Stacy Sanches vs. Elan Carter by Southgate

Stacy Sanches looks over Elan Carter's thin, athletic body. Just an inch shorter than Stacy, the sleek 30 year old is obviously fit and strong. She moves with the grace of a cat. Stacy has heard some rumors that the 'sistas' intend to put her in her place for trashing Stephanie Adams, but Carter hardly seems like an enforcer.

Stacy turns her attention to the crowd. Elan limbers up in her corner, chatting with Kimber West and Karin Taylor who sit at ringside.

The women stand just a few feet apart waiting for the signal to start. The instant it comes, Elan's right foot lashes out with lightening speed and slams into Stacy's belly. Sanches, caught off guard, doubles up. Carter's elbow crashes down on the back of Stacy's neck. Sanches falls forward, landing on her knees.

Elan grabs her from behind, slipping her arms around Stacy's head in a full nelson. Elan spreads her legs wide as her arm muscles bulge. She presses Stacy's neck forward, and jerks the big woman from side to side. Sanches fights her way back to her feet and slams her hips back into Carter, bending forward and nearly throwing Elan over her shoulder. But Carter grave vines one of her legs around Stacy's. After a brief struggle, Elan has both feet on the mat and is back in control, working on the tall brunette's neck and shoulders.

Sanches reaches backward to grab Elan's hair. Elan pulls her head free. She uses her hips to shove Sanches to the center of the ring. Again, Elan's arms strain as she tries to snap the anguished Stacy's shoulder blades, sapping her strength. Stacy finds herself struggling mightily, worn down by Elan's attack.

Arching her body, Stacy tries to pull free. Elan drills her knee into the small of Stacy's back. Stacy, stomps down on Carter's left foot and nearly breaks away, falling forward but catching herself with her arms extended in front of her. Carter slams a double ax handle down on Sanches' spine, driving her to her knees. Elan reapplies the full nelson and hauls Stacy to her feet. Carter shoves Stacy to her corner, pressing the big woman up against the turnbuckle. Slipping her right hand free, Carter thwacks her fist repeatedly into her opponent's back. Stacy's knees buckle. Elan grabs her by the hair and throws her backwards to the mat.

As Stacy lands, Carter, leaps the distance between them and lands on her prey, driving her left knee down into Stacy's chest. Sanches rolls partially onto her side, howling as Carter again jams her knee down across her chest.

With machine like efficiency, Elan blasts her knee twice into Stacy's ribs, stands and stomps down on the slow-starting Latin's gut. Sanches rolls to her stomach. Elan drops both knees into the center of Stacy's back. She quickly straddles her hapless foe and applies a camel clutch. Sanches tries to press of the mat with her arms, but Elan pulls her left hand up and clocks Stacy in her left ear, dropping her back to the mat. Elan yanks back harder still on Stacy's chin. Cursing, Sanches tries to pry Elan's hands off her chin.

"You being too easy on the bitch, girl..." teases Karin, now standing at ringside... "you ain't hardly beat her fat butt enough."

Stacy manages to seize onto of Elan's fingers. She bends it back hard. As the surprised Carter curses, Stacy, fighting hard, rolls to her side, breaking the painful hold. Elan's free hand closes in a fist and slams once more into Stacy's ear, leaving the big woman sprawled on her back, holding her groggy head.

Springing to her feet, Elan leaps high to crash her elbow down into Stacy's chest. Stacy rolls to her left side, holding her boobs. The aggressive black playmate is already on her, hair-hauling Stacy to her feet. She drills her knee into Stacy's gut as she pulls her up. Twisting Stacy's left arm into a hammerlock, Carter wrenches her around by her hair and arm. Stacy tries desperately to pull Elan's hand out of her hair.

"What am I gonna do with your sorry fat butt, you can't fight worth a damn," laughs Elan, hamming it up for her supporters.

"Kick that big butt," yells Taylor.

Carter yanks down on Stacy's hair, bending her far forward. Stepping to Stacy's left, Elan's right foot smacks hard into her ass. Stacy trips forward and again Elan's foot plows into her butt.

"Look at that jello shake," hoots Karin from the side-line.

Elan slams three more kick into her victim's ass, the last one sends the Sanches tripping to the mat. Carter flies across the ring, leaps, landing once again with both knees in the middle of Stacy's back. Carter hauls the hapless Latin off the mat. Spinning Stacy around in tight circles, Elan throws Stacy the ropes. As Stacy rebounds, Elan catches her mid-flight, with one hand on her throat and the other between her legs. Elan holds Stacy horizontally as she walks to the ropes near Kimber and Karin.

"This woman weighs a ton. I should get extra pay for hauling her fat ass around the ring," hams Carter.

Stacy starts to struggle. Elan grunts, steps back, hauls Stacy higher, then slams her down, crunching Stacy's back across her outstretched knee. Pleased with the effect of her backbreaker, Elan leaves Sanches cross her knee, forcing the palm of her right hand under Stacy's chin, she holds Stacy's head down on the mat. Carter raises her left arm, high, then jams her elbow down into Stacy's left boob. Sanches lets out a blood curdling yelp.

"I'm so b-aa-d, she's so s-aa-d," sings Carter.

Elan drags Stacy to her feet, wraps her arms around Sanches' waist, applying a bear hug. Sanches groans as Carter tightens her hold and keeps up the pressure for 30 seconds.

"Had enough, girl," asks Carter, "ask me nice and I'll let you go."

Getting no answer, Elan bends forward, pressing her body into Stacy's. Groaning, Sanches grabs Carter's hair with her left hand, rakes her eyes with her right. Yanking back Elan's head, Stacy slams her right fist into Elan's nose. Blood flows freely as Elan releases Sanches and grabs her nose.

Karin and Kimber are standing now, shouting frantically for Elan and trying to distract Stacy.

Stacy, her eyes focused on Carter, locks her fingers together and thunders an ax handle into Elan's chest. Elan's drops to her knees. Stacy grabs her by the hair and slams her knee up. Carter is able to turn her head and takes the hit in the side of her head rather than full in the face, but her cage is rattled. She falls back on her haunches, looking dazed.

"Get away from her you fat bitch," shouts Karin, "I'll own your ass..." she beats the ring apron, but Stacy will not be distracted.

Sanches is moving slowly but Elan is defenseless. Stacy wraps her left arm around Elan's neck, trapping her head in a reverse headlock. She drags Elan up to her feet. Stacy leans heavily on the bent forward Carter. For a full minute, the revived Sanches slams her right fist into Elan's ribs, belly and right tit.

Having seized the momentum, Stacy stands, pulls Elan's head between her very solid thighs and clamps them shut. She reaches down with two hands and grabs onto Elan's thong, pulling up violently as Elan screams. Stacy finally lets go, wraps her arms around Elan's waist and hauls her off the ground, upside down. Stacy drops hard to her knees, driving Elan's head into the mat. Stacy repeats the pile driver twice more. Elan lies on her belly, motionless.

Stacy stands beside Elan, then drives her knee into Carter's back. Methodically, Stacy unloads a series of knee drops to Elan's back. Sanches squats down heavily in the small of Elan's back. Grabbing her foe under her armpits, Stacy pulls her torso up, relishing Carter's howling as the pressure on her back intensifies. Carter pulls free and falls face first to the mat.

Trapping Elan in a half nelson, Stacy jams her fingers into Elan's eyes. Rolling Carter to her side, Stacy sits behind her, wraps her big legs around the black woman's thin waist. Sanches bears down for all she's worth, squeezing her thighs, shaking them, trying to crush her foe. Stacy wraps her right arm over Elan's head, tightening it around her throat. She leans back while she extends her legs, racking Elan between her scissors and neck lock.

Carter screams, though she struggles for all she's worth but cannot escape. Stacy applies the deadly hold for nearly a minute. Stacy stops for a moment to shift her legs, positioning them just below Elan's boobs. She has both hands wrapped tight around Elan's head and neck. Scissoring her legs together, Stacy ratchets up the pressure. Elan begins to panic, she can't draw a breath, her ribs feel like they are near breaking. Sanches clamps one hand around Elan's nose and mouth, smothering her trapped victim. Elan's flails her body, kicking her legs trying to escape. Finally, Stacy relaxes the hold for a moment, slips her thighs up around Elan's neck, and clamps down again. She grabs Elan's wrists and holds them tight. Elan's eyes bulge and her legs flail for several moments, but she has no escape. She soon fades.

Stacy stops, stands and glares at Karin and Kimber. She flashes them the bird, then turns back to Elan. Hair-hauling Carter to her feet, Stacy twists her arm, kicks her in the belly and throws her into the far corner. Carter hits hard and slumps down to her butt, her back up against the turnbuckle. Stacy walks slowly over, turns around. Bending her knees slightly, she backs up, jamming her butt into Carter's face. Holding on to the ropes, she grinds away on the humiliated Carter, stopping now and then to slam her butt backwards against the demolished Elan's face.

"Since you all love my ass so much, which one of you sluts wants to be next," Stacy challenges.

Kimber springs up to the ring apron, "you'll pay for this Sanches, I'll make you pay."

Maybe so, but this round goes to Stacy.