Revenge: Hayden Panettiere vs. Winona Ryder by vulcannightbird

During a sunny day, Winona was relaxing by her pool in just a black lycra bra and panties when the doorbell rang wildly. Her agent was watching her sick child, so she got up, donned a white robe and answered the door herself. It was Hayden Panettiere in a white muscle shirt and tight blue jeans, sporting her fit body. Hayden was glaring at her and Winona trembled as she stepped back. Hayden pushed inside, jabbed her index-finger into Winona's chest, feeling big soft juicy balls under the robe.

"Remember how you cheated during the fight night!" hissed Hayden.

Winona hesitated, her big brown eyes flickering over Hayden's body, her thick arms, her athletic body and her firm butt and thighs. Hayden pushed Winona back into her house and finally stripped Winona of her bathrobe. Hayden looked piteously at Winona frail skinny body, her children's arms and legs, counting her bones, the only womanly feature her big juicy boobs.

"Please.....that were the rules...." begged Winona staggering backwards, her trembling hands on Hayden's thick shoulders, who pushed Winona easily at her skinny bony shoulders.

"I'll show you something about rules, beanpole!" hissed Hayden and gave Winona's shoulder a terrible squeeze, moving the bones easily and Winona's legs trembled and moaned. Winona weakly grabbed Hayden's upper arms and dragged weakly, feeling Hayden's lean hard muscles. Hayden pushed Winona icily smiling against the living room wall hard. Winona winced as Hayden hammered her hard into the wall. Hayden leaned in closely, her face only inches away from Winona's beautiful angelic face. Winona trembled fearfully.

"You should go to the gym, weakling. Look I'm only half your age, could be your daughter - but I'm more than twice as powerful as you!" Hayden teased the trembling Winona.

She grabbed Winona's puny wrists and gave them a hard twist and pinned Winona's twisted arms into the wall hard. Weak Winona tried to move her aching arms but her thin flabby arms were no match for well-trained Hayden. Hayden just smiled wickedly and watched Winona's useless attempts. Slowly Hayden stretched Winona's arms apart and the twisted joints creaked loud. Winona yelled out in searing pain, looking terrified from Hayden's smiling face over Hayden's thickly muscled shoulders and arms to her own skinny badly twisted arms.

Winona's eyes widened as the twisted bones of her arm poked out and creaked and burned as Hayden stretched. Winona grit her teeth in pain, knowing that she must do something if she want to prevent that Hayden cracks her bones. Winona suddenly rammed her pointed knee into Hayden's sex, immediately the pressure from her poor arms were released and Hayden's eyes widened with shock. Winona rammed her knee into Hayden's clit a second time, finally able to free her arms, rubbing them shortly. Hayden tried to cover her burning convulsing sex with her hands, but before she was able to do so Winona rammed her knee a third time into Hayden's sex.

Hayden finally grabbed her clit, dropped to her knees in stunning pain and looked up completely surprised at Winona. Winona saw her chance and with all her momentum rammed Hayden down on her back, prying Hayden's arms wide apart and kneeling on Hayden's belly, rocking back and forth on it. Hayden still stunned form the blows to her clit was shocked as Winona fiercely got on the offensive. But Hayden was tough as rapidly regained her power. Winona grit her teeth and tried to pin Hayden's arms down when Hayden finally resisted.

Winona tried but her thin arms started trembling and finally Hayden stopped the downward movement of her arms a few inches of the floor. Winona put all her weight into her spaghetti arms but it was no use. Hayden now flexed her thick biceps and shoulders, which bulged impressively - clearly no match for Winona's toothpick arms, her own biceps barely visible as it flexed, her shoulders only skin and bone with only some feeble strings of muscle. Hayden smiled and toyed with Winona's trembling arms increasing the pressure on them very slowly. Winona winced as her arms shook more and more.

"C'mon, weak thing! Pin me down if you can!" hissed Hayden.

Hayden now easily toyed with Winona's weak thin arms, moving them from left to right and back and forth. Sweat was tickling down Winona's cheeks, her face red with effort, but still so clearly overmatched. Winona now rocked harder with her knees on Hayden's firm belly, but Hayden's well-trained abs were easily up to the task. Hayden giggled as she toyed with Winona on top of her and suddenly rocked hard up and dragged gruesome on Winona's thin arms, Winona's shoulders creaking dangerously. Winona yelped in pain and was flung up, Hayden curled her legs up fast and as Winona came down again she crashed with her soft belly brutally into Hayden's knees. Winona was forced to exhale and for a second or two tried not to puke on her opponent as her organs were convulsing on fire inside her. Winona moaned weakly and was laying limb on top of Hayden.

"Fuck...." coughed Winona unable to move, Hayden's knee's still piercing into her stomach.

Hayden giggled again and wriggled her knees, tormenting Winona's soft belly. Winona moaned and groaned, her eyes closed while enduring the terrible pain. Hayden now opened her thighs and let Winona's waist glide between them and closed them around Winona's feeble waist. Hayden immediately started to Scissor Winona, her firm legs hard with muscles, nearly thicker than Winona's waist. Very slowly Hayden increased the pressure on Winona's midsection, who moaned in pain. Winona tried once more to free her arms, but it was no use, her efforts didn't make Hayden's arms shake. Hayden took both of Winona's thin, bony, wrists in one hand, controlling them easily while increasing the intensity of her Scissors. She reached with her newly freed hand, started to open Winona's bra.

"Nooooo....." whined Winona and squirmed uselessly to stop Hayden, who only increased the pressure of her thick sexy thighs on Winona's waist till Winona finally stopped resisting.

Hayden felt Winona's surrender and enjoyed it more than anything else. Hayden opened Winona's bra and flung it away. Winona's big soft boobies spilled free, they bounced like jelly. Hayden gave them a gentle squeeze and they were soft like jelly. Winona moaned as pain mingled with her growing lust and despite trying to control her reaction, still her nipples stiffened and got hard. Hayden smiled satisfied and arched back, giving all her thighs could, feeling Winona's convulsing organs between her iron thighs, meanwhile gently brushing with the back of her hand over Winona's erect nipples. Winona shook her head violently feeling she might go crazy.

"Yes, you really like losing, don't you, you pathetic little wimp???" whispered Hayden as she let go of Winona's waist. Her midsection was badly bruised by Hayden's hard Scissors and she moaned with relief as the pressure abated…then was violently turned onto her back. Hayden easily pinned Winona under her, sitting on her churning belly and smiling down on her weak prey. "C'mon wimpy, show me your biceps! Flex for me, girlie!" hissed Hayden.

Winona flexed showing off her small cute bicep-bulge, her thin arms trembling weakly. Hayden smiled and moved Winona's arms easily behind her head, pinning them with both hands. Hayden used her free hand to squeeze Winona bicep, working it hard. "Not bad in size, but soooooooo soft," giggled Hayden and squashed Winona's muscle flat without effort.

Winona squirmed weakly and arched her head back as her weak bicep was destroyed and groaned with bliss. Hayden smiled down and soothed Winona's erect nipples. Hayden now trapped Winona's legs with her own and stretched them easily apart, also letting Winona's tits go and grabbed Winona's arms again with both arms and crossed Winona's arms over her frail swan's neck. Hayden now dragged hard on Winona's thin arms, choking her with them. She stretched out and lay on Winona's legs, her arms and thighs at least twice as thick as poor weak Winona’s. Winona winced as her body was used by Hayden who smiled down at her the entire time.

"You're soooo pathetically weak, you tiny useless runt!" whispered Hayden, enjoying her superiority.

Hayden grit her teeth and dragged so hard on Winona's arms that Winona's shoulders creaked dangerously and poor Winona let of a light yelp from her choked-blue face. Hayden held this pressure a few seconds, while Winona was fearing that her opponent would rip off her arms, but then Hayden let suddenly go. Winona moaned with relief, her arms spasming out of control on the floor. Winona looked doe-eyed as she watched the spasms of over stretched muscles in her arm, it throbbed with numb pain.

"Please stop....." gasped Winona.

"Stop? I’m just getting started...." giggled Hayden and moved up, putting her knees on Winona's aching arms.

Hayden put her whole weight on Winona's poor thin arms, while Winona squirmed under her in terrible pain. Hayden moved her knees slowly back and forth, feeling the feeble muscle under her knee being bent, twisted and stretched. Winona arched her head back, tears flowing freely down her face; her arms on fire! Hayden smiles and tries to move as slow as possible, torturing Winona's feeble muscles as hard as possible. As Winona cried in pain beneath her, Hayden reached back with one hand and started to slowly rub and stroke Winona's clit.

"Noooooooooooooooo....", Winona yelled in pain, completely unable to defend herself.

"Oh, yes little runt!" giggled Hayden.

Hayden now grabbed with her other hand Winona by her short dark hair and with this leverage she could position her knees right on the points were Winona's muscles were about to rip and keep them there. Winona cried with pain and totally out of control Hayden needed only to rub Winona's clit three times before Winona came with a huge orgasm. Winona screamed as pain mingled with the orgasm that rocked her beaten body. Hayden kept the torture up and Winona's juices flowed freely.

Winona came and came and came, in all her orgasm lasted more than ten minutes and when it ended, the floor between her legs and under her butt was soaked with her cream! Winona arched her head back, pain and lust merging in one long, feverish, pleasure haze. When she finally, slowly, came back down to earth, her fragile body was totally limb.

Hayden stood up looking down on her weak opponent, who was lying in her own juices. Winona's eyes fluttered open and as she tried to move her badly bruised arms she moaned with pain. Hayden grabbed Winona's left arm and jacked her up hard, Winona winced with pain. Winona stood in front of Hayden, her legs shaking violently, barely able to support her frail thin body, her arms dangling weak by her side, her eyes dim.

"Are we finished now?" Winona asked pleading, but Hayden only smiled icily.

"Not so easily, pathetic slut!" hissed Hayden and rammed her right fist hard into Winona's soft belly.

Winona doubled over, grabbed her poor belly, her arms burned with the sudden movement and looked up at Hayden terrified. Hayden rammed her left fist with gruesome force into Winona's forehead. Winona's legs failed and before she hit the floor Winona was already in dreamland. Hayden looked down on the lifeless creature at her feet and finally grabbed Winona by her short black hair and dragged Winona into the garden, placing her onto the granite terrace. Then Hayden let Winona's head slump down and it knocked audible on the stone. As Hayden knew that it would take some time before Winona would wake she walked back into the house to make herself a drink.

When Winona finally woke up she found herself stripped naked in the blazing sun on the hard granite terrace. She smelled suntan on her skin and as her eyes fluttered open she saw and now also felt Hayden sitting on her tummy. Hayden smiled down as Winona came around. After stripping her weak foe she has rubbed the suntan hard into Winona's soft skinny body with a special rub for Winona's big soft watermelon boobies. Winona stretched her twiggy arms and Hayden saw Winona's tiny barely bulging bruised biceps. Winona moaned slightly as she felt the piercing pain from her small muscles, but her nipples immediately came up again.

"You're so fuckin’ strong," said Winona bashfully, batting her eyes and moistening her lips.

Hayden smiled widely as she saw Winona's aroused nipples and grabbed Winona's bony wrists. Winona's eyes fluttered from side to side smiling, also measuring Hayden's thick powerful arms and now also finally realizing that Hayden now was only on bra and panties. Winona suddenly flexed her skinny thin arms, gritting her teeth.

"And you are soooooo weak and tiny," giggled Hayden.

Hayden felt Winona's feeble pressure but loved to play with her weak opponents arms. Winona gave all she had, but Hayden easily controlled her arms, moving them slowly. Winona's arms trembled like twigs, her head red with effort. Hayden toyed with Winona's arms easily, letting them shake violently. Hayden then very slowly dragged Winona's arms wide apart, showing the weakling under her that she had nothing.

"You are weak! Pathetically weak! Just weak!" hissed Hayden.

Winona moaned and got so horny as she felt her feeble muscles aching and cramping as Hayden worked them and intimidated her skinny arms and bony shoulders. Hayden hold Winona's fluttering beanpole arms at the verge of breaking down. Winona's arms shook violently and Winona's looked doe-eyed at Hayden, seeing her thick shoulders and thick bulging biceps in her arm that were at least twice as thick as Winona's. Winona's own arms strained and Hayden now gave Winona's wrist a hard twist. Winona moaned out and her thin feeble muscles finally gave in as pain pierced thru them, they dangled weakly at Hayden's hand. Hayden now put Winona's arms down behind Winona's head giggling. Winona breathed hard exhausted, her big chest heaving up and down.

"While you were passed out I did some sightseeing in your house," said Hayden and smiled wickedly. "I found some interesting toys in your bedroom." Winona's wonderful brown eyes widened with shock and suddenly squirmed under Hayden.

"Noooooo....." winced poor Winona. Hayden giggled as she easily kept Winona under control, but when Winona didn't stop squirming, Hayden rammed her knee hard into Winona's soft belly. She groaned in pain and gagged, then lay still.

Hayden turned and wrapped her legs around Winona's head and started to squeeze. Winona winced weakly feeling Hayden's thick muscled thighs around her head. Hayden increased the pressure and Winona cried panicking, patting her bony hands on Hayden's thighs, feeling iron muscles in her thighs.

"I normally train my thighs by opening melons this way," Hayden said, "but your head will do nicely...."

Winona screamed in pain as her head tingled, her hands lying limb on Hayden's pulsating muscular thighs, fearing that Hayden would crush her skull, crying with humiliation. When Hayden finally stopped and got up, Winona curled up and held her aching head. Hayden moved two cast iron benches from the terrace, putting one under her head and the other under her feet. Winona slowly sat up with a pain-stricken expression and looked dimly at what Hayden was doing. Seeing her opponents young, tough, sweaty, body as she bent over dragging the benches, Winona’s nipples got erect.

Hayden turned and saw Winona, then smiled icily, "You’re one horny little wreck!" She straddled Winona, then sat down onto Winona's soft belly until Winona moaned in pain, now totally submissive.

Hayden shows Winona what she’d found in her bedroom, a pair of iron shackles and a leather whip. Winona trembled and her eyes fluttered back and forth between the toys - one’s she’d bought to use on her slave Keira - with a mixture of fear and eager anticipation.

Hayden smiled and grabbed Winona's left arm, slammed her wrist down so hard on the iron front of the bench that the wristbone knocked loud on the metal. Winona gasped in pain as she watched Hayden cuff her wrist with the iron shackle. Then she did the same to Winona's other arm and turned and grabbed Winona's left ankle.

Winona finally tried to resist, but Hayden easily controlled her schoolgirl thin legs with her thick, powerful arms and Winona winced as the metal of the second shackle closed on her ankle. Hayden did the same with Winona's right ankle, but this time Winona didn't try to resist. Hayden got up and looked down at poor Winona who weakly struggled to no avail. It was hopeless against the shackles whose iron was thicker then her bony, skinny, wrists.

"Please stop!" begs poor Winona.

Hayden smiled down as she toyed with the whip, then suddenly snapped it down hard across Winona’s heaving boobs. She let out a scream of terrible pain, her body bucking and squirming as she began begging for mercy. But Hayden had already set her arm in motion, bringing the whip down toward Winona’s still rippling breasts. Suddenly, her arm stops and instead she mounts Winona and starts to cuddle her weak opponent’s angelic face and kiss her intimately.

"You're nearly twenty years older, but you’re still more beautiful than most of the girls my age," Hayden whispers as her hand starts to rub and stroke Winona's hard, stiff clit gently. Winona winces, her eyes fluttering over her young, strong mistress. After just a few strokes of Hayden’s surprisingly skillful touch, Winona climaxes again - hard - screaming and panting with pure sexual joy. Hayden smiles as her free hand caresses the sweaty face of her new slave...dreaming of the fun she would have with Winona - and with Winona’s little plaything Keira!