Winona Ryder’s Fights: Volume #3 by vulcannightbird+RiRy
Part One: Winona Ryder vs. Nora Zehetner

After long talks with Nora Christina Ricci arranged the upcoming training fight. For Nora it's just a warm-up for her upcoming fight with Winona, and she wants to show that she can beat Winona.

"Hey, I may be small. But loosing against Winona? I think you can't be serious! This old skank has lost each and every fight she had in her boxing career. Personally I think Winona is a pervert and likes it!"

Winona smiles icily at Nora and turns to the press: "This tiny bitch will suffer! Bet on it!" As the two fighters enter the ring Chris gave her comment to the press: "To be honest, Nora is only a build-up opponent for Noni's upcoming fight with Audrey. Well Nora didn't know this, but I'll think Winona will teach her this lesson."

Round 1: The fighters start to circle and Winona going a little overconfident, pressing the matter but getting no clear hits. Both fighters are agile and fast, Nora counted before fight on the assumption that Winona might be slow due to her age, but she sees now that this was a clear mistake. Winona tries to end this fight fast, but Nora is always getting away fast. Winona gets a little nervous and is going in but also neglecting her cover, and as Winona hits a decent blow to Nora's forehead, Nora ignores the ringing pain in her head and hammers her fists in a fast combination into Winona's exposed belly and big boobs finishing of with an uppercut to Winona's chin.

Winona, totally surprised, staggers back - and falls down on her ass! Jumping up fast nevertheless and as Nora comes in smiling with a very slow blow aimed at Winona's head, Winona intercepts Nora's forearm, deflecting it easily and hammering her right glove deep into Nora's belly. Nora coughs and stands stunned and rooted to the floor, covering her churning belly with her forearms. Winona grits her teeth and smiles icily as she sees her chance, hammering a terrible blow right into Nora's forehead. The bell goes, Nora is saved who is hanging in the ropes. Winona returns to her corner looking icily at the man at the bell.

Between Rounds: Chris is talking coolly to Winona, warning her not to press the matter or Nora might get a lucky punch. On the other side Audrey Tautou has entered, coming right in time delayed due to a delay of her plane from France. Audrey advises Nora to wait for Winona's mistakes, seeing clearly that Winona has a short temper.

Round 2: The second round both fighters are far more cautious. Both testing speed and skill and both doing well but Winona mostly having a small edge over Nora. Winona has some clear but not very hard hits on Nora, but is able to keep off Nora's attempts to land a hit. In the end of this quite slow round Winona shows a good sense of time as she suddenly attacks in the last twenty seconds of the fight. Winona lets blows rain into Nora's arms, shoulders and sides merciless for the last seconds. Nora stands there completely surprised as she uselessly tries to get away. Not really damaging Nora but demolishing her ego Winona continues till the bell rings.

Between Rounds: Chris and Winona high-five. Nora looks more shattered than she is and Audrey grabs Nora by her shoulders and shakes her hard and talking intensely to her as if to wake her up.

Round 3: Winona comes in crisp, guard well up, waiting for Nora. Nora comes in, her arms already a little down, clearly weakened. Nora now knows she can't do it over the rounds and so the goes on the offensive. Winona keeps her guard, getting one or two painful blows into her arms or shoulders but always able to get out. Winona flies thru the ring, Nora follows her, trying not to let the assault stop but she can't get thru Winona's guard. Then in the latter third of the round Winona gets a quite painful hit into her triceps, letting out a small yelp.

As Winona stretches out her aching arm, Nora rams her fist hard into Winona's left cheek. Winona grits her teeth and escapes into attack, her fists going low, hitting compact blows into Nora's belly and kidneys, while Winona herself receives hard blows into the sides of her head. As the petite girls slaughter each other with astonishing might, Winona lands a hard blow at Nora's lower right rib. Nora screams and crumples to her knees. Not to early for Winona who also stands unsteady, shaking her tingling head. The ref counts them both: Winona till four and Nora till eight till she has finally struggled up. As they just wanted to start again the bell sounds.

Between Rounds: Winona puts her head into cold water, feeling immediately better, Chris patting her shoulder and showing a thumbs-up. "Finish her!" Nora holds her burning rib and is bandaged by the RiRy medical staff. Audrey tries to cheer Nora up but both now that Nora now has a weakness Winona could exploit.

Round 4: The fighters enter. Winona keeps it slow but Nora's face is always pain stricken when she takes a deep breath. Winona circles slowly and Nora clearly tries to keep out of harms way. Winona finally has enough of this and is able to trap Nora in a corner. Winona smiles and willfully lets her guard down a little, inviting a blow to her head which immediately follows but is far weaker than those Nora administered last round. Winona just takes Nora's weak blows and finally sees her opening, ramming her fist into Nora's bandaged rib. Nora bits her lips to prevent a painful yelp, trying to show no pain, putting her guard low to protect her churning ribcage. Winona could've now pounded on Nora's head but decides to take some training and hammers Nora arms, shoulders and sides with hard but not lethal blows to Nora, who is now helplessly in the corner. As Winona sees that the bell guy picks up his small metallic hammer, she steps back and rams a straight right into Nora's head, who snaps back before the bell comes.

Between Rounds: Winona smiling in her corner and Chris gently rubbing Noni's arms and shoulders. Nora sits with glassy eyes in her corner, while Audrey talks to her, but she didn't understand anymore.

Round 5: Winona enters, smacking her fists into each other and waits while Nora comes in: Her legs wobbly, her eyes dim and her arms limb at her sides. The ring medic starts up but Chris holds him back. Winona circles in on her opponent slowly, Nora slowly gets her arms up, moving like remote-controlled around. Nora then tries a very slow jab and taps Winona's arm. Winona smiles and rams her fist into Nora's bandaged rib again. Nora cries out in pain, her arms going down. Winona takes a short look at the poor figure in front of her and than rams her right into Nora's chin. Nora staggers, her vision spinning and as she is about to fall forward Winona hammers her left into Nora's forehead immediately switching Nora's lights out, who crumbles lifeless at Winona's feet.

Epilogue: Winona cheers and jumps around with her fists in the air. Chris is proud: "Winona showed she can do better than in the late official fights, maybe she has some stage-fright so she's scoring better here...We've got to know and work on it. Nevertheless, I think Audrey should be afraid." Audrey looks icily but she truly is impressed by Winona's performance.

"Well......she was good.....but I'll kill her....that's for sure"
* * *
While the doctors are tending poor Nora, Winona finally also sits down behind her opponents and gently strokes Nora's hair and as Nora's eyes finally flutter open she soothes Nora gently. Chris looks touched and for the last time turns to the press: "Winona's such an angel....."

Aftermath: Winona, Chris and Nora going into town in the evening. At a later bar they run into Audrey again. As everyone had some drinks tensions get high fast, especially between Audrey and Winona. Finally Audrey suggests to settle their argument outside in the backstreet and Winona is more than eager to do so....
Part Two: Winona Ryder vs. Audrey Tautou

After exchanging insults - for background see FCBA - Winona and Audrey are eager to settle their argument outside the bar in the backstreet. Both women storm out of the back door, the street is empty. The street is illuminated by white neon and lots of garbage is littered in the street. Winona eager to show the little Frenchie who's the boss here lets her light jacket go, now wearing only a tight sleeveless shirt and black shorts. Kicking away her high-heeled shoes she waits for Audrey with her hands on her hips. Audrey is in a red evening dress, shoulder and arms free, she also lets her shoes go.

"Prepare to die, wimp!" growls Audrey.

Winona chuckles: "Look who's talking!"

The girls clash into each other, Audrey grabs Winona's black short hair and drags hard. Winona grits her teeth and grabs Audrey's skinny forearms, trying to force them away. Winona is also pressing her big juicy boobs onto Audrey's little small titties. Their arms tremble but Winona is slowly but surely able to push Audrey's hands away from her head, Audrey has to let go. Audrey growls as she feels that Winona is a little stronger and spits Winona into her face. Slightly distracted by Audrey's dirty move, Winona's grip on Audrey's arm weakens for a second and Audrey is able to pull her arms free. Before Winona can duck, Audrey rams her bony elbows hard into Winona's small bony shoulders. Bones knocking loud on bones, Winona lets go a painful yelp as she goes to her knees, Audrey also in pain but bites her lips to not show it. Audrey uses her chance and grabs Winona's head with both hands and rams her left knee hard into Winona's head. Winona feels a bang like kicked by an ox, her hands slide weakly down Audrey's hips. Audrey smiles icily and rams her knee into Winona's face again and finally lets go. Winona crumbles on the floor, her head tingling and she tastes blood oozing down from her nose.

"Had enough? Little weak bimbo?" Audrey asked with an superior air.

Winona moaning and groaning, acting more hurt than she actually is waits until Audrey is close enough and then kicks her feet fiercely into Audrey's knees. Audrey screams in pain, one of her kneecaps broken and drops down to the floor, holding her throbbing knees. Winona now jumps onto Audrey like a cat, straddling her opponent. Audrey weakly lifts her arms to protect herself but Winona easily pins Audrey's arms down and securing them under her sharp knees. Winona moistens her lips as she moves her knees back and forth over Audrey's thin upper arms. Audrey moans in pain, her legs still spasming with pain.

"Who had enough now?" hisses Winona.

Winona grabs Audrey by her short hair with both hands and glares down on her beaten opponent.

"Do you give?"

"Never," hisses Audrey and squirms violently under Winona.

Winona has troubles keeping her position on top of Audrey and finally falls to her side. Audrey turns herself on top of Winona who struggles and Audrey is unable to pin her. Winona's arms prove to be too much for Audrey who then slams her knee into Winona's soft belly! Winona's arms go down as Winona's face is stricken with pain from her churning belly. Audrey ignores the pain in her knee and rams it into Winona's belly again. Winona coughs and moans, Audrey smiling down´, now sitting on Winona's churning belly, giving Winona flat-handed slaps. Winona is humiliated as her face burns but she bucks up and thrashes her legs.

Before Audrey knows what is happening Winona closes her ankles around Audrey's thin neck and forces Audrey's upper body down. Audrey yelps helplessly and weakly grabs Winona's lean but hard thighs. Winona moves her legs fast and closes her thighs around Audrey's neck into a neck scissor. Audrey fights for air and her thin arms tremble as she uselessly drags on Winona calves. Winona grits her teeth and arches her small back to apply as much pressure as possible. Audrey now also tries to lock her legs around Winona but Winona intercepts and grabs Audrey's ankles and is even able to prevent Audrey's legs from locking around her. Winona gives all into her scissor while her little arms ache terribly as they fight Audrey's legs, but finally Winona feels that Audrey's resistance grows weaker and when she finally looked into Audrey's face it's clear she is heavily suffocated. Audrey can't see clear, her vision always starts spinning again and her body starts to feel numb.

"Give now or I’ll knock you out!" hisses Winona.

Winona's words come to Audrey like in a dream. As Audrey tries to speak no voice comes. Winona tires to knock Audrey out but the power in her lean legs is nearly spent and she feels her thighs would soon start spasming, her arms also aching from battling with Audrey's legs. Audrey's eyes brighten as she finally realizes that she breathes easier again and starts to wriggle and squirm again. Winona, a little angry about her own inability to knock that French bitch out, lets the scissor go and is about to ram her elbow into Audrey's head to finish her off. But Audrey, not knowing Winona's sharp elbow coming, grabs her throat with her hands and rolls over coughing and breathing hard. And Winona rams her elbow right into the hard concrete of the street. Winona yells and screams in pain and holds her bleeding elbow, fumbling it panicky and feeling that the bones are shattered her heart starts racing.

"Oh my gawd, it's broken...." sobs Winona fearfully.

Audrey now slowly comes up, her legs wobbly, her neck aching with every breath and her eyes bloodshot - and she glares down on Winona, who sits there with her broken elbow in her hand. Audrey comes closer smiling icily and when Winona finally sees her again she jumps up, still holding her burning bleeding arm, staggering back.

"Please, let us stop.....I'm terribly hurt," pleads Winona but Audrey just shakes her head.

Suddenly Winona finds her way blocked by a house wall and Audrey keeps coming closer. Finally, Winona let's her useless arm go and winced through her tears as she slumped lifelessly, blood trickling down the forearm and hand. Audrey thinks Winona has now finally surrendered. But Audrey thought wrong! Just as she got close enough, Winona used the wall at her back for support and rammed her knee into Audrey's sex. Audrey yelped and doubled over, Winona wrapping her healthy arm around Audrey's still aching neck. Audrey felt robbed of her air again and as a last resort grabbed Winona's broken elbow. Winona howled in pain but didn't let go.

"Now I finally have enough of you!!!" screamed Winona and started ramming her knees into Audrey's body.

Winona tortured Audrey with her knees without stop, like being into a fever. Audrey's hand shortly dropped lifeless and finally Audrey passed out, but Winona continued the carnage on Audrey's body. Finally Christina Ricci stepped onto the backstreet and put her hands on Winona's shoulder.

"She's had enough!" Christina said.

Winona stopped and Audrey crumbled lifeless to the dirty concrete, breathing heavily. Winona slowly went back to the bar where an off-duty doctor assured her the arm wasn't broken - just her elbow dislocated. After he reset the joint, Winona and Ricci helped Audrey who finally came around and couldn't believe Winona was helping her.

"Don't get any ideas bitch!" growled Winona. "I just wanna make sure I can KO you in the boxing ring at the FCBA."

In the background a shadowed figure had watched this fight and as the fighters returned into the bar she emerged from the shadows. Keira Knightley, after her easy win over Winona in the FCBA, wants to nail her again!
Part Three: Winona Ryder vs. Keira Knightley Boxing (FCBA)

After seeing what the fit and evil singer could do, Winona is a little frightened about facing Avril. Christina Ricci soothes her, stating that Avril is, “… a little girl playing punk rocker but not much more.”

Avril, who is new to this, had warmed up only with a little jogging and looks a little out-of-place when her gloves are donned.

Round 1: Winona enters on the defensive side, dancing around Avril, checking her skills and speed. Avril tries to get an early advantage, after what she heard about Winona, but is mostly hitting the air, realizing that beating Winona would be more difficult than inexperienced, Avril thought. The first round goes with much testing each others skills. Avril trying but not getting much into target, Winona takes her time and shows Avril she can evade any attack she tries.

Between Rds: Winona much relieved that Avril truly is not Lil’ Kim, but Chris warns not to get overconfident. Avril a little surprised at Winona skills but still eager to win this.

Round 2: Winona enters a little bolder now, coming out of her guard every now and then and gets quite decent hits into Avril’s arms and shoulders. Avril, a little fearing she might loose by points, then opens up and tries to attack more openly. Right away Avril gets a good combination into Winona’s lower belly. Winona grunts and grits her teeth, ramming her fist in return into Avril’s ribcage. Avril yelps, feeling her throbbing rib, opening her guard dangerously. Winona sees her chance and rams a right straight into Avril’s forehead. Avril staggers back stunned and is finally caught by the ropes. Winona comes after Avril, who is wise enough to duck and close her defense tightly. Winona pounds Avril’s arms and shoulders to the end of the round - but not doing much harm.

Between Rds: Winona now really jubilant; Avril, recovering fast, appears to be unhurt.

Round 3: Winona now enters straight aggressive, but as Winona opens up to attack Avril sees her chance. Winona scores some good hits into Avril’s body and ribcage but Avril got scarcer but more powerful blows right into Winona’s head. Winona takes this blows, shakes her head shortly and goes on the attack again, but in the end of the round Winona’s head tingles and some drops of blood trickle from her nose, while Avril goes into her corner quite battered but not much hurt.

Between Rds: Chris warns Winona that she couldn’t win with brute force, Avril due to making her hours-long concerts has more stamina. Avril now a little more satisfied, hoping that Winona will fall at her feet soon.

Round 4: Both fighters enter boldly. Winona, ignoring Chris advise, goes immediately on the offensive again. At first Winona scores well, getting hard shots into Avril’s already aching ribcage again. Avril at first a little shocked that after the last round Winona is still so powerful. But finally Avril starts to fight back, ignoring the burning pain in her chest, using the openings Winona gives during her attacks. Winona taking hard blows to her head again, her own blows getting weaker. In the end Winona is unable to keep her guard perfectly up and Avril is able to plant a right-left combination right into Winona’s face. Winona staggers, letting her guard down stunned. Avril rams an uppercut hard into Winona’s chin and Winona finds herself falling on her ass as the bell goes. A stronger fighter than Avril might have knocked Winona out, but Winona struggles up while the ref counts her till 6.

Between Rds: After pouring some water over Winona and stuffing foam thingies into Winona’s bleeding nose, Chris talks soothingly to Winona. In the other corner Avril rubs her throbbing rib and winces as she touches it.

Round 5: Finally using Chris advice Winona gets more carefully this round, as does Avril who tries to protect her aching rib. Both fighters take it slow, Winona only once or twice trying to get a jab at Avril’s injured rib. Avril also powers down far too much, letting Winona recover, an experienced fighter might have sought the decision now. In the end Avril finally tries to attack but Winona has regained some of her strength and keeps away skillfully from Avril’s blows.

Between Rds: Winona breathing hard but quite well again. Avril still showing pain as her team puts ice-spray on her dented rib.

Round 6: Winona goes in eagerly but carefully, planting blows directed at Avril’s ribcage. Avril winces every time Winona hits her poor dented rib and gets frustrated at not getting further. Avril tries to attack and only once gets a good hit into

Winona’s forehead. Suddenly a lightbulb went off with a loud BANG!

Winona looked up surprised as another kind of BANG happened - Avril fists ramming into Winona’s exposed chin. Winona staggers back, getting cornered by Avril. Avril eagerly starts to molest Winona with hard blows. Winona tries to hide behind her defense, but tires and opens up a little. Avril smilingly buffeted her fists on Winona’s big soft boobies. Winona yelping in pain as the round ends.

Between Rds: Winona not knowing what to do. Chris urging Winona to attack, better hoping for a knockout than loosing by numbers as Winona would. Avril quite happy, smiling over icily to Winona.

Round 7: Avril comes in eagerly, immediately attacking Winona again who is cornered soon. Winona tries to break out but only gets more hits into her belly and boobs. Winona feels her belly convulsing and her boobs throbbing with pain. Avril smiles and enjoys the upper hand she has now. But as Avril does so she opens up more and more, not thinking Winona could fight back anymore. A wrong thought, as Winona finally sees thru a haze of pain that Avril as finally completely opened up and rammed a desperate combination into Avril’s ribs. Avril screams in pain as her already dented rib breaks, she staggers back, holding her ribcage. Winona comes after her, limping with pain, and hammers two hard blows to Avril’s face. Avril is too afraid to let her burning rib go and defend herself, fearing injuries if Winona gets her fists into her ribs again. Winona plants her fists into Avril’s head at will till Avril’s vision spins and the bell goes.

Between Rds: Both fighters fighting with pain. Avril’s team takes a look at her broken rib, it swells and Avril panics. The doctor of Avril’s team takes a look and shows a grave face.

Round 8: Winona rises from her stool and starts forward, but Avril’s doctor waves it off!

Chris jumps into the ring and hugs Winona gently; only then does she finally realize she’s won. But as Chris hugs her badly bruised body, she winces with pain. Winona goes to Avril and shakes hands, then finally the fighters hug gently.

“Avril’s a good fighter, I think she would’ve won if I weren’t lucky enough to injure her rib. I agreed to a rematch as soon as she’s fit again,” Winona says soon after the fight.
Part Four: Keira Knightley vs. Lil Kim by vulcannightbird

Keira - 5'7" 110lbs; Lil Kim - 4’11” 110lbs

Keira is riding the elevator up to Lil Kim’s apartment in New York. Her agent has told her Kim wants her to be starring in her new music video. Dressed in a white sleeveless shirt and a light-blue miniskirt she arrives at the top floor of the building. As the elevator doors open, she steps right into Kim’s penthouse overlooking Central Park. Kim is nowhere to be seen, so Keira enters and looks around. The elevator doors shut, and as Keira looks around she hears the faint click of electronic locks engaging and the control panel of the elevator goes dead. A little nervous Keira calls out for her hostess.

Finally a door opens and Kim steps out, wearing a leather bustier and leather pants, eying the little waifish girl standing in her living room. Keira trembles as she sees Kim advancing to her.

“So,” Keira giggles nervously. “I’m here.”

“I see, and you really will regret it, little wimp!” hisses Kim and advanced on Keira who staggered back, lifting her bony hands till she found herself stopped by the park side windows. Kim smiled icily as she advanced on her little prey.

“So, you don’t know why you’re here? Remember the last MTV Awards?” asked Kim grabbing Keira bony wrists hard.

Keira looked wide-eyed as she remembered having mocked Kim after the awards. “Please, Kim. I was a little drunk and.....,” babbled Keira, weakly trying to free her hands.

The clearly smaller Kim smiled up on the tall skinny Keira and pulled hard on Keira arms, smashing Keira easily into a
leather sofa. Keira struggled up and whined for mercy.

“Now we will see if your fighting abilities are as big as your mouth!” hissed Kim and rammed her right straight into Keira’s belly. Kim’s fist went deep into Keira’s organs, who doubled over holding her convulsing stomach holding it in both hands, looking paralyzed at Kim. Kim smiled and wrapped her left arm around Keira’s neck and forced Keira’s body down into a side headlock.

Keira grabbed Kim’s forearm and dragged weakly on it, unable to break free. Kim giggled and tossed Keira around and finally rammed her knee several times into Keira’s belly and chest. Keira yelped with each hit and when Kim finally let her go, Keira sprawled moaning on the ground.

“Gawd, you’re so weak!” hissed Kim standing, hands on her hips, over Keira,” Winona at least fought back, but look at you. You’re just pathetic. Nevertheless, Winona surely is the better actress.....”

Keira, hit in her pride, jumped up and wrapped her bony hands hard around Kim’s neck. Kim surprised by Keira’s sudden fierce attack needed a second to recover. But then Kim grabbed Keira’s skinny forearms and squeezed so hard, the bones inside Keira’s arms creaked dangerously. Keira winced and her grip on Kim’s neck weakened. The Kim sent her knee again into Keira’s belly. Kim hold Keira up by her thin arms, ramming her knee again and again into Keira. Keira only moaned and winced, her vision clouded as Kim used her like a punching-bag. Kim let Keira again go, who crumbled down again.

“So, I hit a nerve, huh?” asked Kim and smiled down.

Keira’s body was spasming out of control. Kim grabbed Keira by her hair and dragged the groggy Brit into the room from where Kim has come, Kim little torture chamber. Keira saw only leather and chains thru her clouded vision. Kim lifted Keira on a massive wooden table and cuffed Keira wrists and ankles. Keira slowly came around, realizing what’s happening and trying to move. The cuffs were anchored into the table by short massive iron chains and so heavy Keira was nearly unable to lift. Kim smiled icily as she watched Keira’s thin trembling arms and legs trying to move. Kim stepped closer and grabbed Keira’s shirt by the neck and ripped it apart, then doing the same to her bra, exposing Keira’s small pathetic tits.

“Another disappointment,” hissed Kim and continued with Keira’s skirt and panties.

Lying finally completely stripped naked on the table, Keira squirmed uselessly and a tear or two flow down her cheek, looking pleadingly at Kim.

“Please, no......” begged Keira.

Kim only smiled icily and mounted little weak Keira, sitting on her belly and churning her big firm ass into it hard. Kim enjoyed as Keira writhed in pain under her as her tortured her already churning belly. Keira dragged again weakly on the iron chains and as Kim saw Keira tiny barely visible trembling biceps, she grabbed them hard and gave them a vicious squeeze. Keira moaned as she felt Kim’s strong hands on her frail weak arms. Kim smiled and felt Keira’s soft muscles squirming in her hands, giving them a hard massage. Keira winced and moaned lustfully under her and as Kim squashed Keira’s biceps easily, Keira arched her head back with joyful humiliation.

“Oh, so you like being a wimp?” Kim asked. ”Well, I can do something for you!” She got a heavy chain and wrapped it several times tight around Keira’s left upper arm, getting a wide short leather belt and wrapped it tight around Keira’s right upper arm. Keira nipples came up as she saw how Kim fixed both terribly tight around her thin girlish arms.

Then Kim smiled fiendish and clicked a button at the side of the table. suddenly little iron nails were forced painfully into Keira’s wrists, Keira then tried to lift her arms but then felt the terrible constricting force of the leather and iron on her poor little biceps. Keira struggled and as her biceps couldn’t flex outwards the small muscles was brutally forced into Keira arteries and veins. Keira moaned as pain mingled with lust as she felt her thin upper arms throbbing with pain and as her forearms and hands got numb due to blood-shortage. Kim giggled as Keira’s wrists got down every few seconds only to get lifted when the nails were jammed into Keira’s wrists. Keira’s face was red with effort when Kim reached for two rusty metallic clamps. Kim opened and closed them before Keira eyes, showing Keira the strong spring holding them locked.

“Noooooooooo.......,” wailed Keira suddenly realizing were these clamps are meant to go.

Kim giggled and clamped them onto Keira’s erect nipples. Keira moaned as she felt her soft nipples on fire. Kim grabbed the clamps and dragged and twisted Keira’s nipples with them hard. Keira screamed and whined for mercy, unable to defend herself. Kim finally let go but letting the clamps on Keira’s nipples.

“Please, stop.....I do everything you order,” whispered Keira with complete humiliation.

“I don’t want you to DO anything but SUFFER, girlie!” hissed Kim and bounced her ass again on Keira’s belly.

Keira coughed and moaned as she felt her whole body aching. Kim then started soothing Keira upper thighs, coming closer and closer to Keira’s sex. Keira cried with humiliation, begging not to be raped. Kim stopped, for now, and freed Keira little arms. Keira breathed hard and viciously locked her hands around Kim’s neck again. Kim grabbed Keira’s wrists and clawed them hard. Keira yelped with pain and let Kim’s neck go.

“You surely will be punished for that, wimp!” hissed Kim and rammed her elbows into Keira’s soft belly.

Keira coughed and moaned hard, her body squirming in pain. Kim grabbed Keira’s nipple-clamps and twisted them hard, making Keira scream in agony. Keira grabbed Kim’s wrists and dragged on them weakly.

“Let go, or I have to twist further!” whispered Kim, smiling fiendish down on her prey.

Keira let go and sobbed weakly. Kim finally let Keira’s nipples go and removed the clamps, also freeing Keira’s arms. Kim stood up and looked wickedly at Keira. Keira unsure what to do dared not to move, fearing another punishment. “Come down that table and go down to your knees!” ordered Kim and Keira swiftly obeyed.

“And now lick me, and make it good, girlie!”

Keira eagerly obeyed and licked Kim hard, who patted Keira’s short brown hair. Kim got hot as she felt Keira’s tongue inside her and thrust Keira’s head hard into her sex. Keira’s skinny hands gently soothed Kim’s thighs. Kim grabbed Keira’s hands and dragged Keira’s arms hard up and twisting them hard into Keira’s back. Keira moaned in pain and her tongue tingled inside Kim’s clit. Kim moaned out and increased the pressure on Keira’s beanpole arms.

“Make it good, wimp. Or I’ll break your arms!”

Keira licked more eagerly than ever. Kim trembled and finally started to cum. Keira drank Kim’s juice, licking so hard her tongue started to hurt. Kim screamed with joy and finally let Keira’s arms go. Finally Kim was spent and patted Keira’s head.

“Good little slave,” giggled Kim and fixed a dogs collar around Keira’s neck. Keira winced weakly and accepted her fate.

Kim got dressed and took Keira on a leash, gave it a snap and growled, “C’mon, wimp, lets take a stroll in Central Park!”
Part Five: Winona Ryder vs. Dara Torres by vulcannightbird
Winona - 5'2” 105lbs, 36 y/o; Dara - 5'11”, 155lbs, 41y/o

Location: Olympic Medalist Hollywood Reception (later: an empty hotel swimming pool)
Winona's cute thin arm trembled violently as she winced and moaned and tried to squeeze the last ounce of power out of her frail arm and bony shoulders. Winona's arm-wrestling opponent more than easily hold Winona's soft trembling hand in hers and smiled widely while she felt Winona's feeble pressure. The event was the Hollywood Olympic Medalist Reception and Winona's opponent was Olympic Silver Medal swimmer, Dara Torres. Winona's eyes flickered hornily from her own thin pathetic arm to Dara's massive flexed arm. She guessed Dara's arm more than twice as thick as her own, Dara's biceps at least five times thicker and at least twenty times more powerful.

As Winona thought this and saw her frail trembling weak arm she winced and her erect nipples rubbed from the inside over her black silk evening-gown. Dara continued to smile at Winona's useless weak attempts, Winona's arm-pressure was so pointless she normally didn't even need to flex, but Dara did it anyway to intimidate the cute little weakie opposing her - and she loved how Winona winced with lust at her own weakness. Normally Dara wouldn't do this but she thought Winona being the hottest thing ever so she made an exception.

"Is that all you got, little girl?" Dara giggled, teasing poor Winona.

Winona trembled all over as she desperately tried to press harder - and failed. Winona nodded and looked doe-eyed into Dara's eyes. Dara loved Winona's big brown eyes, she reached over with her left hand and grabbed Winona's little cute flexed bicep hard. Winona's small muscle was a barely visible bulge on her soft thin upper arm while Dara's biceps was huge, iron hard and peaked. Winona winced and moaned as she felt Dara's strong grip on her tiny bicep. Dara nearly squashed Winona's soft little muscle by incident and then felt Winona's soft little bicep squirming violently in her hand. Winona breathed hard, fighting to keep her poor aching muscle flexed inside Dara's vicious grip.

"No, please.....," whimpered Winona, her free hand roaming over her erect nipples. Dara smiled and let go, Winona's poor thin arm trembling more violent than ever.

"Wanna feel my bicep?" Dara asked. Winona's trembling free hand touched Dara's massive bicep and she squeezed with all her might. Dara thought Winona's wiry hand’s grip was quite hard, but it was unable to dent Dara's hard bicep even one inch. Winona’s hand then roamed over Dara's massive gun and Dara noticed Winona’s big juicy boobs under her gown as Winona's erect nipples rubbed over the tissue. Dara giggled and grabbed Winona’s thin bony wrist.

"That's enough, little Noni!" said Dara as she easily forced Winona's hand away from her bicep. Winona resisted, but Dara ignored Winona's weak resistance and forced Winona's beanpole arm away, Dara's arm looking so far more massive then Winona's. Winona realized she had no chance and withdrew her hand and continued to rub her nipples while her right arm was still trembling violently and uselessly.

"Back to business," declared Dara and pressed only a little harder.

That was nearly more than enough for Winona, who winced and moaned as her poor thin arm trembled and ached terribly. Winona felt her little soft bicep cramping.

"Oh my gawdGawd...," moaned Winona weakly and looked pleadingly over to Dara while her thin arm burned.

"Oh.....can't do anymore?.....should I beat you?" teased Dara giggling while she felt Winona's feeble power dwindling to zero fast. Winona nodded and now looked rather pleadingly at her poor little thin arm. "Say please....." giggled Dara while she hold Winona's arm at the verge of breaking down. Winona's eyes fluttered back and forth - finally her bicep refused to stay flexed. Winona tried to flex her aching bicep again, but it only ached - her flabby upper arm weakly throbbing and her forearm trembling like a twig. Dara felt that Winona had no power left to press and moved Winona's arm back and forth a little with no resistance from moaning Winona. "C'mon....say it.....little weak girl."

"Please.....," Winona whispered and looked down.

"Louder, girlie.....!"

"PLEASE!" yelled Winona with humiliation.

Dara smiled and rammed Winona's arm down terribly hard, Winona's wrist knocking loud on the table. Winona yelped as her arm was humiliated, her poor bicep throbbing in pain. Dara flexed a double bicep pose, showing Winona her massive muscles. Winona rubbed her thin aching arm and bony shoulder, then stood up and ran away. Dara looked after her, but Winona was already gone. Dara also got up and then saw how a door shut. Dara went to that opened it - and found the swimming pool of the hotel. As she turned she saw Winona lying on a lounging chair, with her left hand vanishing between her thighs - moaning hard. Dara closed the door with a bang and locked the deadlock on the door. Winona jumped up with surprise, hurriedly rearranging her gown to cover her thighs and legs. Dara smiled and saw Winona's panties lying on the chair next to her.

"Why haven't you asked, Noni? You can have the real thing...?" asked Dara, slowly advancing on Winona, kicking her high-heels away and opening her jeans.

Winona trembled and slowly backed away as Dara advanced on her. Dara smiled and let her jeans go, now standing with only her white t-shirt and her white panties on. Winona looked hornily as Dara's hard muscled thighs, her thighs bouncing with massive muscles as she continued to move closer to Winona. Winona trembled and continued to back off till she was stopped by the room's wall.

"Please.....I don't want," babbled Winona as Dara stepped closer, looking down own her frail prey.

"But I want!" giggled Dara. "And there's nothing you can do about it!" She closed in the last meter and Winona lifted her bony forearms, trembling violently. Dara smiled and grabbed Winona’s little bony hands, squeezed hard and twisted forcefully. Winona winced weakly as stirring pain shot thru her thin arms when Dara twisted them badly over each other.

"I'll twist your little beanpoles into a nice pretzel," giggled Dara and continued her work without effort.

Winona tried to resist, but her thin arms were so useless against Dara's massive arms who pulsed with muscles. Winona moaned in pain, not wanting to go down, while her girlish legs were already trembling. Dara smiled, bending Winona's thin teeny-tiny arms hard over each other - enjoying to hear Winona's arms bones creaking under the terrible pressure. But then Winona suddenly rammed her pointed knee hard into Dara's sex. Dara's eyes widened as she felt her crotch on fire and Winona rammed her knee into it a second time. Totally unprepared for resistance from Winona she let Winona's arms go in total surprise. Winona immediately slipped away, shaking out her throbbing arms and started for the door. Dara saw Winona running and finally chased after her. Winona was lightning fast, even faster than the taller Dara but as Winona was nervously

fumbling the lock of the door Dara reached her. Dara grabbed Winona by her short hair and dragged her back hard. Winona suddenly felt her head on fire and was whipped of her feet. Dara tossed Winona's lightweight body easily into her. Winona crashed with her shoulder first into Dara's hard chest and crumbled at Dara's feet. In the first anger Dara was about to ram her knee hard into Winona's face but then decided otherwise.

"You little disobedient slut!" hissed Dara, still holding Winona's head by her hair and shaking Winona's head violently.

Winona tried to get up but was to dizzy as Dara shook her head around. Winona then as last resort clawed her long-nailed fingers into the back of Dara's knee's. Winona heard Dara yelp and Dara let Winona's head go. Winona staggered to the nearest wall getting slowly up. Dara rubbed her knees and watched as Winona came slowly up, Winona's legs trembling violently - barely able to support her small frame, her thin arms dangling weakly at her sides, shaking her head, her eyes already clouded from the shaking Dara gave her. Winona breathed hard to regain even a little strength as Dara closed in again.

"You can't avoid it....I mean....look at're finished," whispered Dara and opened her hands in a challenge for a Fingerlock contest. "C'mon, me how strong you are!"

Winona trembled all over and looked up at her strong opponent, seeing her strong athletic body. Winona finally grabbed Dara's hands and immediately rammed her knees into Dara's belly. But Dara was prepared this time and had her hard abs flexed, Winona yelped as her kneecap was deranged on impact. Dara smiled and easily twisted Winona's thin fingers and bony wrists hard.

Winona's arms were way up, but much taller Dara put incredible pressure on Winona's thin arms. Dara now showed Winona how strong she really was, twisting and bending Winona's arms suddenly so hard Winona's joints creaked dangerously and Winona herself screamed in pain, immediately going down to her knees while Dara glared viciously down on her. Poor Winona started sobbing, who was curled up at Dara's feet. Dara worked Winona little thin arms terribly and twisted them into a hard Double Hammerlock into Winona's back.

Every time Winona tried to move, Dara increased the pressure on her arms and Winona moaned in pain. Dara put Winona's little thin wrists in one of her hands and moved her left hand down to grab Winona's dress, wrapping her massive thighs around Winona's midsection from behind.

"No.....please," whines Winona unable to defend herself.

Dara giggles and constricts her thighs around Winona's body. Winona moans as her soft body is easily compressed. Dara drags on Winona's wrists, making her opponents arms burn and nibbling hornily on the bones poking out from Winona's left shoulder. With her free hand she forces Winona's dress down and is pleased to see that Winona wears no bra under the skimpy gown. Winona's big soft juicy jugs spill free and Dara looks amazed how such a tiny petite figure could have such an amazing chest.

Dara grabs Winona's left breast and squeezes it hard. Winona yelps and squirms weakly, feeling Dara hard nipples poking into the small of her back. Dara lets Winona's arms go and grabs both of Winona's boobs, giving them a hard massage while scissoring Winona's midsection in painful waves. Winona looks doe-eyed while Dara works her titties. Suddenly Winona screams as Dara, with upcoming lust, scissors her midsection hard! Winona has to react and suddenly rams her bony pointed elbows hard into Dara's ribcage two times. Dara, totally unprepared, lets go and rubs her burning ribs, one even badly dented. Winona jumps up but doubles up immediately as her belly throbs with pain from Dara's scissors, she stands at a supporting pillar right next to the pool, holding herself with one arm.

"You are a little feisty girl," admits Dara, closing in again. “But you could never beat me."

Dara wrapped her left arm around Winona's neck in a tight headlock and easily forced Winona's upper body down. for a second or two Dara was distracted as she watched Winona's big soft boobies swinging freely back and forth. Winona grabbed Dara's hard thick forearm with both her bony hands but unable to move it one inch, feeling Dara's thick hard biceps pushing into her cheek. Dara turned fast and tossed Winona around till Winona slipped. As Winona fell Dara fell onto Winona's little frail body, finally lying right over Winona's tummy. Winona yelped under Dara's weight and was nearly unable to breathe. Dara sat up, pushing her firm ass into Winona's belly. Winona moaned in pain as her organs were compressed, kicking uselessly into the air. Dara grabbed Winona's wrists and toyed with Winona's little thin arms without effort.

"You should go to the gym, you little hot weakie!" giggled Dara.

Dara then trapped Winona's girlish legs with her own and dragged them apart while also dragging Winona's beanpole arms wide apart in a terrible pin. Winona moans and groans as it feels as if her body is ripped apart by her much more powerful opponent. Dara loved to see little Winona suffering under her, she pulsed her muscles in short waves and enjoyed the short wails and cries of agony from Winona under her. Dara looks down at her poor opponent and sees Winona's hard erect nipples brushing against her own ripped sixpack.

"You really like suffering, don't you?" teased Dara and stretched Winona's arms and legs hard apart.

Winona moaned in pain but also mingled with lust as her little weak body was so easily dominated. Dara finally released the pressure on Winona's thin legs and they spasmed out of control. Dara then criss-crossed Winona's thin flabby arms over her opponents neck and choked little Winona with her own arms. Winona wailed weakly and fought for air, while Dara saw to it that Winona would suffer but not to knock her out. Dara worked Winona's useless arms hard while leaning down and kissing and licking Winona's bony shoulders, she loved to feel Winona's bones poking out under the skin. Winona trembled all over and moaned with joy and humiliation. Dara let Winona's useless legs completely go and forced her right knee hard between Winona's legs, working Winona’s wet clit brutally. Winona yelped and tried to move but failed. Dara smiled down on her frail little prey while she continued to work Winona's arms and clit hard.

"You're mine now, you little weak wimp!" hissed Dara.

Suddenly Dara let go, wrapped her thighs again around Winona's midsection and moved Winona on top of her while holding Winona's wrists tightly. She scissored Winona's body so hard Winona screamed for mercy.

"You're on top now, tiny! Show me something!" giggled Dara easily controlling her opponent.

Winona squirmed and kicked into the air and tried to free her thin arms but it was no use, Dara only toyed with her. Dara giggled as Winona uselessly tried to get free. Dara suddenly scissored with full force again, making poor Winona scream, while bending Winona's beanpole arms easily back. Winona wailed, her face red with effort, her short black hair clinging wet with sweat to her head. Dara shook Winona between her thighs a little from side to side and watched aroused how Winona's big soft jelly-pudding boobies bounced from side to side. After toying with Winona like this for a little while Dara let Winona drop on the floor and stands up. Winona lies moaning in pain on her belly, squirming weakly. Dara puts her right foot on the small of Winona's back.

"Stand up, Noni!" ordered Dara while forcing her foot into Winona's back.

Winona weakly tried to push herself up, her thin bony arms trembling uselessly while Dara increases the pressure onto Winona's back. suddenly Dara grabs Winona's black short hair, yanking Winona's head up hard and bending Winona's spine. Winona moaned and begged but Dara just giggled and finally let Winona go completely.

"Okay., now. Stand up, wimp!" ordered Dara. Noni struggled up slowly, twice slumping back down as her legs failed her. Winona staggers over to the rooms wall and leans on it, soothing her aching body. Dara came closer again. "Want me now, little thing?" asked Dara flexing her massive biceps.

Winona looked intimidated. Knowing anymore would finish her she was about to give in but then she felt stronger like a moth around a flame, knowing Dara could shatter her to pieces she simply wanted more.

"No!" cried Winona, stomping on the ground like a little girl.

Dara giggled as she came closer, really not wanting to hurt that hot little thing opposing her. Dara stepped close, Winona put her hands on Dara's chest, felt hard nipples and started to feebly push. Dara smiled and grabbed Winona's upper arms and squashed flat right to the bone. Winona winced weakly as she felt Dara's iron grip on her thin soft arms, her forearms and hands going numb.

"I will take you now, if you want it or not," whispered Dara and moved Winona's hands over her head, pinning them there with one hand. Winona trembled violently as she saw Dara thick muscular arms, shoulders and chest. Dara brushed her free hand over Winona's already erect nipples and Winona was wet again. "But I think you'll like it!"

Dara's hand moved down and she gently started to rub Winona's clit. Winona squirm lustfully, rubbing her petite body on Dara as she nibbled Winona shoulder. They locked lips and Dara thrust her whole fist hard into Winona's tight vagina. Winona yelped and Dara felt her huffing and puffing as she twisted her hand inside Winona's sex and the little brunette climaxed. Dara was amazed how long Winona’s orgasm lasted - it seemed like an eternity. After nearly five minutes of spasming, shuddering and quaking, Winona was spent Dara forced her to her knees.

"Lick, slut!" ordered Dara and Winona eagerly complied.

Dara trembled as Winona's skillful tongue moved inside her. Dara forced Winona's head hard between her thighs, Winona had to fight to air. Then Dara climaxed hard, squirting her juices all over Winona's angelic face, nearly drowning her opponent. When Dara both lay down exhausted. Dara roughly cleaned Winona's face with a towel and then both women smiled.

"You're such a beautiful little wimp," whispered Dara and gently soothed Winona's wonderful face.

"And you're soooooo strong," replied Winona, looking doe-eyed at Dara and soothing her massive strong arm with her bony hand. Dara helped Winona up and dressed her, then they parted with an intimate kiss...
Part Six: Winona Ryder vs. Glenn Close by vulcannightbird

Winona - 5'2 105lb 37 y/o vs. Glenn - 5'4 135lb 61y/o

Hollywood, California, in a top-notch bar. The location is crowded after the premiere of the new women’s drama movie of the year, the invitation only party at full swing. At the center of the bar, a former airplane hangar looms a boxing/westling ring, now empty. Directly at the bar Winona Ryder in a stunning and skimpy black one-piece and Glenn Close in a red dress showing her muscular arms and thighs. Winona, as always, drawn to strong women, eagerly talking to Glenn, looking a little like a young Joan Collins with a glass of champagne in her right hand and a cigarette in her left hand - but at 37 still looking younger than most girls 10 years her junior.

"You should stop that smoking," recommended Glenn, pointing with her left finger at Winona's cigarette, her massive bicep popping out.

"Has it affected in any way?" Winona smiled and slowly turned her face from left to right, so Glenn could admire Winona's perfect face.

"You must have amazing genetics," admitted Glenn, truly meaning it but then flexed her huge bicep. “But even if you're nearly 25 years younger’n me, you could never beat me, little Noni!"

Winona smiled wickedly, her beautiful big brown eyes locked at Glenn's impressive bicep. Then Winona shook her head.

"You might me stronger but you'll never catch me. I'd be simply to fast for you!"

Winona placed her glass on the table and her smoke in the ashtray. Then, lightning slapped Glenn lightly twice. Glenn smiled and grabbed Winona's wrists and squeezed them hard, feeling that Winona's forearms are only skin-and-bones. Winona winced weakly and tried uselessly to drag her arms away, her small biceps barely visible. Glenn smiled as she compared Winona's thin flabby arms with her own thick strong arms. Glenn then suddenly let and Winona's nearly felt off her barstool.

"You should never mess with me," giggled Glenn and flexed again.

"I think I'd beat you anyway," said Winona smiling widely at Glenn, then turned and took a good look at the ring in the center.

Glenn faced Winona and smiled confidently. "Maybe you could prove your big words, Noni, and step into the ring with me."

"What? Now?" asked Winona hesitantly.

"Or are you afraid after all to fight a 61 year old mature lady?" asked Glenn grinning.

Winona hesitated for a second, her eyes wandering over Glenn's strong body and clearly remembering the size of her bicep.

At the last thought Winona's nipples stiffened visibly under her tight dress. Glenn smiled and some other women were giggling and pointing at Winona. Glenn also measured Winona, her lean petite figure, her thin bony arms and legs, her amazing big boobies.

"I'm not afraid," Winona said finally. “Any time you want!"

Glenn smiled and shortly conferred with the barkeeper, he nodded immediately and somewhat pitiful smiled at petite Winona.

After the barkeeper made an announcement over the music system all women crowded around the ring, cheering as the two fighters stepped in. Winona smiled and slowly opened her dress, finally letting it go, standing only in bra and thongs, Ellen DeGeneres cheering wildly with Portia DeRossi looking jealously at Winona. Now Glenn undressed, her body showing signs of her 61 years but still hot in bra and panties showing off her strong muscular body, her thighs bouncing with every step. Winona and Glenn had agreed that Christina Ricci might be the judge.

"Okay girls, on the one side we have petite kinky Winona....[cheers]....and on the other strong mature Glenn....[cheers]... Fight is No-Holds-Barred wrestling. Winner is who has forced the opponent into three submissions," explained Chris. “OK, Noni, Glenn....Fight!"

Winona and Glenn circled each other carefully for a few seconds, then Glenn tried to catch her smaller opponent but Winona was fast and always slipped away. But finally Glenn grabbed Winona at her upper arms and squashed Winona's thin soft biceps immediately flat. Winona winced weakly as she felt Glenn's iron grip on her flabby arms. Glenn smiled and easily dragged Winona around, enjoying the sight of Winona's big bouncing boobs. Winona staggered around and tried to get loose from Glenn, but Glenn only squashed Winona's soft weak harder. Glenn then dragged Winona into her body and skillfully wrapped her left arm around Winona's neck, applying pressure on Winona's feeble frame.

Winona winced and grabbed Glenn's forearm with both hands and dragged weakly. Glenn ignored Winona's weak attempts and forcefully put Winona into a side headlock, moving around with Winona staggering after her, Winona's face already red with effort. Glenn then let Winona's right arm go and wrapped her right arm around Winona's chest, then doing the same with her left arm. Winona moaned, unable to defend herself when Glenn bend Winona's upper body down and lifted Winona shortly off her feet. Winona lost balance and Glenn forced Winona down on the canvas. Winona moaned and landed on her side, Glenn immediately on top of her. Glenn turned Winona and lied down on her small back, forcing her right arm into the back of Winona's frail neck.

Glenn then grasped Winona's chest again, with her hands squashing Winona's big soft boobs, turned her flyweight on top of her and wrapped her thighs tightly around Winona's midsection. Winona yelped with pain as her boobies are squashed and feeling the pressure of Glenn's hard massive thighs on her soft body.

Glenn giggled, surprised herself how easily she could toy with frail Winona. Glenn now let Winona's boobs go and wrapped her left arm tightly around Winona's neck while scissoring with all her thick thighs can give, stretching and squashing Winona at the same time. Winona grabbed Glenn's knees and clawed them. Glenn winced but immediately let Winona's neck go and grabbed Winona's upper arms hard, squashing them and forcing them back. Winona's thin arms trembled, but it was absolutely no use as Glenn's forearms were already much thicker than Winona's waifish upper arm. Glenn moved Winona's easily behind Winona's head, finally holding and stretching them with her left hand. Winona moaned and squirmed weakly while Glenn lustfully nibbled at Winona's small bony shoulders and back.

Glenn then turned Winona on the side again. Winona violently squirmed and bucked and was finally able to free her arms, but her midsection still secured between Glenn's muscular thighs. Winona grabbed and clawed Glenn's thighs again. Glenn gritted her teeth; at first unsure what to do she only compressed Winona's soft body hard and let her prey moan, but finally turned Winona under her. Winona winced and moaned and finally moved herself free, her body still trapped by Glenn's thighs. Winona then tried with all her power and pushed herself to all fours, ignoring the pain in her midsection. Glenn turned and lied down, with her thighs facing up, pulsing waves of pain thru Winona's frail body.

Winona finally managed to come up to her knees, her arms trembling violently while weakly pushing at Glenn's hard thighs. Winona fought bravely and struggled to come up to her feet, while Glenn scissored Winona's midsection tightly. Glenn then grabbed Winona's wrists and while Winona staggered up she had to pull Glenn up with her. Winona moaned and staggered one or two steps but then the weight of herself and Glenn was far too much for her girlish thin legs and Winona dropped to her knees again.

Glenn, now under Winona, continued to scissor her opponent hard, pulsing her legs into Winona's soft sides. Winona moaned and grabbed Glenn's wrists, trying to pin her opponent but failed terribly. Winona's beanpole arms were no match for Glenn's thick bulging arms. Glenn giggled and toyed with Winona's thin arms without effort. Glenn then let Winona's arms go and swiftly grabbed Winona's bony ankles. Suddenly Glenn let the scissor around Winona's midsection go and dragged hard on Winona's girlish legs. Winona yelped and rolled on her back, trying to free her legs. Glenn's arms were bulging with thick powerful muscles, who easily controlled Winona's thin weak legs. Winona tried to get away, but Glenn dragged her back and forced Winona down under her, moving onto Winona's small back and pinned her down with her weight.

Winona squirmed and winced under her, unable to get free. Glenn grabbed Winona's wrists in her right hand and bent Winona's weak arms easily back. Glenn smiled wickedly and slammed Winona's arms down onto the canvas, coming up to her knees, moving down from Winona's back - simply forcing Winona's back down with her hands.

Winona tried to force herself up, but Glenn's arms had more power than Winona's entire body. Glenn giggled and then forced Winona down only with her left hand, forcing down Winona's back between her shoulderblades, and with her right hand grabbed Winona's left bony forearm and twisted it back without effort. Glenn held Winona's arm badly twisted, while

Winona squirmed and bucked hard. To secure her position Glenn moved her knees onto Winona's spine and put her whole weight on poor Winona. Winona moaned in pain, while Glenn shifted position and sat down on Winona's lower back. Glenn then let Winona's twisted arm go and immediately grabbed Winona's ankles and forced Winona's waifish legs back hard into a Boston Crab.

Winona wailed and reached uselessly back with her arms. Glenn smiled wickedly, holding both of Winona's ankles with her right hand and reached back with her left hand, grabbing Winona by her throat and dragged Winona's head up, increasing the pressure on Winona's spine. Winona moaned and yelped with pain under her opponent. Glenn flexed with all might three times and each time Winona screamed out with pain. Then finally Glenn let go and Winona's extremities spasmed useless while Winona breathed hard.

Glenn then sat again on Winona's back, this time the other way around and grabbed Winona's chin with both hands, dragging Winona's head back hard, bending Winona's spine terribly. Winona could only weakly grab Glenn's wrists and moan out loud. Glenn than pushed Winona's head down hard. Winona's body spasmed while Glenn stood up, looking down on her weak opponent, waiting for Winona's submission. But as Winona refused to submit Glenn grabbed Winona, lifted her off the ground and then let her fall out of knees height back on the floor.

"Don't you have enough?" asked Glenn mockingly. "And remember, you still have two fights with this 61-year old before you. You might wanna save your 'strength'."

Winona refused to give and tried slowly to come up. Glenn grabbed Winona by her short black hair and forced her down again. Glenn lied down on Winona's back, wrapping her thighs around Winona's head and scissored it hard. Winona wailed in pain and weakly tried to wrap her thighs around Glenn's head. Glenn smiled and easily pried Winona's thin legs apart while applying more and more pressure onto Winona's head.

"Say 'I give'," giggled Glenn while Winona screamed in agony.

Glenn was unsure what to do, Winona was weak but also a tough little cookie when it came to make her submit, she clearly didn't want to injure Winona.

"Ohhhhh.....I give.....I give up," moaned poor Winona and Glenn let go immediately, jumped up and flexed her biceps in victory while Winona slowly struggled to her feet.

"First submission by Winona," announced Christina Ricci and the crowd cheered. "Now, a 15 minute break."

Glenn chatted easily during the pause with the other visitors while Winona was tended to by Chris who saw that, except for a few light bruises, Winona was unharmed which spoke well for Glenn's skill in dismantling her young opponent. When the break was over, Winona wasn't anything near ready to fight again but she was far too proud to give up.

"Okay, girls, start the second fall," cried Christina and left the ring.

Glenn smiled and waited for Winona to attack with her arms ready for action. Winona tried to slip by Glenn and then attack her from behind, but Glenn moved fast. Finally Winona let her caution go and ran into Glenn pushing into her shoulders, trying to trip Glenn. Glenn easily withstood Winona's light pushes and grabbed Winona's thin upper arms hard, dragging her flyweight opponent to her and then moving her right arm around Winona's neck into a side headlock, forcing Winona's upper body easily down. Winona winced, frustrated at how easy and fast Glenn toyed with her. Glenn then reached with her other arm around Winona's midsection. Winona frantically grabbed Glenn leg and dragged hard, Glenn lost balance but made sure to direct her weight onto Winona's back. Winona's thin legs gave immediately and Glenn forced Winona down under her.

Glenn moved on Winona's back and grabbed Winona's wrists, bending Winona's frail girlish arms back. Winona resisted bravely, squirming and flexing her cute little arms, but she had no chance against Glenn's thick muscular arms and massive shoulders. Glenn giggled and toyed with Winona's weak arms, nibbling on Winona's mall bony shoulders. Glenn then turned Winona on top of her, wrapping her thighs around Winona's midsection while still bending and twisting Winona's beanpole arms. Then Glenn started to scissor Winona's soft midsection. Winona moaned, while Glenn let Winona's arms go and used her right arm to force Winona's upper body down and claw Winona's bony shoulder hard. Winona weakly pushed on Glenn's hard muscled thigh and yelped out every time Glenn sent pulses of pain thru her feeble body.

Finally Glenn let her scissor, wanting not to make her submit immediately but toy a little more with young weak Winona who weakly tried to crawl away but Glenn wrapped her arms around Winona's chest, grabbed Winona's soft boobs hard and dragged Winona up only to slam Winona back into the canvas. Winona, now on her back, came up on shaky legs and tried to ram Glenn down. Glenn easily took Winona's attack and wrapped her arms around her frail opponent, dragging her around.

Glenn then forced Winona back down to her knees while Winona uselessly tried to trip Glenn. Finally Glenn grabbed Winona's right hand and forearm with both her hands, squeezing it hard and dragging it under Winona's body. Winona winced and as Glenn fiercely dragged Winona's right arm under her body and yanked it up on her left side Winona was forced down on her side. Glenn then also took Winona left hand and criss-crossed them in front of Winona's chest. Winona trembled weakly, while Glenn tugged so hard on her frail arms that her shoulder joints creaked dangerously. As Glenn heard she let Winona's little arms go and waited, even a little bored for Winona's next weak attack.

Winona came immediately and tried and tried to get Glenn down under her. Glenn giggled and let Winona have her way for change. Finally Winona was able to wrap her arm around Glenn's neck and tugged hard on it. Glenn suddenly smiled fiendishly and forced her hand between Winona's legs and threw Winona hard over her shoulder. Winona yelped and landed hard on the canvas. Glenn giggled and waited as Winona slowly came around.

"Come on, little girl," teased Glenn, "Won't you finally attack me?"

Winona breathed hard and tried again and again to push Glenn down into the canvas, but Glenn easily grabbed Winona's arms or shoulders and threw Winona back hard into the canvas. When Glenn was finally bored of this she grabbed Winona by her short black hair and slammed her frail opponent hard down and then straddled her, grabbing Winona's wrists and pinning the frail girl under her. Winona winced and tried to resist but Glenn realized how thin Winona's arms were and she smiled, moved up and put her knees on Winona's barely visible biceps.

Glenn moistened her lips lustfully as she felt the small soft muscles squirming under her knees, slowly increasing the pressure on them. Winona arched her head joyfully back as she felt her waifish arms tortured. Glenn then put her whole weight on her knees, immediately squashing Winona's weak little biceps flat. Winona moaned with lust and kicked and bucked wildly. Glenn then moved down from Winona's upper arms, forcing Winona's arms without effort behind her back and trapping Winona's teeny-tiny legs and dragging them forcefully apart. Winona yelped as Glenn tore her extremities apart hard, Winona's thin thighs only one third the thickness of Glenn's thick thighs. Winona winced weakly under Glenn, being totally defenseless, while Glenn rubbed her tits hornily over Winona's big soft titties. Glenn flexed hard and Winona screamed out with pain.

"Wanna give up?" asked Glenn teasingly and flexed again.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....," screamed poor Winona while her joints creaked under the assault as Glenn flexed and again and again; Winona screaming in agony under her.

"C'mon, little wimp! Give!" hissed Glenn while flexing again.

"Ieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkkk........yes.....," yelped poor Winona.

"Yes, what?" asked Glenn and tore hard Winona arms and legs again.

"Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii......give.....please stop.....," begged Winona weakly.

Glenn immediately let go and went into her corner, while Winona crawled into her corner and had to drag herself up on the ropes, her legs failing her and violently shaking. While Glenn looked fresh and immediately started to chat, Winona breathed hard, her face red with effort and her hair wet with sweat.

"Second submission by Winona," declared Chris.

During the pause Chris talked seriously into Winona to give up and admit that Glenn is not only better but light years better. But Winona declined, counting that with her age Glenn would tire soon. Chris shook her head in disbelief, but knowing from her own fights with Winona, that only a good beating would teach her. Finally the fighters were ready for the third and last fall. Winona came in wobbly, quite frustrated with her own weak body.

This time Winona tried to keep away from Glenn but Glenn wouldn't allow that and finally grabbed Winona and tripping her. She fell at Glenn's feet, who immediately came down on Winona's small bony back. Glenn wrapped her right arm around Winona's neck and choked her weak opponent. Winona coughed and squirmed weakly, feeling Glenn's strong mature body on the back of her. Winona grabbed Glenn's hard forearm with both hands and uselessly tried to pry it away.

Glenn giggled and turned Winona on top of her, again wrapping her thighs around Winona's midsection. While continuing to choke Winona's with her right arm, with her left hand she grabbed Winona's thin girlish left forearm and dragged it back hard, twisting Winona's left wrist. Glenn then compressed Winona's midsection hard, pressing her forearm tightly into Winona's frail swan's neck and gruesomely dragging and twisting Winona's left arm back. Poor Winona yelped weakly as her body was brutally assaulted and there was nothing she could do to prevent it.

Glenn scissored on and worked Winona's left arm hard. Winona wailed with pain every time Glenn flexed. Glenn turned Winona under her, pressing her down again only with her hands on her back. Winona wriggled hard and was able to come up to her knees, but Glenn immediately wrapped her arms around Winona's chest. Winona weakly grabbed Glenn's thighs and dragged uselessly on them. Glenn giggled and hold Winona with her left arm while using her right hand to open Winona's bra.

"Noooooooooooooo.....," cried Winona with humiliation.

Glenn tore it away and tossed it into the crowd, the watching girls fighting eagerly for Winona's bra. Winona's big soft breasts, finally set free, bounced lavishly. Winona gritted her teeth and was able to break free and was about to come up when Glenn grabbed Winona's thin upper arms, shaking her frail opponent and hornily watched Winona boobs jiggle. Then Glenn lifted Winona up by her arms and threw her down into the canvas. Winona tried again and again to ram Glenn down, but Glenn just giggled and always threw Winona back down, enjoying the Winona-Boobies-Show. Then finally as Winona attacked again, Glenn grabbed Winona's left arm, twisted it into a brutal Hammerlock and forced Winona down in front of her.

Winona yelped and kicked her feet uselessly into the air. Glenn smiled and put her knee on Winona's lower back, then also grabbing Winona's right wrist, twisted it badly and dragged both arms up into a painful surfboard hold. Winona screamed while Glenn worked Winona's waifish arms hard. Glenn continued to work Winona's arms brutally while forcing her knee hard into Winona's spine. Winona wailed and kicked uselessly, while Glenn removed her knee from Winona's spine and dragged Winona's arms down nearly to her ass. Glenn took both of Winona wrists in one hand and then used her free hand to grab Winona's right ankle and force it next to Winona's wrists. Winona tried to resist but Glenn's arms proved not only to be stronger than Winona's girlish legs but also nearly thicker. Winona wailed as Glenn twisted her leg easily.

Glenn suddenly let Winona's arms go, who spasmed out of control on the canvas. Glenn kept hold of Winona's right leg and straddled Winona's small back and grabbed Winona's left ankle and also twisted it up to Winona's ass. Glenn then dragged on Winona's legs, putting her into a Boston Crab.

Winona screamed with pain and Glenn threw Winona's legs down. Unsure what to do next, Glenn held Winona down with her arms. Winona wriggled and was finally able to get up to her knees again. Glenn now grabbed Winona's neck and forced Winona's head between her thighs and scissored on, making Winona scream with agony again. Glenn then grabbed Winona's chest, mauling Winona's big sift boobs for a second or two and then, while Winona's head was still secured between her iron thighs she forced Winona's body up, bending Winona's upper spine to the max. Winona screamed and Glenn let go, Winona squirming in agony on the canvas.

"Had enough?" asked Glenn while Winona huffed and puffed and slowly came up to her knees.

"Never," hissed Winona with bloodshot eyes.

Winona came again and Glenn was up for another Boob-Show: Letting Winona come, shaking her and throwing her away. As Winona after the last throw now tried to crawl away Glenn grabbed Winona's left ankle and dragged her flyweight opponent under her. Winona winced while Glenn straddled Winona's back again. Glenn grabbed Winona chin and dragged her head back hard, bending her spine, making Winona scream again. Winona grabbed Glenn's wrists and clawed them. Glenn angrily threw Winona's head hard on the canvas, yanking her wrists free.

Winona lay on the canvas and breathed hard unable to move. Glenn wrapped her thighs around Winona's head and scissored hard, grabbing Winona's bony wrists and dragging them down hard. Winona screamed in agony.

"Give up?" hissed Glenn.

"Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh......yes.......," wailed poor Winona.

"Really?" asked Glenn giggling and flexed her thighs one more.

"Ieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkk......oh please're too much for me," winced Winona.

Glenn let go and turned Winona on her back, immediately seeing Winona erect nipples. Winona looked weakly up at Glenn, her beautiful brown eyes wide open, and weakly started to fumble her nipples. Glenn pried Winona's bony hands away and started to brush over her breasts with her mature rough hands. Winona arched her head back and moaned with joy. Glenn looked around and finally picked Winona up, carrying her in her two thick strong arms. Winona smiled hornily.

"I'll take you somewhere private," giggled Glenn as she looked lovingly into Winona's angelic face.

Glenn carried Winona into a private playground, part of the bar, which she has organized before the fight. Glenn let Winona drop on a huge red sofa. Winona trembled with anticipation as Glenn sat down and wrapped her thick right arm around the small of Winona's back. Glenn rubbed Winona's small back, who winced and cuddled herself into Glenn's body. Glenn flexed her left arm and Winona soothed the thick bicep eagerly.

"Lick it, little girl," commanded Glenn.

Winona eagerly complied. Glenn gently soothed Winona dark short hair and started playing with Winona big beautiful boobies. Winona winced weakly and trembled all over.

"And now flex your bicep for me, tiny," said Glenn and Winona obeyed flexing her frail left arm.

Glenn now saw how thin and feeble Winona's cute arm is, she soothed the very small bulge gently with her index- and middle fingers. Winona moaned and looked doe-eyed. Glenn than grabbed it and slowly increased the pressure, feeling Winona's small soft muscle squirming in her grip. Winona winced and desperately tried to flex harder but Glenn easily squashed it flat. Winona moaned hornily and Glenn could completely grasp Winona's thin soft arm with one hand completely.

"Gawd, you're soooo tiny," commented Glenn and smiled wickedly.

"Oh, yessss.....," whined Winona cutely and thrust her body against Glenn's mature frame.

Glenn smiled, grabbed Winona's by her small bony shoulders and without effort forced Winona's back hard on the sofa. Winona giggled and playfully resisted while Glenn straddled her, pinned her bony wrists hard into the soft tissue. Winona squirmed and flexed her thin weak arms while Glenn hold her down. Winona looked up hornily.

"You really like this, don't you?" asked Glenn and pinned Winona's wrists with one hand.

"Oh, yes.....use me hard," gasped Winona, squirming weakly.

Glenn moved her free hand down Winona's thin trembling arm till she finally reached Winona's big soft boobs. Glenn gave Winona's boobs a hard squeeze. Winona moaned with joy and arched her head back. Glenn very gently soothed Winona's angelic face and finally let her arms go. Winona wrapped her thin arms around Glenn's broad shoulders and dragged her down. Winona thrust her frail body eagerly into Glenn's mature body. Glenn winced as she felt Winona's perfect frame onto hers. Winona pressed her boobs into Glenn's, who moaned with joy as the younger woman took her. Winona's left hand slid down and she started to rub Glenn's sex. Glenn yelped and now thrust her body hard into Winona's feeble body, who winced as Glenn used her hard. Winona rubbed Glenn's clit hard, smiling wickedly at Glenn. Unable to control herself, Glenn came hard and long as Winona rubbed her petite perfect body on Glenn's mature one.

Glenn couldn't resist being used by such a young perfect girl. When she was spent, Glenn slid down the sofa, sitting on her knees and grabbed Winona's thin thighs and pulled them apart. Winona smiled hornily and started to moan as Glenn started to lick Winona. Winona winced hard as she felt Glenn's skillful tongue inside her. While licking Winona, Glenn gave her soft thin thighs a hard massage. Winona moaned out loud with joy and started to cum hard. Glenn eagerly drank Winona sweet juice, continuing to please her little woman. Winona moaned and screamed as one orgasm after the other shook her frail body.

Finally Winona was spent and lied on the sofa breathing hard, being totally exhausted but smiling satisfied.
Part Seven: Winona Ryder vs. Pink by vulcannightbird

Pink sits bored at the table, arm-wrestling little Winona, who huffs and puffs uselessly, her thin waifish arm trembling like a twig. Pink has enough of this and suddenly slams Winona's little weak arm down hard onto the table. Winona yelps as her beanpole arm is humiliated and her wristbone knocks hard on the table, her erect nipples rubbing at her short sleeveless dress. Pink smiles mockingly at Winona wearing a red tank top and black jeans. Winona rub her little aching arm while Pink flexes her impressive gun.

"You should work out, little waif," giggled Pink, wanting to add insult to injury. "I couldn't even see your biceps!" Winona slowly stand up, still holding her thin flabby and still aching arm already angry as Pink continued, "I could've beat you with my small finger! you are SOOOO WEAK!"

Pink smiles widely and sees Winona dark eyes flashing with anger and suddenly - BANG - Winona slaps Pink hard across the face. Pink soothes her burning cheek in total disbelief as Winona delivers another hard slap. Then - finally - Pink reacts and storms around the table. Winona - suddenly realizing her mistake - tries to run but Pink is faster and grabs Winona by her dress and pulls the frail lightweight actress back. Winona staggers back, but able to keep on her feet.

"You are really in for a lesson, wimp!" hisses Pink angrily, her cheeks still burning.

Winona - not wanting to give - rams her pointy elbows into Pinks ribs and stomps her high heels hard into Pinks feet. Pink yelps in pain and Winona gets free, starting to run again. Pink now really angry start after Winona, but on the lawn Pink in her sneakers is way faster than Winona in her high heels. Finally Pink has cornered Winona - behind her the garage, to her left the house, to her right a tall stone wall. Pink smiles and closes in on her prey with stretched out arms. As Winona uselessly tried to slip by Pink grabbed the frail actress by her shoulders and rammed her heard into the stone wall.

Winona winced as her small bony back connected hard with the rough brick wall. Winona tried to escape, but Pink giggled and easily controlled Winona's thin beanpole arms and pinned them hard against the wall. Winona flexed and tried to move, but she looked so frail and tiny compared against Pinks sturdy trained figure.

"Now what, little wimp?" asked Pink and easily toyed with Winona's arms.

Winona looked as Pink easily moved her arms around, Winona resisted but she clearly saw that her little thin had no chance against Pinks thick muscled arms, her beanpoles trembling weakly against Pinks supreme power. Pink giggled and rammed Winona's wrists again and again hard against the bricks. Winona moaned with pain as Pink hurt her puny arms, but also with upcoming lust as Pink used her. Suddenly Winona spit in Pinks face!

"Such a little tramp," hissed Pink and pinned Winona hard into the wall. “With such little puny arms, bony shoulders, narrow back and simply a waifish wimpy figure you shouldn't be that aggressive." Winona winced, unable to move her thin flabby arms, but suddenly rammed her pointed knee twice into Pinks belly. Pink moaned and trembled, but stood straight taking Winona's hard blows.

"OK, little girl - and now it's my turn!" Pink rammed her knees three times hard into Winona's soft narrow midsection. Winona coughed her guts out, leaning in agony on Pinks chest. Pink then let Winona's arms go and little waifish Winona crumbled at her feet, holding her churning belly. Pink reached down, took Winona's high heels and tossed them over the wall. Pink waited while Winona finished coughing and slowly struggled up, her head red with pain but her eyes sparkling with anger.

"C'mon little girl! Show me what you've got!"

Winona let out a fearsome scream and stormed into Pink, ramming herself into Pink and grabbing her thick shoulders. Winona's momentum staggered Pink backward two steps, but she locked arms with Winona and applied pressure to her thin arms and body. Winona trembled and moaned as she felt Pink's power, while Pink bent Winona slowly down. Pink forced Winona back and Winona was barely able to keep on her feet. Pink, as Winona was staggering, wrapped her right arm around Winona's narrow shoulders, applied a side headlock and forced the frail actress down into the dusty ground. Winona grabbed Pink's thick forearm uselessly. Pink forced Winona's head forcefully down into the dust and grabbed Winona's left arm pinning it next to Winona head. Winona huffed and puffed, not wanting to give and turned around, wrapping her lean thighs around Pink's midesection.

Pink winced, surprised by Winona's small but wiry powers and could only work Winona's left arm. Winona scissored Pink with all her might, but her thin girlish legs couldn't do much damage to Pink. Pink tried to get free, but Winona was holding tight. Winona finally yanked her left arm free and tried to control Pink's thick arms but failed miserably. Winona dragged with her left hand on Pink's left upper arm and with her right on Pink's left wrist but Pinks left arm was way stronger than Winona's combined arm-strength. Pink hissed and bent Winona's right arm behind Winona's head, ignoring Winona's left arm and rolled around twisting Winona's arm. Due to the pain in her arm Winona let the scissor go and Pink mounted little Winona and tried to pin her small opponent down. Winona bucked violently and was able to force Pink off of her.

Winona immediately came after Pink and rammed her pointy knee into Pink's belly. Pink yelped and bent down a little, Winona wrapping her left arm around Pink's neck trying for a side headlock. Pink winced and wrapped her right arm also around Winona's small neck. Being much stronger Pink easily forced Winona down on all fours. Winona still had her left arm around Pinks neck, while her right supported her with Pink pressing down hard on her. Winona winced and finally her right arm gave in and Pink forced her frail opponent down.

Pink grabbed Winona's left arm and easily forced it away from her neck, turning Winona's on her back, locking fingers with Winona and easily bent and twisted Winona's thin girlish arms. Winona winced as Pink easily overpowered her. Pink smiled and pinned Winona's arm down, straddling her midsection. Winona bucked up, but Pink kept on top of her, smiling wickedly down. Fast Winona's powers faded and she slumped down again with Pink on top.

Suddenly, Pink turned, wrapping her thighs around Winona's midsection. She scissored, leaning back to increase the pressure. Winona moaned in pain, her frail body trembling in agony. Pink giggled and slapped her weak opponent. Winona grabbed Pink's left arm with both hands and was again unable to control it with her weak trembling beanpoles. Pink scissored hard, Winona wincing and moaning in agony as her unprotected inner organs squirmed in agony. Winona weakly grabbed Pink's hard thighs and felt her hard muscles.

"Had enough, little Wimp?" asked Pink, increasing the pressure again.

But Winona was tough and slowly soldiered up, coming shaking to her feet, while Pink hold her scissor around Winona's belly, not believing Winona could still resist. Winona reached back and grabbed Pink's ankles and uselessly tried to pry them apart, but Pink's calves were at least three times thicker than Winona's waifish upper arms. Pink now grabbed Winona's bony ankles, dragged on them once, her arms as thick as Winona's thin legs and Winona fell down hard on her small bony back. Winona winced in pain, her hands weakly on Pink's calves. Pink moves and easily straddles Winona and pins her down. Winona, her head red with effort and breathing hard bucked once but was this time way too weak to force Pink off again. Pink rotated and trapped Winona's left upper arm between her thighs and grabbed Winona's right arm with both her hands. Pink scissored Winona's thin left arm hard, immediately squashing Winona's puny little bicep flat, while bending Winona's right flabby forearm hard over her own forearm. Winona wailed as her arms burned in terrible pain, bucking uselessly. Pink increased the pressure on Winona's little weak arms.

"Ahhhhhhhrrrrrrrgggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh....." Winona screamed in pain, fearing Pink would break her waifish arms.

"Yeah! Scream for me, bitch!" hissed Pink and made Winona scream again.

Winona moaned weakly every time Pink increased the pressure on her thin arms. Pink smiled and worked Winona's useless arms while feeling Winona's hard erect nipples on her tummy. Pink moved up and down a little, rubbing over Winona's big soft boobies, while also rubbing her thick hard thighs tightly over Winona's left arm. Winona winced while Pink rubbed her squashed big soft boobies and nearly ripping her frail little arm apart, her nipples, rubbing over Pink's flat tummy, sending waves of pleasure thru her frail body.

"You really like that, pathetic bitch? Hmm?" giggled Pink.

She bent Winona's right elbow the wrong way over her forearm and Winona wailed in pain as she arched her head back. Pain - mixed with joy - had left her unable to control herself.

Confident she had Winona now Pink let go and slowly turned, but Winona immediately sprang up, wrapping her thighs around Pink and both her hands grabbed Pink's chin, clawing it hard. Pink yelped in surprise and went down, Winona scissoring her. Pink grabbed Winona's hands and tried to pry her arms off, but Winona clawed her cheeks and jaw painfully. Winona scissored with all her small powers, but Pink moaned due to the piercing pain Winona's bony but powerful fingers induced in her head. Pink let Winona's wrists go and suddenly clawed Winona's knee hard, Winona yelped in pain and nearly let the scissor go.

Pink was now finally able to pry Winona's thighs apart, moving them under her and then reaching back to grab Winona's small swans neck hard. Winona yelped and let go, Pink immediately grabbed Winona by her small bony shoulders and wrapped her arms from behind around them and locked her hands in the back of Winona's neck, starting to apply pressure. Winona winced, her little thin arms waving around uselessly, while her neck was on fire. Pink bent Winona's head down hard, enjoying Winona's weak little grunts every time she flexed. Pink wrapped her knees around Winona's midsection and scissored on while also increasing the pressure on Winona's badly bent neck. Winona moaned and wailed in agony. Pink giggled and toyed Winona around in her merciless grasp, finally ending on top of Winona who was on her belly. Pink giggled and let Winona's neck go and ripped Winona's dress apart, freeing Winona's big soft saggy boobs.

"Nooooooo........" wailed Winona, unable to defend herself.

"Oh yes, little girl!" giggled Pink as she took the last tatters of Winona's dress and wrapped them around Winona's bony wrists. Then she stopped, deciding instead to wrap them around Winona's neck. She started pulling from behind and Winona choked, weakly grabbing the tissue. Pink choked Winona who lay coughing and fighting for air beneath her. Winona grew weaker and weaker, finally going limp under her. Pink smiled and let the tissue go, tossing it away. Winona coughed hard while Pink grabbed Winona's forearms and, without resistance, forced them back over her thighs and bend Winona back in a painful camel clutch. As Pink bent her hard, Winona winced and wailed.

"Oh....God...stop!" Winona cried in humiliation as her spine creaked dangerously. After bending Winona hard two more times Pink let her weak prey go and stood up. Winona weakly struggled up, her big soft boob shaking deliciously.

"So, I hope you have enough, little tramp!" giggled Pink, standing with her hands on her hips.

Suddenly Winona threw a handful of dust into Pink's eyes, who yelped and frantically tried to clean her burning eyes. Winona rammed herself into pink and pushed her hard into the brick wall. Pink, unable to see, frantically kicked around and finally landed a gruesome hit into Winona's lower belly. Winona yelped once and crumbled down to her knees. Finally, Pink was able to clear her eyes.

"You will so suffer for that, girlie!" hissed Pink angrily.

Winona slowly struggled up but Pink wrapped her arms around Winona's neck and bent Winona's head painfully down and dragged poor Winona around. Pink then applied two hard knees into Winona's belly, who coughed hard and moaned in pain, her legs wobbly but Pink holding her up. Winona weakly dragged on Pink's wrists but Pink ignored Winona's weak tries and toyed around with her prey, letting her big boobs shake. Pink then let groggy Winona go only to lift her up over her shoulders and to slam her down into the hard dusty ground.

Winona lay on the ground, her body on fire and spasming out of her control. Pink, surprised that Winona was still around, mounted her back, grabbed Winona's thin flabby arms and stretched them wide, making Winona moan. Winona erect nipples rubbed over the rough ground, making her moan as pain mingled with lust. Pink now also trapped Winona thin thighs with her own and dragged them wide apart, making Winona extremities burn. Poor little Winona wailed under Pink.

Pink then let Winona's thighs go and moved up, still holding Winona's beanpole arms and sitting down on Winona's shoulderblades. Pink smiled wickedly, ramming her knees into Winona's thin flabby upper arms, crushing them under her knees and starting to smash her ass hard into Winona's shoulderblades. Winona moaned in agony.

"AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH......," Winona screamed every time Pink put her whole weight on her little frail arms and then smacked her ass hard into her shoulderblades, making Winona cough hard.

"I think you finally had enough," giggled Pink. She stood up, grabbed Winona by the shoulders and yanked her frail prey up to all fours, wrapping her thighs around Winona's neck in a Standing Headscissor. Pink slapped Winona's soft little ass as she scissored her and Winona moaned aloud in pain. Pink gave all she had, making Winona scream for mercy. "And now you will rub yourself!" ordered Pink while reaching one hand to grab a fistful of Winona's big juicy boob, finding her nipple already erect.

"No!" wailed Winona weakly.

Pink again scissored hard on Winona's little neck and pulled her left nipple until she screamed again.

"I have time, little town tramp!" giggled Pink as she flexed again and again; working Winona's hard nipples. Winona yelped, screamed and coughed while Pink used her; getting wet as hell and unable to control herself.

"I do it....I do it....," Winona coughed, weakly patting Pink's hard thighs.

Winona moved her left hand down and started rubbing her clit. After only two or three strokes Winona's body rocked with a huge orgasm, Pink saw Winona's juices flowing down Winona's thighs. Winona moaned hornily while Pink scissored the little wimp harder and harder, now also grabbing Winona's right arm and twisting it hard into Winona's back, applying a hard Hammerlock on Winona's little arm, twisting and tugging her wrist while squashing and clawing her soft upper arm and shoulder.

Winona climaxed harder and harder the more pain Pink gave her, until it became too much and she slumped limp between Pink's powerful thighs and her left arm flopped lifelessly. Pink let go and Winona's body collapsed on the ground at her feet. She knelt and checked that Winona was still breathing, so Pink spanked her soft ass and put a nice, rosy glow on the pale bulbous bottom.

When Winona's eyes fluttered open, the first thing that registered was Pink's bouncing backside as she walked away with long powerful strides. Winona could barely move and every small motion she made hurt like hell as she struggled to sit up.