Stacy Sanches vs. Becky DelosSantos by attaguy

Even match-up with both 5-10, 130 lb. pits catfighter Stacy, in a black bikini, against brawler Becky in a red bikini. The two playmates start dukeing it out and Becky dominates driving the tall Texan back across the ring pounding uppercuts into her gut and sides. Stacy's breathless as she backs into the ropes clutching her midsection. Becky goes for the quick KO and rocks Stacy's head from side to side with haymaker after haymaker. Thinking she has it one, Becky offers no thought to defense and pays for it as a desperate Sanches drives her knee between her tormentors legs lifting Becky onto her toes. DelosSantos instinctively clutches her stricken crotch, the air rushing from her lungs as she doubles over.

Stacy doesn't give herself any time to recover as she immediately sinks her hand into Becky's hair and delivers a crushing knee right between the eyes that floors the big brunette. Dazed and flat on her back, Becky is defenseless as Stacy charges in a sends a hard kick between DelosSantos' spead legs. Becky shrieks as her body arches and then goes limp. Stacy leaps high into the air, lands ass first on Becky's stomach and straddles Becky. Ripping off Becky's top, Stacy puts her long nails to work jealously mauling Becky's larger breasts. Becky cries out in agony, but the pain seems to revive her as she tears off Stacy's top and begins scratching and twisting Stacy's breasts, pulling them from side to side as she twists her body trying to dislodge Stacy.

But the Texan bears down, putting her weight behind her mauling hands. They both howl in pain as they try to destroy the other's chest and eventually Becky's sensitive breasts can't take anymore and she releases Sanches breasts and grabs her wrists trying to relieve the pressure. Stacy, seeing that she's outmauled DelosSantos, smiles cruelly as she take each nipple between a pair of dagger like nails and pulls hard. Becky goes wild from the pain and her screams reach a higher pitch.

Desparately, Becky lets goes of Stacy's wrists, grabs a thick knot of brown hair in her left hand, pulls Stacy's head down and starts firing devastating rights into the side of her head. After a half dozen blows, Stacy is dazed and Becky rolls her off kicking her away. Cradling her aching breasts, Becky slowly gets to her knees only to find Stacy already on her feet and waiting. Stacy grabs Beck by the hair and balls up her right hand ready to give Becky a taste of her own medicine. But beore she can unleash the first punch, Becky slams an uppercut between Stacy's legs leaving her gape mouthed frozen in mid-swing totally unprepared for an overhand shot that sinks into her lower belly. Stacy pitches forward as Becky drives her head straight up and into Stacy's face.

The blow sends Stacy backpedaling across the ring. Beck quickly gets to her feet and charges after her, grabbing Stacy around the waist Becky pulls her up into a bearhug. The groaning Sanches tears ineffectively at Becky's hair but she quickly changes tactics and starts clawing at DelosSantos' back. The has an immediate effect, but not the one Stacy hoped for, as Becky lifts her even higher and then slams her down crotch first onto Becky's outstretched knee. Stacy's back stiffens and her eyes bulge from the force of the blow.

Holding Stacy by the hair, Becky falls to one side driving Stacy's head into the mat. Maintaining her hair hold, Becky pulls Sanches between her powerful thighs and locks on a midsection scissors which traps Stacy's arms at her sides. Sanches is totally helpless as Becky pours it on crushing the air from the struggling Stacy's lungs. Becky decides its payback time and leans forward to start hammering away at each of Stacy's breasts with her right. Soon Stacy's too weak to even struggle against the scissors and her breasts are covered with red welts. Becky breaks the scissors hold and straddles the dazed Stacy facing her feet, she doubles her hands into an ax handle which she raises high over head before slamming it down between her legs. Becky repeats the crotch shot twice and Stacy is out cold completely destroyed by her rival.