Stacy Sanches vs. Kimberly Conrad by Southgate

After their divorce, Hef is determined to see his ex- humiliated. He arranges a match with the strong and nasty Stacy Sanches. While Kim is 10years older that the tough brunette, she has maintained herself well, making daily use of the mansion's personal trainer and first-rate gym.

Standing at ringside, Stacy's tall hard body looks terrific in a black bikini. Kim, just an inch shorter, wears her age well. A bit thicker now ,she looks strong and very fit .As the match starts, the women lock their hands in a test of strength. With fingers locked at shoulder height, the two women shove into each other, their chests mash together. Stacey's boobs flatten as they press hard against Kimberly's considerably bigger chest.

"Old cow," jeers Stacey.

Kimberly grunts, focusing her strength. For 30 seconds, the two women seem frozen together. Then, slowly Kim moves the brunette backward. Conrad finds herself beginning to breathe hard; she is sure that she is stronger than Stacy, but wonders if she will have the stamina to outlast the younger woman. Stacy, surprised at the older blonde's strength, leans on Kim with all her weight. Losing ground, Sanches twists her body to one side, trying to push Conrad off-balance. The savvy blonde slams her hips into Stacy's side. As Sanches stumbles, Kimberly twists her hands around and down. Palms out, she bends Stacy's fingers up, crushing her hands and forcing Stacy up on her toes. Stacy hangs in the air for just a moment before Kimberly slams her knee into the brunette's belly. Twisting her hands around, Kim quickly forces her surprised opponent down to her knees.

Maintaining the fingerlock, Conrad holds Stacy down, then wallops her head twice with her right knee. Kimberly shoves Stacy back onto her haunches, straightens herself, then lashes out with a big left foot that crashes into Stacy's chest, mashing her left tit. As Stacy howls, Conrad's foot crashes into Stacey's breastbone. Kim releases her finger lock as Stacy slumps to the mat. Giving her no respite, Kim drops with both knees into Stacy's belly. On her feet, Conrad kicks and stomps on Stacy's gut as Sanches tries to cover up. Stacy rolls to her side ,but Kim once more drives a knee into her ribs, shoves the brunette onto her back and resumes her stomping spree. Stacy tries to protect her belly, leaving her chest unprotected. Kim shifts her attack, slamming her foot repeatedly into Stacy's boobs.

Stacy covers up as best she can, but the long legged blonde is relentless. Her bruising kicks plow past Stacy's arms and find their mark. Kimberly kicks Stacy's boobs right out of their bra. Slowing the pace, Conrad stands, bends over to hair-haul a befuddled Stacy to her feet. Kimberly buries a fist low and deep into the brunette's gut, then easily scoops her up and body slams Sanches to the mat.

Pulling the dazed younger woman to her feet, Kimberly again hoists her up, lifts her to shoulder height. Stacy curses as Kim holds her suspended in the air. And then Kim cracks Stacy's back down on her outstretched knee. For a moment, Kim holds Stacy bent across her knee. She jams the palm of her left hand down into Stacy's chin. The blonde drives the point of her elbow into Stacy's belly, then shoves the hulk of Sanches off her knee. Stacy is flat on her back.

Kimberly straddles her, sitting heavily on Stacy's chest, her knees pin Stacy's arms to the mat. Pressing her thighs tight against Stacy's head, the blonde grabs a double handful of brown hair and yanks forward for all she's worth. Sanches screams and bucks like a wild woman but Kim holds on. Stacy arches up, her feet press hard into the mat. Stacy's strong legs lift Kim 18" off the mat. But Conrad deftly lifts her right leg up and jams her knee into Stacy's solar plexus. Sanches collapses to the mat, Conrad still straddles her chest, yanking away on her hair.

Stacy bucks, twists and arches, finally unseating her tormentor. Kimberly takes her time, in no hurry to resume the attack. Stacy, looking like she's been through the ringer, scrambles to her feet and backs away. As Kim approaches, Stacy charges her, head load. She hits hard into Kim's belly and wraps an arm around Conrad's waist. Kim absorbs the impact, slips an arm around Stacy' head, bending her down low. Kim slams a fist into Stacy's ribs. Stacy's legs pump as she pushes forward, driving Kim back and off-balance. As she trips, Kim slips her arms around Stacy's waist and flips her over as she falls. Stacy rolls over, is on her knees fast and leaps on the now kneeling blonde.

Stacy gets her right arm around the back of Kim's neck, her left around the blonde's waist, but she can't hold the tough blonde down. As Kim bulls her way back to her feet, Stacy, rising quickly, latches on to her hair. Kim reciprocates. Both women are bent low at the waist as they tug and shake each other brutally. Kim's right foot lashes up and hit hard on Stacy's side. She drags Stacy forward three steps as her foot lashes out twice more, further damaging the brunette's ribs. Stacy finally plants herself. Using her long right leg effectively, she lands three jabbing kicks to Kim's belly. Conrad bends lower tugging violently on Stacy's hair, pulling her off-balance. The blonde drags Stacy halfway across the ring.

Stacy frees one hand to slam two right hands into Kim's gut, backing Kim up, but Conrad quickly returns the favor, landing three damaging punches. Both women throw a flurry of punches into her foe's ribs and belly. The intensity of Kim's attack drives Stacy backward. Sanches swings her body along side of Kim's, wraps her right arm around Kim's head while her left still yanks on the blonde's tresses. Stacy falls forward, trying to bulldog Kim into the mat. Both fall.

Stacy lands beside Kim. Kneeling, she yanks up Kim's hair. As Kim's head comes up, Stacy cocks her fist back ,but Kim beats her to the punch. Conrad's left fist slams twice into Stacy's belly. Stacy falls forward, her head and knees on the mat, but her right hand still holds Kim's hair. Conrad tries to pull free, on her knees, her head held down, she leans her body heavily on top of Stacy. In a brief, intense struggle, Stacy uses her hips to shove Kim off balance. She rolls the blonde to her back and throws her body on top, but curses as the tough blonde rolls her off and shoves her away. Both women get back on their feet.

If Stacy looks like a train wreck, Kim is starting to look tired. Still, the blonde initiates the attack, wading in with wild, roundhouse punches. Stacy lands a few body punches, but Kim's reckless attack has her in full retreat. Kim's left leg slams into the brunette's side sending her staggering backward. Sanches lunges forward, grabs two hands of blonde hair and falls to the mat, landing on top of Kim. Conrad quickly rolls Stacy onto her back, wrapping her arms around Stacy's neck and smothering the brunettes face up into her chest. Sanches, on her back, bucks and twists under the blonde. As Kim bounces on top of her, Stacy manages to open her legs and wrap a scissors around Kim's waist.

Stacy tightens her thighs and the blonde grunts, knowing she is in trouble. Kim's right hand grabs Stacy's hair. She lifts her body up a bit and drives her left elbow into the side of Stacy's head. Sanches reaches up with both hands, grabs Kim's hair and pulls her down, keeping pressure on with her scissors. Kimberly wails, then begins to pound her right fist into Stacy's ribs with deliberate, measured punches. Each hit gets stronger. Stacy's ribs are taking a terrible pounding. She can't bear down effectively on her scissors.

Kim is able to pull her head free and shift her weight back to her knees. Lifting her body up, she beats her forearm against Stacy's already bruised and swollen chest, trying to punch her way out of the scissors. Two punches to the top of Stacy's head leave the brunette dazed but holding on. Kim, kneeling upright, sinks her fingernails into Stacy's left tit and twists. The brunette screams as Kim mauls her boob, but once more Sanches reaches up to grab two hands full of hair and pulls Kim's head and body back down on top of her. Stacy cranks up the pressure of her scissors. The tough blonde shrieks-- more a roar than a wail - determined to break loose.

Grabbing Stacy's hair, Kim shifts her weight back, spreads her legs wide and hoists Sanches up off the mat. Conrad drives forward, slamming Stacy's back into the mat. Yet Sanches holds on like a cobra. Kim's left fist thuds repeatedly into Stacy's side. With a surge of power, Stacy yanks back on Kim's hair, squeezes her thighs together for all she's worth. Sanches rolls Kim off her knees and onto her side. She repositions her scissors high around Kim's waist. Conrad, struggling and panting, powers back to her knees, still thumping her fist into Stacy's ribs. Stacy tries to hold Kim's head down, but Conrad bulls her body up. Pulling back, Conrad slams her right fist into Stacy's ear.

Kneeling, Kim rains punches down on Stacy's belly and boobs, trying once more to punch her way out of the scissors. For several seconds, the women are locked tight in a desperate contest. Stacy's thighs crush Kim's waist as the blonde batters her body. Leaning forward, Kim's left hand yanks Stacy's hair, holding her head on the mat. Stacy's belly is exposed and Kim's right fist attacks ,driving four powerful punches into the brunette's gut. Stacy cries out as each punch lands.

"Let go, you dumb bitch," Kim hisses.

She grabs both of Stacy's boobs, squeezing and twisting. Stacy crying, holds on, slugs Conrad in the jaw with an unseen right hand. Kim recoils, sitting back on her haunches. She digs her fingernails into Stacy's belly. Howling but still scissoring for all she's worth, Sanches unleashes a slap to the side of her face with all her might. Kim lurches forward and slaps her right hand hard into Stacy's face. They exchange a series of violent slaps. Kim locks her fingers in Stacy's hair and bounces her head up and down on the mat. The blonde is almost free as Stacy's legs loosen.

Kim tries to twist free, but Stacy rolls with her. They roll half way across the ring, stopping in much the same position that they started. Stacy, on her back, has regained a vice grip scissors around Kim's waist. The nearly exhausted blonde lies on top of Stacy, her head pressing into Stacy's chest. Kim, gritting her teeth through the pain of the vice that holds her, goes back to work pounding on the brunette's ribs. She sinks her teeth into Stacy's left tit. Stacy rakes her fingernails down Kim's back.

This makes the blonde crazy. She grabs Stacy by the hair, pulls back to her knees and shakes Stacy brutally. The young brunette holds on, slams a fist into the side of Kim's neck and follows it with an uppercut to the blonde's jaw. The blonde slumps forward. Stacy quickly rolls Kim onto her back and straddles her chest. Sanches grabs Kim's hair and bounces her head repeatedly into the mat. Leaving her left hand wrapped in Kim's hair, Stacy reaches back with her right fist and beats on Kim's belly. Kim seems listless, not struggling much.

Sanches shifts herself back bouncing heavily on Kim's belly before settling in. Stripping off Kim's bikini top, Stacy grinds her knuckles into each of Kim's big tits. Stacy stands, and hair-hauls Conrad to her feet. She traps the blonde in a full nelson and marches her into a corner of the ring. Stacy slams Kim forward, letting the turnbuckle mash into Kim's boobs. Switching to a half nelson, Sanches unloads a blistering pounding on Kim's lower back. As Kim's arm travels behind her to protect her back, Stacy seizes it and twists her arm into a hammerlock.

Stacy puts her face close to Kim's ear, "I'm going to break your arm, you has-been."

She pulls up on the hammerlock. Kim stomps her heel down into Stacy's right foot. As Sanches recoils, Kim spins around, reversing the hammerlock. Sanches screams as Kim works the hammerlock. Stacy has a panicked look in her eyes. Kim bends her knees, then lifts Stacy off her feet, her twisted arm bearing the weight of her body.

Conrad throws Stacy to the mat before her arm breaks. Kim roughly hauls Stacy to her feet. There is no fight left in the brunette. Conrad twists Stacy's left arm out straight. Three times, the blonde's left leg lets fly a kick that thunders into Stacy's belly. Kim throws Stacy into the corner. Following her in, Kim climbs up, with one foot on the 2nd rope on each side of the corner post. Spinning Stacy around, Kim wraps her hands around Stacy's chin. With a huge effort, Kim hauls the beaten woman up off her feet and hangs her there, suspended.

"You dumb bitch, for ten years every young bitch who came to the mansion tried to move in on me. You're way out of your league."

Kim drops the thoroughly beaten Stacy to the mat. Running her hands through her hair, Kim walks slowly around the ring. (She stops and leans on the ropes, her chest heaving, looks down at Hef and shakes her head slowly as a smug grin spreads over her face.)