Mudfight - Winona Ryder vs. Selma Blair vs. Keira Knightley by vulcannightbird

Winona - 36 y/o, 5'2”, 105#; Selma - 35 y/o, 5’3”, 105#; Keira - 22 y/o, 5’7”, 110#

A sunny day over California as Winona, wearing rainbow-colored lycra bra and panties that are a little to small to hold her big, heavy, yummy, tits, Keira, wearing black sports-bra and panties looking more skinny than ever and Selma in a white lingerie bra and pants looking even more skinny than Keira but with thin hard muscle over her bones, enter Winona's garden where a smiling Holly Hunter waits by the pool where the water had been drained and replaced with two feet of mud from California's famous ‘Muscle Beach.’.

"Okay, girls," Holly says. “The rules are simple: whoever’s the last standing wins me for the rest of the day and the night!"

The three skinny actresses look hornily at Holly's mature, lean, hard-muscled body clad in a revealing lycra bathing suit. The three girls with Winona leading climb down into the pool looking a little lost down there except for Winona who rubs mud very gently on her sweat-dripping body, finally joyfully giving her big boobs a hot mud-massage. Holly's nipples pop as she watches little hot Winona slathering herself.

"That's the kind of thing I want," Holly said and the two other girls glared jealously at Winona. “OK now girls, fight!"

Keira and Selma looked at each other, realizing they both had the same idea. They turned and charged Winona, both attacking her at once. Winona yelped and jumped sideways, but as Keira crashed into the mud face first and Selma was able to lock both hands around Winona's thin, girlish, left thigh. Keira struggled up, spitting mud, as Selma forced Winona down into the mud. Winona screamed, kicked and bucked violently; sending mud flying. Winona was able to get free as Keira tried another blunt force attack and Winona rammed a pointy elbow up hard under Keira's chin. Keira let out a short yelp and collapsed stunned in the mud.

Holly looks to it that Keira doesn't drown, but the mud carries bodies well. Now Selma was up again, grabbing Winona’s skinny forearms, pinning them against the pool wall. Winona struggled with her thin flabby arms, but Selma's thin but iron-hard shoulders easily controlled Winona's arms.

"Now what, little tramp?" hissed Selma.

Winona struggled weakly clearly seeing that Selma was stronger but also less experienced. Winona suddenly spit Selma right into her face luckily hitting Selma's right eye. Selma screams girlish and removes her left hand to wipe her eye clean. Winona uses this moment to ram her bony fist hard into Selma's chin and ramming her knee into Selma's belly. Selma coughs and doubles over, her hands now weakly clinging on Winona's small bony shoulders. Winona smiles icily and rams her elbows down into Selma's shoulders, forcing Selma into the mud.

As Keira comes around she sees how Winona hammers Selma into the mud, Selma moaning in pain. Keira struggles up and jumps over the moaning Selma grabbing Winona's throat. Winona tries to pry Keira's arms open but fails, her little flabby arms shaking violently. Keira increases the pressure on Winona's frail swan's neck and with her height advantage forces Winona down. Winona struggles but her thin legs bend at their knees and Winona is forced on her knees, her head red with effort, fighting for air. Selma now also is up again, smiling as she sees that Winona is in big trouble.

Selma closes in onto Winona from behind, grabbing Winona’s short black hair and yanking her head back. Winona moaned as Selma and Keira torture her, Selma now forcing her knee hard into Winona's spine. Winona moans out loud in pain unable to defend herself against two women.

"We will finish her now!" Keira hisses jubilant.

"WE will do nothing," hisses Selma.

Keira now releases her hands from Winona's neck staring icily at Selma. Winona breaths hard and as she has regained some strength she rammed her elbows back into Selma's kneecaps. Selma howled loud, grabbed her burning kneecaps and splashed into the mud like an dismounted tree. Winona was readying herself for Keira's attack, but Keira now got after Selma. Keira jumped on top of Selma trying to pin her arms. Selma's knees were still hurting but she recovered fast. Keira struggled but her skinny beanpole arms were far too weak to pin Selma. Selma smiled an toyed with Keira while Winona took some deep breaths to fully recover and then turned, deciding whom to help now.

The decision was easy as Selma easily overpowered Keira, whose little skinny arms trembled weakly like twigs. Selma was just about to turn Keira under her, pinning her into the mud as Winona knees first jumped into Keira's back. Keira howled out and sprawled across Selma who was still lying under her, the mud splashing, all fighters now covered from head to toe with mud. Selma hissed angrily, the additional weight of Winona's body forcing her deep into the mud, the weight of two even that skinny women is too much for her. Keira howled as she lied face down on Selma's skinny chest, Winona's knees torturing her spine with Winona's full weight. Winona now grabbed Keira's bra and ripped it apart.

"You don't really need this, beanpole!" hissed Winona flinging it to Holly.

Holly catches Keira's bra and gives Winona a short thumbs-up. Meanwhile Selma wriggled herself free from under Winona and Keira spitting out some mud breathing hard to recover. Winona now straddling poor weak Keira grabs her chin from behind and applies a hard Camel Clutch! Keira moans in pain, weakly grabbing Winona's wrists but unable to defend herself. Winona grits her teeth and applies as much pressure as she could. Keira was about to submit as Selma came in and hammered her fist hard into Winona's forehead. Winona's vision was clouded as she flew backwards hitting the mud hard, making it splash in all directions.

Holly looked but Winona wasn’t knocked out, seeing Winona lay moaning holding her tingling head. Keira's head slumped into the mud, then she slowly turned and her flat chest heaved with deep breathing. Selma comes after Winona, dragging Winona up by her hair and ramming her left fist into Winona's belly. Winona coughed hard and leaned on Selma's shoulder.

Selma smiling, giving Winona's belly another hard blow. Winona moaned and coughed as her organs convulsed inside her as Selma grabbed Winona's bra and ripped it apart, setting her big juicy jugs free. Winona yelped and tried to cover her big softballs with her bony forearms, but they were far too thin.

Selma tosses the bra to Holly, who catches it with a smile, then grabs Winona's arms and without much effort pried her arms apart and pinned them in the mud. Winona winced but her nipples stiffened as she watched as her little thin arms being easily overpowered by Selma who couldn’t help smiling when she saw Winona's erect nipples.

"You really don't deserve those big beach balls!" Selma hissed, biting Winona’s left nipple.

Winona screamed in squirmed but unable to defend herself. Selma released Winona's bruised tit and now put her knees on Winona's upper arms, torturing Winona small soft biceps under them. Winona moaned as pain mingled with lust. Keira has watched so far but Holly now urged her to enter the fight again. Keira got in just as Selma wanted to hammer Winona’s face with blows till she pass out. Keira grabbed Selma's hair and yanked her head back, ramming her knee into the back of Selma's spine. Selma yelps in pain but now Holly steps in and slaps Keira, who still holds Selma's hair.

"You should defeat her, not kill her! On the neck only choking is allowed!", then turning to Selma, “Are you okay?"

"That thing too weak to hurt me!" Selma hisses although her neck burns terribly.

Holly got out of the pool and Keira continued, still holding Selma's hair with one hand, with other starting to clobber Selma's

head. Selma reaches back and grabs Keira's forearms as Winona has regained some power, reached out with her arms and grabbed Selma's neck. Selma hissed and decided to ignore Winona’s unnerving but still quite weak grip and instead gritted her teeth, flexed her arms and shoulders and threw skinny Keira over her head. Keira screams and lands with her back onto Winona's face.

Winona and Keira loosing their holds on Selma as she smashes Keira onto Winona. Selma gets slowly up and looks down, Winona trying to get free under the stunned Keira wraps her thighs around Keira's neck and turns Keira off her while increasing the scissor. Keira fights for air as she feels Winona's lean thighs around her neck, weakly grabbing Winona's calves. Winona grits her teeth and uses all the strength she's got left, arching back to increase the pressure on the neck scissors. Selma now joined Winona, grabbing Keira's thin legs and forcing them apart.

Selma stomps into Keira's exposed sex again and again until poor little Keira squirms grow weaker and weaker. Winona scissors her neck and Selma inflicts terrible pain to her burning clit. Holly watches with satisfaction as Winona and Keira have their way with Keira. Winona now moves behind Keira's head, holding her scissors on Keira's neck hard but not lethal, grabbing Keira's now already limb arms crossing them behind Keira's head. Winona little thin arms trembling with effort as Keira moans. Selma now also gets down, still easily controlling Keira's skinny legs, folding them up towards Winona's legs, Winona and Selma bending Keira into a pretzel. Keira screams and weakly begs for mercy, but Selma and Winona just smile wickedly.

Selma now grabs Keira's clit hard while Winona now holds both of Keira's skinny wrists in one hand, using the other to grip Keira's left nipple and dragging gruesome on it. Keira yelps in pain but also feels the warmth from her clit. Selma and Winona now work Keira's nipples and clit terribly hard as Keira lets go with a huge orgasm. Keira convulses with lust as Winona increases the pressure on Keira's neck again. And while Keira was still squirting into the mud blackness engulfed her. Winona and Keira now let go Keira's limb body and stood up. Winona lifted Keira's limb left arm and it flopped lifeless back into the mud.

"Keira is out!" Holly said and helped Selma and Winona to get her out of the pool.

Holly laid Keira on the grass. She moaned slowly as she came around. Selma and Winona stood glaring at each other in the mud. Both dark-haired, dark-eyed beauties clearly battered, Winona's big soft boobs swinging, but both clearly wanting to

get the win. Suddenly Selma gets in, grabbing Winona by her shoulder, trying with sheer force to get Winona down into the mud. Winona struggles, but clearly weaker than Selma her knees bend. Selma smiles and pins Winona’s beanpole arms into the mud.

But Winona unwilling to give in, using the slippery of the mud she turns and both women end up turning round and round in the mud. Neither Winona nor Selma having a clear advantage, Winona more skilled, Selma clearly more powerful. As they finally are stopped by the pool wall Winona is able to slip her arms free, ramming her left fist into Selma's forehead and forcing her right forearm under Selma's chin. Selma is surprised by Winona's swift action, her head bobbing back. Winona gets free, getting up on her shaking legs, barely able to hold herself up and breathing hard, hands on her knees. Selma also comes around slowly and glares at Winona fiercely.

"You will die, skinny!!!" hisses Selma and comes running into Winona.

Selma rams her shoulder hard into Winona's chest and she yelps in pain as her ribs are bruised. She crumbles down into the mud with Selma standing over her, smiling down icily. Selma grabs Winona’s shoulder and jerks poor Winona up. She trembles weakly, her bony hands dragging weakly on Selma's hard thin arms.

"I know you film Star Trek VIII," Selma mused. "This is something the Klingons do!"

Selma rams her forehead into Winona's face hard. Winona cries in pain, tears flowing down her cheeks and her nose bleeding. Selma now thinks about how to punch little Winona out. Some seconds too long as Winona suddenly rams her pointed left knee frantically again and again into Selma's belly and sex. Selma looks stunned as Winona destroys Selma's thin hard abs and tortures her clit. Finally Selma falls backwards into the mud, Winona on top of her. Winona smiles maniacally and claws Selma's already throbbing clit with her left hand, her right ripping Selma's bra apart and then hammering Selma's face with blows. Selma is stunned by Winona’s wild attack, trying weakly to protect her face with her forearms. Winona smiles and continue to claw Selma's clit and, as Selma had now her arms around her face, Winona grabs Selma's left nipple and twists it hard back and forth. Selma just screams stunned with searing pain, unbelieving that little weak Winona can do this to her.

"I give! I give!" Selma yells humiliated, crying with pain.

Winona lets go and slowly came up, her legs barely able to support her little weight, breathing hard and looking down at

Selma who still cried humiliated, now holding her burning clit. Holly jumped in and wrapped her arms around Winona's small bony shoulders.

"You're my tough little angel," said Holly and gave Winona a gentle kiss.

Winona felt Holly's strong muscled arms around her and let herself fall into Holly's embrace and eagerly accepted Holly's kiss. They let Selma crying in the mud and Holly helped battered Winona out of the pool. Holly looked at Winona, sitting muddy in the grass, her eyes wandering over Winona's petite skinny body and her big juicy boobs. Winona looked up at Holly with her deep brown eyes. Holly opened her bra, flinging it away and then playfully pinning Winona under her. Winona's eyes fluttered over holly's mature strong body, admiring her power and her thick muscles. Holly, knowing what Winona likes, gets her knees on Winona's little thin upper arms, giving her soft biceps a hard ride.

Winona moaned in pain and lust under Holly, her nipples stiffening. Then Holly let Winona's painfully throbbing arms go, pinning them in one hand behind Winona's head. Winona winced weakly as she saw and felt her badly bruised arms. Holly now lied down on Winona, feeling the soft feeble body under her hard trained one. Winona moved slowly with joy under Holly and they started kissing deep and long. Holly still held Winona’s arm in one hand, now her other hand sliding slowly down, gently soothing Winona's cheeks, her neck, her wonderful big soft boobs and finally arriving at Winona's wet clit. Winona moaned with lust as Holly inserted two fingers into Winona's clit, and after only two or three strokes Winona finally got her reward for winning, cumming with a long-lasting orgasm.

And during that day and the following night, Winona came again and again and again under Holly’s ‘firm direction.’