Julia Schultz vs. Stacy Sanches by Southgate (Nov 99)

An elated Julia stands on the 3rd floor balcony, looking out on the lake. She got the call several weeks ago. Finally, her revenge match is arranged. The sleazy Latin bitch has ducked her for months, but no more. Schultz has her shot at Stacy Sanches. The organization has flown Julie out to its Chicago mansion. The match will be part of its Thanksgiving festivities--held outside due to the good fortune of unseasonably mild weather. Julie has paced a rut in her guest room carpet. From the balcony she surveys the large lawn where the match will take place.

"Just one more day! I can't stand it!" shouts Julia.

"Sanches, you've got nowhere to run. I'm gonna own your sloppy ass," Schultz announces loudly.

Dressing in cut-off jeans and a halter-top, she dances down the hall, bounds down the stairs and heads for the guest dining room. As she moves down the hallway, she spots an event bulletin board. There's a betting pool posted for her fight--with a picture of Kim and Stacy Sanches!

"Two-to-one against me. Two-to-one! Damn it! I beat Holly Hart. I kicked Heather Kozar's ass! What a bunch of losers. How can they think Stacy can beat me? Well these clowns haven't heard how easily I smacked down this bitch at the gym last spring," Julia mutters.

Reaching in to her back pocket, she pulls out her lipstick. She scrawls across the posting "STACY IS CHICKENSHIT."

Too angry to eat breakfast, Julia steps through the verandah doors and walks outside to the large back lawn. The ring for tomorrow's fight stands ready. Her mood lightens. This is it. This is the place where she'll show them all. Julia walks slowly around the outside of the ring.

She hears a commotion coming from the house.

Kim Sanches storms out across the lawn with Samantha Torres at her side. She plants herself in Julia's face waving the defaced poster.

"I don't want you, Miss Nobody. Where's your chicken-shit sister?" Julia sneers.

"You're a nervy bitch," spits Kim. "When Stacy get here tomorrow, you'll have hell to pay."

"Oh, I'm sooo…" Julie's response is cut short.

Kim slaps her across the face. In a flash, Kim grabs a handful of Julia's hair close to the scale and digs her fingernails in as she jerks Julie's head down. She bangs her knee up into the unprepared blonde's head. Sanches twists Schultz around to the ring and bangs her head into the ring apron. Julia slumps to her knees.

"That's enough, Kim," Sam cautions.

"Sure. I'd love to kick your ass right now, Julia, but Stacy wants you all to herself," jeers Kim.

Kim turns away and starts to walk back across the lawn to the house. Schultz is up on her feet. She shakes her head, shrieks, then races across the lawn. She tackles Kim from behind. Both women fall hard. Kim lands on her chest with Julia holding tight to her legs.

"Okay, bitch, you asked for it," Kim sputters as she kicks her legs, aiming a foot at Julia's face.

Schultz pulls away. Both women scramble to their feet. Breakfast is left unfinished as the crowd spills out of the doorway to watch the commotion. Sam takes a step towards Schultz, but someone shouts out, " Let them be!" Torres shrugs and stands down.

Kim, still winded from her fall, lunges for Julia. Schultz catches her. She slams her right fist into Kim's ribs and then hammer's her in the gut. As Kim buckles, Julie wraps her left arm tight around Kim's neck and pulls her in close. Julie belts Kim repeatedly in the face with her left. Kim is sobbing and screaming. Sanches finally pulls free, but she's a wreck. Instinctively, she raises her fists. Julie, with a huge smile on her face, backs away, then advances, her fists also raised. Kim misses with a poorly thrown right. Julie batters her belly with lefts and rights, backing Kim up until she is flat against the house. Schultz takes target practice on Kim's body.

"What are the odds on my fight?" she bellows, as she spears Kim's belly.

"Anyone need to change their bet?" Julie shouts as her fists flatten Kim's boobs.

Kim begins to slide down the wall. Julia grabs her in a reverse headlock. Holding the beaten woman down, Julie pounds on her belly with her fists.

"Save it Julie, save it for tomorrow," a convert in the audience shouts.

Julia stops, looks around, then plows a huge knee into Kim's belly. Sanches drops to the grass, bruised and thoroughly, thoroughly beaten.

Julie smiles, waves and coos, "See you all tomorrow."

As Sam Torres attends to Kim, Julia walks back in the house.

"What's for breakfast, I'm starved!" she hoots…

The next day, an exuberant Julia stands in the ring waiting for Stacy to be announced. Danelle Folta holds the microphone. She's there to make sure no gets hurt too badly. She looks towards the mansion. Stacy approaches, with her arm around Kim. Kim wears dark glasses. She moves slowly.

Schultz can't contain herself. She snatches the microphone away from Danelle.

"Ladies and gentlemen, it's finally time!" Julie jeers. "Chicken-shit can hide no longer! How's your sister, there, Stacy? Did she get hurt? You're next, bitch!"

Stacy, now at ringside, hands Kim off to Samantha, then steps up on the ring apron. She glares at the blonde. Julie stops, mid-taunt as she is seared by a look of steel-eyed determination. Schultz shakes it off.

"Oh my, Stacy looks angry! I think I'm scared," Julie clowns.

Stacy vaults over the top rope and Julia moves quickly towards her Danelle steps between them.

"Wait for the bell," she warns.

Both women stand their ground. Stacy shoves Folta aside. Fists raised, she attacks. Stacy leads with a right hand. Julie ducks it and uses both hands to slap the sides of Stacy's face. The bell rings. Palms out, Schultz shoves the red-cheeked Sanches away. Stacy advances again. Julie dances, up on her toes. Her quick hands slap hard against Stacy's face and chest, beating her back, but not deterring the brunette. She wades in again through Julia's blistering attack, ignoring a puffy lip and bloodied nose. Stacy manages to sink her left hand into Julia's hair. She throws her right arm across the blonde's chest. She slips slightly behind Schultz.

With a surge of adrenaline, Stacy hoist Julia up at least a foot off the mat and throws her backwards. Schultz bounces hard on her left side. Sanches falls with her, driving her right knee into the blonde's ribs. The air knocked out of her, Schultz tries to trap Stacy's right leg, hooking her own leg over it. Wham! A fist hammers into the back of her neck. Stacy pulls her leg free. The blonde lies on her left side. The brunette straddles her waist. Her right arm clamps tight around Julie's throat and head. Stacy's left fist is flailing away on the back of Julia's neck.

Julia tries to clear her head. She didn't expect this. She thought she'd psyched Stacy out. Instead, she's unleashed a fury.

'Not the damn neck,' Julie thinks, 'not this time.'

Stacy continues to unload on her. Julie reaches up and grabs Sanches by the hair. She stretches out her left foot and shoves herself onto her back. Momentary relief for her neck. She thrusts up with her hips to buck Stacy off. Bang! Stacy's right hand blasts her in the face. Julie is flat on her back. Stacy wails on her face with both hands. In terrible trouble, Julie frantically bucks and manages to roll onto her belly. Sanches continues to hammer on her, re-targeting her neck. Julie just tries to cover up.

Folta, standing off to the side in the ring, looks over at Hef. He rotates his fingers. He wants the fight to continue. Danelle moves towards Stacy, grabs a handful of hair and hauls her off of Schultz.

"Damn it!" curses Stacy.

"You didn't wait for the bell," warns Danelle.

"I'll deal with you later, Folta," Stacy retorts.

A shaken but resilient Schultz is on her feet. Back to business Stacy circles and backs away as Julie advances, fists clinched.

"Do you remember our little workout in the gym, Stacy? You'll need dark-glasses just like your slut sister when I'm done with you," Schultz threatens, her confidence returning.

Julie cuts off the ring and traps Stacy on the ropes. She lands a series of body shots, rocking the brunette and looking like she is very much in the fight. She nails Stacy in her left boob, then hammers an uppercut into the jolted brunette's chin. Show-boating, Julie grabs two hands full of Stacy's hair, yanks her off the ropes and flings the brunette across the ring. Sanches stumbles, but recovers her footing. She quickly spins around to wait for Julia's onslaught. Schultz wades in, working on Stacy's body and blocking most of Stacy's counter punches.

Loosing two thundering exchanges, Sanches backs away, then looks at Kim, sitting at ringside. As Schultz throws a head-hunting punch, Stacy ducks, lunges forward and grabs onto the blonde's bikini top with her left hand. Holding the blonde in place, Stacy whacks her twice in the chest. Schultz yelps, grabs Stacy's wrists.

"Touch my tits again and I'll rip yours off," Schultz bellows.

They struggle, see-sawing across the ring. Schultz starts to shove Stacy backwards. Sanches slips her left hand free from Julia's grip and latches onto the blonde's hair. Digging her nails into the blonde's still sore scalp, Stacy jerks her head down and drags Schultz forward. Wham! She hammers her fist down on the back of Julia's neck. Startled and hurt, Julia release Stacy's other wrist. Sanches shoves her knee up into the blonde's head. Holding Julie bent over by her hair, Stacy jabs an uppercut into the blonde's chin, then hammers her once again on the back of the neck.

Stacy cocks back her right and goes to town. A looping underhand smash to Julia's face, two slams down on the back of her neck. Stacy drives the blonde all around the ring. Schultz manages to grab Stacy's bikini top and yanks it down. She claws at Stacy's left tit, trying to break free. Stacy stops hammering for a moment and uses her hair hold to force Julia's head down low. She cracks her knee into Julia's head. Schultz is wobbly. Sanches holds her down with her left and hammers on her back and neck with her right. Julia tries to straighten up, but Stacy side-arms her fist into Julia's face. The blonde trips forward.

Stacy traps her in a headlock, wraps her left leg around Julia's right leg. Stacy shoves her backwards and throws the blonde to the mat. Sanches quickly straddles her. She is able to trap Julia's left arm under her right leg. Securing the blondes' head in place on the mat with a handful of hair, Stacy takes target practice on her head. Julie claws at Stacy's boobs with her free arm. The blonde is able to roll to her left side. Stacy pulls Julia's hand off her tit and slowly wrestles her arm back to the mat. Stacy extends her left leg for balance. Holding the blonde's head on the mat with her right hand, Sanches lets go of Julia's arm and goes back to work on her neck, hammering away repeatedly.

Schultz once more claws at Stacy's boobs, then works her hand up into Stacy's wild hair. Stacy struggles momentarily to pull Julie's hand out of her hair. Holding Julie's trapped wrist, Stacy bends back on her thumb and forces Julie to roll onto her belly. Sitting heavily on the blonde's back, Sanches systematically hammers her fist into the back of Julia' neck.

Schultz is beginning to panic. Her neck is getting numb. It wasn't suppose to be this way.

"Please," she stammers, "please, I've had enough!" Julia moans.

"Not quite, bitch," hisses Stacy.

Shifting her weight, Stacy wraps her hands under Julia's chin and hauls back on her neck as she applies a camel clutch.

Schultz tries to hold on. She tries to struggle, but her neck has had enough. Her dreams of glory vanish. She lets out an agonized scream. She can take no more.

"Enough!" shouts Folta, "ring the bell! We have a winner."

Stacy lets Julia drop, face first to the mat. She stands up, looks over to her sister.

Folta hands Stacy a bouquet of flowers. The brunette takes them, shoves Danelle away and slips through the ropes and out of the ring.

"Here, Sis, these are for you." Stacy hugs her sister, looks back on a very dejected Julia still on her belly in the ring.

"Guess the odds-makers were right!" she laughs, as she turns away to celebrate her victory.

The End (or is there more to this bunny tale?)