Stacy Sanches vs. Julia Schultz-the encounter by Southgate

In her first official playmate match, the young and inexperienced Julia Schultz had overpowered and dominated Stacy Sanches from the start and spanked her for most of the fight. But Julia gave Sanches a small opening and the dangerous Latin stole the victory away, nearly breaking the blonde's neck in the process.

While she doesn't notch a debut victory, Julia's prowess doesn't go unnoticed. Julia has been promoted with an aggressive, highly competitive schedule. The match handlers can't resist black on blonde events. The 'young blonde hope' is quickly matched against two very tough black women, first the athletic and more experienced Karin Taylor and an equally young powerhouse, Holly Hart. Julia loses both matches but gains invaluable experience. Julia did pretty well against Karin before she ran out of steam. Hart was another matter. But there would be time avenge those loses. A determined Schultz pushes for a rematch with Sanches. Julia is sure that she is ready to finish what she started with Sanches, if only the bitch will give her the rematch.

Sanches, meanwhile, is in no great hurry to face Schultz again. Stacy is preparing herself for a challenge from Holly Hart, something she's not looking forward to.

Stacy has just come off a string of victories over several tough black playmates. She has little trouble dispatching Stephanie Adams. The wiry and strong Elan Carter gave her fits for the first part of the match, but Sanches used her size to wear down the lighter woman. She took her time finishing Elan off, turning what was a good match into a rather nasty, one-sided beating.

Kimber West faired better, taking Sanches to her limits. But Sanches, like many Latin fighters, is most dangerous when in trouble. Just as West expected to put a battered Stacy away, lifting her into a bear hug, Sanches devastated Kimber with a head-butt and stole the match with a vicious camel clutch. Stacy has yet to face Karin, but the promoters have decided that it is time for her to face Holly, their rising black star.

Stacy was ringside when Holly Hart took Schultz apart effortlessly. Stacy has come to believe that she had just had an off night when she faced Julia. After all, she did walk away with the victory. Actually, neither fighter walked away from the match, but, as the song says, memories fade.

Julia spends her free time in the gym, lifting weights and watching some of the more experienced women, picking up more technique to go along with her right-at-you style. She has started sparing with Victoria Zdork, a wild Ukrainian Playmate.

Zdork is smart, educated and worldly, a practicing lawyer and a terrific self promoter. Zdork's brothers were both skilled Greco-Roman wrestlers. She has just begun working with Julie on adding some technique to her fury. They finish their workout in the weight room at the gym.

As they move through the gym, Two tall women are wrestling on the floor mats. Stacy is working with her sister Kim, getting ready for her match with Holly. Stacy wears yellow shorts and a yellow jogging bra. The sisters stop as they notice the two blondes approach.

"Look Julia," Victoria comments loudly, "Stacy's wearing a chicken suit. Looks good on her, don't you think."

Schultz laughs, making clucking noises. Stacy flashes them the bird.

Muttering something in Spanish to Kim, the Sanches sisters stand side by side as the two blondes move towards the them. Quickly in Stacy's face, Julia jabs a finger of her right hand into Stacy's shoulder.

"Give me a rematch, Sanches, you can't duck me forever. Your such a chicken shit," Julia razzes.

Stacy grabs Julia's finger with her left hand and gives it a wicked twist, dropping a howling Schultz to her knees.

Kim, hands on hips, steps in front of a concerned Victoria and tersely states, "Leave them be, she started it. Stacy's going to finish it for her."

"You and I will just watch," returns Zdork.

On her knees, Julia grabs Stacy's left hand with her free hand and forces one of Stacy's fingers back. The two women struggle briefly. Sanches pulls her hands free as Julia scrambles to her feet.

Standing sideways with her fists raised, Stacy issues her challenge, "Come on, bitch, show me what you've got."

Throwing technique to the wind, Julia rushes in, arms flailing. Stacy twice slaps her face, but Schultz ducks under a hay maker thrown at her head and drills her right hand into Stacy's side, just below the ribs. Shaken, Stacy backhands the blonde across the face as she backs away, but Schultz is in full pursuit, coming straight at the taller brunette. While the blonde smacks her fists into her side and ribs, Stacy stays high an lands three jabs to Julia's chin Sanches is jolted when Julia suddenly straightens up, grabs the brunette's chin with her left and tags it with a thundering right hand. Stacy spins around. Recovers her footing, she backs away.

Julia advances more deliberately this time, her arms are raised but held wide apart, leaving herself wide open. Sanches throws two jabs into Julia's belly, but the blonde is not stopped. Stacy lashes out with her right leg and

rocks Julia with a hard kick to her belly. Schultz shakes it off, stalking again. The blonde uses her shoulder to throw her fist

hard into Stacy's back and rocks her, but she gets wild again, flailing away at Stacy's side and back. Sanches sends two jabs nasty jabs crashing into Julia's left tit. Stung, the blonde crouches low then propels her self forward. Stacy's left arms blocks Julia's right fist. She uncorks her right and nails the blonde just above her left boob. Julia is now backing up as a confident Sanches moves in, picking her shots effectively.

The blonde has had enough. Lunging forward, she grabs onto Stacy's left arm and explodes her right fist into Stacy's chin just as the brunette straight arms her right into the blonde's chin. Both women glaze momentarily, but spring back at one. Julia lunges forward again. She wraps her left hand in the hair on the back of Stacy's head while grabbing Stacy's left wrist with her right. She pulls Stacy close. Sanches manages to get her right hand into Julia's hair as the two women shove and yank for position. Stacy wails, losing her grip on the blonde's hair as Schultz jerks her head down, bending Stacy over.

With her left hand hair-hold securing Stacy's head, Schultz hauls back with her right and clobbers Sanches with three huge punches to her back. She yanks Stacy's head up, cocks her arm back and buries her fist repeatedly into Stacy's ribs. Jerking her head down again, Julia pounds on the back of Stacy's neck. Jerking her head back up, Schultz plows her fist again and again into the brunette's gut.

Kim Sanches makes a move to help her sister, but Zdrok grabs her arm, pulls her backwards and locks her up with a hammerlock.

"Let's just watch, shall we," Victoria suggests.

Meanwhile, Julia is punching Stacy's lights out. Spinning the brunette into position, Julia drills her with punches to her back, neck, sides and belly. Pulling Stacy's head down low, Schultz starts landing glancing slaps to the left side of her face as a rather wretched looking Sanches tries to cover up. Julia jerks her head wildly from side to side, then drives the wobbly (Sanches to the mat.)

Kim struggles to break free, but Zdrok has her completely immobilized. She can only watch as the deadly young blonde beats up her sister.

"You can stop now, I think she's done," Victoria suggests.

"This bitch nearly broke my neck. I'm not done yet," Schultz roars.

Schultz slips further down Stacy's back as she rolls to her side, wrapping her legs around tightly Stacy's waist. The new source of pain revives Sanches for the moment, she struggles to no avail. The blonde's big legs are ratcheting tighter and tighter around her waist. Julia still yanks hair with her right hand. The blonde's left slams a series of punches into the back of Stacy's neck. As all resistance fades Julia left hand grabs Stacy's hair close to her scalp and yanks her head up. The blonde's free left hand jabs Stacy's face.

"I want a rematch," demands Schultz, "or I'll come to this gym everyday and beat you senseless, got it?"

"Yes... OK... please stop hitting me... you can have your rematch" stammers a very beaten Stacy.

Schultz releases her captive, runs her hands through her hair and stands. Victoria shoves Kim away. Kim rushes to the side of her sister. Julia marches right up to her. Kim grimaces, not knowing what to expect.

"Rematch, soon, or I come looking for you, too," Julia threatens.

She turns to Victoria, smiling.

"So, how'd I do, is all my hard work paying off," she asks.

"Girl," laughs Zdork, you brawl like a sailor, we've got to work on your style."