Celebrity Championship Wrestling Show 1 by big fan
It has been two weeks since the meeting re-launching the women celebrity wrestling under the moniker CCW. Harold Green the man now responsible for the league sits in a small office with fifty-nine pictures of actress, models, and singers on the wall. On his desk sits a stack of another fifty pictures of potential wrestlers. He thumps through the stack for maybe the 100th time until a loud BANG on the door causes him to start as the silence of the room is disturbed.

Throwing a notebook onto the stack of pictures, he yells, “It’s open!” Into the room strides Jessica Biel.

Harold greets her warmly, “Hey Jessica, What can I do for you?”

She doesn’t bother taking the seat Harold offers with a casual wave of his hand, instead she scans the board with the roster on it, then turns and states point-blank, “I want a title shot.”

Harold chuckles and Jessica’s emotionless face quickly flashes with anger, Harold holds up a hand saying, “Sorry Jess, but I have to fill the last roster spot. THEN I have to get a sound stage transformed so we have somewhere to hold matches. I have to find the most incompetent fools to be referees and finally I have to hire a technical crew who’ll take bribes to let all the wrestlers run amok in the back. Oh, did I mention scheduling the first show?”

Harold looks at Jessica who - in spite of herself - is smiling at the put upon promoter who holds out a hand, offering, “You win matches and when it comes time do decide the Champion I promise you’ll get a shot.”

Jessica takes the confirming, “All I have to do is win?”

Harold nods. “You have my word.”

Jessica turns to leave warns, “I’ll hold you to it!”

Jessica departs and Harold returns to his work muttering, “I bet that’s just the first of sixty such demands.”
Match #1: Amanda Bynes vs. Allison Mack

After months of absence the first show drew a packed house of male celebrities and those rich enough to afford the high price tickets. After the long wait the fans settle into their seats, drinks of choice in hand and the lights dim.

The night starts with Elliot John’s the “Bitch is Back” playing as clips of the women of the league in action are shown on the giant screen. At the end pyro goes off to the Oooh’s and Aaah’s of the fans.

The matches start with Allison Mack taking on Amanda Bynes. The match is pretty much a one sided beat as Allison has her way with Amanda. Amanda’s limited offense consists of grabbing Allison breast at any chance. Allison mean while is pounding Amanda with an array of wrestling moves.

Amanda gets behind Allison and again her hands go straight for Allison rack. Allison breaks away from Amanda easily and yells at her opponent, “Quit grabbing my boobs! You’re not even good at it.”

Allison body slams Amanda in the center of the ring. The short blonde wrestler then quickly moves to a corner and waits for Amanda to rise. Sore and tired Amanda staggers to her feet and begins turn around the ring looking for Allison. When Amanda does locate her it’s too late. Allison hits the bigger wrestler with a spear that crushes what ever fight was left in Amanda.

Allison covers and picks up the first win in the new league. Some of the fans start booing because both women end the match still wearing their ring attire. These fans are shouted down quickly by Allison’s fans cheering her victory.

The next match pits Rookie Missy Peregrym against Jolene Blalock. Fans disappointed by the first match are reward quickly in this encounter. Within the first minute of the match both wrestlers have lost their tops.

Jolene’s experience seems to be carrying her in this match up. Missy however is showing great skill only the rookie mistakes seem to allow Jolene to turn the tables and dish out punishment to the brunette. Jolene caught Missy setting up for a back drop to early as Jolene returns for being tossed into the ropes. The fleshy smack of Jolene’s foot connecting with Missy hanging breast brings a loud Oh for the crowd and a louder scream from Missy.

Missy struggles to get back in the fight, but finally catches a break. Jolene has Missy draped in the corner Jolene goes to the far corner and plays to the crowd. Jolene turns sprinting across the ring about five feet out from the corner Jolene launches herself into the air to splash down on the rookie.

Missy is playing possum though and easily steps out of the way letting Jolene land chest first on the top turnbuckle. Missy takes full advantage of the situation and moves behind Jolene wrapping her arms around the blonde’s waist hits a German Suplex. Missy waste no time, she applies a sharpshooter to the stunned blonde, trapping her in the center of the ring. Jolene struggles in pain, but the ropes remain out of her reach. Finally the blonde succumbs to the pain tapping out.

All blonde tag action came next as Paris and Nicky Hilton took on Julia Stiles and Kristen Dunst. The match started with Julia and Paris in the ring. Julia quickly got an upper hand forcing Paris into a neutral comer and driving knees to the heiress’s mid-section. Julia drags Paris closer to Kristen to make the tag.

Once Kristen got in the ring Paris nailed Julia with a shot to the head and grabbing Kristen wrist set her across the ring with an Irish whip. Trapped in the Hilton’s corner Kristen didn’t fair very well. The Hilton’s used quick tags, took full advantage of the ref’s five count, and stripped Kristen naked.

Julia was able to save Kristen several times, breaking submission holds and pinfall attempts. As the double teaming continued Julia became frustrated and throwing her hands up as Paris held Kristen legs open and Nicky dove from the top rope driving an elbow into Kristen’s crotch.

Julia had seen enough and stays in her corner as Nicky covers the barely conscious Kristen for the pin.

The giant screen comes on after the wrestlers exit, standing with Allison Mack is Kelly Preston. Kelly starts, “Congratulations on your victory.” Allison’s hair is still wet and she is now wearing a tie dyed long sleeve t shirt and blue jeans. Allison smile nodding, “It’s good to get a win anytime.” Kelly asks, “How disappoint are you and your partners that the six woman tag championship is not longer a title?”

Allison replies, “It is disappointing, but we are all good singles wrestlers and any 2 of the three of use could make a run at the tag titles. I’m sure gold will be around one or more of our waist soon.”

Kelly smiles, “You were impressive tonight. What did you think of your match?”

Allison pauses a second then answers, “I don’t mean to put Amanda down, but I’m looking forward to some tougher competition. To see where I stand as far as my skills go.”

Kelly nods, “Thank you for the time Allison.”
Match #2: Beyonce Knowles vs. Kristanna Loken

Beyonce doesn’t back down one bit from the bigger blonde and she opens with a series of chops forcing Kristanna back against the ropes. Beyonce then sends Kristanna for the ride. On the way back Beyonce scoops Kristanna up and power slams her. The move gets Beyonce a two count.

Slow Kristanna begins taking over the match. Working on Beyonce’s back Kristanna slams, suplexes and then hits a nasty back breaker. In control of the match Kristanna begins using some dirty tactics, removing Beyonce’s top for some jug-mugging.

Kristanna pulls Beyonce to her feet in the center of the ring and applies a full nelson. Shifting her grip to hold the full nelson with one arm Kristanna slides her free hand down the front of Beyonce’s bikini bottoms. Beyonce suffers through the crotch mauling refusing to submit.

Kristanna finally releases Beyonce’s pussy still holding on to the full nelson. Kristanna goes back to using both arms for the full nelson and lifts Beyonce and throws her to the canvas with a full nelson slam. The big blonde then cradles Beyonce for the pin. Beyonce struggles weakly as the ref makes the three count.
Match #3: Alyson Hannigan vs. Sarah Michelle Gellar

Old friend meet next and as former co-stars battle back and forth - even trading complements on the others wrestling skills.

It looks like the match may end at the 15 minute time limit when Sarah catches Alyson with a super kick as the red head is coming back from the ropes. Sarah begins to crawl over to where Alyson lays crumpled on the mat.

Sliding under the ropes though is Cobie Smulders. Before Sarah can defend herself Cobie is on top of the blonde pounding heavy blow on Sarah. The ref quickly signals for the bell, but Cobie pulls Sarah to her feet and locking the blondes head between her thighs Cobie wraps her arms around Sarah’s mid section.

Flipping Sarah up like a rag doll Cobie drives Sarah into the mat with a power bomb. Alyson now back on her feet pushes Cobie away from Sarah yelling “What the hell are you doing?” Cobie holds her hands up looking disappointed and walks to a corner as Alyson helps Sarah up.

Alyson holds Sarah’s arm saying, “I’m so sorry, I never ask her to do anything.” Alyson continues to apologize and rubs the back of Sarah’s head. As Sarah seems to be coming back around Alyson yanks on her arm and nearly takes Sarah’s head off with a short arm clothes line.

Alyson laughing runs over to Cobie jumping into her arms as they celebrate their destruction. The two women laugh and take their time to exit the ring to choruses of Boo’s and a rain of trash being thrown their way. Sarah comes to in time to see Alyson and Cobie arm in arm heading through the curtain.
Match #4: Rose McGowan vs. Katee Sackoff.

Rose tried embarrassing Katee early by removing her top, but this only seems to fire the blonde up. Katee traps Rose in a corner and drives a series of shoulder into the brunette’s mid section. Katee pulls Rose out of the corner just before the five count Katee sends Rose across the ring to the opposite corner.

Katee jumps to on the middle ring rope straddling Rose and grabs a handful of dark locks and pulling Rose’s head to the side rapid fires about a dozen punches into the side of Rose’s head just above her ear.

Rose spends most of the rest of the match on the defense. Katee takes the match to the mat keeping Rose trapped in a verity of holds. Katee pulls Rose to her feet catching the brunette in a standing cradle and in one smooth motion takes Rose over with the fisherman’s Suplex. Katee bridges as the ref make the three count giving the blonde the win.

The next match is a European battle as England’s Kate Beckinsale takes on France’s Laetitia Casta. The match is going back and forth in a kind of predictable fashion. Good girl Kate fights her way out of each hold and Nasty girl Laetitia hits Kate in the pussy to escape.

Kate beats Laetitia down in a corner and backs up looking to do some bronco busting, but as Kate leaps Laetitia’s foot comes up catching the on coming woman in the crotch. Laetitia quickly goes for the cover but Kate kicks out.

Dragging Kate by the straps of her top Laetitia takes a seat on Kate’s chest facing her feet. Laetitia then inserts her hand into Kate’s bottoms. As many blows as Kate has taken over the course of this match it’s a surprise how long she lasts against the pussy claw. Laetitia though has no intensions of releasing the hold until Kate submits. The ref twice gets two counts on Kate who is fading. Kate finally submits to the French woman.

After Kate is helped from the ring, Marilyn Manson’s “Sweet Dreams” blares over the sound system. Coming out wearing jeans and a tight baby blue t-shirt is Katherine Heigl. Letting the crowd settle down Katherine raises the mic, “I hate to disappoint you guys, but I’m not on the card tonight.” Fans boo at the announcement, Katherine holds up a hand nodding in agreement with the fans.

“I just wanted you all to know, that I will be competing on the next show as the first step to claiming the World title.” Katherine then pauses before adding, “If they find any one with the guts to take me on.”

Coming out from the back is Laura Prepon with a bucket in her hand. Getting a little closer Laura yells, “Hey Kat!” As Katherine turns Laura throw the contents of the bucket at Katherine. It’s pretty clear the contents of the bucket had been ice water. Katherine shudders as she’s hit and with in seconds her nipples are erect pushing against her top.

Laura had actually taken off running before the ice water hit Katherine. Heigl fumes for a second and then takes off at a sprint to the back.
Match #5: Rookie Olivia Munn vs. Eliza Dushku.

This match has everyone on the edge on their seats as more the 13 of the 15 minute time limit has gone by. Rookie Olivia is laid out in the center of the ring with Eliza heading to the top rope in a corner. Leaping high Eliza soars through the air, but just before hitting her target Olivia rolls out of the way leaving Eliza to crash chest first into the canvas. Both women take most of the ref’s ten count Olivia moving first pulls Eliza to her feet and blast a forearm shot into the veteran’s chest. Olivia hammers more forearms down on Eliza chest and breast backing her into the ropes.

Olivia sends Eliza off with towards the opposite ropes. Olivia follows Eliza so when Eliza turns Olivia is right there to deliver a clothesline. Olivia quickly covers Eliza and nods her head with the refs count One…Two…No. Some how Eliza kicks out then the ring announcer is heard “15 seconds…15 seconds left in the match!”

Having very little time Olivia uses Eliza’s damp hair and straps of her top to pull Eliza up to her feet. Once getting Eliza more or less upright Olivia slides her arms under Eliza’s and takes the brunette over with a tit to tit Suplex. The ref seeing what Olivia was doing gets into the proper position and as they hit Olivia covers Eliza.

The announcer count is almost in sync with the refs count. It looks like Olivia will get the win with one second to spare. Just before the ref hits the mat for the third time Eliza’s arm shoots straight up rolling her should just enough to rob Olivia of the victory. The ref is up arms waving signaling the end of the match.

Olivia rolls off Eliza and sits on the mat with a stunned look on her face. Fans scream for them to continue the match, but it’s not to be, at least at this time.
Match #6: Estella Warren vs. Milla Jovovich.

The big blonde got off to a quick start tossing the red head around the ring. When Estella tried an Irish whip into the ropes Milla was finally able to turn the tables on Estella. Milla ducked under a clothesline attempt and stopping on a dime Milla reached back and hit a neck breaker on Estella.

Milla began focusing on Estella’s long legs. Even after escaping the mat Estella couldn’t avoid Milla’s attack on her legs as Milla came from behind kicking Estella’s thighs. After all the abuse Milla piled on Estella’s gams it came as no surprise when Milla lock the figure four on the blonde. Estella had no choice but to submit to the hold.

The arena goes black as Carl Orff’s “Carmina Burana” begins playing. Explosions rock the stage and appearing on the Giant screen is the word “Lamia” the letters look like an animal clawed them on the black screen in blood. Smoke fills the stage area and a second explosion rocks the stage. Now standing at center stage is a hooded figure.

A voice fills the arena sound like several women talking at once, “I am Lamia, know me, fear me, my coming means your destruction. I will leave a path of the broken in my wake. No woman can with stand me.” The smoke begins to clear fans can now see a body lying at the feet of Lamia.

“This is the first sacrifice.” Lamia points down at the body at her feet. In a quick motion Lamia discards the hood and cloak revealing a woman wearing a Dark red swim suit both top and bottoms have runes on them. Even though Lamia’s body is impressive, most are looking at the mask she wears. It is black, but definitely has demonic features. Lamia is about five and half feet tall. Her skin is pale. Her rack is impressive, but other than those facts nothing else gives a sign to her identity.

Pulling the figure at her feet up fans can tell it’s a smaller blonde. It’s not until Lamia sets the blonde up in a “Razor’s edge” That fans can see its Beverley Mitchell. Blood covers the blondes face. Holding Bev up Lamia voice screams, “I sacrifice you to the darkness!” Lamia falls forward driving Beverley’s head into the stage.

Another explosion and more smoke obscure the fans view. When the smoke clears only Beverley’s motionless form is on the stage. The medical staff quickly makes their way to the crumpled blonde.
Main Event

Reaching the final Match of the night fans stand to see who come out as Sum 41’s ‘Fat Lip’ begins to play. The ring announcer can be heard over the music, “Hailing from Brooklyn, New York she stands 5’ 8”….Anne Hathaway!”

Anne come out in a black bikini arms raised and the she begins bouncing with the music and waving her arms trying to get the fans pumped up as much as she seems to be. She reaches the ring and rolls under the bottom rope, then makes her way to each corner where she pauses to wave to the fans. As her music begins to fade Anne goes to her corner for some last minute stretching.

Green Days ‘She’s a Rebel’ begins to play over the sound system and Anne’s jaw drops so far it seems she could be knocked over with a feather as the announcer intones, “From Teddington, England at 5’7”…Keira Knightley!”

Keira comes out her outfit is white with black trim. Keira hair is cut short again mostly dark with blonde streaks. Keira climbs the steps and enters between the middle and top rope. Keira goes to her corner and stairs across at Anne who still hasn’t seemed to recover completely since finding out Keira would be her opponent.

The ref calls them to the center of the ring. The ref begins going over that both wrestlers already know.

Anne with fist on her hips asks, “So how long did you have this planned?” Keira tries to sound innocent, “What do you mean Luv?” Anne getting anger now yelling, “You know damn well what I mean bitch.”

Keira’s mouth drops open, “You think I planned to set you up?” Keira’s face breaks into a big smile, “Well I guess I can’t hope even you are that stupid.” Keira is now laughing at the fuming brunette confesses, “I knew before going into that meeting we’d be standing here.”

Anne’s face red with anger seems too angry for words. Keira get one final dig in before the match begins, “So kind of you to fill me in on your game plan for this match.” The ref finish the instructions a few moments early waits to see if either wrestler has any thing more to say.

Backing up towards their own corners Anne and Keira wait for the bell. Ding…Ding…Ding. Anne takes off like she was shot out of a cannon across the ring. Keira waits in her corner. Just be for Anne is in reach Keira step out of the way. Before Anne can turn around to face Keira the Brit is behind her hammering punches into Anne’s back just above her right kidney.

Keira forces Anne face first into the corner. Using her body to press Anne against the turnbuckle Keira grabs a handful of Anne’s long hair pulling her head back. Keira taunts, “Angry and out of control isn’t a good fighting style.” Keira wraps her arms around Anne’s waist and falls backward pulling Anne with her. The backward roll leaves Anne folded in half with Keira on her legs bridging. The ref only gets a one count though before Anne powers out.

Anne is on her feet before Keira. Keira just gets fully upright when Anne is there forcing the collar and elbow tie up. Keira is pushed back into the rope and Anne leans into her pushing back over the top rope. Anne pulls back and throws a wild haymaker. The blow may have taken Keira’s head off if it came any where close to connecting.

Keira easily ducked under the swing, Anne’s momentum almost takes her over the top rope. Before Anne can regain her balance Keira spins her around. The fleshy crack of Keira’s knife edge chop to Anne’s chest is followed by Anne crying out in pain.

Keira takes Anne’s left wrist and whips her across the ring. Keira moves closer to the center of the ring crouching wait for Anne to return. When Anne returns Keira drops her right leg in front of Anne her left foot catches Anne behind her knees. The drop toe hold executed perfectly sends Anne face first into the mat. Anne bounces off the canvas back up to her knees. Kneeling there Anne’s left hand holds her face her right covers her breast that hit hard as well.

Keira moving quickly gets behind Anne and taking both of Anne’s wrists pulls both of the brunette’s arms back. To complete the surfboard hold Keira places her foot in the center of Anne’s back. Keira screams at her trapped victim, “Submit! Or I’ll snap your bloody spin.” Anne ignores Keira, but refuses to submit when asked by the ref. Keira hangs on to the hold for several seconds before releasing Anne and shoving Anne to the mat with a push of her foot.

Anne rolls away trying to buy sometime, but Keira is on top of her stomping Anne’s stomach. Keira bends down grabbing the fabric of Anne’s top between Anne’s cleavage and Anne’s left wrist pulling her up. Keira ridicules, “Poor Luv, the mean Brit playing with her head and hurt her feelings. Now Luv is getting her bum kicked.”

Anne free hand makes a wild swing at her tormenter. Again the blow would have crushed Keira’s head, but she easily ducks this attack too. As she is coming back up Keira throws a right upper cut that clips Anne’s right breast. Anne wobbles backwards hitting the ropes. Anne springs off the ropes ducking low puts her shoulder into Keira’s belly.

Having been able to avoid all Anne wild swing the tackle centered at her mid-section left Keira no escape. Anne fires three punches into Keira’s right ribs. Keira then roll Anne over coming out on top. Anne then rolls Keira back to the bottom position. They trade position several more times changing their direction twice. Anne regains the dominate position and quickly gets to her feet to stomp Keira’s tight stomach.

Anne snatches Keira’s right ankle lifting her leg, stepping on Keira’s left ankle Anne begins kicking Keira’s thigh and butt. Keira cries out after several blows, “You’ll pay Slag” Anne smirks in a British accent, “Poor Luv. Now who’s getting her bum kicked?” Keira screams some primal screech and pulls her leg from Anne’s grip. Keira scurries to the safety of the ropes.

Anne moves towards Keira, but the ref holds an arm up while Keira gingerly gets to her feet. Keira growls, “Ok Slapper, time to pay.” Keira closes the distance to Anne quickly nailing Anne on the side on the head with a right hand. Anne takes the blow and returns one of her own. They trade punch, but quickly Anne rocks Keira back. Keira stunned loses her biggest advantage in quickness.

Anne begins lining up her shots driving Keira back into a corner of the squared circle. Anne’s aim shifts from Keira’s head to her torso. Anne hammers fist into Keira’s chest, small tits, and tight mid section. Anne was unaware of the ref’s count, but luckily for her the ref forces her back instead of disqualifying her. The ref head down trying to back Anne up doesn’t see Keira’s right arm shoot up and Keira poke Anne’s left eye with her thumb.

Anne cries out and stumbles to the center of the ring hold her eye. Keira takes a few deep breaths that make her wince in pain before stalking to Anne. Keira coming from behind Anne grabs both of the semi-blind girl’s wrists and kicks the back of Anne’s right knee forcing Anne to her knees. Keira place a foot on Anne’s back between her shoulder blade and pulling back on Anne’s arms applies the surfboard.

Anne’s eyes blink wildly to clear her vision. Keira pushes harder on Anne’s back taunt, “Out classed, out smarted, and soon naked and crying. Tough night for you Luv!” Anne responds by forcing her way back to her feet. Keira surprised by Anne’s strength tries kicking the back of Anne’s leg to force her back down.

Anne pulls her arms forward and steps to the side letting Keira pass by slightly Anne’s arms now free wrap around Keira’s slender waist. With a pop of her hips Anne takes Keira over with a belly to back Suplex. Anne shoves Keira off her and as she rises Anne takes a handful of Keira’s short locks pulling the Brit up with her.

Anne feeds her right arm between Keira’s legs grasping the band of her bottoms giving a quick yank giving Keira a wedgie. Anne left cross Keira’s chest as Anne lifts Keira with ease and holding Keira in position for the body slams says, “No more mind games, no more cheap tricks. From here on it’s just me pounding you.” Finished Anne rises on her toes tossing Keira to the mat back first.

Keira bounces as she hits, Anne giving her no chance to recover is pulling Keira up by the hair and a bra strap. Anne forces Keira’s head between her thighs trapping the Brit. Anne wraps her hands on Keira’s bottoms and falls back. Anne lands on her butt as Keira’s wedgie digs deeper and her head impacts on the mat.

Anne shoves Keira to the side, Anne takes a little longer to get to her feet this time. Keira who was tossed aside keeps rolling until she is out of the ring. Anne begins to go after her, but the ref steps in front of her and begins a ten count on Keira. One…Two…Three… Anne yells at Knightley, “Come on I can’t believe your going to Wuss out like this.” Six…Seven… Keira pulls herself up to the ring apron. Anne moves to bring Keira in the hard way.

Keira ducks as Anne reaches for her and Knightley shoots her should between the middle and top rope catching Anne in the stomach. Anne doubles over holding on to the top rope. In the blink of an eye Keira is upright flipping over the top rope and Anne. Keira take Anne over with the sunset flip and the ref slaps the mat One…Two…Anne rolls through breaking the count.

Keira is to her feet first, but takes time to adjust her bottoms working the fabric free. Keira keeps her distance to taunt Hathaway, “Your little burst there will cost you. I wasn’t going to strip you, but now you will be embarrassed.” Anne ignores Keira while trying to trap the loud mouth. Keira’s quickness again shows, Keira moves in a catches Anne with a knee lift to the belly button.

Keira wraps her legs around Anne’s tripping her face first on to the mat. Anne stung by the fall does nothing as Keira undoes the clasp of Anne’s top. Anne does try to fight off Keira as the short haired girl pulls her top off. The struggle is short and Anne’s top goes flying to a fan at ring side.

Keira pulls Anne up to all fours, Keira clamps her legs on Anne’s sides. Keira reaches around Anne taunting, “Moo for me Bessie.” Keira digs into Anne’s sweet tits, pulling down on them from base to nipple like she was trying to milk the American. Anne makes a sucking sound of pain as Keira works her over.

Anne shaking her head in pain begins crawling for the ropes. Keira continues her tit torture while Anne makes the slow trip. Anne reaches out closing her hand around the middle rope, but her torment is ended there. Keira digs in deeper to the soft flesh as the ref begins the five count. At four Keira gives Anne’s jugs a yank before releasing her grip.

Keira moves right back in after breaking the hold she tangles her fingers in Anne’s dark locks. Keira pulls Anne to the center of the ring. Keira standing behind Anne loops her right leg around Anne’s right leg and lifting Anne’s left arm pulls the limb so Keira can slide her body between Anne’s back and Anne’s own arm. Finishing off the abdominal stretch Keira’s right hand goes around Anne’s neck cupping her chin.

Keira teases, “Luvs’ not going to get to the ropes now.” Keira then pokes the index finger of her free hand into Anne’s boob. Keira leans to whisper in Anne’s ear, “Let’s see what those bottoms are holding. Keira slides her hand down Anne’s sweaty torso. Keira lost in the thoughts of what she’s about to do to the brunette doesn’t release her leg is no longer trapping Anne’s until Anne has her up in the air with the hip toss.

Keira lands on her back Anne a short distance away sinks to one need taking in deep gulps of air. Anne is first to her feet moves behind her waiting for her to rise. Anne steps in wrapping one her near arm around Keira’s waist and the other hooks behind Keira’s thigh. Anne lifts Keira with ease, as the Brit’s back is parallel with the mat. Anne holds Keira few second and then brings her down in front of Anne. Anne drops to one knee as Keira come down on the extended leg. The Atomic drop has Keira hurting, but Anne holds her in place. Poking a finger into Keira’s covered breast Anne says, “You better grow some tits, because you aren’t woman enough to see what’s in my bottoms.” Anne then shoves Keira off her leg.

Anne stands so she can begin stomping on Keira who’s balled up on the canvas holding her damaged womanhood. Anne stomps a circle around Keira going the full 360 degrees. Keira’s yelps around louder depending on where Anne’s foot falls. Anne ends her round the world trip by dropping a knee into the side of Keira’s head. Anne falls across Keira’s chest and hooks the far leg. One…Two…Keira rolls her shoulders to break the pin.

Anne pulls Keira into the sitting position and then checks the small breasted girl’s top. Anne grabs the sides of the top and yanks up. The top lifts Keira’s arms as it comes sliding off. Anne gives the top a spin above her head before launching it towards the crowd. Keira tries crawling away as Anne’s attention is not completely on her.

Anne catches Keira along the ropes. Anne drags Keira upright and pushes her against the ropes. Anne then pushes the palm of her left hand under Keira’s chin. Looking at Keira’s bare breast Anne says, “Those mosquito bites all you got?” Anne keeps Keira’s head forced back as Anne brings an over hand chop down on Keira’s left breast. Keira screams, “Bloody Hell!” as the crack of flesh rings out. Anne sets to deliver another shot to Keira other boob. Just then Keira’s foot comes up between Anne’s legs crushing her crotch.

Anne take two staggering steps before falling to her knees hand wedged between her thighs. Keira winces as she rubs her now red boob.

From behind the kneeling Anne, Keira hisses, “Opening your legs may get you parts in movies, but it’s going to cost you.” Then she leaps and nails Anne with a drop kick hitting the brunette between the shoulder blades. Keira scrambles over using Anne’s near boob to roll her over for the cover. The Ref barely gets a two count before Anne kicks out. Keira screams her displeasure with what she thinks is a slow count. Keira breathing hard wipes the sweet from her forehead. Keira slides beside Anne and crossing her arm around Anne’s chin traps her in a headlock.

Keira uses the hold as much to get air into her own body as rob Anne of her air. The ref twice checks making sure Keira keeps her arm on Anne’s chin. Keira getting her breath back pulls Anne to her feet changing to a side headlock. Keira looks around as she drills fist into the top of Anne’s head. 7 or 8 punches land and Keira pushes Anne away. Anne collapses on the canvas and Keira shakes her hand out.

Anne breathing heavy and dazed hears the ref slap the mat but has no idea what the count was. Anne kicks out luckily for her that was only the second time the Ref’s hand had come down. Keira can’t believe Anne has kicked out again, she complains to the ref about American education not teaching the ref to count properly.

Keira sees Anne is trying to get to her feet and slaps the top of Anne’s head, telling her, “Give up Slag! You’re just going to take more abuse for nothing.” ]

Anne shoves Keira away and stumbles backwards only the ropes keep her from falling. Anne covers up against the ropes as Keira wades in firing punches into Anne’s gut. Keira keeps Anne trapped on the ropes turns sideways to Anne stepping off set to Anne’s left. Keira chops Anne’s chest, the stinging crack bring Oooh’s from the crowd and a curse from Anne.

Keira grips Anne’s left wrist pulling to whip her across the squared circle. Anne puts the breaks on the move by hanging on to the tops rope refusing to move. Keira smiles, “Ok Slag.” Keira brings her knee up driving it into Anne’s belly. Anne gasping for air can’t prevent Keira from whipping her across the ring this time. Keira follows Anne and times her jump perfect for the drop kick. The only problem is Anne clutches on the top rope instead of returning. Keira lands flat on her back with nothing to connect to.

Anne hurting still staggers over and falls on top of Keira going for the pin. The Ref reaches two but Keira slides out from under Anne. Anne takes a moment to suck big gulps of air into her lungs. Moving some hairs from her sweat covered face Anne gets to her feet. Keira is only half way up when Anne takes her by the wrist sending the short haired brunette into the ropes. Anne loads up a double axe handle and nails Keira’s chest as she returns.

Keira has no chance to recover as Anne is pulling her up by the hair. Anne scopes Keira up carrying her to the nearest corner and body slamming her only a foot or so from the turnbuckles. Anne starts towards the turnbuckles stops and drops to her knees one on each side of Keira’s head. Anne looking down says, “I owe you this, but it hardly seems fair.” Anne then applies a double breast claw to Keira’s small tits. Keira screams in pain and her feet drum the mat has she tries in vain to remove Anne’s grip.

Anne finishes her pay back looking at the red marks forming on Keira boobs. Anne climbs to the second turnbuckle facing the crowd putting her arms in the air before bouncing a few times on the ropes. Anne kicks her legs straight out becoming parallel with Keira and the mat. Anne releases her hold on the top rope and lets gravity do its work.

Keira out of desperation pulls her knees up catching Anne in the stomach. Anne hits and bounces off Keira’s legs. Anne chokes caught between crying and trying to breath. Keira lies still trying to gather some energy. Anne is on all fours trying to regain her breath. Keira aided by the ropes gets back to her feet. Keira kick Anne’s midsection. Anne rolls on the mat holding her stomach, Keira taunts, “You put up a good fight Luv. Now just lay there and it will be over soon.” Keira turns running toward the ropes, turn so her back hits the ropes and she gets the speed boost for the ropes. Anne is staggering back to her feet as Keira returns.

Without warning Anne is up cutting the distance between her and Keira down. Anne catches Keira across the chest hooking her hand under Keira’s far arm and lifts her hitting a sidewalk slam. Anne pops up to her feet after driving Keira into the mat. Tears are running down Anne’s cheeks from lack of air clear as she takes deep breaths and wipes her face.

Reaching down Anne takes a handful of Keira short damp hair pulling her to her feet. Anne returns Keira’s earlier taunt, “You put up a good fight Luv. Now I’m ending it.” Anne pulls Keira to within a few feet of the ropes. Standing face to face with Keira Anne ducks her head under Keira’s left arm and takes her right arm and places it on the back on Keira’s neck.

Anne’s free hand grabs the side of Keira’s bottoms. Anne struggles but lifts Keira up holding her at the top of the Suplex. Keira face is turning red as the blood rushes to her head, Anne face shows the struggling to hold Keira up in this position. Anne slowly turns so they are facing the ropes.

Anne takes another second to set her feet the drops Keira forward. Keira’s legs catch the top rope just below the knees. Keira’s body slingshots back up. Anne waits for Keira to start the down ward arc of the Suplex. Letting Keira’s head drop lower Anne pushes up and pulls Keira in closer. Falling and turning ends with Keira’s back crash into the canvas and Anne landing on top of her.

The Slingshot Suplex into a power slam Leaves Keira trapped under Anne covers Keira making sure her larger breasts cover Keira smaller tits. Keira doesn’t move as the Ref makes the count. Anne exhausted doesn’t get off Keira. A few seconds later when Keira’s eyes begin to flutter Anne lets her know the result, “I guess we won’t be watching each others back.”

Sum 41 ‘Fat Lip’ Plays as Anne gets up and goes to the center of the ring to have her hand raised. Anne waves to the cheering fans. On her way out of the ring a guy in the front row waves Anne’s top at her. Anne yells, “I’ll autograph that for you if you want!” Heading to the back Anne stops one final time to wave to fans.


It’s been sometime since the show ended. Harold Green sits his office reading papers when a knock on the door shakes him out of the trance.

“Come in!” The promoter yells. Entering the room is another famous promoter Richard Fannin and his records keeper Archer.

Richard and Archer take seats offered. Harold asks, “Well, whaddya think?”

Richard thinks a second, “Well wrestling aside, I thought I had the corner on the mysterious hooded figures.” Harold nods, “I wish you did. I have no idea who this woman is. Only that she is a celebrity and I have to include her in show.”

Archer speaks up, “I thought you where in charge of the league?” Harold sighs, “I am, with one loop hole the Executives that run the studios, TV networks, and Music labels can make certain demands. Lamia’s participation is one such demand.”

Richard asks, “How’s Beverley?” Harold grabs one of the papers he was reading and reads aloud to his guest, “Cuts where superficial they’ll be healed in a day or two, but the Razor’s Edge, Which I’m told, is called the “Dark Sacrifice”, gave her a concussion. Along with three cracked ribs. So, Bev will be on the IR for about six months.”

Harold flops into his chair, “Now I have to find a replacement for Beverley.” Richard and Archer almost at the same time say, “A suggestion…”

Harold holds up a hand, “I already called her…if she wants it - the slot is hers.” He stands, “Now c’mon, let’s go get a drink.”

Richard and Archer accept the invitation and the three leave for the nearest watering hole.