no more. Winona smiled again as she realized that Keira's resistance had been broken. She moved her body down again and pressed her soft big boobs onto Keira's face. She struggled uselessly for air as Winona's jelly-pudding tits covered her face in an air-tight seal.

Every time Winona felt that poor weak Keira was about to pass out, she allowed her victim a breath or two before she pressed and rubbed her big tits on Keira's face again. At first Keira squirmed and wriggled under her, but every time Winona pressed her tits a little longer on Keira's face, her resistance got weaker and weaker. Winona grunted with joy as she controlled her this way. Keira's vision finally started to spin and, after one more breast-smother with Winona's tits covering Keira's face completely, Keira passed out.

Winona got up, grabbed Keira's left hand, lifted it and let fall lifeless to the floor. "Weakling!" she hissed as she got back and returned to her seat.

After about ten minutes Keira and Katie came to at almost the same time and slowly stood up. They took one look at Winona, then fearfully and fled the club clutching their torn and tattered clothing to their bare bosoms.
An hour later, Winona stepped out into the glaring sun to drive home. She was about a quarter hour from the club on a lonely side road when two huge SUV's showed up behind her Mercedes-Benz and started to honk, Winona waved that they should overtake her. Suddenly, the first SUV deliberately rammed Winona's rear bumper. Winona shrieked, utterly surprised as her car veered off the road into a grassy area and stalled. The SUVs followed her, one parking in front and the other behind, blocking her escape. The driver's doors opened and two women got out…

Jessica Biel - 5'7" 120#, 25 y/o, C-cup and Brooke Shields - 6'0" 135#, 42 y/o, B-cup

Jessica was wearing a skin-tight muscle shirt with jeans-shorts. Jessica was wearing a sports bra and panties. Before fearfully trembling Winona could lock her doors Jessica had yanked open the drivers door of Winona's Mercedes. Winona looked fearfully at the well-muscled angry woman. Brooke reached in, grabbed Winona by her short dark hair and dragged her out of the car. Winona screamed, trembling as she scrambled to get her feet under her. Jessica grabbed Winona's arms so hard that the bones creaked and Winona moaned in pain.

Jessica's big hard biceps bulged as she easily twisted both of Winona's weak arms into a painful Hammerlock behind her back. Winona winced as her useless arms were badly twisted. She tried to move them but Jessica's arms were three times as big and ten times as strong. As Jessica felt Winona's weak tries she twisted Winona's bony forearms till the arms and shoulders creaked dangerously. Brooke stood watching with satisfaction as Jessica overpowered the weak wimp.

As Jessica easily hold the trembling weakie, Brooke hammered a terrible blow into Winona's unprotected belly. Winona moaned and coughed, only staying upright because Jessica forced her to. Winona looked up doe-eyed and with tears in her beautiful big brown eyes to Brooke.

"Why...?" she gasped weakly.

"This wimp asks why!" Brooke hissed and rammed her fist again into Winona's poor soft belly. She moaned and coughed again, while her arms got limb as Jessica had quite some fun twisting Winona flabby arms back and forth. "We were working out together when our slaves Katie and Keira called for help," Brooke explained smiling devilishly. "They said you hurt them...not that we care; but as they're our pets you really should've asked our permission first...

"...and paid us for the priviledge of abusing them," Jessica added.

"I…I'm sorry...I...I didn't know...." Winona moaned.

Brooke looked at the tiny weak bitch and slapped her beautiful little face hard. "You should've asked them! Now, as punishment for your crime…YOU will become OUR slave!"

"Nooooooooo....." screamed Winona and tried to get free again.

Jessica dragged to fiercely at Winona's weak arms that they could break any second. Brooke gave Winona another hard punch into her belly. Winona only felt tingling pain while Jessica dragged her into the lawn and then let crumble her into the grass. Jessica and Brooke stood right before Winona who was on all fours moaning and coughing her guts out.

"And now we'll have some fun with you, sweet-cakes!" Jessica hissed and flexed her amazing biceps.

Winona slowly came up on all fours and looked terrified at the massive muscular woman standing before her showing their incredibly massive biceps and shoulders. Winona trembled all over when Jessica get down to her knees behind Winona and wrapped her right arm tight around Winona's frail swan's neck in a terrible headlock. Winona grabbed Jessica's hard forearm and felt rippling muscles, Winona biceps were nearly visible as she dragged with full force on Jessica's massive forearm.

Winona's cute bony arms trembled weakly and Jessica's arm didn't moved one inch, she even easily increased the pressure on Winona's neck. Winona's bony arms lookes so puny next to Jessica's pumped strong arms, Jessica's bicep easily six times more massiv big and bulging, her forearms three times as thick with hard muscles, were Winona's barely visible trembling soft bicep, her skin-and-bone shoulders and forearms looked just pathetic. With her free hand Jessica reached for one of Winona forearms, grabbed it hard and moved the bones in it. Winona moaned as she looked shocked how Jessica inflicted sirring pain in her poor skinny arm. Then jessica twisted Winona's arm back easily. Brooke looked down standing while Jessica was more than to crush that little weak wimp.

"Join in, Brooke. This girl is soooo weak," Jessica said smiling while she worked Winona's arm and neck.

Brooke stepped between Winona's legs and leaned down, grabbed and RIPPPPPP tore Winona's panties off baring her small bush and her aroused clit.

"Noooooooo......" wailed poor Winona as she started kicking frantically.

Brooke took one or two hits from Winona legs but they didn't hurt much on her well muscled thick thighs and calves. She grabbed Winona ankles, who tried to get them free but couldn't. Brooke flexed her thick arms and easily twisted Winona's thin weak legs, Brooke's upper arms clearly more massive then Winona's frail thighs. Winona looked not believing when she saw Brooke's massive arms easily twisting her poor legs. Jessica nodded with admiration as she watched how easily and without effort Brooke twisted Winona's small children's legs into a pretzel. Jessica now let Winona's neck go, who breathed hard, but then grabbed Winona's other arm and twisted it also back. Winona moaned weakly and squirmed while her legs and arms were twisted hard.

"Will you be our slave?" asked Jessica and gave Winona's arms an extra twist.


"She wants more coaking," Brooke said smiling and let Winona legs go, who sprawled down.

Winona looked at her poor legs spasming uncontrollably. Jessica increased the pressure on Winona's skinny weak arms in short waves, she loved to hear the cute little grunts of the little girl, same as she liked to kiss Winona's pocking out shoulder bones that creaked every time. Then she let the pressure of Winona's poor arms and pinned her arms next to her head as Jessica rose on all fours and held Winona forearms tight in her hands. Brooke let herself fall with her butt on Winona's soft belly. Winona moaned and coughed as she felt the heavy weight on her frail birdlike body.

"You should go on a diet. You’ve put on some wight since your model days," hissed Winona's weakly.

Brooke and Jessica were both amazed at how much that tiny woman could take, she was far tougher than all their other slaves. Winona started to wriggle again and even tried to capture Brooke's head between her frail legs. But Brooke sensed that and grabbed Winona's upper arms and trapped Winona's legs with her massive legs and easily dragged Winona's legs wide apart. Winona grunted uselessly as she flexed her thin flabby legs, but she felt that she was far too weak, Brooke's thighs felt like pillars of steel.

Winona grunted as she squirmed, her thin legs trembling under the pressure of the four times thicker legs. Brooke gave Winona's legs a short wave of full power to show that little weakie what she could do to her. Winona's legs creaked dangerously and Winona wailed aloud in pain. When Brooke let Winona's legs go, they spasmed and were so limb Winona couldn't control them. Winona looked up at the massive strong Brooke and felt so terribly humiliated and weak. She saw Brooke's thick muscled shoulders and arms and felt Brooke's big strong hands on her tiny upper arms.

Winona flexed her aching biceps. Brooke felt Winona's cute little muscles in her hands, so small, so vulnerable. Brooke gave them a gentle squeeze and Winona moaned. Winona looked at her tiny trapped arms and felt her muscles convulsing in Brooke's grip. Then Brooke gave a little more and felt Winona small soft muscles moving in spasms. Winona moaned as she felt that her biceps are tortured so easily, she saw Brooke's thickly muscled forearms.

'She has more power in one forearm, than I have in my whole soft body,' Winona thought. She felt her aching muscles and loved it in a weird way.

"Hey, look at her nipples!" exclaimed Jessica. "She's gettin' off on this!"

Brooke looked down and saw Winona's stiff nipples under the tissue of Winona's shirt. She smiled and ripped Winona's shirt apart, letting Winona's big soft boobies free. Both Jessica and Brooke looked with amazement, they had never seen such wonderful big, perfect, breasts on such a small and frail figure like Winona's. Brooke grabbed Winona's biceps again and gave them a hard and aching massage. Winona moaned with joy and pain.

"Get the camera," Brooke ordered Jessica, who got up and went to her car.

"What?" Winona exclaimed weakly and looked up doe-eyed to Brooke.

'And such wonderful eyes,' Brooke thought, "Now we're gonna tape you as I take you, in case you get ideas about not staying obedient to our orders."

Winona tried to resist one last time, but it was so useless. Brooke just rammed her knee into Winona's soft belly and waited till the little weakie stopped coughing. Then Brooke squashed winona's biceps easily flat and forced her fingers hard into Winona's skinny arms till she has destroyed all tissue and just gripped the bones. Winona moaned and groaned as she felt the numb throbbing pain from her arms, she watched with terror and amazement as Brooke easily destroyed them. Brooke then let Winona's arm go, her left hand moved down to soothe Winona's errect nipples. Jessica had begun filming.

"As I always say," Brooke said to the camera, " every little skinny girl - like Winona here under me - is a lesbian dying to get out. Looks like hers awakes up when you crush and torture these skinny arms."

Winona only moaned as Brooke so gently brushed over her errect nipples. Brooke felt Winona's complete humiliation and set her right elbow next to Winona's face and flexed her thick round bicep. Winona immediately started to lick it and she tried to move her arms, they htrobbed with pain but finally she got her forearm up, trembling wildly like a stick and she grabbed Brooke's thick well-trained muscle. Brooke was amazed of the still hard grip of Winona's bony hand. Brooke flexed and relaxed her arm serveral times, Winona felt the raw power, looking doe-eyed at it. Winona's skinny forearm looked like a toothpick compared to Brooke's massive bicep.

Brooke sat shortly up and let her shirt go, then she lay down on Winona, her massive strong body burying frail thin Winona under her. Winona whinced with pleasure as she felt Brooke's massive body on her freeble weak frame. Brooke grabbed one of Winona's enormous tits with one hand and gave it a hard squeeze, they felt like jelly-pudding. Winona felt the hard grab on her soft breast, moaned out loud with joy and arched her head back.

Brooke studied Winona's elegant features, her other hand carefully soothing Winona's cheek, then sliding her fingers down her chin and neck. Brooke's fingers lingered on Winona's small neck, who seemed as beautiful as vulnerable like a swan's neck to her. Winona got so hot as she felt the strong superior woman on top of her, she started to move, with one hand she soothed Brooke's muscular arm, shoulder and back, with the other she weakly squeezed her thighs and ass. Brooke continued to squeeze Winona breasts and soothe her errect nipples with one hand while with the other she moved down and slowly inserted two fingers into Winona's clit.

Winona responded immediately and moved hard under Brooke, her whole body ached as her feeble muscles and bones moved, but Winona didn't cared.

"Oh yes, make me......" Winona hissed weakly.

Brooke smiled and was more then ready to do so. Jessica, holding the camera, was growing a little jealous as Brooke started to use that hot frail wimp, but she knew as they owned her now, there would be enough time for her to use her little frail new slave. Brooke now had Winona panting and moaning, who clinged to Brooke's stong massive body with trembling arms and legs. Winona felt the warmth and ecstasy comming up from her clit, then finally she screamed as she panted off, her whole body was convulsing, pain and ecstasy were converging. Brooke smiled as her new toy orgasmed under her.

Winona panted for nearly five minutes as she lay on her back in the grass, completely exhausted. She looked up smiling. Brooke looked down on Winona's naked body, who except for a few light bruises was as good as new.

'She still looks like a teenager, so smooth and frail and hot,' Brooke thought. "You're OUR property now, don't ever forget it!" Brooke said after she got dressed and before she drove away.

Jessica stopped the camera and put it into her car. Winona was surprised when she came back, helped Winona up and set her on legs trembling so violently she couldn't support herself. Jessica practically carried Winona to her car, amazed at Winona's light soft body.

'She feels more like a bird,' thought Jessica as she took a longing look at Winona who saw it and smiled seductively.

Jessica had to look somewhere else to not be overwhelmed by Winona's genuine and supernatural smile. Winona slowly dressed herself and finally Jessica lifted her into the drivers seat. Winona playfully bite her lip as she saw Jessica's thick muscles. Then Jessica gave Winona a fast kiss on her cheek.

"We'll call you soon," said Jessica before she too drove off.

Winona closed her door and doing so, her arm and shoulder ached with pain. She already longed for her strong captors.
During a charity tennis match in new york serena williams lost clear in two sets to a younger unknown woman. Serena was dressed in a skintight sleevless white sportsshirt and very short white skirt. Winona was sitting right in the row at the court and wore a arms and shoulderfree black-blue-white designer dress that showed a lot of her 34C breasts. Winona had a very good time laughing and mocking Serena while she was losing.

Winona: 5'2”, 105# 36 y/o, C-cup and Serena Williams: 5'8” 150#, 26 y/o, D-Cup

After the match, Winona remained seated while she talked to her agent, who informed her that she has got a major movie-role. Winona talked for quite a while and also gave her agent a long summary of the tennis-match, mocking Serena once again. Suddenly, she felt a tap on her shoulder, looked up and saw Serena grimly glaring down on her.

Winona looked up innocently. “What’s up?” she asked with a tight smile.

“Maybe removing that damn smile from your face, you weak little wimp! That’s what!”

Winona stood up and tried to get away, but Serena grabbed Winona’s skinny shoulder and squeezed so hard Winona’s bones cracked and she winced with pain. Winona grabbed Serena’s wrist, she felt hard muscles. Winona pulled on Serena’s arm but couldn’t move it an inch. Serena just intensified her grip until Winona grunted with pain and her knees shook violently.

“Are you crazy or what?” Winona screamed as her shoulder throbbed in pain.

“I heard what you said about me wimp,” growled Serena and dragged Winona easily into the sand court. Winona weakly dragged on Serena’s forearm but it was completly no use. Serena ignored Winona’s weak tries and pushed her hard into the sand. Winona found herself lying in the sand, looking fearfully up to Serena who stood directly over her.

“I’m really sorry!” quaked Winona.

“You should’ve thought about that before, wimp!”

Suddenly Winona rammed her left black high heels hard into Serena’s sex. Serena screamed in terrible pain, grabbed her burning clit and dropped moaning to her knees. Winona got up - still shaking her aching shoulder - and rammed her left high heel into Serena’s back and wrapped her thin bony hands around Serena’s neck and started choking. Serena grunted and moaned als she felt the piercing pain on her spine and Winona’s surprisingly hard grip on her neck.

“Back off, you little slut or I’ll break your ass in half,” Serena growled with pain-stricken face.

Winona forced her feet harder into Serena’s back and her thin arms shook as she tried to suffocate Serena. “Well, try it then,” she hissed, her frail body shaking with effort.

Serena felt that her vision slowly fading and she grabbed Winona’s small wrists and easily pulled her arms apart. Winona’s arms shook like like a twig in a storm as she tried to hold her grip, but Serena’s arm was at last three times as thick. Winona pressed her feet harder into Serena’s back.

“Stop it!” Winona screamed as Serena easily toyed with Winona’s skinny arms.

Serena grunted as she felt the increased pain in her back. She then had enough of Winona, she grabbed Winona’s left arm and threw the lightweight actress easily over her shoulder. Winona screamed and crashed hard into the sand. Serena kept her grip on Winona’s skinny forearm and twisted it hard. Winona tried weakly to resist but Serena easily forced Winona’s arm into her hammerlock. Serena glared down on Winona but her sex and spine still hurt.

“Now what, girlie, girl?” hissed Serena.

Winona tried to move her badly twisted arm but she couldn’t move it an inch. Serena grabbed the shoulder of Winona’s twisted arm, she squeezed it hard an increased the pressure on her skinny forearm with her other hand. Winona grunted and squirmed weakly as her shoulders creaked.

“Let me go, you big ugly skank!” Winona hissed angrily.

Serena increased the pressure on winona’s arm and shoulder and the frail woman screamed in pain. Serena pushed Winona’s arm till the verge of breaking the bones and then let the crying and screaming weakie go. Winona sobbed and soothed her burning arm.

“What’s up, bigmouth! Got no power, girlie?” Serena grabbed Winona’s bony wrists and turned the thin actress on her back, easily pinning Winona down. Winona uselessly flexed her small biceps but Serena controlled her easily. “Owwww, what funny little muscles,” Serena teased and her put her knees with her whole 150lb weight on Winona’s biceps. Winona moaned out loud in pain as her muscles were squashed flat immediatly, she squirmed weakly and tried to move her throbbing arms while Serena smiled down on her. Serena girt her teeth and rubbed her knees back and forth over Winona’s arms. winona whined and moaned as her skinny arms are tortured.

“Let me go,” cried Winona angry.

“You should change your tone, wimp,” answered Serena and gave Winona’s face a hard SLAP!

Serena got up and walked around to stand behind Winona’s head, she then dragged Winona easily up by her short black hair, ripped Winona’s gown apart and kicking Winona’s high heels from her feet. Winona’s big beautiful 34C breasts got free. Winona could not really cover her big tits with her left forearm. Humilated, Winona grit her teeth and with her right hand moved fast under Serena’s skirt and clawed her fingernails into Serena’s clit.

“You little dirty bitch!!” Serena howled with pain and grabbed Winona’s skinny forearm hard. Winona felt the hard grip around her frail arm and clawed her fingers into Serena’s clit as hard as she could. Serena’s knee’s trembled as she screamed with pain.

“Let go uh my arm or you’ll never have pleasure in bed again,” hissed Winona.

Serena let Winona’s arm go but rammed her massive elbow hard between Winona’s shoulderblades. Winona moaned out loud, let Serena’s clit go, got down to all fours and shook her head violently. Winona’s big tits swang back and forth. Serena let herself drop on Winona’s back and rode her like a horse, she rubbed back and forth with her full weight while Winona moaned and groaned. Winona couldn’t get up as her spine burned by Serena’s weight. Serena then grabbed Winona’s bony elbows and dragged them apart. Winona’s arms gave and her head slumped into the sand. Serena’s massive legs wrapped around Winona’s thin legs and dragged them easily apart. Serena also grabbed Winona’s skinny forearms again and bend them back. Serena toyed with her massive athletic body the frail and skinny Winona.

“Show me some power, little girl,” Serena hissed while Winona squirmed uselessly.

“You should go on a goddamn diet,” cried Winona. “Damn, you’re even heavier than Brooke Shields!”

Angry but also impressed by what beating tiny Winona could take, Serena let her legs go and moved up, secured Winona’s weak arms over her knees and dragged Winona’s head back in a terrible camelclutch. Winona spine burned like fire. Serena loved the little grunts Winona makes every time she shortly increased the pressure. Finally Serena let Winona go and got up, looking down on Winona. Winona laid weakly on the sand, soothing her aching burning body.

“Had enough?” Serena asked.

Winona came slowly up, her legs shaking, her lips trembling - but her beautiful brown eyes still on fire. Winona slowly came closer to Serena hiding her left arm behind her back. Realising the trap to late Serena tried to step back as Winona swung her left arm around, holding one of her high heels and rammed the heel with all she’s got into Serena’s side. Serena screamed as the heel got rammed into her kidney, she dropped to her knees.

Winona let the high heel pump fall and jumped on Serena’s back like a wildcat, kicked and scratched and hit Serena without pause or mercy. Serena was totally surprised by Winona rentless attack as she thought she had nearly finished her. Serena staggered up but Winona clinged to her back, the blows and scratches to her head and face made her vision spin. Then - as a last resort - she rammed her back with Winona on it into one of the wooden advertsising boards. Winona grunted as her spine was smashed into the hard wooden wall. After the third try, Winona fell off Serena’s back and dropped to her knees, holding her burning back. Serena also sat down, shaking her aching head and realising she had bleeding scratches on her face.

“Had.....enough?” Winona asked, trembling, forcing up a victorious smile.

Serena gritted her teeth, tasting her own blood. ‘Gawd, that tiny girl is tough,’ she thought. ‘I hoped one lesson would teach her, but I’ve got to use all my power to beat her even if I risk injuring that wonderful body seriously...’

Winona got up, her breasts swang with gravity, her legs trembling. Serena got up, her vision clear again.

“Nice-time is over, Noni,” Serena said. “Give up or I’ll have to REALLY hurt you!”

“Try if you can!”

Serena shook her head shortly and than ran into Winona and easily rammed her down. She grabbed Winona’s wrists and twisted her arms hard. Then Serena got behind Winona and wrapped her massive thighs around Winona’s frail swan’s neck and started to press. Winona moaned as she felt the terrible pressure of Serena’s incredible thighs on her neck. Serena easily hold Winona’s toothpick arms behind Winona’s head and dragged on them while she grit her teeth and scissored her full force.

Serena’s massive thighs bulged and Winona’s moans grew weaker as Serena’s thighs cut off her air. Winona kicked wildly in the sand and squirmed while Serena pulsed her massive thighs on her neck. Winona’s vision started to spin and her face turned red, then blue. Serena finally let Winona’s arms go and they flopped down powerless. Winona grunted weakly one last time before blackness engulfed her.

Serena released her legs and moved her hands over Winona’s neck and spine. ‘Thank god, no permanent damage,’ she thought.

Serena picked up the lightweight Winona easily and carried her in her arms to a bench where she sat down and laid Winona’s cheek on her brown thighs, then started gently stroking Winona’s hair and face gently. “Hey, Winona, wake up,” Serena whispered.

When Winona slowly came around, she found herself laying with her face in Serena’s lap. She moaned and shaked her head. “I guess you won, huh?” Winona asked weakly.

“Yeah!” Serena answered smiling. “But ya put up one hell of a fight. You know, you’re pretty tough for a girl your size.” Winona nodded. They got up and Serena drove Winona back to her apartment where they spent the night...
Winona Ryder (36y/o, 5'2", 105#, 34C) + Keira Knightley (22, 5'7", 100#, 28B) plus
Calista Flockhart (42, 5'6", 100#, 30B) and Audrey Tautou (30, 5'3", 90#, 32C)

vs. WWE Hottie, Mickie James (27, 5'4", 135#, 38C)

NOTE: This match promoted by "Brooke Shields and Jessica Biel Promotions"
The torches were burning into the night in front of Winona's house on a California beach that night. The torches were illuminating Winona's ring made of flotsam wood and clothesline. Waiting at ringside were the two promoters of this contest: mature strong hottie Brooke Shields (in a sleeveless shirt and mini-skirt) and young, powerful, Jessica Biel (wearing a skin-tight muscle shirt and hot hotpants). They were waiting for their slaves to come out of Winona's house, chatting away, holding their drinks.

Suddenly out of the dark, muscular WWE hottie Mickie James appeared and immediately entered the ring. Mickie was wearing a red lycra sports bra and shorts. She walked around the ring, the muscles of her thick thighs rippling with each stride. Finally, she stopped in front of Brooke and Jessica. "So, where are your tiny hotties?" she asked as she accepted a drink Jessica handed her.

"They'll be here shortly," Brooke assured. "Because…"

"…they know if they aren't, we'll storm in there and break them to itty-bitty pieces," Jessica giggled.

Just at that moment, Winona, Keira, Calista and Audrey appeared. They all wore black lycra bras and panties. Mickie smiled as she saw 'team weak girls' entering the ring. Brooke had bought her four slaves black bras and pants all in one size, 24B. The bra for Audrey was far too big and hung loose around her hard nips and tiny tits. On the other hand, Winona's big soft breasts were barely contained by the small bra which was under extreme pressure and looked ready to bust any second. The tiny ones waited and Winona moved her big tits.

"God, that wimp really has some tits on her," Mickie exclaimed.

"Yes. Amazingly so on her small, frail body," Brooke nodded.

"But she mostly likes when her flabby arms are tortured," suggested Jessica with a leering wink to Mickie.

Mickie let her drink down and entered the ring where the weakies huddled in their corner. Keira and Audrey looked already fearful and wrapped their bony, skinny arms across their breasts. Calista was probably nervous, but tried to hide it. Winona was the only one who glared brazenly at Mickie and flexed her bony hands - not that you saw any muscle on her frail, soft arms. Mickie just smiled, then flexed her muscular biceps.

"Oh Gawd," exclaimed Audrey, already looking totally intimidated.

"We can't fight her, we can't fight her," Keira kept muttering; her frail body trembling. She was about to burst out crying.

Winona slapped Keira and hissed, "At least try to show some dignity!"

Calista nodded, "Yeah…okay...but she DOES look mighty tough...."

"We can at last give her a good fight," insisted Winona.

"Enough chatter," Brooke yelled. "Ready for the first round! The match ends when Mickie is knocked out," she and Jessica turned to one another and snickered aloud. "…or when Mickie has knocked all four opponents."

Everyone nodded except Keira. Winona prodded her with an elbow in the ribs, and Keira finally nodded.

"Okay girls," cried Brooke. "GO!"

Mickie immediately advanced into the weakies half of the ring, her massive thighs bouncing with each step. She stretched out her arms and her triceps bulged.

"Spread out," cried Winona. "We'll attack from four different directions!"

Winona went right and Calista left, but Audrey and Keira stood rooted in place, to fearful to move as Mickie closed in. For the moment, Mickie ignored Winona and Calista as she glided up to Audrey and Keira. She opened her arms and intimidated the two weak girls back into the corner.

"Gawd, move!" screamed Winona. But Keira and Audrey trembled and lifted their frail bony arms to block Mickie who was directly in front of them. She grabbed each of their frail necks in one hand, forced their heads down and BONK, BONK slammed each of them in the forehead with her left knee.

Both girls crumbled in the corner moaning. Winona jumped onto Mickie's back and wrapped her arms around her neck and her legs around Mickie's waist. Mickie let Keira and Audrey go and turned her back to them as they fell moaning. Winona, riding high on Mickie's back, was no real problem for the pro wrestler. Winona flexed her thin weak thighs to Scissor Mickie, but she was too weak to make an impression on Mickie's hard abs.

Calista came running at Mickie from the front and drove her bony little fists into Mickie's belly. Calista moaned as her fists literally bounced off of Mickie's tight belly. Audrey and Keira were struggling to get to all fours as Mickie, who had enough of Calista and Winona's weak attempts, kicked Calista between her 'spider legs'. Calista screamed and went to her knees with both hands cupping her crushed pubic mound.

Mickie grabbed Winona small wrists and easily pulled her wimpy arms apart. Winona struggled uselessly and flexed her tiny arms. She looked left and saw Mickie's forearms were twice as big as her biceps.

"Help me....." yelped poor Winona.

Mickie smiled and let herself fall backward. Winona screamed when Mickie's heavy body fell on her frail frame, then moaned in pain. Mickie turned and easily twisted Winona arm around and up her back, pressing Winona's face into the sandy beach with her other hand. Winona squirmed but couldn't move.

Keira and Audrey looked terrified but finally moved in and each grabbed one of Mickie's hard, pumped up, arms with both of theirs. Mickie looked around angrily and let Winona go. While Winona massaged her aching shoulder, Audrey and Keira dragged hopelessly on Mickie's thickly musculed arms, but their trembling beanpole arms couldn't budge them.

Calista came back and hammered a pointy elbow into Mickie's face. Mickie tasted blood dripping from her nose, shook her tingling head and glared at Calista. "I'll remember you!" she muttered.

As Calista got ready for a second blow Mickie flexed her strong arms and shoulders, bringing both arms forward and WHACK slammed Keira and Audrey into Calista from both sides!

All three small girls crumbled in a heap on top of one another in a pathetic tangle of skinny arms and legs. Mickie turned back to Winona who looked terrified as she stood up trembling. Mickie smiled and offered her hands for a Fingerlock strength contest.

"C'mon weakling," hissed Mickie as Winona took her hands and flexed her arms.

Winona compared her thin flabby arms with Mickie's massively strong arms and saw hers had no signs of muscular development whatsoever. Mickie shook Winona's arms easily back and forth, then twisted them around Winona's neck! Winona coughed and struggled for air as her own arms cut into her neck, choking her. Mickie forced her left knee hard Winona's spine as she hauled back on her crossed arms. Winona's skin-and-bone shoulders creaked as Mickie forced her to her knees. Just then, Brooke rang the bell ending the first round!

Mickie reluctantly let Winona go and she crumbled facedown in the sand. Mickie went to her corner, smiling at the weak wrecks crawling around in the sand. Jessica hugged her and handed her a cold drink, then began massaging Mickie's muscular shoulders.

Winona got up first and helped the other weakies to their feet. Keira and Audrey both grabbed their aching shoulders Calista staggered around breathing hard and massaging the ache in her pussy.

Jessica told, Mickie, "Well done. But we want those weakies topless before they finally lose."

Mickie shrugged and nodded. "Whatever. It's your money. Personally, I don't see the attraction. I mean, between 'em, their eight boobs don't have as much meat on 'em as say …oh…Charlize Theron. You two ever see her at that Porn Star place? I was there one night when she…"

"Never mind Theron and her porn palace pals. You want to play with her tits I'll set it up for you; but tonight you're here to deal with THEM!" Brooke snapped curtly, pointing across the ring at the weakies. "Keep your mind on the task at hand, alright?" Mickie, properly chastized, nodded and fell silent.

"You girls ready for the second round?" Winona asked her teammates in the opposite corner.

"You're crazy!?" hissed Keira.

Brooke smiled and yelled at her slave, "Winona, remind me to have you fight Keira after you recover from this beating." Keira looked terrified, remembering her first loss to Winona.

The bell rang again and Mickie came into the ring and flexed. "C'mon weakies! Attack me! I'm waiting!"

Winona ran toward Mickie, lowered her head and was about to Headbutt the WWE diva, but Mickie slammed an Elbow into Winona's head. Her head snapped and the 'fragile frail' dropped hard on her ass and rolled onto her back holding her head in both hands.

Mickie stomped her right foot on Winona heaving bosom, then stood on her, pressing down as she ground her boot on Winona's chest, pancaking her big soft boobs. Winona winced as her ribs bent and her boobs were mashed. She grabbed Mickie's big hard calf in both hands, then pulled, slapped and punched her leg, wondering where her partners were and whether they'd come to her rescue before it was too late.

Mickie bent down to remove Winona's bra but Keira, Audrey and Calista finally arrived and swarmed onto Mickie who kept the squirming Winona underfoot, while she pounded her fists into the wiry bodies of her slender opponents. In seconds, Keira and Calista were spread-eagled on the sand, Keira coughing breathlessly and Calista groaning and holding her stomach,

Audrey, the smallest and lightest of the quartet, was being pretzeled by Mickie with a horrible Hammerlock. For her part, Winona was still pinned under Mickie's grinding boot.

Mickie kept twisting and bending Audrey's skin-and-bone arms until she heard her shoulders go POP!

"Stooooooooooooooooooooooooop......" screamed Audrey, her body wracked by the terrible pain of a dislocated shoulder.

Mickie smiled and ripped Audrey's bra off, but she looked disappointed at the sight of Audrey's minuscule tits with nipples more prominent than their supporting flesh. 'Well, she's no Sunny McKay,' she thought. 'Or even Paris Hilton!'

Winona suddenly raked her fingernails down Mickie's calf and the WWE Superstar hissed with pain like the sting of a little insect. Mickie looked down angrily at tiny Winona, then dragged with full power on Audrey's bony arms. Audrey screamed and when Mickie leg go, she fell to the sand passed out from pain.

"Time out!" screamed Jessica. She entered the ring and while Mickie easily hold Winona underfoot, Brooke examined Audrey, checking her shoulders.

"She's finished!" said Brooke and dragged poor Audrey out of the ring.

"And it's all your fault," said Mickie, pressing down harder on Winona's chest. "If you'd stayed calm I shouldn't have gotten rid of the wimp so fast. You're talking all the fun outta this contest."

"Stupid bitch!" hissed Winona as she bucked and squirmed futilely. Keira and Calista looked shocked as Brooke dragged poor Audrey out of the ring and dropped her on the sand at Jessica's feet, then turned to get the first aid kit with elastic bandages and smelling salts.

"Resume!" cried Jessica.

Mickie smiled down on Winona who still uselessly tried to get free. "Help me, dammit!" screamed Winona, her head swiveling angrily toward Keira and Calista who were standing fearfully in their corner; their heads together either plotting strategy or planning a quick exit!

Mickie put her full weight on Winona's chest and her frail ribs creaked ominously. Winona groaned and struggled just to fill her lungs against the terrible pressure. Her vision started spinning and she finally had to let go of Mickie's calves as her arms flopped weakly to the sand at her sides. Finally, Calista and Keira came slowly nearer, but then Mickie suddenly whirled around, grabbed their arms and forced them both down on top of Winona. The weakies resisted briefly as Mickie arranged their bodies on Winona's. During the short tussle, Winona's already weakened bra finally ripped open and her big, soft breasts burst forth like dough from a Pillsbury Biscuit tube!

Keira and Calista squirmed frantically, but Mickie kept them pinned down on top of Winona who moaned softly as she felt the combined weight of Calista, Keira and Mickie crushing her. Calista felt Winona's big boobs on her back and Keira looked up at Mickie terrified. Mickie laughed and sat down straddling all three girls who where lying criss-cross over each other. Then she grabbed the entire pile and flipped it upside downm leaving Keira facedown on the sand with Calista on her back and Winona on top of Calista! Keira nearly passed out from her inability to inhale as Mickie's weight on Winona's back added to the tremendous pressure on her lungs. Mickie reached down, grabbed Keira's chin and pulled her head up. All three weakies moaned in unison as Mickie put the whole pile of them in a single Camel Clutch.

Brooke and Jessica cheered while Mickie humiliated Winona, Keira and Calista at once. Keira and Calista passed out after a short time and Winona's vision was spinning but the bell saved her. Mickie let the pathetic pack of pansies drop and they sprawled all over the sand while Mickie returned to her corner.

"That was HOT!" gushed Brooke while Jessica looked after the gasping members of 'Team Weakie'.

Jessica dragged Keira and Calista's unconscious bodies out and announced, "They'll be out for quite some time. I declare them out of the fight."

Winona was on all fours, gagging and coughing her guts out, looking terrified at Mickie who just smiled at the poor weak girl.

"Take it slow," Brooke suggested giggling. "I expect to get my money's worth with this one."

Brooke rang the bell again and Winona got slowly up, her legs trembling, barely able to support her frail body. Mickie ran into Winona and swept the frightened girl up in a powerful Bearhug. Winona moaned as Mickie's hard muscled arms nearly squashed her body like a bug. Mickie laughed as she easily turned Winona upside down; her little legs kicking weakly in the air on either side of Mickie's leering face.

Then Mickie rammed Winona's head down into the sand with a forceful Piledriver! Winona sprawled in the sand, moaning and gasping as Mickie went down and pinned her. She resisted only briefly, and very weakly at that, as Mickie put her knees on Winona's upper arms and squashed them flat while Winona winced and groaned as Mickie's massive ass again crushed her naked breasts flat on her chest.

Mickie reached back, grabbed Winona's thin legs and folded them over, putting her toes in the sand on either side of Winona's head. Winona winced and looked terrified at Mickie's flexed arms which looked bigger than Winona's thighs! Mickie twisted Winona's legs into a painful pretzel, then rubbed with her knees until she'd destroyed Winona's arms. After a few minutes of torture, Mickie let Winona go and stood up, surprised that Winona was still around.

"She's tough," Mickie admitted, and Brooke and Jessica nodded in agreement.

"Stop...(gaakkk)" moaned Winona gagging. "I give....."

"That is NOT the rule!" said Mickie who turned and climbed the shaky ropes.

"No,," Winona whined, terrified of what was coming next.

Mickie jumped off and landed with her ass on Winona belly. Her upper body flew up, then Mickie slammed her elbows into Winona breasts hard! Winona moaned one last time before blackness engulfed her.

Mickie got up and flexed her biceps over her battered opponent while Brooke and Jessica applauded...