Sheena (Gena Lee Nolin) vs. Black Scorpion (Joan Severance) by Tank

Police detective Darcy Walker and her partner, Michael Russo, were having a great time on their month long African adventure. As the Black Scorpion, she had devastated her blond rival, Aftershock, once and for all in a savage battle, and loved the fact that she defeated her in front of her partner. But when Detective Walker couldn't resist changing into her Black Scorpion costume and dealing out justice to a few of the local townsfolk, she made herself a formidable enemy. They happened to be friends of Sheena who couldn't believe they were really trying to steal from the lovely superheroine. Black Scorpion was becoming an all too familiar woman in Sheena's jungle. The blond beauty had caught her new rival in action as she disabled the three would be thieves in her skimpy black leather costume. The two superheroines had words and walked away as enemies.

Not that the Scorpion meant any harm. But Sheena resented her for her presence in her jungle. When Cutter began raving about her, Sheena felt enough was enough. Perhaps there was vanity involved on Black Scorpion's part. She loved to impress her partner with her physical prowess and his occasional lauding of the lovely Jungle Queen had gotten under her skin. The two beautiful superheroines soon became obsessed with dealing the other a beating in front of their two boyfriends.

One day Sheena asked Cutter to go with her as she paid a visit to her sexy rival. Black Scorpion was taking a walk through the jungle with her partner when they ran into Sheena and Cutter. Seeing that her rival's outfit was a bit skimpier than her own, Sheena turned toward Cutter and said,

"Cutter, would you like me to strip into my gazelle skin thong and teach this Scorpion girl a lesson?"

"Of course! I mean...if you *want to*," he answered.

The sexy Scorpion turned to her partner and replied, "Michael, I know you've been wanting me to trash this arrogant blond bitch ever since we arrived. Would you like me to kick her ass for you?"

"Oh yes…definitely!" he responded.

Black Scorpion put her hands up and began to circle Sheena who was slowly gyrating her tight butt, her skirt sliding down her shapely legs. Then she tossed it on the jungle floor and put her hands on her hips dressed only in her bra and skimpy thong. Her blue eyes gazed for a moment at the Scorpion's tight leather shorts that, like Sheena's thong, barely concealed her womanhood. Sheena smirked at Black Scorpion. Suddenly, the shapely masked woman attacked the Jungle Princess.

Scorpion nails Sheena with lefts and rights while barely missing with her kicks. Sheena slowly moves back preparing to counter. The two beauties engage in a vicious exchange of punches, kicks and knees. Black Scorpion then flips Sheena onto the ground and jumps on top of her. The blond beauty finally powers the leather clad Scorpion woman off of her but not before sustaining several punches to her lovely face. Their men's eyes are glued to the action, both wondering if their beautiful partner will prevail.

The two combatants are now on their feet dishing out more punishment to their hated rival. The Scorpion is landing two blows for every blow Sheena scores. Still, the blond looks none the worse for it. Scorpion continues her aggression. She is incredibly quick and agile with cat-like reflexes. But Sheena is the stronger of the two and her counter blows are hurting her lovely rival. Scorpion nails Sheena with two side kicks to the belly which back her up. As she continues to advance, Scorpion snaps kicks at Sheena and grunts, her skimpy leather shorts unable to fully conceal her womanhood.

The Jungle Queen begins her counter assault and she hurts the Scorpion with stinging kicks of her own. Sheena moves in and snaps her opponent's head back with a right cross. Scorpion punches back but gets nailed with harder blows in return. The lovely masked crusader, like Sheena, realizes it would be too humiliating to bear to lose to a woman as beautiful as her rival in her partner's presence.

Black Scorpion and Sheena continue to punch and kick with all they have, grunting loudly in the process. Scorpion is wincing as she starts backing up. Sheena hits so hard! A savage straight kick to her belly and Black Scorpion doubles over in pain. Sheena grabs her arms and swings her around and around, then she lets go! Scorpion flies through the air until her back slams into a tree, her body folding around it. Scorpion slides down the tree onto her butt and lays dazed.

Sheena is all business as she stalks toward her. She falls to her knees and grabs Scorpion by her mask. The leather clad beauty struggles but is too weak to keep the Jungle Queen from tearing her mask off.

"Well, well; if it isn't Detective Walker! What a surprise!" Sheena chides.

The blond beauty, intensely aware the men are watching, then yanks off Scorpion's bra. Then Sheena removes her own top and presses her large breasts into the full breasts of her rival; her aroused nipples spearing the Scorpion's dark nubs. Black Scorpion is embarrassed and SMACK, slaps Sheena! The jungle woman shoves the lovely Scorpion up against the tree and begins slapping her again and again!

Black Scorpion, without her mask and with her breasts exposed, lunges at Sheena and begins to choke her. The two superheroines wrestle as they roll over and over on the jungle floor until Sheena overpowers the sensuous crime fighter. She wrestles Black Scorpion onto her back across her lap, then pulls her arms back behind her back, holding both in a full nelson using just the strength of just her own right arm.

Then Sheena grabs her foe's reddish brown hair and jerks her head up and pulls her head back. The lovely Scorpion continues to struggle to no avail - the blond Jungle Queen is too strong!. Sheena wraps her shapely legs loosely around Black Scorpion's silky legs as her big breasts flatten on her back. She glances at the men and observes they are gazing at Black Scorpion's skimpy shorts wedged deep in the crease of her pubic mound exposing her womanhood. Sheena, her own womanhood barely covered by her gazelle skin thong, arches her back and raises her lovely rival's body while pulling down on her head. Black Scorpion's body arches until her womanhood is at the highest point, the skimpy shorts lodged in her mound.

"OOOOOHHHHH!" The Scorpion is groaning and greatly embarrassed to be exposed in this way. But Sheena has her dominated and under full control. She retains her devastating full nelson while yanking her head back by her hair. Scorpion continues to struggle and moan. Tears well up in her eyes and she regrets ever wanting to fight the mighty blond Jungle Queen.

Sheena observes Cutter's eyes glaring at the Scorpion woman in her very compromising position. Her sensuous lips curl into a mischievous smile as her captured prey continues to struggle and groan helplessly in her clutches. The lovely blond thinks twice about following through with the naughty temptation that entered her head. If the men weren't watching, especially Cutter, she would simply keep her dominant position until the sexy Scorpion woman was ready to submit to her. But she couldn't resist maneuvering her strong, shapely legs around Black Scorpion's skimpy black leather shorts and locking her sensuous thighs around them.

"LET ME GOOOOOOO, YOU BITCH!" the Scorpion shouts.

"WHAT’D YOU CALL ME…DETECTIVE WALKER…I MEAN BLACK SCORPION!?" Sheena flexes her thighs around Scorpion's tight black shorts, the front lodged tight in her womanhood.

"AHHHHHHHHH!" The Scorpion moans and tears begin to stream down her lovely cheeks. Sheena is in no hurry to force her sexy prey to submit to her. Her dominant position over her rival with the men watching coupled with the pride involved in conquering not just any woman, but a fellow heroine as beautiful as Black Scorpion, is positively exhilarating to her.



Before she can finish, the lovely blond flexes her strong, silky thigh muscles around her with even greater force. Scorpion feels Sheena's thighs around her shorts with a power she could not believe any woman possessed.

"BOO-HOO-HOO!" The mighty Black Scorpion can not contain herself from crying out loudly like a beaten schoolgirl.

Sheena never feels more dominant or sexy as she feels at this moment. She cradles Black Scorpion's little shorts in her thighs, then pulls her rival's body to the jungle floor while slowly twisting her upper body till her bare breasts and nipples are on top of and rubbing into the Scorpion's sensuous pair. Sheena's sexy prey is bawling loudly.


Scorpion looks up and sees the anger in Sheena's face, the lovely blonde's, big bare breasts undulating and breathing into hers. Even worse for her is the sensation of the Jungle Queen's powerful thigh muscles now toying almost playfully around her womanhood. She hates to humiliate herself but knows she has no choice.


Then Black Scorpion again erupts in a torrent of tears, the victorious Jungle Princess finally releases her, slowly gets to her feet and grins at Scorpion's partner as he rushes to console his vanquished heroine. Sheena smiles at Cutter as she struts over, takes his hand and asks, "Well Cutter, did you enjoy the fight?"

"You were too much for her, Sheena! You are sooooo dominant!" he gushes.

She leads him back toward home holding his hand still wearing nothing but her gazelle skin thong. As they enter their village, the triumphant blond beauty reflects to herself. Then she remarks, "You know, every time I wear this gazelle skin thong, I seem to get into a fight with another woman."

‘I wish she’d wear it all the time," Cutter thinks to himself.