Gabriela Sabatini vs. Bridgette Wilson by Blizzard

Gabriela started her rental car and immediately reached for the air conditioning knob. It was an unbearably hot day in Los Angeles. She grabbed the hem of her white knee length skirt and fanned it, exhaling heavily as the cool air began to circulate around her. It was damn hot. The striking brunette, now retired from her career as a WTA pro, had flown to LA from her Florida home at the request of Pete Sampras, one of the top male tennis players in the world. She'd received an e-mail from him earlier in the week, asking if she'd be interested in playing in a charity tennis event to benefit The American Cancer Society.

Gabby jumped at the opportunity, happy to help the cause and excited that Pete asked her to be his mixed doubles partner for the event. He invited her to meet him at his LA home to go over details of the event and maybe hit a few balls on his home court.

She found his home with little trouble, the directions in the e-mail being precise and easy to follow. She drove onto the luxurious grounds and parked out front, grabbed her tennis bag and walked up the stone walkway which was framed by beautiful flower beds. Attached to the front door was a typewritten note.

'Gabby, meet me out back at the swimming pool - follow the walk around the house and let yourself in through the fence. Had to run into town - be right back. Pete'

The brunette was a bit puzzled by the informality of the note. She knew Pete, but more as an acquaintance, rather than a close friend you'd invite to make themselves at home while you were gone. She shrugged and followed the walk around back to the pool. Opening the gate, she slowly walked across a gorgeous slate patio that surrounded the huge, crystal blue swimming pool. Gabby glanced around, just a bit uncomfortable being on the premises without the owner present. She hoped Pete would show up soon.

As the brunette explored the area around the pool, she grabbed the neckline of her white tank top and fanned it. The sun was sweltering and she was roasting. The water looked so refreshing and inviting, she wanted to dive right in. Pete had a diving board at both ends of the pool, one an elevated high dive with a ladder leading to the fifteen foot high springboard. She carefully climbed it and stopped at the top wrung, holding the handrails. She peered over the pool fence and saw an immaculate tennis court well below the house toward the back of the property. He has a nice place here, she thought to herself as she descended the ladder back to the slate patio.

Bridgette Wilson, the tall, beautiful blonde actress, and wife of Pete Sampras, noiselessly crept from the house onto the patio. Gabby had her back to her, kneeling beside the pool edge and dangling her fingers in the refreshing water. The 5'9" slender blonde wore a string tie black bikini, which contrasted beautifully with her long, golden mane. She stealthily sneaked up behind the brunette and kicked her in the ass, sending Gabby headfirst into the pool with a big SPLASH! The soaked brunette emerged from the water sputtering and coughing as she looked up at Bridgette in shock.

"What the hell was that for?!" she sputtered, swimming for the ladder at the side of the pool.

The blonde walked around the edge of the pool to the ladder, waiting for the brunette.

"You bought it hook, line and sinker!" said Bridgette laughing. "I can't believe I pulled it off!"

Gabriela glared up at the tickled blonde as she grasped the ladder and began to climb out of the pool, her white outfit drenched and transparent. The Argentine's hard, dark nipples puckered the front of her clinging tank top and her white bikini panties showed clearly through her soaked skirt.

"What the fuck are you talking about?!" Gabby growled, staring at Bridgette.

The smirking blonde grabbed a handful of Gabby's dripping hair which brought a screech as she yanked her onto the patio and promptly threw her to the ground.

"Bitch!" hissed the brunette as Gabby scrambled to her hands and knees, stunned by Pete's wife's unprovoked attack.

The blonde dropped a heavy ax-kick on Gabby's back, slamming her face down on the slate with a groan. Bridgette kicked her in the ribs with the heel of her foot, flopping the agonized brunette onto her back. Gabriela lay writhing and holding her ribs as Bridgette stood over her and planted a foot on her throat, pinning her to the ground.

"Dumb has-been! Pete didn't send that e-mail, I did," bragged the blonde. "There's no fucking charity tournament. Jelena Dokic is a sweet, innocent young woman. We've become quite close since I began my relationship with Pete. I heard what you did to her, you bitch. Now it's payback time."

She pressed down hard on Gabby's throat, choking the flailing brunette, her wet clothing smacking the slate beneath her. Gabby clutched at Bridgette's foot with both hands, gurgling.

"You' you.....crazy...bitch!....."

Bridgette grinned wickedly and finally lifted her foot as Gabby gasped and coughed. Bridgette plopped down on her chest and suddenly lifted her ass with a disgusted look.

"You're soaked, sweetie.......what'd ya do, fall in the pool?!"

Bridgette got back to her feet and viciously belly stomped Gabby, folding her into a fetal position, groaning and struggling for breath. Bridgette reached down and deftly unzipped the back of Gabby's soggy skirt, then peeled it off her hips and down her bronzed, firm legs, unveiling her equally soaked white cotton panties. She pulled off Gabby's tennis shoes and white socks and tossed them aside. The brunette feebly struggled as Bridgette nastily yanked off her tank top and bra, leaving her half naked in the sweltering sun. She curled back up on her side, holding her damaged belly as the blonde prodded her with her bare foot.

"Look at you - you're not so tough, huh?!" she teased.

Bridgette rolled Gabby onto her back with her foot and ground her heel into her crotch. Gabby moaned as Bridgette's heel-tortured her sensitive pubic bone. The tall blonde dropped on Gabby again, sitting on her chest and pinning her shoulders to the slate with her knees. She playfully slapped the brunette's cheeks as Gabby looked up at her, defenseless and embarrassed.

"I'm told you sat on Jelena's face with your hairy black cunt," Bridgette hissed as she shifted her hips forward. "Now I'm going to put my sweet blonde snatch on your face and see how YOU like it."

Bridgette slid her sweaty crotch up onto Gabby's face, smiling at the sensation created as the brunette squirmed beneath her briefly, whimpered and then lay still. Bridgette scrubbed her cunt into Gabby's face, surprised by the complete absence of resistance. She raised up slightly and peered down.

"Do you give up that easily, bitch?! I thought you'd put up a fight, tough girl." she scowled.

Gabby's dark eyes gazed up at Bridgette for a moment, then she lifted her head and planted a firm kiss on the blonde's crotch. Bridgette jerked up in response, aghast.

"What the fuck are you doing?!" she blurted out.

Gabby's tongue slid from between her grinning lips and flicked across the blonde's crotch panel. Bridgette quickly slid back away from the disgusting pink tongue, her hand extended in a 'stop' gesture.

"Stop that, you fuckin' pervert!" she screamed in disgust.

Gabby smacked her full lips together and ran her pink tongue around her lips. Her intoxicating gaze locked on Bridgette's eyes.

"Your pussy smells so yummy.......isn't this what you want?!" she asked seductively.

Bridgette was appalled! She jumped to her feet and slowly backed away from the twisted brunette. Her expression betrayed her nervousness.

"No, you crazy bitch! I like MEN, not women!" she growled.

Gabby slowly rose to her feet, running her hands gently over her tits, teasing her nipples erect.

"You tore my clothes off, honey pot. I was hoping for some slurping action," Gabby purred as she slowly moved toward Bridgette.

"Don't tell me you've never been with a woman," Gabby said grinning. "Your vibes are overpowering."

Bridgette scoffed in disgust, taking a few more steps back, shaking her head firmly.

"NO! I will never be with a woman!" she vowed.

Gabby pursued her across the slate as Bridgette began to plead, "Keep away from me!!!"

Gabby just smiled as she closed in on her target and purred, "C'mon, sweet meat, this was your idea. Now that you have the kitty in your backyard, you don't want to play?!"

Bridgette pointed her finger threateningly at the brunette, "Back off, bitch, I'm warning you! Leave......NOW!"

Gabby stared into the frightened blonde's eyes and shook her head slowly, "Where's that 'payback' you promised me for widening the horizons of that pathetic little cunt Jelena? You're not just all talk - are you?"

Gabby's hand flashed out and her jab smacked the blonde on her chin. Bridgette cried out as she stumbled backward while Gabby kept advancing. In desperation, Bridgette threw a haymaker that Gabby easily ducked under then ripped a hard punch to her unprotected belly. The blonde doubled over with a grunt, her eyes wide! Gabby yanked her head up by her long hair and stared into Bridgette's pain-filled eyes.

"All talk, no action." she tsk-tsked. "Tease me with that sweet box of yours then take it away. That's not being a very polite hostess. Whatever would Martha Stewart say about your poor hostessing skills?"

Gabby drew back her leg and crumpled the blonde to the ground with a vicious knee-lift to the crotch, leaving her writhing on the slate in agony.

"I'm going to be your first, babycakes," sighed Gabby as she pushed Bridgette's face to the ground with her foot. "You're going to lick my pussy...."

"Never...... you..... bitch....," moaned the blonde.

"..... and you're going to enjoy it," concluded Gabby with a smirk as she savagely stomped Bridgette in the crotch, leaving her howling and pawing her abused womanhood.

"Oh yes, you will," said Gabby surely as she walked over to her tennis bag and pulled out her racquet. "You just need a little incentive."

She strode back to Bridgette, who panicked and attempted to scramble away crab-like on her back. Gabby gripped her racquet and delivered a two-handed overhead smash to the top of the blonde's head with the racquet frame. Bridgette yelped and collapsed onto her back, arms and legs spread, out cold!

"I enjoy a challenge," said Gabby as she stood over her unconscious foe and used her toes to grasp the waist string of Bridgette's bikini bottom. "Don't tell me 'never' unless you really want me to take you up on a challenge."

Gabby untied the bikini with her toes, stepped on the bikini and used her other foot to roll Bridgette over and out of the cloth triangles. Gabby untied the back of the blondes top the same way and then rolled her over again, back onto her back revealing her fuzzy, neatly trimmed golden bush.

Gabby studied her naked body for a minute. Bridgette possessed a beautiful chest, her tits average sized but exquisitely firm and shapely. She made Gabby quiver with anticipation as she stared at the blonde's naked body laying in the hot sun.

"Let's adjust that pessimistic attitude of yours, hmmmnnn?!" said Gabby.

She straddled the blonde, grabbed her under the armpits and lifted her torso off the slate. She dragged her to the edge of the pool, positioning her hips at the edge, her legs stretched out on the pool deck and her upper body bent unnaturally backward so her head was level with the water level, her hair sinking beneath it's surface. Gabby sat on Bridgette's hips facing her feet, her racquet in hand, and began tugging on the woman's pubes.

"Rise and shine, baby!" she said. "Your lesson begins now."

A few more tugs on Bridgette's bush, combined with slaps to her puffy labia elicited a drowsy moan from the pinned blonde.

"No.....," she moaned. "Lemme're breaking my back!"

Gabby smiled as her fingers went to work on the protesting blonde's slit as she skillfully caressed the warm, moist gash. Soon, Bridgette was moaning and quivering at her foe's deft touch despite her revulsion.

"Please.....don't....," she begged breathlessly. "Pete's coming home soon......"

Gabby licked her fingers, sighed but continued stroking as she joked, "So sweet.........Lucky Pete!"

She held her racquet by the head as she began to tease Bridgette's wet, golden gash with the handle, feeling the blonde's body stiffen in response. As Bridgette moaned in complaint, Gabby gently prodded the opening to her love canal with the racquet handle, slowly working it into Bridgette one inch at a time.

"No..........Unnnmmmmm....." gasped the blonde, unable to block out the arousal she felt.

Gabby worked the racquet handle slowly in and out of Bridgette's tight hole, gradually increasing her pace. The blonde's moans were soon coming in rhythm with Gabby's thrusts, as Bridgette's body reluctantly submitted itself to the brunette's will in spite of herself. As Bridgette's hips bucked and bounced to Gabby's tempo, the brunette slipped a finger onto her rival's throbbing pussy and found her hard clitoris. She massaged it as she continued to racquet-fuck the woman. Bridgette's legs quivered erratically, her heavy breathing escalating to shrill screams - and then she climaxed! Her body bucking beneath Gabby's.

The transparent crotch of Gabby's cotton panties was now sticky and wet with her cream so that when she stood up, she left a small glistening wet spot on Bridgette's belly were she'd been sitting. Gabby peeled her panties off and dropped them as she teased her slick slit with a quick stroke of her fingers.

"Now, it's my turn, pretty girl," Gabby sighed as she took the blonde's wrists and pulled her up to a sitting posture at the pool's edge.

Bridgette's face was flushed, her eyes unfocused in post-orgasmic bliss. Gabby grabbed her by her by her wet hair and yanked her forward and put her in a kneeling position before her. She forced the girl's face into her thick, black bush and held her there firmly.

"Now, you WILL lick my pussy, sweet meat." she said. "Get to it!"

Bridgette whimpered softly, the heavy scent of Gabby's cunt filling her nose. She opened her mouth and suddenly clamped her teeth down like a bear trap on the brunette's bush, biting furiously. Gabby squealed in pain as the blonde tore at her bush and the tender skin beneath it with her perfect teeth, attacking it like a wolverine. Gabby yanked the blonde's hair which only further tortured her crotch as Bridgette's teeth clung to. As the awful pain increased, Gabby desperately began to punch the blonde's back and head with blows, finally jarring her free from her pussy.

"Fucking cunt!" screamed Gabby, yanking Bridgette to her feet.

She loaded up and delivered a thunderous punch to the blonde's chin, snapping her head back and sending her sailing backward into the pool with a heavy SPLASH! The unconscious blonde's body floated face down in the water as Gabby massaged the throbbing pain in her crotch.

With a sigh, Gabby dove in and grabbed Bridgette under the arms and pulled her over to the ladder. Bridgette sputtered and coughed, in a groggy daze as Gabby held her by her long hair as she climbed out of the pool. Then Gabby forced the unsteady blonde to climb the ladder. She walked the dazed and drenched woman over to the high dive ladder.

"You WILL satisfy me, bitch!" Gabby hissed as she sat on a ladder rung and let Bridgette's wobbly body collapse to her knees before her.

Gabby grabbed the blonde's head with both hands and roughly pulled it into her crotch. Snapping the girl's head back so she could stare into the eyes, Gabby waited until the blonde's eyes opened, then she slapped her hard.

"Show me your tongue, cunt!" she snarled.

Bridgette's shoulders slumped in defeat. With a sad, pathetic whimper, she stuck out her pink tongue.

"Good, now get to work!" ordered the brunette forcefully. "You try any more shit and I'll split your pussy with my racquet and stuff it full of tennis balls!"

The blonde sniffled pitifully as Gabby's hands guided her face to her crotch. She gingerly flicked her tongue across Gabby's pussy lips, crinkling her nose in disgust. A sharp tug on her hair got her back to business and she slowly began to swab her tongue in the brunette's slit.

"That's a good little bitch. Now, tease and tickle my clit," hissed Gabby.

Bridgette complied, flicking her tongue in and out of her rival's gash, occasionally planting kisses on her blood engorged labia. Gabby's arousal intensified, but she made a point to hold the blonde's head firmly as the girl worked on her. Her breathing increased as Bridgette submissively pleased her, the blonde performing as if it were natural to her. Bridgette's hand reached up between Gabby's legs and she slowly slipped several fingers into the hot hole as another explored the brunette's anus. Gabby responded powerfully, her hips beginning to thrust up against Bridgette's furtively slathering tongue.

Gabby quivered in a frenzy and then she erupted, screaming aloud as her love juice filled the blonde's mouth.

Bridgette expertly ceased her worship, sealing it with a soft kiss on Gabby's sensitive slit. The brunette took several moments to regain her breath, her body swimming in ecstasy from the blonde's surprisingly talented first attempt.

" have real potential, you hot little bitch!" sighed Gabby as she looked at Bridgette. "But," she continued as she wrapped her thighs around the blonde's head, squashing her face into her oozing snatch. "Let's not forget the evil intentions behind this false meeting."

Bridgette's protests were muffled as Gabby sat on the ladder and squeezed her thighs tight, pussy smothering the blonde who remained on her knees, briefly pawing at Gabby's powerful legs, unable to pry them apart. The overpowering smell of the brunette's sex, combined with her tight smother, left Bridgette unable to breathe. Her hands eventually slipped down and hung limp at her hips as she neared passing out, her nose buried in Gabby's steamy snatch.

"Not yet, cunt," said Gabby, releasing the hold as the semi-conscious blonde teetered back and forth on her knees.

Gabby hauled Bridgette to her feet. The blonde was only vaguely aware of what was happening as she was pushed back against the high dive ladder. Gabby separated several long strands of the blonde's wet hair and used them to tie her head to the ladder rung just over her head. Bridgette softly moaned as she slumped against the ladder, tied on her feet by her own prized hair. The brunette retrieved the blonde's bikini and used the top to tie Bridgette's hands behind her to the ladder. Bridgette was slowly coming to her senses and she weakly tugged at her hands, her head jerking as she realized her hair was tied to the ladder.

"What the fuck?!....." she mumbled, looking at her naked foe.

"I said you wouldn't lick my pussy, but you did it," said Gabby with a smirk. "You and your little friend Jelena are alike as two peas in a pod. Just a couple of candy-ass pussies."

Bridgette jerked against her binds, her face flushing red with anger as she spat, "Bitch!"

Gabby cocked her fist and jammed it into the blonde's belly, bringing a deep groan from the girl. She pummeled the blonde's body with her fists, alternating between her tits, belly and pussy until her groaning ceased and she hung limp, her chin on her chest in a standing position. Gabby spread Bridgette's legs and picked up her bikini bottom, bringing it to her nose.

Gabby inhaled deeply and moaned, "This thing is sweat soaked.....but it still smells heavenly."

She twisted the crotch into a cone and stuffed it into Bridgette's cunt, leaving half of it hanging out between her thighs.

"I'll let that dry in the sun," giggled Gabby.

The exhilarated brunette dressed in the spare set of workout clothes she'd brought in her tennis bag and picked up the rest of her things. On her way out, she paused in front of her humiliated, unconscious opponent, surveying her handiwork.

"Don't forget to tell Pete I said 'Hi'." she said, lightly slapping Bridgette's cheek.. "Maybe I'll come again, hmmnnn?!"

She got back in her rental car and drove out of the Sampras' driveway, leaving Mrs. Sampras nude, destroyed and baking in the sweltering sun beside the pool where she'd soon be discovered when her shocked hubby returned home.