Brooke Satchwell vs. Jacinta Stapleton (as their Neighbours characters Anne vs Amy) by Harry 22-Apr-00

Amy has been dating Anne's brother, Lance. However, Amy had been seeing someone else and when word got back to Lance the pair split up very acrimoniously. Whilst Lance was very upset at this turn of events and locked himself in his room, Anne who never liked Amy, spotted Amy in a fast food outlet with her new boyfriend. She bought a large diet coke and threw it over her brothers ex-girlfriend. A minor brawl then started which was quickly broken up by some passing Security Staff.

The following day on returning from a session in the gym, Anne received a note from Amy challenging her to finish what she wanted to start at a nearby barn at 4pm that day. The two women had previously had a 'friendly' Jell-O wrestling contest for charity, which Amy had won. Infuriated that Amy showed no shame for her behaviour or for the hurt she had caused, Anne sets out to teach her a lesson.......

The Lesson
Anne walked through the open door of the barn, and her nose was assailed by the aroma of hay and straw. On the far side of the enclosed area, sat on some bales of hay, was the blonde Amy, looking faintly bored. She was wearing trainers, white cotton shorts and a strappy lilac T-shirt that Lance had bought her. This only served to anger Anne further and she strode into the centre of the arena. She hadn't changed from her training session at the pool and was wearing a lime green one piece swimming costume, an open baggy blue shirt and tennis shoes with her light brown hair worn in a pony tail. Aware that Anne had arrived, Amy got up and walked casually towards her ex-boyfriends sister.

"I'm going to kick you're stupid butt for that incident yesterday!" hissed Amy.

"Maybe that'll teach you not to sleep around like some common whore. I never knew what Lance saw in a blonde slut like you, maybe you started shagging him when you were seeing someone else?" sneered Anne.

"You silly little cow. At least men find me attractive and not some frigid bitch. You probably as bad in bed as your stupid brother, he's probably about the only male who will ever want to get you in the sack!"

Anne went red at this insult and rushed forward her hands outstretched. The two women were of a similar height and when they collided, their chests slapped together painfully. Amy had been prepared to fight but had wanted to verbally humiliate her enemy first so that Anne's rush forward caught her slightly off guard. Anne started to push Amy backwards with the momentum of her charge while both women used their hands to grip the others hair. Neither woman had been in anything more intense hastily broken up scuffles, so they had not steeled themselves against the pain of hair pulling and as they yanked the others heads from side to side they squealed with pain.

Amy was pushed back into the hay bales that she had been sitting on and fell onto her back with Anne being dragged down with her. As Anne landed on top of Amy she knocked the air from her opponents lungs. Anne squirmed her body hoping to increase the pressure on Amy and grind her into the hay all the while continuing to shake her head by the hair. Amy needed a couple of moments to mentally adjust to this new situation, laying on some hay bales locked in mutual hair pulling with another young woman. She felt strands of hay scratching the bare skin of her legs which like Anne's hung over the edge of the bale. Amy readjusted her hold on Anne's pony tail so that she could pull her head backwards exposing her throat. Anne squealed at this painful hold and moved her right hand to try and claw at Amy's face. But her nails were cut to short to truly break the skin, but her scratches did hurt her opponent.

Amy yanked Anne's head to the left and then twisted her own body so that they rolled over onto the adjacent bale and Anne was now underneath. Having achieved a position of dominance for the first time in the fight, Amy used it to start banging Anne's head into the bale. Although this caused little pain to Anne, it did disorientate her.

Unable to claw Amy's face, Anne used her free hand to grip Amy's throat digging her fingers painfully. Amy let out a strangled shout of pain and surprise and instinctively tried to move her head backwards, but Anne's grip on her hair prevented this.

Instead, Amy moved one hand to try and break the vice like grip on her neck. At the same time she raised her backside slightly and slammed her crotch down onto Anne's. Although not down with all her strength, partly due to the two combatants legs being tangled, Anne was only wearing a swimsuit which offered negligible protection. As Amy drove her crotch down, Anne let out grunt that masked the pain and the disturbingly pleasurable sensation that swept her body. As a consequence Anne weakened her throat hold sufficiently to allow Amy to pull the hand away.

Whilst the blonde Amy concentrated on being able to breathe normally again, Anne moved her right hand from Amy's hair and used it to grip the waistband of her opponents shorts. This meant nothing to Amy who was again concentrating on hurting Anne, until the brunette pulled the shorts upwards with all the strength she could muster from her position.

Amy's face became a mask of pain as her cotton shorts bit through her panties and into her womanhood. Then what started as a low moan of pain became a fully fledged scream and she arched her back trying to push herself away from her opponent. Amy's painful predicament brought a smile to Anne's face and she repositioned her hand on the shorts whilst using her other hand to hold onto a wrist. Whilst Amy struggled to bring some relief to her suffering, Anne then pulled hard again on the blonde's shorts. As the burning sensation started a new in her pussy, Amy twisted slightly so that she could attack Anne's arm that was causing her pain.

"Poor little Amy! Am I hurting your filthy cunt? Well, you deserve it the amount of time you spend on your back like a whore!" hissed Anne who was starting to enjoy herself. As she finished gloating there was a ripping sound from the crotch of Amy's shorts as the material proved unequal to the task set by Anne. As her shorts ripped, Amy felt the pain lessen slightly and her anger rise, but first she wanted to get away. She stopped trying to attack Anne's arm and instead balled her hand into a fist and started to punch the brunette's rib cage. Anne squealed with pain as the third blow landed and brought her hand from Amy's shorts to protect herself. The two women grappled for a few moments.

Amy managed to get both of her knees onto the edge of the hay bale so that she raise herself upright whilst Anne stayed on her back. Sensing that her opponent was trying to get away, Anne wrapped her legs round Amy's waist and started to squeeze before trying to break free from the hand to hand grappling so she could get hold of her T-shirt. But Amy was able to fend her off sufficiently to allow her to get both feet on the floor. Despite the discomfort of Anne's scissors, the blonde started to take hesitant steps backwards, pulling Anne with her. As the gap between Amy and the hay bale grew, Anne reluctantly broke the scissors hold to allow rather than fall to the floor, but not without lashing out with her feet so that Amy had to jump backwards.

Having moved clear of her opponent, Amy moved back to what she thought was a safe distance before gingerly starting to ascertain what damage had been inflicted upon her crotch. She was relieved to discover that no real damage appeared to have been done , but that there was a gaping hole in the crotch of her shorts. As they now offered little protection she undid them and allowed them to fall to the floor, revealing skimpy white panties that did nothing to cover up her trimmed blonde minge. Anne used this pause to catch her breath before standing up.

As Amy dropped her shorts Anne cattily remarked, "I'm surprised a filthy slut like you wears knickers!"

Amy looked up, smiled sweetly and replied, "Lance liked me to wear your knickers, but I stopped wearing cotton briefs when I was 13!"

"Bitch!" shrieked Anne.

She rushed forward intent on dishing out some serious pain to this blonde who had caused so much pain in her family. This time Amy was ready and she nimbly leapt to one side out of the way of the onrushing brunette. Before Anne could stop or change direction, Amy had grabbed the sleeve of her shirt and used this to swing the brunette round so she tripped over outstretched foot. Anne never really had the chance to do anything except moved her hands so that they took the brunt of the fall, but in doing so she lost most of the left sleeve which Amy was left holding.

No sooner hand Anne fallen to the ground than she was trying to get up. But just as she managed to raised herself up onto one knee, Amy placed the sole of her left trainer between Anne's shoulder blades and pushed her back to the floor. This time Anne could do nothing to protect herself and only the layer of straw that covered the floor prevented her from suffering more serious damage than having the wind knocked out of her. It took her a few moments to recover before she started to get up again. Amy was waiting again and sat heavily on the brunettes lower back as she tried to get onto all fours.

"Not planning on leaving were you miss goody two shoes!" sneered the blonde as she took hold of Anne's pony tail and pulled her head back. Anne squealed with pain and started wriggling and squirming in an effort to get free. But to emphasise her dominant position, Amy raised her butt and then slammed it down onto Anne's spine.

Anne screamed with pain, but Amy was oblivious. The blonde then started to roughly slide off the brunettes scrunchie that held her pony tail in place. When it was finally free, Amy slipped it over her right wrist and leaned forward to hiss into Anne's ear.

"I think I'll keep this as a reminder of how easy it was to put you in your place, just like the T-shirt reminds me of how Lance fucked me on your bed!"

Anne screamed in frustration and anger at her position and started to thrash and buck with new purpose. In leaning forward to taunt her opponent, Amy was no longer using her weight to pin her down. Anne's thrashings caught Amy by surprise and caused her to fall to her right, pulling Anne's head with her. The brunette shrieked with pain, but at least she was no longer pinned down. Amy started to get to her knees, pulling Anne up as she did so.

But this allowed Anne room to manoeuvre and despite the painful hair pulling she was suffering, she twisted her body and was able wrap her left arm round Amy's waist. She then drove her free hand, balled into a fist, into Amy's exposed right thigh. The blonde squealed in pain and toppled over semi dragging Anne who was intent on following up. They struggled on the floor trying to gain some superiority over one another. The two bodies became a sweaty tangled mess as hands alternated between hair pulling and seeking a hold to be exploited.

Bitter invective and slanderous insults were hissed as both women strained every sinew to overcome the other now a hated enemy. As they tussled and rolled, their legs thrashing, across the dirty floor pieces of straw and dirt started to cling to their sweaty bodies and clothing.

It was Anne who managed to achieve a dominant position out of this struggle. As they rolled across the floor in a blur of colour and flailing limbs, it was the brunette who had managed to stay on top long enough to be able to reposition herself so that she was sat astride the blondes waist. This despite Amy's struggles to free herself.

"Bet your used to being on your back most of the time aren't you!" sneered Anne.

Amy started to tug and pull at the edges of Anne's shirt, in lieu of any other avenue of attack. In retaliation Anne grabbed hold of the straps of Amy's T-shirt and starts to pull. The T-shirt stretches at first and then Amy's upper body is pulled from the floor.

"Give me back the t-shirt slut!" hisses Anne. Amy intensifies her struggles to be free, bringing a knee up into Anne's back and trying to beak the hold on her top. Anne grunts with pain as the knee connects, but doesn't break her grip on the t-shirt. Amy tries a different approach by attempting to rip holes in Anne's swimsuit, but with no effect other than minor pinching which the brunette ignores. Then one strap of the T-shirt gives way followed very quickly by the other and Amy's body falls the few inches back to the ground, the straw cushioning her head. As gravity takes affect, he top slides down enough to reveal her milky white breasts encased in a silky bra that matches her panties. It takes a few seconds before Amy realises that Anne is laughing and why she is laughing.

"Dirty lezzie slut, you'll pay for this!" Amy shouts.

She wraps her arms round the brunettes waist, under the shirt and uses this hold to topple Anne over. Anne had been to busy laughing at Amy's predicament to realise what was going on until she was lying on her side. Amy withdrew her hands and uses one to punch Anne in the stomach, which kills off any remaining humour that the brunette may see in this situation. Having subdued her opponent, albeit only temporarily, Amy sunk the fingers of her right hand into Anne's hair and used her left hand to grasp the top of the green swimsuit between her opponents breasts.

Anne gasped with pain at this new attack, and a hint of excitement, that soon evaporated as Amy started to pull her closer. Anne responds by using both hands to grip Amy's shorter blonde hair and pull her head backwards sharply, eliciting a cry of pain.

Anne's green swimsuit is now stretching beyond that which the manufacturer had intended and there is a clear gap between developing at the front Both women are crying out with the pain of the hair pulling. For both of them this might have been their first catfight, but they were learning quickly to inflict pain. There was a ripping sound from the back of the swimsuit, Anne squealed in horror as her breasts started to be exposed, Amy squealed as Anne pulled her hair even harder (the first few strands of plucked blonde hair had started to come away) and Amy realised that a desperate act was needed.

The top of Anne's swimsuit had been pulled clear enough for Amy to let go and sink her fingers into the upper portion of Anne's right breast. Amy was surprised at how firm Anne's breast was and how hard she was having to squeeze. But this surprise was nothing compared to that which overtook Anne as a burning pain spread from her chest to her brain. After a few seconds whilst her brain unscrambled these new sensations she let forth a stream of abuse and invective that no young lady should know interspersed with expressions of great pain. Anne let go off Amy's hair and used both hands to wrench the hand away from her breast. Able to move her head again, Amy was satisfied by the look on Anne's face.

Anne's was only partially relieved when the grip on her breast was broken. She then returned one hand to resume tugging on the blonde's hair whilst the other protected herself against a repeat attack. The brunette also repositioned her lower body, which was enclosed by Amy's legs so that she could drive a knee into Amy's backside. This wiped the smirk off of Amy's face, but wasn't enough for Anne. She managed to get her free hand past Amy's defensive efforts and clamped it on one the blonde's right breast.

Anne was similarly surprised by the firmness of the breast but moved her fingers under the skimpy bra and pinched the semi stiff nipple. Now it was Amy's turn to screech loudly with pain at the assault. But rather than defend herself Amy resumed her own breast squeezing attack, matching the nipple pinching. As the pain grew from the mutual hair pulling and breast mauling, so did the two women's thrashing and squirming to be free and it didn't take long for them to break free from one another so that only their hold on one another kept them together.

It was Amy who broke first, partly because she was hurting but mainly because she wasn't going to win from that position. She let go of Anne and rolled away across the floor until the two young women were 5 metres or so apart. Anne let her go because she to realised that the fight had entered a cul-de-sac. The two of them lay on the floor caressing their aching bodies.

"Can't handle it slag!" called out Anne.

"Go fuck yourself," was Amy's response.

Breathing heavily, Amy slowly go to her feet. As she stood upright her T-shirt fell down her body to the floor. She stepped out of it and readjusted her bra so that it again covered her breast which bore the signs of Anne's attack. Anne also slowly got up and discarded what was left of her shirt. Then more for comfort and ease of movement than anything else she rolled down the upper portion of her swim suit so her breasts were fully exposed.

"Who's the slut flashing their tits then?" sneered Amy.

Anne just gave her the "come and get it" with her hands. The two young women circled each other warily for a few moments, getting ever closer before leaping at one another, Amy sank her hands into the brunette's hair. Anne only used one hand to pull Amy's hair, using the other to unhook her bra. Amy had no opportunity to prevent this and her bra fell to the floor.

She pushed Anne away and they broke contact for a couple of seconds before resuming their two handed hair pulling, trying to pull or drag one another around. As their bodies parted and then came together again their breasts slapped against one another. Anne lashed out with her foot catching Amy just above the ankle. Amy responded by driving her own foot into Anne's shin. Now it was Anne's turn to push Amy away, the blonde wasn't playing. She again kicked Anne's shin and as the leg began to buckle she managed to grab her arms and throw the brunette to the floor.

Anne remembered the last time she had been caught face first on the floor and rolled over in time to see Amy descending upon her. The blonde positioned her legs over Anne's injured leg and then clamped it in place between her thighs. Anne reached up and took hold of both of Amy's breast's which she clung onto as the blonde landed on top of her. As Amy lay on top of Anne, heir heads side by side, she used her left hand to reach down towards the crotch of the swimsuit. Anne had no idea of what was about to come and had moved one of her hands to Amy's hair to try and pull her off of her.

It was as she felt her swimsuit being crudely pulled that it dawned upon her what was about to happen.

"No Amy, for fucks sake don't!"

But it was to late.

Amy cruelly ran her fingers through Anne's lush, light brown minge pulling at pubic hair, pinching and seeking to enter Anne. Anne responded by digging her fingers into Amy's breasts with all her remaining strength that brought tears to the blonde's eyes. But it was Anne who was suffering more. For Amy this was payback for all the snide comments and public humiliations from when she had been dating Lance. She was oblivious to Anne's screams and thrashings as her fingers pinched and probed. It was when she tore free the first clump of pubic hair that Anne's screams gave way to sobs and then outright crying. Anne's hold on Amy grew weaker until she let go and instead concentrated on trying to push the blonde away. But despite being very close to the edge of tears herself, Amy held her position and continued to inflict punishment.

"Get off of me please!" wailed Anne

"Do you give up slut?" hissed Amy, painfully repositioning her fingers to emphasis her dominant position.

"Yes Amy, I give now just get up and leave me alone." replied the brunette weakly.

Almost reluctantly Amy rolled of her opponent and lay next to the sobbing Anne both weary and elated at the same time. After a couple of minutes she got up onto her knees and taking hold of the brunettes hair pulled her head up off the floor.

"You come anywhere near me in public again or I hear you slagging me off again you'll get more of the same!" And with that she let the brunettes head fall to the floor before collecting what was left of her clothes before exiting the bra. Anne stayed crying on the floor her wallowing in the humiliation and pain.