Stephanie Seymour vs. Adriana Sklenarikova by "just a fan" 2/1/02

Stephanie Seymour returned home from her latest modeling assignment earlier than expected and decided to spring a surprise on her lover. It was early morning when she arrived and she was horny as hell. Knowing he'd still be in bed, she slipped out of her dress and tip-toed upstairs to the bedroom. He was in for a real treat! She looked sensational in a black basque, stockings and suspenders that showed off her great body and gorgeous long, slim legs to perfection.

She quietly sneaked to the bedroom and opened the door, only to be met with the shock of her life. Apart from the moaning and groaning she heard, he was on his back being straddled by a tall, willowy blonde. Stephanie was full of rage, her blood boiling, as she ran over, grabbed the blonde by the hair and threw her to the floor on to her stomach.

"What the fuck's going on here you cheatin' bastard? And who's that filthy whore?" she screamed.

"Stephanie honey, I didn't know you'd be home early," he mumbled pathetically.

Next thing Stephanie heard was a tiny whimpering voice from behind her, "Stephanie I'm so sorry. Please forgive me."

When Stephanie turned around, she couldn't believe her eyes! Standing there wearing only a black bra and pantyhose was Adriana Sklenarikova! Now, if there was one woman Stephanie despised, it was this long-legged Czech supermodel. Just the a week before, Adriana had taken Stephanie's place as Glamour Legs International's top model. Stephanie couldn't stop herself! She gave the sexy blonde an almighty slap across the face knocking her back into the dresser. The gangly blonde fell flat on her backside shaking like a leaf.

Irate, Stephanie turned to back to her lover, her face flushed and her dark eyes flashing.

"How could you? With HER of all people! You know I can't stand the bitch. Well, by the time I've finished with her she won't be walking for a month, never mind modeling stockings," she screamed.

Stephanie turned back to confront the blonde who was cowering in the corner.

"Please don't hit me Stephanie," Adriana cried.

Ignoring her plea, Stephanie laid into Adriana with fists and knees. Adriana cried out, trying to protect her face as Stephanie slapped and punched. The brunette was paying particular attention to Adriana's long, lithe legs that took her job; kicking her shins and kneeing her thighs. Adriana finally slumped to the floor in agony after Stephanie rammed her fist into the younger models soft stomach. Stephanie suddenly felt not only horny but dominant as she stood over the cringing blond who was curled up in a ball.

Stephanie gave the blonde a kick in the ribs and Adriana's long legs thrashed as she writhed in agony Stephanie turned back to her lover who was sitting up in bed with a huge smile on his face, puffing away on his favorite cigar.

"Wow honey, you're amazing! Look, she plied me with drinks. I didn't know what I was doing. You sure put that bimbo in her place, Steph."

"Yeah, I did didn't I," the brunette said with a proud smile. "The lanky bitch was a pushover. Now, where were we about to be when I came in and interrupted, tiger."

Stephanie jumped on top of him and they were soon at it, pumping away; both amazingly turned on by Stephanie's display of physical dominance over the tall, leggy blonde. Adriana meanwhile was slowly getting to her feet holding her sore ribs. She was angry at the way Stephanie's boyfriend had used her and then dismissed her as a dumb blonde seductress. She was also angry with herself for letting Stephanie beat her up. She felt sick inside as she watched them going at it like minks and laughing at her.

"Hey Adriana," the guy yelled over Stephanie's shoulder. "Take $20 from my wallet and be sure to close the door behind you."

"Yeah," Stephanie laughed. "Fuck off you smelly bitch, get out of here before I beat you up again. And, by the way, what's it like to be a completely stupid cow?"

Adriana was about to pick up her things and skulk away like a beaten dog when a sudden rage came over her. She flew at Stephanie, grabbing her by the hair with both hands and dragging her off the bed.

"You snotty, stuck up, arrogant cow," Adriana screamed as she flung the shocked brunette across the room.

Stephanie kept her feet, but as she bounced off the wall, she was met by a firm slap across the mouth from Adriana. The older supermodel's knees buckled. She was stunned by Adriana's aggression because the blonde was a favorite target among the bully girls on the modeling circuit who loved to pick on her because of her refusal to fight back.

When Adriana went to slap Stephanie again, Stephanie blocked her hand and gave Adriana a hard kick to the shins. "Oouchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" cried the blonde who quickly responded by kicking Stephanie in the shin as they circled.

"You shouldn't have done that you skanky bitch. Now, I'm gonna have to really hurt you," hissed Stephanie.

"Is that so? Well maybe its about time you were put in your place, you old cow. That's why they replaced you, because you're a old has-been," laughed Adriana.

While the women were squaring off, Stephanie's lover got out of bed and got his video camera rolling. Dollar signs were flashing in front of his eyes as he thought about how much money he could make by selling a catfight video to Kim & Ginny's Celebrity Fight Site (

"Go for it girls!" he shouted as he fumbled with the focus button.

Both woman lunged at the other simultaneously, grabbing her by the hair. With her height advantage, Adriana was easily dominating Stephanie as she pulled and tugged the brunette's long hair. Stephanie kept kicking at the blonde but with Adriana jerking her from side to side Stephanie's foot didn't make any contact. Adriana had better luck, kicking Stephanie in the stomach and knocking the breath out of her. Stephanie dropped to her knees with her up to protect her valuable face as Adriana launched a series of slaps.

"Who's a stupid worthless bimbo now, cow face," Adriana crowed. "Have you got this on film Alan? I want everyone to see the high and mighty Miss Stephanie Seymour crying like a baby."

But Adriana's howls of laughter soon turned to cries of pain as she relaxed to laugh and taunt Stephanie. Suddenly, Adriana felt a jolt of pain in her pussy. Stephanie delivered a well aimed uppercut that hit the leggy blonde smack on the button! A look of stunned pain was etched on Adriana's beautiful face as her long legs began to waver as she staggered backward.

Stephanie got up and ran at the blonde, slapping her across the face then kicking her across the back of the legs sending her crashing to the floor on her back. Stephanie dove on top of Adriana, pinning her arms under her knees. Stephanie began slapping the blondes face. Although Adriana flailed and thrashed her long legs, she was unable to unseat Stephanie.

"OK STOP!! Please….. stop. I've had enough you win, OK," sobbed the beaten blonde.

Stephanie slapped Adriana one more time, then got off her and stood glaring down at her foe.

"I think you're going to terminate your contract with the company now, aren't you?" smirked Stephanie.

"I can't its impossible I'm under contract," Adriana gasped, shaking her head.

"I'm sorry, I didn't hear you, you smelly bitch," snarled Stephanie as she stomped on Adriana's thigh.

As the blonde writhed in agony on the floor, Stephanie kneeled beside her and grabbed Adriana's nipples.

"Sorry, I still can't hear you," Stephanie shouted as she gave Adriana's button nipples a hard twist.

Gritting her teeth against the pain, Adriana cried, "No, never! It's impossible anywa…..ghhhhhhhh!"

Stephanie repeated the nipple twist, then put a hand on Adriana's thigh, gently fondling and rubbing the long slender nylon covered limb.

"You have such lovely legs bitch," Stephanie sighed as she ran her hand slowly up Adriana's thigh. "They aren't as perfect as mine - are they?"

When Adriana didn't say anything, Stephanie raked her sharp nails halfway down Adriana's thigh.

"Aaghhhhhhhhhhhhh…….N….no they aren't…..P….please Stephanie. Stop!" Adriana wailed.

"Now, get your skinny ass out of my sight before I mark you permanently. And you'd best terminate your contract tomorrow morning or I'll be coming after you again. Understand?" she shouted.

Stephanie got up and dragged Adriana across the floor by the hair, down the steps and out the front door.

"Now fuck off you smelly slut," she growled as she sent Adriana flying off the top step with a hard kick to the rear.

The next day Stephanie got a phone call asking if she'd like to spearhead the new Glamour Legs campaign since Adriana had suddenly decided to quit! Stephanie went right over and signed the contract. A few of the girls were pleased she was back, but a lot of them couldn't stand the arrogant prima donna. Things were behind schedule so she went straight to her dressing room to change for the days photo shoot.

She was almost ready, admiring herself in the mirror and thinking how fantastic she looked in a black silk basque, stockings and suspenders. The next second, the dressing room door opened and she turned around to see Giselle Bundchen.

"How dare you come into my changing room without permission," snarled Stephanie.

Giselle walked up to her face to face and smiled, "You old skank! Adriana told me what happened. Now YOU'RE going to resign."

"I don't think so," Stephanie huffed, drawing herself up to her full height. "Now get out of here before you get a dose of what your skinny friend go….Uughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh arrrrggghhh," Stephanie cried, dropping to the floor.

Giselle had dropped the brunette with a well placed knee to the crotch. She pulled her up by the hair and backed her into the corner where she pinned her with her forearm across the brunette's throat. Stephanie fought back, Giselle between the legs and as Giselle backed away with her hands between her legs, Stephanie rushed her. Stephanie slammed into Giselle and pushed her back through the door and out onto the stage. Everyone turned around at the sound of squeals and slaps. They couldn't believe their eyes as they saw two of the worlds most beautiful woman rolling around the floor.

After just a couple of minutes, Giselle overpowered Stephanie and ended up sitting on top of her chest. She was slapping Stephanie's face when two burly security men came running in and were about to pull them apart.

"NO, let Giselle finish the bitch! Seymour has it coming to her," smiled Celia, the head of the company.

After giving Stephanie a few more slaps to the face, Giselle pulled her to her feet by the hair and dragged her over to Celia.

"I think you should get back on to the phone to Adriana, Celia. This old cow has just resigned," smiled Giselle.

"I think you'd better leave the premises right now, Stephanie," Celia said. "Would you escort her out please Giselle."

"With pleasure. Come on Seymour move your smelly butt," laughed Giselle, kicking Stephanie in the rear to get her moving.

Everyone was roaring with laughter as Giselle dragged Stephanie to the street and tossed her out on the pavement. The cameramen who were there waiting for the launch had a field day getting numerous pictures of Stephanie's humiliation. The headlines in the next day's paper showed Adriana looking stunning as she modeled the firms new stockings. Also in the paper was a photo of Stephanie at the moment she received Giselle's foot to her arse.