Stacey Sanches vs Cindy Crawford by Southgate

Cindy had given Stacey boxing lesson, annihilating the younger woman quite easily. But this fight was a 'no rules' catfight. It didn't matter much to Cindy. She was confident that the outcome would be the same. Physically, the two women seem evenly matched. If Stacey has the advantage of youth, Cindy has greater upper body strength and fights with experience on her side.

The two women circle each other. Cindy has her fists raised, stalking. Stacey, unwilling to box Crawford, stays out of range moving fast, light on her feet for a big woman. Cindy makes the first move. With a quick step forward, she flicks two quick jabs that sting Stacey's face, then fires a right hand that thuds into Stacey's ribs. Stacey grimaces and backs out of range, rubbing her side. Cindy pursues her around the ring, but Stacey backpedals effectively, frustrating Cindy's efforts.

Crawford changes tactics. She spins and throws a kick. It smacks hard into Stacey's ribs, leaving a bruise. Crawford spins again and throws a high kick. Stacey sees it in time. As the leg whizzes past her head and slides down her left side, Stacey traps it and shoves Cindy backward. The supermodel falls hard on her ass. Sanches holding the twisted leg upright, steps forward and stomps down twice on Cindy's crotch. Crawford screams, clutching her crotch. Stacey twists violently on Cindy' foot, rolling her over and over, until Cindy has rolled against the ropes. Sanches lets fly a series of kicks to Crawford's crotch and thigh. She positions the trapped leg over the bottom rope and drops her full weight down on Cindy's kneecap. Cindy curses, rolling to her side holding her knee. Stacey scrambles to her feet.

Standing behind Crawford, Stacey grabs two hands full of Cindy's hair. She drags the model backward, across the ring. Stopping to rake her fingers across Cindy's eyes, Sanches slams the model's head to the mat, drops her knee across Cindy's chest. Sanches again grabs Cindy's left foot and positions it over the bottom rope. Once more, she drops her full weight down on Cindy's kneecap. While Cindy's whole body shutters, Stacey leans forward to grab the model's injured leg. Wham! Cindy's right foot scores a direct hit on Stacey's nose. Sanches falls backwards, holding her face. Both women slowly get to their

feet. Cindy glares at Sanches, hate in her eyes, her fists raised. Stacey, her nose bloodied a bit, moves away, circling.

As Cindy stalks her on unsteady legs, Sanches throws a sidekick. Her heel slams solidly into Cindy's left knee. Cindy winces and backups. Stacey moves forward and lands another kick, again targeting Cindy's left knee. Cindy's leg buckles. Crawford

catches herself and, although off-balance, throws her left fist up into Stacey' belly, extracting a loud, "oooff." Stacey is

stopped in her tracks. Cindy unloads a second huge blow that buries itself in the playmate's gut. Stacey opens her mouth wide

to draw in air, trying to shake off the effects of attack as she backs away. Cindy, hobbling in hot pursuit, manages to trap

Stacey on the ropes. While Sanches tries to cover up, Crawford hammers her foe's belly, arms and ribs with thundering power

punches. Stacey, in trouble, suddenly lunges off the ropes, shouldering her assailant. Cindy's bad leg fails, she catches

Stacey with a parting shot to her ribs, but Stacey is once more on the move with a determined Cindy hunting after her.

With surprising speed for a big woman, Sanches spins and lashes her leg out. Stacey's heel fines its mark and slams into Cindy's knee. Cindy howls and pulls away on her good leg. Stacey is already charging forward. As her body crashes into Cindy, Crawford, though off-balance wraps her arms around Stacey's waist, pulling Stacey into a bear hug. Sanches grunts as Cindy squeezes her, but quickly rakes Cindy's eyes. As Cindy tries to pull away, Sanches wraps her legs around Cindy's injured leg, tripping her to the mat. Stacey lands on top, pressing her body into Cindy's. Sanches lifts herself just enough to slam an elbow across Cindy's chest. Her hands quickly find Cindy's throat. Stacey has Crawford immobilized.

Cindy's damaged leg is trapped between Stacey's dangerous thighs. The playmates big hands press hard around her throat. Cindy struggles desperately to break free. She grabs Stacey's wrists. With a huge effort, she jerks the playmate's hands from her neck, holds her foe's wrists tight. For a moment, the two women are locked in a battle of wills. Their arms shake in resistance. The strength of Cindy's arms is evident as she slowly pushes Stacey's body up, twisting her over. Loosing the battle of arms, Stacey brings pressures bear with her thighs, working on Cindy's trapped injured leg. Cindy holds out for a few agonizing moments, but fails. Stacey regains lost ground and again shoves Cindy onto her back, pinning her arms down on the mat. Stacy presses her body down into Cindy's.

Chest to chest, Stacey taunts Cindy, "Some supermodel! You sure don't have a super chest."

Cindy gathers her strength and with a roar, slowly rolls Stacey over. Sanches bears down with her leg scissors, but Crawford is now on top. Cindy slips one hand free and slams her knuckles into Stacey's chin. The jarring blow leaves Stacey momentarily dazed. Cindy pulls her leg free and quickly straddles Stacey's waist. Cindy rips off Stacey's jog bra. Locking her fingers together, Crawford rains ax handles down on Stacey's boobs. Screaming and bruised, Sanches rakes her nails up and down Cindy's thighs.

"Bitch," screams Cindy, backhanding Stacey across the mouth, she gives up her seat, kicks Stacey away and scrambles to her feet. Her hands on her back, Crawford can feel the welts covering her raw skin. Crawford favors her bruised leg.

Stacey, now on her feet, licks away the blood on her lips. Her tits throb from the beating she took but Stacey narrows her eyes

and moves towards Crawford. Cindy turns sideways, trying to protect the bruised limb. Sanches is on offense. Stacey's left

leg lashes out, a high kick slams into Cindy's chest, forcing her backwards. Cindy has little mobility. Sanches jumps and

kicks out again, another high kick catching Cindy just under her boobs and knocking her backward into the corner. A third kick slams into Cindy's belly. Cindy is winded, backed against the turnbuckle with her shaky legs spread wide apart. Sanches slams a kick up into Cindy's crotch. As Cindy doubles over, her eyes open wide, Stacey slams her knee into the supermodel's head.

Crawford sags to her knees, Stacey grabs her by the hair, pulls her back to her feet, shoving her back into the corner. Stacey

drives her knee repeatedly into Cindy's gut. Stacey grabs a handful of hair and yanks Cindy's head back over the top rope.

Her free hand rips off Cindy's job bra. Stacey grabs Cindy's small left breast in her right hand and crushes it. Crawford

lets fly an agonized litany of curses, and then blind-sides Stacey with a fist that crashes into the side of the playmate's

face. Crawford seizes Sanches by shoulders, spins her around, and shoves her backward into the turnbuckle. Cindy's fists

hammer away at Stacey's belly, landing more than 15 punches. Cindy slams her elbow across Stacey's already swollen chest, then drives an uppercut into Stacey' chin. Sanches is seeing stars.

Holding the playmate against the turnbuckle with her left hand, Crawford goes back to work on her belly, slamming her fist

repeatedly into Stacey's gut. Cindy begins talking to her victim, "You need to do more sit-ups, cow, you're belly's too soft."

Stacey is gasping for breath, her boobs, heaving up and down. Cindy zeros in on two new targets, attacking Stacey's tits.

Crawford pumps her fists into the two soft targets like pistons, pounding Stacey's tits flat against her chest. Cindy allows

herself just a moment of jealous satisfaction as she surveys the damage she has done.

"Your tits don't look so good now, I'm afraid." Crawford resumes her relentless attack on Stacey's boobs, this time grabbing at each tit, twisting and pulling viciously. "You've got a lot of body fat, especially your ass and thighs," taunts the hard-body supermodel, "when I done pounding on your tits, I'm going to beat your fat ass black and blue."

While all-out tit assault is humiliating and painful, it allows Stacey to regain her breathing. Crawford moves in close as she

mauls Stacey's tits. Sanches, using her arms to support herself on the ropes, lifts her legs up and catches Crawford around her

waist. Stacey clamps her legs tight, reaches forward to quickly bury a left hand in Cindy's hair, and slams her right fist into

the side of the supermodel's head. Stacey's weight and momentum carries her forward. The women crash to the mat. Sanches,

maintaining her vice hold around Cindy's waist, rakes her fingers across her eye. Stacey grabs Cindy's hair with her left hand and mauls her foe's tits with her right.

For nearly two minutes, Stacey wears Cindy down as Crawford nearly exhausts herself struggling to break free. Finally, Cindy twists her body violently, turning so that she faces Stacey. Crawford painfully works her way to her knees, then stands, bending from the waist, with Stacey's legs clamped around her middle. Grabbing Sanches by the hair, Cindy lifts her foe's shoulders up off the mat, trips forward driving Stacey's head and back down into the mat. The fourth time Cindy repeats the move, she succeeds in forcing Stacey to relinquish the scissors. Cindy straddles the playmate, sitting her chest. Reaching backward with her left hand, she pumps her fist into Stacey's belly, beating the Playmate like a drum.

Crawford slips her other hand around Stacey's neck and chokes her violently for a moment. While Stacey is dazed, Cindy rolls her over, wraps her big thighs around Stacey's waist and wraps her arms behind Stacey's neck, adding a full nelson to the scissors hold. Cindy rolls onto her back, with Stacey trapped and helpless on top of her. Cindy pours on the pressure with her legs and arms.

Beginning to panic, Stacey reaches backward with her trapped arms and finds Cindy's hair to yank on, but she has little use of her arms and can do little damage. Sanches struggles mightily to break free, but Cindy, even with an injured leg, is too strong. Like a python constricting around its prey, Cindy takes her time and breaks Stacey down.

As Stacey exhausts herself, Cindy seems to grow stronger, energized by Stacey's moans as she crushes Stacey's ribs with her mighty thighs. Cindy stretches herself out, straightens her legs so that her crossed ankles are pressing hard against Stacey's crotch. She grinds her heels in as Stacey squirms. Stacey, in a desperation move, slams her head back into Cindy's face, nearly busting the model's nose.

Stacey pulls herself free and rolls clear. Both women lie on the mat, trying to find the strength to continue. Cindy is the first

on her feet. She ignores the blood that flows freely from her nose. Stacey is on her knees as Cindy reaches her. Crawford grabs Sanches by the hair. Stacey jolts Cindy with a punch jammed up into her crotch. Stacey grabs Cindy's legs and shoves her weight forward. Cindy falls hard. The two women struggle on the mat, almost in slow motion. Stacey manages to catch Cindy's head between her thighs. Cindy twists bucks, she catches Stacey's head between her thighs. The final test commences.

Cindy squeezes her arms around Stacey's waist. Enduring the added pressure, Stacey instead reaches her hand back, grabs a handful of Cindy's hair to secure her foe's head tightly between her thighs. This proves to be the better tactic. Stacey's thighs bear down relentlessly on Cindy's neck. Cindy's thick legs do less damage, as she has not trapped Stacey's head as securely.

After almost two minutes locked in this struggle, Cindy is spent. Stacey releases her scissors and slowly stands. Cindy lies beaten on the mat. Stacey grabs her by the hair, drags her around the ring in a slow motion parade. Finally, Stacey rolls Cindy onto her belly, lifts her foe by her ankles and settles into a Boston Crab. Crawford, in agony, screams her submission and begs for Stacey to stop - which she does....eventually!