Stacy Sanches vs. Julia Schultz: The First Time by Southgate

Stacey Sanches draws blonde Julia Schultz for her 1st round opponent. The youngest playmate in the tournament, Schultz is an unknown quantity as a fighter. She stands just and inch shorter than Stacey, her boobs are a bit fuller, her waist a bit thicker, but the thing you notice are her very solid legs.

As the bell rang, Schultz surprises Sanches with a particularly vicious, fast paced attack. Julia wastes no time taking the fight to Stacey. The blonde flies across the ring, delivers a wicked kick deep into Stacey's belly and follows her retreat with a left, right, right combination that snaps Stacey's head from side to side. While Sanches attempts a counter attack with fists flying , Julia marches forward, blocking the brunette's punches or simply ignoring them. Winning the exchange with fury if not technique, Schultz, with a frenzy of kicks and punches drives Stacey backwards, then staggers the brunette with a straight-arm smash that bloodied Stacey's nose, and looks like she will end the match in under two minutes landing three huge, gut busting kicks that propel Stacey backwards and into the corner.

Trying only to survive, Stacey grabs Julia's hair with both hand, trying to wrap Julia up and slow down the pace of the fight. Stacey manages to trip Julia to the mat, but as they grapple on the mat, the blonde proves stronger and rolls Stacey on her back. Trying to not get hit again, Sanches wraps her arms around the back of Schultz's neck.

But the tough blonde, lying on top of her foe, presses her boobs hard into Stacey's chest, causing Stacey to cry out, "Are your little tits getting mashed?

Too bad!" taunts Schultz.

With a nasty laugh, Schultz spreads her legs wide for leverage and grinds her crotch down into Stacey's crotch.

"Get off me you bitch!" screams Stacey.

Julia grinds down all the harder, enjoying herself. She wraps her legs around Stacey's right thigh. The blonde slams her right knee up into Stacey's crotch. Using her powerful legs, Julia inches Stacey several feet across the ring. Forcing Stacey under the ropes, Julia, still lying on top, pushes the brunette's head off of the ring apron. Sanches, in a precarious position with her head hanging down, tries to tighten the grip she has around the blonde's neck, not sure what this wild woman has in mind for her. Schultz grabs Stacey's hair and yanks backwards, exposing Stacey's neck. The blonde drives a thumb into Stacey's throat.

As Stacey gags violently, releasing Julia's neck, the blonde slips her own head and chest over the bottom ring rope and forces the rope down into Stacey's throat. Stacey's body shutters as she gasps for air as Julia chokes her. Schultz is laughing at her. Stacey, enraged, grabs the blonde's hair with her left hand and slams her right fist into Julia's face.

Stung, the blonde recoils before the next punch can land, pulling backwards. Sanches , though still flat on her back,

holds tight with her legs around Julia waist, letting Julia's momentum drag her back into the ring. Julia forces her chin into Stacey's neck. The brunette grabs the blonde's hair, trying to pull Julia's head up and off her neck. Schultz slams her head forward, head-butting Stacey. Still lying on top of the dazed woman, Julia again mashes her boobs into Stacey's chest and slams four right hand jabs into the side of Stacey's head.

Stacey tries to wrap up Julia's arms, but Julia pulls her right arm free and continues to pound the left side of Stacey's face. The fifth blow she lands rattles Stacey badly. Sanches has her right arm wrapped around Julia's left, her left hand grabs a handful of Julia's hair and pulls it close to her chest. Julia pulls her legs up, so that she is kneeling over Stacey, and drives her right knee into Stacey's belly. As she lifts her knee to repeat the blow, Stacey lets go of her arm, and with two hands in Julia's hair, manages to roll Schultz onto her back.

Sanches wraps her left arm tight around Julia's neck and spreads her legs wide to maintain leverage. Schultz, for the first time on her back, yanks on Stacey's hair while she kicks her legs up violently, lifting her hips completely off the mat, but Sanches maintains her choking headlock. With another attempted kick-out, Julia manages to twist around and onto her knees, while Stacey holds on, Julia reaches up with her right hand and grabs a handful of Stacey's hair. Schultz drives forward, forcing Stacey onto her back and slamming her shoulder into Stacey's chest.

Stacey looses the headlock but manages to trap Julia in a waist scissors. Stacey locks her legs, trying once again to slow down the pace of the fight. She wraps her arms tight around Julia's neck. But she is surprised when the blonde, with a surge of power, twists around, breaking the scissors, forcing Stacey onto her back and again positioning herself on top of the brunette. Once more, Schultz traps Stacey's right leg between her thighs and slugs the brunette in the head.

Stacey looses her neck lock and grabs onto Julia's hair, yanking and twisting, she tries unsuccessfully to pull her tormentor off. Schultz, pushes to her knees and pummels Stacey with her right fist, slamming Stacey's head and neck. A badly hurt Stacey manages to lock up Julia arms, gaining her a momentary respite. For a moment, Julia hesitates, looking down with contempt on Sanches. But as before, Julia is too strong for Stacey and pulls free. Lying across Stacey, leaning on her right knee, Julia slams her right elbow across Stacey's chest. Pressing the elbow down across Stacey's tits, Julia slams three punches into Stacey's head.

Looking beaten and exhausted, Sanches tries again to wrap up Julia's arms, but Schultz slides Stacey diagonally across the mat toward the corner. Stacey doesn't see it coming. Julia is on her knees straddling Stacey, letting the brunette hold on tightly to her arms. In a power move, Julia hoists Stacey a foot off the mat and swings Sanches hard to her right. Stacey's head slams into the corner ring post. Still on her knees, Schultz lifts the stunned Stacey up, turns to slam Sanches down in the center of the ring. Sanches somehow manages to grab Julia's hair, yanking for all she is worth. But the young blonde is out for blood.

Firing from close range, Julia pounds her left fist into Stacey's belly five times in quick succession. Each blow lands with a dull thud. Julia stops the gut-busting to slam a punch into the side of Stacey's head. Still, Sanches twists on Julia' hair.

"I'm going to wreck you, you miserable bitch-- you're yesterday's news," hisses the blonde.

Stacey spits in Julia's face, with her remaining strength, she yanks on the blonde's hair. Schultz re-launches her short range attack. The blonde pummels Stacey's belly and gut, landing 15 low blows. Stacey's eye's are glazed over, but with two hands she yanks on Julia' hair. Schultz is getting frustrated and tired. Taking her time, she seems to measure the distance before burying her fist into Stacey's belly three more time. With each blow, Stacey moans in agony, but still, Sanches holds on.

"Damn you," curses Schultz.

Grabbing Stacey's hair, Schultz hauls her to her feet. As she is drawn up, the wily Sanches slams her fist up into Julia's throat. Julie spins around, hurt. Stacey quickly throws a reverse headlock on the nasty young blonde.

Meanwhile, Julia is punching Stacy's lights out. Spinning the brunette into position, Julia drills her with punches to her back, neck, sides and belly. Pulling Stacy's head down low, Schultz starts landing glancing slaps to the left side of her face as a rather wretched looking Sanches tries to cover up.

Julia jerks her head wildly from side to side, then drives the wobble legged Stacy down to the mat. Sanches, working on instinct, rolls to her left side, but Julia quickly straddles her. Schultz wraps her right hand in Stacy's hair securing her head on the mat. Her pins her right knee on top of Stacy's left arm. The blonde's left fist goes back to work on Stacy, as she slams 11 punches into the trapped brunette's back and neck.

"How does your neck feel, chicken-shit," screams Julia. Sanches tries to summon her reverses and twist free. Her right arm reaches up as she tries to gouge Julia's eyes, but the blonde catches her arm and twists it back down, holding just above Stacy's head.

"You're a nasty bitch," taunts Julia .

Holding the struggling brunette in place, Julia takes her time, measures the distance Stacy's face and jabs her right fist into the brunette's head. Julia stops for just a moment, rolling Stacy onto her belly. Pinning Stacy's arms under her knees, Schultz yanks up on Stacy's hair. Schultz drives her fist repeatedly in the back of Stacy's neck.

Bending her forward from the waist, Sanches adjusts her arm for maximum pressure on the blonde's neck. Forcing Julia's head down, Sanches slams four punches up into Julia's throat, then kicks her in the crotch. Schultz trips forward, falling to the mat on top of Stacey. As they fall, Stacey maintains pressure on Julia's neck, which takes the full force of their weight as they fall.

The landing nearly snaps Julia's neck. Stacey, ever tough and determined, holds her arm tightly around Julia's bent neck and wraps her legs around the blondes' waist. Julia holds on for just five seconds, her neck at the breaking point, the blonde screams out her submission. Sanches shoves her away and rolls over on her side. Both fighters need to be carried from the ring.