Sauna Fights: Grand Finale by Tank

Claudia Schiffer was seething over Naomi Campbell. Not only had bad feelings privately surfaced over common business matters but Claudia felt strongly Naomi was giving a bad name to the supermodel profession. On several occasions Naomi had made the headlines after physically assaulting other women and Claudia felt enough was enough.

"Someone has to put naughty Naomi in her place and I'm the one to do it!" thought the beautiful blond as she finished her aerobics workout. "If I can defeat her in one of Don King's sauna matches, my sex appeal will be greater than ever. I'm sure I'm in better shape than she is so this is the perfect time to issue the challenge."
King was understandably thrilled to get his unexpected call from the ravishing supermodel, a woman who was hailed as 'the most beautiful woman in the world' just a few short years ago.

"I'll call Naomi and let you know if she accepts," King told Claudia with no little enthusiasm.

The boxing promoter was in the process of putting together his sauna match grand finale. He had finally persuaded Jennifer Garner to fight Denise Richards in the main event and was confident Naomi would accept Claudia's challenge for the undercard. His only dilemma was Gena Lee Nolin who was 2-0 after beating Jessica Alba and Alyssa Milano.

Since this was the last evening of matches King had planned before returning to boxing, Gena anxiously wanted a third victory to cement her legacy as the only three time winner regardless of who won between Jennifer and Denise.

"Find me an opponent," Gena pleaded. "It's the last night!"

"I'll do what I can,” responded King.
He immediately phoned Naomi who accepted Schiffer's challenge. "I've always wanted to kick Claudia's butt! I'm really surprised she challenged me," Naomi answered.
"Gena Lee Nolin is looking for a final match," added King.

"Great! I'll fight them both; no problem!" replied Campbell.

"No, I only accept one on one matches. Can you find an opponent for Gena?" asked King.

"I know someone who’d love to fight her. Schedule the matches, we'll be there."

Naomi hung up the phone leaving King in the dark regarding Gena's opponent.
At a press conference a few days later, King announced to the public, "This will be the last in a series we’ve been calling the ‘PPV Sauna Struggles.’ We have a spectacular card consisting of three very stimulating matches and, because each of the participants assures me she’s in excellent physical condition and ready to go, matches will commence in two weeks. The six battling beauties involved hardly need much promoting because, frankly, they’re six of the sexiest women in the world! May the best women win!"

With that, the women entered and paraded in front of the media. Naomi strutted out followed by Claudia, then came Denise and Jennifer who strolled out beside each other. Finally, Gena strode confidently out and waited to find out who her opponent would be for the first time. After a brief lull the curtain parted and out stepped Tyra Banks! For the first time in a long while, Gena found herself looking up at her opponent!

Tyra smiled at Gena as she thrust her breasts forward into the breasts of the blonde, forcing Gena to take a step backward. Then before Gena Lee could retaliate, Don stepped between them and told all six women to turn and smile for the cameras.

The event promised to produce a night of fireworks which everyone was anxiously looking forward to!
The night before the matches, Naomi and Tyra decided to room together and were enjoying each other's company as only two women well-versed in the Rites of Lesbos could. Both had spent many years in the dressing rooms and on the catwalks as supermodels, but they’d had to ‘earn’ their place and - like the models who came after them - both Naomi and Tyra had been forced to submit to the advances of the women who were the top models when they were apprentices.

"How do you like the outfit I'm wearing, tomorrow?" asked Naomi as she began to strut about the room in an army fatigue bra and matching thong.

"Looks sorta ‘retro 90's’,” Tyra said. Adding as Naomi’s eyes flashed with her notorious temper, “But it looks great on YOU!" Tyra lay on the bed doing a crossword puzzle, a white blouse barely reaching far enough to cover her panties. "I just hope Claudia doesn't run screaming from the sauna when she gets a look at you in that getup," she laughed.

Naomi smirked, "After I have that pussycat begging for mercy, I won't have to take care of little Gena as well…will I?"

"No chance!" snapped Tyra curtly, looking at Naomi like she was crazy. Then they both laughed. "I'm gonna give that blond bimbo a taste of her own medicine."

"What’re you wearing for the fight?" asked Naomi.

"Oh, leopard skin, what else!” Tyra chuckled, then turned back to work on her puzzle.

"WHEEEE YOOOOO!" yelled Naomi. "You sure look muscular girlfriend. When Gena sees you she’ll have to change her panties!" The two women broke out laughing and it was clear both were eagerly looking forward to their matches.

In another hotel across town, Gena and Claudia were comparing notes much the same way; and like Naomi and Tyra, they too were sharing not only a room, but a Queen size bed.

"You nervous?" Gena asked.

"Do I look nervous?” Claudia sniffed. “I wouldn't have challenged her if I didn't think I could beat her! Why, are YOU nervous?"

Gena was standing in front of the mirror in a hot pink bikini, her fighting gear for tomorrow's match. "No, I'm used to this; but I bet Tyra is! I have two victories under my belt and she hasn’t yet felt the tension of having to walk into that sauna to fight."

"Well, I'm looking forward to humbling Naomi,” Claudia said as she bent and stretched her hands down to touch her toes. “I admit I'm a bit on edge, but victory will be sweet!" Her blue blouse was unbuttoned over a pair of tight black shorts.

“It's not just beating your opponent," smiled Gena as she twirled her shapely body in front of the mirror. "It's how sexy you are while doing it!" The two beauty's eyes met and they locked in a long embrace. "I admit there’s something about Tyra that frightens me, Claudia; I mean, if that makes you feel any better."

Claudia hugged Gena tightly and added, "We’ve trained too hard to fuck this up, Gena. We WILL prevail!"

In another hotel across the street from the arena, Jennifer and Denise, both with records of 1-0, were relaxing in separate suites after they each completed the obligatory brief interview with Jim Lampley.

"I don't think she's anything special," Jennifer had said of Denise. "Almost anyone could’ve beaten Hatcher. I'm the stronger, tougher woman and after the arrogance she showed, she needs to be taught a lesson." She smiled, adding, "To the guys who bet on Denise I can only say, it's not too late to change your wager."

"She should talk!" huffed Denise when Lampley told her what Garner had said. "I could’ve beaten Jessica Simpson in my sleep - with one arm tied behind me! Well, she isn’t fighting little Jessie tomorrow night!” Denise smiled mischievously. "Looks like homegirl is in for a bad spanking!"
The evening of the highly anticipated matches had arrived. Each match would be a $5 million dollar 'winner take all' showdown. King had raised the fee for the PPV event to $69.95, but he still expected a record amount of viewers.

"I'm going to miss this," Don thought as he sat in his office pondering how events would play out.

Don King had invited over one hundred celebrities to his final night of matches. A few volunteered to help enforce security if necessary. Sure enough, an incident occurred less than an hour before the first match was to begin that got the immediate attention of guests who had gathered in the spacious lobby.

"I wasn't going to take anything!" screamed Winona Ryder as she was being led against her will through the lobby.

"I saw you steal that box of popcorn! The concession stand works hard for its money," growled Charlize Theron toughly.

Wearing a security uniform complete with cap and badge, but with micro mini-skirt instead of slacks to better emphasize her long, long legs, Charlize had Winona’s right arm levered up behind her back in a Half Nelson and a handful of brunette hair, jerking Winona’s head backward.

"You're hurting me!” yelped Winona. “Leggo!"

But the tall blond enforcer would have none of it, "I was watching you like a hawk little girl. Now you're going downtown!"

Charlize forced her through the front door and out of the lobby, then down some steps toward a waiting police car. A large group of guests followed her outside to watch the fun. Spotting Paris Hilton standing on the steps sipping a martini, Winona screamed, "Paris, help! Please…do something!"

Charlize turned around holding her firmly secured prisoner in front of her and slowly began to ‘perp walk’ her prisoner toward Paris; almost challenging the blond heiress to do something. Terrified, young Ms. Hilton quickly backpedaled, tripped over the step behind her, and her short black dress went flying up over her hips. Paris’ martini splashed down onto her face and Charlize broke up laughing. Pushing up against Winona while maintaining her Half Nelson, the lovely security guard chuckled, "Good help is sure hard to find these days, isn’t it Winnie?"

Then she turned and shoved the screaming Winona headfirst into the back seat of the police car and slammed the door.

A humiliated Paris picked herself up and scurried back inside to find the restroom while the police car sped off, leaving all the guests extremely amused. And the first match hadn't even started!
Match #1: Claudia Schiffer vs. Naomi Campbell

With prefight hype behind them, Claudia Schiffer, 5'11, wearing a white string bikini with red trim and Naomi Campbell, 5'10, wearing an army fatigue bra and thong, are introduced by Michael Buffer’s signature, “Let’s get ready to RUMMMMMMMBLE!”

As they await the opening bell, Naomi says, "It's been a long time coming Claudia. Are you ready for your beating?"

"I'm ready for you. I'll bet you're not so tough without your cell phone!" answers Claudia.

After the two combatants loosen up in the tiny well heated sauna, the bell rings and both women come out fighting. Claudia scores first with a left jab and straight right to Naomi's face and Naomi misses a wild right.

As the fight continues Claudia displays surprising boxing skills as she is able to avoid Naomi's punches while scoring with punches herself.

Naomi is the more aggressive though as she moves forward and grazes Claudia's jaw with powerful rights. Forcing Claudia into a corner, Naomi notices Claudia's hands are held high and snaps a devastating left hook to the German supermodel's belly sending Claudia to her knees.

Naomi continues to punch her rival, delivering lethal combinations to the lovely blonde’s face and the match appears it is heading for an early ending. The British supermodel maneuvers behind her opponent and twists her arm behind her back while punching her in the face with her free right fist.

Already, Claudia has had enough! "I give up!" she screams as tears stream down her cheeks.

"Already? You sure are easy Claudia!" chides Naomi. She raises her hands in victory as she struts out of the sauna, leaving Claudia on the carpet sobbing.

All the disappointed viewers have to hope the next two matches will be (at least a little) more competitive!
With the Banks-Nolin match about an hour away, security guard Karen McDougal had her eye on Britney Spears. Earlier that evening Britney had roughed up the Olsen twins inside the lounge and had intimidated them into exiting the building before the first match had begun. Karen, who freely volunteered to enforce security for the matches arrived at the scene late and Britney was awarded a free pass.

With bad blood abounding among many of the female celebrities invited to the three match event it was no easy task for a security guard like Karen to always be at the right place when trouble would break out. What made matters worse was Britney's attitude toward the whole episode. You would think that slapping the Olsen girls silly would have been enough for the sexy blond for one night. But Britney was keenly aware of the attention she would elicit in the tabloids for such behavior. Attractive divas were a dime a dozen but a lovely superstar like herself who could also handle herself in a fight was something else. Britney had planned to use the event to maximize her sex appeal to the public and she couldn't help giggling to herself when she thought of the attention she would get from the tabloids over the incident.

To top it off, the sassy blond sat at the bar and told anyone who would listen that Karen had arrived late on purpose because, "She knew I would kick her butt as well!"

Karen sat at a table close to the bar, wearing her security guard shirt and matching micro skirt instead of slacks. As she watched Britney laughing at the bar in her red blouse and skirt, the lovely security guard felt the trouble-making blond had gotten away with one. Karen had gotten wind of Britney's remarks and was anxious to 'discuss' the situation with her alone.

As Britney left the bar and strolled to the lady's room, Karen decided to follow. As Britney began to freshen up in front of the large restroom mirror, Karen entered and locked the door behind her. Standing next to Britney, Karen splashed water on her lovely face and adjusted her security cap, well aware that Britney was watching her.

The sexy blond had been so engrossed in her own reflection she was unaware that Karen had followed her. Feeling the utmost confidence in herself, Britney smiled at Karen. She fantasized over what the tabloids would write if she were to prove herself a tougher woman than Karen McDougal, a woman renowned for her fitness.

In a mood to dominate, her confidence in her physical abilities at an all time high, Britney teased, "You security guards are a joke! You love showing off your legs but when a problem arises you're nowhere to be found."

"You mean a problem like you?" Karen answered, adjusting her cap in the mirror.

"I wouldn't talk so bravely if I were you, hon. You fitness whores are quite overrated. Dancers tend to be much tougher and more athletic than you bar bell stiffs," Britney answered smugly.

Karen looked at Britney who was about four inches shorter and responded with a smile. The sexy blond sized up the security guard's fit, well-muscled body and realized her best chance was to take her by surprise. Pretending to brush her hair back with her hands, Britney hauled off and punched Karen in the face! Before a startled Karen could recover, the aggressive blond had struck her twice more as she lunged at Karen flailing away with both fists. As she threw herself at her rival, Karen snapped a knee into Britney's belly and the blond doubled over in pain.

Karen's surprise quickly turned to anger and two swift punches to Britney's face knocked the diva to the floor on her butt. Britney rose quickly and moved toward Karen with her nails flashing like a wildcat but the athletic fitness beauty grabbed Britney's right arm and began to twist, landing a swift kick to Britney's ribs which sent her to her knees. Britney tried to rise but as she staggered to her feet, Karen lifted her off her feet and Body Slammed her.

Hair-hauling Britney to her feet, the lovely brunette enforcer maneuvered her shapely body behind the shorter blond and began to apply a Sleeper Hold.

Britney struggled but felt herself overpowered by the beautiful brunette. Karen began to shake the lovely blond like a rag doll. Then, still standing behind her opponent, Karen yanked Britney's body into hers as she applied her Sleeper more vigorously. Pressing her fingers into and around her victim's neck and throat, Karen was cutting off Britney's air supply. The blond was fading quickly! Pulled off balance into Karen's fit body, Britney felt her lovely conqueror’s muscles flexing into her weaker muscles. She felt Karen's full breasts undulating and the brunette's shapely, muscular thighs pressing into her from behind Britney's eyes began to flutter and her mouth opened.

"She's so strong! Ooohhh!" she moaned as spittle dripped from her mouth. "How could I have been so foolish?"

The last words she heard were, "Goodnight, Britney!" as she passed out in Karen's arms.

"I'm not an Olsen twin!" snapped the sensuous security guard as she lifted her unconscious prey off her feet and carried her to the door.

Unlocking the door, Karen carried Britney toward the lobby uncertain what to do with her. Karen's blood was still boiling from Britney's audacity and she began to head for the back door where she would carry her hapless prey into the back parking lot to unload her into the building's trash dumpster with the rest of the garbage.

But the victorious fitness beauty thought better of it. Spotting a taxi parked by the curb as she carried Britney through the lobby, Karen walked outside toward the cab as guests strained their necks to watch. As the cab driver opened the back door Karen dumped Britney inside.

"She's had too much to drink,” she told the driver. “I'll leave it to you to get her home. Just be sure and tell me if she doesn't leave you a very sizable tip!"

With that, the lovely security guard began to strut back into the building looking for other celebrities who might be causing trouble on her watch. The taxi driver pondered what to do with a passed out Britney Spears in his back seat.
Match #2: Tyra Banks vs. Gena Lee Nolin

"I'm not here to win. I'm here to dominate!" Tyra meant business as she was interviewed by Jim Lampley thirty minutes before her scheduled match with Gena Lee Nolin.

"Tyra, Gena has won both her matches. What do you bring to the fight that her first two opponents did not?" asked Lampley.

Tyra smiled and flexed her biceps. Dressed in her fighting attire consisting of a skimpy leopard skin bra and thong, the famous supermodel appeared more muscular than she had looked in the past. Standing 5'11.5” with hard biceps, big breasts and tawny, muscular thighs, Tyra appeared the most formidable opponent that Gena had faced yet.

"I won't be satisfied with just beating her," Tyra remarked. "I want to leave no doubt who the woman is. I mean, when a dictionary is opened to the word ‘DOMINATE.’ I want to see a picture of me on Gena!"
Gena Lee Nolin smiled throughout her interview with Lampley. She’d heard similar talk before her matches with Jessica Alba and Alyssa Milano and she’d made both eat their words. Listening to her opponent's boasting was something she was used to. She was also used to proving herself the better woman in the end.

"I've won both my matches, Jim," Gena told her interviewer. "I guess you can call me the uncrowned champion of the sauna."

The blond beauty stood 5'9” and looked ravishing in a hot pink bikini, a matching ribbon in her hair.

"Gena, how do you compare Tyra to your other opponents?" asked Lampley.

"All I know is I feel stronger than ever before and I'm determined to win my third match. Tyra’s just another obstacle in the way of my goal. I'm confident my fighting prowess as well as my experience will prevail."
As the two combatants waited in their dressing rooms during the final minutes before the match, unrest and bitter feelings were brewing among the celebrities invited to the event. Charlize Theron had returned from her successful apprehension of Winona Ryder. She and fellow security guard, Karen McDougal, held a private meeting to compare notes. As the two lovely enforcers assumed their duties, Charlize patrolling the halls and adjoining suites and Karen checking out the lounge, neither had a clue as to the devious machinations being planned against them. Their services would be required again before the wild and action packed evening would draw to a close!

Rachel Bilson sat at the bar fuming. She had developed a rapport with Winona Ryder and was furious over the treatment she had received from Charlize. She made her feelings known to her new friend, Natasha Henstridge, who was sitting next to her.

"All Winona did was take a few kernels of popcorn and Charlize acts like she was robbing Fort Knox. Did you see her bully Winona all the way into the police car?"

"Both guards are bullies," responded Natasha as she stretched her long silky legs under the bar. "I heard Karen beat up Britney for no reason. She should pick on someone her own size. Look Rachel, after the final match tonight, I'm going to get Karen alone and beat the crap out of her for what she did to Britney."

"Great!" answered Rachel. "And I'll make Charlize wish she’d never volunteered for that creepy job!"

"Two more drinks, and make it fast!" shouted Natasha to bartender, Jessica Simpson.

"Coming right up!" answered Jessica.

Paris Hilton was sitting at the other end of the bar whining about her earlier humiliation involving Charlize. A grumpy Demi Moore walked up to her and snarled, "You're in my seat!"

"I've been sitting here all night," protested Paris. "There's another bar stool over there!" Paris said, pointing to one a few seats away.

"I said, you're in MY seat!" shouted an angry Demi.

"You're right Demi. I'm sorry! I'll move!" Paris scurried to the empty seat as Ms. Moore took her seat like a queen ascending to her throne.

Demi, wearing a low cut black evening gown to the event ordered a drink and began having a good time thinking how stunning and intimidating she must look to the other guests. Suddenly she felt a tap on her shoulder and turned around. Demi found herself staring into the blue eyes of Sharon Stone who was wearing a silver blouse with a matching miniskirt. Demi's mouth opened as Sharon smiled down on her.

"Hello, Demi. Did you see the first match? Naomi really handed it to poor Claudia. Reminded me of our match; so one-sided!" Sharon teased.

Demi turned to her drink hoping her sexy blond rival would go away. But Sharon, who had watched the shapely brunette intimidate Paris Hilton was going to give Demi a taste of her own medicine. By this time Karen took a seat at a nearby table and was ready to intervene should a fight break out between the two beauties.

"I know you won't mind giving me your seat, Demi," Sharon said with a twinkle in her eyes.

As Demi stood to face Sharon, her large breasts and nipples visible through her low cut gown, Sharon pushed up against the brunette, her shapely thighs pressed against Demi's.

"Are you going to be a good girl and give me my seat or do I have to TAKE it?" asked the confident blond as if she could do whatever she wanted.

"I'M GOING HOME!" harrumphed Demi as she swept around Sharon and stormed out of the lounge in a huff while Sharon sat down, ordered a drink and she gave Paris a knowing wink.

Karen chuckled as she thought, "There is definitely a hierarchy among female celebrities!"
Tyra and Gena Lee faced each other in the steamy, plush-carpeted sauna as they awaited their introduction. Tyra, dressed in a leopard skin bra and thong was sizing up Gena in her hot pink bikini, a matching ribbon decorating her long blond hair. She stalked a couple of steps toward her smaller rival projecting the appearance of a tawny and sensuous jungle leopard, licking her chops over her next meal.

Gena had her eyes closed, focusing on the business at hand, her large breasts and hard nipples pushing out her sexy pink bra as Michael Buffer introduced the two combatants from outside the sauna. All the celebrities invited to the event as well as millions watching on PPV were glued to their seats in anticipation. Would the wild and sensuous leopard woman dominate the lovely pink panther girl as Tyra predicted? Or would undefeated Gena rise to the occasion yet again and beat back her upstart challenger and do so convincingly?

The viewers were soon to find out as the bell rang and both women came out fighting and Tyra scored first with a jab and straight right to Gena's face! The blond punched back but Tyra easily blocked her punches and backed Gena up with solid punches to her face and a left hook to the belly that hurt her.

As the fight progressed, Gena spent almost all of her time retreating from her aggressive adversary as Tyra continued to stalk but when she missed with a wild right, the athletic blond found Tyra off balance and landed a power-packed kick to Tyra's midsection. Thinking she had her hurt, Gena rushed in - only to be met by a lethal combination of punches that dropped her to her knees.

"You have to hit a lot harder than that, little girl!" Tyra chided as she moved toward the fallen blond.

But Gena had been in similar situations before and as Tyra approached, Gena reached out and grabbed her calves, pulling them forward and dumping the overconfident Tyra on the carpet on her butt!

Now it was Gena's chance to turn the tables and she threw herself on Tyra and the two women began flailing away at each other, looking to inflict as much damage as possible.

Gena could not keep her advantage for long as the two women rolled on the carpet, both seeking to end up on top. For a few seconds it was Gena on top and then Tyra. Drawing upon her experience and savvy, the battling blond waited for the right moment before launching her right knee into Tyra's groin. As the tall supermodel fell to the carpet on her back, Gena jumped on her again and began punching Tyra's face. Gena felt she finally earned a substantial advantage over Tyra. But like before, it was short-lived as Tyra, more angry than hurt, powered the blond off of her and returned a knee to Gena's belly.

The two beauties faced each other on their knees and traded punches. For each punch that Gena landed, Tyra landed two harder blows and the blond was getting frustrated and discouraged. Amidst the flurry of punches Gena backed away a bit dazed and desperately desiring a second wind.

But Tyra kept after her and after a savage left hook to Gena's belly, the fierce ebony beauty grabbed hold of Gena's bra and yanked it off. Gena tried bravely to fight back but Tyra grabbed her by her hair and pulled the blonde’s head between her knees. Tyra took a deep breath as Gena struggled to free herself.

"Had your fun, kitten?" asked Tyra. "Now it's time for business!"

Releasing Gena, Tyra grabbed her again by her hair as she slid behind her rival and pulled her backward onto her lap. As Gena struggled, Tyra wrapped her strong, sensuous thighs around the silky, straining thighs of the blond beauty and began to squeeze.

"Oohhhhh!” Gena moaned as Tyra's python leg scissors was too much for her to deal with.

Unexpectedly, the strong and well muscled supermodel released Gena again and twisted her onto her belly. Tyra then tore off her leopard skin bra and tossed it on the carpet. Gena tried to buck frantically to bump Tyra off of her but her efforts were in vain.

Tyra stretched her long, sensuous body over Gena as she lay on her belly and grabbing hold of the blonde’s arms, she twisted them painfully behind her back.

"Owwwwww!" Gena screamed.

The lovely blond had enough and wanted to cry out her submission as Tyra rocked up and down on her butt, pressing Gena into the carpet. She then released the hurting blonde’s arms and wrapped her strong arms around Gena in a powerful reverse bearhug which forced her mouth open.

The tawny leopardess released her overwhelmed rival again in search of another form of domination when Gena screamed, "I give up!"

"Well I don't!" answered Tyra.

The leopard woman lifted her huge, sweat-glistened breasts off Gena's back and pulled her up by her hair. Lifting Gena to her knees, she applied another more powerful reverse bearhug forcing tears to flow down her cheeks.

"Please Tyra, I give up!" Gena cried.

"It seems pussycats shouldn't tangle with jungle cats!" the leopardess chided as she finally released the conquered blond from her bearhug.

Gena crumpled to the carpet bawling loudly. As she did so Tyra felt a pull and noticed her leopard skin thong had gotten tangled in Gena's pink panties. Tyra stretched herself over Gena again as the blond beauty lay on her belly quivering.

Reaching down inside the front of her victim's soaking wet bottom, Tyra finally retrieved her thong. Getting to her feet, the tall dark supermodel looked back at her vanquished blond victim and taunted, "Sorry I had to kick your butt, you little squirt!"

She then stalked out of the sauna with her hands raised in triumph leaving a devastated Gena sobbing and trembling on the carpet.
Match #3: Jennifer Garner vs. Denise Richards

The final match of the evening between Jennifer and Denise was scheduled to commence at midnight. It was 10:46 and everyone was still talking about the dominant performance of Tyra Banks. Security guards Charlize Theron and Karen McDougal had dragged the beaten Gena out of the sauna, helping themselves to several handfuls of her lush body in the process. After carrying Gena back to her suite, the two women gently laid her on the bed and, reluctantly, left to assume their duties.

"Gena has nothing to be ashamed of, Karen," Charlize said as she slipped Gena Lee’s room key into her pocket.

"Not at all, Charlize, she gave it a gallant effort," Karen said, noting with a raised eyebrow her companions attempt to hide her action. The two split up as Charlize suggested she check out the parking lot in the back of the building while Karen went up to check on things in the lounge.

As Charlize entered the parking lot, her curiosity was aroused when she saw the figure of a woman duck behind a car about a hundred feet away. She turned on her flashlight and pointed it toward the spot as she approached. Her prized Mercedes was parked there, causing her to anxiously pick up speed. As she reached her car she pointed her flashlight toward it and her heart skipped a beat. Charlize felt sick to her stomach. Her brand new Mercedes had been keyed! The deep scratches extended almost the entire length of the vehicle on the passenger side.

Now furious, Charlize dashed in the direction of the woman who she saw ducking moments ago but the parking lot was full and dark and despite her flashlight, the woman was nowhere to be seen. After searching the lot and the surrounding area for over a half hour, she gave up and headed back inside to assist her partner.

Karen sat at a table near the bar as usual, observing the behavior of the guests. She watched Rachel Bilson stroll inside the lounge and sit at the bar next to Natasha Henstridge, one of many guests who accepted the offer of her own free luxury suite for celebs who wished to stay at the hotel resort and sleep in after the matches concluded. The tall sleek blond had a reputation as a woman who could handle herself in a fight and sexy Natasha was more than willing to prove it which was why she could get away with sitting back in her barstool and stretching her long silky legs on top of the bar, an action that irritated the barmaids although no one had the courage to tell her so.

Charlize entered the lounge and sat next to Karen. She kept her voice to a whisper as she informed Karen what had happened. Rachel peaked over Natasha's shoulder observing the horrified look on Karen's face. Charlize left the lounge to resume her patrol, wondering if the culprit was still in the building.

Back in the main room, security guards Charlize and Karen had decided to switch duties which would allow Charlize to gather clues concerning who keyed her car as she worked the lounge. As Charlize entered,she noticed trouble right from the start. In a corner away from the bar, surrounded by a circle of cheering celebs, Halle Berry and Salma Hayek were going at it tooth and nail. Charlize rushed to break it up, elbowing her way through the crowd of cheering and jeering celebs.

What Charlize found was Halle on top of Selma, unloading rights and lefts to her face. Charlize pulled Halle off the now defenseless Mexican beauty but Halle kicked Salma while Charlize struggled to restrain her.

"She started it, but I'm more than happy to finish it!" shouted the angry Halle.

Salma curled into a ball, not wanting any more from her fierce opponent. Both women's blouses were torn wide open and Halle wasn’t wearing a bra. Charlize restored the peace - if you can call it that with so many celebs acting like spoiled, aggressive kids anxious to establish some sort of pecking order. Penelope Cruz helped a weeping Salma out the door and Halle promised Charlize she’d behave the rest of the evening, “…as long as no one messes with me!”

As the tall blond enforcer watched bartender Pam Anderson pour drinks, she was suddenly called aside by Jessica Simpson. "I know who keyed your car, Charlize. Rachel Bilson was bragging to Natasha she was gonna get even with you for busting Winona while I was bartending. I'm sure she did it. Please, don't let any one know I told you or I'll get beat up!"

Charlize thanked Jessica for informing her and went back into the lounge. Meanwhile…

Rachel Bilson was in Natasha's suite with the tall blond who was growing increasingly irritated by loud music coming from the room next door.

"I'll get her to turn it down, just watch!" said a fuming Natasha, knocking loudly on the door of the offending room. The door was opened by Elizabeth Hurley who was wearing a red gown. "Turn that down NOW,” Natasha screamed. “Before I kick your butt all around this room!"

Liz, never a pushover, replied, "I didn't know it was bothering you, but since you put it that way, I'll keep it on!"

"Oh yeah!" shouted Natasha.

The 5'10 blond was all over the the 5'8 brunette as she pushed Liz back and entered the English woman's suite. Natasha proceded to beat and kick Liz, pounding her around the room. Liz wasn’t short on effort, but she was no match for Henstridge who left her sprawled out on her floor. The tall blond bully unplugged Liz's radio and smashed it before strutting back to her room laughing about the incident with a giggling Rachel.

Natasha slipped over to Karen's table carrying two shots of bourbon and wearing a devious smile. She set the shots on the table and sat down close to Karen.

"You look like you can use this, honey,"

"I don't drink on duty," was Karen's response.

"After duty?" asked the slick, deadly blond. "Come over to my suite, room 203, after the final match," continued Natasha. "Maybe I can cheer you up."

The lovely brunette said nothing as Natasha gave her a peck on the cheek. Leaving the shots on the table, the sultry blond wiggled her rear at Karen as she began to strut back to her place at the bar beside Rachel.

"The witch really thinks she's something special!" the beautiful, well-muscled brunette thought, “I think I’ll take her up on her offer!"
Jennifer stretched her sleek, sensuous, athletic body from inside the sauna. Her walnut hair in a ponytail, Jen was wearing the same skimpy black bikini she wore the night she disabled a game but overmatched Jessica Simpson. Sweat was already appearing on her 5'9” frame as she casually practiced her punches and kicks in her corner.

Denise Richards looked lovely and deadly as she loosened up in her corner about ten feet away from Jennifer. The 5'6” blond had devastated Teri Hatcher in her first match and she had decided to wear the same outfit she’d worn to destroy Teri; a ravishing canary yellow bra and thong. Her long blond hair was ponytailed as well and she looked in top shape as she loosened up.

All the celebrities invited were gathered to watch the event as well as millions on PPV. This would be the last of King's Sauna Matches and it promised to be an exciting finale. The celebrities were split pretty much down the middle regarding who they thought would win. There were at least two celebs present who had strong feelings about the match - Jennifer Lopez and Heather Locklear had a personal wager of $50,000 on who the winner would be and each had personal reasons to wager against her rival.

"Denise will prove too much woman for Garner," said J-Lo. "You watch! Richards is one tough woman! She’ll bring out the crybaby in ‘sweet Jen’ tonight."

"No way!" answered Heather. "Jennifer will beat up Denise. It’ll be like a black cat loose in a canary cage!" she laughed.

"Would you like to make the wager $100,000?" asked Lopez.

"You're on!" Locklear answered quickly. They shook on the bet, each desiring more than money, the physical humiliation of her bitter rival.

“LET’S GET READY TO SAUNNNNNNNA!” Michael Buffer introduced the two beauties from outside the sauna and the crowd cheered for their favorite. As the bell rang and both women came out fighting! Jennifer began cautiously feeling out Denise when the blond threw caution to the wind by rushing her and bowling Jen over, slamming her to the carpet. Jen rose quickly, but Denise gave her a Kick in the Ass as she got to her feet, sending the brunette headfirst into her corner. Jen took a deep breath facing Denise as the deadly blond stalked her.

Denise attacked with a savage knee but Jennifer's quick reflexes avoided the blow to her midsection and pushed her slightly off balance opponent into the corner. Jennifer hit Denise in the face with a few straight, solid punches before the blond could scramble out of the corner. Jen kept her aggressive posture by moving in and punching Denise several times before the blond moved inside the brunette's punches where she began clinching with Jennifer, her sweat glistened breasts and thighs pushing into the brunette's, before dropping the ‘Alias’ star with a snapping Knee To The Groin.

Lopez and Locklear had front row seats to the action but it wasn’t a good idea to have them sitting next to each other during the fight as tensions were bound to rise.

Denise jumped on top of Jennifer and began punching her in the face as her knees hopped on Jen's belly. Her Knee to the Groin was the most significant blow of the fight and the lovely blond didn’t lack for killer instinct. Jennifer was hurt but able to deal with it since her athletic body and allowed her to withstand the blows she was unable to block.

Jennifer pulled Denise down by her bra which snapped and then came off, but she grabbed the blond by the hair as Denise continued to rain Punches. Jennifer lifted her upper body and executing a Headlock which she used to twist Denise off of her. Denise was Kicking at the brunette with her legs as they struggled to their knees with Jennifer having the advantage. Denise's attack had weakened Jen, but she got the blond in a Headlock and increased the pressure, her hard bicep pressing into Denise's head.

The ‘Wild Things’ star began to strike Jennifer from inside her hold with Uppercuts to the breasts after she tore off the brunette's bra and held her by a Fistful of Hair. Still, Denise was weakening in her opponent's strong Headlock. Denise began to punch Jennifer in the ribs; hard punches which found their mark. One in particular Punch made Jen's mouth open in shock! She released her Headlock and yanked the blonde’s head back, maneuvering her sleek body around behind her. Snapping Denise's head back, Jennifer brought Kneelifts to Denise's calves and pressed down. The blond was relieved of her ponytail as Jennifer, feeling more dominant, took time to muss Denise's hair before leaning on her calves with her weight.

Lopez and Locklear were standing, cheering for their woman, sometimes bumping each other and both thinking about putting the other in her place.

Denise began launching Elbow Strikes to Jen's abs and ribs and like her earlier punches they caused Jen to wince. Denise ripped free of Jennifer's clutches and unleashed a Kick that hit her in the face. Jennifer stumbled back and Denise crawled away. They both took a short breather, then stood facing each other a few feet apart; both topless; both panting hard and both sweating profusely.

"Want to make it $300,000?" Locklear asked anxiously.

"Oh, definitely!" answered J-Lo with a smug, knowing smile.

Denise and Jennifer resumed the encounter as they began Kickboxing, a fighting technique both had experience with. Denise was the more aggressive, scoring with Front and Side Kicks while Jennifer missed most of her counters - some badly! The blond forced the brunette back into a corner then scored with several Punches until Jen's powerful Right Cross counter to Denise's cheek backed her away.

Jennifer stepped out of the corner and clinched and Denise tried a Knee to the Groin, but the ponytailed brunette blocked it with her knee. Clasped in an embrace; sweat-glistened breasts grinding together, they strained to wrestle the other around the sauna. Both skillfully mixed in Body Punching to soften their opponent up as both seemed to be waltzing for a few seconds. Then Denise grazed Jennifer's face in a Straight Right and Jennifer pulled Denise into a Clinch where both resumed Body Punching as they leaned on, pushed, and bullied the other at close range.

It soon became apparent Jennifer's Body Blows were doing damage, making Denise wince in pain. Jennifer was emerging as the stronger of the two and she eventually was able to bull Denise into a corner where she landed more Body Blows, including a Kidney Punch that doubled Denise over. The blond lunged into Jennifer and forced another Clinch. After blocking another Kneelift by Denise, Jen Tripped her and as Denise sprawled on the carpet, Jennifer jumped on her back, but Denise was able to strike backward, hitting an Elbow to the Temple.

Denise's elbow knocked Jennifer off of her and the brunette realized as she cleared the cobwebs, she couldn’t afford to get reckless with someone as dangerous as Denise. With Jen on her knees, Denise threw her legs forward and Scissored the brunette under her breasts. Denise inched her body closer for greater leverage and as she tightened her Scissors, Jennifer began Punching Denise’s thighs vigorously as she squeezed. Jennifer's Punching caused Denise pain and as she applied pressure, it dawned on her it’d be very difficult to squeeze Jennifer's strong, athletic body into submission.

Denise released Jen's upper body in order to quickly wrap her silky legs around the brunette's neck where she could force her to submit. But Jennifer twisted before Denise got her legs locked and was able to spread them with her hands. The brunette, her black bikini bottom riding down her butt, was finally able to free herself from the blonde’s deadly legs.

The women faced each other on their knees and began to Wrestle. Jennifer outmaneuvered Denise and slipped behind her to execute a Half Nelson. Denise fired an elbow back toward her face, but Jennifer blocked and put the blond in a Full Nelson. Jennifer leaned forward, her bottom now down below her butt cheeks, and brought a Knee into Denise's ribs. The blond doubled over in pain as Jennifer leaned forward, pressuring her back and neck. The brunette again Kneed the blonde’s lower back and Denise let out a YELP of pain.

Jennifer jumped on the blonde’s calves while maintaining her Full Nelson and bent Denise backward. The blond beauty struggled fiercely but was unable to free her arms or legs from Jennifer's control. She had to somehow break free and get back to her feet to have a chance to win. Wrestling Jennifer on the carpet was not a good game plan for Denise!

Jen twisted the blond on her side and then over onto her belly. Jennifer felt her body wearing down Denise's but they were still a long way from a submission. She released the blond but as Denise rose to her knees Jen crawled closer and snapped a savage Right Hand Punch into the blonde’s kidney. Denise fell forward on her hands and knees, her face on the carpet and her butt raised. Denise tried to get up and Jennifer allowed her to get to her feet in the corner.

Denise took a deep breath as Jennifer stalked toward her, then Denise began throwing Punches frantically. Jennifer walked right through the punches and pounded Denise with two hard Body Blows just above her waistband. She followed with a crushing Left Hook that rocked Denise and put her out on her feet. Stepping back, Jen launched a Spin Kick to Denise’s face that dropped the blond to the carpet! Jennifer had KO’d Denise. She hitched up her black bikini bottom as she studied her lovely and very worthy adversary lying senseless, spread-eagled on her back on the carpet in her canary yellow thong.

Jennifer raised her hands and smiled, her firm bare breasts undulating with her movements and deep breathing; her hard nipples glistening with sweat under the bright lights as she began to strut out of the steamy sauna victoriously!
Security guard Charlize Theron helped Jennifer Lopez revive Denise and helped her to her feet. Denise leaned on Charlize as she led the beaten beauty out of the sauna. Meanwhile, Lopez stood painfully watching as Jennifer Garner smiled and waved to the crowd as she was embraced by Ben Afleck. Suddenly, J-Lo felt a nudge and looked around. It was Heather Locklear with her hand extended.

"You brought your checkbook with you?" It was bad enough she had to watch Garner parade around topless like some kinda movie heroine and melt in Ben's arms without having to deal with this nagging blond bitch who, in J-Lo’s angry mind, had cost her $300,000 to watch it! Locklear nudged Lopez a second time, "I want my money!”

The hot blooded Latina tough woman just wasn't in the mood! Angrily, J-Lo got in Heather’s face and shouted, "How about me and you next, blondie? DOUBLE OR NOTHING?" Then she leaned on Heather with her fists clenched.

Heather put up her own fists and screamed so loud everyone turned around to stare, "I want my money!"

Heather, in a powder blue blouse and skirt, circled J-Lo who sported a scarlet unbuttoned blouse with no bra and a black miniskirt. Heather attacked first throwing a flurry of punches and J-Lo returned fire. The two women engaged in a slugfest with both scoring several damaging blows. Lopez hurt Locklear with a left hook to the body and then a devastating combination that left Heather to the floor on her butt staring up at J-Lo who stood over her with her hands on her hips.

"C'mon, Heather, get up! I’m just getting started!" The dazed Locklear was in no hurry to get to her feet and take more punishment and she just sat there rubbing her jaw. "GUESS WE'RE EVEN!" bellowed J-Lo who spun around and stomped off after shaking her fabulous ass in Heather’s face.

"You'll pay for this!" pouted a hurting Locklear as Jennifer Garner walked over to help her up.
Post fight activities had concluded and security guards Charlize and Karen met briefly to discuss their plans. "I've got to find Rachel Bilson!" Charlize told Karen, her blood boiling at the thought of the culprit getting away with having keyed her prized Mercedes!

"Well, good luck with that. I’d help you, but I've got a close encounter with Natasha myself!" replied Karen. The lovely brunette headed off down the hall, but hadn’t gotten far before she was stopped by an angry Elizabeth Hurley who informed Karen what Henstridge had done to her.

"I want that animal arrested!" Hurley insisted.

"I'll do what I can," shrugged Karen. "I was just about to pay her a visit anyway." As she left Liz fuming in silence, Karen knew she’d be up against a very formidable adversary in Henstridge.
Bonus Match: Charlize Theron vs. Rachel Bilson

Rachel stepped out of the shower and started to get dressed. She was on her way to meet Natasha Henstridge in the blonde’s suite on the floor below. As she wiggled into pink and white striped panties and matching bra, Rachel thought of the good time she’d have before she left the hotel. As far as she knew, Charlize had no idea who keyed her car and she reveled in the thought of having put one over on the haughty blond ‘enforcer.’

As a security guard for the evening, Charlize had a pass key that let her into any room. Quite aware it was Rachel who keyed her Mercedes, she’d waited for the right opportunity to confront Rachel. Now it was time. She entered room 307 and stripped off her security guard’s uniform, then silently tip-toed into Rachel's bedroom wearing just a lioness skin bra and panty set. She paused when she heard someone in the bathroom and decided she’d patiently wait for the sexy young brunette to come out; after all, she’d waited this long, she could wait a few more minutes, if necessary.

Rachel walked out of the bathroom into her bedroom in her pink/white bra and panties. Then she heard the bedroom door SLAM behind her and turned to see Charlize locking the bedroom door. Rachel watched the tall, sleek, blond lioness glide gracefully toward her with a deadly look in her eyes and a relishing smile on her lips.

"Wha…what are YOU doing here?” the frightened Rachel asked as she slowly backed toward her bed.

"You’ve been a very naughty girl tonight, Rachel. I'm here to teach you a lesson,” purred Charlize.

"NO! I…I didn't DO anything! NATASHA, HELP!” Rachel screamed as if her friend and protector could hear her cries in her suite a floor below!

"C'mon, Rachel, we're both young ladies. Let's see who’s the better WOMAN!” offered Charlize, spreading her arms in a gesture of ‘openness.’

Rachel kept backing up toward her bed, then suddenly turned, reached under the mattress and pulled out a big black whip! She quickly flashed it at Charlize and CRACK the tough leather slashed across her thighs. With a flick of her wrist, Rachel drew it back, coiled and ready to strike again. Grinning, Rachel snapped her arm down, and the dark whip unfurled, CRACK. As Rachel jerked it back to her, Charlize looked down and saw a dark red welt on the smooth flesh of her belly.

Grinning, Rachel took a step forward, slowly swinging the whip overhead. Now it was Charlize backing up as Rachel moved forward. CRACK! The whip coiled around Charlize’s left hip and made her jump when the braided tips at the end slashed her ass cheeks righth through her tawny panties.

The tall, blond beauty scampered away with tears in her eyes and a look of terror on her pretty face as the sassy brunette advanced menacingly, brandishing the whip and gloating with her new-found power. She backed Charlize into the corner and drew her whip back as Charlize braced herself for more pain.

"I like your pretty little lioness outfit, Charlize,” Rachel purred. "But tonight, I'm gonna be your lion tamer!”

CRACK! Rachel snapped the whip again, forcing Charlize to dance after the whip left welts on both ankles. CRACK! Another overhand sweep of Rachel’s arm brought the ugly black whip down between Charlize’s breasts, cutting her bra in two between the cups. The two halves fell away, hanging from her shoulders, Charlize’s small, firm breasts jiggling slightly as her body bumped into the wall behind her as she recoiled.

“Don’t move now,” Rachel chuckled. “I don’t want to hurt you…yet!” She brought the whip up and her arm flashed down, CRACK; then up and down again, CRACK, the two quick slashes cutting Charlize’s panties at both hips. The material clung to her pubic mound briefly, then as she tried to step away, the panties fluttered to the floor between her feet.

Rachel swung her arm upward from her hip and the tip of the whip struck like a coiled snake CRACK! Charlize let out a yelp and doubled over, her hands crossed over her groin. Looking down, she saw the red mark left by the whip just above her dense golden pelt of pubic hair. CRACK! CRACK! Two more quick strikes to her breasts popped Charlize’s nipples to full erect attention - and filled her eyes with tears.

“Turn around, let’s see how much fun I can have with your fat ass!” Rachel sneered, sweeping the whip slowly back and forth in front of Charlize menacingly. “This whip is really useful; you know the handle doubles as a dildo?”

When Charlize was slow to respond, Rachel raised her arm overhead and brought it down, aiming the whip at the blondes belly button. But this time the athletic blond grabbed the whip just before it hit her. She tried to yank it out of Rachel’s grasp and a tug of war ensued as Rachel backed away, pulling hard. Charlize stepped with her, maintaining her grip on the slender end of the whip, digging her heels into the carpet and pulling as hard as she could.

But then the wily brunette released her grip on the handle and Charlize went tumbling backward, head over heels, into the corner where THUNK her head hit the wall. Rachel ran over as Charlize tried to get up and kicked her in the groin! Charlize dropped to her knees, her hands clutching her womanhood, slowly rocking back and forth.

Rachel began Punching Charlize in the face but our resourceful blond Headbutted Rachel in the belly, sending her stumbling several steps backward. As Charlize rose to her feet, Rachel attacked with nails flashing.

The fit blond landed a series of punches to the brunette's face and Rachel, hurt, was being backed slowly toward her bed. The sexy blond lioness pounced on Rachel, driving her shoulder into Rachel’s chest and knocking her onto her bed. Charlize jumped onto Rachel, pulling the smaller brunette down as Rachel frantically punched and kicked Charlize. The blond slowly overpowered Rachel, then execute a scintillating wrestling maneuver, spinning around to clamp a Full Nelson on Rachel, which she combined with a crushing Scissors around the sexy brunette's waist.

As Charlize’s powerful legs worked the Scissors, Rachel squirmed and wriggled, but nothing she did could break the hold. When Charlize wrapped her arms around her head from behind and started to tighten the Choke/Sleeper, Rachel began to gasp, then she screamed in frustration and sobbed out her surrender. "Please Charlize, I give up!” screamed Rachel.

The dominating blond lioness had Rachel captured on her own bed, her full nelson doing enough damage to her victim for the time being. "Do you admit to keying my car?” she asked, pulling on Rachel's arms.

"Owwwwwww!YESSSSS!I ADMIT IT! Now please let me go! I'll pay for it!" sobbed Rachel, tears streaming down her cheeks.

"Fine! Then it's settled!" answered the lovely blond, her long, shapely legs pressing into Rachel's sides. “But before I release you, I need to teach you a good lesson, little girl; so you’ll never misbehave again!" She yanked the screaming Rachel over her lap and gave her a good spanking. WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP!

"Please…you're hurting me!" Rachel whimpered.


The lovely blond enforcer finally having her fill of the sexy brunette delinquent, led her out of her suite and took her downstairs. Applying a Half Nelson to her conquered prisoner, Charlize led Rachel out of the lobby and threw her into the back seat of a police car, then slipped in beside her. As the car drove away, the sleek, sexy blond remained in total control of her vanquished captive, enjoying the ‘ride’ in more ways than one!
Karen passed the lounge on her way to the elevators to Natasha's suite and decided to stop in to look around. She noticed Natasha and Rachel weren’t there and there was no sign of Charlize either. Nevertheless, Karen detected a potential catfight brewing at the bar and decided to stay to keep an eye on things! Pam Anderson in her white bra and shorts was pouring a largely recovered Gena Lee Nolin a drink. Gena was wearing a black blouse and skirt.

"It's too bad the sauna matches are over," Pam told her. "I wish I’d fought; I’d have kicked butt on ANY of the women entered."

Gena, who HAD BEEN one of the women entered, was insulted at Pam's presumption and arrogance. "Well, at least I was women enough to compete!” Gena responded.

"Are you inferring I'm a coward?” snapped Anderson.

"I'm saying, if you thought you're so tough you should’ve entered 'Miss Catfighting Queen!’" Gena said sarcastically.

Pam pushed her large breasts against Gena's and challenged her rival, "Why don't the two of us step outside and settle this, Gena. If you think Tyra gave you a beating, wait til I get hold of you!"

The two women stepped outside the back door of the lounge which led to a grassy courtyard, Pam leading Gena to a spot on the grass. Karen slowly began to follow. She stopped to chat briefly with Jessica Simpson. Karen was allowing the two women to get a head start wanting to know herself who was the tougher of the two former Baywatch beauties.

As the lovely security guard opened the back door, she wondered who she would be pulling off the other. She found out as soon as her eyes located the battling blondes. Gena, her blouse and bra removed, was already on top of Pam punching her in the face. Pam was struggling but could not get Gena off of her. After Gena nailed Pam with several more punches, she proceeded to lay on top of her rival and pressed her large breasts on Anderson's face.

Karen had just decided to intervene when she heard Pam cry out, "Please Gena…no more!"

Gena's shapely body was pressing Pam into the ground as Karen grabbed hold of the battling blond beauty and pulled her off a sobbing Anderson. Gena wanted more when she felt Karen's strength as the brunette pulled her off Pam. She felt herself overpowered and wrestled to the grass. With Karen's strong, athletic body on top of hers, Gena gave up the struggle and submitted to Karen's will.

The brunette then helped Gena to her feet before making sure Pam was alright. Gena raised her arms in victory as she walked back into the lounge with a swagger. After her defeat at the hands of Tyra, she felt she would leave the sauna match event on a good note.
Extra Added Bonus Match: Karen McDougal vs. Natasha Henstridge

Natasha stood in her suite waiting impatiently. She wondered why Rachel Bilson hadn't appeared yet. More importantly, she wondered why Karen McDougal was yet to show up. The tall, fit blond was looking forward to giving the lovely brunette security guard a good thrashing. Her reason, in part, was because Karen had rendered Britney Spears unconscious earlier that evening and not caring that Britney had attacked Karen by surprise, Natasha preferred to see Karen as a bully who needed a good beating. The sleek blond was proficient at dealing them out, as an exasperated Elizabeth Hurley discovered earlier. Natasha was hoping Rachel would not show up. She would only get in the way of her and Karen and she certainly did not need Bilson to assist her in a fight against the brunette enforcer.

"I think Karen may be too intimidated to show her butt here," Natasha thought. "If she’s not here in twenty minutes, I’ll go find her!"

Karen was still at the lounge making sure Pam Anderson was alright to finish her bartending after the beating she received from Gena Lee Nolin.

"Now that things are settled between you, I don't want to hear of another fight or I'll be back to settle with both of you!” warned Karen.

On her way out Gena and Karen gave each other a hug. "I promise I won't pick on Pam as long as you don't get tough with me again," Gena Lee promised, recalling her feelings of fear and helplessness after Karen wrestled her to the ground after pulling her off Anderson; then again when she pressed her well-muscled body on hers.

Karen arrived at Suite 203 for her encounter with Natasha. As she knocked on the door she wondered how Charlize was making out with Rachel. Something told Karen her partner was doing fine. Natasha was quite thrilled to open her door and find Karen standing in front of her. The two women shared a glass of brandy and engaged in trivial conversation as they secretly sized up one another. Natasha proved to be a gracious hostess-until it was time for business. Natasha took off her light blue robe and faced Karen wearing a white lace bra and panties. Her tall lean body was very fit and a bit harder and more muscular than one would originally surmise with her clothes on.

Putting her hands on her hips, she smirked at Karen and chided, "Karen, did you really think beating up little Britney would advance your reputation as some sort of tough girl? You're nothing but a little punk begging for a beating!”

Natasha began to do stretching exercises awaiting Karen's response. The lovely brunette said nothing as she sized up the blonde’s long, sleek body. Karen believed she could win a breast or thigh war against Natasha and had more confidence in a wrestling match than she did in boxing where the blond had about a two inch height advantage with long arms and legs. As Natasha continued to stretch, she looked at Karen for her response. Karen was removing her security blouse. After tossing it on a chair she kicked off her shoes and skirt. The lovely brunette revealed herself in a skimpy and sensuous anaconda skin bra and panties.

"Let's skip the talk," Karen finally replied as she eyed the 5'10” white-laced blond. "We both know why I'm here!"

Natasha and Karen put up their fists and circled each other preparing to strike. The sleek blond jabbed the athletic brunette twice before landing a straight right to Karen's face. Karen backed up a step as Natasha continued to jab and prod. The brunette moved in and smashed a left hook to the blonde’s belly causing Natasha to back up to catch her breath. Karen moved forward throwing punches as she forced her adversary into a corner of the luxury suite. She snapped three more hard body shots before Natasha struck the aggressive brunette with a snapping knee to her abs. A surprised Karen fell to her knees.

"What's wrong, Karen?" gloated the tough blond. "Can't handle big girls?"

She bent forward and punched Karen in the face. Karen threw herself at Natasha from her knees as she wrapped her arms around the blonde’s thighs. But Natasha reigned down a flurry of punches to the back of the brunette's head and neck. Karen was getting dizzy from the blows. The dangerous and sexy blond then grabbed Karen by her hair and loosening her thighs from Karen's grip, pulled the struggling brunette's neck between them.

But Natasha didn't have much time to apply pressure as Karen launched a powerful right from her knees to her opponent's groin. The brunette's punch caused Natasha to double over grimacing and Karen was able to free herself from the lethal blonde’s clutches. Staggering to her feet as Natasha rushed toward her, Karen blocked most of her punches. But the tall blond was still having her way until the battling brunette stepped back and struck Natasha with a front kick to her belly which knocked her to the carpet on her butt.

Karen moved toward Natasha, but the athletic blond got to her feet quickly, ready with another flurry of punches as Karen came in range. The two beauties slugged away; Karen snapped a devastating left hook to Natasha's ribs which buckled her knees, then finished with a right cross to Natasha's chin that dropped her to the carpet again. But the sultry blond kicked her long legs out at Karen, preventing the sexy brunette from jumping on her.

Karen smiled, "You can get up, Natasha. I promise this won't last much longer. "

The slender but well muscled blond got to her feet and replied, "You bet it won't last much longer, baby girl! I've been taking it easy on you so far!"

Natasha assumed a kick-boxing position and began snapping lethal sidekicks to Karen's face and midsection. But the fit brunette beauty was able to block and avoid them. Karen kept her hands low baiting Natasha to kick at her lovely face. The statuesque blond was starting to get winded as her powerful kicks kept missing their mark. Then she saw Karen's hands low and launched a kick to her chin. Karen dodged the blow and quickly rushed a slightly off balance Natasha. She threw her shapely body into the blond as the two women scuffled briefly at close range, both off balance, until Karen tripped Natasha to the carpet.

The brunette pounced on the blond as Natasha punched and kicked, desperately trying to prevent Karen from climbing on top of her. The brunette enforcer returned hard and precise punches to the blonde’s belly and ribs.

"Oooohhh!" Natasha groaned.

The blond ripped off Karen's tight bra and Karen returned the favor, yanking off Natasha's bra. Both women were sweat-glistened as they struggled on the carpet; Natasha in her white lace panties and Karen in her more revealing anaconda skin bottom which hardly hid what it was intended to.

Karen began to overpower Natasha and was able to clasp her hands around the blonde’s wrists as she pushed her buff body completely on top of Natasha. Pinning her opponent's arms to the carpet, Karen raised herself in a pushup position before thudding her big bare breasts and hard nipples into Natasha's naked smaller breasts and nipples. The brunette fitness beauty inhaled and exhaled slowly and deeply as her bigger breasts and nipples pushed into the blonde’s full size but smaller pair.

Natasha felt herself being overpowered by the brunette beauty. Unable to move her arms, she felt trapped and growing weaker as Karen's more womanly nipples pierced hers. Natasha was able to free her right leg from Karen's control, lifted her lower back off the carpet and smashed her knee into the brunette's lower back. Two more hard blows from her knee to the same spot had Karen wincing in pain. The fighting blond was finally able to power the brunette off of her.

Natasha was not accustomed to long drawn out fights. She was used to ending them quickly because of her superior fighting prowess. She was surprised and concerned that the brunette security guard was such a difficult opponent for her. Natasha took a deep breath and understood she must end it very soon. The two beauties faced each other on their knees with both sweaty and breathing heavily.

"What's wrong, Natasha, you look worried?" teased Karen as she stalked her blond opponent on her knees.

Natasha kept backing away, but suddenly, the slick blond pushed up with her arms and flashed her long legs out at Karen as the brunette crawled forward. Natasha had her deadly legs wrapped around Karen's neck and began to squeeze! The brunette desperately tried to free herself and her hands tried to rip Natasha's legs apart to no avail. Natasha began to apply more pressure and Karen's mouth gaped open as her head twisted down toward the carpet in her search for ways to retaliate.

Finally, Karen, maneuvering her body, thrust her right knee into the blonde’s butt and followed with another to her lower back. Natasha screamed from the pain as the brunette freed herself from the blonde’s powerful legs.

Both combatant's faced each other again on their knees. As Natasha moved forward to strike, Karen softened her with two body blows before clinching with her deadly adversary. The two women began to wrestle at close range, their breasts pressing into each other as each sought an advantage. Karen began to overpower Natasha as the lovely brunette roughed up the sexy blond and began to have her way. Natasha struggled frantically as Karen forced her onto the carpet and began to beat her like a yard dog. Natasha punched back, not realizing until it was too late that the brunette beauty, in her sensuous anaconda skin, had snaked her strong and shapely legs around her own.

Karen twisted Natasha onto her side as both women flexed their thigh muscles at the same time. Natasha felt her sleek, silky thighs squeezed tighter together by her lovely opponent. She tried to reach back and punch Karen who was lying behind her. The strong, sensuous brunette forced her right arm into a half nelson and pulled the blonde’s long hair back as Natasha grunted as she strained her thighs to the max. Karen smiled into Natasha's face then began flexing and rippling her powerful, sexy thighs with greater authority. Natasha's mouth opened, she gasped and then tears began streaming down her ruddy cheeks.

"What's wrong, Natasha? I hope I'm not hurting you!" teased a smiling Karen, flexing her thigh muscles even tighter. Her anaconda panties had slipped below her rear and were pressing tightly into the blonde’s white lace bottom. Natasha was crying and quivering; spittle was dribbling from the corner of her mouth and Karen could feel Natasha’s panties getting wet. She loosened her boa constrictor Leg Scissors and asked, "So, Natasha; ya wanna give up?"

"YESSSSSS!” squealed the beaten blond.

"You bit off more than you can chew this time, blondie,” Karen chuckled. “Hope you learned your lesson!" She released her vanquished rival, pulled Natasha to her feet and with a fistful of golden hair ‘helped’ her out the door and into an elevator. The victorious brunette enforcer called the police on her cell phone as the elevator descended and by the time it reached the ground floor, she was able to lead her prisoner out and throw her into the back seat of a police car.

Elizabeth Hurley waved to Karen as she led Natasha out, chuckling as the police car drove away with Karen sitting very close to the tall blond who was still sobbing and trembling like a leaf.