Julia Schultz vs. Holly Hart by Southgate
Julia Schultz waits confidently for her match with Holly Jean Hart. Almost 2" taller than Holly, the solid young blonde studies her foe. While both are introduced at a weight of 125lbs, Julia looks considerably bigger. She eyes the young black woman's muscular legs and her narrow, hard butt. OK, thinks Julia, this is one strong bitch. Julia smiles as her eyes move up to Holly's chest. She taunts her foe, "Hey, I'm didn't know that I'd be fighting a guy tonight." Hart glares at her. The blonde removes her bikini top and slaps her wide hips.

"Hell, somebody has to show the crowd some T&A, you sure aren't doing your share!"

Turning to the crowd, Julie continues, "This was suppose to be a catfight. I guess we'll just settle for a cat and dog fight." The crowd hoots at Julie's antics. Holly stands quietly limbering up, ignoring all the noise. Schultz, not getting any reaction from Holly, marches over to her corner. The blonde stops to shake her boobs directly in front of Hart.

Again, the crowd hoots. Holly just stares hard into the blonde's eyes. For a moment, the intensity of the stare takes the smile from Julia's face, but she quickly recovers, turns around, thrusts out her butt, knocking Holly back a step as she marches back to her corner.

As the bell rings, both women rush forward. As they come together, Julia's right foot lashes out and slams into Holly's belly with enough force to doubles her up. Schultz slams a fist into the black woman's ear, grabs her by the hair and face slams Hart to the mat. Holly hits hard but is up quickly on her knees.

Julia moves in behind her, wraps both arms around Holly's neck. Clamping her hands tight together, Julia uses the full nelson to yank Holly to her feet. Schultz uses her height advantage to stretch Holly up and back, but soon finds her self in an intense test of strength and will. While the blonde musters all of her strength to try to dislocate Holly's shoulder blades, every muscle in Hart's sleek back ripples as she doggedly pulls her shoulders forward. Julia has better leverage. She grunts loudly as she bears down on Hart's shoulders, moves her slowly around the ring.

For more than 30 seconds, the advantage seems to stay with the tall blonde. But slowly, she tires, as Hart's efforts

to break free are relentless. Finally, Holly shoves her butt backward as she draws her shoulders in. She breaks free. The women circle, each taking a few moments to recover.

Julia lunges at Holly. The fast brunette hip tosses her hard to the mat. The blonde scrambles to her feet and lunges again. She catches Holly in a headlock and twists her foe's head with violent snaps. Holly, unsuccessful in her squirming to pull her head free, wraps her arms around the blonde's waist and squeezes. Schultz is suddenly on defense, as the black beauty's steel grasp is crushing her ribs. Schultz slips her left arm down around Holly's neck. Her right unloads a merciless series of punches to Holly's face. As Hart's waist grip loosens, Julia throws her down to the mat and leaps, knees first into Holly's back. Schultz twice more drives her knees into Holly's back. The blonde scrambles to her feet and drops her knee across the back of Holly's neck. Hart's whole body shutters, then lies flat on the mat.

On her feet and smiling, Julia grabs Holly's hair with her right hand and her bikini briefs with her left. Schultz hoists the screaming black girl up off the mat, swings her around in circles and throws her across the ring. Hart lands hard on her belly. Again, Schultz moves in on her. The blonde launches herself and again lands with her knees squarely planted in the small of Holly's back. Straddling her victim's back, Schultz wraps her fingers under Holly's chin and yanks backward.

"Give it up, Holly, you're out of your league," taunts the blonde.

Holly braces herself. She plants her hands down on the mat, pushes up with her knees. The muscles in her arms and legs strain. Her neck takes the brunt of Julia's attack. With a huge effort, the powerful Hart pops to her knees and succeeds in unseating the surprised blonde. Schultz is quickly on her feet.

As Holly rises, Julia is on her. Grabbing the black woman's hair, Julia slams her knee into Hart's side and shoves her

forward into the corner. The big blonde drives her knee into Holly's lower back but recoils abruptly as Holly's twists around and slams her left elbow into the blonde's chest. Holly spins the stunned blonde around, shoves her backward in the corner and slams an uppercut into Julia's chin. The blonde is seeing stars.

Holly drives her knee up into Julia's crotch, lifting her off her feet. Hart's left fist disappears in the blonde's belly. Hart lets Schultz drop to her knees in front of her. The blonde struggles to get to her feet. Holly again buries a punch deep in her gut, wraps her left arm around Julia's neck, trapping her in a reverse headlock. Hart beats her fist into Julia's ribs, belly and boobs. Julia legs wobble under the pounding.

Holly stops, drags Schultz forward, pulling the blonde's head between her iron thighs. The blonde yelps as the trap shuts around her neck. Quickly Schultz moves her hands forward, around the black woman's butt. She tries to dig her fingers in, but quickly discovers that Hart's butt is granite hard. The blonde screams as her captor notches up the pressure crushing her neck.

Schultz rakes her nails down the back of Holly's thighs, but the black girl holds her ground, once more notching up the pressure around Julia's neck. Hart hisses, "You're damn lucky it ain't worth the trouble to break your neck." Holly slams a devastating ax handle down into Julia's back. Wrapping her arms around Julia's waist, Holly lifts her up, upending the big blonde. Hart moves to the center of the ring. Her arms squeeze tight around Julia's waist as she shakes and bounces the big blonde like a rag doll. As Julia struggles, her head drops dangerously between Holly's thighs. Again, black steel clamps shut around the blonde's neck. Hart, using her arms and legs, ratchets up the pressure for a moment that seems like an eternity to Schultz. Mercifully, she pile drives the blonde into the mat. Holly stares down at the blonde.

Schultz lies on her back, holding her neck, cursing softly, "You F***in bitch, I'll get you..."

Hart slips down next to Schultz.

"Some fools never learn their lessons," Holly laughs, as she wraps her thighs around Julia's waist. Holding the blonde around the head with her right arm, Hart squeezes her thighs tight around the big blonde's waist. Schultz screams, feeling like her ribs are about to break. Holly's arm presses hard against Julia's face, distorting her features.

Schultz desperately lashes out with her fingernails, trying to find something to attack. Holly grabs her left wrist and holds it tight. Hart wraps her right hand around Julia's mouth and nose. The blonde bucks for a few moments, as Hart plays with her, smothering her, then letting her gulp in a mouthful of air. Finally, Holly slaps Julia's face lightly, looks her in the eye and says, "I'd like to stay and play, but I've got a busy evening planned." Hart constricts her thighs as tight as she can. Schultz lets loose an agonized wail, then slips into unconsciousness.