Karin Taylor vs. Julia Schultz by Southgate
Karin Taylor, at 28, has little patience for mouthy white girls and the 19 year old Julia Schultz, her opponent for the evening, is just another example of all the things she can't stand. The two women stand at opposite corners, Julia in a skimpy black thong bikini, that shows off her curves and muscular legs, Karin in a white bikini that barely contains her boobs. Both 5'9" tall, Julia looks considerably more solid, Karin is all muscle is just a couple of pounds lighter.

As soon as the bell rings, both women move confidently toward the center of the ring. Karin moves lightly on balls of her feet, bobbing and bouncing as she looks for openings. Her fast hands fake slaps at Julia's head. The blonde holds her ground, blocking effectively. Karin lashes out with her left leg; a high kick smacks into Julia's left arm, the blonde backs away. Karin dances in again. She fakes a high kick that draws Julia's guard up. Taylor connects with a blistering jolt to the blonde's ribs. Hurt, the blonde backs away with Karin in pursuit.

Over-eager, a slightly off-balance Karin throws another kick at Julia's ribs, but the blonde catches her leg at the ankle and dumps the black woman on her ass. Karin twists free and is up on her feet in a moment. Julia charges her, clips Karin's jaw with a straight arm right but receives a backhand slap across her mouth for her effort. Karin dances out of range and then moves back in. Her fast hands frustrate the blonde. Taylor slaps and backhands Julia face, backs out and quickly comes in low. She nails the blonde in the gut with a short but effective jab.

Backing out immediately, Taylor quickly advances again, easily slipping Schultz's defenses. Karin slaps Julia's face at will. Schultz, red-faced and bruised, wades in. Two hands grab Karin's hair, yanking her head down. Julia jams her right knee up into Karin's head. Holding the black woman bent forward, Schultz yanks hard on her hair, dragging the struggling Karin half way across the ring. The blonde's left leg kicks out and twice her foot flattens Taylor's left boob. Taylor twists violently and the forces Schultz off -balance.

Julia, still holding Karin's hair, drops to her butt, pulling Karin down on top of her. Julia gets her left leg up over Karin, but her wiry foe catches the blonde's right knee between her legs, frustrating Julia's attempt to apply a scissors. As the two struggle, Taylor grabs Julia's right wrist and pins her arm the mat. Shifting around, Karin lies diagonally across her blonde foe. She shifts her left knee and pins Julia's right arm. Taylor is works her way up to knees. Her left forearm slams hard against Julia's throat. The tough blonde nearly powers her way up, but Taylor grabs her hair and with a yank bounces her head against the mat. Schultz manages to grab a handful of Karin's hair with her right hand and struggles to roll Taylor off of her. Julia yanks her pinned arm free and threatens to escape. Karin presses her chest down on top of Schultz and spreads her legs wide apart for leverage.

Karin's left arm is wrapped tight behind Julia's neck. The blondes left hand still holds a hand full of Karin's hair. Both woman are yanking viciously on their foe's hair. Schultz seems to be getting the better of the exchange until Karin's right fist pounds into Julia's gut. As Julia recoils, she rolls to her left side. Karin, lying over her uses her right hand hair hold to bounce Julia's head against the mat. While her left hand, wrapped tight in Julia's hair, holds the blonde's head on the mat, Taylor's right shoots forward and clips Julia in the chin. Schultz musters her strength and rolls onto her belly. Karin kneels over her and claps a claw hold on the prone Julia's neck.

Schultz struggles to her knees, but Karin yanks her hair, forcing her head back to the mat. Taylor spins around so that she kneels in front of the blonde. She drives her knees into Julia's head. The blonde's butt is still up, too tempting a target. Karin reaches forward, grabs Schultz's bikini briefs and pulls them forward, giving Schultz a nasty wedgie. Karin stands and hair-hauls Julia to her feet. A thundering uppercut slams into Julia's chin and the blonde is once more on her ass.

Karin lets her stand back up and moves in with her fists raised. Karin is once more the aggressor, using a combination of slaps and head-hunting kicks to back Julia across the ring.

Taylor starts targeting Julia's left side, landing a number of punches and kicks. Julia tries to protect her side, but she leaves her stomach open. Karin drives two big kicks into her foe's belly and follows up with three quick, hard punches that slam in just below Julia's navel. Again, Schultz has had enough and wades in, ignoring Taylor's assault. Julia traps Karin on the ropes. As the women struggle, Julia slips behind the black woman, bending her far forward. Schultz rocks Karin with three jolting knee drives that slam into the brunette's back. Julia slips one arm around Karin and sinks her fingernails into Karin's big soft tits. Taylor curses and struggles mightily.

Karin drives an elbow backwards into Julia's ribs. She reaches down and grabs Julia's left leg. Yanking it up, the women fall backward. Julia lands hard with Karin on top of her. Taylor quickly shifts her body up and slips her right arm around Julia's head. Julia manages to roll to her side, forcing Taylor off of her, but Karin maintains her headlock, with her right arm tight around Julia's neck. Schultz kicks and curses, trying to break free. Karin's left hand grabs Julia's mouth and nose as she tries to smother the big blonde. Julia tries to bite her hand. Karin slaps her hard it the face, grabs her nose and gives it a malicious twist. Schultz manages to get her left leg up over Karin's waist. She reaches up with her right hand and grabs a handful of Taylor's hair, yanking her head way back. The two women struggle, straining every muscle to seize the advantage.

Karin's scalp burns but she bears down on her headlock. As Julia threatens to rip her hair out in clumps, Karin's left hand slaps back and forth on Julia's face. Julia is jerking Karin's head side to side as Karin beats her face. Both women are flailing their legs. Their bodies slowly circle around the mat as they struggle. Karin manages to pull Julia left arm to the mat and traps it between her thighs. Leaning her chest heavily on Julia's Karin uses both hands to try to smother Julia unconscious, covering her nose and mouth. The younger blonde's body jerks and rocks violently, nearly dislodging her tormentor.

Her left arm still trapped, Julia lets go of Karin's hair and goes after her face, clawing, slapping and scratching. Julia manages to rake Karin's eyes. She nearly pulls her trapped arm free, but Karin recaptures it. Julia's left hand again attacks Karin's face, landing a series of short range but nasty punches to the side of Karin's face. Schultz fights with her whole body. Though on her back, she shoves her right knee up into Karin's hip. The blonde wraps her right hand around Karin's throat, but Karin quickly jabs a finger into Julia's throat to neutralize her. Schultz rakes Karin's back with her fingernails.

With a howl, Taylor thunders her fist into the side of Julia's face. Julia is KO'd. Her body goes slack for several seconds. Karin lies on top of her, trying to catch her breath.

Schultz snaps back to life, wraps her left arm around Karin's neck and finally gets her big legs wrapped tight around the thin black woman's waist. Chest to chest, Schultz holds Karin tight.

With a roar, Schultz squeezes her vice around her foe. This is one powerful young blonde. Karin's ribs feel like they will soon break. Taylor rakes her fingernails along Julia's side. Working her hands up, Karin finds Julia's boobs, pressing out between their bodies. She digs her fingers in. Schultz wails, lets go of Karin's head and tries to pull her hands away. But Karin slips her hands free.

Lifting her body up off of Julia, Karin fires off a thundering punch into the blonde's chin. She rolls Julia onto her back. Lying across Schultz, Karin traps the blonde in a punishing head lock. Karin's arm muscles bulge as she tightens the noose around Julia's neck. Schultz struggles grow more feeble as Karin wears her down. But the blonde manages to twist her head around and sinks her teeth into Karen's arm. Taylor screams, slaps Julia across the face as she rolls away.

Both women rise slowly to their feet. Both of their faces show the effects of the grueling fight. Fists raised, the two come together. Twice Karin nearly takes Julia's head off with remarkably high kicks that Julia manages to deflect just enough to stay in the fight. Schultz is retreating, but her defense is at least partially effective. It is evident that she is exhausted. Karin, however, seems to have found a second wind. Nearly trapped in the corner, Julia lunges at Karin, catches her bikini top and rips it off. Unfazed, Karin stays on the offensive, slapping and kicking Julia around the ring. As she move in close to land an blistering slap across Julia's face, Schultz takes the hit, but pokes her fingers into Karin's eyes.

Grabbing Karin's hair, Julia runs her head first into the corner turnbuckle. Schultz spins Karin around. Holding her by the hair, she bends her low and unleashes a brutal kicking attack on Karin's head and then on her boobs. Karin is dazed for the first time in the fight. Her legs are getting wobbly as Julia kicks the stuffing's out of her. Schultz is nearly spent herself. She throws Karin to the mat and leaps on her. She lands a series of elbow smashes across Karin's chest. The blonde rolls onto her side, wraps her legs around Karin's waist and her arms around her neck. She puts on the big squeeze. For nearly 30 seconds, Schultz gives it all she has. Taylor struggles, screams, twists. Julia is too tired to put Karin away. Karin manages to twists around.

Breaking her head free, Karin head-butts the weary blonde. Schultz tries to claw Karin's face, to hold her off, but Taylor shifts her body around, yanks Julia's head between her thin, steel thighs and clamps shut. The blonde's body shutters for a few moments, and then Julia gurgles our her surrender.