Victoria Silvstedt vs. Shakira by TNT

"I'm gonna take that little blonde bitch-in less that 2 minutes!" Victoria thought as she adjusted her sheer black pantyhose and slipped into black stiletto heels. The scene was a private photo-shoot at an exclusive studio and several feet away Shakira was working with another photographer. She wore a sheer full length black slip, black heels, ultra-sexy black stockings and black garters but no bra. Her erect nipples felt the hot sexual tingle in the silky satiny soft slip as she blew kisses and strutted her stuff for the lens. She felt so hot.

"I wonder what they see in that tall blonde bimbo,” Shakira thought as she watched Victoria. “What a bitch. She's ugly. How can any blonde be that bitchy, that stupid AND that ugly?" she wondered. "God, I'd love to tear that black bra off those big boobs and wrap it around her neck. I could do it in a New York minute" she thought.

As their eyes met hers they simultaneously flipped each other the bird. Loud threats and insults followed. The photographers finished their shoot and hastily departed (photographers aren't the most brilliant dudes on the face of the earth, eh?)

"Come over here-I wanna' talk to you," Shakira said, motioning to Victoria who was more than happy to oblige the beautiful young music diva. "I'd love to kick your ass, is that okay with you, sweetie?" Shakira snarled.

"You…you…you? You're nothing but a little uppity spoiled twat who incorrectly thinks she can sing," Victoria snickered as she cocked her fist.

WHAM! Dumb move! Never telegraph a punch after you insult a little bitchy Colombian. Shakira’s fist smashed deep into the tall blondes stomach and as Victoria doubled over gasping for air, Shakira’s fingers went deep into her luscious blonde coif. The tall blonde found herself flying across the room until she tripped and went sprawling on her chest into the pile of a large plush carpet.

Shakira lunged and pounced on Victoria, landing with all her weight on the tall blondes back. She snaked one arm around Victoria’s neck putting her in a solid choke hold while her other hand slid down; skillful fingers unsnapped her rivals bra and in one smooth move she had the tall lovely blonde Victoria topless.

"You're not so tough at all, are you honey?" she snarled in Victoria’s ear as she pulled her head back, reached around under Victoria’s arm and grabbed her large right breast. "My, my blondie bitch, what nice TITS you have," Shakira snarled as she dug her fingers into the soft flesh of the squirming squealing Victoria’s breast.

"Get off me, you damn little cunt!"

Victoria kicked and bucked furiously and Shakira almost flew off a couple of times but her boob/neck hold allowed her to keep riding her luscious pony-girl until she tired of her "tittie torture” and leaned back to dig her nails in Victoria’s pantyhose clad thighs and the sweet cheeks of her round ass. Shakira delighted in raking her nails, ripping holes and runs in the sheer pantyhose and causing great pain as her talons dug into her opponents soft skin. But Shakira leaned a little too far to one side and when Victoria bucked hard she went flying into the wall with a loud CRASH!

In a flash Victoria was on her feet. "No! Uhhh!” WHAM “Uhhhh! WHAM “OFFFFHH!"

The tall angry topless blonde kicked the young blonde several times. Shakira tried hard to escape, but couldn't avoid the hard kicks to her stomach, ribs, groin and back. She was fortunate Victoria had lost her heels earlier.

"Now get up you little bitch!" Victoria shouted as she grabbed Shakira by the hair, jerked her to her feet and slammed her backwards hard into the wall.


The taller woman slapped the shorter woman senseless; backhand; forehand; backhand.

"You are such a pretty little bitch - and such a show-off too - like to show it ALL off, don't ya slut?" Victoria hissed as she smashed her knee up hard into Shakira’s pubic mound. Shakira’s eyes widened in pain and shock, then she squirmed as she moaned in agony; her luscious body trapped against the wall. "Let's see now, just what DO you have to show off?" Victoria snickered.

She grabbed the thin straps of Shakira’s slip and pulled down hard until the thin straps broke. As she pulled down slow and hard, Shakira’s small, firm breasts came into view, the nipples already stiff with excitement growing even further in the cool air of the studio. Victoria let the slip fall at her victims feet, raised her hands - open palm out - and cupped the short pretty blondes small firm breasts, then squeezed the small mounds hard as she raked her thumbnails on the stiff nipples jutting between her fingers.

Shakira moaned and Victoria snickered, “Is that from pleasure or pain, sugar pie?"

She pressed her knee up hard into Shakira’s mound briefly, then withdrew her leg and Shakira heaved a loud sigh of relief.

"Nice panties and - my, oh my, garters and stockings - aren't we just, oh so pretty; and oh so, hot? You got a hot date hon? You are SUCH a tease - such a little teasing bitch aren't you?"

Victoria was enjoying taunting her little victim.

"Leave me alone-get away from me-I mean it! I'm warning you, you…you….you old blonde bitch!" Shakira snarled, trying hard to sound tough but a hard stinging slap was her only reward for her "sass".

"I don't think you’re in any position to make demands, cunt!" Victoria warned.

Another hard slap to the young blondes beautiful face followed by the return of the hard painful knee-to-cunt pressure made Shakira whimper, whine and start to plead.

"You need to learn a lesson, you bitch!" Victoria laughed she smashed her knee into Shakira’s groin again and pinched her stiff nipples as hard as she could.

Shakira gasped and groaned; her eyes glazed over. Victoria released her and watched her slowly sink down to her ass. But a quick, hard, vicious hair-pull jerked Shakira back onto her feet. Time for a spin. Victoria pulled Shakira around by the hair until the young blonde was so dizzy she couldn't stand up.

"Now for some fun! Run bitch!" she yelled.

Shakira tried to run but she was too dizzy. Victoria was laughing so hard she had a hard time focusing on what she wanted to do as the dizzy blonde stumbled away; wobbling, weaving and staggering like a drunk in high heels.

Victoria went after her and….RIPPPP “NO!” RIPPPP “PLEASE…NO!” RIPPPP!

The older blonde had a blast slowly stripping the stockings and garters off her young whimpering victim. Now totally naked, her pretty painted face smudged and smeared; her gorgeous blonde hair, a rats nest of snarls; her rock-hard yet very sore nipples proudly erect, the young music diva still looked quite erotic as she futilely tried to escape Victoria’s clutches. Finally, after a ten minute chase and stripping, Victoria wrestled the breathless Shakira to the carpet.

"Since you know everything, I'm sure you know how to do the next thing I want from you?" Victoria stripped herself in record time and lowered herself just inches from Shakira’s lovely, flushed face. "Do it! DO ME NOW!" Victoria snarled.

Shakira offered no further resistance as Victoria cupped the back of her head and pulled her once arrogant but now totally defeated face up between her spread legs. Soon, the tall lovely blonde was riding the short little uppity blonde to ecstasy.