One: Winona Ryder (5’2”;105#;37y/o) v Reese Witherspoon (5’2”;125#32y/o) by vulcannightbird

On The Beach
After a dispute at a recent movie premiere Winona and Reese agreed to meet at the sunny shore of San Francisco to fight it out in all all-out NHB match. Both fighters were barefoot, Winona wearing a red lycra bra and thong while Reese entered wearing a blue top and thong. Winona smiled and shook her big yummy boobs as the crowd cheered, the fabric of her bra barely holding her delicious jugs back. Reese glared jealously as she saw that the crowd clearly preferred Winona and stood waiting for Winona, hands on her hips.

“I will so break you, you skinny slut!” hissed Reese as Winona stood in front of her.

“Always a big mouth,” replied Winona, stretching out her arms.

Winona immediately started and took Reese by surprise by grabbing Reese’ right arm and wrapping her other around Reese’ neck. Reese yelped as Winona forced Reese around and tripped her heavier opponent over her lean slender right leg. Reese just winced and finally jerked her arm free. While both actresses fell into the warm sand Reese maneuvered Winona under her but Winona bent, her lean body flexible and agile, and Reese landed with her back into the sand, Winona on top of her.

Winona eagerly tried to pin Reese down but Reese yanked her arms free and squirmed heavily, forcing her forearms between herself and frail Winona. Reese tried to push lightweight Winona off her, but Winona frantically clawed her fingers into Reese shoulders and hold on. Reese now tried to turn, kicking her legs out violently. Winona tried to prevent that but failed also trying to keep Reese’ legs under control but failed there also.

Finally Reese got her knees under her body and pushed herself up with Winona on her back. Winona frantically clawed Reese’ knees and shoulders to bring her opponent down again but Reese grit her teeth and pushed up more and more. Finally Reese got first to all fours and then got on her feet, grabbing Winona lean thighs and started dragging on them. Winona also grabbed Reese’ thighs but Reese was far more powerful. Reese dragged hard and tried to bring Winona down and finally succeeded. As they fell Winona tried rolling on top of Reese but this time Reese swiftly wrapped her thighs around Winona’s midsection and started to scissor.

Even while on top of Reese, Winona winced as Reese compressed her soft body mercilessly. Winona grabbed Reese arms but Reese smiled and easily controlled Winona’s arms, bending them easily. Winona yanked her hands free but Reese grabbed them again and enjoyed bending Winona’s thin weak arms without much effort. Winona breathed hard while Reese moved her thighs up around Winona’s chest. Reese flexed her thighs short again and again bending Winona’s ribs. She yelped in pain every time Reese’ thighs constricted around her frail ribs. Reese giggled and foced Winona’s hands onto her shoulders, clawing Winona’s bony wrists.

“Now what, little weak slut!” giggled Reese, controlling Winona between her thighs.

Winona grunted but was unable to break free. As Winona squirmed Reese scissored Winona’s ribs hard. Winona let out a loud painful moan. Reese turned and moved Winona’s into the sand next to her with her thighs, forcing Winona’s hands behind her neck. Winona’s shoulders creaked dangerously. Reese gabbed both of Winona’s small bony wrists into one hand and hold them without much effort behind Winona’s neck. Reese started tugging with her free hand on Winona’s bra.

Winona started squirming frantically but Reese don’t have to pul much and the already stretched tissue came to shards, setting Winona’s big soft boobies free. Reese watched the big jugs on Winona petite body wide-eyed. Reese about to bite Winona’s erect nipples when she was head-butted by little fierce Winona. Reese yelped and went down; stunned, letting the scissor go and allowing Winona to escape. Winona got to her feet while Reese hold her throbbing head. Reese slowly got up, angrily glaring at Winona who stood on trembling legs but steadied herself.

“You will so die for this!” hissed Reese and they started to circle.

“Really? Did I hurt you?” asked Winona gritting her teeth.

Reese and Winona circled each other and every time Reese tried to grab Winona, Winona lightfooted slipped away sideways. Reese getting more and more frustrated while thin agile Winona danced around her she got more and more bluntly with her attacks. Winona big juicy boobies danced back and forth on her petite body making the crowd cheer and many boys grabbing their pants. Winona only waited for this and suddenly wrapped her arms around Reese’ neck and shoulders. Reese yelped putting her hands under Winona’s chin and bent her head back hard. They struggled but again Winona tripped Reese and both were going down, rolling around in the hot sand. Winona thightly wrapped her arms around Reese neck and bent her head into the sand while Reese wrapped her arms around Winona’s chest, compressing it and bending Winona’s ribs in a bearhug.

Winona yelped but rammed her knee into Reese’ sex. Reese winced and let Winona’s chest go and trapped Winona’s left thigh between her much thicker thighs while also grabbing Winona’s thin upper arms. Winona rolled on top of Reese and tried uselessly to free her arms. Reese grit her teeth and stretched Winona’s lean thigh between hers while also squeezing in on Winona’s thin upper arms. Winona winced and tried to pry Reese off her but with no use. Reese felt Winona’s small soft muscles and as she squashed them in her hands, Winona moaned hornily. Reese held Winona’s bony forearms as she worked Winona’s lean thigh so hard she nearly dislocated it. She yelped and Reese used the opportunity to turn Winona under her, letting Winona’s throbbing leg go as she wedged her legs between Winona’s.

Reese pried Winona’s arms open without much effort and crossed them over Winona’s boobs. Winona moaned as Reese controlled her easily, squashing her big soft boobs flat under her own skinny arms. Winona squirmed weakly, trying to get free but Reese tugged Winona’s criss-crossed arms, mashing her boobs painfully while trapping Winona’s slender thighs with her own and spreading them open.

Winona wailed in pain while Reese looked down on her prey with satisfaction. Reese now lowered her chest onto Winona angelic sweaty face while continuing to work Winona’s numbly throbbing arms and legs. Muffled wails came from under Reese’ chest were Winona got weaker and weaker, fighting for air.

Reese smiled, feeling Winona weakly squirming under her, unable to break free. Suddenly Reese screamed - Winona had rammed her teeth into Reese’ left nipple. Reese jumped up, soothing her throbbing breast, kicking once hard into Winona’s side. Winona curled up at her feet, holding her convulsing body.

“Stand up, bitch!” hissed Reese, now clearly angry. Winona rolled on her back, breathing hard - her big chest heaving with the deep breaths she takes. Suddenly Reese grabs Winona’s short black hair and yanks the lightweight to her feet. “I said, ‘Stand up!’!!” yelled Reese.

Winona stood there swaying back and forth on weak legs, barely able to support herself. Reese came in and wrapped her arms around Winona’s chest, bear-hugging frail Winona hard, shaking her upper body from side to side. Winona whinced as Reese bent her ribs painfully.

As last resort Winona supported herself with Reese’ hug and wrapped her thighs around Reese midsection and her hands around Reese’ neck, clinging to her opponent. Winona frantically scissored Reese’s midsection and choking her neck. Reese coughed, surprised by the strength of Winona’s bony hands and staggered around, her legs bending under the weight of Winona. Reese finally crumbled down with Winona on top of her, grabbing Winona’s thin upper arms again. Reese squashed Winona’s arms to the bone and pried them away from her neck. Reese then put one forearm under Winona’s chin and bent Winona’s head back hard while clawing Winona’s right knee with her other hand.

Winona yelped and let the scissor go. Reese rolled on top of Winona’s back, straddling it and pushing Winona’s head into the sand. Winona kicked out uselessly while Reese straddled her back. Reese continued to push Winona’s head into the sand with one hand while using the other to grab Winona’s left arm and bend it hard into Winona’s back. Winona moaned and winced unable to defend herself. Reese moved up her right knee, securing Winona’s twisted arm under it, her kneecap forcing into Winona’s poking out shoulder blade. Reese now grabbed Winona’s other arm and bent it also back. Winona moaned weakly as Reese bent her arms painfully and dragged them up to the back of her head, making her joints creak.

“Do you give?” asked Reese, pulling once more on Winona’s frail little arms. Winona moaned and Reese enjoyed the cute little moans. But Winona shook her head and Reese hissed, “You stupid little bitch!”

She let Winona arms go and Winona spasmed uselessly in the sand. Reese turned her onto her back and rammed her ass down on Winona’s soft belly, pinning her wrists into the sand. Reese smiled down on her prey as Winona suddenly lifted her legs and locked them under Reese’s chin from behind. Reese yelped in disbelief as Winona pulled her over and down to the sand. Before she could react, Winona was on top of her, pushing her big soft boobs in Reese’s face; wrapping her arms around Reese’s head.

Reese squirmed and wriggled violently but Winona hold tight, knowing her boobs could do the rest of the work of subduing Reese who panicked and thrashed her legs into the air, her knees hammering Winona’s back. Winona gritted her teeth in a vicious smile as Reese’s hits to her back hurt - but she knew she had her!

“Yes, cool down,” giggled Winona. Reese moved less and less under her until, finally, Reese’s body went limb. Winona removed her big juicy boobs from Reese’s face as Reese gulped air and breathed raggedly, Winona stood, raised her arms in victory and basked in the adulation of the crowd who cheered as she shook her victorious boobs for the crowd.
* * * * * *
Part Two: Winona Ryder (5’2”;105#;37y/o) v Vanessa Paradis (5’3”;115#;36y/o) by vulcannightbird

A few weeks after her successful domination of Reese Witherspoon, Winona attended the premiere of a major motion pictue. It was a lush warm evening in Los Angeles as Vanessa sipped her cocktail wearing a sleeveless black shirt and short black skirt sporting her lean athletic figure. She eyed her husband - already the subject all the women flirting with him - including Winona who was wearing a classic black sleeveless evening gown.

As Vanessa sees them giggling and smiling Winona finally plants a tender kiss on Johnny’s cheek. Vanessa nearly coughs her drink up and boils with anger and jealousy. Vanessa has to control herself but waits till Winona heads for the facilities. Vanessa rushes after Winona her face red with anger. Winona smiling and not realizing Vanessa storming after her. She reaches Winona and stops her by wrapping her right arm tight around Winona’s neck. Winona yelps and grabs Vanessa’s forearm with both hands.

Vanessa smiles icily as she feels the feeble power of Winona’s thin trembling arms and rams her knee hard into Winona’s spine. Winona moans out in pain as her spine burns. Vanessa drags helpless Winona into an empty sideroom and locks the door. Vanessa lets Winona’s neck go and grabs her small bony shoulders and rams Winona with her back into the wall. Winona now finally sees her opponent. Vanessa grabs Winona’s bony wrists and pins them against the wall without much effort. Winona tries to resist but realizes that Vanessa is far stronger.

“What do you want, you crazy bitch?” hisses Winona, uselessly trying to get free.

“You dare to ask!” yells Vanessa, easily pinning Winona into the wall, “flirting and kissing with my Johhny!”

Winona grits her teeth and suddenly rams her pointy knee twice into Vanessa’s belly. Vanessa’s eyes widen with surprise as her inner organs squirm with stirring pain. Winona frees her arms and rams her knees into Vanessa’s midsection again. Vanessa yelps weakly and crumbles down to her knees, holding her churning belly. Winona glares down and rams her pointy elbows hard into Vanessa’s shoulders. Vanessa yells in pain as her shoulders creak. Gritting her teeth Vanessa grabs Winona’s small ankles and yanks hard on them. Winona looses her balance and crashes down into the floor. Winona is able to soften the fall with her arms, angrily she kicks out and slams her feet into Vanessa’s body.

“You will suffer for this!” hissed Vanessa and claws Winona’s thin soft calves.

Winona yelped as Vanessa’s nails dig deep into her calves, who cramp and convulse with pain. Winona reaches and grabs Vanessa’s hair and drags hard. Vanessa yelps and lets Winona’s painfully throbbing calves go and grabs Winona’s wrists while also trying to get on top of Winona. Winona grits her teeth and forces Vanessa’s head down. Vanessa drags hard on Winona’s arms but Winona claws her fingers hard into Vanessa’s hair. Vanessa yells as her head burns and Winona goes up on her knees trying to get Vanessa under her.

Suddenly, Vanessa locks her lean hard thighs around Winona’s midsection and locks her ankles behind Winona’s back. Vanessa smiles icily and scissors Winona’s soft midsection hard. Winona moans out and is forced to exhale as Vanessa forces her lean hard legs into Winona’s soft sides. Vanessa arches back and forces Winona down next to her. Winona had her hands still locked into Vanessa’s hair but Vanessa now claws Winona’s small bony wrists. Winona yelps and opens her hands. Vanessa giggles and bends Winona’s thin weak arms, twisting them hard.

“You’re so mine weakling!” hisses Vanessa giggling and constricts her thighs again and again onto Winona.

Winona lays moaning and wincing next to Vanessa who let her wrists go to pull down the zipper of Winona’s dress.

“Nooooo......” whines Winona as she squirms uselessly.

Vanessa smiled and scissored Winona who moaned hoarsly; her hands soothing Vanessa’s hard thigh. She could feel the lean, hard muscles beneath the flawless flesh. Vanessa drew down the zipper and pulled down the top of Winona’s dress, baring her big soft boobies. Winona yelps and grabs her exposed breasts. Vanessa shifts her position, getting behind Winona locking her thighs from behind around Winona’s midsection, locking her feet in front of Winona. Vanessa also grabbed Winona’s wrists from behind and criss-crossed them around Winona’s neck, choking Winona with her own thin flabby arms while scissoring her midsection hard. Winona moans weakly while Vanessa handles her without effort.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh.....,” Winona moans weakly. “Please.........I give-....”

“No, wimp!” hisses Vanessa and drags on Winona’s wrists and scissors hard, “You will suffer now!”

Finally, Winona was able to pull her hands free and immediately claws Vanessa’s knees hard. Vanessa yelps in pain and lets the scissors go. Winona kicks out and hits Vanessa hard into her belly. Winona jumped up, breathed hard and soothed her throbbing belly. Vanessa came up smiling wickedly smiling at Winona, stepping slowly towards her and opening her hands in a challenge of strength. Both women circle each other, Winona big soft boobies jigging slowly from side to side, Vanessa growing more and more jealous of Winona’s well stacked chest. Winona smiles and suddenly moves fast and sneaks by Vanessa, grabbing the back of Vanessa’s shirt and ripping in apart. Vanessa grabs Winona’s forearm and flings her into the wall. They lock hands and Vanessa easily controls Winona’s thin flabby arms moving them back and forth without effort. Winona grits her teeth and tries to resist with all her feeble powers.

“Maybe you should go get some breasts,” teased Winona.

“You little tramp!” hisses Vanessa and bends Winona’s arms hard over each other.

Winona yelps as her arms are twisted into a painful pretzel, uselessly flexing her tiny biceps. Vanessa smiles icely and twists Winona’s arms till they creak.
“And maybe you should get a personal trainer!” hissed Vanessa, “go down, wimp, or I’ll break your little pathetic arms!”
Winona whines as her useless twisted arms creak and throb with pain. Vanessa mercilessly works Winona’s wrists hard and Winona finally goes down to her knees, moaning in pain. Vanessa smiles and suddenly lets Winona’s arms go, only to ram her knee hard into Winona’s chin. Winona’s head snaps back, lets go a weird moan and swings back and forth dizzy, her eyes dim. Vanessa grabs Winona’s head by the short black hair and faces Winona’s head down and wrapped her thighs around Winona’s head in a Standing Headscissors. Winona’s vision slowly cleared but felt Vanessa’s lean hard thighs around her head. Vanessa slowly increased the pressure and Winona started moaning and yelping, weakly tapping her still numb hands against Vanessa’s hard thighs.

Vanessa giggled, reached down and grabbed Winona’s wrists, dragging Winona’s arms way up and twisting them hard. Winona moaned while her small shoulders creaked. Vanessa also put more and more pressure on Winona’s head, enjoying the cute little grunts Winona’s let go between her thighs. Vanessa now hold Winona’s badly twisted arms in one hand and raked over Winona’s small girlish back while also scissoring Winona’s head with all her thighs could give. Winona yelped weakly before going limb between Vanessa’s thighs. Vanessa let Winona go, who crumbled to the floor.
“Weak little slut, can’t stand any pressure,” Vanessa giggled.

Winona was barely around, curling up in a fetal position wincing weakly. Vanessa grabbed Winona’s thin forearms and dragged her to the window, leaning the moaning and groaning Winona against the radiator under it. Vanessa then took her purse and removed two metal handcuffs. Winona slowly came around and saw the glistening handcuffs dangling from Vanessa’s left hand.

“No.....please....,” whined Winona and weakly struggled to get up.

“Stay down, bitch!” hissed Vanessa, kicking Winona in the belly.

Winona let out a muffled moan, crumbled down again and held her convulsing belly as Vanessa sat on her lap and grabbed her left arm. Winona resisted, but her strength was so feeble now Vanessa easily handled Winona’s thin flabby arm and cuffed Winona’s left wrist to the radiator. Winona looked as the handcuff clicked closed, her eyes flickering with panic. She weakly dragged on her left arm, whinced as the metal cut painfully into her wrist. Vanessa giggled, grabbed Winona’s small bicep and squashed it flat in her hand.

Winona yelped and felt Vanessa’s strong grip crushing her soft squirming bicep. In panic Winona locked her right hand into Vanessa’s hair and dragged hard. Vanessa yelped with surprise, rammed her left elbow hard into Winona’s chin and clawed Winona’s wrist with the other. Winona’s head snapped back and banged hard against the radiator, letting out a girlish moan and loosing her grip on Vanessa’s hair. With both hands Vanessa’s grabbed Winona’s right forearm and banged it hard against the radiator and cuffed it there. Winona weakly dragged on her aching throbbing arms and whinced as she felt the metal cutting into her wrists, her big soft boobs shaking.

“Now, you weak little bitch....” Vanessa giggled and grabbed Winona boobs with her hands.

“Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.......” shrieked Winona uselessly as Vanessa squeezed the soft boobies hard.

Winona squirmed uselessly as she felt Vanessa’s strong fingers mushing her big soft balls. Every now and then Winona dragged on her arms only to whince as the metal from the handcuffs cut into her bony wrists. Vanessa giggled and squashed her opponents soft boobs again and again, when she finally stopped Winona’s breasts were badly bruised and throbbed with numb pain. Vanessa smiled icely and now clawed Winona’s bony shoulders, moving the bones inside them. Winona arched her head back, moaning in pain but also upcomming lust. Vanessa saw Winona’s nipples stiffening.

“Ow, we have a little painslut here,” observed Vanessa and wickedly ticked Winona’s sensitive erect nipples with her fingertips.

Winona nearly went crazy with horniness as Vanessa did that, squirming and dragging on her arms so hard her hands got numb cause of the handcuffs. Vanessa moistened her lips and got closer, grabbing Winona’s little soft biceps and felt them squirming in her hands. Winona winced lustfully, her nipples brushing over Vanessa’s. Vanessa also shuddered as she felt Winona’s nips and she squashed Winona’s biceps hard with her hands as she looked deep into Winona’s big brown eyes.

Suddenly Winona smiled wickedly and head-butted Vanessa, who yelped and fell moaning to the side, off Winona’s lap. Winona fiercely kicked out and rammed her feet into Vanessa’s side and spine. Vanessa moaned in pain and crawled out of Winona’s distance before standing up. Winona’s eyes were on fire glaring at Vanessa, but unable to stand up as she was cuffed to the radiator.

“Slut!” hissed Vanessa hoarsely and kicked Winona hard into the chin.

Winona’s head snapped back and banged against the radiator. Winona yelped and her head swayed stunned from side to side, her eyes dimly wandering. Vanessa stomped into Winona’s belly, making her opponent cough hard, before sitting down on Winona’s lap. Vanessa grabbed Winona’s head by her short black hair and banged it several times against the radiator while also moving her legs under Winona’s frail arms and bending the elbows in the unnatural direction. Winona moaned weakly as her head throbbed and her arms creaked.

“Be very nice now, wimp, or I break your useless arms!” growled Vanessa,” Do you want that?”

Vanessa shook Winona’s head but Winona didn’t answer so she bent Winona’s elbows hard until poor Winona shrieked with pain, thinking her arms would snap any second. “NOOOOO.......NOOOOOO,” she shrieked in agony.

“Good!” whispered Vanessa, who started licking Winona’s face. She clawed Winona’s head, bending her thin arms and then started rubbing Winona’s clit. Winona’s vision was spinning as her badly banged up body was throbbing with pain. Vanessa just used Winona, who - unable to control herself - came with a huge orgasm. Vanessa smiled as Winona cummed hard under her and finally let her go. Winona babbled unintelligible. Vanessa dressed and locked down on Winona, who slowly came around.

“This will teach you to never mess with me again,” stated Vanessa. “I’ll give the handcuff key to the paparazzi outside; they can come to free you - and get some lucrative pictures to boot!”