Maria Sharapova vs. Nadia Petrova by Puyol

Sharapova could not work it out, why was she so awful on clay? It slowed down her game and she slipped and slid around the court too much. Today she had been beaten at the French Open by Nadia Petrova.

Petrova and Sharapova had history. Once Petrova had claimed that Sharapova shouldn’t be allowed on the Russian Fed Cup team as she was “more American” than Russian. This angered Sharapova, but the loss upset her far more and had made her hate Petrova.

After the match, in the locker room, Sharapova came up to Petrova, handed her a note and quickly turned and walked off. Perplexed, Petrova read the note...

“Listen up fatty, no-one beats me, not for real. Come back to center court tonight at midnight, I’ve arranged for it to be open, no-one will be there, just me, you and a recording device which will be set up for us. The winner gets to show the world how pathetic the loser is and can humiliate them as they please. Can’t wait... unless you’re scared.”

Petrova smirked and said she’d be there. When Petrova arrived at the court at midnight, she was dressed in a black spaghetti strap dress and sandals and wasn’t surprised to see Sharapova was already waiting for her. Maria was wearing her cocktail dress, the one with the plunging-to-the-naval neckline and slingback heels. The 21 year-old blond stood 6’2” and weighed 130 pounds; looking positively slight next to the 27 year old Petrova’s 5’10” and 143#!

Sharapova pointed to a camera and shouted that a video was being made which the winner could take with her after the fight. Then she added, “A little bit afraid of how embarrassing it’s gonna be, Nadia?”

“Hahahahaha, I don’t think you have a clue what you’ve got yourself into,” Petrova answered.

This shocked Sharapova, she’d expected Petrova to be scared but it looked as though she was ready, still, there was nowhere to run now. Besides, she was better than Petrova, there was only one possible outcome. Putting her doubts out of her head, Sharapova charged at Petrova and slapped her knocking her off balance. She grabbed her hair and pulled it back, moving Petrova’s head back and forth as she slapped her face. After the seventh SLAP, Petrova fell down on the clay and Sharapova got on top of her. However, Petrova pushed her away and scrambled to her feet.

Sharapova approached again, and attempted to SLAP Petrova but Petrova caught her arm and slapped Maria instead! Her SLAP was much harder than Sharapova’s had been and it knocked her down. Petrova straddled Maria, bouncing her ass on Sharapova’s chest.

“This is stupid, I’m not going to humiliate you, I’m just going to leave and you’re going to know I beat you - again!”

She got up and walked toward the exit. Sharapova was covered in clay and was upset, but she wasn’t ready for this to finish. Ten seconds after Petrova got off of her, Sharapova ran after her. Just as she was approaching, her heels skidded slightly on the clay and she fell on her butt behind Petrova.

She whirled around and screamed, “You were going to attack me from behind!? All right, a lesson must be taught I suppose, GET UP BITCH!!!”

She stood back as Sharapova got to her feet. Then Sharapova charged towards Petrova intending to jump on her. She took to the air but Petrova kicked out and hit Sharapova between the legs. Sharapova fell down and burst into tears. Petrova climbed on top of her and put her elbow across Sharapova’s face, she took off Sharapova’s expensive bracelet and necklace and said, “I’ll keep these.” She put them on.

Sharapova struggled, but there was no way to move the heavier Russian off her. Petrova then ripped the dress down the middle leaving Sharapova in just her bra and pants. She squeezed Sharapova’s breasts making her squeal, then took her by the hair and turned her head toward the camera.

“Take off the underwear and kneel down in front of it bitch!” Sharapova was crying out of fear as much as pain, her resistance had gone, she slipped off her bra and panties and knelt in front of the camera. “Now then, if you don’t start touching yourself then I’m gonna start breaking bones. Go in and out until you cum or I’m gonna rearrange that face of yours!”

Sharapova couldn’t believe it, she looked at the camera, tears rolling down her cheeks and decided she had no choice. She began and in less than two minutes she climaxed right there in front of the camera. Petrova took the tape recording of the scene and told Sharapova, “Only me and a select few - including some girls in the locker room - will see this. I won’t give it to the public, but you’ll never know which opponents get to look at it. For me, it was a personal thing.”

Then with a smug, “Goodnight,” she strutted away, leaving Sharapova face down on the clay; her body shuddering as she cried in humiliation.