Celeb vs. Celeb #5: Winona Ryder vs. Marisa Tomei by Catfight Contributor

In each of the first four fights, there had been no shortage of tension. But for the fifth battle, between Winona Ryder and Marisa Tomei, the two combatants came out looking perfectly relaxed. Almost simultaneously they emerged: Tomei in a white bikini and wrap, and Ryder in a low-cut black top and short black skirt. The taller, older Tomei was barefoot; the petite Winona, her brown hair tied back in a ponytail, was in dark pantyhose but no shoes. As the two women met, they seemed genuinely happy to see each other. Both were laughing slightly, as though they couldn't quite take this seriously. As they came together, they half-heartedly shoved each other, knocking each other a step back but hardly doing much damage.

The friendly shoving continued and the fans who weren't filing to the concession lines were beginning to make their displeasure know. But just as they were starting to give up, things got interesting. It began with a slightly harder shove from Winona, as though she remembered they were supposed to fight, and then a harder one from Marisa that forced Winona to brace herself for fear of falling over. Rather unexpectedly, and perhaps without even really thinking, Winona planted her feet and drives her fist, hard, into Marisa's flat but slightly soft stomach. Marisa let out a grunt, but there was fire in her eyes when she looked back up at Winona. Who was this silly little skank to start playing rough? The taller woman had played nice so far, knowing Winona wasn't much competition, but if she was going to be the instigator...

Cocking her arm back, Marisa unleashed an open-handed slap to Winona's face with her right hand. "AAAHH.!!!" Winona yelped, knocked back so hard that Marisa - and most of the audience - thought she'd go down. But she righted herself and grabbed at her red cheek. When she lowered her hand from her cheek, Marisa could already see the tears in her eyes. Clearly, this wasn't a woman who could take much punishment - but given that the little bitch had started it, after she'd given her an easy out, this wasn't much time to worry. Advancing quickly, Marisa plowed right through Winona's light defenses and pulled her into a tight headlock.

"OW! OW! OWWWW!" Winona protested, displeased but evidently unable to do much about it.

Reaching up, she tried to pry Marisa's arm away, but lacked the strength to do so and with relative ease, Marisa hip-tossed Winona to the mat and then stood over her looking down with a mixture of contempt and pity as Winona got to her hands and knees and looked around wild-eyed for some means of escape. As Marisa approached she barely seemed to know how to fight back, and let herself be dragged to her feet by her hair.

Standing behind her, Marisa wrapped her arms around Winona's midsection and lifted her off her feet in a tight bearhug. Winona's stockinged legs kicked frantically as she screeched in protest, but she was powerless to pull free. After swinging her back and forth a bit, Marisa let Winona go, and knocked her back to her hands and knees with a solid knee to her tight butt. Without much hesitation, Winona immediately began crawling to the ring's edge, and tried to escape under the bottom rope. But Marisa grabbed her by her ankles, pulling her back in slightly as the petite woman gripped onto the rope for dear life.

"Enough!" she yelped, even though she'd taken little compared to several of the evening's other fighters. "I don't want to fight any more!"

Still clutching Winona's ankles, Marisa looked uncertainly to the event organizers. They'd said they wanted entertainment and this had been pretty tame until Winona wimped out. Was she supposed to let her escape or keep going? Quickly, the wiry brunette got her answer, as they signaled her to make it last at least a couple more minutes.

"Sorry 'bout this," Marisa said with a light, slightly nasal giggle as she continued reeling Winona in like a fish. "But I people expect a bit more of a show than you're giving them."

Hoping to up the entertainment factor, Marisa bent down and swiftly relieved Winona of her skirt, pulling it down her legs, over her feet and off. To the audience's delight, it was quickly apparent that Winona wasn't wearing any panties under her pantyhose, and through the sheer dark material her perky behind was readily visible. Rather than taking advantage of Winona's newly exposed regions, Marisa instead stepped forward, grabbed her by the back of her hair and pulled her to her feet. But much as passive as Winona had been until now, it finally dawned on the petite shoplifter that her only way out was to fight back, and she surprised Marisa by wheeling around and landing a quick, hard slap.

For a moment Marisa just stared in shock, but then anger took over. This was the second time that little bitch had upped the ante, and she wasn't going to get away with it. Stepping straight into a second slap from Winona, Marisa took it with only a flinch, then she replied in kind - forehand, then backhand, then a left-handed slap to Winona's pretty face. Unrelenting, Marisa continued slapping until she had the smaller woman cowering on her knees, yelping and moaning. Then, using a hand on Winona's head to steady her and hold her in place, she used the other to pull her skimpy top off over her head leaving just a black bra to go with her pantyhose. Winona flopped pathetically to the ground and tried, yet again, to crawl away but Marisa was having none of it! She jumped on her, pinning Winona face down on the ground. Her good humor apparently having returned, she straddled Winona and, with a hearty giggle, began rather comically grinding her pelvis on Winona's arched and nicely firm butt.

"C'mon, honey, let's give 'em a show!" Marisa laughed, enjoying herself as Winona's stocking feet beat the floor.

Continuing to grind away, albeit rather harmlessly, she reached down and unsnapped Winona's bra, then tugged it out and away from her. Winona's ample breasts pancaked onto the mat, but Marisa didn't leave them there. Instead, she tugged Winona's upper body off the mat slightly by tugging on her ponytail, and used the other hand to reach underneath and grab a handful.

"My, little girl, what big breasts you have!" Marisa exclaimed with a hint of jealousy. After giving the seemingly submissive brunette a good squeeze, she began to work the supple flesh in a different way, tugging one nipple, then the other, as Winona gasped. Though the smaller woman initially protested, Marisa soon recognized from her gasping and moaning that all this attention to her sensitive nipples was getting her aroused.

As much fun as this was, Marisa figured Winona had probably learned her lesson, and the crowd had gotten its entertainment. But just as she was about to let up on the squirming actress, Winona's arm shot upward and she managed a desperation claw at Marisa's face before her hand was knocked away. Winona meant to exact a bit of revenge, but aside from inflicting a mild scratch all she succeeded in doing was enraging the dominant brunette. Jumping to her feet, Marisa held Winona's arm behind her back and tugged her to her feet, then spun her around to face her. With a slap, then a punch, then another slap, she was literally beating the smaller woman around the ring. Winona was in constant retreat, her big breasts bouncing on her small frame, until she finally wound up cowering in the corner, slumped down, rather pitifully shielding herself with her arms.

"Get up and fight, you little bitch!" Marisa cruelly instructed, grabbing Winona by her stocking feet and tugging her out of the corner. But realizing that she'd established complete dominance, she softened slightly, backing off and letting Winona sit up, her legs stretched in front of her as she covered her breasts with her arms.

"You pissed me off too many times for me to let you out of this," Marisa informed her, "but I'll give you a choice.

"Either you get more of this," she continued, waving an open palm in Winona's face, "or else you put on a little show for these nice people.

"Don't think we didn't all notice you were getting turned on a minute ago," she said, sticking her foot on Winona's moist, pantyhose covered crotch. "So if you want to get outta here, all you have to do is finish the job yourself!"

Winona was temporarily horrified, but she didn't want to fight anymore. Glaring at Marisa, who had removed her foot but was now bent over her holding her in place by her hair, Winona placed her hand in the appropriate place and, with the crowd hooting and roaring, began to finger herself through her pantyhose. She’d figured she'd do this for a moment or two, then Marisa would leave her alone, but the past few minutes had had a bizarre effect on her. Something about Marisa's dominance had turned her on, and she began to lose herself in the moment. Soon she was rubbing more and more vigorously, fingering her nipple, until her legs kicked and her body shook as she brought herself to orgasm. Marisa instantaneously released her hair, and Winona flopped backward. She stood directly over the supine woman, giggling uncontrollably as Winona still looked lost in the moment.

"That a good enough show, guys?" Marisa asked. When she heard loud cheers, she grinned, "Good...I thought so!"