Victoria's Secret Party by Interac
Stacy Keibler was at the Victoria's Secret after party by request of Heidi Klum. She thought she would be recognized as a savior as she defeated Gisele Bundchen. Stacy was very local that the reason Gisele was not there was that she now feared Stacy and did not want to be around Stacy.

Heidi pulled Stacy aside "Listen I've talked to the girls and they all want to fight you. They want to fight you and beat you and therefore be the top dog."

Stacy's body tightened as she looked at Heidi "And are you one of them?"

Heidi put her hand on Stacy's knee and looked at her eyes "If I was one of those who wanted to fight you then we would be fighting...and I don't know who would win."

Stacy looked at Heidi and remembered the problem she had with Gisele and no matter what bravado she put on Gisele was...She was an opponent that could just as easily beat her and now she had a bit of apprehension at Heidi's honesty. "I don't know who would win either."

"Maybe someday we could find out but there are four women who want to fight you and they want the best out of you."

Stacy looked around "Who are they."

"Marissa Miller who has wanted to take Gisele out and was there the night you beat her. One is not a model; Victoria Beckham wants to further the Spice Girls comeback and guarantees she could beat you. Adriana Lima was - by most areement - behind Gisele on the VS hierarchy list so she wants to beat the woman who beat her. Finally, there's Isabel Goulart from Brazil. She wants the fight for personal reasons."

"I'm not going to wait for you to make a decision get up and fight a true celebrity."

Victoria Beckham was standing behind Stacy and the blonde had a little laugh before standing up and getting slapped by Victoria. The English woman hit a backhanded slap, then pushed forward but Stacy stopped her progress and got her block in and spine-busted Victoria! She stood up and Adriana Lima was standing in front of her!

"Let's face it, that one is done. Time to step up the competition. Maybe you should challenge the contender before challenging the champ!"

"The truth Stacy? I want to fight Gisele. I want the woman these people have kept me from fighting for years." Adriana said as she stepped out of her shoes. Stacy followed suit. "How many times they caught us starting to fight and broke it up. How many times either I was caught mounting Gisele slamming her head off the floor or she was caught doing that to me and they broke it up." Adriana reached back and unzipped her dress letting it fall to the floor. Stacy did the same "I'll fight you and beat you if it's the only way to prove that I would beat Gisele."

"If you want to fight then fine we'll fight. IF it's Gisele you really want to fight though why don't you go and fight her. If you want to fight then fine we'll tear into each other right here and right now."

"It is Gisele I want to tear apart but you have to answer for beating her and that is what I plan on..."

Both women were body to body and in the middle of a stare down waiting for the other to do something when Izabel Goulart "Do something Adriana, you weren't the only one who wanted to fight her."

"Like you had a chance against her anyway," Miranda Kerr snickered.

"Cadela!" (Portuguese for bitch) Isabel screamed.

Miranda who understood her and walked towards her but got slapped right away and put down from the first SLAP. Stacy and Adriana looked over and looked back at each other.

"Another time?" Stacy said.


Goulart was on Kerr's back slapping her repeatedly when the Australian reached up grabbing the Brazilian's hair and then arched her back flipping the young woman off her back. She immediately jumped towards the Brazilian bombshell that moved away and got back to her feet.

Miranda got up as well and both women kicked off their shoes and Miranda stepped into a slap that whipped Izabel's hair around but never put her down. Instead Izabel turned around and hit a back hand that doubled Miranda over. When the Australian started regaining composure she was hit again with the other back hand and this time she fell to her knees

Izabel stood over her and grabbed at Miranda's dress and lifted it off of her body with one quick jerk took it off. As it came off Miranda dove at Goulart's legs taking her down to her side. She reached and got two handful's of the Brazilian's dress and ripped it off her body.

Miranda stood up and threw it back at the Brazilian who was already running at her. The dress blinded her and she did not see the kick coming. Miranda hit a hard kick to Izabel's stomach dropping her immediately. Miranda jumped on her back and grabbed the dress which was still on Izabel's face.

She leaned back and was smothering Izabel Goulart unconscious with her own dress. It did not take long and she was out cold, and Miranda Kerr was standing above her looking for approval. Heidi Klum nodded her head and Adriana Lima and Stacy Keibler looked at each other.

"It isn't over between them is it?" Stacy asked

"No, they are the future. Izabel wants to prove she is next in line while Miranda just proved she was... They will not end until one is out of Victoria's Secret."

"That was their first fight so they both made rookie mistakes and the fight end..." Stacy stopped and watched as Miranda was beating Izabel's face off the floor.

"You're right Stacy, I want Gisele first... you and I will fight."

They both turned and faced each other and Adriana smiled as did Stacy. The muscles in both women's bodies were tightening up waiting for the other to make a move. As much as they just said they weren't going to fight both now wondered who would win a fight.

Victoria Beckham had gotten up and said something and both women reacted throwing a punch at her. Adriana's punch was faster and connected knocking out the British woman.

"Remember that Stacy... One punch power."

She got back to her stalemate position with Stacy but the blonde stepped up and pressed her forehead against Adriana's.

"You won't knock me out with one punch."

"What you want to do..."

That was it; Adriana got her foot behind Stacy's leg and tripped her up. She quickly jumped down lying sideways on Stacy's stomach. Before she could do anything she heard someone say, "Gisele is here."

She got up and ran away from Stacy to look for the woman she really wanted to fight.

Stacy got up and went looking for Gisele as well.

Heidi Klum sat at her table and was on her cell phone, telling someone, "Well, that worked. I didn't want to see them waste hatred on each other when they both hate you so much...Be careful, I love/hate you, but those two…they just hate you!"