Julie Strain vs Stephanie Seymour (II) by Southgate

They promoted this match as the Best Tits vs. Best Ass battle. Julie Strain has the one of the most beautiful set of boobs in the tournament, and Stephanie… maybe the best ass on the planet. Two very athletic women, with speed, strength and endurance, this promised to be an intense match. The fight starts with a test of strength. For more than two minutes the women battle for dominance, sweating and straining, with neither able to take control. The referee calls for a break, which the women do.

Looking Julie in the eye, Stephanie says "Your an old hag, you can't trade punches with me,"

"F*** you, let's do it," spits Julie.

Standing two feet apart, Julie strikes first, and punches Stephanie in the belly. The model's stomach is wash board hard. (Julie has probably the second best set of stomach muscles in the tournament-but second to Stephanie). A small "ooff" is the only response. Now Stephanie takes her shot, and as it lands deep in Julie's belly, Julie backs up several steps. Seymour can see that she has hurt her big boobed foe. But she waits for Julie to throw the next punch. The next shot that Julie lands is not as forceful as the first. Stephanie laughs. She delivers a punch to Julie's belly that drops her to her knees.

"I guess you're gonna loose," taunts Stephanie, she drags Julie to her feet again.

"So hit me" taunts Stephanie.

Julie unloads the best punch she can deliver, catching Stephanie squarely in the solar plexus, the model face contorts for a moment, but she quickly shakes it off.

"My turn," laughs Seymour.

Her fist slams into Julie's belly, collapses her remaining defenses as it buries itself deep in Julie's belly. Strain is doubled over and cramping up. Still, she straightens herself and throws a punch, putting as much shoulder into it as she can, Her gut aches as she stretches her body forward. As her fist thuds into Seymour's belly, Julie knows that she has done little damage.

"Shit," she mutters, just before Stephanie hammers her fist into Julie's belly.

Julie spins around, gasping for air. Stephanie grabs her by the shoulders and spins her back around. Julie is bent forward, holding her belly. Stephanie gently caresses Julie's face between her hands for a moment.

"Oh my, Julie, does your belly ache?"

In a quick motion, Stephanie snakes her right hand into Julie's hair, draws her left hand away and swings a resounding slap across Julie's right cheek. Strain tries to pull away. Her hands move up to protect her red face. Seymour instantly cocks back her left fist and explodes a punch into Julie's gut that knocks Strain to her ass.

Stephanie walks behind her, grabs her hair to pull her head backwards, and traps her opponent's head between her thin, iron thighs, clamping on a standing neck scissors. The pressure on Julie's neck is enormous. Stephanie reaches down, pulls up Julie's bra and clamps her hands over the beaten woman's tits, pulling them like taffy. Julie is in deep trouble. See scratches at Stephanie's thighs, but Seymour grabs her wrists and squeezes her legs together as tight as she can. Strain gags and sputters. Eventually, Stephanie unlocks her legs and steps back to taunt her foe.

"You need to go back to the gym and get in shape. Spend less money on your tits and get a personal trainer."

Julie, still on her knees stammers out "You touch my tits again and I'll ripe yours off your baby tits and make you eat them, fat ass!"

"Fat ass! This perfect ass is going to put you to sleep, hag."

Stephanie steps forward to grab Strain's hair. Julie's left fist rockets up out of nowhere and explodes into the model's crotch, stopping her in her tracks. Stephanie drops to her knees in front of Strain. Julie plows an upper cut in Stephanie's chin, jolting her back to her haunches.

Julie sits back as well, waiting for the ache in her belly to subside. Slowly, both women are on their feet. Wary, they circle each other, buying some time to recover. Stephanie clears her head and seethes with rage. She is furious with herself for letting Strain go when she could have finished her off.

Seymour springs back to life and rushes at Strain. Julie ducks a clothesline attempted by Stephanie and surprises the model with a knee to the belly. Julie grabs Stephanie's hair, pulls her head down low and delivers a series of kicks to the model's belly. Holding Seymour's head down, Julie leaps up and crashes her elbow down on the back of Stephanie's head. Seymour drops to one knee but Julie hair hauls her back up. She drags the model around the ring, shaking her head violently. Stephanie reaches for Julie's sore tits but Julie counters by driving her own knee into Stephanie's ribs.

In quick retaliation, the model drives forward, smashing her head into Julie's midsection and driving her backward into a ring corner post. Julie hits hard, taking the full force of Stephanie's body and slumps, momentarily stunned. Stephanie smashes a forearm into her chest then a knee to her cunt. As Julie screeches, Stephanie again drives her knee into her foe's crotch. Julie begins to slide down to her knees, but Stephanie grabs her by the hair and yanks her back up. Seymour drives a palm up in Strain's chin. As the big brunette falls back against the ropes, Stephanie grabs both tits and sinks her fingers in deep. Julie, in pain, grabs Stephanie's wrists and pries her hands from her boobs. In an intense battle of arms and wills, Julie fights her way off the ropes as she starts to overpower her younger foe. Julie smiles.

"You're nothing. I'm gonna twist your arms out of their sockets and kick your fat ass all over this ring," Julie threatens.

Crack. The smile is gone. Stephanie strikes out again, slamming her knee into Julie's crotch. Seymour grabs the shocked Julie by her hair she wrenches her head savagely side to side, jolts her with a knee to the head. Holding on to Strain's locks, Seymour drags her away from the ropes, wraps Strain in a head lock and bulldogs the big brunette face first into the mat. A stunned Julie puts up no defense as Stephanie drops a knee on her belly. Seymour slips down beside Strain and scissors her legs around Julie's waist. As her ribs threaten to break, Strain is shocked out of her fog. She arches up on her long legs, trying to twist free. Seymour wraps an arm around Julie's head and thumps a fist into the brunette's face. Strain writhes in agony as Seymour just pours on the pressure. Julie bucks and twists for all she's worth. She almost breaks free, but Stephanie regains her scissors.

As Julie struggles, she manages to pull Steph's legs higher, taking some pressure off of her waist. But the model spies a new target. She slips her legs a bit higher. The model wraps her long legs around Julie's chest, squashing Strain's ultimate boobs to her chest. Julie's beautiful, sore tits are crushed under Stephanie's powerful legs. She struggles to escape the model's endless torture. Stephanie grins as she sees the look of anguish on Julie 's face. Locking her thigh tighter still, she squashes her victim's chest into her breastbone. In desperation, Julie reaches out, and pulls down her foe's bra and sink's the nails of her right hand into the underside of Stephanie's left tit. Stephanie lets out a shriek and untangles clutches at Julie's hand.

She grabs Julie's arm and tries to pull it off, but Julie's long fingers have trapped the entire breast and her nails are dug in deeply. After a short but furious battle Stephanie is forced to release her scissors to escape the tit mauling. She kicks Julie away, her foot landing heavily on Julie's belly. The women slowly rise to their knees. They glare at each other for a second before Julie charges at the still kneeling Stephanie and kicks her in the side, but Stephanie wraps her arm around the leg and drops Julie to the mat.

For the next few minutes they rolled around the ring tugging at each other's hair savagely as first one then the other gained control only to lose it after a few seconds. Seymour once more wraps her legs around Julie's waist, but this time Strain is facing her. Strain struggles to her knees and thunders her fists into Stephanie's ribs relentlessly, forcing the model to break her scissors. Stephanie lies on her back with the mighty Strain looming over her. Julie continues to pound her ribs and belly. Her big biceps bulge and she hammers on the model's body. Stephanie manages to draw back her left leg and kick her foot out into Strain's jaw, shoving her away. Stephanie's ribs are badly bruised. She tries to rise but it hurts too much. Strain is back in her face. A big foot stomps down on Stephanie's belly.

Strain straddles Seymour's waist, grabs her hair and pounds her head into the mat. Rolling Stephanie over, still holding her hair, Julie secures a neck scissors on the hapless model. Strain taunts her foe as she tries to break her neck, rolling Stephanie around like a rag doll to shift her pressure points. Getting bored, Julie rolls onto her back, resting on her elbows. Seymour lies on her back, her neck trapped between Julie's thighs. Strain's legs are getting tired from the relentless pressure. She unlocks her legs slams her feet down hard on Stephanie's chest and stomach. Reapplying then neck scissors while her opponent lays there stunned from the kicks. Julie reaches down with a free hand and clasps the model's left tit in her hand, twisting it clockwise as she crushes it. Stephanie shrieks in agony, but Julie shows no mercy and tightens her scissors, cutting off her air supply. Not yet finished, Julie loosens her legs and yanks Stephanie up by her hair as she switches to a waist scissors.

Stephanie is nearly out cold. Julie releases the beaten model, stands up and struts around the ring, shaking out her legs. She walks back to Seymour, drags her to her feet and easily hoists her up into a cross shoulder back breaker. Applying intense pressure to the model's back, Julie finally throws her to the mat. Julie pulls the model to a kneeling position. She locks her thighs around her waist and proceeds to slap, scratch and pinch the model's big, lovely ass. Julie wraps her arms around the model's waist, lifts her upside down and pile drives her into the mat.

"It's over," pronounces Julie, and she leaves the model lying sprawled out on the mat.

Julie struts around the ring and stops to sign autographs. It takes Stephanie's corner nearly three minutes to revive their fighter. Her tits and ass bear bright red scratches, and Julie's handprints are all over the world's best ass. Seymour is just making back to her feet when Julie turns her attention back to her victim.

"Well, well, it lives! You should have stayed down," crows Julie.

She charges at Stephanie from across the ring. Just as she launches, Seymour spins and nails Strain in the jaw with a devastating kick. Julie is flat on her back, watching stars whirl around. Stephanie is on an adrenaline high. She rubs her swollen, bruised left tit. She rubs the welts on her ass.

"You're gonna pay for this, witch."

Seymour walks over to Strain and drops a knee into her belly. And again, and again, and again, Seymour puts her full weight behind each knee drop. Strain coughs and sputters, her body shakes violently with each hit.

On her feet in a moment, Stephanie rushes up behind Julie, hair hauls her to her feet. The model traps Strain in a full nelson and shoves her to the ropes. Grinding her foe's boobs against the ropes, first the fronts, then the tops, she stops for a moment to taunt.

"Now, the piece of resistance."

Lifting the now sobbing Julie up, Stephanie hangs her foe's big boobs just over the top ring rope, and then drags her alone the rope. Julie is screaming her submission. Stephanie replies, "Just hold on for a few more minutes, dearie, I'm almost done with you."

She snaps Julie backward, down to the mat.

Looking down at Julie, Stephanie taunts, "I always keep my promises, bitch."

She strokes her bruised but rock hard ass, struts forward and straddles Strain. With much ceremony, Stephanie settles in as she plants her big ass over Julie's face. Grinding down hard, she smoothers her foe into oblivion.