The Superior Race?: Julia Schultz & Karin Taylor

It was about 8 p.m. when Karin finally saw her chance to confront Julia. Following Julia into the stockroom of the department store, Karin came up on her from behind.

"Shit!" exclaimed Julia, startled. "You scared me."

"Sorry," grinned Karin, "I didn't mean too."

Julia turned to face Karin, and gave her a quick look from the bottom up. "Is there something you want?"

"Well, yes...actually I've been waiting to catch you alone and discuss something that you said a couple of days ago," said Karin, folding her arms under her breasts.

"Yes, go on," said Julia, shifting her hips and folding her arms under her breasts.

"Do you recall saying something about white people being superior to black people?" asked Karin, glaring at her.

"I didn't say that," denied Julia, shaking her head.

"Hhmmm," Karin pretend to think. "You didn't say anything like that?"

"No, of course not," said Julia. "Who told you that?"

"That's not important," said Karin, shaking her head. "But what is important is that you said it, and now you're not woman enough to admit it to my face."

For a few seconds the two women just stood there staring at each other. Julia could tell by Karin's eyes that she knew she said it.

"Okay, fine. I said it," admitted Julia, dropping her hands on her hips. "What are you gonna do 'bout it?"

Karin raised an eyebrow. She was a little surprised, and impressed, by the young blonde's spunk. "Well, I thought we could test out your theory. That is if you're woman enough, bitch."

"Are you suggesting that we catfight each other?" asked Julia, with a toss of her hair and shift of her hips.

"You know of a better way, bitch?" asked Karin, stepping in with her hands on her hips.

Their eyes crossed and jousted. Karin gave a little shake of her hair as Julia puffed out her chest.

"Well, bitch," Julia spoke in a low, firm voice, "I'm woman enough to catfight you anytime, anywhere."

Now nose-to-nose with the tips of their breasts touching, both could feel the hairs rising on her neck and goosebumps forming around her swelling areolas.

"My place is closest, bitch...after work then," growled Karin, ready to tear into the pretty blonde any second.

"Well, bitch" said Julia, putting the tip of her nose against Karin's, "I did have plans, but your offer is better."

"Then you're on, bitch?" asked Karin, grinning.

"Yeah, bitch, I'm definitely on," beamed Julia.

The two jawed for a few more seconds as each promised the other the catfight of her life.

Both females stood 5-9 and tipped the scales around 125 pounds. But height and weight weren't the only things blonde Julia and raven-tressed Karin had in common. They also both had beautiful faces and awesome bodies! At 18, Julia's 34C-25-36 figure had shed it's girlish looks for the ripe, tender body of a young woman. She had sexy green eyes and a beautiful face that was bordered by bleached-white hair and slutty, black roots. Her breasts were young and perky and jutted out over a belly that was sleek and smooth. She had a killer, hot ass and legs that were to die for. She was also pledge president of her sorority, and had been working part time at the department store for about a year.

Karin already had the body of real woman; cut and curved, her 24-year-old figure was an impressive 34D-231/2-34. She too had a very beautiful face with pearly-white teeth and mystical brown eyes. Her black hair fell softly to her shoulders in little curls. Across the chest, Karin was racked and packed. Her dark brown areolas sat in the middle of a pair of firm, full breasts and overlooked a belly that was tight and toned. Around back, she had a hard, chiseled ass and a pair of long, chocolate legs that made men drool. She was also an unwed mother of a baby girl and going to junior college to get her LPN. She had been working full-time at the store for over three years.
With it getting close to 9 p.m., the girls quickly wrapped up their work. Julia called her sorority sisters and canceled on them while Karin phoned her grandmother and asked if the baby could just stay the night since she was already there.

"Would you like something to drink or use the bathroom before we begin?" asked Karin, closing the door of her apartment.

"I'm not here on a social call," said Julia.

"Fine," smirked Karin. "Let's moved some of this stuff around."

Julia helped Karin push back some furniture and clear out a space on the floor. Karin threw down a couple of blankets, and then they started to undress as they got very catty in an extremely sexy way.

With their eyes trained together, Karin slowly unbuttoned her white blouse as Julia unzipped her dress and carefully pulled the straps down her arms. As the anticipation built, the two females turned and traded places. Julia slid her straps off her arms and pushed the dress down to her waist as Karin undid her last button and opened her blouse. Both gazed upon the other's breasts as Julia lightly brushed her hands over the tops of her tan breasts behind her white silk bra.

"Nice...but not nice enough, bitch," said Karin, gently cupping her bigger breasts and jiggling them under her lacy white bra.

"Hmph. Just all flab!" said Julia.

Karin smiled, "You'll see."

Julia pushed her dress over her sexy, broad hips as Karin unzipped her red skirt and wormed her ass out. Both carefully stepped out of her clothes and then adjusted the waistband of their white garter belts.

"You may have the bigger tits, bitch," sneered Julia, "but you've got nothin' on me back here."

Slightly turning, the blonde ran her hand over her full, round ass and gave it a playful slap.

"Hmph. All fat!" snarled Karin. Turning sideways, she too ran her hand over her ass and slapped it. "Mine's hard and sexy."

"I hardly think so, bitch," said Julia as they rotated again. "More like small and ugly."

Standing about a foot apart or so, Julia and Karin stared into the other's eyes as they spread their legs and pulled up their garter belts again. Putting their hands back on their hips, the two women turned in a circle several times as their let their eyes do all the talking.

"Bitch," whispered Julia.

"Slut," breathed Karin

Abruptly the two stepped forward and reached out with their hands. It looked as if they might be going for each other's hair, but when their hands touched, they quickly locked fingers and started pushing and shoving each other around.

"Uumm," grunted Julia, her arms going every which way. Karin gave a grunt also as the blonde nearly twisted her wrists back. Pushing each other back and forth, their stocking-clad toes gripped the blankets as they strained to break each other over.

"Uunn,'' huffed Karin as the blonde nearly bent her knees but Karin reversed the motion and had the blonde close to buckling.

"Ow," winced Julia, flexing her muscles as she turned back Karin's wrists and brought her to her toes.

Karin gritted her teeth and rolled her hands over. "OW! OW! OW!" yelped the young blonde, almost down on one knee.

"Hurts, don't it, bitch?" smirked Karin.

Julia squinted her eyes as she rose and muttered, "Eat shit!"

Pushing together, their arms went out as their chests bumped breasts. Arms flew up and then down as they stepped back and took each other to her toes. Both winced, but refused to give as they shoved back into each other. Karin turned back Julia's wrists. The blonde bit her lower lip, but reversed the action. Karin gasped as her knees now knocked.

"Uunngg!" grunted Karin, forcing herself up to her toes and rolling over Julia's wrists.

"Ow! Fuck!" barked Julia, sent to both knees with her hands behind her ears.

"All the way, bitch," ordered Karin, pushing Julia backwards towards the floor.

The blonde yelped, but had no choice as her fingers felt as if they were about to break. As Julia went to her back, Karin spread out her legs and straddled over her. Pinning Julia's hands over her head, Karin nestled her ass across the blonde' chest and put her in a schoolgirl pin.

"' off," huffed Julia, kicking and bucking and trying to work her hands free.

"No, I don't think so," taunted Karin, working her firm ass against Julia's sinking breasts. "Give up, bitch?"

Julia continued to struggle. "No. Never. Le' me up an fight."

Karin wiggled some more, "Alright, bitch...but you better be tougher than this."

Getting to her feet, Karin stepped across Julia and gave her cheek a playful, yet stinging SLAP!

"Ouch! Bitch!" winced the blonde, touching her pretty, soft cheek.

Karin stepped back. "Get up, slut. Let's cat."

Julia scooted back, giving herself some room as Karin motioned with her hands and told her to get up again. Keeping her eyes on Karin, Julia cautiously got up and pushed her hair out of her eyes. Now crouching over, the foxy black and sexy blonde circled once and then pounced on each other.

"Oooww! Bitch!" yelped Julia as Karin pulled on her hair.

"Shit! You slut!" Karin swore as the back of her hair was yanked.

Spinning in a circle and doubled over at the waist, Karin and Julia flat tore into each others hair. Savagely they jerked and yanked on each other for a solid 30 seconds before Karin pulled Julia into a crushing bear hug.

"Uugghh!" grunted the blonde as the pain in her head was transferred around her ribs.

"Oohh you, bitch," grunted Karin, flexing her arms tightly. "I'm gonna bust your fuckin' ribs."

"Uunngg!" Julia grunted again, throwing her arms around Karin's shoulders but the advantage was Karin's. With her arms on the inside, she was able to apply pressure directly against Julia's torso while the blonde was only able to work on Karin' upper back.

"Oohh gawd," moaned Julia, squeezed and lifted off the floor.

"Fuckin' white bitch," Karin swore, her superior black breasts crushing and mashing Julia's smaller breasts.

Julia tried to get her arms between Karin's arms, but the black fox squeezed and lifted her off the floor again.

"Uuunnnggg!" groaned Julia, very deeply and grabbing the back of Karin's hair and yanking.

"Ooww! My hair!" cried Karin, but squeezing even harder.

"Uuummmppphhh!" moaned Julia, her lungs burning and bruising.

THUD! Julia dropped to both knees and doubled over on her elbows clutching her stomach.

"Bitch!" huffed Karin, her fist fresh off some major damage. Julia remained at Karin's feet for a few more seconds before rolling over on her side, but still folded up. Karin backed up and rubbed the back of her head as she stared down at her white enemy. "Get your blonde ass up, bitch," said Karin, stepping Julia's way and reaching for the top of her hair.

"Oouuch," winced Julia, hauled to her knees.

Suddenly Julia threw her arms around Karin's thighs and drove her shoulder into her midsection. The surprise move caught Karin off balance, and she fell over on the couch taking Julia with her by the hair. The two bounced, and Karin tried to get her legs around Julia's back, but the blonde leaned back and slapped the black across her tits. Karin gasped, and they then fell off the edge and landed on the blankets in a pile of arms and legs. Now turned facing each other, Karin and Julia ran their hands inside of each other's hair while their super-sexy legs locked nylons and fought. Together they pulled very, very hard on each other's hair as they rolled slowly around on the soft, blue blankets. Over the grunts and groans, Karin and Julia cussed each other as their silk nylons whispered a catfighting tune of their own. Julia's white stockings and Karin's sheer natural-nylons rubbed and flexed from thigh to ankle as neither pair of highly-toned limbs could break the other.

" black fuck," grunted Julia, on bottom, but giving Karin's lower back a fist.

Karin was rolled over and now pinned below Julia's grinding, pressing body. "Oooohh...white cunt."

A fist to the ribs removed the luscious blonde. They traded kidney and rib shots a couple of more times as their legs began to weaken from the intense dueling that they were having.

"Oh, you slut!" muttered Karin, as she dragged out a handful of bright, blond hair from the side of Julia's head.

"Ooooowwww!!" wailed Julia, her black eye liner smearing with tears.

Rolling into a straddle position over Julia, Karin bitch-slapped the shit out of her and grabbed her around the throat. Julia's eyes went white and she clawed at Karin's hand and forearm. Karin held her grip and took a handful of hair from the top of her head.

Thump! thump! thump! thump! thump! Julia's teeth rattled as her head was bounced like a ball up and down on the blanket.

"Still think white's are tougher, bitch?" asked Karin, getting her nails in Julia's throat as she now started to stretch out that handful of hair she was banging with. Unable to scratch or pull Karin's hand off, Julia switched tactics and went for the black girl's big bra dangling defenselessly down.

"Uuuuummmm! Fuck!" swore Karin, as Julia's hair came out in her hand while her tits were attacked.

Instead of defending her tits or attacking Julia's tits, Karin wrapped both hands around Julia's throat and looked to choke her out. Julia, bucking and kicking and squeezing Karin's tits, let go and jabbed a finger in Karin's right eye.

"Aaaaarrrggggg!!!" screamed Karin, blind and really hurt for the first time in the catfight.

With the help of a buck, Karin easily fell off backwards and rolled out of harms way as Julia clasped her raw throat and labored deeply for much needed air. In very intense pain, Karin was sobbing and rubbing her eye very hard. She was open and defenseless and scared that she was about to get the shit beat out of her now. But Julia was in absolutely no shape to take advantage. Still gasping for air, she knew she was wasting valuable time, but unable to do anything about it. She only hoped she could muster the energy up before Karin did. They both realized that once the fight was on again, the winner would show the loser no mercy.

"You bitch," muttered Julia, getting to all-fours and crawling towards Karin who was sitting on her knees, slightly bent over, still rubbing on her eye as Julia crawled toward her from behind.

"Oooww!" squealed Karin, her head snapping backward as her hair was pulled.

Julia yanked hair with one hand and gave her a kidney punch with the other. Twisting Karin around by the hair, Julia then threw her face down in the middle of the floor and straddled her across the back.

"You fuckin' Black ape," swore Julia, pulling back on two fists of hair and stretching Karin's head back.

"Aaaaahhhhh! Leeeee' ggggoooo! Oooooowwww!" cried Karin, losing a handful of hair.

"I fuckin' hate your black ass," Julia said, scooting up Karin's back and shoving her face into the blanket. Julia grabbed her panties and pulled it up her back. Karin wailed as her long, sexy crack filled up, and then started to squirt tears as Julia spanked her ass.

"You ready to admit whites are better than blacks, bitch?" asked Julia, leaning over in Karin's ear.

"Fuck you! Never!" bawled Karin, throwing back an elbow that cut Julia’s right cheekbone, stunning her just long enough for Karin to buck and turn over. Still between Julia's legs, Karin was at least on her back and in a position to use her hands, and although her eye was puffy, she was now able to see a little bit better out of it. But the blonde was still very much in control, and a slap across Karin's cheek was testament of the fact.

"You bitch!" shouted Julia, dabbing her cut and noticing the blood on her fingers.

WHACK! Julia backhanded the shit out of Karin, her ring cutting the flesh above her lip.

"GGGRRR!" Julia growled, going now for Karin's big, chocolate jugs as they lay halfway out of her white bra.

"Oooowww!" wailed Karin, feeling Julia's fingernails sink in and screw.

Grabbing the blonde's bra, Karin jerked it down and exposed Julia's young, tan puppies.

"Ooohhh fuuuuck!" cried Julia as her firm orbs were painfully squeezed and slammed together. For several grueling moments Julia milked Karin's tits like a cow as the Black beauty squeezed and slammed the blonde's tits repeatedly.

"Uuuunnggg!" Julia screamed as her left areola was stretched out.

SLAP! A hard slap across the right side of her face knocked Julia off, and Karin quickly rolled to her knees.

"You white fuck," swore Karin, sending an ax handle chop across Julia's soft, tan tummy.

"Oooommpphh!!" grunted Julia, jacking forward.

Karin shoved Julia back down and mounted her. Grabbing the blonde by the top of her hair, Karin put back-to-back bitch-slaps across Julia's pretty face. But a right-hook out of nowhere caught Karin across the jaw and knocked her off.

"Uumm...shit," moaned Karin, getting to all-fours and shaking out the cobwebs. Julia sat up holding her stomach and tenderly touching her cheek.

"You ready to give, bitch?" asked Karin, turning around on her knees and facing the blonde.

The teary-eyed blonde said nothing. She just moaned and went slowly back to her backside with both arms around her belly. Karin crawled over and easily straddled her. Dropping her hot, brown ass across Julia's chest, she pinned the blonde's arms underneath her ass and between her thighs.

"P…p…please," whimpered Julia. "I...I'm...sorry."

Karin shook her head as she took two big fists of Julia's hair. "It's too late for that, bitch!" Four or five times Karin pulled Julia's head off the floor, held it, and then slammed it back down. Each time making Julia repeat that she was sorry. "I think I'll take a souvenir of our fight," said Karin as she pulled very hard on a fistful of hair. Julia, crying like a baby, screamed and kicked as Karin extracted a nice chunk of hair from on top. "What was that you were saying about white people being better, bitch?" laughed Karin; fisting Julia across the mouth with that handful of hair.

Bouncing her buttocks against Julia's bare breasts, Karin reached around behind herself and found the waistband of Julia's thong. Julia, half dazed, cried out sharply and bucked as her pussy was filled with her thong. "Awe...does that hurt, bitch?" teased Karin. "I hope you're not a virgin. I hope I didn't bust your little cherry." Karin, still holding a handful of Julia's hair, slipped her fingers around the crotch of the thong and dug it out of the blonde's smooth, clean cunt lips. "Mmmmm, someone's wet," taunted Karin, running her sticky fingers under Julia's nose. "How's your pussy smell?"

"P…p…'ve won. I'm sorry for what I said," cried Julia, lightly squirming between the beautiful chocolate ass and thighs.

"Are you a virgin, bitch?" asked Karin, putting her hand back on Julia's beaver. "You ever take a black inside?"

Julia, sobbing, "NO! No, please...please just lemme go; I wanna go home."

"They say once you go black, you don't go back," said Karin, slipping a pair of fingers between the folds of the blonde's plump, pink pussy lips. Julia sobbed and twitched her hips, but there was nothing she could do but moan as Karin plunged two fingers deep within her walls. "Mmmmm," moaned Karin playfully. "All hot, wet and tight. You are a nasty little slut, aren't you." Julia continued to cry, even harder now as Karin worked her ass over her tits and gave her sweet, sweet pussy a good stroking. Somewhat turned on herself, Karin let go of Julia's hair and ran her hand inside of her own thong. Finding her own clit, Karin then found Julia's clit and rubbed them at the same time. "Mmmmm...feels good, don't it?" asked Karin, laying back her head as she gyrated on Julia's tits and firmly stroked their elongated clits. Between sobs, Julia moaned as her pussy began to boil and leak out pre-cum juice. She could feel Karin's thong getting wet at the crotch and could smell the sweet odor of her juices dripping out.

", no (sob, sob)...I'm gonna…" moaned the young blonde as her pussy tightened around Karin's fingers and soaked them with her cum.

Karin, close to cumming herself, lifted up her hips and dropped her snatch over Julia's mouth. Julia muttered for a second before tasting the cum of Karin's pussy as it soaked the crotch of her thong. Karin degraded Julia as she moved her pussy up and down her face, smearing the scent her superior womanhood.

"Lights out, bitch!" said Karin, suddenly sitting back on Julia's chest and slugging her across the chin.




Three hard, consecutive right hooks busted open Julia's lips and knocked her blond ass cold. Grabbing Julia by the top of the hair, Karin dragged her to the door and threw her out on the concrete sidewalk.

Stepping over Julia, Karin jabbed her in the ribs with her foot as she snarled, "Be sure an’ lemme know if you got any more racial theories about white superiority; I sure enjoyed helping you research this one!"