Stacy Sanches vs. Elizabeth Berkeley by Southgate

Berkley, tan and lean, wears a skimpy red thong bikini. Her hands sit on her broad hips. She watches as Stacy Sanches enters the ring. The playmate wears a white thong bikini that hardly contains her boobs and shows off her perfect butt. Eyeing Berkley, Stacy removes her bikini top and shakes her chest for the crowd. Berkley, not intimidated, does a slow striptease. While her chest is small her form is completely sensual and Stacy fumes at the attention she gets.

As the match starts, the women lock up in a test of strength. Their bodies press together as they struggle for several moments. Elizabeth seems decidedly stronger, forcing Stacy backwards, but the cunning Stacy grabs a handful of Elizabeth's hair, pulls her off balance and slams a knee into the blonde's belly. Berkley tackles Stacy as she falls, rolls the brunette onto her back. Straddling the playmate, Berkley quickly twists Stacy's arm in a painful hammerlock. Sanches pounds the mat, screams, reaches backward and manages to grab onto Elizabeth's hair with her free hand. Elizabeth works on Stacy's arm while Sanches tries furiously to rip out Elizabeth's hair. Beth is pounding her fist into the trapped arm, ignoring the tugging on her hair. Stacy, loosing this exchange, presses down with her head and uses the strength of her legs to push up with her knees. But Berkley rides her. Working with machine like efficiency, the big blonde unloads an endless barrage of elbows that slam into Stacy's neck and back. Each hit lands with a loud 'thud' as Beth keeps up the attack at a relentless pace. Stacy buckles under the onslaught, she lands again on her belly.

Elizabeth slips a full nelson on Sanches and hauls the blonde to her feet. Dominating Stacy, Berkley marches her around the ring threatening to break her back with the punishing hold. The blonde shoves Stacy forward, into the ropes, pressing Stacy's 'C' cup boobs into the top rope. With a big smile on her face, Elizabeth walks Stacy down the length of the ring, letting the course ring rope burn a welt across Stacy's tits. As Sanches screams, Beth stops at the far corner to bang Stacy's head into the turnbuckle. The young actress wraps her left arm around Stacy's throat. Her right hand reaches in between Stacy's legs and claws at her pussy. Sanches is crying and cursing, the hold is excruciatingly painful. In a desperation move, Sanches slams an elbow backward into Beth's stomach and drops to her knees.

The unexpected action breaks Elizabeth's claw, but the blonde quickly steps forward, shoves Stacy's head down and wraps her muscular thighs around the kneeling Sanches's head. Elizabeth, with both hands, yanks up on Sanches's hair. Elizabeth's mighty thighs crush Stacy's neck. As the vice clamps tighter and tighter around the struggling woman's neck, Stacy sinks her fingernails into the blonde's ass. Berkley, her ass on fire, tries to step away, but trips and falls backward as Stacy twists her body over. Elizabeth quickly gets to her knees, turning to face Sanches, just as Stacy lunges forward and catches her in the jaw with a huge uppercut. Stacy, still on her knees, drives her fist into Berkley's belly. Stacy chops the blonde in the throat and slams a double ax handle down into her chest. Berkley slumps back on her haunches.

Stacy stands, hair-hauls Beth to her feet. Twisting her fingers tightly into the blonde's hair. Stacy pumps her fist into Elizabeth's crotch and belly. Screaming "payback, bitch," Stacy rakes and slashes her fingernails across Elizabeth's small tits, determined to avenge the rope burn Elizabeth inflicted on her. Elizabeth drives her fist into Stacy's belly but Sanches shakes it off. Again Beth drives her fist into Stacy's belly, this time backing her up. She charges Stacy, only to be met with an elbow that cracks into he jaw. Sanches, demonstrating her considerable strength, scoops Berkley up, lifts her to shoulder height, before she body slams her to the mat. Stacy hair-hauls the blonde to her feet, wraps her strong arms around Elizabeth and lifts her off the mat in a bear hug. Stacy presses her boobs hard into Beth's small chest.

Sanches bends the blonde backward while tightening her grip around the woman's ribs. Stacy tries to crack Beth's backbone. Elizabeth, with a huge effort, manages to work her arms free. She buries her hands in Stacy's hair, trying to pull her head back, as Stacy bears down trying to break Elizabeth's ribs.

Elizabeth screams as Stacy taunts her, "You are mine, now, you nasty bitch. I own your sorry ass."

Stacy straightens, hoists Elizabeth up high and slams her down on her knee. The atomic drop leaves Elizabeth rolling on the mat holding her crotch.

Stacy twists her foe's hand into an arm bar. Standing over her foe, holding her in place with the arm lock, she stomps down repeatedly into Elizabeth's ribs. Sanches drags her foe up to her feet, lifts her horizontal and then crashes her ribs down on her own outstretched knee. Stacy hair-hauls Elizabeth up again. As she rises, Berkley slams a fist up into Stacy's crotch. On her feet, Berkley unloads a barrage of lefts and rights that explode into Stacy's belly. Beth's relentless pounding backs Stacy into the ropes. Elizabeth connects with a huge uppercut that nails Stacy's chin. Sanches crumbles to the mat.

Elizabeth rolls Stacy to her belly and drives her knees repeatedly into Sanches's back. The blonde straddles Sanches, applies a camel clutch trying to force a submission by further stressing Stacy's back. Sanches, with great intensity, manages to break out of the hold. The two women roll away from each other and slowly stand up to face each other. Elizabeth, back on the attack, connects with a spinning kick that slams into Sanches's side, but Stacy counter attacks, landing a blistering right hand into Elizabeth's bruised crotch, following up with a series of rapid fire karate chops to the blonde's neck. Stacy unleashes a wicked kick that catches Elizabeth squarely in the chin and drives her into the corner post. Berkley is dazed and Sanches capitalizes, driving three knee lifts into her gut.

Wrapping her left hand into Elizabeth's hair, Sanches snaps her head back and lands measured punches to Elizabeth's neck and belly. Elizabeth is trying to cover up but Sanches is picking her apart and inflicting considerable damage. Three knee-lifts slam into Elizabeth's crotch and belly. Stacy bulldogs Elizabeth face first into the mat. Stacy again hauls to her feet and lifts her into a bear hug, grunting and growling as she tries to snuff Elizabeth out of the fight. When she is sure that Elizabeth is finished, Sanches throws her to the mat. Elizabeth lies on her back. Sanches straddles her waist, pinning her foe's arms under her thighs. She rains a series of ax handles down into Berkley's chest. Stacy leads forward and presses her boobs into Elizabeth's face, trying to smother and humiliate her. As Elizabeth tries to bite her tits, Stacy changing tactics, shifts herself off of Elizabeth, pulls her into a waist scissors and, sitting behind her opponent, grabs onto Elizabeth's bruised tits again. Sanches applies all the pressure she can to Elizabeth's belly and tits. Berkley seems to go berserk, twisting her body violently, jabbing her elbows back into Sanches, she succeeds in twisting around 180 degrees. Berkley slams a fist into Stacy's face. Seeing stars, Stacy shoves Berkley away. Both women are slow to get up.

Two determined women move slowly towards each other. Sanches lashes out with a kick that Berkley blocks, Berkley returns a kick that slams into Sanches's pussy. Sanches backs up, wounded. Elizabeth launches a kick aimed at Stacy's boobs, but Sanches manages to trap Elizabeth's leg and slams an elbow down into Berkley's extended knee. She quickly kicks the blonde's other leg out from under her. Elizabeth goes down hard while Stacy twists the captured leg into a set over toe hold. Sanches attacks the leg aggressively, bending the leg forward, twisting the ankle while kneading her fingers into Elizabeth's thigh muscles. She rakes her finger nails into the scratches and welts she inflicted earlier. Sanches pushes with her full weight on Elizabeth's leg for several minutes. Twisting hard, Stacy flips Elizabeth onto her back, stomps down into the middle of her foe's back.

Straddling the blonde's big ass, Stacy claws at her left thigh, digging her fingers deep into Elizabeth's muscles. Berkley reaches back and grabs her opponent's hair, managing to yank her from her perch. Stacy launches herself into Berkley; they fall to the mat with Stacy on top, but before she can secure Elizabeth's arms, Berkley wraps her left arm around Stacy's neck and pulls her in tight while her left fist slams repeatedly into Sanches's bruised ribs and tits. Elizabeth rolls Stacy off. Kneeling for a moment beside her foe, Elizabeth drives her knee into Stacy's back. Elizabeth grabs Stacy's hair intent on dragging the her to her feet, but as she tries to stand, her own leg buckles and she falls forward, landing on hands and knees next to Sanches. The tough Sanches reacts quickly, scrambles to her knees and grabs Elizabeth around the throat, driving the blonde to her belly. Elizabeth twists around, and grabs Stacy by the throat as well.

Elizabeth crashes a fist into Sanches's ribs. Stacy lets go of her foe's throat, but instinct takes over and Sanches slams her head forward, butting Elizabeth's forehead. Elizabeth falls back on her haunches, dazed. Sanches grabs her hair and again head butts her. Elizabeth's arms hang at her sides, Sanches slams an elbow across her chest, rocking her foe. Elizabeth, dazed but determined to win the fight, reaches forward with both hands and digs her fingernails into the rope burns on Stacy's tits.

In shear agony, Sanches collapses to the mat as Elizabeth tortures her tits. Sanches is crying, unable to endure the pain. Elizabeth finally lets go of Stacy's tits. Berkley drags Stacy to her feet. The blonde hoists Stacy up and body slams her to the mat. Berkley drops down beside Sanches. Rolling Stacy onto her belly, Beth squats down on her foe's neck. Beth reaches forward, grabs Stacy's thong and yanks it up, laughing as the material cuts deep into her screaming foe. Beth slides herself forward, wraps her big legs around Stacy's neck. She slides one arm around Stacy's waist. "I won't but you out of your misery just yet," taunts the blonde. She tightens her formidable legs around Stacy's neck, reaches out and grabs Stacy's fleshy ass, digging her fingernails in deep to pay the bitch back. Sanches struggles, but Berkley's leg strength is overwhelming and, in the end, all Stacy can do is scream and plead for release.

Berkley, talking calmly, torments Stacy, "We're not done just yet."

Releasing her punishing scissors, she kneels beside the prone Stacy, then straddles Stacy's chest in a reverse straddle. Elizabeth pounds Stacy's gut and Sanches's body shudders as Elizabeth works on it for a full minute. Finally ready to end the fight, the blonde stands and pulls the completely beaten Sanches to her feet, then lifts her up across her shoulders in a backbreaker as she parades slowly around the ring displaying her beaten opponent. Stacy Sanches had passed out and the match was finally over when Elizabeth dumped her limp body over the top rope onto the cement floor.