Winona Ryder (5’4” 105# 36y/o) vs. Melina Leon (5’4” 125# 37y/o) by vulcannightbird
[featuring: Kirsten Dunst (5’7” 110# 25y/o) and Jessica Biel (5’7” 120# 25y/o)]

Winona attended the world premiere of her latest movie in an exotic Puerto Rican beach resort. The air was warm and humid and after the movie, the crowd went down onto the beach were a buffet was waiting. Winona was dressed in a black sleeveless shirt and black short pants with black transparent leggings and black high-heels. The photographers were clustered around Winona who clearly enjoyed the show.

As her mistress, Jessica Biel liked the fun of a short holiday and had accompanied Winona to this premiere. Jess was wearing a white muscle shirt and skin-tight jeans. For the press, Jessica playfully grabbed Winona by her bony shoulders and toyed with her a little like a doll. Winona screamed giggling as her eyes wandered over Jessica’s thick shoulders and hard, muscular arms which made Winona’s skinny arms and girlish legs look tiny.

“I’ll go refresh myself,” Jessica told Winona. “Be back in a few!”

“Yes Ma’am,” said Winona, smiling at Jessica as she sipped her champagne.

Jessica looked into Winona’s beautiful face, turned and slowly walked away, leaving Winona to pose with her glass for the press as she raised her thin right leg. Suddenly, a bustle of activity distracted the crowd from Winona. A busty, dirty-blonde, came onto the beach and all locals turned to catch a glimpse of her. She came self-confidently up to Winona and started posing for the press beside her. The woman was dressed with black cowboy-style leather jacket with tight black undershirt and long leather pants.

Winona put her hands on her hips and looked pissed at the newcomer. “Who the HELL are you?” Winona asked, glaring at the interloper.

“That’s Melina Leon, our great local rock star!” a photographer answered, clearly agitated that Winona didn’t know her.

Winona edged closer and tried to push Melina away from the cameras, but when Melina looked back a saw Winona’s angry eyes, she glared at her and hissed, “What’s up, beanpole?”

“This is MY show,” Winona said, her voice trembling. “You better leave…and NOW!”

“Oh yeah?” Melina said smiling and looking Winona’s lissome figure up and down. Some of the crowd laughed at her dismissive attitude toward the ‘mainland’ movie star. “You and what army are gonna make me?”

Winona, steam coming out her ears, slapped Melina’s face - hard. WHACK! Melina looked surprised at the effrontery of this frail girl and shook her head. Winona glared at Melina and SMACK, slapped her again; her hand burning almost as much as Melina’s cheek!

Surprised by Winona’s aggressiveness Melina let her jacket and pants go, standing in front of Winona with a black sleeveless shirt and lycra hot pants. Winona stepped back a little as she now took a good look at her opponent, seeing Melina’s massive muscled arms and shoulders and especially Melina’s incredible thick iron-hard thighs, at least four times thicker than Winona’s girlie, legs.

“I’m sorry,” babbled Winona fearful. “Maybe we....”

Melina clenched her fists, her arm muscles rippling, and growled, “Too late, you weakling!”

As Melina and advanced, poor Winona stepped back until she found herself backed up against the concrete flood barrier that rose behind her back. Melina’s thighs bounced with every step and come closer to Winona, who lifted her little beanpole arms fearfully to block the massive opponent. Melina grabbed Winona’s skin-and-bone forearms so hard that Winona’s bones creaked and easily yanked Winona’s skinny arms apart, then pinned them to the concrete wall, ignoring Winona’s weak attempts to free them. Winona’s eyes wandered over Melina’s thickly muscled shoulders and arms, estimating Melina’s upper arms at least three times thicker than her own arms.

Melina stared into Winona’s eyes, “Where’s your big mouth NOW, weakling?”

She forced Winona’s forearms hard into the concrete wall. Winona looked at her barely visible and uselessly flexed weak and soft biceps, she couldn’t move her arms one inch. Then suddenly Winona rammed her little knee hard into Melina’s belly. Unprepared for Winona’s blow Melina winced and loosened her grip on Winona’s arms, who took advantage and got her arms free and rammed her pointed bony elbow hard into Melina’s chest and neck. Melina staggered back coughing and grabbed her burning neck.

Winona breathed hard and came after Melina, who was now sure never to underestimate that tiny girl again. Winona knew that she would’ve no chance matching muscles with Melina, she would easily crush her, so she tried to get behind Melina, but Melina was not only big but also nearly as fast as Winona. As Winona couldn’t get behind Melina she tried to keep at last two arm-lengths distance between her and Melina, who has now completely recovered from Winona’s blows. Melina tried to grab Winona and would then twist her into her pretzel but she was always a little faster.

Finally Winona used the chance, while Melina was distracted by a flash from a photographer to get behind Melina, she jumped onto Melina’s back and rammed her elbow hard into Melina’s shoulderblades, her other arm tight around Melina’s neck. Melina moaned out loud as she felt the piercing pain from Winona’s pointy little elbow hammering into her shoulder and back, she turned fast to get rid of Winona but Winona hold herself tight on Melina’s back. But then Melina rammed Winona into the concrete wall, the poor frail Winona is forced to exhale and winced as her poor back burned like fire, but she hold herself on Melina’s back with her arm around Melina’s neck and her thighs around her hips.

Melina smiled as she heard the girl on her back moaning and wailing, she now grabbed Winona’s thin bony ankles and forced Winona’s thin legs easily apart. Winona struggled uselessly as Melina’s arms were clearly more powerful than Winona’s legs. Melina smiled as she felt little resistance from Winona’s lean, unmuscular, legs as she started to twist them with the power of her bulging, massive, arms.

Winona moaned in pain as her legs were twisted, futilely hammering her tiny fists against Melina’s broad shoulders. Melina got away from the wall, dragging Winona by her badly twisted legs across the sand. Winona uselessly clawed the sand while her burning legs cramped uncontrollably. Melina smiled as she felt Winona’s thin weak thighs cramping, she let Winona’s legs fall into the sand, she looked down with pity on the frail woman whose legs spasmed out of Winona’s control. Winona was shocked, she tried to get up, but her legs were useless.

“Do you give, tiny?” chuckled Melina.

“NEVER!” Winona hissed through her humiliation.

Winona threw a handful of sand in Melina’s eyes and she screamed as she grabbed her burning eyes. Blindly lashing out at where she knew Winona lay before her, Melina kicked the small woman three times hard in the belly and Winona curled up in pain as she puked her guts out! Melina went to the water where she washed the sand from her eyes, then came back to Winona was just she had struggled to all fours.

Melina glared furiously at poor Winona, “Now you will really suffer, girlie!”

She kicked Winona hard into her belly again who curled moaning and wailing and coughing into the sand. Melina got on top of Winona and pinned her down hard, stretching Winona’s arms and legs wide apart.

“Now what, wimp? Defend yourself!”

Winona uselessly flexed her weak thin arms and legs. Winona looked doe-eyed at Melina’s massive thick muscled arms and shoulders.

“Do you call those muscles?” Melina hissed as she shook her head sympathetically. Melina easily moved Winona’s wrists behind her head and grabbed them with one hand. “C’mon! Show me some biceps, tiny! Flex for me!!”

Winona flexed her thin flabby arms and the biceps bulge was nearly visible. Melina grabbed Winona’s left bicep hard and squashed it flat immediately. Winona moaned and her nipples stiffened as her soft muscle was flattened. Melina loosened her grip, her fingers completely around Winona’s spaghetti thin arm. “This you call a muscle? Flex!”

Winona flexed her aching bicep. Melina smiled and squeezed it hard, moving it back and forth. Winona looked doe-eyed while Melina worked her small soft muscle, she also saw that Melina rippling forearm muscles were multiple times thicker then her small bicep.

“This is nothing, girlie,” said Melina and finally squashed Winona’s muscle again. “See, I can easily squash it. Squishy, squishy, squishy...”

Melina let Winona small tortured biceps go and ripped her dress apart, baring Winona’s big soft tits. Winona winced weakly as her boobies got free. Melina grabbed Winona big tits hard and gave them a hard squeeze. Winona moaned with pain and lust beneath Melina.

“You’re gonna be mine now!”

“I can’t. I’m already taken,” winced Winona.

“You WILL be mine!” Melina insisted.

“Noooooooo, she’ll kill me...” Winona whimpered.

Melina looked pissed and angrily wrapped her massive thighs around Winona’s frail soft body and started mercilessly to scissor the frail little Winona. Winona winced and grabbed Melina massive hard thighs, she felt thick rippling muscles. Melina squeezed harder and Winona moaned in pain, her organs started to convulse. Winona’s vision slowly started spinning seeing that each of Melina’s pumped thighs was bigger than her whole frail body.

“Do you give? Will you be my toy?”

“Yes, I give,” sobbed poor squirming Winona. “Buh…buh…but I…ca…ca…can’t be yuh…yours....”

Melina looked pissed and scissored Winona harder then ever and Winona screamed in pain! When she let Winona’s body go, the poor weak woman’s body cramped and spasmed out of control. Melina grabbed Winona’s underpants and ripped them apart, stripping Winona naked. While poor, defenseless, nude, Winona sniffled in humiliation, Melina smiled fiendishly and grabbed her right forearm, then wrapped her massive legs around Winona’s upper arm.

Winona winced as she watched as her thin, ‘girlie arms’ vanished between Melina’s massive pumped thighs, Winona flexed her already painfully throbbing tiny bicep, moistened her lips and her nipples stiffened with anticipation. Melina smiled wickedly as she saw Winona’s horny eyes and erect nipples. She then scissored Winona’s poor arm with full force, her biceps immediately flat. Winona moaned with pain and lust. After a second her or two Melina relaxed and Winona flexed her trembling aching muscle again.

Winona felt her trembling soft muscle soothing over Melina legs and she started to rub her hard nipples hornily estimating that Melina’s thighs had at least ten times more mass and fifty times more power than her arm. Melina scissored Winona’s arm easily flat again and saw the horny weakie arch back her head with bliss.

Melina now wouldn’t let go, Winona moaned joyfully as her squashed upper arm throbbed with pain. Melina arched her head back and gave all her thighs could give, she felt Winona’s upper arm bone right on her thighs. Winona’s forearm and hand spasmed uncontrollably, with her free hand horny Winona started to rub her wet clit. Melina cruelly moved her fully flexed thighs back and forth over Winona’s beanpole arm and ripped her minuscule muscles completely apart.

Winona watched and finally came with a huge orgasm. Melina smiled as she watched the little girl pant as she got herself off. When she finally let poor Winona go, Winona looked doe-eyed at her burning, destroyed, skinny, arm. She tried to move her forearm but it trembled out of control and terrible pain exploded in her upper arm, which was already dark blue. Winona curled, soothed and kissed her destroyed arm while Melina stood and gave the crowd a winning double bicep pose as the photographers took pictures of her with the battered Winona at her feet.

Just then, Jessica returned from her walk on the beach. With her was Kirsten Dunst, who was looking for her ‘good friend’ Winona. Jessica was eyeing the fragile Kirsten, assessing her suitability as a potential slave when she saw the badly beaten Winona laying between Melina’s thighs. She and Kirsten ran over and Jessica shoved the surrounding crowds away as Kirsten stared down at Winona in shock.

“What the HELL is going on here?” ranted Jessica. “This girl belongs to ME!”

Melina let Winona go and turned angrily to Jessica while Winona coughed and moaned as Kirsten knelt to help her.

“Wrong!” declared Melina. “Winona is mine now!”

“In your dreams,” hissed Jessica.

Kirsten looked terrified as she two strong woman got nose-to-nose above her as she soothed her poor, beaten friend and tried to fix Winona’s tattered dress to cover her heaving breasts.

Melina smiled at Jessica and flexed her impressive arms, “You want her? Then you’ll have to fight for her!”

“No problem!” replied Jessica.

Melina raised her arms and challenged Jessica to a fingerlock contest and Jessica readily accepted. At first they only tested their power, their arms and shoulder hard and bulging. Melina smiled while Jessica tried to twist her arms but failed. Melina now gave all her arms have and Jessica’s arms slowly but surely were twisted. Jessica looked in disbelief and then suddenly rammed her forehead hard into Melina’s nose. Melina staggered back shaking her tingling head. Jessica knew that she couldn’t beat Melina by force. While Melina was still recovering from Jessica’s blow, Jessica advanced and kicked Melina hard in the head thrice. Melina fell down and was completely unprepared for Jessica’s professional attack. Jessica forced her feet hard into Melina’s chest.

Melina moaned but grabbed Jessica’s ankle with both hands and dragged hard. Jessica lost balance and fell hard next to Melina into the sand. Melina and Jessica jumped up. Jessica attacked immediately again, ramming her elbow hard into Melina’s back, who fell to all fours again. Jessica kicked Melina hard into the chin. Melina laid on her back in the sand and slowly came up again.

“Had enough?” asked Jessica.

“For now,” hissed Melina. “But I’ll be back...and I’ll break you in half.” Jessica just smiled and gave Melina a final kick that knocked her out!

Winona was finally up again but her legs trembled violently, she was barely able to stand on her frail legs. Kirsten supported her and she was still shocked by was she has seen during the last minutes. Jessica advanced on Winona and slapped her face hard with the back of her hand. Winona fell down hard into the sand and looked up terrified.

“So you couldn’t watch your fucking mouth again!” Jessica growled. “If that Melina person had more fighting experience you’d belong to her now!” Jessica kicked Winona angrily in her soft belly and Winona squirmed moaning on the sand.

Kirsten grabbed Jessica shoulder and snapped angrily, “Stop it, dammit. You’ll kill her....”

Jessica smiled at Kirsten who was close to her size at 5’7” and 110#, but was clearly no match for her in muscles!

“You have no clue whatsoever, Kirsten...but you’ll learn.” She closed in on Kirsten who now at last understood what this was leading to and began trembling with fear. Kirsten lifted her thin weak forearms and rested her soft hands on Jessica’s broad chest. She babbled fast and fearfully about talking and being intelligent enough to solve all this without violence. Jessica smiled fiendish as she glared hard into Kirsten’s eyes who trembled more with every passing second.

“Stop your useless talking, you weak beanpole,” hissed Jessica. “You can go down on your knees, kiss my feet and be my new slave…OR…I’ll pound that cute body with blows until you do. It’s your choice!”

Jessica grabbed Kirsten’s thin forearms and pulled them easily apart. Kirsten resisted briefly, but - like Winona - Kirsten’s weak arms were no match for Jessica’s power.

“Let her go, please Mistress,” whined Winona as she sat up to find her ‘friend’ being dominated.

Jessica easily hold Kirsten’s arms in a hard grip and turned to Winona, “One more word from you today and you’ll have another fight on your hands, wimpy!”

Winona looked pissed and would’ve risked it if her body would not ache like hell from her fight with Melina. Jessica loved to see Winona’s angrily sparkling beautiful brown eyes and looked down on her hot little puppet with satisfaction.

“Now back to you, little girl…” hissed Jessica turning to Kirsten.

Kirsten still weakly tried to free her arms and Jessica laughed at her attempts. Kirsten never had a fight before and even if she would be no match for Jessica in the end, with some surprising moves she could’ve at least resisted a little. Jessica grew tired with holding Kirsten’s weak arms and suddenly twisted them hard into Kirsten’s back. Kirsten moaned out loud with pain and her legs trembled.

“Yes, go down! Bow for me toothpick!” growled Jessica into Kirsten’s ears and gave her arms and extra twist.

As she heard Kirsten’s shoulders creaking Winona couldn’t watch any longer. At this moment she swore to herself that

someday she would beat Jessica hard. Meanwhile Jessica smiled while Kirsten was already down in the sand with her back up. Jessica mercilessly worked Kirsten’s poor arms and loved to ear the loud moans of the weakling under her. Kirsten kicked her legs uselessly into the sand as Jessica stood over her.

“Cool down, you little wimp,” giggled Jessica and put a foot between Kirsten’s shoulderblades. Kirsten screamed with pain as Jessica increased the pressure. Winona hold her ears crying in an attempt to not ear the torture of her long-time friend. Jessica laughed and released the pressure and put her foot right in front of Kirsten’s face. “Kiss it!”

Kirsten obeyed. She kissed and licked Jessica’s foot. She’d been completely humiliated. Jessica sat on Kirsten’s back so she could worship both feet and smiled over at Winona who sat glaring at her. Then, after about five minutes, Jessica let Kirsten go and told her, “Never stand up to me again! Next time, you’ll end up as my slave like your girlfriend!”

When Jessica turned and went back to her hotel, Winona crawled over to Kirsten and the two frail, beautiful and beaten woman hugged and murmured soothing words to one another. After snapping a few more pictures, the press left the two alone and went looking for Melina, hoping to get some inflammatory quotes for the morning papers.


Winona Appears on Celeb Wrestling TV hosted by Kelly Ripa by vulcannightbird
Today’s Topic: The life of a wimp!

At the first sight a normal talk show set. In the background a sunset picture of Malibu beach, one host seat behind a wooden table, two guests could easily accommodate on the lush red couch. But were normally would be the stage for the music act a standard size boxing ring is erected, in front of it an arm-wrestling table. As the light goes up and the camera rolls hot muscular toughie Kelly Ripa enters the stage and waves to a cheering audience. Wearing a white muscle shirt and a very shirt red skirt. Her thighs bounce with every step and her calves bulge, while waving to the audience her well-defined shoulders and biceps make the crowd cheer.

"Hi, I'm Kelly! Welcome to the first show of Celebrity Wrestling TV. This new sport has taken Hollywood by storm and I'm trying to show you all the hotness of it. Today we try to answer a question that many people on the street have asked me ‘OK, big girls may fight to test their power, but most celebs are wimps, why the hell do they fight? I've invited two guests who are among the most active in the celebrity wrestling scene to answer that question.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the two-times Oscar-nominated actress Winona Ryder!" (36yo - 5'4 - 105lb)

A big round of applause started as Winona entered the stage, wearing a tight black shoulder- and arms-free evening-gown that is barely able to contain her big soft breasts. Winona smiles radiant and blushes as the applause intensifies and the audience rises for standing ovations. Winona waved, showing her skinny arms and shoulders while she slowly walks over to finally sit down.

"Wow," exclaimed Winona after she sat down and the applause continued. Finally the applause subsided.

"People still like you so much," said Kelly.

Kelly put her right arm on table and flexed her bulging bicep. Winona looked doe-eyed at it, moistening her lips.

"So, out topic is today: Why do weak woman fight? You're not the strongest fighter I presume?" Kelly asked smiling.

", except for one or two woman who don't eat, I'm no match for anyone."

"So then why do you keep fighting?"

"I love the sensation of being overpowered and feeling weak under a strong woman," Winona chuckles. "It's almost as good as sex - and often it's' a great way to get turned on for it."

"So you don't fight to win?"

" mean, look at me, you could easily ram me down....but if you're not willing to do so - or want to save me because I am little and weak - then I'd bust your ass if I got the chance. I don't go down easily."

"So, every woman has to conquer you before she can have her way with you?"

"Definitely yes! Otherwise, it's no fun!"

"What's you favorite move?" Winona blushed a little and rubbed her thin arms. "Come on, Noni! Tell us!"

"I like it most when a strong woman uses my little know.....twisting...scissoring...and torturing...ripping my small soft biceps apart."

The crowd cheered and the straight men and lesbians in the audience were already steaming hearing those words from the petite, drop-dead gorgeous, actress. Kelly smiled and nodded knowingly.

"Thanks for this insights, Winona! We will come to action soon. But now welcome my second guest, she is the star of the Pirates of the Caribbean - a great young actress - even if not as great as Winona - and even weaker than Winona...

"Here is... Keira Knightly." (26yo - 5'7 - 110lb)

The audience applauded. Keira stepped on the stage wearing a light blue dress that revealed a good deal of her skinny frame. Some people in the audience looked shocked, as did Kelly and Winona, Keira has again lost some pounds. And were Winona looked petite Keira just was skinny - too skinny. As Keira sat down on her chest the bones poked out more than clearly, Winona and Kelly tried not to stare at this starving creature who still smiled self-confident. Kelly greets Keira and they shake hands, Keira winches slightly as her small bony hand is crushed by strong Kelly. Then Keira turns to Winona, looking pissed, while Winona smiled fiendish.

"Hey, beanpole, had anything to eat today?" said Winona with sparkling eyes.

"Hey, what is it with you?" asked Kelly surprised at the aggressiveness shown by both actresses.

"She's an asshole!" hissed Keira.

"I just mopped the floor with this bone-collection!" explained Winona smiling.

"She was just lucky!" shrieked Keira.

Winona bolted up, stood steaming in front of Keira who trembled with fear. "We could fight it out right here, you skinny asshole!" growled Winona who liked the fear she induced in Keira.

"Noooo....." whined Keira.

"Weakling!" hissed Winona before she sat down.

Kelly smiled. She liked Winona's aggressiveness. "So you will fight soon?" Kelly asked Winona.

"Yes, there's a big fight night at my private beach next Friday," she replied, glaring at Keira.

"Okay, but you've to give us some action now. How about an arm wrestling match?"

"Why not!" said Winona and flexed her thin arm, showing a small, barely visible, bicep.

Winona grabbed Keira by her bony shoulder and dragged her to the arm wrestling table, the crowd cheered as Winona easily handled the skinny Keira. Kelly followed and stood next to the table while the two frail actresses seated themselves. Winona put her thin arm on the table and flexed her cute small muscle again, Keira slowly put her skinny arm up. Keira tried to flex but you could see no muscle, just bones poking out. Winona grabbed Keira's frail hand hard who winced. Kelly hold their hands in the neutral position.

"Okay, girls - Press!"

Both girls started, Keira gave all her skinny arms could who already trembled. Winona small little muscles flexed but she easily holds Keira and smiles at her trembling opponent. Keira moans with humiliation as her beanpole arms tremble more and more realizing that she has no chance against Winona. The audience cheered Winona who smiled radiantly. Then Winona gave all her arm could do and slowly but surely she forced Keira's wimpy arm down. Keira moaned and groaned leaning her head on the table, her skinny arm straining. After about five seconds Winona had Keira's arm down. Winona lifted her arms up, clenched her small fists and cheered with victory.

"You will so be mine next week!" Winona giggled.

Keira flushed bright red, then cried humiliated and ran out of the studio. Most of the audience was still cheering Winona while others booed Keira for quitting so quickly. Winona laughed as she watched Keira leave in tears.

"That WAS Keira Knightley!" said Kelly smiling. "Sadly, we still have an surprise opponent who now is without an opponent."

"Let me do her!" said Winona and the crowd cheered.

"But we also have an opponent for YOU!" Kelly said as they walked back to their seats.

"Fine, I'll do 'em both!" exclaimed Winona, smiling winsomely.

"If you wish," shrugged Kelly, turning for the camera. "OK! She was originally supposed to fight wimpy know her from her hit series 'Charmed'...she's working out three times a week and is one of the most fit actresses on the small screen. Please welcome…Alyssa Milano!" (35yo - 5'2 - 110lb)

Alyssa entered the stage and waved as the audience applauded. Wearing a white sleeveless muscle shirt and tight spandex jeans she sat herself closely next to Winona. Alyssa's lean but muscular arm brushed over Winona's thin arm, who trembled as her beautiful brown eyes wandered over Alyssa's fit body. Alyssa smiled and took Winona's frail hand gently and turned to her.

"I have to say I like you soooo much," gushed Alyssa. "Your performance in ‘Girl, Interrupted' and 'The Crucible' were like soooo totally awesome!"

Winona thanked and felt Alyssa's strong hard arms on her frail arm, her arm not even half as thick as Alyssa's. She tried to remove her hand, but she couldn't even break Alyssa's normal grip. Winona looked doe-eyed as Alyssa's bicep bulged while she tried to free her hand.

"You also like to wrestle?" asks Kelly.

"Yeah," grinned Alyssa. "Mainly as an addition to my training."

"And how did YOU get started wrestling, Winona?"

"Oh....I also started some time ago, but I loved it ever since 'Mermaids'."

"How come?"

"I was 21 and during some time off I played on the set with then 13 year old Christina Ricci, She easily pinned me and I couldn't break free, she was just too strong. I tried to hide it, but that got me sooooo horny...I'll be fighting her on Friday, by the way."

"Any chance you'll beat her now?" asked Alyssa, giving Winona's soft bicep a firm squeeze.

Winona winced and looked doe-eyed at Alyssa, feeling her soft biceps squashed flat. "Not by force! She slammed me again and again arm-wrestling. But I think - if I'm lucky - I can outwit her. I mean, let’s be honest, Ricci's no Jessica Simpson in the brain department!"

Kelly smiled as the frail Winona and fit Alyssa cuddled together.

"OK, girls. As you've heard Alyssa, Winona wants to take you on since wimpy Keira fled after being humiliated. You game?"

"Looking forward to it," said Alyssa, squeezing Winona's thin arm hard again.

Winona's nipples visibly stiff nodded. They both stood up and went to the ring. Alyssa looked at petite Winona and made a resolution not too hurt her idol much, just a little humiliation. Winona eyed the fit actress walking before her knowing that she has no chance matching muscles, she had to be fast to beat Alyssa. They entered the ring, Alyssa flexed her impressive biceps trying to intimidate thin Winona. Winona stared at Alyssa's hard bulging muscles and stretched her lean thin arms. Kelly stood in the middle as the ref.

"Okay, girls.....Fight!!!"

Kelly moved fast to one side letting all room to the contestants. The crowd was cheering while Winona and Alyssa were circling themselves. Winona tried to outwit and out quick Alyssa but quickly saw Alyssa was as fast as she was. Alyssa also found that while Winona was fast she avoided direct muscle-to-muscle contests which Winona knew she’d lose. Finally, Alyssa was able to grip Winona's short hair firmly, Winona screamed and grabbed Alyssa's hard muscled forearms, but her thin weak arms were no use against them. Alyssa smiled as she felt Winona's weak attempts and dragged her to her and forced Winona's head down hard.

Alyssa's powerful pumped arm was far to much for Winona's frail body to withstand. Winona's upper body was bent down by Alyssa, who smiled victoriously. Winona gritted her teeth and rammed her small bony fists as hard as she could into Alyssa's abs. Alyssa grunted slightly but Winona's light blows could not really damage Alyssa's firm belly, who now tripped Winona thin legs. Winona fell down under Alyssa, who gave Winona a gruesome hard kick into Winona's soft unprotected belly. Winona squirmed in pain at Alyssa's feet.

Alyssa, now very overconfident, walked around Winona in a victory pose flexing her muscular arms. Alyssa smiled and laughed even as the boos started to sound louder than the cheers. Winona still coughed and rolled herself slowly on her back, soothing her burning convulsing belly. Alyssa stood before Winona who curled up her girlish legs as she bent down smiling at her. Alyssa got on top of Winona, grabbed her thin wrists and pinned the weakly struggling Winona.

The dark eyed beauties trembled, as Winona realized that she was no match for hot Alyssa while her eyes wandered over her opponents petite but lean hard muscled shoulders and arms. Alyssa piteously looked down at weak trembling Winona, bent down and kissed Winona's tiny trembling bicep. Alyssa felt that even the soft pressure of her lips dented Winona's little muscle. Winona trembled with lust and humiliation as Alyssa kissed her small weak bicep, her nipples stiffened and brushed over Alyssa's only slightly smaller tits. Alyssa smiled down on Winona and gently pressed her breasts against Winona's, who moaned and trembled under her. They rubbed their tits and trembled more and more, Alyssa pressed Winona's thin forearms hard into the ground to prove that she's stronger while Winona's trembled with useless weak effort to break free.

"You're mine, you hot little weakie," whispered Alyssa smiling down on Winona.

Alyssa grabbed Winona right forearm while pressing her upper body on Winona's left upper arm. Winona moaned as her thin arm was squashed by Alyssa’s weight. Alyssa smiled at trembling Winona and wrapped her right arm around Winona's frail bony shoulders, her own shoulder now painfully piercing into Winona's soft upper arm. Alyssa held Winona's right arm up.

"Now flex for me, little weakie," hissed Alyssa into Winona's ear, "show me your power...."

Winona flexed her small soft bicep, the bulge was nearly visible, she gritted her teeth but she couldn't move her arm against Alyssa’s. Winona's wide brown eyes flickered back and forth between her thin weak trembling arm and Alyssa’s lean hard muscled arm easily holding it. Alyssa soothed Winona's frail neck gently and Winona arched her head back, her nipples stiffened.

"You're soooooo weak, weak, weak, weak, weak....." Alyssa whispered in Winona's ear.

Winona winced with blissful humiliation, she tried once more to flex her tiny arm harder. Alyssa now soothed Winona's bony shoulder and gave it a hard squeeze, Winona moaned out loud. Then Alyssa very slowly forced Winona's forearm down, while Winona's frail thin bicep throbbed with pain.

"Stop resisting, you're simply too weak.....and you enjoy it!" hissed Alyssa.

Alyssa moved on top of her frail opponent again, sure she's hers now. But Winona used Alyssa’s movement, suddenly bucked violently and rolled on top of Alyssa, pressing her pointy elbow hard into Alyssa’s neck and force down. Alyssa trembled uselessly for a second and grabbed Winona's arm with both hands. Winona frantically pressed on, while Alyssa’s face got blue fast. Alyssa vision started spinning, she let Winona's arm go and grabbed Winona's sides, cruelly squeezing her unprotected kidney’s as Winona howled with pain.

"Let me go or I'll break you in half...." hissed Alyssa still fighting for air.

Winona knew Alyssa would be out in seconds but Alyssa’s strong hands painfully moved Winona's unprotected organs inside her and finally Winona couldn't take it any longer and removed the pressure from her elbow screaming with pain. Alyssa breathed relieved, let Winona's throbbing sides go and gave her a hard slap over her angelic face. Winona fell to the side, holding her burning cheek and still paralyzed by her convulsing organs. Alyssa jumped on top of poor Winona and pinned her hard, Winona wrist knocking audibly on the ring floor.

"You're one hot, tough, cookie," whispered Alyssa.

Alyssa kissed the beautiful hot Winona under her and their bodies responded, Winona no longer tried to resist and relaxed her tired skinny arms and shoulders. Winona thrust her petite body against Alyssa's and kissed her strong opponent all over. Alyssa felt Winona's surrender, let her arms go and wrapped one hand around Winona's frail swan's neck, the other tightly grabbed Winona's surprisingly firm ass.

Winona moaned as she felt Alyssa's strong grip. As Alyssa soothed Winona's beautiful feeble neck Winona kissed her hard bicep. Alyssa flexed the small, hard, muscle into a peak and Winona worshipped it with her lips and tongue. Winona now soothed Alyssa's fit body over her and slid her hands down her sides, finally grabbing Alyssa's shirt and moving it up and finally over Alyssa's head. Winona looked doe-eyed at Alyssa's firm wonderful exposed breasts. Alyssa’s hands gently moved over Winona's bony shoulders and finally moved the small strings of tissue, that hold Winona's gown down slowly.

Winona's big, soft, breasts spilled free and Alyssa was amazed at how such a petite woman could have such wonderfully huge breasts. Winona playfully reached up and gave Alyssa's breasts a squeeze and she moaned and trembled as Winona's small, skinny, fingers wrapped around her firm tits. Alyssa looked down into Winona's hot sparkling brown eyes, who moistened her lips with anticipation.

Alyssa moved her hands roughly over Winona's big belly-pudding balls, with Winona steaming under her, then her hands moved on over Winona’s skinny shoulders and her outstretched beanpole arms. Alyssa squeezed Winona's upper arms hard and easily squashed her soft muscles. Winona moaned with lust, closed her eyes and arched her head back as her trembling hands covered Alyssa's hard, aroused nipples.

Alyssa removed her left hand and very, very, gently caressed Winona's perfect face and neck, then grabbed Winona's feeble wrists and although Winona resisted playfully, Alyssa just smiled as she easily spread Winona's thin trembling arms wide.

"Gawd, you are sooooo hot," exclaimed Alyssa as she easily dominated Winona's arms.

Alyssa easily moved Winona thin weak arms around, who flexed her beanpoles uselessly realizing that she was absolutely no match for Alyssa. Winona winced weakly as Alyssa continued to toy with her, then Alyssa pinned Winona's arm very slowly down, letting her thin arms tremble like twigs in the wind. Winona arched her head back, closed her eyes, moaned with pleasure and enjoyed her weakness. Alyssa trembled with lust as she saw lusting Winona under her, she leaned down, their breasts rubbing over each other giving Winona a deep intimate kiss while stretching her arms wide apart. Winona wrapped her lean soft legs around Alyssa's waist and gave it a soft squeeze. Winona scissored Alyssa with effort but with her thin trembling legs Alyssa didn't even realized it was real-meant Scissor.

Alyssa grabbed Winona's lower legs and easily squashed the soft calves. Winona winced weakly, her hands weakly soothing Alyssa's hard shoulders. Alyssa dragged hard on Winona's girlish legs and easily bend them over next to Winona's head, twisting Winona feeble body into a pretzel.

"Oh my gawd," winced weak Winona hornily, " you're sooooo strong....."

Alyssa now grabbed one ankle and wrist of Winona with one hand and forced them down hard, Winona's twisted body trembling weakly. Alyssa stared horny at Winona's thick breasts as Winona lay forcefully curled under her. Winona now tried once more to free herself, she flexed her girlish legs and thin beanpole arms at once, Alyssa's arms trembled at the combined force. Winona smiled as she saw Alyssa's clenched teeth and gave all she had. Alyssa had to let Winona's ankles go if she don't want to completely loose her comfortable position. As Winona got her legs free she smiled and locked her feet around Alyssa's neck and tried to force Alyssa's upper body down. Winona's lean legs trembled, Alyssa completely surprised by Winona's skilled move was unprepared and is forced on her back. Winona now breaking free, with Alyssa now on her back jumped on her opponent fast, forcing her pointy knees into Alyssa’s belly and grabbing her wrists. Alyssa looking up in pure surprise winced as she felt Winona's sharp knees torturing her abs and only looked doe-eyed as her wrists were pinned down.

As Alyssa finally started to flex her lean hard arms Winona had already stretched her thin soft, and even if Winona's arms were trembling Alyssa couldn’t break Winona's pin. Alyssa than began to buck and squirm under Winona to get Winona's knees from her already burning abs, knowing that her abs wouldn't hold this torture long. Winona was barely able to keep on top of Alyssa. Winona's big soft boobs bounced and swung back and forth, Alyssa gaping amazed at them and immediately getting wet again. Alyssa stopped and only wanted that Winona should take her. Winona saw Alyssa's lusting and lowered her boobs only so far that her nipples barely brushed over Alyssa’s tits. Alyssa trembled with ecstasy.

Alyssa now wanted Winona, whatever it should cost. She flexed her lean fit body and immediately broke free, Winona falling on her side next to Winona. Alyssa grabbed Winona's short black hair and forced her head back and glared into her big brown eyes.

"You're mine now!" hissed Alyssa.

Winona moaned and squirmed with blissful humiliation, while Alyssa finally pinned Winona again and squashed Winona's cute biceps under her elbows. Alyssa moved up a little to position her tits over Winona’s face, who winced weakly realizing that she must act now or Alyssa would smother her unconscious. Alyssa forced her firm tits onto Winona's angelic face, who squirmed under Alyssa uselessly testing Alyssa's smooth skin. After about 10 seconds Alyssa let Winona breath again. Winona's eyes suddenly gleamed fiendish, Alyssa had completely take down her guard to smother Winona. Alyssa only realized this as she suddenly felt Winona's knee hard between her legs.

"You’ll never get to fuck me!" hissed Winona, then rammed her knee up into Alyssa's sex again!

Alyssa jumped up howling, her already aroused wet clit burned with fire. Alyssa glared down on Winona with pure anger in her eyes and stomped as hard as she could on Winona's soft belly. Winona groaned as she curled up on the ground grabbing her burning belly.

"You want it hard - you can have it hard!"

Alyssa gave Winona a hard kick into her left exposed kidney and enjoyed Winona's scream. Winona's vision spinning and she shook her head trying to clear her vision. Alyssa angrily looked down at squirming Winona and finally bent down to look into her eyes.

"Had enough?" Alyssa asked.

Winona glared at her opponent viciously and Alyssa reacted fearfully as she saw Winona's angry eyes. Winona slowly shook her head. Alyssa, still rooted to the floor by Winona menacing eyes, suddenly let out a terrifying howl as Winona suddenly rammed her feet with full force into Alyssa's knees, painfully dislocating her kneecaps. Alyssa screamed in pain, grabbed her throbbing knees and fell to the ground like a dismounted tree. Winona sprang up and jumped hard onto Alyssa's back. Winona forcing her pointy bony knees hard into Alyssa's calves and her ramming her pointy elbows with frantic blows between Alyssa's shoulderblades. Alyssa yelled in pain, paralyzed by the brutal attack of Winona.

"I give! I give!" quaked Alyssa and Winona stopped her merciless assault.

Winona dropped down next to Alyssa, completely out of breath, her big breasts heaving as Winona panted. She felt her aching body but looked over smiling at the battered Alyssa who slowly got up. Winona jumped up and grabbed Alyssa’s wet clit! Alyssa gaped and looked down in disbelief as Winona smiled coldly and easily forced Alyssa back into the corner were she moved her bony finger hard over Alyssa's hard clit.

Alyssa grabbed Winona thin skin-and-bones forearms hard with both hands and dragged hard, but Winona's fingernails were securely pierced into Alyssa’s soft wet clit and Alyssa gave a pitiful howl as she tried to move Winona's arm.

"You could force my arm away easily," Winona whispered playfully with sparkling eyes, "but I assume if you do you won't have any fun for a very long time..."

Alyssa surrendered and let Winona's arm go, Winona smiled fiendish and continued to work Alyssa’s clit. Alyssa’s already hot body responded immediately and she came with a huge orgasm, her hands weakly trembling over Winona's frail hot body. Winona angrily forced Alyssa’s hands away with her free hand and grabbed Alyssa’s hair.

"You're mine now, Alyssa!" hissed Winona while Alyssa panted in Winona's hands.

Alyssa nodded humiliated and both woman slid down completely exhausted. Their breasts sank and rose with their deep breaths. Kelly applauded and the crowd cheered as Alyssa came up first.

"Gawd, you're a small toughie," exclaimed Alyssa as she helped Winona up. Kelly came and lifted Winona's arm in victory and the crowd cheered her standing.

"You should've finished me, while you had the chance," whispered Winona, still out of breath.

"I never thought you could be so brutal," said Alyssa. "Next time, I'll know it."

Winona and Alyssa hugged each other, their nipples coming up again and both giggled. They returned to their sitting places, Winona supported by Alyssa. They fixed their dresses as far as possible. After they sat down Winona cuddled herself near Alyssa's fit body and Alyssa was more than happy to soothe the frail tough cookie in her arms.

"So, still ready for your surprise guest?" Kelly asked Winona.

"Bring her in," said Winona smiling and the crowd cheered.

"OK!" Kelly turned to the camera, "Our last guest is one of the most sought-after stunt woman in Hollywood and is also a preferred actress for physical roles. Mostly known for her portrayal of the Klingon first officer ‘Vixis’ in ‘Star Trek V,’ she competed in the early eighties as professional bodybuilder. Please welcome - Spice Williams!"

Spice entered the stage, wearing a skintight silver lycra dress revealing her thick muscled arms and shoulders and showing her massive bouncing thighs and calves as she entered. The audience nearly freaked out at the sight of this mature strong and hot woman. Spice set down and shook hands with doe-eyed staring Alyssa and Winona.

"Welcome to the show!" said Kelly and Spice sat down.

"Nice to be here," answered Spice. “It's not often stuntmen or -women - are invited. Most people don't really appreciate our work, but I have to say your two other guests here are noble exceptions."

"Interesting," said Kelly, "Winona, Alyssa, tell us about your stuntwork."

"Since I work on a TV show, "Alyssa started. “There’s no budget for major stunts or doubles - so I do nearly my own fight scenes."

"Hmmm....I was merely forced into it," continued Winona. “I normally have quite short cut hair and it's hard to use a double or you’d see the stunt double isn’t me. So for Alien, Lost Souls and Mr. Deeds, I did nearly all my own stunts."

"I heard you broke your arm on 'Deeds,'" Spice observed.

"Yes. My skirt got trapped in the chain of the bike I rode down the steps at Bethesda Fountain...."

"And the resulting heavy painkillers finally lead to your Saks incident, right?" said Kelly.

"Yeah....but I had to continue's my work...." Winona blushed but Spice and Alyssa nodded with understanding and the audience clapped rhythmically. After a about a minute the applause subsided.

"Back to business," said Kelly, stood up and lead her guests to the arm-wrestling table. "Winona and Alyssa will take turns arm-wrestling Spice - then Winona gets in the ring against Spice."

Winona sat down first and Spice grabbed Winona's frail hand hard. Winona grimaced at the hard grip.

"Okay girls - GO!"

Winona flexed her cute tiny bicep and gave all she got, her frail arm trembled and was so completely dwarfed by Spice' massive bulging bicep, that was at last ten times thicker than Winona's. Spice smiled and toyed easily with Winona's beanpole arm, whose thin flexed upper arm was not even one third of Spice' rippling forearm. Winona moaned and groaned as her useless arm strained and trembled like a twig. The crowd cheered at this so uneven fight. Winona tried once more to squeeze one more ounce of pressure out of her thin frail arm but it felt to her like pressing against massive rock.

Winona breathed harder and harder and Spice felt how Winona's feeble pressure was dwindling down as her cute little arm tired. After thirty seconds, which seemed to Winona like an eternity while her poor weak arm spasmed, Spice flexed her massive shoulders and biceps to max. Winona shrieked as her skinny forearm was rammed down hard. Winona looked doe-eyed how her weak arm was humiliated by Spice's massively bulging arm. Spice raised her thick arms in victory while Winona soothed her throbbing arm.

"Gawd," exclaimed Winona.

Spice came around and gave Winona's arm a rough rub. Winona looking up at the strong woman, feeling the heat rising in her loins. "She never quit," said Spice. “She’s a great spirit."

"And now it's Alyssa's turn," said Kelly while Winona got up and Spice and Alyssa sat down.

Alyssa grabbed Spice' hand, who was surprised by Alyssa's hard grip.

"Okay, Girls - Fight!"

Alyssa and Spice pressed on, even if Alyssa's arm was way inferior to spice massive muscled arm she had clearly defined muscles. Spice immediately realized that Alyssa was a completely different class than Winona, who was a real weakling only good for toying around but Alyssa sported real power in her lean hard arm. Spice moved Alyssa's arm down a bit to give her a levering advantage. Alyssa grimaced and was even able to stop the downward motion of her arm. Spice nodded surprised, but after a short pause she used her clear raw power-advantage to force Alyssa's arm slowly down. Alyssa moaned and her muscles cramped but after about five seconds her arm was finally down.

"This chick is really strong," said Spice. Winona and the audience applauded as Alyssa got up, Winona then hugged Alyssa from behind.

"And now for the main event," Kelly said into the camera. “After her surprise win against Alyssa, Winona will now try to take down Spice Williams in a submission match."

The crowd cheered as the petite frail Winona and the heavily muscled Spice entered the ring. Spice flexed her massive guns and the crowd cheered, while Winona stretched her arms. Winona's heart pounded hard as she had no clue how to handle her massive opponent, but she was also eager to feel Spice' power on her small body. Spice eyed Winona carefully, even if her opponent was not even half her weight she had seen what Winona had done to Alyssa in the ring.

"Okay, girls - you know submission rules: no hard blows or kicks, but I think we can turn a blind eye on Winona since she really has an uphill battle with Spice," said Kelly. Spice nodded in agreement. "Fight!" yelled Kelly as she exited the ring.
Spice and Winona circled each other, while Winona tried to keep a good distance between her and Spice. Winona looked so tiny and dwarfed next to Spice, who smiled and slowly advanced on Winona and finally lift her massive arms, the crowd cheered. Winona trembled and also lift her thin arms, suddenly Spice leaped in on Winona with incredible speed and grabbed Winona's frail upper arms hard. Winona winced as her arms were squashed immediately flat to the bone, Spice smiled down on her feeble opponent, Winona weakly grabbed Spice' massive upper arms, her arm so dwarfed by Spice' massive arms, whose lower arms were clearly bigger than Winona's wimpy upper arms.

Winona's feeble skinny hands squeezed in on Spice' heavily muscled upper arms. Spice was surprised by Winona's hard grip, but it can't really dent Spice' hard muscles. Spice smiled and yanked lightweight Winona easily around, Winona staggered defenseless. Winona got more and more angry at her own weakness and finally rammed her bony knee into Spice' sex. Spice flinched shortly, and felt Winona's frail knee into her hard massive abs. Winona moaned in pain as her knee got painfully deranged by Spice' abs. Spice had enough and hurled Winona hard into the ropes, the tiny girl flying hard into them. Winona winced and was able to keep herself on her thin trembling legs, breathing hard.

Spice stood in the middle of the ring, hands on her hips, waiting for Winona. "C'mon, wimp! Attack me!"

Winona looked pissed with sparkling brown eyes, stretching her thin arms and legs and suddenly ran, like in her movie Mr. Deeds, with full force into Spice' body to ram her down. Spice nearly laughed at Winona's primitive attack and Winona realized that the reality is never like shown in the movies as Spice easily wrapped her massive arm around Winona's frail swan's neck and hurled the frail actress around. Winona howled with humiliation as she was so easily toyed around in Spice' hard headlock, she felt Spice' hard thick arm around her feeble neck, hammering her tiny fists into Spice' sides.

Spice laughed at Winona's weak attempts who was forcefully bent down in her headlock. She felt Winona's tiny fists and grabbed Winona's left arm, forced it up hard and twisted it hard. Winona screamed as her thin arm was twisted. Spice let go, rammed her knee hard into Winona's soft unprotected belly, who fell to the ground squirming and moaning in pain.

"What now, tiny? Maybe some 12-year old from the audience would be a better match for you..."

Winona glared up at Spice, lying in front of her slowly forcing her upper body up with her aching trembling arms. Spice flexed and Winona looked doe-eyed at Spice' massive bicep, but then as Spice enjoyed the cheering crowd, Winona rammed her feet once, twice, thrice as hard as she could into Spice' sex screaming with effort and with the last blow broke through the surrounding muscles of Spice' sex. spice yelled, grabbed her painfully throbbing clit and dropped to her knees. Winona jumped up, rammed her knee into Spice' spine, who howled with pain. Winona then wriggled her thin bony fingers next to Spice' massive fleshy hands and finally clawed her nails into Spice' already burning clit. Winona smiled fiendish as Spice screamed in terror, totally unbelieving that this tiny Winona could inflict such terrible pains on her.

"Noooooooooo, you will not fuck me!!!" yelled Spice in pain.

"We'll see about that," hissed Winona in Spice' ear as she dug her nails into Spice’s clit.

Spice bend down, now her upper body on her knees, Winona frail arm vanishing between Spice' massive body. As Winona's skinny forearm is squeezed between Spice' hard chest and iron thighs her hand slowly get numb and her nails slowly loose their grip on Spice' clit. Winona grimaced and tried to finish Spice as she knew this might be her only chance, but it was too late. Spice finally recovered and rammed her elbows back hard into Winona's exposed feeble ribs. Winona screamed with pain as her ribs bend and creaked dangerously. Winona let Spice go, rolling on her back in searing pain, wrapping her thin arms around her throbbing ribs. Spice stood up, her clit still burning and glared down at the skinny tough women under her who rolled and moaned in pain.

"Now you'll suffer...." growled Spice as she slammed her foot into Winona's soft belly.

Winona's legs and upper body were hurled up as Spice stomped her belly. Winona howled and turned in pain onto her belly. Spice smiled down, grabbed Winona's arms and forced them up hard while she planted her foot on Winona's back. Spice started to twist Winona's thin arms till her shoulders creaked, forcing her foot hard into Winona back. She grunted weakly every time Spice increased the pressure on Winona's feeble arms.

"Do you give?" asked Spice.

"Never!!!" hissed humiliated Winona and squirmed uselessly under Spice who gave Winona's minuscule arms another twist, who creaked and bent dangerously, any more pressure would break them.

Winona screamed and kicked uselessly into the air. "I give! I give! Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.............."

Spice let Winona go whose body trembled in spasms on the floor. Spice gently picked Winona and planted the frail woman on her trembling thin legs and gave Winona's neck a fast kiss. Winona looked doe-eyed and stretched her aching arms. Kelly came in with the mike and asked Spice first.

"This tiny thing there is hot and tough. She wanted to fuck me like she did Alyssa, but I wouldn't let her. Any woman who'll fight her should know she's quick and she can bend like a rubber band - see how she squirmed her hand into my pants? Amazing!" Winona's cheeks colored with the praise from Spice.

"Quite some compliments," said Kelly and turned to Winona.

"Yeah....Wow!" answered Winona with a girlish giggle. "But it felt like fighting against a pillar of steel, out-of-earth power."

They both returned to their seats and Winona and Alyssa whispered and giggled, Alyssa hugging her frail tough cookie.
"And now for our last two guests," said Kelly turning for the camera. “First is mostly known for her performance as Eden in Heroes. Now she's anxious to get into her first fight - Nora Zehetner. The second is legendary beach brawler, Cori Nadine."

The crowd applauded as both woman stepped in, Nora dwarfed by the massive Cori viciously smiled down tiny Nora. Winona watched Cori closely as she had heard many bad things about her. Nora sat down beaming, her frail petite body lighter even than Keira's was trembling with anticipation. Cori slumped down and pushed Nora to the side and grabbed Kelly's microphone.

"I will kill this tiny wimp! That's all I have to say!" growled Cori. Nora trembled and put her skinny arms on her knees.

"Gawd, you can really count her ribs," whispered Winona to Alyssa.

"And you really WANT to fight? Especially massive Cori here?" asked Kelly.

"Oh yes, really anxious to...." whispered Nora, smiling sweet.

Cori smiled piteously down on Nora but then caught Winona's glaring eyes. "Let us skip all this talking! I wanna fight!" growled Cori. She got up and walked to the ring, pointing menacingly at Winona who glared back. Nora and Kelly followed.

"I've a very bad feeling about this," said Winona. "I don't think Cori is kidding..."

Cori jumped into the ring, letting her jeans and shirt go, only wearing a sports bra and panties underneath, flexing her massive hard arms. Nora got in, not even half Cori’s weight, jumping and lifting her skinny arms as the audience cheered.

"Okay. girls - get ready," cheers Kelly. "…and fight!"

Nora started circling massive Cori who simply stood in the center of the ring and looked bored at tiny Nora. "Oh, wimp, just attack me!" growled Cori.

Nora trembled and looked around troubled, while the people booed at Cori, but Nora thought they were booing her. Nora then ran hard into Cori, hammering her skinny fists into Cori's back. Cori completely ignored the feeble blows and put her arms on her hips. Nora continued till she breathed hard and finally stopped exhausted.

"Are you finished?" said Cori and turned to Nora who looked up doe-eyed and frightened as Cori smiled. Cori suddenly grabbed Nora's bony left forearm and gave it a squeeze. Nora screamed in pain as her bones bent and creaked. Her legs trembled as Cori easily forced her to her knees. Nora grabbed with her right hand Cori's massive rippling forearm. Cori shook her head and rammed her knee brutally into Nora's face, who flew back and landed on her back moaning. Winona sprang up from her seat but Alyssa hold her by her arm. Cori advanced on poor Nora who looked fearfully up.

"Already finished? I thought you like to fight; you worthless little wimp!" Cori grabbed her little toy by her black short hair and jacked Nora up. Nora trembled all over, Cori rammed her fist deep into Nora's frail soft belly. The feeble woman coughed her convulsing guts out, while Cori glared at poor Nora. "Say Good Night, sweetie..." she hissed and drove her knee into Nora's face hard. Little Nora crumbled at Cori's feet, the crowd booed but Cori flexed her huge arms. Cori stomped into Nora's feeble frail body.

Winona had seen enough and jumped up running into the ring, angrily glaring at Cori. "Let her go!" she screamed at Cori. "She's finished!"

Cori slapped Winona hard backhanded and sent her flying back into the ropes. Winona came up again as Cori was about to stomp poor Nora again, but gladly Spice was now also there and grabbed Cori's ankle and twisted it up.

"You should rethink that," hissed Spice. “…or maybe you wanna take on one more your size?" Cori tried to free her leg, but Spice hold it easily and then shoving Cori back from Nora. Cori looked around pissed and as all other women were against her and the audience booed she angry left the ring.

"She's just a weak wimp! she deserved it!" howled Cori as she left the studio.

"Asshole!" hissed Winona rubbing her aching back.

Spice bend down to Nora who was just coming around, Spice helped Nora sitting up. Nora felt Spice' thick muscled arm around her small back and then looked doe-eyed into Spice eyes. Nora trembled as her eyes wandered over Spice mature hard body and saw her wonderful smile. Spice smiled back and picked her up easily.

"C'mon my frail cute angel," said Spice as she carried Nora to her seat. Nora gave her a passionate kiss, then blushed and trembled like a schoolgirl. Spice sat Nora down and wrapped her thick arms around feeble Nora. Winona and Alyssa winked at each other as they watched Nora with Spice.

"Nora, I'll get you a good fight," offered Winona. “You can take on Keira next Friday."

"Thank you," said Nora as she smiled at Winona.

"OK girls, this was a great show, but I see our time is up," said Kelly. She turned to the audience, "I hope you liked it and you'll switch on again next month; the subject of our show will be, 'When Strong Girls Collide'."

The end titles roll as the show winds up....