Catwalk Catfight: Neferteri Shepherd vs. Irina Voronina By Femfightlover

The fashion season was coming to a close in Paris. Designers from around the world had been showing off their new collections for the upcoming fall season and the last show was in the final stages of preparation. Backstage, Irina Voronina was checking out her outfits for the show. A look of disappointment, then one of anger crossed her face. The piece she'd been excited to wear, the star piece of the show; was no longer on her rack. She decided to go check with Geri, the wardrobe master, to find out where it was. But as she passed a rack tagged 'Neferteri' she saw her dress hanging neatly in place.

"What the hell is this?" Irina screamed.

Geri came running from the office, "What's wrong?"

"Why's this dress on HER rack? I'm scheduled to wear this."

Geri looked at the tall blonde and smiled, "Sorry, Donna changed the schedule at the last moment. I forgot to tell you."

The Russian did a slow burn. She grabbed the dress and started toward her dressing room.

"Hey, what are you doing?" said a voice behind her, a voice belonging to a Nubian Goddess, Neferteri Shepherd.

"I'm putting things right!" announced Irina with a touch of haughtiness in her soft voice.

Stepping close to the blonde the Ebony beauty hissed, "I don't think so!"

Irina placed the dress on a rack, turned quickly and pushed her nemesis hard in the chest, "I will not allow you to ruin a perfectly good dress. You have no figure for it and you know it."

Neferteri looked shocked at the comment and the fact that the beanpole blonde had actually laid hands on her. Neferteri slapped the arrogant blonde across the face spinning her head and almost dropping her to her knees. The blonde stood up, put her hands on her hips, and looked her rival. She had to do something but what. Neferteri was as tall as she was and quite possibly stronger. But the woman had struck her in front of a witness so she had to do something.

Neferteri reached for the dress. Irina screamed as she tried to stop her from taking the dress. Neferteri backhanded Irina, sending her sprawling to the wall, hitting her head. She started to slide down the wall in a daze as Neferteri handed the dress to Geri.

Neferteri walked over to Irina and hissed, "I'll kill you. You white trash!"

Neferteri slammed a right fist deep into the gut of the blonde model. Irina groaned and her legs spread out as she slipped farther down the wall. Wearing only a black g-string and bra, the blonde was wide open to the attack of the Black beauty. Neferteri slammed her foot between the blonde's long legs and smiled when a scream of horror escaped her lips. Irina clutched herself with one hand and held herself up grabbing Neferteri 's shoulder with the other.

Neferteri started to walk away, leaving Irina on her knees moaning.

"I'll put this back for you Geri," Neferteri said as she picked up the dress.

With her back turned, Neferteri didn't see Irina slowly get up and come after her. Irina grabbed the extensions on Neferteri 's hair and slammed her to the wall. Neferteri was able to stop her headlong rush, getting her hands out in front. Turning to face the blonde, the dark Amazon's eyes showed only hate for her rival.

"So, you still want to play?"

Neferteri jumped on the blonde and they started to thrash and roll about the backstage area, knocking over a rack of clothes. The beauties traded slaps and kicks and curses, but Neferteri was clearly mauling the outclassed Russian. The African Queen hauled the blonde to her feet. Both were gasping, red welts started to show over their torsos and arms. Neferteri went to punch Irina out when Irina suddenly grabbed a vase of flowers from a table and smashed it over Neferteri 's head.

Neferteri swooned to the floor as if shot, a goose egg starting to swell on her forehead. She was out cold. Irina fell to her knees sobbing, her body aching all over. She had won this time but what about the next time? Geri helped Neferteri while other crew members came to Irina's aid.

Geri had to inform Donna that neither of her top models would be available for the show because Neferteri Shepherd had to fight and beat Irina Voronina (185-139) because of some silly Internet fan vote.