Stacy Sanches vs. Mimi Rogers by Southgate

Mimi wears a black thong bikini that barely contains her huge boobs. At forty something, the brunette is still in terrific shape. Stacy watches from across the ring, wearing a red bikini. After the thrashing that Rogers gave Kimber West, odds for this fight are 2-1 favoring Mimi.

As soon as the bell sounds, Stacy races across the ring, catches Mimi with a kick to her belly. Two more spinning kicks slam into Mimi's ribs. Mimi throws a straight arm right but Stacy slips it, traps Mimi's arm and repeatedly knees Rogers in the belly. Each time Stacy's knee lands, it lifts Rogers off her feet. Mimi pulls free and staggers backwards with Stacy in pursuit.

Sanches ducks under a wild punch, and nails Mimi in the chin with an uppercut that rattles her teeth. Sanches grabs Mimi by the hair, yanks her head down and into a knee lift. Mimi's knees wobble but Stacy holds her up by her hair. Stacy bends the actress forward and forces Mimi's head between her thighs. Clamping the shut around her opponent's head, Stacy slams an ax handle down into Mimi's back. Stopping to unhook Mimi's bikini. Stacy reaches down and grabs Mimi's left tit.

"Jeez, these things are huge," hoots Stacy as her fingers dig into Mimi's wondrous tit.

Mimi reaches around with both hands and sinks her fingernails into Stacy's ass.

"Your ass is what's huge," shouts Mimi.

Rogers claws away at Stacy's hard butt. Sanches lets go of Mimi's tit and drives another ax handle into Mimi's back. Mimi rakes her claws down Stacy's ass, then down her thighs. Stacy tries to pull away, but Mimi holds her legs and drives forward, toppling Stacy over.

As they roll on the mat, Rogers entwines her legs around Stacy's, overpowers her younger opponent and rolls her over on to her back. Mimi grabs Stacy by the hair and starts to batter the back of her neck. In trouble, Sanches has the strength to push up to all fours and flips onto her back, pinning Rogers under her, but the actress quickly clinches her legs around Stacy's waist and pulls her into a full nelson. Rogers tightens her vice and pulls Stacy up as she rolls to her side. Mimi threatens to snap Stacy's neck while her scissors crush the playmate's ribs. Stacy thrashes, moaning loudly. Mimi works her over for forty seconds, her big thighs doing serious damage. Suddenly Sanches rams her head back and catches the actress in the nose. Rogers release the hold and kicks the playmate away.

"You'll pay for that, bitch," shouts Mimi.

Both women are on their feet. They meet in a test of strength. As their arms and backs strain, Sanches holds her ground and forces Rogers to one knee. The actress slowly bulls her way back up. Pressing her huge chest heavily into Stacy, Mimi abruptly slams her knee into Stacy's bruised ribs. She shoves the startled Sanches backwards.

Pressing the playmate against the ropes, Rogers slips her left hand free, rakes the Playmates eyes and chops her in the throat. Mimi pulls Sanches down into a reverse headlock and slams an elbow into Stacy's back. Mimi bends Stacy far forward, wraps her arms around Stacy's waist. With a grunt Mimi squats a bit and then upends the playmate. Mimi shifts Stacy's weight back across her left shoulder. Sanches is screaming as Mimi applies a back breaker. Sanches uses everything she has to hold out. Her taut stomach muscles strain as she twists her body and kicks her legs. Unable to maintain the hold, Rogers slams Stacy head first into the mat.

Mimi seizes the dazed Stacy by the ankles. Holding her legs apart, Rogers stomps down rapidly into Stacy's crotch. As Sanches cries out in pain, the actress turns her over and applies a Boston crab. Rogers sets her self low over her younger opponent and bears down. Sanches struggles wildly for a 15 seconds or so. Her legs are too strong for Mimi to control. Finally kicking her right leg free, Stacy rolls to her side. As Mimi tries to stop her, Sanches slams her right foot into Mimi's belly and kicks her away.

Stacy is slow to rise, holding her aching back. Mimi is back on the attack. She grabs the playmate by her hair, yanks her to her feet. Rogers drives her knee into Stacy's back, spins her around and slams her knee into the playmate's crotch. She crashes a double ax handle against the side of her foe's reeling head as she falls. Rogers lands with both knees driving into Stacy's side. Turning her foe onto her back, Rogers straddles her waist, pinning her arms under her own legs. Mimi rips off Stacy's bikini top.

"Let's see what you have here. Oops, nothing to write home about," she laughs.

Mimi grabs two hands full of Stacy's tits and twists. As Stacy tries to buck, Mimi slams her left fist backward and into Stacy's gut. Stacy arches up, bucking and twisting her wide hips. Mimi again blasts away at her belly, collapsing the arching Stacy back to the mat and driving the air from her body.

Realizing that Sanches still has some fight left in her, Rogers switches to a two handed choke. As Stacy's face turns white then blue, Rogers releases her hold. Leaning forward, Mimi presses her huge boobs down into Stacy's face, smothering her.

"You should take lessons from me, but this is one hold that you just don't have the equipment for," taunts Mimi.

As Mimi leans forward, having all kinds of fun, Stacy manages to pull her arms free. She grabs Mimi's boobs and twists as hard as she can. Rogers curses and straightens up. Stacy bucks and rolls Mimi over.

A very angry Sanches leaps onto Rogers, and they tumble to the mat, rolling over and over. This time, Sanches is able to grapevine Mimi's legs. Rolling the actress onto her back, Stacy quickly straddles her waist. Grabbing two hands full of hair, Stacy repeatedly pounds her foe's head into the mat. Retaining the hair hold with her left, Stacy slaps her right hand back and forth against Mimi's face. Though stunned, Rogers succeeds in bucking Stacy off her perch.

Both women scramble to their feet. Stacy punches Mimi in the belly and Mimi returns fire. They stand toe to toe, slugging it out in a gut busting war. Mimi is getting the worst of it. Grabbing Stacy by the hair, Mimi head butts the playmate. Stacy spins around on her feet, dazed. Mimi catches her, hoists her up and body slams her to the mat. Mimi stands over Stacy for a moment, then lands with a double knee drop exploding into the playmate's belly.

Mimi, tired and ready to put an end to this battle, squats down heavily in a reverse straddle on Stacy's face. She grinds her big ass down hard on the playmate. Raising her hands high, Mimi blasts a double ax handle down into Stacy's belly. Rogers stops for a moment, then stands. She hair hauls Stacy to her feet, wraps her arms around her waist and lifts her into a bear hug. Mimi carries her nearly broken foe around the ring.

"Give up, Sanches, its over," Mimi commands.

As Mimi lifts Stacy higher for leverage, Stacy manages to pull her arms free. Stacy throws her arms around Mimi's neck and wraps her legs around Mimi's waist. Two tired women are locked in a deadly embrace. For a full minute, neither will give ground.

Then, finally, Mimi lets out a loud moan and drops to her knees, exhausted from carrying Stacy's weight. The women pitch forward. Stacy, on her back, cranks up the pressure with her legs while her arms hold tight around the older woman's neck. Immobilized, Mimi has nothing left. Her huge boobs ooze out between their two bodies. Stacy notches up the pressure with her thighs. Mimi screams. Again, Stacy notches up the pressure, this time sustaining her vice grip for nearly twenty seconds.

Utterly exhausted, Mimi cries out her submission. Stacy rolls her to her side, then shoves her away and stands up slowly; her legs quivering. Smiling, Stacy raises her arms in victory and gives Mimi's ass a parting kick as she leaves the ring.