Celebrity Championship Wrestling Show 10 by bigfan (promos by Archer)

Anne Hathaway looked around the CCW workout room. Nope, no sign of Isla Fisher. Isla doing one of her nude workouts were a bit more than she wanted to see this morning. Reassured, she took off her jacket and headed for one of the machines in a comfortable red leotard. Suddenly, she heard angry voices behind her. She turned to see Michelle Trachtenberg and Camilla Belle coming in. They were wearing identical dark blue trunk and light blue sports bras—which seemed to be the problem.

“How DARE you show up in MY outfit!” Camilla was fuming.

“Me? This is MY new outfit! You’re the copycat! You do everything I do!” Michelle yelled back.

“Ladies, ladies, it’s too early to argue,” Anna said, “and besides, you both look really cute in matching outfits! I think that’s SO sweet!”

Camilla and Michelle turned and stared at Anne, even as a red flush crept into their cheeks.

“SHE’S WEARING MY OUTFIT!” The pair blurted out together, and then looked confused.

“I’ve heard great minds think alike. Apparently, that applies to lesser minds as well,” Anne snickered, amused by Camilla and Michelle’s tendency to say the same things at the same time.

Camilla and Michelle glared in frustration at Anne. Finally, Camilla brightened: “You’re fighting Annie this week, aren’t you, Michelle?”

Michelle cautiously nodded: “Yes.”

“Then kick her smart-mouthed butt a few times for me!” Camilla said.

Michelle nodded: “You bet.”

“THEN I’M LEAVING!” Once again Michelle and Camilla said the same thing together. Anne burst out laughing. The two young women looked even more frustrated and left, though they kept trying to go in the same direction. They finally got untangled. Anne thoroughly enjoyed the show, but when she turned around, there stood Isla Fisher, slipping out of her leotard.

“Hi, ducks, Isla Fisher’s the name! Looks like a g’day for a nice long work!”

Anne Hathaway sighed…


At the CCW promotional podium stands Jennifer Love Hewitt and Rose McGowan Hewitt on the left facing the camera, McGowan on the right. Rose gave Love a sneering smile:

“It’s always nice to see you again, Lovey,” Rose said. “You always scream so nicely when I make you submit.”

“And you and your trashy partner Alyssa Milano always cheat when you can’t win any other way.”

“Did I hear my name being besmirched?”

Alyssa Milano suddenly appeared and took up a position so that Jennifer was trapped between Milano and McGowan. If this disturbed Ms. Hewitt, she gave no sign. Instead, she faced and camera:

“Speak of the she-devil and she appears before you,” Love commented.

“Actually, I am next to you, honey,” Alyssa leered.

“I know,” Love said. With lightning suddenness, she rammed her left elbow into Alyssa’s solar plexus, and then her right elbow into Rose’s. The two women staggered back, doubled over and struggling to breathe. Jennifer grabbed them by the hair and slammed their forehead together with a THUDD. Rose and Alyssa toppled backwards like felled trees.

“Well, I guess I’m the only one left folks, she me do this to Rose again at our next show!” Jennifer Love Hewitt said sweetly and then stepped over the groaning Alyssa to make her exit…

A grumpy looking Alyssa Milano stands next to Sarah Michelle Gellar at the podium. Alyssa has a bandage on her forehead.

“I heard you and Rosie got ‘owwies.’ Exactly how’d THAT happen?” Sarah asked maliciously.

Alyssa gave her a dirty look, “Never mind. You’ll be getting plenty of pain courtesy of me.”

“I can deal with you, Alyssa, I always have,” Sarah replied calmly. “Just tell Rosie to stay in her seat. My friend Emily Deschanel is ready to back me up.”

Alyssa acted shocked: “Are you threatening me with a double-teaming?! Why I am appalled Sarah, simply appalled, that you would resort to violating the rules like that!”

Sarah smiled knowingly: “And we all know you and Rose have the rulebook memorized so you’ll know what rules you’re breaking. Just don’t do it and it’ll just be you and me in the ring.”

“How cozy,” Alyssa smirked. “I always love locking you up Sarah, I truly do.”

“And it happens so seldom,” Sarah added. “But don’t worry, I’ll lock you up and mine will be even more of a pleasure—for me.”

“Well, you in the ring,” Alyssa said in voice dripping with insincerity. “It’s always such a joy to fight you.”

“Indeed,” Sarah said with equal insincerity and the two walked (warily) away from the podium.

TV screen is dark. Suddenly the words written in blood red appear: FEAR US! Cut to: a sinister-looking set apparently lit by flickering torches. There stand the robed figures of THE LEGION:


In front of them is a brazier in which a small fire flickers. Each Legion member holds a photo.

“Banshee!” Erika says in commanding voice.

Neve steps forward, she holds a photo of Eliza Dushku, she tosses it onto the brazier fire. “Eliza Dushku will burn!”

“Succubus!” Erika snaps.

Rachel steps forward with a photo of Katee Sackhoff, she tosses it on the fire. “Katee Sackhoff will burn!” she says in an ominous voice.

Then Ericka adds a photo of Jessica Alba to the small, but growing fire. “Jessica Alba will burn!”

The three women of LEGION then raise their arms and say: in unison “ALL ENEMIES OF ‘LEGION’ SHALL BURN!!!”

Camera focuses on the brazier as the three photos are consumed, then the screen goes black…and against the blood red lettering appears the words: FEAR US…

Fade to Black.

Cut to the CCW podium where are standing Jessica, Katee and Eliza.

“Your little Halloween show won’t work ladies—“ says Jessica.

“—We DON’T fear you—“ continues Katee.

“—We HATE you for the evil you have become—“ Eliza says.

“SO LEGION,” the three ladies say together, “YOU FEAR US!!!”

They link hands and raise their arms in a promise of victory gesture. (Fade to Black)

Harold Green has just arrived in his office the day of the show. Barely getting into his chair a knock comes at his door. Allison Mack and Kristen Kruek enter and the promoter greets them, “I can guess why you two are here. You think it’s unfair that you have to meet in the first round?”

Allison remains quiet, letting Kristen start, “Yes, We’re friends and we’ve been a tag team, it’s not fair to make us a first round match.”

Allison half heartedly agrees, “It’s not fair. Kristen could get a rematch with Elisha.”

Harold looks up at the ceiling before answering, “Sorry ladies, you two will meet tonight. If Kristen doesn’t get a rematch with Elisha during the tournament I’ll give her one after.” Kristen is about to protest, but the Promoter cuts her off, “It’s to late you two better go get ready to face each other.”

Unhappy, Allison and Kristen head out of the office. But before he can get any work done Harold’s phone rings. The conversation is brief, with the Promoter mostly asking “What?” several times before slamming the phone down.

Harold walks over, rips the pictures of the Hilton sisters off the wall, then goes back to his desk, grabs his phone again and makes a call. “Contact Maxie’s and see who’s wrestling tonight. I head over with the guys after the show and do some scouting.” Tossing the pictures of Paris and Nicky in the trash, Harold sits at the computer and answers several e-mails.
Match 1: Anne Hathaway vs. Michelle Trachtenberg

Anne comes to the ring wearing her normal black two piece bikini as SUM 41’s “Fat Lip” plays. Anne is her normal self bouncing along slapping hands and greeting fans. Michelle comes out to Pink’s “Get this Party Started” wearing a white bikini top and blue bottoms. Michelle is also greeted warmly by her fans, but she does get into a small argument with a supporter of Anne’s in the crowd.

Anne takes the early control overpowering Michelle, but before Anne can do any real damage Michelle escapes. Anne comes right after Michelle, but must have forgotten the scouting report on Michelle as Anne walks right into one of Michelle’s excellent drop kicks. Michelle also uses her long legs well for scissor holds, which Anne finds out when Michelle locks on a figure four head scissors. Anne has to struggle to the ropes to break the hold avoiding a quick loss. Anne shows Michelle more respect after that as they go back and forth.

Michelle’s dropkicks keep Anne at bay for most of the match. Anne avoids one of the drops kicks by hanging on to the ropes and the brunette quickly moves in on her opponent. Anne lifts Michelle to her feet scooping Michelle giving her a deep wedgie in the process before slamming her back to the mat. Anne spends the next few minutes tossing Michelle around the ring. Anne sets up Michelle for a pump handle slam when she sees Camilla Belle coming toward the ring. Cam looks as confused as Anne or the fans as she stops at the ring apron and begins cheering on Michelle.

Anne walks over to the side of the ring near Cam. The two young women begin jawing at each other and Cam climbs up on to the apron. Anne must have just caught the glimpse of Michelle coming with another dropkick aimed at Anne’s back. Anne steps out of the way and Michelle’s drop kick nails Camilla right in the chest. The short haired brunette flies back to the floor. Michelle lands right at the feet of Anne though. Pulling Michelle up again Anne hammers two forearms to the side of Michelle’s head. Anne sets Michelle up for a Suplex. Anne holds Michelle at the top of the suplex and turns to the ropes dropping Michelle forward. Michelle’s legs hit the ropes and she springs back off Anne turns her into the power slam. The “Anne-sthesia” spells the end for Michelle the ref making the three count.

Anne doesn’t hang around long after the match leaving Michelle and Camilla to sort out their issues. Once both are back on their feet they look at each other and at the same time scream, “This is your fault!” And both immediately scream, “No it isn’t!” The frustration is too much and they both stalk away not saying another word to the other.
Match 2: Christina Ricci vs. Elisha Cuthbert (XX Division Match)

Ricci and Cuthbert face off in the first XX division match. Christina comes out to Marilyn Manson’s “Dope Show” wearing a black bikini. Elisha enters the arena to “Headstrong” by Trapt. She’s dressed in red bikini top and matching thong. Elisha and Christina both have a ruthless reputation that they live up to. Breast mauling and crotch shots are pretty common. In between the underhanded attacks though both Christina and Elisha prove they can wrestle trading holds and slams.

Around five minutes into the match Christina traps Elisha on the mat with an Arm bar. Elisha yells, “She’s breaking my arm!”

Christina replies, “Well submit then.”

Elisha doesn’t submit, and takes control after hip tossing Christina and locking in a rear Chinlock. Elisha continues to grind Christina down with holds on the mat adding breast and crotch mauling at times. The blonde uses a Snapmare to place Christina sitting on the canvas. Elisha standing behind Christina cups the brunette’s chin in her left hand and rains punches down on Ricci’s boobs and stomach.

Elisha pulls Ricci to her feet pulling the brunette’s head between her legs Elisha hold Christina in place with her thighs. Looking out at the crowd Elisha yells “Time for the Worlds Greatest Finisher” Elisha Flips over Christina’s back and pulls Ricci along like a sunset flip. The blonde lands on her butt spiking Christina into the canvas head first. Christina flops like a boned fish and is easy pickings for Elisha to cover for the win. Elisha runs her hands across her waist letting everyone know she plans to be the first XX Division Champ.
Match 3: Missy Peregrym vs. Laura Prepon

Missy had challenge Laura to this match a few shows ago. Laura’s beating and breast mauling of some of the other wrestlers probably didn’t upset the brunette as much as the redhead’s reactions to those wins. Laura celebrates each as if a title had been on the line and she should very little respect for the girls she beat. Missy comes out wearing her bikini the top is olive drab and the bottoms are black while Korn’s “Freak on a Leash” is playing.

Once in the ring Missy climbs each turn buckle holding up both arms raising both arms with a ‘Hook’em Horns’ sign. Missy does an impressive back flip off the final turnbuckle. Hole’s “Celebrity Skin” begins playing as Laura is wearing a copper colored bikini makes her way to the ring. Laura informs the fans she plans to maul a submission out of Missy’s tits.

Missy makes the bigger Laura look lumbering and slow, the brunette hitting and moving with quickness Laura can’t match. Missy Arm Drags Laura to the mat for about the fourth time when the brunette asks, “Not as much fun with someone fighting back is it?”

Laura getting back to her feet charges Missy and is caught in drop toe hold. Missy mounts the redhead unhooking Laura’s top and removing it. Laura can’t get any offense going against Missy! The brunette escapes all attempts to pin her to the mat or against the ropes. Laura is slowly worn down and Missy gets several near falls. Missy backs Laura into the ropes and whips her across the ring. Missy moves to the center of the squared circle and when Laura returns Missy ducks and flips Laura over with a back body drop.

Missy then heads to the nearest corner and stands facing out to the crowd. She grabs the top ropes and jumps up onto the top turnbuckle. With no hesitation, Missy does a Back Flip and comes crashing down on Laura. The “Gym-Nasty” crushes the downed redhead as Missy hooks the redhead’s far leg for an easy pin.

Missy doesn’t over sell her victory standing and letting the ref raise her arm as Laura holds her boobs that were crushed under Missy when she hit the “Gym-Nasty.”

Missy is about to leave the ring but the cheers from the crowd have not settled down so she climbs the nearest turnbuckle and raises both arms. Laura struggling to her feet charges and hammers a forearm into Missy back. Laura then pulls the brunette off the turnbuckle by the back strap of her top. Laura quickly mounts Missy and roughly pulls her top up exposing Missy tits. Laura takes a second to pin Missy’s arms to the mat kneeling on them before mauling the brunette’s rack. The ref tries to pull Laura off, but gets shoved back into the ropes. Missy’s screams mix with the sound of the ringing bell.

Finally the ref gets some support from his fellows in the rear and they succeed in pull Laura away from Missy. Missy rolls to her stomach holding her tits, while Laura yells insults and profanity at the brunette. The ref’s force Laura out of the ring, and Missy pulls her self to her feet with help form the ropes. The look on the brunette’s face is a mix of pain and anger as she stares daggers at the retreating redhead.
Cut Scene 1

Sitting on a table in the back the Camera finds Kristen Bell sitting on a table, the blonde seems to be just hanging out. The blonde hops off the table as Shakira steps into the frame. Kristen asks, “You want something?”

Shakira steps forward going nose to nose with the other blonde says, “You have something to say to me now I’m not involved in a match?”

KBell replies, “Sure! If you’re the best high flier in the CCW I can see why the hired me.”

Shakira still looking Bell in the eye says, “After Sophia and I win the tag title I’ll be happy to show you what high flying moves are about.”

Kristen with a big smile says, “You want to book a flight on KBell airlines? Just say the word.”

Shakira steps back keeping an eye on Kristen as she begins to walk away. KBell holds up the bullhorns adding, “Anytime you wannabe embarrassed.”
Match 4: Jennifer Love Hewitt vs. Rose McGowan (XX Division Match)

Blur’s “Song 2” Blares in the area as Rose comes out wearing a black bikini the top is mesh show off her large breast. Her opponent’s music is Maroon 5’s “This Love” and Jennifer comes out wearing a lime green bikini with white trim. Waiting for the match to begin Rose threatens, “You’re going to pay for what you did at the Promo.”

Jen smiles, “Rose, You’re so predictable. By the way how’s the head?”

Early to the two brunette roll around the ring trading a lot of mat moves. Rose on top looks to embarrass Love rubs her tits across Jen’s face. Given a chance a few moments later Jen rubs her impressive rack over Roses features. The match becomes more heated after that and Rose traps Jen in a Boston crab working on the brunette’s lower back. Rose continues to work Jen’s back with a bow and arrow submission hold. Jen escapes the hold and other as Rose focuses on Love’s spine, but also takes the time to remove her top and maul Jen’s beautiful tits.

Jen slowly fights back in to the match and after hitting a DDT really begins to take control of the match. Jen strips Rose naked in the process of working the Charmed One over. Jen holds Rose in a figure four head scissors and mauls Rose pale breast leave large red patches on her tits. Jen lifts Rose up and hits the “Love Hurt’s” Piledriver, and instantly the chant of J-M-D begins.

Love smiles and mounts Rose wrapping her arms around Rose’s head Jen nuzzles her tits over Rose’s face. Rose struggles a few seconds before tapping out. Jen takes her time to release the breast smother, but she has moved on to round two.
Match 5: Cobie Smulders vs. Erica Durance

Smulders is introduced first, she comes out wearing a teal bikini to SR-71’s “Right Now” given Cobie’s short history it obvious why she seems to be scanning around the arena as she makes her way to the ring. ‘Future Leaders of the World’ “Let Me Out” begins playing a few seconds before Durance burst out on the stage wearing a red top and black bottoms bikini.

Erica doesn’t give Cobie much time to get settled in the ring as Erica attacks with forearm shots and punches. Cobie stunned at first does being firing punches back. Cobie sent back into the ropes by a forearm to the chest comes back and catches Erica with a kick to the gut. Cobie gets a few moves off before Erica turns the tables with a Belly-to-Belly Suplex.

Erica pulls Cobie up to her feet several times only to drive her back to the mat with slams and clotheslines. Erica lifts Cobie with a handful of dark hair and the strap of Cobie’s top and whips her into the ropes. Erica waits and catches Cobie returning and power slams the brunette. Erica pops back to her feet, Cobie rolls to her stomach. Erica straddles Cobie and applies a sleeper hold, Erica pulls Cobie to her feet hanging on to the sleeper. Erica jerks Cobie’s feet off the mat. Cobie’s ass lands first on the mat and Erica pushes the brunette’s torso down between her legs. The “Dirt Nap” doesn’t take long to force Cobie to choose between tapping out and passing out. Cobie takes the first option.

Erica releases the hold and after having her arm raised goes out and celebrates with some of the fans before heading to the back.
Match 6: Emily Deschanel vs. Kristanna Loken

Emily comes out wear purple boy shorts and top with white trim as the Cults “My bridges Burn” plays. After the beating Cobie Smulders took there is little chance she will be jumping Emily tonight. “Bodies” by Drowning Pool introduces Kristanna. The big blonde is wearing her black spandex bra and shorts.

Early Emily out wrestles Loken, Keeping the bigger woman on the canvas as much as possible to take way her size advantage. Emily works an Arm Bar keeping Kristanna’s face buried in the mat. Emily works Kristanna’s legs as well, breaking down her base by driving knees into the blonde’s meaty thighs. Emily looks to step up the offense, pulling Kristanna to her feet and slamming her back to the mat with a simple body slam.

Trying to build momentum, Emily pulls Loken back up and sends her into the nearest corner with a whip. Emily goes to the opposite corner and charges across the ring. Lowering her shoulder the redhead looks to spear the blonde in the corner, but Kristanna saves herself by moving out of the way. Emily goes between the top and middle rope her shoulder striking the ring post with a dull thud.

Kristanna limps over pulling Emily out from between the ropes tossing her to the mat and stomping away on the redhead’s chest, breasts, and stomach. Kristanna grabs a handful of Emily’s hair to bring her back to her feet, then grabs Emily by the crotch and throat.

She shows her amazing strength, power lifting Emily up in a Military Press. Holding her over seven feet above the canvas, Kristanna gives a small push up and steps back, letting Emily free-fall to the mat. One missed move has cause Emily to take a beat like she has never before as Kristanna continues to lift the redhead off the mat and send her back down with a variety of moves.

Kristanna pulls Emily up once again holding the swaying woman up. “You’re done!” is all Kristanna says to Emily as she pushes the redhead top up exposing Emily left boob. Kristanna grabs Emily’s left wrist and pulls her arm up and back behind Emily’s own head. The smacking SMACK of Kristanna’s Breast Punch, ‘The Heartless Punch’ is louder than the moan Emily makes as her boob is pancaked under Kristanna’s knuckles.

Not satisfied with just hitting Emily with the ‘Heartless Punch,’ Kristanna puts both hands around Emily’s neck an lifts her straight up. Holding her for a second, Kristanna bring her back down with a Sit-out Powerbomb called the ‘Pain Killer.’

Emily barely moves as Kristanna covers her while the ref makes the three count.
Match 7: Sarah Michelle Gellar vs. Alyssa Milano (XX Division Match)

Godsmack’s “Voodoo” fills the arena as Alyssa comes out wearing a red bra and panties. When Marcy’s Playground “She’s Comin’ up from Behind” begins playing the crowd erupts. A few moments later the crowd erupts again as Sarah comes out wearing her camo bikini. Sarah smiling says, “Good job at the Promo. You and Rose looked great.”

Alyssa grumbles, but makes no reply.

Sarah and Alyssa have met so many times before they really don’t need the feeling out process at the beginning of the match. Alyssa tries bulling into Sarah, but the blonde keeps her distance striking form the out side and when Alyssa does get to close Sarah backs her away with Kneelifts. Alyssa isn’t about to back down and gets Sarah in reach and hammers away at the blonde. Alyssa hoists Sarah up and over with a Vertical Suplex. Alyssa’s offense is steadier now, but Sarah still fires back with kicks and strikes.

Alyssa sends Sarah into the ropes, when the Slayer returns she ducks a clothesline aimed at her head. Alyssa turns right into a super kick from Sarah, fans yell, “TIMBER!” as Alyssa falls backwards. Sarah wraps Alyssa up in a tight cradle and gets the three count. Climbing each turnbuckle Sarah salutes the fans before exiting.
Cut Scene 2

Rosario Dawson stands in front of a CCW banner wearing blue t-shirt. Looking straight into the camera she says, “I’ve been overlooked since day one! No one has been pushed aside more than I have.” Pausing and looking away Rosario then continues, “I guess it’s time I push back. Charlize Theron calls herself ‘The Golden Goddess.’ Thinks women fear her. Some think she crushes the fight out of her opponents. Well, NOT ME!!” Rosario pushes her short hair back out off her face and sneers, “Charlize, get ready! You’re gonna get a dose of ‘Old Town Justice’ - and you’re gonna be found guilty!”

The screen goes blank briefly, then flickers back to life with the image of Charlize Theron looking very serious. “Normally, I let my performance in the ring do my talking. But I feel the need to remind everyone why I should already be CHAMPION!” The blonde’s cool demeanor slips at the end, but she quickly recovers. “Four on one! That’s what it took to get me out of the ring in the Royal Rumble. Jessica Biel is going to end up being a footnote in championship history.” Charlize takes a deep breath, expanding her broad chest. “I WILL be Champ - and Rosario Dawson would do well to get the hell out of my way!”

Her visage fades and is replaced with: “SHOW 11: THERON VS DAWSON for the ‘Number 1 Contender’ spot!”
Match 8: Eva’s of Destruction vs. The Hilton Sisters (tag team title elimination)

The match for the chance to face ‘Columbian Crush’ never takes place! Longoria and Mendez arrive in the ring, but the Hilton’s never show! After several minutes of silence a stagehand runs to the ring and hands a card to the announcer. He reads the card and informs the audience, “The Hilton Sisters will NOT be here tonight, I’m told they’ve forfeited the match so Eva’s of Destruction will be facing ‘Columbian Crush’ for the title in a future show.”

The Eva’s looked stunned, but finally just accept that they are now one win away from being the tag team champions.
Match 9: Allison Mack vs. Kristen Kruek (XX Division Match)

The final first round XX Division match pits Allison against Kristen as the two friends meet for the first time. Allison comes out wearing a maroon low-cut sports bra and matching short-shorts. Shinedown’s “Fly from the Inside” is playing. Allison waits in the ring as 311’s “Beautiful Disaster” plays Kristen is wearing a black bottoms and a purple top. Allison doesn’t look at her co-star across the ring as they wait for the bell to start the match.

At the beginning of the match Kristen says, “We’re not friends, and I will do whatever it takes to beat you.” Allison just nods in agreement. The first few minutes of the match are filled with chain wrestling moves and they go back and forth with holds and tosses. Kristen coming up a little short so far in the match nails the blonde’s chest with a stinging chop followed up by three more driving Alli back against the ropes. Kristen taunts, “I thought you were tougher Alli?”

In response Allison explodes off the ropes Clotheslining Kristen who flips in the air before landing on the canvas Mack return to lift Kristen says, “I am tougher.”

Allison tosses Kristen around the ring Body Slamming, hip tossing, and Suplexing the brunette. Allison scoops Kristen up again and drops her over Alli’s posted leg. Kristen struggles to escape the back breaker, but Allison pushing down on the brunette’s chin and leg has her trapped. Kristen wiggles enough to free her right leg and brings her knee up into the side of Allison’s head. Kristen has to drive two more knees into Allison’s head to break free. Kristen then goes for her finisher rolling Allison on her stomach before taking a seat on Allison’s back. Kristen tries applying the full nelson on Allison, but the blonde pulls her arms in tight against her body preventing Kristen. Kristen drives forearm across Allison’s shoulders trying to force Allison to expose her arms to apply the full nelson. Allison lets out a scream and powers her way up to her feet lifting a shocked Kristen up for a piggy back ride.

Allison runs backwards into a nearby corner crushing Kristen, the brunette goes slightly limp. Allison turns pushing Kristen up and drives a series of Kneelifts to Kristen’s slack belly. Grabbing the top of Kristen’s head Allison pulls her out into the ring, and with a cry of pain from the brunette Allison’s strong arms clamp down on a bearhug. Allison shakes Kristen back and forth like a dog playing with a chew toy. Kristen moans of pain lessen, not that the hold hurts less, but she is out of air to make the sounds with. Kristen tries to knee her way out of the hold, but Allison just begins shaking her back and forth again keeping Kristen from being able to connect a good strike.

Kristen begins to fade and Allison arms continue to constrict around the helpless brunette’s torso. Allison begins pleading with Kristen to submit, but the stubborn brunette refuses as her face is now a reddish purple color. The ref unable to check Kristen’s arms as Allison has them both trapped lifts Kristen’s head off Allison’s shoulder and looks. The ref snaps his fingers in front of Kristen’s face looking for a sign the brunette can continue. See no response from Kristen he turns signaling for the bell.

Allison gently puts Kristen on the mat and refuses to have her arm raised until after Kristen has been checked and Alli is sure her friend is ok. Kristen comes around and is helped to her feet, Allison says, “Good match, I thought you had me there.” Kristen still feeling the pain of the bearhug just walks away from Allison without a word. Allison doesn’t celebrate in the ring though she does stop to acknowledge fans, which seems to lift her spirits.

On the Screen between matches, a message flashes…

Chabert vs. Cuthbert, Piper vs. Hewitt, Gellar vs. Johansson and Munn vs. Mack

Main Event - Chaos Rules Match: “The Legion” vs. Jessica Alba, Katee Sackhoff and Eliza Dushku

The ring announcer seems reluctant to get in the ring before the main event. The announcer seems somewhat relieved as every ref in the CCW shows up and stands around the ring. The fact that some of the refs have been laid out by the talent is countered by their numbers. The announcer pulling himself together starts, “The follow match will be contested under Chaos rules. All wrestlers will compete at the same time, until all members of one team have been eliminated. Falls count any where, a wrestler can only be disqualified if the leave the CCW arena.”

Looking at the card the announcer breathes a sigh of relief, “Introducing first…” The screeching opening to Godsmack’s ‘Whatever’ begins playing over the sound system. “The team of Katee Sackhoff, Eliza Dushku and Jessica Alba!” All are wearing their normal ring attire: Katee in matching gray low-cut sports bra and boy-cut shorts; Eliza wearing red spandex top and bottom and Jessica Alba in a pale blue bikini. Coming to the ring they acknowledge the fans but none of the three seem very happy, they all look deadly serious.

Gathering in the ring Katee says, “Remember they’re going to have some under handed plan.”

Jessica picks up, “No Mercy! They don’t deserve any.”

Carl Orff’s “Carmina Burana” begins and smoke bellows over the stage and gouts of fire shoot up at the sides of the stage. The Legion doesn’t come from the back but rises up from beneath the stage. Erika Christensen is flanked by Neve Campbell and Rachel McAdams. All three wear similar two-piece outfits; red for Erika, black on Neve, and ivory for Rachel.

The Ring Announcer introduces, “From the fear in the pit of their victim’s stomachs…Lamia, Banshee, and Succubus known as …THE LEGION!”

Walking slowly to the ring the Legion ignores all the comments and junk hurled at them by the fans. Stopping at the ring apron Erika raises her arms then drops them to her side quickly and flames shoot from each ring post. The unexpected fires cause the women in the ring to move to the center of the ring and the ring announcer to fall and scramble out of the ring for a safer location. One ref climbs in the ring as the Legion also enters the ring. The ref looks to both team saying, “I’m going to start the match then the rest of the ref’s and I will only make pins count and ask if any wrestler want to submit.” Getting nods from all of the wrestlers the ref turns and signals for the bell.


The ref jumps out of the ring as the six women line up across from each other. Eliza looking across says, “We’re beyond talking trash, the Legion comes to an end tonight!” at the same time Erika nods to Rachel and Neve and they leave the ring. Looking confused Jessica and Eliza look to Katee. The blonde watches Neve Push her way through the crowd as Rachel heads up the ramp. Katee seems to guess the Legions plan and informs her partners, “Follow them, they have some thing planned their going to step up.” Jessica and Eliza nod, Eliza yells, “I got Neve!”

She slides out of the ring. Jessica quickly rolls out of the ring and chances Rachel.

Katee looks across the ring at Erika saying, “Well this is what I wanted any ways. Let’s continue our argument.”

Erika gives Katee a sly smile, “I left you bloody last time, now I’ll leave you a broken shell!”

Katee and Erika close together and begin firing punches at each other. Neither woman seems willing to back down as they trade punches. Katee gets the advantage with a right hand that staggers Erika and before the Auburn haired wrestler can recover Katee scoops Erika up for a Bodyslam. Katee screams, “I knew you didn’t have what it takes to beat me.”

Erika rolls away and gets back to her feet, she’s actually smiling when she gets up, “I will enjoy breaking you, and eating your soul.” Katee snarls back, “The only thing you’re eating is my fist.”

Fan wondering how they are going to follow all the action see the giant screen above the stage split showing Rachel being chased by Jessica to the back stage area. On the other side it shows Neve and Eliza brawling in the crowd. Richard Fannin and Archer can be seen scrambling out of the way as Neve tosses Eliza into the chairs the two fans just vacated. Neve turns and heads deeper into the crowd as Eliza shakes off the hard landing and follows her foe. Eliza catches Neve hammering a forearm to Neve’s back. Eliza turns Neve around tosses her into some chairs recently emptied by fans. Standing over Neve Eliza says, “I can believe I use to look up to you.” Eliza stomps Neve’s stomach, “You were the best example of what a wrestler should be.” Eliza kicks Neve in the ribs. “Now you’re Erika’s lap bitch. What a disappointment.” Neve blocks the kick aimed again at her ribs and hammers a fist into Eliza’s crotch. Eliza falls to her knees holding her center as Neve pulls the brunette’s head up so she can look her in the eyes, “I’m no one’s bitch, and I don’t care what you think of me.”

Erika nails Katee with a Kneelift to the lower belly as they come back together. Cheeks puffing and bent at the waist Katee is in no position to prevent Erika from shoving the blonde into the corner. Erika begins kicking Katee in the gut forcing the blonde’s knees to buckle. Katee sinks into the corner as Erika continues to stomp away. Erika finally ends her attack and backs away from Katee going to the opposite corner. Katee after a few seconds sits up with a pained look on her face. Opening her eye Katee sees Erika just a split second before Erika’s knee is rammed into the Katee’s face. Erika pulls the dazed blonde out of the corner enough to lay her flat on the mat and go for a cover. The ref standing outside the ring uses the ring apron to make the count ONE…TWO...NO. Katee’s right arm shoots up breaking the count.

Rachel and Jessica seem to be having a different competition as Rachel doesn’t stop running. Rachel leads Jessica on a tour of the CCW backstage and training areas. Twice Allison Mack and Erica Durance have to duck out of the way of the track meet. Rachel turns quickly through a door way and a Jessica moves through the door jam the door comes slamming shut. Jessica is knocked backwards landing on her ass, without any warning Rachel comes flying out of the doorway dropkicking Jessica in the chest. The redhead quickly drags Jessica into the room and closes the door and flips the lock. With a supremely smug smile Rachel looks into the camera following her saying, “Too Easy!” Rachel takes a few seconds to adjust her outfit before heading back towards the ring.

Rachel only gets a few steps to the stage entrance when Jessica Alba grabs her from behind and whips the redhead into a stack of boxes. Jessica walking over to where Rachel landed says, “Only an idiot like you would try locking someone in a room with two exits.” Jessica pulls Rachel up by the hair and hooking an arm around Rachel’s head drops her with a DDT on the cement floor.

Jessica turns Rachel over with a half nelson and yells at the ref, “Come On!”

Slapping the floor, the ref gets a two count on Rachel, but Rachel kicks out. Jessica doesn’t seem bothered by Rachel’s escape as she lifts her and dragging Succubus to a chair nearby sits her on the chair. Jessica grabs a handful of Rachel’s hair and smirks, “I knew you were working with Lamia the first time we fought.”

CRACK! Jessica slaps Rachel across the face. “Time for Payback bitch.”

Jessica turns and climbs a table several feet away. Once on top Jessica leaps throwing her feet out and blasting Rachel in the chest with a drop kick. Rachel is knocked back over the chair crumpling into a pile. Jessica though didn’t take into account that she would be landing on cement instead of the canvas in the ring. Both lay on the floor moaning.

Neve drags Eliza by the hair out to the lobby area of the arena and whips Eliza, sending the brunette crashing into a trash can. Banshee pulls Eliza up by the hair and pulls her to a table selling memorabilia. Neve puts both hands on the back of Eliza’s head and bounces her face off the table. Neve holds Eliza up and lifts the dazed woman on to the table. Neve grabs a photo from the table, it’s a picture from a few years ago of Neve and Tiffani Thiessen.

Snarling Neve says, “They still sell this crap!” She rubs the picture in Eliza’s face, “The Scream Queen is dead.”

Neve then drives a double ax-handle into Eliza’s belly. Eliza’s body jackknifes around Banshee’s arm and legs and head the flop back to the table. Neve then grabs the side of the table and flips into over dumping Eliza and the stacks of merchandise on the floor.

Back in the ring Katee rolls under the bottom rope holding her mouth. Lamia had moved back to the center of the ring is surprised to see Katee is not still in the corner. Erika pushes a few stray hairs out of her face and drops down rolling under the bottom rope. Closing in on Katee Erika is caught off guard by Katee’s foot swinging up and kicking Lamia in the belly button. Erika grunts in pain and gasps for air, Katee shakes her head clearing her head before following up by bear hugging Lamia and lifting. Katee brings Erika down on her posted leg in an inverted atomic drop. Katee shoves Erika to the floor saying, “How’s the dark side treating you now?”

Erika hand holds her crotch as she sucks air through clinched teeth in pain. Katee pulls Erika up by the hair and her top and sends Lamia crashing into and over the guardrail almost taking out bbb4. Katee turns and spits showing a small amount of blood mixed with the saliva.

In the back it takes Jessica longer than normal to recover from her missile drop kick and crawls over covering Rachel. Some how Rachel finds the strength to kick out before the three count. Jessica drags Rachel by the hair out into a more open area of the back. Jessica yells at Sarah Michelle Gellar and Emily Deschanel to get out of the way. Behind the two women is a table stacked with electronic equipment. Sarah and Emily clear the way as Jessica pulls Rachel up and holding her wrist whips the redhead toward the table. Rachel has other plans though and hangs on to Jessica’s wrist reverse the whip and sends Jessica into the equipment instead. Jessica’s back collides with a sickening thud, but she stays on her feet though the pain is plain to see on her face. Rachel charges and leaps throwing her body against Jessica with a Crossbody attack. Rachel hurries to regain her feet finds what she is looking for quickly, a ten foot stepladder.

Rachel brings the ladder over to Jessica and slams it down on top of the brunette. Pick the ladder up Succubus uses it like a spear driving the top on the ladder into Jessica’s stomach. Rachel turns and moving back about six feet sets the ladder up and begins to climb. Once on top of the ladder Rachel abandons all safety concerns for her own body as she leaps off the top of the ladder with a frog splash. Rachel falls gracefully through the air, but just before landing Jessica rolls out of the way and Rachel hits with a wet slapping sound thud.

Neve pulls Eliza back to her feet only to send the brunette crashing into the cinder block wall of the lobby. Eliza begins to slide down the wall but Neve moves in holding her up. Neve digs her fingers into Eliza’s cheeks making Eliza’s lip stick out like a fish. Neve looking again into Eliza’s eyes says, “You should not have gotten involved.” Eliza’s features flash hatred for a second and Neve cries out in pain Eliza’s knee slides out from between Banshee’s thighs. Eliza shoves Neve backwards saying, “Let’s see how loud the Banshee can wail?”

Eliza charges and hammers a forearm to the side of Neve’s head and follows up with a chop to the chest. Neve staggers back, but refuses to fall. Eliza then spins and buries her foot into Neve’s gut. The spins kick knocks Banshee back about six feet, but she still refuses to go down. Eliza charges and leaps trying for a drop kick aimed at Neve’s chest, but Neve brings her arm swinging across her body and knocks Eliza’s legs away. Landing on the title floor Eliza holds the back of her head and curls into a ball.

Katee checks the cut in her mouth give Lamia time to get back on her feet and start heading through the crowd. Katee seeing her opponent trying to escape sets out after her. Erika makes it past the fans and starts for the exit leading to the lobby. Katee chasing catches the leader of the Legion and hammers a Double Ax-handle to Lamia’s back. Erika staggers forward colliding with a security person standing at the door. Katee pulls a folding chair from near by and sets it up. Katee grabs Erika’s wrist and pulls her back. Turning Lamia around Katee slips an arm between Erika’s thighs and places the other across Erika’s ample chest. Katee strains and grunts but lifts Erika and drops her back first down on the folding chair in a backbreaker.

Katee grabs a handful of Erika’s hair pulling her up so the redhead is sitting on the chair. Straddling Lamia like a lap dancer Katee says, “By the way I owe you something, last time I was the one bleeding.”

Katee uses her left hand to pull Erika’s head back by the hair and hammers right hands into Lamia’s forehead. After about a dozen shots blood does run down from Erika’s hairline.

Jessica is the first to her feet after Rachel’s failed splash. The brunette pulls the redhead to her feet, “See if you remember this move.” Jessica wraps her arms around Rachel and lifts bringing her back down on her posted leg. Rachel cries out as her crotch impacts. Jessica still hold Rachel stands the rubber legged woman up again, and drops her across her thigh again with an inverted atomic drop. Jessica tosses Rachel to the cement floor, Jessica kicks Rachel on to her back, Rachel’s right hand still holds her wounded center. Jessica taunts, “Why they chose a weak link like you is beyond me.”

Jessica walks a short distance away grabs the ladder and repositioning it. Then Alba grabs a folding chair. Walking back to Rachel Jessica adds some insults before her planned injuries, “Erika must not be that smart picking a scrawny, flat-chested, loser like you.”

Jessica swings the chair over her head and connects with Rachel’s skull. The redhead’s body shutters just before going limp. Jessica tosses the chair aside and starts for the ladder, but then changes her mind. Turning back to the unconscious Succubus, Jessica takes the time to strip Rachel. Alba says, “I got left in the ring naked seems only fitting you should end up the same way down.”

Jessica climbs the ladder and ignoring the pleas of the ref that the move is unnecessary. Jessica doesn’t seem to care and reaching the top leaps and crashes down across the lifeless Rachel. Rachel’s body jerks on impact but remains still afterwards. Jessica rolls over holding her knee, but takes only a few seconds to move back and cover Rachel.


There was little doubt that Rachel would be eliminated. Jessica rolls off the redhead and takes some more time to get her strength back. Medics move in checking on Rachel as Jessica gets to her feet and limps back towards the ring area.

Neve shakes off the effects of Eliza attacks and pulls the brunette to her feet by the straps of her top. Neve looks around Neve lead Eliza back toward the ring area tossing her through the arch way leading to the ring. Eliza rolls to the back row of chairs. Neve flows after Eliza and for no apparent reason Neve shoves a fan that wasn’t really that close to the action. Eliza gets back to her feet and turns to meet Neve, but Banshee beats her to the punch literally as Neve’s fist plows into Eliza’s sternum knocking the brunette back against the security railing. Fans let out a large cheer and Neve looks up to see Jessica pinning Rachel in the back.

Neve turns to Eliza saying, “I guess I better finish playing with you.” Eliza in pain, but defiant replies, “Fuck off Neve, YoAAHH!”

Eliza finds herself face down on the cool cement. Neve takes Eliza down and applies the ‘Campbell Crossface‘. Eliza tries fighting the pain, but there is no hope of reaching ropes or any other nearby escape. The ref repeatedly asks Eliza if she wants to submit. Eliza is biting her lip to keep her mouth shut. Neve gives a wicked yank back on Eliza’s neck and the brunette can no longer keep herself from saying, “YES…I GIVE!”

The ref orders Neve to release Eliza, but Banshee is already up making her way towards Jessica Alba as she limps out on to the stage.

Katee, happy with the cut she’s opened on Erika’s forehead, stands and kicks the redhead in the chest knocking her back over. Katee takes her time adjusting her bottoms as she walks over to Lamia.

Katee says, “Once I put you away the other two will be no problem.” Erika trying to get up gets kicked back to the floor by the blonde, Katee yells, “I didn’t say you could get up Nugget!”

Erika, in pain and breathing heavy, struggles to get to her feet as Katee smiles, “Ok you want to stand.”

Katee winds Erika’s hair around her hand and pulls the redhead up. Katee pulls Erika close, “You messed with the wrong AAAHHHAA!”

Black mist spews from Erika’s mouth into Katee’s face. The blonde falls, crying her hands cover her face. Erika though also falls back to the ground. Katee is handed a shirt from a fan and she wipes her eyes. Katee’s face is still covered with the black mist streaking with her sweat. Erika is back on her feet first and grabbing the blonde’s wrist sends her crashing into a row of chairs as fans scatter to get out of the flying blonde’s way.

Jessica sees Neve coming and gets to the ring and waves Banshee into the ring. Neve doesn’t take long to accept the invitation. Jessica maybe trying to buy more time for her injured leg says, “Suck-Bitch won’t be joining us. She probably getting her ribs put back in place.”

Neve looks back over her shoulder replying, “Eliza is lying over there. You’ll be joining her soon.”

Jessica keeping her distance from Neve, seems to be walking better and asks the same question Eliza asked earlier, “Why you doing this Neve?”

The short haired brunette charges rather than answering. Neve shoots in grabbing Jessica’s injured leg lifting it. Jessica hoping on her good leg screams as Neve drives her elbow just above Jessica’s knee. A second elbow causes Jessica to fall to her ass.

Still holding Jessica’s ankle, Neve says, “I’ll give you the same answer I gave Eliza.”

Neve then kicks Jessica’s crotch. Jessica balls up, but Neve isn’t giving her any chance to recover pulls her up to her feet and takes Alba over with a Northern Light’s Suplex.

The ref near by starts the count ONE…TWO…THR--NO!

Jessica’s left fist hammers into Neve’s exposed ribs breaking the count. Neve is back on her feet in an instant and is hair hauling Jessica back up. Neve scoops Jessica, but instead of slamming Alba Banshee carries her to the nearest corner and hooks her ankles under the top turnbuckle. With Jessica trapped in the Tree of Woe Neve looks out to the floor seeing Lamia stalking after Katee after the blonde crashed into the row of chairs.

Erika turns walking away from Katee trying to catch her breath and adjusting her bottoms turns stalking after the downed blonde. Katee is sprawled out on the floor barely moving as Lamia bents to hair haul the blonde up…

CRACK! Erika stands with a dazed look on her face after Katee slams the chair into Lamia’s head.

Staggering back a few steps the auburn hair woman falls back starfished on the floor. Katee sore and tired crawls over to Erika mounting her stomach Katee pulls Erika’s head up and sees the small cut on her forehead.

Katee snarls “You’re just beginning to bleed bitch!”

Hammering fist after fist into Erika’s forehead Katee opens the cut and more blood pours out. Katee finally satisfied lets a limp Lamia fall back to the floor. Katee turns to the fans near by saying, “Shit! I think I knocked her ass out. I guess I’ll have to pin her.” Katee walks back to Erika and falls across her chest.


Katee still on top of Erika thinks the loud roar of the crowd is for her, but in the ring….

Neve turns back to Jessica trapped upside down in the corner gloats, “Lamia will finish the blonde, you will have the honor of being the final defender to fall, but you will SUFFER!”

Neve draws back her right hand nailing Jessica in the crotch with a punch. Over the next minute Neve inflicts one of the cruelest, heartless beatings on a wrestler ever. Jessica’s screams stop after about thirty seconds, but the Neve doesn’t stop. Kick to the gut and breast alternate with punches, elbows, and double axe handles to the crotch. After the minute Neve exhausted backs away to regain some of her own strength. Neve then looks out into the crowd she can’t see Lamia and Katee as the fans crowd around them, but she see the ref jump up waving his arms that a fall had just been scored. Banshee’s small evil smile fades as she sees Katee and not Lamia stand. Katee seeing the situation in the ring breaks into a run heading for the ring. Neve looks around Jessica is out cold, and Katee is climbing over the security railing.

Those watching see Neve run a finger along the waist band of her trunks. Katee slides under the bottom rope popping to her feet as she clears the ropes and charges Banshee. With only a feet remaining between them a fireball appears in the air right in front of Katee’s face. The Blonde screams falling and writhing on the canvas. Neve leaves Katee on the mat flopping wildly. Neve pushes on Jessica one foot releasing her from the Tree of Woe. Neve rolls Jessica to her back, place a foot on Jessica’s tits Neve waits for the ref near by to make the over due three count. Neve kicks Jessica under the bottom rope the refs quickly gather Jessica up and take her to the rear.

Neve turns back to Katee taunting, “You’re alone.”

Katee screams, “I can’t see!”

Neve circles Katee asking, “Are you ready to suffer?”

Katee just replies, “Screw you bitch!”

She struggles back to her feet blinking still unable to see. Neve continuing to taunt her helpless victim says, “The Legion cannot be stopped.”

Katee takes a wild swing that misses Neve by several feet. Falling into the ropes Katee replies, “I stopped that cunt Erika!”

Neve gives a short wicked laugh and steps in slapping Katee across the cheek. Neve backs away, snarling, “I AM the Legion!”

Katee either not caring about Neve’s declaration or not understanding pushes off the ropes taking another wild swing. Neve steps out of the way with no effort and the blonde falls back to the canvas. Neve moves closer says, “You haven’t asked why yet?”

Katee pushing back up to her feet asks, “Why? What?”

Neve smiles, “Why I would join the Legion.”

Katee backs up slowly to the ropes taking a more defensive stance. Now trying to buy time to clear her vision Katee is willing to let Neve talk as long as Neve is willing. Katee blinks trying to clear her eyes and moves along the ropes to a corner.

Katee wipes at her eyes before saying, “I’m guessing you’re a sick bitch like your leader Erika.”

Neve now charges slamming into Katee in the corner, Neve cups her hand around Katee’s chin digging her fingers into the blonde’s cheeks. Neve snarls, “You’re not listening…I AM THE LEGION!”

Neve drives a knee into Katee’s crotch to emphasize the point. “I attacked the blonde, she is weak and easy prey. Then I sent Lamia knowing the fool would run to the Scream Queen, yet again to battle the evil forces.”

Neve pokes a finger into Katee’s left tit pushing hard. Continuing Banshee explains, “Every thing has gone according to my plan. I will move past you and on to the next victim that will fall before me!”

Neve turns Katee around and drives her head into the top turnbuckle. Ten more times Neve drives Katee face first into the lightly padded turnbuckle. Neve keeps Katee from falling and lifts the blonde on to the top turnbuckle. Katee sitting atop the corner is unaware Neve is climbing up and hooking an arm around the back of the blondes neck Neve falls back delivering a Top Rope DDT.

Katee is motionless after the crown of her head impacts with the canvas. Neve takes her time to roll Katee over and goes for a cover.

ONE…TWO…THREE! The three count is never in doubt as Neve holds the cover several seconds after three but Katee still hasn’t moved.

The fans look on stunned as Neve turns and hammers a right hand into the ref’s head sending him through the ropes. Neve turns leaving the ring ignoring fans jeers or the few that cheer her actions.

Rachel McAdams and Erika Christensen meet Neve at the top of the ramp the younger women drop to one knee as Neve approaches. She walks past her two partners and they look at one another, then rise and fall in behind Neve and exit.

The Promoter Harold Green waits outside one of the locker room alternating pacing and leaning against the walk across from the door. The promoter only has to wait a few more minute and the medics come out, they report, “All three are fine. Katee needed her eyes flushed out, but nothing serious. Jessica will be sore for several days, but nothing broken. Eliza’s shoulder didn’t pop out, so she just needs some ice and rest.” Harold relieved thanks the two medics and heads to his office.

Harold finds Richard Fannin and Archer on his way to his office. Rich is talking with Allison Mack and Archer has Michelle Trachtenberg and Camilla Belle together. The Promoter has to look down to hide his laughter as Michelle and Cam both say, “You’re crazy.” And then, “Quit doing that!” Archer tries clamming them down and finally says, “Just think about it.”

Rich asks Harold, “What’s up with the Hilton Sisters, not that I really care, but it’s rude not to show up and take you’re butt whooping.” Harold nods in agreement, “They called this morning with a list of demands as long as my arm…So I told them to have a nice day.” Shaking his head Harold does get a smile on his face, “Good news time. With the Hilton’s leaving that means another scouting trip for us.” Archer walks over joining the conversation, “Did I hear right, Scouting Trip?” Harold says, “You bet, and the best part….You’ll love this…The Main event is Megan Fox vs. Mary Elizabeth Winstead.” Archer asks, “Any idea which you’re looking to sign?” Harold smiles, “The Winner, both maybe both depending on how the match goes. There are some others on the card worth looking at too.”

The three men agree to meet in the parking lot in 30 minutes so they all head off to gather what ever they need for the trip. Harold is just about to head into his office when Hayden Panettiere steps in front of the Promoter hands on her hips. The blonde is a full foot shorter than the promoter, but refuses to move, “August 21 I turn 18.” declares Hayden, “I want to know when I can start wrestling?” Harold looking down takes a step back before answering, “Anytime after the 22nd, but until then, you’re not suppose to even be here, and I can’t talk to you about a contract.” Before Hayden can object too much the promoter ducks into his office and grabbing the computer bag with his laptop jams a note pad in the bag and heads out the back door to avoid the determined blonde.

In a low lit room somewhere that must be in the CCW Arena Neve Campbell paces back and forth, while Rachel McAdams and Erika Christensen watch. Neve turns to her fellow Legion members, hissing Neve says, “You two failed me tonight.” Rachel begins to protest, and Erika just lowers her head.

Neve puts her index finger on Rachel’s lips stopping the redhead from talking and snarls, “I’m not interested in you excuses!” Neve walks over Erika and pulling her head up she says, “They know now, so you will no longer pretend to be are leader.”

A quite knock comes at the door and Neve sends Rachel to answer it.

Walking nervously into the room, a man holding an envelope is lead to Neve. He says, “My money first.”

Neve smiles and reaching into a pocket pulls a small wad of cash out waving it in front of the man face. Neve continues to wave the money saying, “Greed will always get you further than kindness.”

Handing the money over Neve snatches the envelope giving the man a final warning, “If this is not genuine I will make you suffer beyond any thing you can imagine.” The little confidence that came from holding the money fades from the man’s face a he rushes from the room. Neve opens and flips through the many pages. Rachel and Erika look on hoping their leader is pleased with the contents of her purchase. A few minutes later Neve seems very satisfied and informs her wait cohorts, “You’re failures tonight will not be forgotten, but lucky for you this makes that irrelevant.”

Neve slides the envelope into a bag and says, “Step one, we need to another and you know who I want! Get her. Bring her to me.”

Rachel and Erika both seem more than eager to leave their upset leader alone!