"A Challenge Accepted": Christina Santiago vs. Nicole Whitehead by Kit

John's tongue swirled in her mouth and she hugged him tighter around the neck. His hand roamed over her fine, shapely ass as she pressed her loins into his. They both moaned.

"Mmmmm," she purred as they parted lips. "That was nice."

"Hot kisses for a hot woman," he said.

"Oooh, I like that," she smiled. "You must want something."

He laughed with her as they hugged, "Just your sexy Latina ass in the sack."

"Are you gonna give me a hot tamale?" she played along.

"You're gonna get the whole enchilada, babe."

"Mmmm," she purred, undoing his pants. "My taco is already hot and greasy."

Right on the kitchen table he poked her in both holes and spread his taco sauce deep within her shell.

"Mmmm, tasty," she said, wiping her lips after licking his shaft clean. "I love the taste of your sauce after you've cum in my taco."

She cupped his balls and he rubbed her ass as they kissed for a few moments more.

"Guess who I saw today," he said, holding her.

"Probably some hot slut that made you this horny," she joked.

He laughed. "You're not far from wrong."

A more serious look came across her face. "I was kidding."

"I wasn't."

"Alright then, who?" she asked, pushing him a bit back on the shoulders.

He grinned. "Nicole." She had a puzzled look as she searched for a face. "Nicole? The girl from Dave's party last weekend," he hinted.

"Ooohh yeah," she said as it hit her. "The little blond bitch that was flirtin' with you."

"That's right."

"Grrrrrr! Boy, would I like to scratch out her eyes."

"Well," he chuckled, "you just might get your chance."

"Why? Did that little bitch make a move on you? Did she try to fuck you?"

"No, no," he said, trying to calm her a bit as he explained what happened when he saw her at lunch. "But she wanted me to tell you that she'd like to get into a catfight with you this weekend. She said you weren't good enough for me and that she'd be better."

"Grrrrrr! The nerve of that bitch!" growled the hot Latina. "Did you tell her I would?"

"No, but she gave me her number and said that if you weren't chicken, call her and you guys could talk about fighting each other. She said she wants to catfight you real bad."

"Give me that fuckin' number," snarled Christina.

"You gonna do it?"

"Hell yeah, I'm gonna do it! If she wants to get into a catfight with me, then it's a catfight she can have."

He watched as his nude girlfriend picked up the phone and dialed the number. Her brown nipples were drawn up and stiff and fire flashed in her dark, thunderous eyes. He had no doubts that his hot Latina would beat the hell out of the sexy, saucy blonde.

"This bitch better answer," said Christina, pacing the kitchen floor. "Hello?...Is this Nicole?...Bitch, this is Christina...That's right, bitch. I heard you wanted to catfight me...Well, I wanna catfight you too, you slut...Oh, fuck you, bitch...Fuck you...You should've said something, bitch. I wanted to catfight you too that night...Is that right?....Shit, you just didn't want to get your fuckin' ass whipped in front of all those people....Anytime, bitch....This Saturday is fine, slut....Yeah, it's gonna be a scratch match, bitch....What?...Bitch, I'll be the one rippin' out your nasty pussy....Fuck you....Fuck you, bitch....Well, we'll see who rips out who's pussy, bitch....I can't wait to get down and dirty either, slut....Yeah, bitch, that's right. The nastier the better....Well, you're in for the catfight of your life too, slut....Bye bitch....Fuck you too!"

Christina slammed down the phone and stormed the kitchen. "That fuckin' little bitch! I'll teach her a thing or two about catfighting. If she thinks she's gonna kick my ass, she's got another thing comin'. I've been in lots of catfights, and I know how to fight down and dirty. I can't wait to tear off her tits and rip out her cunt. Grrrrrr! I'm horny. Let's fuck!"

Christina was a wild animal in bed. Bucking, humping, sucking, fucking, clawing, cussing, cumming and cumming and cumming until she left her man drained, soaked and exhausted.

The next day Christina and Nicole had another swearing match over the phone as they agreed to catfight each other in tanks and thongs at a gym after hours (Sat.) where Nicole's cousin was the manager.

"Nervous?" asked John as they pulled into the gym.

"Not really," she said. "Just ready to do it."

"You're gonna win."

"I know. But don't let that blond hair fool you. Seems like my toughest catfights always come from blondes."

The girls couldn't have been more evenly matched to fight each other. Christina was 5-5 and 108 pounds, and Nicole was 5-4 and 110 pounds. Both had nice, long hair for pulling. Pretty faces to be slapped. And evenly shaped bodies for mauling. Christina had small, but firm breasts with hard brown nipples. Nicole had small, lemon-shaped breasts with nice, pink nipples. Both had flat stomachs and awesome, toned legs, but it was around back where they both had their greatest asset. Each girl had a full, round, chiseled ass that was very shapely and hung out. Christina measured 34-24-33 and Nicole was 32-24-34.

"Okay," said Nicole's cousin, "if anyone starts bleedin', the fights over in here. I could get fired for this and I can't have blood all over the place."

"That'll be you, bitch," said Nicole, looking hot in her white tank and black thong.

"Hardly, bitch, but a drop of blood isn't endin' this match," said Christina, just as hot in her red tank and baby-blue thong.

"You girls ready?" asked John, about to kiss Christina.

"Don't waste that on her," said Nicole. "You're gonna be fuckin' me in a few minutes, and then you'll have a real woman in your bed."

"Bitch, he's got a real woman," snapped Christina, about to kiss him.

"You've had enough of that, bitch," sprang Nicole, latching on to Christina's hair and jerking her around.

"Oouuch!" yelped Christina, filling her hands with Nicole's blond tresses.

The two girls shook each other very hard for several seconds before Nicole hip tossed Christina down. Christina dragged her down with her as both girls went into a roll pulling hair and trying to get their legs around each other.

"Oooww! My tit!" barked Christina.

"Tear this fucker...oooww!"

Both were squeezing a little boob as they rolled and pulled hair. Tugging and jerking, Christina and Nicole pinched and squeezed as they started tearing open each other's thin tank top.

"Bitch," swore Christina, rolling on top as both tanks began to rip a little down the middle.

Nicole yanked her off by the hair and rolled her way on top. Cupping Christina's snatch, Nicole squeezed her thong and leaned down over her left breast. The hot Latina screamed as her snatch was squeezed and then screamed even louder again as her areola disappeared in Nicole's mouth.

"Aaaarrrrgggg!!" screamed Christina, yanking Nicole off her tit by the hair and slapping her very hard across the cheek.

Nicole fell sideways, but returned fire with a slap that sparked off Christina's cheek. The two quickly rolled to their knees, trading a slap as Christina slapped Nicole to her back. Pouncing on the blonde, Christina beat the back of her head against the carpet a few times before Nicole could yank her off by the hair and beat her head against the floor in return.

"Uuummpphh!" grunted Nicole, punched in the tummy. "Uuuggghhh!" she groaned, falling over as her left boob was smashed across her chest.

Both lay on her back a few seconds before sitting up and taking each other back down by the hair.

"Bitch," hissed Nicole, pulling hair with her.

"Whore," spat Christina, locking legs and rolling.

The two girls rolled over several times before Nicole came out on top and straddled her. Grabbing each other's tank, both ripped it open down the middle and went for each other's breasts. Nicole's lemon-shaped breasts fit Christina's hands perfectly as the blonde went for the Latina's hard, brown areolas.

"Aaaarrrggg!" cried Christina, squeezing.

"Oooowww!" screamed Nicole, pinching.

Nicole fell over, but both girls kept mauling breasts as Christina rolled over and took her turn at being on top. Nicole continued pinching nipples as Christina switched tactics and pinched the blonde's pink areolas.

"Ooohh fuuuck...it...huuurts," winced Nicole as her tits were stretched into cones.

"Ooouuuch...leeegggooo," Christina grimaced as her tits were pulled down by the nipples.

Nicole let go and dragged Christina down next to her by the hair. Christina went for Nicole's hair as they both laced up their legs and threw their hips together. Their sexy leg muscles worked on each other as their legs moved methodically up and down in a nice, flexing motion as their hips pumped thongs and they pulled back on hair.

"Uuuummm, bitch," moaned Nicole. "How's it feel?"

"Aaaahhhh, you tell me, slut," Christina groaned as they twisted more hair in their fingers.

"You thought I'd be easy, didn't you," said Nicole, squeezing sexy thighs with the Latina.

"Nah, blondes are always good catfighters," said Christina, pressing her thong against Nicole's.

"I knew you'd be a good fight," said Nicole, forcing her way on top of Christina.

"We're a good match, bitch," agreed Christina, as they started squeezing each other around the back of the neck.

With their tanks ripped to the waist, their bare nipples were able to go at it as they churned their hips around together.

"Uuummm," moaned Christina after a few minutes of hard crotch grinding and nipple fighting.

"You're no match for me, bitch," huffed Nicole, squeezing Christina's neck.

"We'll see, slut," grunted Christina, working her legs around the blonde's hips and rolling her over on her back.

"Uuummm," Nicole now moaned as Christina's hump squared up on top of hers.

"Looks like you're no match for me," said the Latina, pressing into her.

"Oh I don't know 'bout that, bitch," said Nicole, working her thighs around Christina's hips and drawing her in closer.

The girls weren't fucking, but they were tangling sexually. There was no desire to cum or get sensual even though they criticized each other's sex and threatened to make the other cum.

"You can't take me, bitch," said Christina as her nipples inverted Nicole's nipples.

"Uuuummm...shit," Nicole mumbled, trying to battle back with her breasts. "Aaahh...get off me, you pig."

"You'll have to make me, slut," huffed Christina, squeezing Nicole's neck.

Nicole raked her fingernails up the Latina's spine, causing her to cry out and roll off.

"How's that for makin' ya', bitch," said the blonde, rolling on top of the Latina.

Grabbing Christina around the wrists, Nicole pinned her arms over her head as she lay down on top of her. Christina tried to kick out, but Nicole hooked legs with her and stayed on top. Now completely on top of the Latina, the blonde went to work pumping her hips and rubbing with her tits.

Thump, thump, thump went the sounds of their hips slapping together as the blonde humped the Latina.

"Umph, umph, umph," moaned Christina, getting hammered.

"Ungh, ungh, ungh," Nicole huffed, hammering away herself.

Christina struggled with her. Giving back as best she could, but not nearly enough as even the blonde's nipples started inverting the Latina's.

"Uumph, uumph, sshhit...bitch," groaned Christina, twisting and fighting to get her arms or legs loose.

"That's right, bitch," panted Nicole. "This is the only humpin' your gettin' tonight. You can think of me and your man fuckin' and doin' the nasty all night."

John thought about that as he watched Nicole's foxy ass flexing and humping. He had never agreed to be the winner's prize.

"Uumm...bull...shit, bitch," bucked Christina, getting an arm loose and yanking back on Nicole's hair.

"Ouch!" grimaced the blonde, trying to stay on top.

Christina snatched her other wrist free as they went into a roll pulling on each other's hair. Back and forth they went. Over and over they wrestled, pulling hair and tying up their legs.

"You fuckin' blond slut."

"Cheap Mexican whore."

They squeezed each other's tit as they continued to pull hair and roll.

"Oooww, my fuckin' tittie!" yelped Nicole on her back as her nipple was stretched out.

Nicole ran a set of fingernails down Christina's cheek. Christina barked out and fell over backwards on her shoulders. Now head-to-toe, the girls threw their legs around each other's head and started pulling on the other's thong while slapping and scratching butts.

"Uuuummm, sshhit," moaned Nicole, getting her head scissored and her butt spanked.

Christina was having trouble breathing also as her head was scissored and her butt spanked. Nicole and Christina kinda rolled in one spot, tugging on the waistband of the other's thong and mauling butts.

"Yeeeooowww!!" they both wailed as they exchanged wedgies.

They uncoiled and turned around, grabbing each other's hair and going back down in another series of rolls as their legs twisted all over each other.

Nicole. Christina. Nicole. Christina. Nicole. Christina.

"Give..it...up, bitch," huffed Nicole as they rolled to a stop next to each other.

"Bitch, you...give...it...up," Christina puffed as they pulled hair and squeezed their thighs together.

Nicole slapped Christina's cheek. Christina slapped her right back.

"Bitch!" shouted Nicole, slapping her again.

"Slut!" Christina yelled, matching her again.

John and Nicole's cousin looked at each other as Nicole jerked back hard on Christina's hair and made her scream. The two had been fighting for half-an-hour, and with no end in sight.

"I said, give!" shouted Nicole, jerking Christina up and trying to knee her in the crotch.

"Uuummph!" grunted the Latina, catching the knee in the stomach.

Nicole rolled on top, banging Christina's head into the floor hair by her hair. Christina landed a slap to the face that sent them into a roll. Christina was then slapped across the face as she tried to mount the blonde, and they went into another hair pulling roll.

Nicole. Christina. Nicole. Christina.

"Oouucchh! My hair!" cried the Latina, scratching the blonde across her shoulders.

Nicole grimaced and went to her back with Christina mounting her. Christina slapped her cheek and then latched on to both her nipples and pulled. The blonde screamed, but grabbed Christina's little melons and gave them a nail-piercing squeeze. Christina screamed, and they both kept mauling.

"Fuuuuuck!" Nicole cried, backhanding Christina across the mouth.

Christina went to her back as Nicole bucked out and straddled her. Christina slapped Nicole's face, but the blonde stayed on top and slapped the Latina right back.

"Give, bitch," grumbled Nicole, squeezing Christina's tits.

"Nnnooo!" squealed the Latina, cupping the blonde's little lemon-shaped titties.

Nicole bounced her foxy ass against Christina's sexy hips as they squeezed and squeezed and squeezed each other's red, raw tits. "Give...it...up!" she bawled, tears rolling down her cheeks as she tugged Christina's nipples.

"Give...bitch...give!" Christina sobbed, crying just as hard as she pulled down on Nicole's nipples.

Nicole's bouncing ass thumped with Christina's thrusting hips as both girls pinched the living shit out of each other's bruised and deformed areolas. Nicole's head rocked back and forth as Christina's head spun from side to side. Tears poured down their cheeks like waterfalls as both screamed thru tightly cinched jaws and lips.

"Fuuuuuuck! Give it up! Give it up! Give it up!" screamed Nicole, stretching Christina's nipples as hard as she could.

"Uuuunnnggg! Give, bitch! Give!" Christina screamed back as she pulled Nicole's nipples down as far as they’d stretch.

"Oooohhh fuuuuuuuuck!" the blonde cried.

"Ssssshhhhit! Oooowww!" cried the Latina.

It all hung in the balance. Their pride. John's cock. Their nipples. Who could take it. Who'd give it up. Both were at victory's doorstep, and both were on the verge of kicking it in.

"Fuuuuuuuck! Fuuuuuuuuck! I give! I give! Fuuuuuuuck! I give!"

The blonde threw back her head and raised her arms in victory as she fell sideways and then rolled clear of her defeated rival.


Nearly a week past before Nicole made contact with either one of them, but when she did it was by phone with Christina.



"How ya' feelin'?" asked the blonde.

"Gettin' better. You?"

"I'm still sore, but much better."

There was a pause.

"If you called for John, he's not here."

"That's okay," said the blonde. "I called to talk to you."

"Oh...then you don't want to fuck him?"

Nicole grinned into the receiver. "Yeah, I'd still like too, but I don't think I wanna catfight you again."

Now Christina grinned. "That's a relief. I sure didn't want to catfight you again either. You're the only one I've ever lost too."

"I sure don't feel like a winner," chuckled Nicole.

There was another pause.

"Well...so now what?" asked Christina, curious.

"Yeah, well, I guess I'll say what I called to say," said Nicole. "Uh, I just want you to know that I'm not gonna bother you guys again. You're one tough bitch and I'm not sure I'd win again, but if you don't treat him right, I'm gonna be waitin' to take him in my arms...and I'm gonna tell him that. I just thought I'd tell you first since I feel like you won that."

Christina felt a weight lift from her shoulders. "I appreciate that. I know I'm lucky to have him, and with a hot bitch like you hangin' around, you can bet I'll treat him right."

The two traded compliments before hanging up; hoping they'd never see the other in a catfight again.