Stacy Sanches vs. Victoria Silvstedt #1 by Southgate

The two women are a contrast in black and white; the blonde, fair-skinned Nordic, Victoria and the brunette, dark-skinned Latina, Stacy; both in sports bras and bikin bottoms. Victoria looks calm and very solid, especially her thighs; her eyes cool as ice, focus directly on Stacy. Her face, especially her sensuous mouth, suggest disdain for the brunette. She stands in one spot, hands on her broad hips, taking her measure of last years' top playmate. Stacy, just a bit shorter than the blonde, seems in comparison much smaller than the 10 or so pounds she gives up would indicate. She moves like a caged cat in the ring, limber, strong. There's bad blood between them; Victoria's referred to Stacy as a 'no talent Tex-Mex low life' and her comments got back to Stacy who now glares at the big blonde, shooting daggers.

As the bell rings, Stacy, moving quickly, circles her blonde opponent. Victoria, with economy of motion, tracks her movements. Each time Stacy feigns an attack, the blonde's left arm flicks forward towards the brunette's head, effectively keeping Stacy at bay. Stacy, continues to circle. She leans in, Victoria's strikes. The back of her hand slaps lightly across Stacy cheek as the brunette jerks her head to safety.

"Enough with the Mexican hat dance," Victoria taunts.

Stacy launches herself forward, but the big blonde is ready for her. She slaps Stacy's outstretched hands away from her. Stacy lunges forward again, trying to duck under Victoria's slap, but the big blonde latches onto Stacy's long brown hair, jerks her head backwards. Victoria's big hand digs and twists into Stacy's scalp and yanks her hair violently. Stacy reaches up with both of her hands to grab onto Victoria's hand. But the cool blonde reacts quickly and drives a fist into Stacy's taut belly. Before the 'Ooooff" has left Stacy's mouth Victoria, still clutching Stacy's hair, snaps her head violently and slams a second fist deep into her belly. Stacy falls to her knees, but Victoria's hair lock yanks her back up to her feet. Enjoying herself, Victoria uses her hair hold to jerk Stacy all around the ring. Tears well up in Stacy's eyes as Victoria maintains horrific pressure on her scalp. Forcing the brunette's head backwards over the ring ropes, Victoria takes her time, measures the distance and slams an elbow across Stacy's chest. In no particular hurry, Victoria delivers smash after smash across Stacy's chest, all the while yanking back on her hair. The brunette's body shutters from the impact of each blow. Victoria taunts her foe as she works her over.

"You really are a dumb bitch, Stacy. You make all Playmates look bad," the blonde lectures as her forearm crashes against Stacy's chest to punctuate her remark.

Victoria's uses her left hand to jerk back on Stacy's hair, drawing her further back over the ropes. Stacy screams, her scalp is on fire as the big blonde's left hand continually twists and yanks the brunette's hair. Victoria takes her measure, and then buries her fist in Stacy's thoroughly unguarded gut. As the sickening 'thwack' fills the air, Stacy's feet turn to rubber as she slumps quivers on the ropes. The big blonde jerks back up onto her toes. For a small moment that seems like an eternity to Stacy, Victoria stands beside Stacy, using her hair grip to hold the brunette arched over the top rope. Then the blonde smiles a big old wide smile as, digging down low, she drives her fist up into Stacy's crotch and Stacy howls as her body once more quivers on the ropes.

Burying both hands in Stacy's hair, Victoria snap-mares Stacy across the ring. The blonde quickly strides over to her prone foe, bending to once more latch onto the brunette's thinning locks. She hair-hauls Stacy to her feet. Leaving on hand in Stacy's hair, the blonde hammer locks Stacy's right arm. She marches Stacy around the ring, kneeing her in the butt to keep the parade at tempo. Then abruptly, she marches the brunette into a far corner of the ring, slamming her boobs-first into the turnbuckle. Victoria punches Stacy in the lower back, then spins her around.

Still jerking on Stacy's scalp with her left hand, Victoria stops to look Stacy in the eye she taunts, "Hey! How're you doing there, Stacy? You gonna manage to put up some kind of a fight here?"

"You bitch!" Stacy screams but then Victoria's knee thunders up into her belly and Stacy is gasping for air again, clutching the blonde's hand as she tries desperately to relieve pressure on her scalp.

"This isn't much of a workout," Victoria jeers as she again slams a knee into Stacy's crotch.

The brunette lets out another howl, finally letting go of Stacy's hair. Victoria scoops up the dazed brunette, easily hoists her to shoulder height and slams her down to the mat. Before Stacy has finished bouncing, Victoria drops a thick leg across her chest. Straddling the brunette, Victoria rips off Stacy's bra. And then she removes her own. Pinning Stacy down under her body weight, Victoria mashes her chest down on Stacy's. Victoria is having some fun, just playing with her foe. Pinning both of Stacy's arms down, Victoria arches her body up.

Looking down at her, Victoria taunts, "So, who says Spanish girls can fight? You're nothin' but last years' news."

She drops her body down, shimmies forward to presses her boobs into Stacy's face. Stacy tries to turn away but Victoria, pressing hard on Stacy's arms to keep her pinned in place, shifts her weight, lifts her right hip and drives her knee up, spreading Stacy's legs. The blonde grinds her knee into Stacy's crotch. Stacy tries to buck her off but Victoria straddles her waist, keeping Stacy pinned despite her attempts to arch and buck. As Stacy tires herself out, Victoria starts bouncing her big butt up and down on Stacy's belly. Stacy desperately struggles to roll the big girl off of her, but Victoria controls her with a school girl pin. Eventually, she sits back and looks down with contempt at her foe.

"Oh, are you in this fight? Do something to make it interesting," Victoria laughs.

Stacy is immensely frustrated. She had no idea how strong the blonde bitch was but now, at least, her tormented scalp has a brief reprieve.

"Get off me you cow!" Stacy screams.

"Cow?" Victoria snaps. "You just made a huge mistake, you stupid greaser."

Victoria rolls Stacy to her side and wraps her thick thighs around her waist. She squeezes, and squeezes. Stacy's eyes bug open. She is near panic as Victoria's huge thighs crush her ribs. Stacy tries to twist her body out of the scissors, but Victoria's thighs clamp down and cut off all escape. For an agonizing minute, Victoria tightens the vice, constricting the brunette's breathing. But suddenly, Victoria is howling. Stacy rakes and claws her finger nails into the blonde's legs. Victoria releases the scissors and kicks Stacy away. Stacy struggles to her feet, trying to get her breath back as she checks for broken ribs. Victoria checks the damage to her thighs. Deep scratches and welts cover her white flesh. Loosing some of her cool, Victoria glares across the ring at Stacy with hate in her eyes.

"You bitch!" she spits, then charges at Stacy who braces for the impact.

As the hot blonde is just about to slam into her, Stacy closes her fingers together and jabs her right hand up into the blonde's throat. Their bodies collide and fall to the mat, landing with the blonde on top. But Victoria is gurgling, holding her own throat. Stacy rolls her over and quickly straddles the blonde's waist .

Stacy press her thumbs into both of the blonde's eyes, then back-hands her across the face. Stacy takes to hands full of blonde hair and proceeds to bounce Victoria's head against the mat. Stopping only to once again jab her thumbs into Victoria's eyes, Stacy quickly stands. Leaping high, she lands with both knees slamming into Victoria's belly. Stacy scrambles to her feet and starts stomping on Victoria's chest and belly. Her attack is relentless and brutal. Victoria finally rolls onto her belly, trying to protect her tender chest. But Stacy leaps high once more and crashes down with her knees slamming into the small of Victoria's back. Stacy repeats the knee drop again and again. Squatting down on Victoria's back, Stacy locks her fingers around the blonde's chin and clamps on a wicked camel clutch. The pressure on Victoria's neck and back is numbing.

On an adrenaline high, Stacy is working the hold like a pro; her rock hard thighs straining as she pours on the pressure. Sensing that Victoria is just about finished, Stacy is determined to pay back the blonde in full for the humiliation she endured at the start of the fight. Releasing Victoria's chin, Stacy seizes a handful of blonde hair with her left hand and slams her right fist into the side of Victoria's head. On her feet quickly, Stacy grabs Victoria's ankles, flips her onto her back, spreads her legs wide and, pumping like a piston, she stomps down repeatedly on Victoria's crotch. Hearing Victoria's sobbing, Stacy flips the blonde back onto her belly and applies a Boston crab. Earlier in the fight, Victoria may have been strong enough to power out of the hold, but the not now, not with her back already in agony. As Stacy leans into the hold, Victoria screams her submission. It takes Stacy a long moment to realize that she has won. She lets go of Victoria's legs and walks away, raising one arm up in victory. Victoria rolls onto her back, arching up in agony.

Stacy begins to walk away, taking in her victory, but she reconsiders. Walking back to the still prone Victoria, Stacy squats down on Victoria's face. Reaching back, Stacy grabs one of Victoria's tits and squeezes. A muffled moan escapes from the blonde. Stacy spins around, still grinding her tight, full butt down hard on Victoria's face. She leans forward and grabs both of Victoria's tits, pinching and twisting them in her strong fingers. It is Stacy's turn to taunt her foe.

"You’re nothing but a cow, you blonde bitch. Your flounder-belly white tits are too ugly to look at. They need some color-so how about black and blue?" Stacy jeers as the helpless blonde lies prone under her. Finally, Stacy stops, stands and walks away to celebrate her victory.
Victoria Silvstedt vs. Stacy Sanches #2 by Southgate

This is a grudge match. These two women, Stacy and Victoria have an immense dislike for each other. Victoria, as the new and improved Anna Nicole's girlfriend, has become quite the celebrity. She owes Stacy a beating and intends to deliver it. Stacy, jealous of Victoria's hot new status, is itching to once more put the big blonde in her place. Both have agreed to an all-out fight with no intervention from sister or girlfriend. It's time to settle the score!

The women circle each other warily. Stacy lunges forward, slamming her elbow across Victoria's chest with enough force to knock the blonde back into the ropes. Stacy moves in close. Twice more, Stacy slams her left forearm across Victoria's chest, trapping Victoria against the ropes. Stacy chops the blonde across the throat. Victoria slumps down into the ropes as her body shutters. Victoria's legs are wide apart. Stacy knees her in the crotch, lifting the big blonde off her feet and nearly sending her over the top rope. Stacy attempts another elbow smash, but Victoria comes to life, seizes Stacy's shoulders and spears her belly with her knee. Stacy doubles over. Victoria spins her around and gives the brunette a taste of her own medicine. Feet planted, Victoria puts her full weight into a left, right, left series of elbow smashes that hammer into Stacy's chest, leaving Stacy hanging on the ropes.

Victoria reaches out with her right hand, grabs a handful of wild brown hair and yanks Stacy's head way back, leaving her body arched over the top rope, Victoria chops Stacy in the throat twice. Wrapping her hand tighter into Stacy's hair, Victoria wallops Stacy with fists and forearms hammered into the brunette's chin and chest. Victoria builds up a full head of steam and works up a rhythm: fist to the chin, smash across the chest, two more across the chest, fist to the belly for punctuation, and repeat. After a full thirty second beating, Victoria lets go of Stacy's hair and the brunette slump down in the corner, sitting her on ass helplessly.

Victoria drags her back up to her feet and buries her right fist in Stacy's belly, knocking her to her ass again. The blonde again hair-hauls the brunette to her feet. Stacy is holding her aching belly. Victoria roughly yanks Stacy upright, then launches one of those big legs. Her right knee explodes into Stacy's belly and the brunette is back on her ass. Victoria hauls her back to her feet. Spinning quickly, Victoria snap mares Stacy to the center of the ring. The mightily Swede quickly straddles the big brunette's belly, dropping her butt heavily on Stacy's aching belly. Victoria grabs the Texan's red knit bikini top with two hands and shreds it.

With a wicked smile on her face, Victoria slashes her finger nails across Stacy's exposed boobs, raising angry red welts. Screaming, Stacy reaches up and rakes her fingers repeatedly into both of Victoria's eyes. Stacy rolls the blinded blonde over, chops her twice in the throat and quickly is on her feet, stomping the gagging blonde's belly repeatedly. Having taken back the momentum, Stacy grabs Victoria's feet by the ankles, lifts the blonde's legs up and spreads her legs wide apart and drops a knee into the blonde's crotch. Stacy kicks and stomps away on Victoria's ribs and belly before moving on and targeting her chest. The attack is brutal, systematic and relentless.

Once more seizing the blonde's ankles and holding her legs wide apart, Stacy takes target practice on Victoria's crotch. Ignoring the blonde's howling, Stacy grinds her heels into Victoria's ache. Stacy drags Victoria into the corner, hanging her knees over the middle ropes. Back on the stomping attack, Stacy holds the top rope for leverage and puts her full weight into the kicks and stomps she delivers to the blonde's belly. Stacy stops a moment to catch her breath. She bends to grab Victoria by the hair and drags her into the center of the ring. Stacy drops to the mat, behind Victoria as the blonde sits up. Stacy wraps her legs around the blonde's waist, secures her in a full nelson and squeezes hard. Gasping for breath as Stacy crushes her ribs, Victoria cures, plants her feet firmly against the mat and shoves back, trying to break free.

Stacy switches to a half nelson, moving her free hand to the blonde's bruised chest and digs her fingernails to Victoria's left tit. Victoria wails and pounds her feet into the mat. Planting her feet again, the big blonde lifts her hips off the mat. Stacy lets her boob go, switches back to a full nelson and tightens her scissors around Victoria's waist. Fighting to draw a breath, the blonde struggle mightily to break free, but Stacy controls her and finally uses her legs to throw Victoria back to the mat.

Both women are sweating heavily. Victoria struggles back from her side to a sitting position. Again she plants her feet and arches back. Once more Stacy intensifies the pressure of her scissors and begins to roll Victoria onto her side. Victoria slams her head back and nails Stacy in the nose. As a star gazing Stacy slackens her scissors, Victoria pulls free of the full nelson and spins her body around, facing Stacy. Stacy rakes her eyes and chops the blonde twice more across the throat. Stacy is on her feet. She grabs Victoria by the ankles and twists her onto her belly. Stacy tries to set up a Boston Crab, but she has great difficulty trying to handle Victoria's muscular legs.

For almost a full minute, it's a test of wills; Victoria's back suffers, in the end Stacy is losing this struggle as Victoria begins to pull her legs away. The brunette lets one leg go, secures the other and beats her fist into Victoria's crotch. Stacy finally drops Victoria's leg, steps back to lay a kick into the blonde's back. Victoria manages to roll to her belly, takes a couple of kicks to her ribs but reaches out to catch Stacy's foot and twist her off her feet. Both women are on their knees. Victoria thunders an uppercut into Stacy's chin and quickly follows it with a forearm strike across Stacy's chest. Stacy slumps to her haunches. Victoria buries her fist deep into Stacy's belly. Stacy manages to backhand Victoria across the mouth. Victoria locks her hands together and hammers an ax handle down into Stacy's breastbone. Stacy teeters, ready to fall over. Victoria grabs her around the throat with both hands. Stacy lashes out and rakes Victoria's eyes.

Sanches drives a fist into the blonde's chin that sends Victoria toppling over. Stacy slowly stands, glaring at the big blonde who lies on her back dazed. Stacy stomps her belly and quickly straddles the blonde's waist, pinning the Swede's arms under her knees. Victoria flails her legs, trying to kick free or arch her body up, but Stacy reaches back and manages to catch the blonde's legs at her ankles and bends them far forward. Victoria pushes mightily with her legs. It takes everything Stacy has to hold the big blonde down. She leans far forward, Victoria pulls her arms free of Stacy's knees, reaches up and grabs Stacy's boobs, clawing hard with her big hands. Stacy screams and curses as Victoria surges, powering her legs back as she tries to crush Stacy's boobs. Stacy slips her arms free of the blonde's big legs, rakes Victoria's eyes yet again and rolls off the blonde. Both women lie on the mat. Stacy holds her chest, Victoria rubs her eyes.

Wearily, both woman struggle back to their feet. In slow motion, they move together, wrapping their arms around one another. Chest to chest, each strains to crush the other's ribs. Slowly, Victoria, gathering her strength, takes control. Stacy begins to moan as Victoria lifts her off her feet. Stacy's arms drop to her side as the big blonde, grunting, shakes her violently. Again, Stacy goes for Victoria's eyes. Victoria curses but holds on. Lifting Stacy high, Victoria executes a perfect atomic drop, slamming Stacy down on her knee.

Stacy rolls on the canvas, holding her crotch. Victoria hauls her to her feet, pokes her fingers Stooge style into Stacy's eyes. The blonde uses her left arm to secure Stacy's right arm behind her back in a hammerlock. Victoria's right fist blasts repeatedly into Stacy's belly. The blonde drives her adversary backward into the ropes. Victoria's right knee thunders into Stacy's gut. As Stacy collapses against the rope, Victoria rakes her eyes, the slaps and backhands her face. With the momentum completely shifted, Victoria shoves Stacy into the corner and rams her shoulder again and again into Stacy's chest. A series of elbows flatten Stacy's boobs and bruise her belly. Panting, Victoria backs off for a moment and allows Stacy to fall forward, onto her knees. Victoria approaches from behind. She wraps her right arm around Stacy's throat and beats her left fist into Stacy's back and head. Victoria notices the shredded remains of Stacy's bikini top and yanks it off her body. Wrapping it tight around Stacy's neck, Victoria hauls the gasping Texan to her feet and drags her around the ring. Spinning Stacy in circles, Victoria kicks her hard in the belly and then throws her to the mat.

Stacy lies on her back, barely moving. Victoria backs off, gets a running start and leaps high. The big blonde seems to hover in mid-air. Then her full 145+ pounds splashes down onto of Stacy's chest. The ring shakes and Stacy's body goes rigid, then relaxes. Victoria is on her knees, beside the thoroughly flattened Stacy. Taking her time, Victoria is on her feet. Hair-hauling the Gumby legged Stacy up, Victoria throw her into the corner. Marching in, Victoria rakes her fingernails down Stacy's boobs, then uses both fists to pound out a beat on Stacy's belly. Victoria stops to let Stacy double up. Catching the brunette's head between her beefy thighs, Victoria pounds a series of ax handles down on the brunette's back then wraps her arms around Stacy's waist and upends her. Victoria marches to the center or the ring and pile drives Stacy into the mat. Stacy lies on her back very close to dream land. Victoria kneels over her, grabs Stacy's ankles and lifts her legs up, folding Stacy into a matchbook.

Taking the time to enjoy herself, Victoria squats down on top of the folded Stacy, letting her big ass do the work. Catching her breath, the blonde rolls her plaything onto her belly. Squatting over Stacy's back, Victoria locks her fingers around Stacy's chin and applies a camel clutch. Pulling way back on Stacy's neck, Victoria waits for Stacy to scream her submission. Fifteen seconds go by, twenty. Stacy will not quit. Victoria pulls back all the harder on her neck. Stacy struggles vainly to break loose. She wails and cries out. Victoria moves one hand across Stacy's mouth to shut her up. Stacy bites the hand that beats her. Hard. Victoria punches Stacy in the side of the head and pulls her hand free, but Stacy is able to break the hold and rolls to her side. Lying back to back, Victoria wraps her left arm around Stacy's neck and slips her right arm around Stacy's left leg, bending her back violently.

At wits end, Stacy manages to grab onto Victoria's hair and tugs for all she's worth. Stiffening her body, Stacy straightens her trapped leg as she yanks Victoria backwards, finally breaking free. Victoria is quickly on her feet. She hauls Stacy to her feet, punches her in the belly and twists her into an armbar. The big blonde throws Stacy into the ropes and attempts to drive her knee into the brunette on the rebound. But Stacy ducks. She bounds off the opposite ropes and catches Victoria with a devastating close-line. Victoria is throw to her back, clutching her throat. Stacy wearily approaches, in slow motion, she knee drops the blonde's belly. Both women lie on the mat, panting, for several moments.

Struggling, both are up. Neither makes a move. Then Victoria charges Stacy. The brunette side steps her, slips behind to wrap her right arm around the Swede's neck. Clamping the coke tight, Stacy slowly forces Victoria to her knees. Turning shades of blue, Victoria reaches back grabs a handful of hair and snap mares Stacy to the mat.

The blonde leaps onto her victim and the women roll across the mat in a tangle. Neither can gain an advantage. The end up on their knees, shoving, clawing and slapping. Victoria sputters from a Sanches backhand but retaliates with a punch that buries itself in Stacy's belly, knocking the brunette onto her back. Victoria drops to the mat on her side to clamps her legs around Stacy's head. Stacy kicks and flails, but Victoria's leg strength is unstoppable. Stacy, in danger of passing out, sinks her fingernails into the blonde's thighs and Victoria, cursing, reluctantly relinquishes her hold. Victoria stops to rub her thigh, then moves in on the still sputtering Stacy. Kneeling behind the brunette, Victoria grabs Stacy by the hair and pulls Stacy in a sitting position. Victoria claps her left arm around Stacy's neck and her right across the top of Stacy's head.

Methodically, she applies the sleeper hold to the exhausted Stacy. Stacy struggles to her knees. Victoria stands for better leverage. Stacy jams her right elbow back into the blonde's crotch. As Victoria falls to her knees beside Stacy, the brunette slams her forearm across her chest, just below her throat. Victoria is hurt but nonetheless immediately responds in kind, rocking Stacy's body. Stacy fires back. Six times the two women exchange blows. Stacy once more rakes both of Victoria's eyes, then slams a fist into Victoria's chin. As Victoria is hitting the mat, Stacy dives on her and catches her in a waist scissors. She twists her body around facing Stacy, spits in her face and jolts the brunette with a forearm across her throat.

Victoria slips a scissors high around Stacy's waist, secures the brunette's hands and shouts, "Die, you stupid greaser, die!" as she clamps her legs tight.

Moaning and grunting Stacy slowly twists around. She wraps her arms around Victoria's head, straightens her legs and lifts the heavier blonde off the mat, then dives forward. Victoria hits hard, loosening her scissors. Again, the women struggle to get to their feet and Victoria plows her left fist into Stacy's belly, just as Stacy connects with a huge right hand to Victoria's chin. Victoria's head snaps back hard; her head in a fog as Stacy wades in, both fist flying. Victoria, fighting on instinct, tries to counter, but Stacy has adrenaline pumping. Her fists back Victoria into the corner. Stacy grabs Victoria by the throat and bends her back over the turnbuckle. With slow measured shots, Stacy beats Victoria's belly and chest until the big blonde slumps down to the mat, too exhausted to defend herself. Stacy stops, half-expecting Victoria to get up and start in again. Anna Nicole approaches the ring, picks up the towel from Victoria's corner and throws it into the ring. Stacy picks it up wipes off her face and falls to her knees, too exhausted even to celebrate her latest victory.

Vote total: Sanches: 116; Silvstedt: 103