A Girlfriend's Rage: Neferteri Shepherd vs. Samantha Torres by kit

When Samantha returned to the apartment that she shared with her live-in boyfriend, she opened the door to see her neighbor from across the hall sitting much too close to him.

"Oh, hi babe," said Paul, getting up to greet her. "You're home early."

Samantha gave her neighbor a look that would cut glass, "Not early enough."

Neferteri smirked, but said, "Hello."

Paul kissed Samantha on the cheek as she returned Neferteri's greeting, but with her eyes she was saying something else.

"Well," purred Neferteri, her eyes locked with Samantha's. "I guess I'd better go."

"If you don't mind," said Samantha as Neferteri rose from the couch.

"Sam!" Paul said, surprised by her lack of civility.

"Well! I'm not in the mood for company," Samantha snapped at him.

Neferteri was enjoying the friction. She'd love nothing more than to split them up and take Paul for herself…at least for one night.

"She's just visiting."

"I see you have lots to fight, I mean talk about," she said, heading for the door.

"Oh, we're not fighting," said Paul, with a nervous chuckle.

"No, we aren't," said Samantha, her eyes issuing a warning to Neferteri.

Neferteri's eyes cut across Samantha's as she ever so slightly brushed shoulders with her while going for the door. "Bye."

"Bye," the couple said as Samantha closed the door behind her.

"Just what the hell was that cunt doin' here?" demanded Samantha, tearing into Paul. "You know I can't stand that slut."

"Calm down."

"Calm down my ass!" she continued. "I don't want that bitch over here again. She's a cheap whore and I can't fuckin' stand her!"

"Easy, baby," he said. "You're gettin' jealous over nothin'."

"Jealous! I'm not jealous of that fuckin' bitch. I'm much better lookin', but I don't like her comin' on to you. You're my man!"

"That's right, baby," he said, wrapping her up. "I'm your man and you're my woman." Their kisses quickly led them to the floor where Samantha found herself on all-fours, panting and puffing as they fucked doggy-style. "Mmmmm, baby," moaned Paul, going back and forth from hole-to-hole while wondering just how tight Neferteri's ass was and how hot her pussy could be. He knew she'd fuck him; she'd been putting out the vibe ever since she moved in three months ago. Just one night would be all he needed to decide if Samantha was the right girl to marry.

"Uuuuunnnngggggg!!" groaned Samantha, orgasming as he shot his wad up her tight, sexy ass.

Later that night as they lay in bed making love again, Samantha couldn't help but wonder if Paul had already stirred his stick in Neferteri's sex pot. She knew Neferteri would let him. A woman always knows these things. She knew Paul loved her, and he told her she was his best. But still, she couldn't help but think he'd fuck Neferteri if he ever had the chance.

"Oh, Sam...baby," he moaned, pumping. "You're so wet tonight."

"It's all for you," she purred. "My pussy's the best for you. No other woman can make you feel like I do. I love you, Paul." Lifting her legs higher up his back, she pulled him in deeper and worked her hips firmly against his. "I'm all the woman you'll ever need."

"Oh, baby, you're the best," he said as they plunged together. But still, there was Neferteri; he needed to know.

Normally Samantha didn't fear another woman's body. At 5-9 and about 117 pounds, she was drop-dead gorgeous, her lean bronze body measuring a sexy 34B-24-34; an ass and legs to die for! Her bushy, light-blond hair fell just past her shoulders, and she had very seductive eyes and full, pouting lips.

But on the other hand, Neferteri wasn't to be outdone either. The Nubian Goddess had light brown skin and straight jet black hair that went a little beyond her shoulders. She too stood 5-9 and weighed around 118, but had a more impressive figure that measured 36c-23-35, and like Samantha, she had long legs and a fine ass.

For a couple of days the two girls didn't see each other and Samantha's jealousy and insecurity subsided until she pulled into her parking space at her apartment and saw Paul helping Neferteri unload groceries from her car.

"Ggggrrr! That bitch!" growled Samantha as the two women locked eyes.

"Looks like you're in trouble," sneered Neferteri as Samantha got out of her car.

"Nah, it's cool," said Paul, knowing otherwise.

"Paul," Samantha snarled as she briskly walked by without stopping. "I want to see you."

"Just a minute, honey," he said. "Let me..."


"Just a minute!" he shouted back as she stormed past.

"What a bitch," muttered Neferteri under her breath.

"She's just real jealous of you," he said.

"Well, she's still a bitch," she said looking at him. "I'd never treat you like that."

He saw in her eyes that she wouldn't. Why would she? She was beautiful and confident in her womanhood. His member began to rise. "C'mon. We better get these things inside."

"Paul," said Neferteri after they had set her groceries on the kitchen counter, turned and wrapped her arms around his neck. "Dump the bitch. Let me show you what kind of woman I am." His hands slid to her waist as he looked into her eyes. Her lips quivered and longed to be kissed. "Let me show you," she said softly as she leaned into him. Sealing lips, their mouths slowly opened as their tongues ran together. Moving his hands down to her ass he cupped and squeezed them as she pressed her chest into his. He pulled her pelvic against his and they both moaned as their tongues rolled slowly and sensually. "Make love to me," she said, looking gently into his face. "I want to feel you inside of me. I promise I'm much better."

Being better than Samantha would be hard, but Paul didn't doubt Neferteri's engine would run hot. "I'm sure you're very good, but I can't," he said as they held each other close.

"Why not," she asked, giving him a little kiss.

"Because I'm with Sam," he said, kissing back.

"What if I fight her?"

Paul tossed back his head and gave a chuckle. "You'd fight her for me?"

"Sure. Why not? I've been in catfights before," she said serious.

"She's pretty tough. I've seen her fight."

"So am I," Neferteri hissed. "And you've never seen ME fight!"

French kissing her again, Paul knew a fight between the two would probably be very close. He knew Samantha would fight Neferteri in a heart beat and obviously Neferteri would fight her right back.

"There's no need to fight," he said. "We're probably gonna break up soon anyway."

"I'll be waitin'," she said, kissing him.

"I better go," he said, removing her arms from his neck.

"Sure you don't want me to go handle this?" she asked, smiling.

"I'm sure. You don't need to fight for me."

When Paul returned to his apartment, he and Samantha got into a major fight. Neferteri could hear them screaming and swearing, and she felt like very soon she'd be sharing her bed with him.

"You fuckin' bitch!" shouted Paul, opening the door. "I'm leavin'!"

"Good! Just go! You fuckin' bastard!" screamed Samantha as he went out the door. Getting into his car, Paul screeched out and went for a drive to cool down and think. Samantha and Neferteri both watched from their windows; each thinking the same thing…"That fuckin' bitch. I'm gonna kick her ass!"

Samantha opened her door the same time that Neferteri opened hers.

"You bitch!" snarled Samantha.

"Let's go, you slut!" spat Neferteri.

Colliding together in the breezeway, Neferteri slung Samantha to the concrete by the hair and fell down on top of her. Samantha groaned upon impact, but fought to dislodge Neferteri as she tried to mount her. The two girls hissed names as they grappled for a few seconds before Neferteri rolled on top and gained control. Stabbing Samantha's arms over her head, Neferteri's legs wrapped up Samantha's legs as she began grinding down with her breasts and hips. Samantha's smaller breasts were pushed back into her chest as her shapely buttocks flattened out against the concrete.

"Uuuummmph...ge' off."

"Fuck you, bitch," huffed Neferteri, working her chest and hips in unison.

Samantha struggled to get free, and said, "He doesn't want you."

Neferteri grinned in her face, and said, "That's not what he said when we were makin' out."

"Oh you, bitch!" bucked Samantha, desperately trying to get her arms and legs free.

"That's right, bitch," snarled Neferteri, her breasts crushing Samantha's breasts. "I'm gonna kick your ass and he's gonna dump you and move in with me."

"You whore!" shouted Samantha, breaking her right arm free and driving her fist into Neferteri's ribs. The black beauty grunted upon impact, and then grunted again and slid sideways as Samantha drilled her in the ribs again. Falling halfway off, Neferteri reached down and grabbed the waistband of Samantha's grey cotton shorts.

"Oooohh ggggawd!" howled Samantha as her shorts and thong were hiked up her snatch. Neferteri gave a final tug and then reached down and squeezed her snatch. "Ooohhh ssshhhhit!" screamed Samantha as her pussy was twisted and turned. Using her right fist again, Samantha fired off a blow that busted Neferteri's left tit and another that clocked her under the jawbone. Neferteri's head snapped backwards, and then she fell forward into Samantha's cleavage. "Ooooooowwwwww!!" Samantha wailed as her left breast was bitten thru her matching grey cotton half-top.

Yanking Neferteri off by the back of the hair, Samantha rolled sideways and snaked her long, tan legs around Neferteri's smooth, brown belly and squeezed. Neferteri groaned, and was slapped hard across the face. Tearing open Neferteri's pink blouse, Samantha latched on to a bra-covered boob and squeezed. "Uuuuunnnggg! Ssssshhhhhit!" bellowed Neferteri, getting crushed and squeezed as she scratched at Samantha's thigh and forearm. Jerking down the bra, Samantha stretched out the dark brown areola and squeezed as hard as she could with her legs. The man-stealer howled as Samantha slapped her shut and then rolled her over on her front. Shoving Neferteri's face into the cement, Samantha pushed down with her hands as she bounced her ass up and down over Neferteri's ass. "Uuunngg! Uuunngg! Stop!" shouted Neferteri, her nose and mouth pressed into the concrete as her pelvic bones crumbled in pain. Samantha yanked back on her hair and went ass-to-ass with Neferteri thru her little, floral print shorts.

"Still think you're gonna kick my ass, bitch?" Samantha asked, twisting Neferteri's face up by the back of her hair. "Still think you're gonna fuck my man?" she asked, grinding her butt cheeks with Neferteri's and spreading them.

"Ge' off, bitch...uuumm...and let's...uunngg...really fight," grunted the Nubian beauty, squirming to escape.

Samantha grabbed her bottom lip and pinched. Tears squirted from the corners of her eyes as Samantha said, "Alright, bitch. But you're no match for me." Samantha then gave her a parting slap upside the head as she got off and stomped her foot down on her ass.
As Paul drove around he had no idea that the two girls he was thinking about were locked in a catfight over him. One girl fighting to keep him, and the other fighting to get him. No doubt he loved Samantha. She was very beautiful and a real tiger in bed. But he knew something must be wrong if his eye was wondering over Neferteri. True, she was beautiful. A girl that would turn men's heads, and by the way she kissed, she was probably very hot in bed, and maybe even more-so. Still, something had to be wrong if he was thinking of asking Samantha to marry him, but wanting to make love to Neferteri.

Samantha backed away as Neferteri rolled over on her back. Pulling her shorts and thong out of her snatch, Samantha softly moaned. Gently she rubbed her tingling pussy and stinging tit that had been bitten. Neferteri lay with one hand over her face and the other holding her throbbing nipple. She could feel her tit pounding with her heartbeat as her face and lip burned with pain from the concrete and the slaps and pinching it had taken.

"Get up, bitch!" panted Samantha. "You wanted to fight so bad."

"Just a second, bitch," Neferteri said, laboring for breath.

Samantha watched and caught her breath as Neferteri rolled up and sat against the red brick wall.

"You kissed Paul?"

Neferteri nodded. "That's right...and it was great."

Samantha looked at her with jealous hate, but wanted more answers. "Have you slept together?"

Neferteri grinned up at her, "Wouldn't you like to know."

"Then you haven't?"

Neferteri could tell that Samantha was very worried. She thought about playing with her, but didn't. "No. Not yet. But he definitely wants too, and after I whip your ass we will." Now on her feet, Neferteri put her bra back into place as they stared at each other.

"You whip me and you can have him," said Samantha. "But if I whip you, then you move out and leave him alone. Alright?"

Neferteri nodded, "Awright!"

"Then let's settle it, bitch!" hissed Samantha, taking a step forward.

"Bitch, yourself!" snarled Neferteri, lunging in with a swing and trying to snatch Samantha's top.

Samantha blocked the hand and grabbed Neferteri's left arm. Leaning over and pulling the arm up, she bit down on the forearm.

"Oooouuucchhh!" cried the black fox, driving her knee up between Samantha's legs.

"Uuuummmppphh!!" Samantha grunted, doubling over and holding herself.

"You're not gonna be worth fuckin' after I get done with your ass," said Neferteri, grabbing her by the waistband and giving her another wedgie.

"Ooooowww!" wailed Samantha, standing on her toes, but grabbing Neferteri's shorts.

"Yeeeooowww!" cried Neferteri, dancing as her snatch was split and filled.

Both girls yanked harder. Neferteri drove Samantha up against the brick wall and grabbed a handful of cunt. Samantha howled again, but cupped a handful of pussy herself.

"Sssshhhhit!" screamed Neferteri as they both leaned against each other and squeezed.

Testing their wills, the two foxes squeezed and pinched pussies thru their shorts for several long, agonizing moments until Neferteri felt Samantha's hand start to slide inside her shorts.

"Yikes! Nnnnoo!" shouted Neferteri, switching tactics and going for Samantha's tits.

"Ooooohhhh sssshhhhhit! Mmmy t-i-t-s!" Samantha tried to push her away, but Neferteri wrung out her braless nipples and tried to expose them from her crop top. Samantha doubled over in pain, pulling on Neferteri's hands and giving her a knee in the midsection. It wasn't a hard blow, but it was just above the pussy and enough to force Neferteri to back off in relief.

"Oooo...my nips," moaned Samantha softly, still doubled over and holding them as there was a pause in the fighting while Neferteri rubbed her midsection, grimacing as she plucked her thong and shorts out of her snatch.

"Oh gawd," whimpered Samantha, pulling her thong and shorts out of her snatch as well.

"What's the matter, bitch? Had enough?" asked Neferteri hopefully.

"No. Have you, bitch?" growled Samantha, ready to fight on.

"Bitch, I'm really gonna make you sorry you ever messed with me," said Neferteri as they got ready to resume their catfight.

"Bitch, you're the one that's sorry," said Samantha as they came together swinging slaps. Samantha blocked a slap as she blistered Neferteri across the cheek. Neferteri's head swirled as they found each other's hair and pulled. Both winced as they jerked back, and Samantha slapped Neferteri's face again.

SMACK! "Ooooww!" howled Neferteri, balling up her right fist and driving it into Samantha's toned abs. Samantha fell forward into Neferteri's chest, her momentum driving Neferteri up against the wall where Samantha bent down and bit her left breast. "Oooowwww!!" screamed Neferteri as her boob was bitten right thru her bra.

Samantha tugged on a fist of hair as her other hand cupped crotch and squeezed. Neferteri groaned in pain, but her hard driving right uppercut smashed Samantha's left tit flat. Samantha lost her bite, but still squeezed Neferteri's pussy. Neferteri punched Samantha in the belly again, this time freeing her crotch. Samantha groaned as her hands found Neferteri's breasts and squeezed them thru her bra.

"Oooouuuuccchhh! Leeegggo…ooohhhh!" cried Neferteri, trying to pull Samantha's twisting hands off her breasts.

"Fuck you! I'm...oooouuuccchhh!" screamed Samantha as her hair was suddenly pulled. Running her hands in the back of Neferteri's hair, Samantha and the Nubian beauty got into a rip-roarin' hair pulling fight. With legs braced one between the other, Neferteri and Samantha fought like only two girls can when they hate each other. Back and forth and sideways they jerked, yanked, slung and pulled. Both females screamed and swore as they each ripped out a big chunk of the other's hair.

"Fuuuuuck!" cried Neferteri, slapping the shit out of Samantha as they fought to tear out another handful of hair. Then Neferteri screamed again when Samantha removed a clump of hair from the back of her head.

"Bitch! I'm gonna bald you!" Samantha shouted, grabbing even more.

In great pain, Neferteri sent a left fist into Samantha's stomach, almost immediately followed by a hard right.

"Ooommpphh! Uuuummpphhh!" grunted and grunted Samantha as her belly was being busted from both sides.

POW! The uppercut caught one woman flush on the chin, slamming her teeth into her tongue. Like a rock she dropped to her ass, blood spraying and spewing from her lips as she choked on a mouthful of her own blood. Her hands cupped her mouth, red liquid soaking and covering her fingers as it ran down her arms and dripped from her elbows. Falling over on her back, her head thumped against the cement and her legs curled up over her chest as she cried and gasped, rolling over onto her side.

It was over! One woman lay crying as her rival stood victorious. Then Samantha turned and walked into her apartment, leaving Neferteri in a pool of her own blood.