Layla Roberts vs. Julia Schultz by Kit

Layla, Julia, Heather Kozar and Lynn Thomas all went with Lisa Dergan to her family's condo in Colorado to go skiing. On the third night of their stay in the two-story home, all the girls were sitting around the fireplace in the living room drinking wine, eating light snacks and having some good ol' girl talk. Eventually the conversation turned to sex. All the girls bragged about what wonderful fucks they were, how much they could take in them, sucking dicks and all kinda shit like that.

"Has anyone ever been with another woman?" asked Heather with a devilish grin.

They all giggled and looked at each other, wondering if anyone of them had.

Finally, Julia spoke up. "Well...I kinda was," she said in a sheepish tone.

The other's cooed and egged her on to tell more.

"Well, it started out as a fight, but ended up with us doing it," she said. "I was 17 and..."

Layla pulled the quilt up around her shoulders as she sat on the couch with her legs crossed. She listened as the sexy blonde sitting across from her told her story. She found herself getting wet and began to firmly squeeze and rub her cunt as Julia described how the fight moved from being a hair pulling and face slapping event to a sexfight. She remembered the time in high school when she and another cheerleader got into a fight in the shower of the lockerroom. The feel of another woman's body against hers had aroused her, and if she hadn't been locked in a violent struggle with the other bitch, she herself might be telling this story also. She inserted her finger between her wet folds and nearly orgasmed when her finger touched her throbbing clit. Later that night in bed, Layla fingered herself to a big climax thinking about Julia.

The next day, she and Julia found themselves riding the lift together. As much as Layla admired Julia's body, she also was very jealous of her. She thought that Julia had a great shot at being PMOY.

"About that story you told last night," said Layla. "Have you ever wanted to do it again?"

"Depends," said Julia looking into her eyes.

"On what?" asked Layla.

"If the other bitch is as sexy as me and if I'd enjoy getting it on with her both fighting and fucking," she answered giving Layla's ski boot a slight nudge with her own.

" would I stack up?" asked Layla nudging her foot back.

Julia licked her tongue across the top of her lip and said, "'d stack up just fine."

"So, are you saying that you'd be willing?" asked Layla.

"I've wanted to get at you from the moment I meet you," she said.

"Really?!" asked Layla.

"Oh yeah! Frankly, I was kinda hoping to somehow drag you into a catfight this week, but now this way, I get to scratch you up with my nails plus put my pussy all over your face," she said moving closer so that she was nearly nose to nose with Layla.

"Listen, bitch," said Layla looking into her eyes. "I'll have you know that you're not dealing with some little school girl here. I plan on ripping you bald, both on that pretty little head of yours and on that thing between your legs that you think is so hot."

"You'll find out how hot it really is when your buried up to your eyeballs in it," Julia said.

"Oh yeah, bitch," said Layla.

"Yeah, bitch," spat Julia.

Suddenly Layla sealed her lips with Julia's and rammed her tongue into her mouth. Julia was caught off guard at first, but quickly forced Layla's tongue back as they abruptly had just agreed to the fight.

That night, when the other girls were getting ready to go out to dinner and dancing, Julia faked a headache and Layla said she was tired and wanted to finish the book she was reading. Besides, she said someone should stay with Julia. The others accepted their stories and left without a clue as to what was going to happen.

"Don't wait up," said Lisa as they left.

Julia came downstairs and saw Layla just about to come up and get her. They moved the coffee table back and threw down several quilts in front of the fireplace. Layla tossed on a few more logs as Julia turned off the lights. The two blondes then faced each other a few feet apart on the quilts.

"Get naked, bitch," said Julia removing her robe and throwing it onto the nearby sofa.

"I've been ready for this to happen since last night," said Layla removing her sweatshirt.

Julia's eyes twinkled at the site of Layla's nipples. They were starting to draw up and pop out.

"Bitch I was born ready," she said as Layla peeled off her jeans and panties and kicked them aside.

Stark naked, both ladies viewed each other's long, tan bodies in the flickering firelight. Both blondes were curved and formed in all the right places, and they each knew that the other was a very lovely and formidable foe.

"How do you want us to start it?" asked Layla.

"Like this, bitch!" growled Julia as she slapped Layla hard across the cheek.

Layla's head snapped on her shoulders and she was knocked off balance for just a second at the surprise attack. Julia stood there waiting for Layla to face her again. Layla returned rubbing her cheek and looking at Julia.

"What do you think about that, cunt?" asked Julia.

"This is what I think!" said Layla striking back with a slap of her own.

Julia spun in a 360 and faced her rubbing her cheek. With the battlelines having now been clearly drawn, Julia and Layla played out their slap contest a few more times until both ladies had cheeks as red as cherries.

"Okay, bitch. So you can slap," said Julia moving towards her. "Now let's get down to really finding out which of us is better."

"You're on, slut," said Layla as she and Julia firmly took each other by the hair and pulled their heads back.

Their upper bodies pressed together as their bare breasts fully formed themselves at the nipples. Julia moaned softly as Layla's nipples poked into her round areolas. She had thought about having their nipples fight and see who's could bend back the other's, but when she saw Layla's steel hard nubs earlier, she had decided against it, and now she was glad that she did. Layla's nips were poking deeply into her and causing her some discomfort.

Layla rolled her shoulders and pressed her tits harder and stated, "You're tits ain't shit, bitch."

"It's not my tits that you'd better be worried about, bitch. It's my pussy," said Julia letting her hands go of Layla's soft hair and grabbing her shapely ass.

Julia pulled Layla's hips against hers as Layla put her hands on Julia's round buttocks. With their tits still mashed together, both girls now dug their fingernails into the soft underside of each other's butts as they began rubbing their cunts together like two sticks trying to start a fire.

Their fingers flexed back and forth on each other's meaty butts as if they were kneeing doe for a pizza. Looking into each other's mystic eyes, it was now time to get serious about things.

"Why don't you try that tongue thing again, slut," said Julia moving her mouth close.

"Sure," said Layla.

Their lips rolled back over their teeth as their hot tongues meet in the middle and twirled rapidly over each other. The heat from the fireplace had their bodies sweating heavier now, as their tits began to slip around and their cunts and inner thighs lubed up. Layla and Julia both moaned into each other's mouth as they slowly sank to their knees. Julia grabbed the back of Layla's hair and tried to pull her down, but Layla balanced herself and grabbed the back of Julia's hair. With their faces aimed up, they began trying to knock each other backwards as they started banging their tits together. Layla may have had the harder set of nipples, but Julia's tits were slightly firmer and she battled back evenly.

Finally Layla was able to pull Julia onto her back by the hair. Layla worked her way on top of Julia as Julia tried to toss her off by the hair, but Layla spread her legs and grounded herself. Trapped, but not without options, Julia wrapped her long legs around Layla's soft waist and locked her ankles together.

Layla then pinned Julia's wrists to the floor, and the two blondes twitched their hips into position until the entrance of their cunts were together. Layla kissed Julia and rammed her tongue deep into her mouth as she tried to choke her, but Julia quickly recovered and was able to drive Layla's hot tongue back.

Their hips were rolling in opposite directions, and both softly moaned when their clits started to flick and click together. Each woman was very wet and hot. Layla continued to press her tits into Julia, and Julia groaned as Layla's hard nips drilled holes into her areolas. Julia flexed her firm thighs against her waist, and soon Layla was moaning from the pressure her waist was receiving.

As the rhythm of their hips increased, Julia's rougher and hairier cunt was starting to chafe Layla's love mound. Layla cursed softly as she felt a tide swelling up inside of her.

"Oh, shit," she exclaimed as she released a big wave of juice.

Julia felt Layla's sex flow into her open pussy and drip down the crack of her parted ass cheeks. Layla's warmth caused Julia to release a small orgasm of her own, as her juices mixed with Layla's. Layla's orgasm, coupled with the pain in her sides, allowed Julia to break her hands free and pull her off by the hair. The two girls rolled to their knees and gulped down big sums of air for just a few seconds before they traded a pair of slaps and pulled each other down by the hair.

"Eeeee!" cried Julia as Layla tore out several locks.

"Aaauugghh!!" screamed Layla as Julia grabbed her nipple and gave it a hard twist and pull. "Fuckin' bitch!" exclaimed Layla as she raked her nails down Julia's left tittie.

Julia yelped in pain, but ran her hand between Layla's legs and pulled on her short cunt hairs. Layla screamed again, but returned the favor on Julia's cunt.

"You slut," cried Julia. "Take this!" she said as she inserted two fingers into Layla's cunt.

"I can take it, bitch. Can you?" said Layla doing the same.

For several minutes the blondes fingerfucked each other into several hard orgasms as they kissed and moaned. After having those long orgasms, Julia knew that she couldn't take much more. She had never been able to cum a whole lot in one session and she knew that she must try something different. Rolling over, she moved her face between Layla's legs and tried to mount her face on top of Layla's, but Layla would have none of that and she pushed Julia onto her side as she put her face between Julia's legs.

Layla had never sucked snatch before, and she quickly found herself overmatched as Julia sucked her clit. Layla flooded Julia's mouth as she tried to mount a comeback. Layla did bring Julia to a heavy orgasm, but when Julia inserted two fingers up her asshole as she nibbled on her clit, Layla came violently. Sensing victory close at hand now, Julia was able to roll on top of Layla. She tightened her creamy thighs against the side of Layla's head and began humping her face as she continued to work her fingers up her ass and nibble on her clit. She also added a thumb up Layla's pussy for good measure.

Layla dearly tried to fight her off. She dug her fingernails into Julia's ass as she tried to hold her pussy motionless on her face. Julia ignored the fingernails in her ass and continued to hump her pussy up and down, moving from Layla's chin to the top of her eyebrows. Very soon, Layla's face was chaffed by Julia's course cunt hairs.

Julia could feel Layla moaning inside of her as she felt Layla's body tighten and tense up. Suddenly Layla's long legs shot straight up in the air and her body shook as she belched out a long and violent orgasm. Julia knew that she had won, but she still wasn't finished with the bitch yet.

She turned around and dropped her snatch directly down of Layla's face (sitting facing Layla's pussy). She could feel Layla's nose against her asshole as she grabbed the defeated blonde's nipples and twisted them.

"I told you that you'd be up to your eyeballs in my pussy," she said as she started to grind away on Layla's face.

As Julia felt herself arriving at another orgasm, she inserted her fingers into Layla's pussy and briskly rubbed it, trying to bring the slut to another orgasm with her.

"Ooooo!!! Yyyyeeesss!!!" cried Julia as she drenched Layla's face one last time with her sweet love nectar.

Exhausted and totally spent, Julia fell off of Layla and the two blondes lay on their backs sucking for breath. A big smile crossed Julia's face when she looked at Layla and saw her shedding big tears down her face as the beaten blonde's vulva quivered yet with uncontrollable spasms.

"Next...time...let's...just fight," whimpered out Layla as she cupped her hands between her stretched out cunt and began squeezing it.