SheDaisy Grudge Catfight: Kelsi vs. Kristyn (w/ Kassidy as ref) © 2002 by John J. All rights reserved.

Even though they won the fight against the Corrs and took home the huge prize money, Kelsi and Kristyn were anything but happy. In the weeks following the fight, the animosity between the sisters built to a higher and higher level. It even got to the point that the sisters refused to speak to each other. Several family gatherings nearly degenerated into fistfights between the two sisters, as the most minor of issues set one of them off on the other.

After nearly a month of the bickering, Kassidy had enough. She called Kelsi and Kristyn over to her house and sat them down to talk things over. As had happened at most of the family gatherings lately, the conversation quickly degenerated into a near fight. Kassidy kept the two sisters apart and forced them to sit down.

"I am getting so damn sick of both of you! I should just let you both beat each other senseless, and put an end to this whole feud," Kassidy fumed.

Kelsi got a big smile on her face, as she said, "Why don't we call that guy, where we fought against the Corrs and we settle our feud one on one, in his arena."

"Sounds great to me, " Kristyn snapped.

Kassidy piped in, "Whoa, girls! ...." But Kelsi cut her off, before she could finish.

"We fight till one of us is knocked out, agreed?" the redhead interrupted.

Kristyn hissed, "Fine! No submissions and no pins count. Only a knockout."

"Alright! ENOUGH! Fine. You two can have your fight. But, I'm gonna referee to make sure you two don't kill each other," Kassidy said in a very exasperated tone.

"Agreed!" Kristyn and Kelsi commented in unison.

As the blonde and redhead glared daggers at each other, Kassidy dialed the phone. She spoke to the agent that had set up the team fight, and explained the situation. The agent readily agreed, and had told the brunette that the arena would be ready. They agreed to have the fight the following Saturday in the early afternoon.

The days and hours passed by at a glacial pace for the two sisters as they waited impatiently for Saturday to arrive. Finally, Saturday morning arrived. All three sisters left from their own homes in their own cars and headed toward the mountain estate.

Kristyn arrived first. The lovely tall blonde was shown to one of the large dressing rooms on the third floor. She brought the little shorts and crop top outfit that she chose to wear for the fight with her. The blonde took little time to change into the outfit, fix her hair and makeup and wait for the word to come down to the arena.

Within a few minutes of Kristyn's arrival, Kassidy arrived. They stunning brunette was shown a different room on the third floor. Like Kristyn, she brought her outfit with her. She changed into the one-piece, full cut swimsuit, and was ready quickly.

Kelsi was the last of the sisters to arrive. She was shown to her room. Like both of her sisters, she brought her outfit with her. She changed quickly into the tiny string bikini and fixed herself up.

Just after Kelsi announced that she was ready, the loudspeakers in all three sister's rooms told them to come down to the arena level. The three sisters rode the same elevator down to the arena level. Kristyn and Kelsi didn't even look at each other, while they traveled down to the sub-basement level.

The agent was there in the arena when the sisters arrived. "You may use the arena as long as you wish, and you may use any areas that you want. However, my employer requests that you return the arena to this exact same condition that it is in right now, after you are finished," the agent explained calmly.

Kassidy smiled, "No problem. We'll clean up after ourselves."

At that, the agent left and the trio of sisters were alone in the fight arena.

"I think the loser should have to clean up the mess we make in here during the fight," Kelsi suggested snippily.

Kristyn shot back, "Agreed!" "Are we gonna talk, or fight?" the blonde asked venomously.

"Okay, girls! FIGHT," Kassidy yelled out!

At Kassidy's announcement, Kelsi rushed toward her sister and put a hard right hook into her jaw. Kristyn wobbled back, not expecting that blow quite so suddenly. Kristyn took a couple steps back and steadied herself. The blonde just got her balance again, when Kelsi charged in and tackled her to the carpeted floor. The redhead tried to subdue her larger sister and hold her down, as she struggled to control the blonde's arms. Kelsi let out a loud "ooof!" as Kristyn drove her knee upward and buried it in the redhead's gut.

The redhead released her sister's arms and rolled over as she clutched her aching belly. Kristyn got to her feet as Kelsi rolled away. The big blonde stomped down with her high heel, burying it in Kelsi's bruised belly. Kelsi moaned in pain as the heel dug in. Kristyn pulled her leg up and set herself to stomp again. The redhead rolled out of the way, as Kristyn slammed her heel down. The heel smacked into the carpeted floor. A wave of pain surged up the blonde's leg, as Kelsi spun and kicked her in the side of the knee. Kristyn staggered back and she dropped to the floor as her knee gave out.

Kelsi got to her feet much faster than her blonde sister. She went over to her opponent and yanked her up to her feet with a rough pull on her hair. With a side headlock secured, the redhead ran forward and dropped down on her ass. Kristyn was pulled along and her face smacked against the carpeted floor as Kelsi's bulldog worked perfectly. With a satisfied smirk on her face, Kelsi got up and went to her sister. Taking careful aim, she fired an elbow drop at the blonde's heaving cleavage.

Just as Kelsi started to drop, Kristyn rolled to the side with an evil grin. Kelsi let out a moan of pain as her elbow hit hard. In a fluid motion, the blonde twisted and started to get up. As she got up, she grabbed her sister's hurt arm and wrenched it back hard in a hammerlock hold. Kelsi yelped as she hopped and tried to relieve the pressure on her throbbing elbow. Kelsi retaliated as she spun around and reversed the hammerlock and she whipped Kristyn's arm around. Kristyn yelped in pain and Kelsi put her into the painful arm twisting hold. Kelsi didn't even have the hold in place for five seconds before Kristyn reversed Kelsi's reversal and put the redhead back into the hammerlock hold.

Kelsi grunted and swore obscenities at Kristyn, as the blonde cranked on the trapped arm. Kristyn moved in closer to her redheaded sister. She kept the hurt arm locked in position as she kicked at the back of Kelsi's knees. Kristyn tried to make the redhead's knees buckle as she kicked, but Kelsi suddenly snapped her neck back and butted Kristyn in the nose with her head.

Kristyn stumbled back as the waves of pain surged through her head from her bleeding nose. The blonde immediately released her hammerlock as she moved to hold her nose. Kelsi angrily whirled on her sister. The fiery redhead lurched forward, while her blonde sister and adversary continued to stagger back. As Kelsi charged forward, she caught Kristyn with her shoulder and forced the blonde into the wall.

A grunt came out of Kristyn's mouth as her back smacked into the wall. The blonde moaned again as a moment later Kelsi's shoulder drove forward and slammed her entire body weight into Kristyn's midriff. Not showing the slightest bit of compassion toward her sister, Kelsi continued her attack as she took a slight step back and drove her knee up into the blonde's crotch. Kristyn yelped in pain as she clutched herself between her legs. Her knees buckled and she slid to the floor along the wall, nearly in tears from the pain.

With a rough yank on her hair, Kelsi forced her blonde sister to her feet. Kristyn focused and gritted through the pain as she attacked first. Kelsi's eyes opened wide in pain and shock and all the air rushed out of her lungs as Kristyn buried her fist in Kelsi's gut. A second punch to the gut doubled the redhead over. Kelsi coughed and wheezed as she struggled to get air back into her lungs. Kristyn grabbed a fistful of red hair and held her sister's head steady. The blonde fired her knee upward and whacked Kelsi in the face with the knee. Kelsi groaned and her head snapped backward in reaction as the knee landed solidly into her face and busted her nose. The redhead flipped back and landed on her back with a thud.

Though she was still in a lot of pain between her legs, Kristyn knew that she had to take advantage of this turn of events in the fight and keep her sister on the defensive. The big blonde reached down and used a handful of red hair to haul Kelsi to her feet. Kristyn grabbed the flimsy triangle top on Kelsi's bikini and gave her a hard shove into the wall. As Kelsi went back, the tiny bikini top tore in Kristyn's hand, leaving the redhead topless. Kristyn dropped the torn bikini top and stepped in toward Kelsi. The blonde raised her elbow and braced as she let her hard elbow slam into Kelsi's bouncing boobs. Kelsi groaned as the hard elbow flattened out her luscious melons and left them bruised.

Kristyn continued her attack as she grabbed at Kelsi's heaving tits and squeezed them roughly. She squeezed and mauled at the tender tit-flesh like she wanted to pop her sister's boobs! She sunk her nails into the bruised and battered breasts and left bloody trails of scratches across the once perfect feminine flesh. Kristyn kept after the redhead's tits as she moved her attack to the nipples. The blonde roughly squeezed and pulled on the sensitive nipples. The blonde pulled and squeezed as hard and painfully as she could, leaving Kelsi on the verge of tears.

Kelsi cried out in pain even louder as her blonde sister bit down hard on her bruised nipple. The intense pain set off a rush of adrenaline in the redhead and she fired a barrage of punches at Kristyn's midriff and tits. The blonde let out a yelp as she released Kelsi's tits and backed away, trying to fend off her sister's punches. Kristyn's defensive tactics were not nearly good enough to defend against the angry redhead's blistering attack. Kelsi wove punch after punch right through Kristyn's defenses. The redhead pounded her larger sister's tits and belly with a non-stop flurry of blows.

The redhead continued to batter her sister with punches. Kelsi smirked as Kristyn's defenses and offense broke down under her barrage of blows. Kelsi smelled blood and she saw the end to this fight coming quickly. She started to ponder how to best knock her blonde sister out cold. Giving her sister a rough shove against the wall, Kelsi tore her sexy crop top off her body. Meanwhile, the blonde saw that trying to defend and deflect her sister's blows was useless, but also not a very effective way to win a fight. As Kelsi returned to her punching attack, she fired a clumsy punch at Kristyn's sore, and now bare, melons. Kristyn set herself and retaliated in kind as she pounded a solid left into Kelsi's aching globe. Kelsi yelped and took a step back, not expecting that counterattack from her sister.

The two luscious singers kept their distance for several minutes as they both gulped down air and massaged their aching boobs. All four luscious breasts were bared. The bruises and swelling of their lovely puppies was very noticeable at this point. The bruises and damage to their faces and stomachs was also very clear as well.

Seeing the girls breathing heavy and taking a break from the action, Kassidy moved in between them and asked, "Have you two had enough? Look at you two, you're beating each other to a pulp. Are you two ready to just make up and end this fight right now?"

Kristyn pulled herself up to her feet, with her fists raised. She hissed, "Hell no!"

"No Way," Kelsi responded venomously, as she got to her feet and matched Kristyn's pose!

Kassidy shrugged her shoulders as she backed out of the way. Her two battling sisters closed the distance with each other yet again, ready to continue the fight.

Kelsi rushed in towards Kristyn at high speed and swung her fist at the blonde's head. Kristyn easily sidestepped her attacking sister and let her sail past her. As Kelsi turned back toward her and charged again, Kristyn hammered her with a kick to the head. The redhead groaned in pain as her head snapped to the side, with a trickle of blood in the corner of her mouth. She pivoted and twisted as she went down to the carpeted floor in a heap. Kelsi let out another moan as her sore boobs hit the carpet and then were flattened out under her body.

The blonde went right on the attack as she straddled Kelsi's back. Kristyn laced her fingers under her sister's chin and yanked back hard. Kelsi groaned and yelled in pain, but the blonde just yanked back harder and harder as she worked over the redhead's neck. Finally tiring of that hold, Kristyn released the camel clutch and let Kelsi's head fall the floor with a smack. Not moving from her position astride Kelsi's back, Kristyn moved into her next hold. Kristyn snaked her arms around the redhead's arms and locked her hands together behind her neck, securing a full nelson hold. Kelsi struggled to pull free, but couldn't outmuscle her sister to wrench free. Kristyn moved and shifted positions to put more weight and pressure on her sister's neck. Kelsi let out a groan as she felt the added pressure on her sore neck. Kelsi went for a different approach, she moved her hands grabbed at the blonde's hands. After several attempts, she finally managed to unhook the blonde's hands and pull free of the hold.

As she pulled free, Kelsi rolled away from Kristyn. Kristyn angrily chased after the redhead and fired her high heel with a stomp at the redhead's aching melons. Kelsi continued to roll away though and Kristyn's stomp hit nothing but carpet. Seeing the stomp out of the corner of her eye, Kelsi abruptly stopped her rolling and pivoted on her ass. She caught the blonde's legs and swept them out from under her. With a loud yelp, Kristyn went down on her luscious butt.

The big blonde went down and her redheaded sister jumped at her and crashed down on top of her midriff. Kelsi wrapped her fingers around the blonde's neck and squeezed hard as she struggled to choke Kristyn, and knock her out cold. With a nasty glare, Kelsi dug her fingers in tighter until they turned white from the pressure. Kristyn gasped and coughed as she bucked and pitched as she struggled to get free. The blonde felt herself start to get lightheaded from the lack of air and she knew that she had to do something fast! Kelsi's expression turned from a nasty glare to a look of pain and shock, as Kristyn pounded her knee up into Kelsi's exposed pussy.

The redhead immediately released the chokehold and rolled off her position as she moved her hands instinctively to protect her bruised crotch. Kristyn got up a bit slowly and gulped down some air as she moved in after the redhead. She grabbed at Kelsi's legs and spread them open wide. With a wicked smile, the blonde stomped down hard on her sister's pussy twice. Kelsi yelped in pain from the first stomp. As the second stomp landed, Kelsi screamed in pain and nearly passed out right there. Tears streamed down the side of her face as she curled up in ball.

"I give up," the redhead cried out. Kelsi sobbed, "Please stop!"

Kristyn hissed, "That don't matter hon! We agreed to a knockout, and I'm not gonna stop until your sorry ass is out cold!"

"No! I've had enough. You win! No more, please, "Kelsi cried.

Kelsi's pleas fell on deaf ears. Kristyn hauled her up to her feet by the hair and punched her solidly in the jaw, putting her right back down again, nearly out cold. The blonde smiled as she moved into position and lowered her lovely ass down on Kelsi's face. She grabbed a handful of red hair and pulled Kelsi's face tightly into her butt, as she ground her ass down. After almost two full minutes of the face sitting, Kelsi's struggles stopped.

Seeing Kelsi no longer resisting, Kassidy moved in and forced Kristyn off her face sitting position.

Kassidy followed the rules and gave the mandatory count-out, which was essentially meaningless as Kelsi wouldn't have met a 50 count, let alone a 10 count. As Kassidy finished the count, Kristyn raised her arms up high in victory and pumped her fist.

Kassidy went and checked on Kelsi, and after savoring her victory, Kristyn joined in and checked on the redhead too. Kassidy revived Kelsi after a few seconds. Kelsi looked around and realized that she had indeed been knocked out.

Kristyn offered her hand to help Kelsi to her feet, which the redhead accepted.

"You put up one hell of a fight," Kristyn offered, trying to make peace.

Kelsi snapped back, "Thanks. But, you won, sis."

The redhead asked cautiously, "So, is this over, now?"

Kristyn gave Kelsi a hug and told her, "I guess it's settled. How about you?"

"I guess so, " Kelsi responded, although she was still angry.

At that, the three sisters went to get the supplies and started to clean up the mess that they had made in the fight arena. After they had everything cleaned up, they all left together, and their sisterly bond seemed to have solidified once again.