Shakira vs. Britney Spears: Pepsi Spokesmodel Fight © by John J. 2002

It’d been more than a month since Britney's humiliating loss to Shakira at the Latina's home. The Pop Princess fumed as she thought about her loss and the humiliation of being left topless in her car. She was glad she was able to get away and get a top on unseen by the paparazzi or the fans. All she’d have needed would’ve been to have pictures taken of her in that condition. Their appearance on the ‘Star’, ‘Inquirer’ and other tabloids would’ve even been even more humiliating than losing the fight.

A month passed by with no subtle digs or sly remarks from Shakira although they’d essentially had no communication at all. Though she hadn't said anything, Britney still burned for revenge against the Latina beauty and her solid performance against Avril Lavigne in a private boxing match had the blonde pumped up. She had started pondering whether to issue a challenge to Shakira for a rematch.

Britney seethed with anger when she read a press release saying Pepsi had signed Shakira as a new spokesperson. Britney picked up the phone and called numerous contacts at Pepsi, none of whom were available to speak to her! She left messages demanding an explanation, but none of her calls were returned, not even hours later.

Britney finally had enough and that night she called Shakira. Britney angrily punched the buttons on the phone as she dialed her hated rival’s personal, private number.

Shakira answered, "Hola."

And Britney hissed, "We need to talk, bitch. I want a rematch with you."

Shakira laughed, "Hmmm. Who is this, chica? There’s soooooo many disappointed young gringas wanting a rematch. Besides, why would I care about giving YOU a rematch, Brit-knee? Let's see; I kicked your pathetic tramp ass last month and now I’ve taken your contract with Pepsi. You're old news, honey-buns!"

Her face flushing a brilliant crimson, Britney shot back, "Old news!! Old!! You didn't beat me, SLUT! You got fuckin’ lucky in that fight!"

Laughing, Shakira goaded her further, "So? And IF I was lucky, I still beat your sad, sorry OLD ass. What's in it for me in a rematch?"

Britney fumed, "If you duck me, I'll sic my lawyers on Pepsi. They’ll tie your deal up for years!"

Now Shakira started to get mad as she fired back, "You're NOT gonna screw this contract up for me, you damn BITCH!"

Grinning, Britney hissed, "Well, then let's us have us that rematch."

Shakira fired, "Fine, you washed up old slut! I'll enjoy kicking that fat, skank ass again! I'm gonna have papers ready so WHEN you lose, you'll hafta sign giving up all affiliation with Pepsi. You bring your sorry ass over tomorrow at noon and we'll settle this woman-to-woman."

Britney shot back, "Fine. And WHEN I beat YOUR ass, I'm gonna shove that contract down your whorein’ throat. I'll be there at noon, slut!"

The next day at noon, Britney drove to Shakira's house in her expensive little sports car and screeched to a stop at the driveway. This time, Britney had an extra tank top and shorts in the trunk, just in case she needed them after the fight. She banged her fist on the door a couple times and waited tapping her fingers on her bicep impatiently as she waited for Shakira to open the door. After a couple of long minutes, Shakira appeared around the corner of the house in a black string bikini and matching heels.

"Let's go out to the back yard and have our discussion there," she hissed ominously.

Britney pulled off her white crop top and tossed it aside as she walked into the back yard, then stopped to pull off her matching white shorts, leaving her in a tiny white string bikini and high heels.

Britney walked to the opposite side of the lawn and said, "Any time you're ready, whore!"

Shakira moved forward slowly and cautiously and as she approached Britney she raised her fists for action. Britney also moved in slowly with her fists raised as the two lovely singers closed the distance and circled each other, watching for an opening. Britney saw her chance and shot a right hook at the Latina's head but Shakira sidestepped to easily dodge the punch. As she stepped back in, Shakira drilled a right into Britney's ribs that made the Pop Princess gasp as she stepped away in a bit of pain. Shakira followed Britney and fired a left at the retreating girl’s lower back, kidney punching her and bringing the first yelp of pain in the fight!

Britney gritted her teeth against the pain and spun around, her fist flew out as she turned and she back-fisted the Latina lovely in the mouth, splitting her lip and snapping her head to the side. Britney chased after her hated foe as Shakira stumbled backward and Britney landed a quick jab to Shakira's left tit. But with the Latina beauty retreating and at the edge of Britney’s range, the blow did little damage.

Shakira steadied herself and got her feet set under her after a few more steps back. She’d just set herself when Britney moved in and popped an uppercut to her chin. Shakira rocked back again with Britney in hot pursuit but as Britney lowered her shoulder to charge, Shakira stopped in her tracks and moved forward. The two blondes clinched and Shakira immediately shot her knee up, pounding it right between Britney's open legs!

Britney squealed in pain as the knee connected solidly to her pussy, lifting her up on her toes. Shakira continued to attack as she snapped her head up and headbutted Britney in the face. Britney staggered, dazed and in pain, her hands reaching up to her face. Shakira took careful aim and pounded a hard right hook that cracked into the left side Britney's jaw. The pop princess twisted to her right, took a little hop as she staggered and then flopped on her belly in the muddy grass.

Shakira snickered as she prodded Britney’s ass with her toe, "Come on, tough girl, get up. I thought you were gonna kick my ass."

Britney hissed, "Bitch!"

Shakira laughed, "Ohhhh, great comeback. I'm just SO SCARED!"

Britney turned over and twisted into a sitting position, then struggled to get up to continue. She was seething with anger and her face was flushed a dark red. Shakira closed in and “helped” Britney to her feet with a rough yank of her long blonde hair. Shakira clamped her into a reverse side headlock, then grabbed Britney’s tiny bikini by the side strings and pulled her legs up as she flipped her over, slamming her down on her back with a nasty suplex.

Britney lay moaning as she held her aching back with both hands. Shakira smiled as she moved in and thought about her next move. She set herself, then aimed her elbow into Britney's bulging cleavage. But just as the Latina started her elbow drop, Britney rolled out of the way and Shakira's elbow plowed into the grass. Shakira yelped because her arm felt like she’d broken her elbow.

Britney showed her adversary no compassion, and just as Shakira had, she went right on the attack - targeting Shakira's injured arm. Using the arm, Britney grabbed and pulled on it as she dragged Shakira up to her feet. Once she had her up, Britney violently wrenched the arm around and bent it up behind Shakira's back, clamping on a hammerlock. Shakira cried out in pain and hopped around as Britney cranked up the pressure by twisting and jerking on her wounded arm.

A couple hard stomps to the back of her calves buckled Shakira's legs and she dropped down on her knees with Britney still securely in control of her arm behind her back. A hard shove threw Shakira face first to the muddy ground where Britney jumped and splashed down on her back. The impact forced Shakira’s firm young breasts down in the mud and she let out a grunt as Britney's full weight slammed down onto her. Britney let out a wicked smile as she sat up and deftly untied the knot of Shakira's tiny triangle bikini top.

Starting at her shoulders, Britney dug her nails into Shakira’s tanned skin and raked down the length of her back, stopping at her bikini panties. The Latina beauty shrieked in pain, bucked and twisted trying vainly to unseat Britney. As she wriggled around, Shakira's bikini top slipped off as the tie worked the rest of the way free. The Louisiana Tiger stayed with Shakira as she slammed her butt down into Shakira as the blonde Latina bucked and writhed; Britney’s weight mashing Shakira back into the muddy ground, her ripe, luscious, and now unsupported melons, now flattened into the soft mud beneath her chest.

As Britney continued to try to subdue her, Shakira continued to writhe and wiggle as she struggled to get free, not caring that her already hurting boobs were enduring further bruising and battering. Britney could sense she couldn't maintain control of her bucking rival unless she weakened her a lot more, so she got up and yanked Shakira up with her.

Putting Shakira in a side headlock, Britney ran and then dropped on her ass, driving Shakira's face into the muddy grass. Shakira groaned as her face smashed the ground hard and her entire body bounced from the impact. The blonde Latina rolled over on her side, then away from Britney holding her bloody nose. Britney caught up to Shakira and lashed out with a hard kick aimed at her boobs. The toe of Britney’s high-heeled shoe went deep into Shakira's melons, flattening one of them on her chest as Shakira continued to roll.

Now Shakira’s tit ached, her nose was bleeding and she was out of breath. The blood from her nose had slowed to a trickle and Shakira had just managed to get the bleeding under control when Britney caught her again and yanked her to her feet by the hair. Britney scooped her up chest high with her arm between Shakira’s legs, then she smashed her back down to the ground with a painful body slam. SPLUT!

Shakira groaned in pain as she writhed in pain rubbing her aching back. She started to roll over onto her side when Britney ran in and hammered her with a solid elbow drop to her already bruised and aching breasts. Shakira moaned as her bare boobs were flattened into her chest by Britney's elbow smash.

Not missing a beat, Britney grabbed Shakira's nipples and twisted and squeezed the sensitive nubs as hard and as roughly as she could while she pulled up, forcing the grunting Shakira to scramble to get her feet under her to ease the tension on her tits. Shakira was nearly in tears as Britney pulled her to her feet and the Pop Princess showed no compassion at all as she continued the tit torturing. Britney kept her attack focused on Shakira's boobs, scratching and mauling the previously perfect peaks while continuing to twist and pinch her hard nipples.

Shakira bounced from one foot to the other in pain as she grabbed Britney's wrists and tried to pry her hands off her aching boobs, but she had no success despite her smooth flesh being damp and slick with mud. Shakira tried grabbing Britney's fingers to pry them off, but that also met with no success.

The pain in Shakira’s boobs became excruciating as Britney continued a narrowly focused tit attack. Shakira decided she had to endure the pain and try to mount some counterattack of her own before she passed out from the pain. She spotted a target of opportunity and shot her knee upward once more. Again, Britney shrieked in pain as the Latina’s kneecap slammed into solid contact with her already aching pussy. The southern girl's tit grip weakened a bit and Shakira breathed a sigh of relief as the pressure on her boobs eased. Shakira fired her knee up for a second blow to her rival's womanhood, but this time her aim was off a little and her knee hit the inside of Britney's thigh instead.

Britney was in pain and stunned by the crotch shot, her second of the fight and Shakira was easily able to pull her fingers off her tits and free them. Then the irate Latina tore the southern gal's bikini top off her as she leg swept Britney's feet out from under her and brought her to the ground.

Shakira wrapped Britney’s bikini top around her neck and secured it tight as she straddled Britney's midriff. With a sadistic smirk, she twice bounced on Britney’s soft bare belly, driving air from her lungs. Seconds later, Shakira wrenched hard on the bikini top as she started to choke Britney who gasped and coughed, unable to catch her breath.

Shakira glared coldly into Britney's eyes as she cinched the bikini top tight and hissed, "Give up now, bitch, and I promise I won't knock you out and humiliate you again."

Britney’s powerful legs waved in the air as she gasped, "Fuck… you!"

Happily, Shakira responded to Britney's crude rejection of her magnanimity with another sharp yank on the bikini top, increasing the pressure a little bit more. Shakira lifted herself and swung her leg up behind her, preparing to drive her knee down into Britney's cunt yet again. This time, however, Britney saw it coming and she planted her feet in the mud and pushed herself forward just slightly as Shakira powered her knee down.

Shakira yelped as her knee smacked into the ground instead of Britney’s groin. The choke abated slightly, allowing Britney to gulp down a mouthful of welcome air. When Britney opened her eyes, she saw Shakira's luscious melons hanging down from her heaving chest right in front of her eyes. Smiling, Britney renewed her attack as she grabbed and squeezed Shakira's boobs again. Shakira cried in pain when Britney sank her nails deep into her battered globes.

Shakira hurriedly raised herself up, pulling her puppies from Britney's gasp, but Britney left several furrows of bloody scratches down the previously flawless top of her boobs. Shakira fell back clutching her aching breasts, her eyes wide as she took in the sight of the carnage wreaked by the Pop Princess. Britney rolled away the other way and rested on one knee as she sucked down air and checked out her throbbing pussy, then untied the bikini top from her neck. The two beauties rested for several moments, regaining their breath as they renewed their drained energy resources.

After a few minutes, both lovely singers got back on their feet, faced each other and stared daggers at the other. As if spurred by some silent bell ringing, the singers closed in on each other and raised their hands again, prepared to continue their battle. They circled, moving closer until they were within fight range. Shakira tried to grab Britney in a headlock as they locked up, but Britney pushed her arms away to avoid the attempt and, as she twisted around, Britney caught Shakira in a reverse headlock of her own.

Britney grabbed Shakira's bikini bottom and hoisted the Latina up, over and slammed her down to the grass with a suplex. Shakira gasped as she went into the air, then groaned as she hit hard flat on her back. Britney moved in quickly and dropped her calf across Shakira's neck and started to choke her. Shakira groaned as Britney bore down, putting her weight on her calf. Shakira, in desperation, grabbed Britney's other leg and gave it a hard yank and a twist. Britney yelped as she wobbled off balance and lost her choke. She started to stagger back, but Shakira swung out with her leg and knocked Britney off her feet.

The two beauties rolled apart and got slowly to their feet. They both were panting heavily as they again closed the distance and locked up. As they pushed, pulled and strained for control, Britney won out and caught Shakira in another reverse side headlock. She set Shakira up for another suplex but the Latina countered and raked her nails over Britney's eyes before she could lift her. Britney yelped in pain and immediately released the headlock as she backed off rubbing her eyes.

Shakira went on the attack before Britney could set herself, putting her in a reverse headlock and then suplexing the blinded blonde. Britney let out a gasp as Shakira tossed her up, over and slammed her on her back in the muddy grass. Shakira smirked as she went for an elbow drop to those fabulous tits but once again Britney rolled out of the way and Shakira's elbow smashed into the ground.

Shakira moaned as she rolled over, clutching her bruised elbow and Britney grabbed a fistful of her long blonde hair and yanked her to her feet. Shakira tried to lock up, but Britney gave her an eye rake, retaliating for hers earlier and as Shakira stumbled back with a shriek with her hands rubbing her eyes, Britney moved in with her fists raised.

She drilled a hard right to Shakira's gut that surprised her and she wheezed as the fist knocked the wind out of her. Britney fired more punches, drilling combinations of lefts and rights to Shakira's bare, bouncing, aching breasts. Shakira cried out each time Britney’s fist added to the throbbing pain in her swollen, battered, bruised boobs. She had to move her hands down to protect her tits and belly from further abuse as she backpedaled away from Britney to regroup.

But Britney chased after her and as Shakira’s hands lowered, she popped her with a jab to the nose that re-started the flow of crimson down the front of her lovely face. Britney continued her attack, snapping Shakira's head from side to side with punches to the jaw and face as she frantically tried to knock the Latina beauty out.

Knowing she was in serious trouble, Shakira lunged forward to clinch with her arms around Britney’s waist. She tried a previous trick as she snapped her head up and butted Britney. The blonde wobbled back, her nose now busted as well and Shakira charged in to hammer her own flurry of lefts and rights into Britney's head, bouncing her head from side to side like a ping-pong ball. As Shakira concentrated on her own attack, however, she exposed herself to Britney’s counterattack, and Britney took advantage!

As Shakira threw another punch at her head, Britney ducked and avoided it, then popped up with a hard left-right combination to Shakira's tenderized tits. She gasped and cried out in pain as she stopped throwing her own punches as her hands involuntarily came down to protect her aching boobs.

Britney turned her hips into one fast, hard shot - a right hook to Shakira's jaw. The punch landed flush and the Latina tipped sideways, then corkscrewed to her knees in the mud with a groan. Britney stepped in front of her, put her high-heel between Shakira’s breasts and pushed her over onto her back, then straddled her and sat down on Shakira's bloody face. As Britney rubbed her gorgeous ass on her face, she reached back and started to again attack her breasts.

Still dazed from the punch, Shakira moaned as Britney pinched her nipples and squeezed her bruised, swollen melons. After a minute, Britney got up and reversed the facesit so she was facing Shakira's tits. With a rough tug on her hair, Britney pulled Shakira's face up between her ass cheeks and ground her sexy bottom down. Shakira's cries and pleas were muffled beneath Britney's ass as she continued to wreak vengeance on Shakira's tender tits with her other hand until Shakira's pained cries and struggles lessened.

Once she was sure Shakira was finished, Britney stood up and straddled her defeated rival’s waist. Britney kicked Shakira over on her back and used her discarded bikini top to tie her wrists behind her back. Then Britney revived Shakira with a couple hard kicks to her bruised boobs until she came to and started to cry in pain.

As she looked up at Britney’s imposing figure looming over her, Shakira tried to crawl backward, crying, "No more! Please? I’ve had enough…. you win. You can have that damn Pepsi contract!."

Britney hissed, "What the hell makes you think I WANT the damn contract?"

Shakira cried incredulously, "But it's what we fought over…..wasn’t it?"

Britney just laughed, "No! We fought because you needed your damn sorry, pathetic, ass KICKED! That's why!"

Shakira sobbed, "What about Pepsi?"

Britney went out to her car and returned with a contract which she threw at Shakira, "There’s my buyout terms for Pepsi to release me and hire you as their new model."

Shakira continued to sob, "But, I can't dictate this to them."

Britney hissed, "WHAT? You need your tits battered and your ass kicked some more?"

Shakira screamed, "OK! OK! I'll do it! I’ll convince them! I'll convince them."

Britney reached down and patted Shakira on the head like a dog, "There’s my good girl! You're a loser, just like Pepsi! I prefer Coke anyhow, that's why they are mad at me."

Shakira just sobbed softly as she wished the victorious blonde would just leave and let her tend to her wounds and damaged pride in peace. And, eventually, Britney DID leave. She picked up her bikini top and went to her car to change into the clean clothes she brought with her. But even after Britney left, Shakira sobbed even more as she thought about the Pepsi executives she’d invited to her house to watch the fight from the private security room over her security cameras. Shakira assumed she’d easily beat Britney again and that having the executives there would make her appointment as the new model for Pepsi easy.

Later, Shakira watched the executives leaving her house. They didn't even make eye contact with the defeated Latina beauty as they mumbled amongst themselves about whether or not they needed to call Britney to mend fences. They desperately hoped she’d reconsider being their model, because if she would, they’d be willing to forget the whole Coca-Cola fiasco. Otherwise, they would have to consider going in a different direction; Halle Berry or Cindy Crawford, perhaps? Then someone suggested Lucy Liu, another Charlize Theron and another one brought up Brittany Daniel’s name. Suddenly, things didn’t look so bleak after all!!