Shania's Revenge! Heather Graham vs. Shania Twain by Rich (Inspired by Shanahan's ongoing series)

Heather was becoming quite a thorn in Shania's side! In the weeks and days following their "Super Bowl Struggle," Shania had had plenty of time to contemplate her latest defeat at the hands of her arch nemesis. It had been a devastating one for Shania, bruising not only her gorgeous body but her ego as well!

Shania was now totally obsessed with the thought of evening the score with the blonde beauty. And the sooner the better! Shania felt that she had to act quickly, not only to satisfy her burning desire to extract revenge upon Heather, but to squelch Heather's bold and taunting comments. To Shania, Heather's verbal abuse had become just as painful and hurtful as the physical torture itself!

Shania knew what she had to do.

Shortly after her tragic loss to Heather during their "Super Bowl Struggle," the lovely country singer began working out at a gym. Through the use of weights, leg exercises, and running and jogging, Shania hoped to increase her strength, stamina, and endurance! With each successive work out, she could feel her strength and confidence increasing! It was with great resolve that she pushed herself hard during each work out session. Shania vowed to herself that she would be more than ready to handle anything that Heather could dish out during their next encounter!

She owed Heather BIG TIME, and she relished the thought of paying Heather back WITH interest! Fueled by revenge, and her new found strength and confidence, Shania was anxious for an opportunity to present itself which would enable her to take another crack at Heather!

The weeks passed... Shania dreamed of what she was going to do to Heather when they next met....

Meanwhile, what Shania did not know- what she couldn't know and didn't realize - was that immediately following their Super Bowl fight, Heather herself had quickly embarked on a very strict and regimented physical conditioning program of her own!!! Heather had kept busy, religiously working out daily under the watchful eye of a professional trainer!


Would this brilliant decision by Heather to work out bring poor Shania "back to square one," and effectively cancel out Shania's own efforts and crush her bid to over power and out last the blonde???

....Only time would tell...

Heather was slyly playing a hunch and following her intuition that Shania would resort to physical conditioning in hopes of "leveling the playing field" against her, so Heather was playing it safe by electing to work out in an effort to stay one step ahead of the Canadian beauty! Heather bided her time, training and working out with great intensity, gaining strength and endurance of her own with each passing day.... Heather, her confidence level at an all time high, was looking forward to hearing from Shania.

As the blonde put her incredible body through its paces, she hissed under her breath: "Just call me Shania! Just try it! You'll find out once again what blonde power is all about!!!"

Heather then realized with glee that the opportunity existed for her to hang a third successive defeat on Shania!

Fueled by this prospect, Heather's lithe and powerful body tingled with anticipation! She salivated at the thought of handing Shania yet another humiliating loss. Indeed, another defeat at the hands of Heather would prove to be extremely embarrassing for the country queen! The stakes would be high during their next meeting, but they would be highest for Shania!

Unbeknownst to either, fate was about to intervene and thrust the two beauties together soon... MUCH sooner than either had originally anticipated!

It was Heather who found out first... During a routine visit to her agent's office, she was shocked to learn that Shania was being considered to make her silver screen debut in a motion picture in which Heather herself was attempting to land a role!!!


Immediately upon learning this, Heather exploded into rage right there in her agent's office.

"WHAT!!?? How could this be?", Heather screamed. "How dare that feeble little twit try to sneak in and steal a part from me!! There's NO WAY!!!"

Her agent spoke up, "I'm sorry Heather, but it appears that Shania has the inside track on this one. The producers are anxious to help launch her film career and they believe the script for this particular movie will be perfect for her. Don't worry. I've been looking out for you and I have another script here which I believe will interest you. I've already arranged for you to meet with the film's producers so you can discuss it with them."

With that, Heather grabbed the papers put of her agent's hand and proceeded to rip them to shreds!

"IT DOESN'T MATTER!!", Heather screamed. "YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND! I can't have that wannabe steal this part from me!! It'll be over my dead body if she does!"

Heather was now completely enraged - her nipples were now erect and her womanhood between her legs was involuntarily tingling and throbbing with arousal brought on by this sudden, new found jealousy that she was feeling for her hated rival!

Heather's agent was now frightened! The look in Heather's eyes was one of flaming rage!

Heather stood there, contemplating her predicament, finally saying, "There's NO WAY I'm going to sit by and watch this happen! I'm going to do something about this!"

And with that, she stormed out of her agent's office, slamming the door behind her before her agent could say another word...

Meanwhile, sweet Shania went about her daily business, never having been told by anyone that she was in competition with Heather for the highly coveted role in the same film! She would find out soon enough!

Originally, Heather had planned to wait for Shania to call and beg for a rematch in their ongoing rivalry but this new development changed everything as far as Heather was concerned! Now, Heather would be initiating the next encounter! She wanted Shania, and she wanted her BAD! .....

Once again, inspired by Shanahan! Let the story continue: After having stormed out of her agent's office, Heather made a bee line for her suite. Once there, she forced herself to calm down so she would be able to think clearly. Pouring herself a drink, she sank back into her couch to ponder her situation. She decided to phone her agent from whence she had just came.

Once he came on line, Heather said: "I want you to keep me advised as to when the decision is made as to who won the role."

Her agent replied: "Well, Heather, please don't go ballistic on me again, but I just got off the phone with the producer and.... the decision has now been made and it's final... Shania has been awarded the role."


Finally, Heather calmly responded: "Very well, then. Tell me, does Shania know that I was also under consideration for this role?"

Her agent replied: "As far as I know- No, she does not."

With that, they hung up. Heather, fuming inside, never-the-less began calculating her next move... Within an hour, she had formulated a plan... A plan which she hoped would bring Shania to her. Heather once again picked up the phone. She was attempting to reach none other than... SHANIA!

As luck would have it, she successfully connected with Ms. Twain on the first try...

Recognizing Shania's voice answering the phone Heather immediately launched into a vicious tirade: "Listen bitch- what's the meaning of you trying to steal a movie role from me!!??"

Shania, likewise recognizing Heather's voice, replied: "What ever are you talking about, you blonde fruitcake?"


"No, quite honestly, I don't.", replied Shania.

Heather vehemently and impatiently explained: "You and I are under consideration for the same role, you slut!"

Shania replied: "Oh REALLY? Now that's interesting. I had no idea."

Heather continued: "There's no way you're going to get that part, Shania! You'll never get chosen over me!"

Shania, with a sarcastic tone to her voice, replied: "Uh-h-hhh... Um-m-mmm, Gee Heather, I don't quite know how to tell you this, but I had another call just several minutes ago. It was the producer. He informed me that I had been awarded the role. So sorry, honey- better luck next time!"

"I don't believe you!", Heather yelled.

"Check for yourself sweetie...", Shania suggested.

"I'll do that!", Heather hissed.

CLICK!.... Heather hung up on Shania....

"Hm-m-mmm... that was weird.", Shania thought.

On the other end of the line, Heather smirked... "Phase one complete!", she said to herself. Heather now patiently waited for several minutes before attempting to phone Shania once again...

(... 10 minutes or so pass...)

Shania's phone rings once again... She answers it only to hear what sounds to be like sobbing or crying on the other end...

"Hello, who is this?", Shania queried...

"Ooo-ooo.... How could you Shania! It's true! I just spoke to my agent and he confirmed it... you have the part!"

"How could I what?", asked Shania...

"I didn't even know you were also trying for that part until you told me not 15 minutes ago!"

Shania was suddenly getting quite a thrill out of listening to Heather whimpering in this fashion, and decided to get in some digs at Heather while she had her on the phone.

Heather continued her sob story: "Oh Shania, you don't understand.... that part meant the world to me..."

Hearing Heather sobbing and breaking down into tears over the phone, Shania grew bold and cocky, enjoying the moment, feeling as though she was extracting some revenge on Heather to help make up for what the blonde had done to her recently!

"Aw-w-www... Poor baby, don't cry... That's life in the big city!", chided Shania.

Heather continued, crying freely now: "Oh please, PUH-LEEZE Shania, couldn't you reconsider, and perhaps gracefully bow out on this part? No one would fault you for that... there will be other scripts, other opportunities... It's just that this part meant so very much to me." Shania rolled her eyes as she listened to more of Heather's crying..."Please Shania- I'm begging you! I really need and want this movie role..."

Shania was enjoying all of this! Like a bolt from the clear blue sky, she suddenly had Heather right where she wanted her! (at least psychologically at this point!) ...Quickly, the wheels began to turn in Shania's head! Shania smiled evilly as her heart raced with the excitement of the moment: Her foe Heather was all but on her knees begging. ...Begging for Shania to surrender a lucrative movie role to her!

Shania replied: "HA! There's NO WAY I'm just going to hand this role over to you! DREAM ON, HONEY!"

Shania was by now over flowing with confidence... She felt that she now held the upper hand over her hated rival! With her head "swelling" with confidence now, Shania issued a bold but perhaps foolish challenge to Heather.

"I'm getting tired of listening to your pathetic sobbing and begging over the phone! I've got better things to do! TELL YA WHAT BLONDIE- IF YOU WANT THIS ROLE SO BAD-WHY DON"T YOU FIGHT ME FOR IT!!??"

Heather whimpered back: "W-wh-wha-what?"

Shania replied: "YOU HEARD ME! YOU CAN FIGHT ME FOR THE ROLE! I've been wanting another crack at you anyway, and this time I'm gonna CLEAN YOUR CLOCK! After that, both the movie role, AND your ass will be mine!"

Heather, still sniffling and sobbing, weakly said: "I-I'm not sure I'm up to that Shania... I-I j-just don't know... perhaps we shouldn't... n-no, I don't think I can do that..."

Shania was being given an "out" here... a chance to acknowledge Heather's decline at the fight offer... which would at least give Shania a great psychological victory over her foe. But Shania didn't want "just" a psychological victory! She wanted to kick Heather's ass all the way to the moon and back in a PHYSICAL, TANGIBLE, HANDS-ON victory!!!!

Shania boldly spoke up once again, "Well, WELL, now look who's the pathetic one! Now who's the loser?! Looks like you Blondie! HA! Not even willing to fight for a big movie role??? TELL YA WHAT- I'll be in town next Monday to finalize some paperwork for my movie deal. I'll be arriving Sunday with time on my hands. My offer remains open for your pathetic ass to challenge me for the movie role! I'll swing by your suite Sunday at noon! If you answer the door, we fight for the role, just you and me, and winner takes all! If you don't answer the door...YOU LOSE!!!"

BANG! (Shania hung up, slamming the phone down hard!)

Their conversation ended, Shania sat down to ponder this bizzare turn of events! She could not believe it! Heather had seemingly turned into a scared, whimpering coward! Shania was oozing with confidence, but she wondered if Heather would even answer her door come Sunday.... Shania hoped that Heather would indeed come to the door at "high noon!"

The Canadian beauty had big plans for her enemy- TOTAL brunette domination, humiliation, and victory over her blonde acquaintance! Shania then headed out the door, on her way to the gym, to further prepare herself for what she hoped would come... Her revenge over Heather!

On the other end of the line, Heather calmly hung up her phone... And then... Heather EXPLODED with glee! "yes, Yes, YES-S-SSS!!!! Phase two complete! What a fool you are Shania! You fell for my sobbing cry baby act HOOK, LINE, and SINKER!!!! Ooo-ooo... YES-S-SSS!"

Heather was rolling on the floor in jubilation! Heather had done what she had to do! Knowing that she had lost the movie role to Shania, her only method of gaining it back was to try to bait Shania into a fight, with the movie role as a cherished prize going to the victor! And Shania had played right into her hands! And it was even easier than Heather thought it was going to be, with Shania herself foolishly offering up the movie role as part of the fight spoils! Heather was ecstatic! She rushed out her door, headed for the gym and her appointment with her professional trainer, to further prepare herself for what was to come... Heather had big plans for her foe... Phase three- TOTAL blonde domination, humiliation, and destruction of her brunette acquaintance!

The time: High Noon. The place: Heather's suite.

A gorgeous brunette stands outside, impatiently ringing the doorbell and pounding on the door. Heather keeps Shania waiting just a bit longer before finally opening the door.

Shania is by now walking away down the sidewalk, saying to herself: "Looks like Blondie doesn't want that movie role so badly after all..."

Then, Heather shouts out: "LOOKING FOR ME?"

Shania stops, rolls her eyes in disgust before turning around to return to Heather's doorway, saying: "Are you DEAF? I've been standing out here ringing your bell for an eternity!"

Heather ignored Shania's comment, other than to say: "Speaking of bell ringing, I'm gonna be ringing yours here shortly! It's DOOMSDAY for you Shania!"


Shania couldn't help but notice (with some minor concern) that Heather seemed to have regained her composure since her whimpering and crying display during their last phone conversation!

Shania continiued: "Alright! Let's get this show on the road! Where am I going to wipe the floor with you? Show me the way!"

"Follow me.", Heather replied.

Shania carefully studied her blonde adversary from behind as she followed Heather through the spacious suite. Heather led Shania to her huge bedroom, where they would be able to go at it on the plush carpeting or the king size bed!

Heather then turned to face Shania, saying: "SO- we are agreed that you will surrender your movie role to me once I conquer you once again?"

Shania replied: "YEP! That's the deal Blondie, not that you need to concern yourself about that! You'll soon be finding out that this role has never been further from your grasp!"

With that, the two beauties began shedding their restrictive clothing, both electing to go all the way down to their "birthday suits!" Shania spoke up, saying: "You know Heather, it's lucky for you we're doing this at your place so I won't have to kick your ass out on the street when this is finished!"

Heather returned fire, stating: "You're the one who should be worrying about that honey!"

THEN- With the swiftness of a striking cobra, Shania lunged at Heather, hurling the blonde goddess to the carpet! Shania then pounced on Heather, and began pounding her fists on the actress's long, smooth body, sending instant shockwaves of pain through the blonde! Heather, taken by surprise by the sudden attack, offered no immediate retaliation. Her passivity did not last more then a few moments. Heather reached up to grab the Canadian beauty by her hair, dragging her down to the floor! What ensued was a heated body to body struggle, with equal force meeting equal force. Not a muscle seemed to be moving, but the tension in both bodies was intense! The two beauties continued to grip each other in mutual bearhugs, neither letting go of the other as they rolled across the floor!

Suddenly, something in heather's body gave way, and Shania was able to break the hold and escape, rising to her feet. With savage fury, Twain grabbed the blonde's long hair and yanked on it, pulling her back to her feet, causing Heather to scream out in agony! "YEE-E-E-OW-WWW!", shrieked Heather. "LAY OFF THE HAIR, BITCH!"

Shania complied, saying: "OK Blondie, then how's this instead?" Standing face to face, the brunette grabbed Heather's head in a vise-like grip and began twisting it from side to side! The two danced around the room with Shania leading Heather around by her head, until Heather purposely tripped Shania, sending the country singer crashing to the floor, letting go of Heather in the process. The blonde took the moment to comfort herself and make sure her head was still properly attached...But Shania did not stay down for long.

She jumped back to her feet, and quickly grabbed Heather around the waist, pushing backwards, sending the blonde tumbling to the floor, her heels kicking wildly in the air, landing hard on her back with Shania on top of her! Shania was fighting like an enraged tigress with a purpose, and she was bound and determined that she would have her revenge! Heather fought back, forcing Shania back off her, until the two were on their knees, face to face. Shania once again attacked Heather's long hair, pulling from behind, forcing Heather's head backwards! Shania had good position on Heather and continued to force the blonde over backwards further and further, until the blonde shrieked in pain, tears forming in her eyes!

"Ooo-ooo... Shania- STOP! It hurts! Arg-g-gg...!"

But Shania continued pouring on the pressure, while smiling evily. But Heather was by no means ready to give up- she hadn't gone through all those weeks of intense conditioning for nothing! With a sudden burst of strength, Heather fought back, slamming her entire body into Shania, knocking her to the floor! Heather now went on the offensive, grabbing Shania's voluptous breasts in her hands and slowly pulled on them, evoking painful cries from the country songstress! Heather then decided to get in some punching of her own, and began pounding on Shania's belly with continuous blows, knocking air from the brunette's "sails," and lungs!

Heather shouted out: "How's that feel, bitch! You didn't think you were going to have things all your way today, DID YOU!!??"

Shania, suddenly finding herself on the defensive, tried to cover up and protect herself from the blonde's raining blows! Now, Shania's eyes filled with fear as her lucious body became the target of Heather's fists! Heather pressed her advantage, pinning the Canadian on her back, straddling her victim while sitting on her lower chest, crushing precious air from Shania's lungs! Heather then grasped Shania's exposed throat in both hands and proceeded to choke her foe into submission, as she had successfully done in some of their previous meetings! But Heather had neglected to trap Shania's arms this time, leaving them available for use...

Shania kept her wits about her and was able to insert her arms and hands between those of her tormentor, latching on to Heather's pendulous tits! As she began gasping for breath through Heather's choke hold, Shania began squeezing the blonde's mammaries for all she was worth! Heather screamed in pain, but forced herself to ignore her enemy's titty attack! Heather increased her pressure on Shania's throat as the brunette began to choke, gag, and wheeze...

"Nightie-Night Shania!", Heather proclaimed, as Shania's eyes indeed were beginning to roll back...

The brunette was beginning to see stars... Desperate, Shania changed her tactics by concentrating her attack on Heather's large nipples! With all her strength, shania began to squeeze, pinch, and pull at Heather's nips....

"AI-E-EEEEEE!", Heather yelped and screamed from the intense torture!

She needed just a few more moments and Shania would be out! "OW-WWWWW! MY TITS!, Heather yelled... With blackout setting in, Shania gave both of the blonde's tortured nipples a final, desperate, debilitating twist and pinch! Furious, Heather caved in to the excruciating pain and released her death grip on Shania's throat to rescue her precious tits! Shania immediately sucked in some much needed life giving air as her "lights came back on!"

With Heather still in agony and massaging her breasts, Shania swiftly twisted free from under Heather and regained her freedom! As the two lay apart from eachother, "licking their wounds," Shania decided to go back on the offensive and try to regain control of the fight. She rose to her feet, forcing Heather to do the same. Heather was standing against the foot of her bed with her back to it as Shania came after the blonde- attempting to tackle Heather onto the bed. But at the last second, Heather dodged Shania's leap, causing the brunette to flop onto the bed, face down. Just as she rolled over, Shania was faced with the vision of Heather flying through the air at her! However- Shania brilliantly stopped Heather flight short by lifting her legs and feet, causing Heather's face to crash into Shania's feet, stopping the blonde a tad shy of her target!

Heather screamed in pain: "OH-H-HH Shania! You broke my neck you slut!"

Shania replied: "Nonsense Blondie- If I did you wouldn't be twisting and rolling in agony the way you are!"

Both women now got to their knees on the spacious bed and lunged at each other, gripping each other in close embrace... eyes, noses, and lips practically touching! Glaring into each other's eyes, Shania smiled evilly at Heather. The brunette could sense the look of frustration on the blonde siren's face! It was becoming a battle of equals. The two beauties rolled and writhed across the bed, their bodies locked in violent embrace...

The stiff, erect nipples of each woman carrying on a battle of their own, poking at each other as their breasts slipped and slid against each other's! Flesh against flesh, their lovely legs and arms entwined, Heather and Shania battled on! So locked together were these two that it seemed as though they were one mass of flesh, warring against itself!!! As the erotic battle continued, the two girls grew increasingly exhausted... Both women's hearts were pounding viciously behind their heaving tits as they gasped for air!

Suddenly as if by cue, they broke apart briefly to catch their breath. Shania then pressed her attack, using both hands to throttle Heather around her neck and and fling the blonde beauty onto her back. Shania climbed on top of Heather, straddling her. Sitting on the blonde's midsection, Shania attempted her own choke hold on the blonde! Heather began coughing, hacking, and gasping for breath as her foe steadily increased her pressure... Spittle began trickling from the corners of the blondes mouth....

Shania could sense victory was near for her....

Heather was in big trouble- She gazed up at Shania through fading eyesight as she teetered on the verge of passing out! .... Was there no way of stopping her possessed brunette rival on this day? .....

"It's lights out for you honey!", Shania proudly proclaimed, as she sensed Heather on the brink of blackout!

Indeed, the blonde was fading fast- but not fast enough! Outwardly, Shania seemed to have the situation well in hand. Victory seemed only seconds away! Secretly, Shania was in dire straits herself, and DESPERATE to end the fight!

Unbeknownst to Heather, the Canadian bombshell had slowly but surely became increasingly aroused during the course of their erotic fight! All of that close in, bearhug style battling that the two beauties had engaged in had taken its toll on Shania! The softness, warmth, and tenderness of Heather's heavenly body pressing against Shania served to have a stronger effect on weakening the brunette than any physical torture that the blonde had tried to dole out! If only Heather had known this at the time, perhaps she could have exploited Shania's secret weakness to her advantage, but now it appeared to be too late. ....

Or was it?

As Heather lay helpless on her back beneath Shania, the blonde squirmed one last time, drawing her right foot towards her body, raising her lovely thigh and bringing it into contact with Shania's vulnerable crotch...

Feeling the blonde's silky smooth thigh brush against her aroused womanhood, Shania let out a squeal of ecstasy! (Heather took note...) Finding the sensation of her foe's thigh pressing against her just too irresistible, the brunette foolishly allowed herself the pleasure of "riding" the blonde's sexy gam up and down, sliding her wet crotch almost all the way up to Heather's knee and then back down again, repeatedly....

Shania's concentration was breaking down, her grip loosening on Heather's throat, allowing the blonde to silently sip in some much needed life sustaining oxygen, and not a moment too soon!

Shania's grip on her enemy's neck now loosened farther!!!

As The brunette tended to her "needs," Heather slyly kept her eyes closed as she breathed in and out ever so slowly, although she desperately wanted to gulp in huge quantities of air at once! But she dared not let Shania know she was recovering....

Heather was now aware of Shania's "condition" and was playing "possum," waiting for just the right moment to strike back... But she didn't want to disturb Shania... not just yet.

Smiling evilly, Shania gazed down upon her blonde "victim," assuming that Heather was done for!

Laughing wickedly, Shania chided: "Your ass is mine today, Blondie! Paybacks are hell, aren't they?! No movie role for you today, bitch!"

Heather could only moan faintly in reply.

"And now to finish you!" Shania said.

The brunette had decided to satisfy herself on Heather's face so she rose up to spin around and reverse her position over the motionless blonde. The gorgeous singer was now ready to facesit her victim, which would serve the dual purpose of suffocating her foe into total unconsciousness, while enabling the excited brunette to satisfy her needs at the expense and humiliation of her arch rival!

"This is a perfect ending!", Shania crowed in delight.

Slowly at first, Shania began to grind her womanhood into heather's face...

"Ooo-ooo, Mmm-mmm, Oh-h-hhh...", Shania cooed and moaned.

SUDDENLY, her pleasure was interrupted by a severe stinging sensation on her heavenly tits! Heather had come back to life and was viciously pinching the brunette's erect nipples between her thumbs and forefingers!

"EE-EE-EEE-YEOW!!", Shania yelped and shrieked in surprise and pain.

Her mind momentarily short-circuited and confused by the sensation of pleasure between her legs vs. the pain in her nipples! With Shania in a state of shock and confusion, Heather broke free and escaped from beneath the brunette! Turning to face Shania, a rejuvenated Heather laughed evilly.

"Ha-Ha! Surprise Shania! I bet you thought this was over! UH-UH honey- NOT BY A LONG SHOT! Sorry to interrupt your little victory "celebration, but I've got a movie role to win back, and you're still standing in my way!"

Incredulous, Shania could only stare in shock into the blonde's evil eyes, with her mouth agape, as tears started streaming from her eyes. Heather confidently approached the whimpering brunette.

"Aw-w-www... Don't cry poor baby, you're still gonna have your chance to cum in ecstasy, only difference is- it won't be on my face, and you will be at my mercy and under my control when you do!!!"

Shania was devastated by this sudden turn of events- she considered conceding defeat once again to her blonde enemy... but she had her pride.

"NO- I must fight- FIGHT for my pride and my movie role!", Shania silently decided.

As Shania tried to collect her senses while resigning herself to the fact that the fight would continue anew, Heather suddenly lunged at her, going for the brunette's throat with both hands!

"Fight me Shania! Fight back or I swear I'll strangle the life out of you!!!"

Angry now, Shania grabbed Heather by the shoulders and pulled the blonde towards her, locking the two beauties together in a sensual bearhug, their naked breasts crushing together. The two tumbled entwined to the floor, rolling, and punching their way across the plush carpet, a whirlwind of teeth, nails, fists, and feet! The two beauties were tiring badly, having been through much already. Their breasts bobbed erotically as they gasped for breath! It would be the survival of the fittest! As the battle wore on, Shania seemed to once again be gaining the upper hand! It was she who kept foiling any sustained offensive by her foe while punishing Heather's breasts, arms, and legs!

Shania screamed out: "I'm still gonna kick your ass Heather!! I've got too much at stake here to lose to you today!!!"

However, Heather's desperate writhing kept her from being pinned and put away by Shania! Heather fired back: "The longer we keep this up Shania, the better my chances of defeating you! I'm gonna outlast you!!!" Indeed, Shania felt herself running out of steam- she knew she must end this, and SOON! Heather couldn't stand the thought of Shania retaining that movie role- this gave the blonde all the more incentive to give this, their ultimate battle, everything she had! However- Heather's lush, nude body was being wrenched cruelly by Shania! Heather had to do SOMETHING! She stiffened her body and drove her foot HARD into her foe's left breast!

"YEE-E-EEOW!", Shania shrieked in pain and tumbled across the room!

As she lay on the floor, Heather leaped on top of her! The blonde's hair framed a face consumed with hatred! Growling like a beast, Heather clutched her foe around the throat, and SQUEE-EE-EEEZED!!! Shania's gasping attempts for breath were music to Heather's ears!!! Heather's nails continued to dig into their soft target! Convulsively now, Shania's lush body writhed in desperation beneath her tormentor's weight! The tortured brunette tried to bite her assailant's breasts!

However- Heather's nipples remained just beyond the reach of her victim's flashing teeth! ... SO NEAR, YET, SO FAR!...

Heather was now in command! She could feel the brunette weakening severely beneath her! But the blonde didn't wish for this to be over- not just yet! Heather was now brimming with confidence, and she wanted to toy with her prey, prolonging the brunette's ordeal as long as possible! What to do??? ...The sly blonde elected to put her acting ability to use once again! Feigning a sudden, painful leg cramp, Heather released her death grip on Shania's neck and rolled off the Canadian beauty!!! Shrieking in mock pain, Heather proceeded to massage one of her lovely legs! Shania just lay still, glad to have a few seconds to regain her breath!

Heather thought silently: "C'MON Shania, take the bait- come after me!!!"

Indeed, Shania's stubborn pride drove her to try to take the offensive once again! ...Perhaps she could attack the blonde and inflict some damage while her enemy suffered with a painful leg cramp! Shania attacked Heather from behind, attempting to wrestle the blonde over onto her back! Heather cunningly allows the brunette to struggle futilely, the blonde offering up just enough resistance to keep Shania from gaining any advantage, instead only serving to sap away even more of the brunette's strength!

Heather slyly figures: "Why not let Shania exhaust herself further with what little strength she has left?!"

Heather knew that Shania was totally harmless now, but she wished to render the brunette TOTALLY HELPLESS as well!!! Try as she might, Shania was unable to pin down her foe.

Heather cackled out loud, saying: "You're really pathetic girl! Face it Shania- It's just about over for you honey, except for one-small-detail!"

Heather grabbed a handful of the brunette's hair and rose to her feet, yanking Shania up with her! The blonde then threw the hapless singer up onto the bed... The blonde leaped on top of her defenseless foe once again, rolling the sobbing, whimpering brunette over onto her back. Straddling the weak Canadian lovely in a classic school girl pin, Heather gazed evily into Shania's fearful eyes...

"Let's see.... What to do with you??" Heather pondered aloud. "OH, YES-S-SSS! I know! I promised you something earlier, didn't I honey? I so rudely interrupted you while you were humping my face... Let me make it up to you now!"

Shania begged through her tears: "Please Heather... NO... DON'T.... I quit... you win- you win again. the movie role is yours... Just P-Please, leave m-me alone n-now..."

Heather giggled: "Not a chance sweety. I've dominated you physically, and NOW- the Grand Finale! I want to dominate and humiliate you sexually!!! Why, look at you- you're still conscious! We can't have that now, CAN WE? I haven't won anything yet! Not until I shut your lights out!"

Shania was trembling with fear. Heather began lovingly caressing Shania's lucious tits! Shania was indeed terrified, but 'be-cumming' aroused again as well!!! Shania felt so weak and powerless beneath Heather! The brunette instinctively grabbed both of Heather's wrists as the blonde continued gently massaging Shania's beautiful orbs! The brunette could offer no resistance, so Heather allowed Shania's hands to remain lightly gripping her wrists.

"Oh-h-hhhh...", Shania moaned out loud...

Heather chimed in: "Feels good, doesn't it Shania? After all the hell you've been through today, THIS feels good, RIGHT?"

Shania's mind and body were in a hopeless tailspin- She wanted to fight off Heather's lascivious attack, but was powerless to do so! Her weakened, but heavily aroused body would not respond to her mind's commands. Heather now lowered herself onto Shania, the two women's breasts coming into gentle but firm contact!

Waves of adrenaline suddenly surged through both of their bodies as the excited realization of the contact stiffened and hardened nipples, and changed their breathing! Both beauties were now finding it very sensual to be in each other's embrace on the large bed, having their own soft bodies pressed up against the softness of another woman! Heather caught herself, reminding herself to be careful, lest she get too carried away and lose control of her emotions! She realized she still had a job to do- she had to finish off Shania, and claim final victory, including the coveted movie role!

Heather grinned evilly as she gazed down upon her helpless victim, Shania's eyes closed in the ecstasy of the moment, her heart pounding violently! Shania was losing control swiftly now... With Heather's weight still on top of her, Shania still managed to arch her back up off the bed, also raising her sexy ass as well!

Heather instinctively knew what was happening- Shania's womanhood was now in search of something... ANYTHING... to come into contact with!!! Heather was more than happy to oblige her aroused victim...

The blonde reached back and slid her hand down into Shania's wet crotch and watched as Shania gasped in ecstasy as her eyes opened widely momentarily!!! Heather now sat upright on Shania's tummy, reaching behind her to continue massaging the brunette's furry, wet mound! The blonde continued playing with her prey, feverishly working her fingers deeper into Shania's well lubricated womanhood, causing Shania to shudder uncontrollably! The brunette's nipples were so erect and stiff- Heather couldn't resist! Heather temporarily abandoned Shania's love nest to turn her attentions to her victim's beckoning tits! The blonde began fondling Shania's breasts, and stimulating her erect nipples by gently rolling, pinching, and squeezing them between her thumbs and fore fingers!

Shania weakly pleaded: "No-o-ooo, please, don't...."

Heather ignored her foe's pathetic cries, continuing to molest Shania's engorged mammaries!

"I think it's milking time!", Heather boldly proclaimed!

Shania was powerless to resist, as Heather began an expert milking action to her foe's vulnerable tits! Indeed, Heather's awesome titty attack soon began producing results!!! Droplets of Shania's sweet succulent nectar began appearing at each of her aroused nipples!!! As Heather proceeded to massage the brunette's breasts further, leaking droplets gave way to erotic streams and spurts!!!!! The powerless brunette had absolutely no control over the situation as she could only watch helplessly as Heather milked her like a cow!!!! Shania couldn't take it any more- she shrieked out in open ecstasy as she experienced what amounted to- for all practical purposes- dual titty orgasms!!!!

Heather squealed in joy: "yes, Yes, YES-S-SSS!"

(The blonde was thoroughly enjoying this)

Shania's eyes were by now turning glassy, and she was having difficulty focusing. ....

Heather knew that Shania would not last much longer. She made the decision to finish off the country singer, hoping to cram in as much humiliation as possible now before the brunette slipped into unconsciousness. Heather proclaimed: "AND NOW TO FINISH YOU, YOU COW!" Shania whimpered feebly, begging the blonde to stop...

"Puh-lee-e-eeze Heather- No-o-oooo... Don't- I can't take anymore..."

Heather quipped back: "Oh you'll take more sweety- you're still conscious aren't you? I haven't won yet!"

Shania was laying with her legs closed, attempting to protect her vulnerable crotch from further attack, but Heather grabbed the brunette's knees and easily spread Shania's legs wide.

"No-o-oooooooo", Shania whispered.

Too incredibly weak to offer the slightest resistance, Shania reluctantly permitted her blonde foe Carte Blanche to her delicious crotch once again! Heather went back to work, slowly probing Shania's forbidden zone, prying apart her folds searching for her goal- Shania's swollen clit!!! Easily reaching her destination, Heather toyed and teased the brunette's erect womanhood, causing the singer to convulse wildly!

"Ooo-oooooo... ung-uh-h-hhh.... Oh-h-hhhhhhh...", Shania cooed.

The brunette was sinking fast. It would soon be over. Ever faster now, Heather lasciviously molested Shania's twitching clit! Shania's breathing turned shallow and erratic! Heather wished that she had a long, thick dildo with her... Alas, her plunging fingers would have to do!.... Now- Shania's eyes rolled far back into her head as her entire body began to convulse, quiver, quake, and shudder! THEN, like a volcano, Shania ERUPTED and EXPLODED into a CATACLYSMIC, EARTH QUAKE of an orgasm, drenching Heather's hand and soaking the bedspread!!!

Shania screamed like a banshee, from total and absolute ECSTASY! Heather wasn't satisfied! Shania was still conscious!!! For good measure, the blonde poured on the pressure- still fondling Shania's hidden treasure, Heather played the hapless brunette's clit like a fiddle! Still trying to deal with the heavenly aftershocks of her first orgasm, Shania was now faced with another major EXPLOSION!!! It didn't take Heather long... She expertly brought her helpless prey to yet another EARTH SHATTERING CLIMAX!!!

This proved to be too much for poor Shania- With her mind, body, and senses now totally over-taxed, she passed out, having been completely overwhelmed, dominated, and humiliated by her powerful blonde adversary!!!

"Yes-Yes-Ooo-ooooooo YES-S-SSSS!", Heather shrieked, glorying in her victory!

"Your ass is mine again bitch! And NOW- your precious movie role is mine too!!! Oh-h-hhh YES-S-SSSS!"

Shania was in La-La land, unable to take part in Heather's victory celebration. Heather had one final but pleasurable task remaining- She herself had become highly turned on by the erotic battle which had just been waged. And now, her womanhood was seeking and demanding satisfaction as well!!! The blonde licked her lips in anticipation as she looked down upon her vanquished prey, studying her...

Finally, Heather decided out loud: "YES! That lovely sleeping face will provide a suitable source for me to satisfy myself upon!"

And with that, Heather mounted Shania's face, grinding and humping away to her heart's (and clit's) content!!! Soon, the blonde beauty gained her reward- An EXPLOSIVE orgasm all her own, which drenched poor Shania! Heather howled in pleasure and ecstasy, finally collapsing in exhaustion on the bed next to the brunette!

A short time later, the triumphant blonde awoke, and rose from the bed to head for her bathroom and a shower, leaving the still comatose Shania alone again on the bed. The blonde beauty treated herself to a long and refreshing shower, allowing the warm rushing water to caress her every sexy curve, as the actress reveled in the fact that she had destroyed her rival once again, and won a movie role from her to boot! Heather let the cascading water wash over her face, her eyes closed...

SUDDENLY- Heather was slammed up against the shower wall, her tits being attacked and crushed! Struggling to open her eyes through the rushing water, Heather found that she was face to face with an enraged Shania! The brunette grabbed Heather's wrists, and then slammed her body hard into Heather, pinning the shocked blonde up against the shower wall!


Heather screamed loudly, scaring herself awake! She found herself in the bed next to Shania! The blonde's heart was pounding ferociously! Breathing a huge sigh of relief, Heather giggled to herself, realizing she had just had a scary dream!!!

"Whoa- What a nightmare!", Heather said to herself.

THIS time now, Heather rose from her bed for real, and headed for her shower, leaving Shania on the bed, still out cold in her sleep of defeat... When Heather finished her shower and returned to her bedroom, she discovered that Shania had left!

"GOOD! She saved me the trouble of having to kick her little ass out of here!", Heather said.

With that, the stunning blonde strutted across her large bedroom to her mirrored closet doors... She opened one of the doors, revealing a video camera on a tripod! Heather turned the camera off, and proceeded to retrieve the video cassette from within the camera! Heather had video taped the entire fight from behind a see through one way mirror!!!

(The microphone was hidden on the nightstand beside the bed!)

"This will make a nice little souvenir!", Heather smirked.

She would be sure to make a copy or two, and mail one of them to her little friend, Shania, so the brunette would have the opportunity to see the action she missed after she passed out! The next day, Shania was a NO- SHOW at her scheduled movie contract signing. Later that day, Heather received a phone call, informing her that she had been awarded the role!