Nia Peeples (47 y/o, 5’2”, 120 lbs) vs. Winona Ryder (37 y/o, 5’2”, 110 lbs) by vulcannightbird

Late night in Beverly Hills. Winona enters her favorite bar after a long night out, wearing a black skintight t-shirt with black tight jeans and black sneakers. The bar is nearly empty at this late hour, except for one person, and this person is sitting at Winona’s table. Winona moved in and saw that it was a woman, she tapped her on her left shoulder from behind.

“Hey!” hissed Winona, “this is my place!”

Nia Peeples turned around and when she saw Winona, smiled and then turned back to her drink. Nia was wearing a sports tank top and a very short skirt with white sneakers. Winona tapped her shoulder again but Nia ignored her so Winona finally grabbed her and turned her around. Winona glared down at her, Nia felt the amazingly hard grip of Winona’s bony hands on her thickly muscled shoulders. Nia slapped Winona’s hand away hard, glaring at frail Winona and slowly standing up.

“Now look whom we have here, little waifish Winona Ryder; the girl who never comes to boxing training!”

Winona, her face red with anger, glares with her big brown eyes at Nia, her hands on her hips. “Well, let me tell you something,” she snarled. “I come to boxing training when I want. Don’t think now that you’re manager of our team you can order me around! I really don’t know why Chris thought about hiring you anyway!”

Nia looks icily at Winona, the muscles of her thick arms and shoulders flexing and relaxing with upcoming anger. “You will do as I, your trainer, tells you to. If it wasn’t for Chris you would be so long gone!” hissed Nia, stepping close to Winona until they were nose to nose.

“We had so much fun before YOU came!” shrieks Winona, trembling with anger, not backing off as Nia stepped closer.

“You would be so in for a lesson if I wouldn’t respect your acting so much,” replies Nia, clearly struggling to control herself not to smash the wimp in front of her.

“Oh, should I be honored now that a bitch likes me,” giggles Winona icily and shoves Nia back, pushing Nia’s left shoulder hard. Nia looks surprised as Winona shoves her hard.

“Okay, little town tramp, you wanted it this way,” says Nia as she opened and flexed her thick muscled arms, waiting for Winona to attack, “Show what you’ve got, little girl!”

Winona came in and grabbed Nia’s thick forearms hard. Nia is surprised to feel that Winona’s grip is hard and really hurts a little. Winona uselessly tried to overpower Nia’s muscular arms and failed. Nia giggled as Winona’s thin flabby arms trembled with effort.

“You should visit a gym, weakie!” hissed Nia.

Winona angrily grit her teeth and tried to kick at Nia’s legs, but Nia was fast and avoided Winona’s kicks. Nia bent Winona’s arms a little and smiled as she could do this without much effort. Winona winced as she felt Nia’s far superior power and tried to wrap her left arm around Nia’s neck, but Nia ducked under Winona’s arm swiftly. They locked hands and Nia hold Winona’s arms easily and tried to let Winona trip over her feet, but Winona was fast enough to get her leg away. Nia worked Winona’s thin weak trembling arms easily while considering how to bring the weak waif opposing her down. Winona on the other hand had her hands full with parrying Nia’s strong arms, not yet realizing Nia is only toying with her.

Suddenly, as Winona made a step into her opponent, Nia forced Winona’s beanpole arms way up, jumped and locked her thighs around Winona’s small waist. Nia locked her ankles behind Winona’s back and scissored Winona’s soft midsection hard. Winona, surprised by Nia’s skilled move winced and staggered around, her legs bending under the added weight of Nia clinging with her thighs to her frail body. Nia smiled and dragged Winona’s thin arms behind her shoulders, twisting them down. Winona moaned as she felt the pain in her little arms, but finally her legs gave in, she couldn’t hold Nia with her thighs compressing her soft body any more.

Winona crumpled down to the wooden floor with Nia under her. Nia let Winona’s arms go and wrapped her arms tightly around Winona’s neck, her thighs still scissoring on hard. Winona winced as she felt Nia’s hard arms around her frail neck and tried to push Nia away and failed. Nia scissored on hard, her thickly muscled thighs pumping painfully into Winona’s small midsection while she bend Winona’s head down into her busty chest with her arms. Winona winced weakly and tried to get up and finally managed to get to all fours. Nia giggled and scissored and forced Winona’s sweaty face into her big firm boobs. Winona couldn’t get up with Nia clinging to her under her, her midsection throbbed with pain as Nia thickly muscled legs rearranged Winona’s inner organs and Winona’s face was pressed against Nia’s boobies. Winona’s arms and legs trembled to get up but failed again and again, with every try Winona got weaker and weaker while her frail body hurt more and more.

Finally Nia rolled Winona to her side and forced her head down on the floor. Free of Nia’s tits Winona finally was able to take a deep breath. Nia scissored on and Winona weakly reached back to tug uselessly at Nia’s feet and hard calves. Nia hold Winona this way and arched her back, finally putting full force into the scissor. Winona moaned out loud in agony as her waifish body was terribly compressed.

“I give.....I give....,” Winona moaned hoarsely and weakly tapped the wooden floor.

Nia giggled, let go and immediately jumped up, standing over Winona flexing her thick biceps in a victory pose. “You’re such a weak wimp, but I’ll give you another chance, waif!”

Winona slowly struggled up, her abdominals still throbbing with pain she gently soothes her belly. Winona staggered over to a stool and slumped down on it, breathing heavily.

“I’m finished.....I gave,” wailed Winona weakly.

Nia stepped in close to Winona, hands on her hips, her thick arms and shoulders pulsing with muscle. Winona looked fearfully up when Nia grabbed Winona’s short black hair and yanked the flyweight girl up. Winona yelped and reached up, uselessly grabbing Nia hard forearm and dragging on it weakly.

“I decide when you’re finished!” hissed Nia angrily.

Winona’s face was red with anger now while her head burnt as Nia dragged hard on her hair. Suddenly Winona let out a loud howl and rammed her bony knee hard into Nia’s belly, the third blow cutting thru Nia’s abs rearranging her organs. Nia, being totally unprepared for such a fierce attack from little Winona was forced to exhale. Nia let Winona’s hair go and staggered back, Winona coming after her backing Nia against a wall. Winona frantically rammed her knee again and again into Nia’s body and boxing her small bony fists girlishly into Nia’s head and face. Nia was shortly stunned but finally reacted and shoved Winona away by her small bony shoulders. As Winona started to return Nia rammed a left straight into Winona’s forehead. Winona yelped weirdly and aimlessly wandered on bending legs while her vision was spinning. Nia now closed in on badly stunned Winona from behind, grabbed Winona’s bony wrists and twisted Winona’s arms hard into her back. Winona’s vision slowly cleared as she felt the pain from her badly twisted arms.

“You will so suffer for this, girlie!” hisses Nia and grabbed the collar of Winona’s shirt and ripped the shirt apart.

Winona weakly tried to free herself but Nia tightly held both of Winona’s bony wrists in one hand and dragged hard on them, making Winona’s small shoulders creak dangerously. Winona moaned in pain.

“Keep calm or I break you little useless arms!” snarled Nia while she now grabbed Winona’s bra.

“No....please....,” whined Winona but it was too late, Nia ripped her bra apart.

Winona’s big soft boobs bounced free and Nia grabbed Winona’s right tit hard while dragging on Winona’s arms. Winona moaned as pain mingled with lust looking doe-eyed on her soft boob that Nia crushed in her iron grip. Nia enjoyed toying with little Winona and felt to her surprise that Winona’s nipples were stiffening and rubbing against the palm of her hand.

Suddenly Nia let got, except for Winona’s left wrist, and pushed Winona away only to drag hard on Winona’s arm to let the frail girl crash into her strong body. Winona put her right arm up and forced her skinny forearm hard against Nia’s neck. Nia giggled, her neck started to hurt a little but she hold Winona tight. They were standing body to body, Nia’s slightly smaller but firmer boobs pushing Winona’s soft boobies flat. Nia easily twisted Winona’s left arm down, bending it hard and grabbing Winona’s right upper arm, shortly feeling Winona’s soft little muscles before squashing them flat inside her grip.

Winona winced hard and Nia felt Winona’s nipples immediately poking into her tits. Nia smiled and gave Winona’s left arm another painful twist while crushing her right upper arm inside her hand. Winona moaned and rubbed her erect nipples lustily against Nia’s body, her legs trembling, her big brown eyes wide open glued to her thin throbbing right upper arm.

“So....we have a little pathetic lesbian slut here,” mocked Nia.

Suddenly Nia let Winona’s arms go, jumped up and wrapped her thighs again around Winona’s midsection and wrapped her arms around Winona neck again. This time Winona’s legs gave in immediately and both women fell down. Nia rolled on top pushing Winona’s face into her boobs again. Winona weakly pushed against Nia’s thighs and felt their thick hard muscles. Nia giggled and constricted her thighs around Winona again and again, enjoying the frail little moans that came from under her breasts.

Before Nia could realize Winona reached around Nia’s back and fumbled her tank top. Nia scissored hard immediately, Winona moaned and wailed but finally found the zipper to open it. Now, as it was too late, Nia let Winona’s head go, reached

back and grabbed Winona’s skinny forearms. Nia pinned Winona’s arms down so hard and easily, Winona’s wrists knocked loud down on the wooden floor. Winona tried to get free, flexing her little weak arms but Nia hold her down easily. Nia giggled as Winona uselessly tried to free her thin flabby arms from the pin, Winona’s little biceps barely visible.

“Now what, little waif? Not strong enough?” mocked Nia and moved Winona’s teeny-tiny arms easily behind Winona’s back.

Nia slid her legs down and trapped Winona’s little girlish legs and dragged them easily apart. Winona’s slender soft legs were no match for Nia’s thick muscled thighs as Nia dragged them apart hard. Winona moaned, arching her back in agony. Nia relaxed and looked down at frail and petite but also amazingly busty Winona under her. Nia also loved Winona’s still angrily sparkling beautiful brown eyes.

“Do something!” giggled Nia and waited. Winona took a deep breath and flexed her whole body, trembling all over. Nia laughed and easily hold Winona down, feeling that Winona’s small powers dwindled down fast to nearly nothing. “You can’t, sweetie!” giggled Nia smiling down on Winona.

Winona breathed hard, her face red, her short black hair wet with sweat, drops of sweat slowly dripping down her frail swan’s neck and her soft perfectly rounded breasts. Winona looked up, sweat burning in her eyes but her big brown eyes wandered over Nia’s thick muscled arms and shoulders.

“Let me go....please....,” Winona begged meekly.

“ we’ll have some fun, you little weak waif!”

Nia let Winona’s legs go, who spasmed out of control, and moved up on Winona’s chest, feeling Winona’s erect nipples poking into her firm round ass. Nia let Winona’s wrists go and put her right knee on Winona’s left upper arm. Winona winced as Nia squashed her little bicep flat. Nia rubbed her knee hard over Winona’s thin arm and finally felt Winona’s upper arm bone under her knee. Winona yelped while her left arm was tortured, her left forearm spasming out of control. Weakly, Winona reached up with her right arm and tried to grab Nia’s hair but Nia giggled and grabbed Winona’s thin arm easily. Nia forced Winona wrist under her armpit and moved her forearm behind Winona’s elbow, Nia’s left hand fiercely grabbing Winona’s right upper arm while bending Winona’s elbow over her left forearm.

Winona wailed and screamed in pain while Nia easily bend and dragged on Winona’s little thin arm. Her left hand gave Winona’s small soft bicep a hard massage, Nia enjoyed feeling the soft muscle squirming in her hands. Nia then arched back again bending Winona’s elbow so hard in the wrong direction it creaked dangerously and Winona screamed in agony. Winona’s vision was getting clouded while her left arm was numb with Nia’s knee on it and her left arm on fire as Nia worked it mercilessly.

“Stoooooop.......ooooooooooooohhhhh,” wailed Winona in pain.

“What’s up?” asked Nia mockingly and bend Winona’s poor arm again.

Nia let go Winona’s left arm from under her knee and let her right arm free but grabbed Winona’s right arm with both hands hard at her wrist, smiling wickedly down while Winona looked up pleadingly and then twisted it hard. Winona screamed in agony as her arm was twisted, she hammered her left fist uselessly onto the wooden floor. Nia moved her hands and twisted Winona’s arm a second time around. Winona yelled and squirmed under Nia, who heard Winona’s shoulder creaking loud, knowing that one more twist would shatter Winona’s small shoulder. Nia hold Winona’s arm badly twisted and bend it back and forth a little.

“ hurt meeeeeeeeeee.....,” wailed Winona.

“That’s the general idea,” hissed Nia and looked down on poor Winona. “You’re ten years younger than me but also ten times weaker, you little pathetic wimp!”

Winona moaned and laid her left hand on Nia’s thick thigh, soothing it weakly. Nia shortly released Winona’s right arm but then grabbed it’s wrist with her right hand and bend Winona’s right forearm hard over her left forearm. Winona screamed again as Nia worked her skinny forearm, tapping Nia’s thigh and kicking uselessly into the air. Nia then let go and sat on Winona’s chest still feeling Winona’s pokies in her ass. Winona looked up doe-eyed, her arms spasming and squirming weakly.

“Please.....I do what you want....,” begged Winona.

“Really?” Nia replied. “Then I want to toy with you a little longer!” She put her elbows down next to Winona’s head and very slowly flexed her thick round biceps. Winona trembled all over as she saw Nia’s thick strong muscles up close. “Worship them, little wimp!” she giggled.

Winona eagerly complied and moved her little bony fingers over them. Winona tried to squeeze them but was so weak she couldn’t even dent them. Nia slid down a little now sitting on Winona’s belly to have a better look at her weak prey and Winona’s erect nipples.

“Lick the muscles, little girl!” giggled Nia.

Winona eagerly did as she was told. While Nia felt Winona’s soft tongue on her hard biceps she suddenly forced her knees hard into Winona’s soft sides. Winona yelped in pain and accidentally bit Nia’s right bicep. Nia withdrew her arms and slapped Winona hard across her cute face, making the spit fly from her victims mouth.

“I let you lick and you bite?” Nia asks angrily.

“Please....nooooo.....,” wailed Winona and lifted her waifish arms to block Nia.

Nia smiled and without effort pinned Winona’s arms hard down again. Nia slid both her legs on Winona’s right side, wrapping her right arm tightly around Winona’s neck and forcing Winona’s right arm with a her left hand between her thighs. Winona winced and weakly grabbed with her left hand Nia’s shoulder and felt thick hard muscles.

“You’re so mine,” giggled Nia and started pressing her thighs into Winona’s right arm.

Winona moaned and Nia felt her small soft muscle squirming under her hard massive thighs. Nia intensified the headlock and squashed Winona’s bicep between her thighs. Winona wailed weakly, tapping her left hand on Nia hard shoulder fighting for air, kicking into the air uselessly and looking doe-eyed were her thin right arm vanished between Nia’s massive hard thighs. Nia locked her ankles and munched Winona’s arm between her legs till she felt the bone on both sides of her thighs. Winona screamed as Nia ripped her thin soft muscles apart.

“Please....stop it....stop poor arm.....,” winced Winona.

Nia giggled and let Winona’s right upper arm free only to force Winona’s bony wrist into her kneepit and then flexed her thick round calve. Winona looked at her poor arm who was badly bruised when she felt the crushing pain in her bony wrist. Nia grit her teeth as Winona skinny wrist hurt her calve but she didn’t let go. Poor Noni moaned as her wrist burnt but more so as she tried to flex her bicep and it throbbed to terribly. Nia smiled and grabbed Winona’s bruised upper arm and squeezed gently. Winona yelled and kicked and squirmed, her vision started spinning. As Nia saw that Winona’s eyes were going wide the released Winona from the hold and sat on her belly again, bouncing her ass into Winona’s soft belly and gently starting to rub Winona’s hard erect nipples. Winona totally unable to control herself got so horny and wet immediately.

“Owwww.....look who is horny,” giggled Nia but then slapped Winona hard to bring her down. “Hey, not so fast, little sissy!” Nia turned and relieved Winona of her sneakers and then started to open Winona’s jeans.

“Nooooooooooooooo......,”screamed Winona and kicked her feet violently.

Nia grabbed Winona’s thin legs and bent them into a Boston crab, Nia’s arms more powerful and even slightly thicker than Winona’s soft thin girlish legs. Nia bent her again and again till she felt that Winona’s legs had gone numb. Winona wailed each time but finally reached up and clawed her fingers into Nia’s hair and dragged hard. Nia yelped and boxed aimlessly back, Winona’s legs falling down uselessly spasming. Winona winced as Nia’s fists and forearms crashed hard into her thin beanpole arms but she hold on. Nia suddenly grabbed Winona’s nipples and twisted them hard twice. Winona screamed and squirmed in agony on the floor while Nia turned, let Winona’s nipples go and rammed her fists merciless into Winona’s big soft boobies smashing them flat right into the ribs. Winona yelled out and gently soothed her smashed tits.

“Let that be a lesson!” hissed Nia and then, without any resistance, stripped Winona finally naked.

Nia grabbed Winona’s wrists and toyed with her thin weak arms. Winona tried to resist but her already badly twisted, bruised

and squashed arms throbbed with pain. Nia toyed with Winona’s arms who clearly were no match for her thick muscled arms and watched as Winona’s thin spaghetti arms trembled violently, the arms to smashed and bruised that Winona’s biceps were now invisible. Nia shook Winona’s arms and was surprised to see that even as they were sooo thin on the underside the flabby shook like jelly back and forth. Nia closed her hands tighter and tighter around Winona’s thin bony wrists moving Winona’s forearm bones with her fingers. Poor Noni moaned in pain and weakly tried to withdrew her aching arms. Nia smiled and criss-crossed Winona’s arms around her neck and chocked weakly squirming Winona with her own thin flabby arms.

“Now what, little wimp?” mocked Nia.

Winona fought for air as she was choked with her own useless arms. Nia started bouncing her round firm ass again and again into Winona’s soft belly, who coughed hoarsely under her. Winona meekly kicked her legs into the air, her face red with effort and suffocation. Nia moved her knee up, forced it between Winona’s lean soft thighs and started rubbing her clit.

Winona moaned out loud and got wet immediately. Nia saw Winona’s nipples getting immediately hard and then - WHAM - smashed her knee hard into Winona’s aroused sex. Winona wailed in agony while Nia let her go. Winona curled up and soothed her beaten and broken body.

“I think you’re ready now,” said Nia and sat down behind Winona’s head.

“Oh noooooo.....please....I’ll come every day to training...,” Winona wailed meekly looking up fearfully.

Nia grabbed Winona’s head, forced it into her lap and then grabbed Winona’s bony ankles. Nia bent Winona’s legs next to Winona’s head and securing her knees under hers. Winona moaned as she was twisted like a pretzel and tried to break free but her thin girlish legs were no match for Nia’s thickly muscled legs. Nia grabbed Winona’s arms and forced them under Winona’s knees. Nia grabbed Winona’s soft girlish calves, squashed them easily in her hands and bent Winona’s legs down hard with her bony knee piercing into her already bruised arms. Winona wailed as Nia tortured her.

“So my little pretzel, scream for me!”

Nia pressed Winona’s legs down, crushing Winona’s knees brutally into her own arms while also constricting her thighs hard

around Winona’s face. Winona yelled out in pain and screamed for mercy. Nia leaned back and bent and scissored screaming

Winona without mercy. Winona’s vision started to spin again. As Nia felt that Winona slowly went limb she sat up again

and looked down into Winona’s wide open eyes. Winona babbled unintelligible while Nia patted Winona’s soft thin thighs and slowly moved her hands to Winona’s clit. Winona trembled all over but then Nia backed of and dragged Winona’s arms back, twisting them hard into Winona’s back and used Winona’s bra to bondage them there.

“Owwww, what a perfect pretzel,” exclaimed Nia giggling.

Winona winced weakly, even the slightest move and her joints and extremities throbbed and burned with pain. Nia now started to gently rub Winona’s hard erect nipples with one hand and the inner sides of Winona’s thighs with the other. Winona trembled and winced as pain mingled with joy. Nia first gently than forcefully rubbed Winona’s big boobies and her wet clit and Winona nearly immediately exploded into a huge orgasm, squirting her juices wide. Winona moaned while Nia giggled and used her little prey.

When Winona was finally spent Nia let Winona go who weakly struggled up and sat down naked on a sofa. Nia sat down beside her and wrapped her thick muscled arm around the small of Winona’s back and her pointy little shoulders. Winona submissively cuddled herself into Nia’s strong powerful embrace, soothed Nia’s hard strong body and promised obedience.

“Well you will be....or I come and we’ll fight again,” giggled Nia, soothing Winona’s sweaty black hair, looking deep into Winona wonderful brown eyes.


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