Winona Ryder vs. Christina Ricci by vulcannightbird

Early morning in Beverly Hills, the sun has just climbed enough to shine thru the trees, the air was cool and refreshing. A young woman was jogging thru the neighborhood parks dressed in a tight white muscle shirt and lycra sports-pants. Suddenly, she recognized the street and entered it, shortly finding her way to one of the houses that was secluded by a huge 10-feet wooden fence. She got to the door, no name was at the bell. She rang the bell and waited. After no one opened she rang again and finally she could hear the electric music of a surveillance camera moving. She found the camera now easily and smiled into it, then she heard a short hustle and bustle. At first she heard the disarmament of an electric lock, then a key turned and the door was finally opening.

“Surprise!” giggled the woman.

“Christina!” exclaimed the woman who had opened the door and was now peering out.

The woman in the doorway was Winona Ryder, clad in a white silk nightgown. The sun shone thru Winona’s house. Christina saw Winona petite but busty figure lined out delicately, shining thru the nightgown. The nightgown went all down to the floor, only baring Winona’s thin forearms. Christina stepped in and grabbed Winona by her bony wrists and gave her a friendly kiss. Winona looked down on slightly smaller Christina and as she grabbed her wrists she saw Christina’s thick arms and shoulders, bulging with muscle. Winona closed the door.

“Want some tea?” asked Winona walking behind Christina.

“Yes, sure...”

As Christina walked in front of her Winona saw Christina’s thick hot calves with every step her guest made. Christina sat

down onto the ivory colored sofa while Winona prepared two cups of tea and brought them into the lavish living-room. Winona sat down on the other sofa, facing Christina, only separated by a heavy cast-iron coffee-table.

“What brought you here?” Winona asked while her beautiful brown eyes flickered over Christina fit body.

“Oh....just moved into a house a few blocks down the road,” answered Christina.

Christina sipped at her tea and then put the cup on the table. Christina yawned and stretched and flexed her arms, massive bulging biceps popping up. Winona watched Christina’s display of power doe-eyed. Christina smiled wickedly as she saw Winona’s adoring look. As Winona finally realized that she was staring she looked bashfully down and batted her eyes.

“They’re impressive....” Winona acknowledged.

“Them?” Christina asked rhetorically and flexed her guns again.

Winona nodded, trying but failing to look at something else. Winona’s heart throbbed and she felt her nipples stiffen, brushing against the silk of her nightgown. Christina saw that Winona’s face colored and smiled. Christina now bend over, putting both hands under her chin.

“You like my strong arms?” Christina asked in a whisper. Winona hesitated, took a sip from her tea her hands trembling so much she nearly spilled it. “Wanna feel how powerful they are?” Christina asked, putting her right elbow on the table, her hand open in an arm-wrestling challenge.

Winona’s feeling were in terrible turmoil, her lips trembled once or twice to say something but then she decided otherwise. Christina still smiled and flexed her arm again, pulsing her bicep again and again, Winona stared at it. Winona finally put her elbow on the table and her frail bony hand grabbed Christina’s strong hand. Christina gave Winona’s feeble hand a hard squeeze, Winona winced but tried to hide the pain.

“Ready?” asked Christina.

Winona nodded and started immediately, trying to ram Christina’s arm down with a jump-start. Christina’s arm got down an inch or two but then Christina’s power was up and she easily pushed Winona’s arm in the neutral position. Winona increased the pressure till her thin forearm trembled with effort, but it was no use, it felt like pressing against massive rock. Winona’s eyes were glued to Christina’s bulging bicep and thick shoulder.

“Is that all you have?” Christina asked and increased the pressure a very little. Winona let out a beautiful girlish moan and her arm strained and trembled, but for now she was able to hold Christina’s pressure. Christina now used her free arm and slid the sleeve of Winona’s nightgown up, barring her thin upper arm and cute bony shoulder. Then she moved her hand down Winona’s arm very slowly, feeling every bone in Winona’s thin trembling arm. Winona looked doe-eyed as Christina soothed her straining arm. Christina’s fingers now gently rubbed Winona’s small soft bicep. Winona winced and looked up, their eyes met.

“Wanna feel mine?!” Christina asked, but it was more an invitation to do so.

Winona nodded and her free hand grabbed Christina’s thick bicep. Winona tried to squeeze it flat only to discover that she was even unable to dent it, it filled several inches inside her bony hand.

“Gawd,” Winona exclaimed feeling Christina’s hard bicep.

Christina giggled as Winona tried to squeeze her muscle. Winona finally stopped as her fingers creaked and hurt. And as Winona had withdrawn her hand Winona suddenly felt Christina squeezing in on her little soft bicep. Winona yelped, her forearm trembling like a twig, feeling Christina’s strong vicious hand on her cute little muscle. Christina squeezed into Winona thin squirming muscle hard. Winona’s muscle felt so thin and soft between Christina’s hands, she considered it for a second to squash it, but then decided to do this later. She finally removed her hand from Winona’s bicep and Winona looked piteously at her aching convulsing muscle, spasming inside her thin flabby arm. Christina now increased the pressure on Winona’s wildly trembling arm. Winona moaned and saw Christina’s bulging bicep and her thick massive shoulders now fully pumped, putting incredible force her thin arm and bony shoulder. Winona couldn’t hold it any longer and winced as her arm was slowly forced down. Christina smiled.

“I’m not even using half of my strength now...”, Christina giggled.

“Not....funny....,” Winona hissed thru her gritted teeth.

As Winona’s arm was halfway down Christina stopped the onslaught on Winona’s frail weak arm and hold her. Winona uselessly resisted, her arm trembling and straining, her thin feeble muscles aching. For the next minutes Christina hold Winona’s arm this way, adjusting her pressure to Winona fast dwindling strength. Winona moaned in pain and humiliation as her arm trembled, cramped and spasmed. Winona put her head who was red with effort on the table, looking sideways at her thin arm. Finally Winona was unable to keep her small bicep flexed, it simply hurt too much. Winona’s small bicep-bulge quivered and then it resisted Winona’s will to flex again. Christina smiled all the way.

“I could do this for hours....,” Christina whispered.

“Oh, Gawd, stop it.....,” Winona winced weakly.

Christina grabbed Winona’s upper arm and felt her bicep soft and convulsing. Winona moaned in pain as Christina grabbed her already aching muscle. Christina felt that Winona’s bicep was now as soft as jelly. Christina now hold Winona’s wildly trembling forearm now easily, Winona’s pressure sooooo feeble now she could even relax her muscles, but she still flexed them to intimidate little Winona. Winona shook her head in pain, but also rubbed her erect nipples under the nightgown at the table.

“Please......stop it......,” Winona moaned.

“Why?” Christina asked innocently.

“Beat me.....please......”

Christina then suddenly gave all she have and rammed Winona’s forearm hard into the table. Winona yelped in pain as her arm was forced down in an instant, her wrist knocking loud on the tabletop. Christina raised her arms in victory and flexed her thick guns again, while Winona soothed her aching throbbing thin arm.

“You’re so cute and weak...,” Christina said with empathy and stood up.

Christina got behind Winona and bent down, moving her arms around Winona’s small bony shoulders. Winona trembled as Christina now barred both her arms and gave them a gentle rub, her poor humiliated arm throbbing with pain every time Christina’s strong hands soothed them. Then Christina hands sought after an entry to give Winona big juicy boobs a gentle massage. As Winona realized Christina’s intention she jumped up and ran to the other side of the room, her emotions in turmoil.

“I thought you like it?” Christina asked a little disappointed.

Winona shrugged, yes she did like it, but not that fast....

“I....I.....don’t know I really want this....” Winona said hesitating.

Christina smiled and moistened her lip, she now saw Winona’s erect nipples under her gown. She walked slowly around with Winona keeping the distance.

“Maybe you just need to forced to your happiness....,” Christina said.


Christina now increased her pace and finally stopped as Winona stood in front of the windows again. The sun shining thru Winona’s nightgown outlining her frail delicate body. Christina has always wondered how such a frail little bird like Winona could have such big yummy boobs.

“I simply want you,” Christina whispered. “And you’ve no means to deny me....I’m much too strong.”

Winona’s nipples got hard as never before when she realized what this was ending up to - physical contest with the strong hottie opposing her. Winona knew she had no chance, but she would for nothing in the world miss this and stretched her thin arms in preparation for the fight. Suddenly Christina jumped over the sofa and before Winona could even blink Christina grabbed Winona hard by her shoulders and rammed her hard into the wall. Winona winced and felt as Christina’s strong hands moved the bones of her frail shoulders easily. Christina smiled wickedly.

“You should work out more. This is only skin and bones.”

Winona looked doe-eyed as Christina painfully worked her shoulders but then finally decided that Chris shouldn’t have her without a fight and rammed her pointy knee as hard as she could into Chris lower belly. Chris widened her eyes in utter surprise and let out a little moan, clinging weakly to Winona’s shoulders. Christina saw Winona’s beautiful black eyes sparkling as Winona rammed her knee a second time into Chris belly. Chris is forced to exhale. Winona shoved Christina’s hands off her shoulders and tried slip away from Chris. Chris finally reacted and before Winona could withdraw to a safe distance she grabbed Winona’s by her short black hair and forced her back hard. Winona staggered backwards, grabbing Chris arm with both hands, dragging on it but unable to break free.

“So, you want it the hard way....”, Christina observed and rammed her right hard into Winona’s belly.

Winona coughed and doubled over as Christina’s fist was hammered deep into her soft belly and forcefully rearranged her organs. Chris smiled and forced Winona head back so Winona would have to face her. Winona looked fearfully into Chris eyes, who looked gently down into the face of the with pain squirming woman.

“You’re such a frail little waif, you shouldn’t mess with woman who could smash you. You should accept your fate, you little cute thing,” said Chris, letting Winona’s hair go, lovingly stroking Winona’s head.

“Never,” hissed Winona more playfully than threatening and rammed her fingernails into Chris wrists.

Chris yelped and yanked her hands back, swinging out her fists towards Winona’s head, ignoring the pain. But Winona was faster this time and stormed the stairs up. Chris followed fast, giggling and chasing Winona up to the upper floor of Winona’s house. Winona ran into her bedroom, breathing hard and slammed the door shut. But before Winona could lock the door, Chris forced the handle down, Winona grabbing it hard with both hands unable to stop the movement. As the handle is down Chris throws herself against the door and the door flies open, Winona is crumbling on the floor, looking up as Chris stormed in all sweaty; her muscles pumped.

“It’s nice of you to show me your bedroom,” Christina said smiling and slowly stepped towards Winona.

Winona crawled backwards till she stopped by her bed. Winona trembled as Chris came closer very slowly. Chris finally stood over Winona looking longingly down on her petite prey.

“Now you’re mine, tiny!”

Winona suddenly grit her teeth and kicked out, ramming her feet hard into Chris knees. Chris yelped, feeling her kneecaps painfully rearranged and grabbing her throbbing knees. Winona jumped up and tried to run while Chris crumbled down behind her. But even before Winona had reached the door, Chris grabbed Winona’s left ankle and dragged it back with all her might.

Winona is forcefully stopped and crashed face first onto the floor. Winona moans and curls up in pain, her whole body throbbing in pain and her vision partly clouded. Chris mounted Winona and turned her opponent on her back, grabbing Winona’s wrists. Winona’s vision cleared and she felt Chris sitting on her belly, holding her bony wrists tight. Winona tried to resist and gave all her frail arms could. Chris smiled down, giggled and easily toyed with Winona’s beanpole arms. Winona moaned as she felt her tiny arms totally overmatched, her eyes moving from her own thin violently trembling arms to Chris thickly muscled arms, who looked twice as thick as her own. Winona winced with joy as her nipples stiffened.

“You’ve such little thin arms, you’ve no chance against me. But I like it when my women show some spirit.”

With the last word Chris pinned Winona’s arms down hard. Winona winced weakly, looking hornily up, uselessly squirming and flexing her barely visible biceps. Chris smiled and moved up to sit on Winona’s chest, squashing Winona’s big soft boobies flat under her round firm ass. Chris felt Winona’s hard nipples poking into her ass. Chris moved her knees slowly onto Winona’s upper arms, slowly increasing the pressure on Winona’s small soft biceps. Winona moaned and arched her head back as pain mingles with lust. Chris gently soothed Winona’s face and felt Winona’s small biceps squirming under her knees.

“Should I squash them flat? You teeny-tiny biceps?”, teased Christina giggling.

Winona moaned and winced while Chris rubbed her knees over Winona’s biceps. Winona shook her head violently, not wanting to admit that she felt so horny.

“Say yes! C’mon! Give it cherish!”.

“Ohhhhh it......” moaned Winona, looking up at Chris with moist eyes.

“Say please!” giggled Chris, smiling down.

“Please…” surrendered Winona meekly, her eyes closing.

Chris now put her full weight on Winona arms and immediately destroyed Winona biceps. Winona let out a loud moan and squirmed violently under Chris. Chris let Winona’s arms go and wrapped her thighs tight around Winona’s midsection and her arms around Winona’s neck, turning her on top of her. Winona winced as Chris handled her easily. Chris started to scissor Winona’s midsection hard, at the same time wrapping her right arm hard around Winona neck. Winona winced and squirmed weakly, her right hand fumbling weakly Chris round hard bicep, her left feeling Chris hard thighs. With her left hand Chris started to tug on Winona nightgown, finally ripping it apart and stripping Winona naked. Winona breathed hard as Chris exposed her big soft tits and saw Winona’s erect nipples. Chris smiled and brushed her hand over Winona’s hard nipples. Winona winced and trembled inside Chris hold.

“No....please stop,” begged Winona.

“Why should I? The fun is just beginning!”

Chris used her left hand to drag and pierce Winona’s small erect nipples again and again while sending waves of pain thru her thighs into Winona’s soft midsection. Winona winced and wailed weakly every time Chris scissored her or abused her small hard nipples. Chris released her scissors on Winona’s boobs go and turned her onto her stomach. She grabbed Winona’s left wrist and twisting her arm hard up against the small of her back. Chris’ right hand grabbed a handful of Winona’s short black hair and jerked her head up painfully while her right knee pressed down hard on Winona’s lower back. Poor Winona moaned and squirmed weakly as Chris handled her without effort.

“Hey little waif, stay calm!” hissed Chris.

She let go of Winona’s hair and Winona’s chin smacked hard on the floor; her vision spinning. Chris stretched and twisted Winona’s little thin left arm, bending it against her right fist until Winona’s bones creaked.

“,” moaned Winona in agony.

Chris smiled and also grabbed Winona’s right arm while forcing her knees into Winona’s shoulders, twisting and bending Winona’s arms hard. Poor defenseless Winona wailed and moaned as Chris used her thin flabby arms. Chris hold Winona in this surfboard hold for about a minute and then let Winona go and get up. Winona crumbled at her feet, soothing her burning throbbing, arms, looking fearfully but also hornily up at her strong opponent. Chris smiled down, hands on her hips, loving to see Winona big brown eyes sparkling at her.

“I think you are finished,” observed Chris and grabbed Winona by her short black hair and dragged the lightweight frame to the bed.

Chris easily forced Winona onto her bed where she lay flat on her back, weak and beaten as Chris smiled; letting her eyes wander over Winona’s waifish, nude, body; highlighted by her big, soft, yummy boobs. Chris mounted her and sat her firm ass on Winona’s soft belly. Winona smiled weakly up at her, waiting for Chris to use her. Chris finally let her shirt and pants go and Winona watched doe-eyed as Chris showed off her fit, naked, body before she wiggled her firm, tight, round ass into Winona’s soft belly. Winona moaned and squirmed weakly under Chris then slowly reached her hands up.

Chris grabbed Winona’s small bony wrists and pinned them down without effort. Winona weakly resisted but her small little muscles convulsed with pain as she tired to flex them. Chris giggled and criss-crossed Winona’s thin flabby arms around Winona’s neck and dragged on them hard, choking poor Winona with her own arms. Chris smiled down wickedly as Winona fought for air and saw Winona’s erect nipples. Chris leaned down and brushed her slightly smaller but firm boobs over Winona’s erect nipples.

Winona let out a hoarse moan while her body trembled with lust. Winona eyes flickered over Chris hot powerful body while her own arms got numb, throbbing with arousing pain. Chris dragged with all her power on Winona’s criss-crossed arms, making the joints creak dangerously before letting go. Winona moaned out loud and then watched her poor arms spasming uselessly. Chris smiled down on Winona, who lay under her not moving, just looking up hornily.

“You really like this, don’t you,” observed Chris,” but I still remember Mermaids. I was 12 and you 21 - and I was already stronger than you.”

With her left hand Chris grabbed Winona’s big soft boobs and gave them a hard massage. Winona squirmed hornily looking up longingly. Every now and then Chris pressed her thighs hard into Winona’s soft sides, making her little prey grunt with pain, Chris just loved Winona’s weak little yelps. Chris left hand worked Winona’s boobs harder and harder while she flexed her right bicep, showing off her hard bulging muscle. Winona looked doe-eyed.

“Like my muscle, little weak?” asked Chris and slammed it down into Winona’s left tit.

Winona screamed as Chris flattened Winona’s big soft breast against her ribs but Chris saw that Winona’s nipples were harder than ever.

“So....,” Chris exclaimed surprised. “We have a little pain slut here, eh?”

“Nooooooo.....please......,” whined Winona weakly.

But despite Winona’s fear Chris had no intention to hurt to beaten but horny woman under her. She moved up and turned, wrapping her powerful thighs around Winona’s face, flexing them carefully. Winona wrapped her beanpole skinny arms around Chris firm thighs, feeling the hard pulsating muscle. Chris giggled and forced Winona’s slender girlish legs easily apart, they felt so soft and slender. Winona resisted playfully but Chris arms were much stronger than Winona’s frail legs. Chris started licking and Winona joined in. Both girls moaned and groaned and as Chris got really hot she reached up and grabbed Winona’s bony wrists, dragging them down hard. Winona winced with joy and licked harder.

Chris yelped hornily and as she licked Winona harder, she wrenched Winona’s puny arms hard. Winona yelped and pain mingled with lust, and while Winona licked hard Chris started cumming. Chris got crazy with lust, thrashing her legs and knees into Winona’s frail body, tugging and twisting Winona’s thin arms brutally. Winona moaned and climaxed herself - hard!

An hour later, the young Asian doctor was looking at Winona’s charts while Chris purred in Winona’s ear; her powerful arms wrapped tight around her cute little, submissive, prey.

“Well, one dislocated shoulder, two dented ribs,... What have you two been doing?” asked the doc. Winona and Chris looked deep into each others eyes and started giggling.

The doc blushed. “On the other hand, I don’t wanna know.....”