Stephanie Seymour vs. Julie Strain by Southgate

Stephanie is confident that she will not have much trouble beating on the tall old witch in a 3 round fight. But just for a little insurance, her friend Naomi Campbell accompanies her to the ring. Julie Strain is already in her corner. Seymour enters the ring, taunting her opponent loudly. She marches herself over to Julie's corner, gets right in her face and starts jabbing a finger into Julie's chest.

"I'm gonna bruise these big old things for you, you oversized hag."

Julie is more annoyed than intimidated but backs up into her corner, intent on waiting for the fight to officially begin. Just as the bell rings to start the fight, Naomi has quietly climbed onto the ring apron behind Strain. Slipping a set of brass knuckles onto her right hand, Naomi slams her fist into Julie's back. As Julie staggers forward. Seymour practically decapitates her with a spinning head kick that takes Julie off her feet. Pumped up and wild, Seymour is screaming at Julie to get up and fight. Strain recovers as best she can, and struggles to her feet holding her back. Seymour comes in swinging, pummeling the taller woman around the ring with dazzling combinations of spinning kicks, slaps and punches. Strain tries to use her reach advantage to keep Seymour away, but the younger wild woman is too fast and, surprisingly, too strong. Seymour is soon is taking her shots almost at will. When Julie tries to cover up, her arms take a beating as Stephanie fires away at her foe. Dropping her tired arms, Strain leaves herself open for a tremendous punch that buries itself in her belly. As she drops to her knees, Stephanie grabs her head and slams in with a knee lift.

Circling behind the big woman, Seymour yanks her head backward, traps her neck in between her muscular thighs, cutting off Julie's air supply. Slipping her legs down from Julie's neck to her waist, Stephanie rips off Strain's bra, unleashing her beautiful oversized tits and starts pounding, twisting and scratching jealously on Julie's big tits. After a full two minute mauling, Stephanie release the scissors hold and clamps Julie in a sleeper. The big brunette falls to the mat, dazed and confused, and rolls onto her belly, trying to protect her boobs. Seymour leaps high and lands with both knees slamming into Strain's injured back. Rolling Julie onto her back, Stephanie squats her fat-free butt down hard on Julie's face, bouncing and grinding wildly. Grabbing Julie's nipples, Stephanie twists, pulls and pinches viciously. That seems to revive the big woman. Julie bucks and arches, trying to displace her foe. Seymour slams a double ax handle into Julie's belly, driving her back down into the mat. Stephanie stands up quickly and looks down on her beat up foe. She leaps up again, landing with her knees in Julie's belly. Stephanie scrambles to her feet, pulls Julie up by the hair and throws her into the ropes. As Julie rebounds forward, Seymour catches her in the throat with a perfectly executed clothesline. Strain is on her back and mostly out of it. Seymour grabs her ankles, spreads her legs wide apart and finishes the beating with four punishing stomps to Julie's crotch. Just about 6 minutes into the all Seymour fight, the supermodel body slams Strain to the mat, turns her on her belly and lifts her legs into a Boston crab, torturing the big brunette for a full minute more before taking the fall. Round 2.

Julie cups her big, bruised tits in her hands and rubs them gently to soothe their aching. She stares at the younger Seymour, hamming it up in her corner. Focusing beyond the pain in her back and boobs, Julie is creating a mental image of what she plans to do to this young bitch . As she continues rubbing her boobs, her large nipples become hard as she imagines suffocating Stephanie first with her thighs and then with her big tits. She doesn't like these supermodels at all-vapid, stuck up, sneaky and stupid. It frosts her that they get paid thousands of dollars a day to just show up and be photographed. They don't know what hard work is. Stephanie is clowning around with Naomi. Photographers have gathered at their corner and the two models start posing. The commotion is delaying the start of the 2nd round. Julie watches the circus for a moment, taking the extra time to recover. And then she picks up the small wooden stool that she has been sitting on between rounds. Walking across the ring, she crashes the stool across Naomi's back. Seymour spinning around to face her. With a lightning fast reaction, Seymour kicks the stool from Julie's hands. Stephanie leaps forward and grabs Julie's hair close to the scalp, pulling at it hard enough to bring tears to Julie's eyes as she finds herself being twisted about. Stephanie, in control, drives Julie backwards by her hair, into the corner of the ring, and slams her head backwards into a turnbuckle repeatedly. Stunned for a minute, the big brunette fights to keep her head clear, but just then Stephanie drives her knee into Julie's crotch. The force of the hit stuns the her with shooting pain.

"You'll pay for that sneak attack on Naomi," Stephanie hisses.

Her fingers clamp down around Julie's bruised tits, grabbing Julie's nipples, she twists and tugs, driving a screaming Julie to her knees. Her finger nails dig into Julie's tits hard enough to draw blood. In the next instant, a knee lift catches Julie in the head, and a fist smashes into her left tit. Julie's face turns white with agony as her breast is crushed into her ribcage. To add further pain Stephanie slams Julie's head back into the turnbuckle again, and then grinds her knee into that same left tit . Grabbing a handful of hair, Stephanie pulls Julie's face into firing range. A stinging slap followed by a backhand and another slap and backhand, crash into the big woman's now red cheeks. Stephanie is smirking now, confident that she can take out this over-rated plastic boobed hag. But as she admires her work, Julie's hand comes out from nowhere, and digs itself into Stephanie's pussy. With a yelp, Stephanie reaches down and tugs at her antagonist's hand, but to no avail. Julie now has dug in with a two handed attack, grabbing at her foe's private parts while driving her fingers inside her foe. Stephanie screams in utter agony, she is frozen with pain, unable to pull away, afraid to move.

"Let me go," she screams.

For a small moment, the shooting pain stops. Julie shots her fist into the damaged crotch and Stephanie falls to her knees, her crotch throbbing.

Eye to eye with Stephanie now, Julie says softly "Pay back time."

As she grabs Stephanie's tits, Stephanie latches onto hers. Julie thinks, "this witch still has plenty of fight in her."

Julie needs to protect her left tit, as Stephanie's strong hands are digging in and twisting hard. Julie finds herself being pushed backward. Determined, Strain slams her head forward, into Stephanie's face. Bloodied and seeing stars, Seymour falls into the ropes with the Julie pressing hard on top of her. Julie's big hands engulf and crush Seymour's modest tits.

It is Julie's turn to taunt her foe, "Not much here, bitch, no wonder you're jealous of mine."

Strain grabs Stephanie long hair with her left hand and bangs a series of rights into her head, neck and tits. Julie is in a rage, adrenaline pumping, she pounds the supermodel's belly and tits mercilessly.

"You're nothing, bitch," shouts Strain.

Finally, she drags Stephanie to her feet and lifts her into a crushing bear hug. With immense pressure, Julie bends her foe backward, bearing down on her heavily. She forces all of the air from Seymour's body, and then throws the beaten woman to the mat. With a giant splash, Strain lands on top of Seymour.

She presses her big boobs into Stephanie's face, laughing, "Now these are tits, bitch. Not those little baseballs of yours." Seymour tries to bite down on Julie's right tit.

"Big mistake," Julie roars. Holding Stephanie down by her hair, she slams a fist into the model's left ear.

Julie rises quickly and pulls Stephanie up by her hair. Twisting the model's left arm into a hammer lock, Julie slams her fist into the model's gut. Then she grabs the front and back of younger woman's briefs and yanks them up. The material digs deeply into Stephanie's crotch. The powerful Strain lifts her off her feet entirely, as she dangles in mid-air, the briefs cut deeper yet into Stephanie's private parts. Julie shakes her about like a rag doll. After a full minute, Julie drops the nearly hysterical woman to the mat, wraps her thighs around Stephanie's neck and squeezes her unconscious, taking the second fall.

"This is just the down payment on your pay back, you bitch." Round 3

Julie is quiet between rounds, again, fixing in her mind the image of what she will do to her foe. Across the ring, Naomi has partially recover and is trying to comfort Stephanie. While her crotch still throbs, Stephanie can see the damage that she has done to Julie's tits, and decides to focus her attack there. As the bell rings, the two women come together in a test of strength. Stephanie finds that the lean brunette is very strong and slowly she is driven down to her knees. Julie twists Stephanie's hands upside down and begins to apply tremendous pressure to her fingers. She forces Stephanie back on her haunches, crushing the bones in her hand for more than two minutes. The pain in Seymour's hands is approaching unbearable. Finally switching tactics, Strain twists her hands, forcing the super model up to her feet. Letting go of her foe's left hand, Julie twists Stephanie's right arm behind her back into a hammer lock.

Marching Stephanie into the corner, Julie stretches her long fingers around the side of Stephanie's neck and begins to apply an immobilizing claw hold. Her hammer lock has effectively immobilize the model, so her claw can do its work. After another long two minutes, Julie drops the hammer lock, moving her other hand to the left side of Stephanie's neck. She drives the not so super model to her knees. Stephanie is nearly gone slack. Strain releases Stephanie's neck, grabs her hair and slams her backward on to the mat. Julie stomps on each of the model's hands. Stephanie moans, but does not move. Then, Strain drops her practically perfect, hard ass down on Stephanie's face. She slams an ax handle deep into Stephanie's belly, then, grabs her tits and starts to pay her back, with interest. Working first on the right tit, then on the left, Julie systematically punches, twists, pinches, gouges, grinds and pulls each of Stephanie's once beautiful, now swollen boobs. When she has inflicted enough damage, Julie slides off Stephanie's face, drags her foe's head between her thighs and clamps down on Stephanie's already damaged neck with a crushing neck scissors. Stephanie is out cold, but Julie is not done. She release the hold, quickly rising to her feet, she drags Stephanie to the corner by her tits. Pulling the dazed woman up, she hangs up in the ropes, one leg through the bottom rope, one arm over the top rope, on either side of the corner post. With her foe spread eagle before her, Julie picks her punches carefully, landing devastating shots to the model's tits and belly. Stepping back, for a moment, Julie grabs the beaten model by her neck and by her crotch, hoists her to shoulder height, then lifts her up over her head before slamming the young woman to the mat.

Pulling Seymour to her feet, Julie lands a round house elbow smash across Stephanie's tits, and then snaps mares her to the mat. Lifting the model up by her hair, Julie hoists her dead weight up and across her shoulders. The back breaker is a mere formality. Julie carries her victim around the ring, walks over to the corner, where Campbell, is watching. With an icy stare that commands the black woman's undivided attention, Julie looks her straight in the eye and growls, "Anytime, you sneaky bitch." Julie shifts Stephanie to her right shoulder and slams her down, the brunette's head and shoulders smashing into the mat. With the simple words "Game over," ends the fall and the match, as Stephanie out cold.